02x10 - The Last Light

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Walking d*ad: World Beyond". Aired: October 2020 to present.
Spin off series of TWD of four teenagers embark on a cross-country journey during the apocalypse. Limited Series.
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02x10 - The Last Light

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Previously on "The Walking
d*ad: World Beyond"...

Two transport trucks.

Biggest ones you've got. No tricks.

If it were up to me, I'd put a
b*llet in your head right now.

If I see you again, I'll k*ll you.

- Yeah. They're gonna wipe out Portland.
- JADIS: They found the gas.

They wouldn't leave without
trying to destroy it.

We're just giving up on a whole city?

We can't save anyone
until we save ourselves.

I'm here for Dennis.
He's hurt really bad.

I got orders.

- I'm suiting up.
- No. You're staying here with me.

Hold f*re. Officer Carlucci
has a g*n on Mason Beale.

[GRUNTS] Percy!


- No.
- Where's Percy?

The gas is probably already
on its way to Portland.

I think I found something.
Still got that C- ?



Hey, guys.


There's that suit again.

- Yeah, it's a... TuffyStitch.
- TuffyStitch.

- Kids can, uh, something, something.
- Wear 'em, can't tear 'em.


That is a... big wrench. [CHUCKLES]


I mean, yeah, it's...

So, this is how you've been
sneaking out all this time?

Uh, yeah.

Both my parents used to teach here,

and my dad would sneak
through this door to smoke

so my mom wouldn't catch him.

What we're about to do is only
slightly more dangerous than that.

So we're really gonna do this, huh?

The four of us going
, miles on foot.

- You, uh, having second thoughts or...
- No.

Our dad's in trouble,
and we need to find him.

But... the second we
walk through that door...

There's no going back.

And while we're on the
topic of uncertainty,

there's really no way to know
how this is gonna end,

for any of us, so there's that.

Okay. So how about we make a promise

to have each others'
backs, no matter what?

I'm in.

Me too.

Till the end, whatever the
end turns out to be for us.

Alright, then.

Let's do this.


Wait, if, um, if any of us
encounter an empty,

just remember Officer Carlucci's
first rule of survival...

engage only as a last resort.

Avoidance is key.


And for the record,

I'm rethinking whoever's
idea it was to go on foot.

A vehicle would've been too
easy to spot from the air.

All things considered, this is safer.


Yeah. Real safe.

We made it halfway across
the country on foot, alright?

We can do this.

You good?

We need to move faster.

Everything is riding on us... all of it.


So, after we blow the gas?

Uh, we meet up with the others,

and some of us head for Portland.

You? You'll go?

Something Percy and I talked about.

I'm so sorry.

He was going to k*ll Huck.

But he let her live.

And then she risked her life trying
to save his, but she couldn't.

None of us could.

I guess I just wanted to
make some kind of sense.

He was lost.

I mean, and then he found you.

Maybe that's the part of
this that makes sense.


Ma'am, I've just received word...

We've resecured access
to the helicopters.

I've heard.

How long before we have them in the air

dropping disruption charges?

Within the hour.

Good. That'll free up more
teams to hunt down

and secure our missing scientists.

- We need them found.
- Yes, ma'am. Anything else?

I want a dozen vehicles to fan
out in an eight-mile radius.

They're to jam all frequencies
until sundown.

You think they're still using comms?


That'll interfere with our
own communications.

It's a calculated risk,
but it's the best way

to stop our insurgents in their tracks.

And our current operation?

Won't be affected.

Choppers from the CR will
be at the Cull Facility

in four hours to airlift
the gas to Portland.

I intend to have all this
wrapped up by then.

HUCK: Where the hell are they?

The CRM's gotta be looking for me.

You need those antibiotics,
and I need that C- .

Those kids are swimming upstream

through the tail end of a shitstorm.

Give them time.

I've been thinking about
this buddy of mine

from the early days.

He'd always talk about his family's
cabin down in the Smokys.

On the banks of the Pigeon River,

surrounded by huge pine trees.

Sounds nice.

He went out on one of
the first resource runs.

Never came back.

I always wondered if he went AWOL.

Got back there

and made his own "happily ever after."


Thinking we could do the same?

We could still have a life.

We could. [CHUCKLES]

After we blow the shit
up, haul ass to the CR,

expose to the government and the press

what the military's done.

Details, details.

Even if we make it in,

find a way to get word
to the right people...

Who's to say they'd even believe us?

If anybody can do this, it's us.

We take what we got and make it work.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.




Just the roadside assistance
I was looking for.

You good? Everybody safe?

Yeah, they got there safe
on the second truck.

It's just us and a decade's
worth of research.


Get back.

Stay low, find cover. Go, go, go!



NEWTON: Dr. Bennett?

Why don't you and your friends
come on out, hands on heads?

You can't win this.



- Hey.
- Hey.

Almost had me worried.

Glad you're okay.

Good to see you, kid.

- We tried to radio.
- HUCK: Yeah, me too.

CRM must be jamming the comms.

Grabbed as many as I could.

DENNIS: Thanks for not listening to me.

It means a lot, what you did.

Good work.

What else can we do?

Head back, meet up with the others.

It's still safest for you on foot.

Minimum safe distance is
gonna be about three miles

once this place blows.

What about you?

They know you helped us escape. I...

You could come with us.

The people inside the CR

don't know what the military has
been doing outside their walls.

They need to.

Dennis and I are gonna
see to it that they do.

Thanks. You should go.

Just get there safe, okay?

You too.

For what it's worth, I'm proud of you.

You're the future, kid.

Never forget that.

ELTON: We should go.


You coming?

Yeah, no.

I'm gonna go with Huck and Dennis.

- What?
- DENNIS: Plaskett.

You need somebody to help get you there,

and you have to get there.

PIERCE: Officer Stokes,
I have more news.

The C- they used to cave in the tunnels

appears to have been older M s.

The kind designated for
the culling facilities?

Yes, ma'am.

Ready my helicopter. Now.


Mallick's husband runs
the culling outpost

where the gas has been moved.

With respect, we were as discreet
as possible with the move.

The gas was made to look like
a standard supply transfer.

I said ready my helicopter.

You've gotten really
good at being a hero.

I'm not.

I'm just helping a friend.

When I was leaving the university, I...

I didn't even have friends
to say goodbye to.

ELTON: I don't think this is goodbye.

Look, we found each other
twice before, alright?

We will again.

Yeah. We will.

See ya.



Thank you.

For what?

Uh, for coming with me and
Hope when you barely knew us.

For saving my life at that school.

For dancing with me
when I wanted to dance.

I was just following
your lead the whole time.

We all were.

It won't be long before Huck
has those charges set.

You should go.

See you around, Silas.


Was headed to the underground
mall with the others.

Doubled back when I
heard your distress call.


- Can't do this forever.
- Split 'em up.

It'll be easier to pick 'em off.

I'll circle around as a decoy,
cut through the trees.

Newton's an assh*le.

He'll take the bait. Trust me.

It's the smart play.


- [g*n]






People like you,

you're worse than the d*ad.

Because you are helping them win.

But not today.

Today, you lose.



[g*n CLICKS]

Actually, it's better like this.

You and me.

Let's go.

You said you'd k*ll me if
you ever had the chance,

so come on.

You've got yours, I've got mine...

No other w*apon.

I'm offering you a fair fight.

I read your psych report.

You gonna disappoint me like
everyone else in your life?

Like all those people
at the Campus Colony

you vowed to protect?

Like your boyfriend, who came
here to get away from you?


Hell, your own parents wanted
nothing to do with you.

You really wanna add me to that list?



Have fun.


What is it? What's wrong?

CRM isn't just blocking the comms.

It's affecting the remote
detonators, too.

Gotta find another way to
set off those expl*sives.

Well, maybe we can rig something up.

CRM could be here any minute.

How far is that emergency w*apon
cache you told me about?

Where we were gonna
load up on our way out?

Three miles.

Not sure if we've got any
timers stashed, but...

we might.

"Might" is the best we got right now.

I'll go. I just need
to know where it is.

You should go with him.

We can be there and back in .


What about you?

I'll stay here, hide
out if they come close.

Just be safe, alright?

We got this.

Yeah, we do.

We take what we got,
and we make it work.


Now this is a fair fight.





Sweep that warehouse,
secure the containers.




What did you get out of betraying
the Republic, Jennifer?

We were supposed to fight for humanity,

but there is nothing humane
about what the CRM's done.

So you got nothing.

You didn't live out there.

You didn't lose a community.
Not one you made.

You can't appreciate what we have,

what we can do.

Let's see what you can do.

What you did to Omaha...

We had no choice.

- Your mother understood that.
- My mother lost her way.

But this... this was
always who you were.

You traded someone to
get into the CR, right?

That was your ticket in?

Somebody's life?

People are a resource.

I had someone special.

I had an "A," but I said
that he was a "B"

so he wouldn't end up
in your mother's lab.

I owed him that much.

So, yeah, I traded someone
to get into the city.

And then I saw what this
world could become,

so I signed up.

And now? Now I'm doing all
the things that you couldn't.

Hold up.

You should let me look at the wound.

I'm fine.

Gotta be a timed detonator
in one of these.


You're a m*rder.

You got the blood of ,
people on your hands.

I'm no more a m*rder than you.

Your observe-and-report
mission in Omaha?

What do you think all
the intel was used for?

How do you think we
took out an entire city

with just one chemical strike?

You told us exactly where
the masses would gather

to commemorate Monument Day.

The plazas. The parks.

One year later, we knew
precisely where to hit.

All thanks to you.

It didn't have to be this way.

You want me to finish it?

You want to die alone?

There's just one thing I want.

I have this gold watch.

It was my pop's.

One of the only things I
have to remember him by.

My mom, she likes to say

it's the watch that brought
her and me back together

after things fell apart.

I want you to tell her
that this time, it won't.

'Cause now?

Now it's going to bring me
and my dad back together.

How much time do I have?


They're rigged to blow!

We're leaving! Now!


We're not far enough away
from the Outpost yet.

Okay, we need to move faster.

IRIS: Faster through that?


[g*n COCKS]

Get clear!






Get in!

Come on! Hurry!

Put these on.

- Hey, move!
- Hope!



SILAS: I-I can just try
to stitch you back up,

and then maybe if we can just
get some more antibiotics.

- She could still be coming.
- [VOICE BREAKING] She's not.

She sent us here so
we wouldn't be there.

We can still go.

We should. I can get you
to the Civic Republic.

Kid, I'm not gonna make it.

Look at me. I never was.

- But you...
- She knew it, too.

It was just easier to pretend.

Take the truck.

Find your friends.


You said this was about
second chances, okay?

This is our chance.

I'm not just gonna give up.


They must've spotted the truck.

We can take 'em on.

No, we can't.

I'm not gonna make it out of this.

Maybe there's a way you still can.

Hand me your g*n.


They know I'm a traitor.

I'm d*ad one way or another.

But if it looks like you ended me,

it could convince them that
you weren't a part of this,

that you were just a hostage

who got the upper hand on his captor.

Making them see you as a hero...

it's how you live.


- No.
- Gah.

You wanted a second chance?!

- This is it.
- What are you saying?

- Shut up!
- Damn it, Plaskett.

It's the only way.

I'm not gonna let you.

Then it has to be you.

What Jennifer did to you,
you didn't deserve that.

And you sure as hell don't deserve this.

But, Silas, you deserve to have a life.

They come in here and find us alive,

they'll k*ll us both.

They need to see you as one of them.

That's why it has to go this way.

What makes you think they'd believe me?

Kid, you gotta make them believe you.

If you don't at least try, you're d*ad.

You gotta do it.

You gotta do it right now, kid, okay?

We don't have time.

I'm gonna get in.

I'm gonna find the right people,

and everyone will find
out what the CRM did.

MAN: Step out of the house.

Hands on head.

Just do it.


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Don't carry this.

And remember, no matter
what they tell you...

you're not one of them.

Do it.

Do it!




FELIX: How's he doing?

His breathing's shallow.
He lost a lot of blood.

Maybe too much.

We should secure him.

Just in case.

He saved my life.


These were in his bag.

What is it?

It's what I need to live.


- Hey.
- Hey.

What's that?

It's Elton's.

Did you know he started writing a book?

I was talking with some
of Indira's people.

A bunch of them want out.

They're talking about heading
to Portland to warn them.

In a few days, once it's safe.

You want us to go with them?

W-Wait. We... We can't leave Elton.

I'm not saying we should.

I know this place isn't permanent,

but it seems safe.

Cornell's close by.

There must be lab equipment.

If you stay, you could
work on this place,

keep working on the science for years.

So you want to go with them?

It's what I'm supposed to do.

I might not be making any
sense right now, but...

HOPE: You are.

It's not about us.

It's about the future.

Not the CRM's. Everybody's.

That's how I feel,

and I-I think it's how Elton feels, too.

LEO: Iris.

You know I love you.

- But I can't just let you go...
- I'd come back.

With reinforcements from Portland.

It's not forever.

Nothing's forever.

WILL: Maybe Felix and I go with her.

There's too much at stake here,

too much that needs to be protected.

FELIX: She's right.

The CRM's close, and
scientists aren't fighters.

Iris is.

Appreciate you coming in, Silas.

I bet you're wondering
why I asked you here.

You heard about what I did.

Damn right I did.

sh**ting Mallick's treasonous
husband in the face.

That must've been quite the ordeal.

He was trying to force me into something

I didn't wanna be a part of.

He got what he deserved.

Your friends, they were
part of the mutiny, too.

Did you know that?

They banished me from their
group going cross-country.

They were never my friends.

That's a convincing story, Silas.

But Dennis put you up to it, didn't he?

To try and save you?

What? No. No, he didn't.

He did.

It's okay.

What matters is that you
actually went through with it.

After k*lling your own father,

your own mother abandoning you for it.

That takes strength.

Strength we could use.

I asked you here

'cause I heard you're
interested in our military.

Was that a lie, too?


I think I'd make a good soldier.

Personally, I think you'd
make a great one.

I'll start you off in basic
training immediately,

take you on as my own special project.

Would you like that, Silas?

Yeah. I would.

But you're wrong about me.

I believe in the CRM.

You don't have to convince me.

I see you for who you are...

for who you really are.

Even if you don't yet.

But you will.

And I can't wait for you to see
who you're gonna become.

I know it can be scary.

What did we talk about before? Remember?

Elizabeth. Sorry for your loss.

I've just got back to the city.

It's been days of debriefing.

I instructed my team
to bring her to justice

alive and unharmed, but she...

She didn't give them a choice.
I read the report.

We haven't found our
scientists yet, but we will.


The scientists know that we need them.

And now they know what we've been doing.

I came to see myself as an
ancestor to a future world

that would be indebted to my sacrifices.

So I did things...

I did monstrous things...

... so that that civilization
could reign again.

So that the others, the
humane, could ascend.

But what if, after all that...

... it just isn't possible?


What if it never was, Jadis?


whether individuals or
entire civilizations...

find opportunity in calamity.

They don't break.

They don't let the weak become strong.

They wait for the strong to become weak.

I'm sitting here now
because I took the moment.

I saw the strongest person I've ever met

become entirely vulnerable.

I used it.

That's what I'm doing now.

And what is it that you're doing?

You are hereby remanded to
the Health and Welfare Complex

until which time you will be tried

for Article of the Uniform Code

of Civic Republic Military Justice.

What the hell for?

For treason.

You see, Elizabeth, people
are looking for someone

- to blame.
- This happened on your watch.

Your own daughter was a traitor.

- Don't.
- If anyone should've see it,

- it should've been you.
- She made you!

The Bennetts, well, they were
a thr*at, and what did you do?

You brought them in.

You let the Perimeters live.

Everything that happened
happened because of you.

And when things went wrong,
you did nothing to stop it.

I did not do nothing to stop it.

I believed.

And I brought you in
for a security audit.

You brought me into a world of shit.

Oh, boo-hoo.

And you left as things
got out of control.

I suspect you brought
me in to take the fall.


Maybe that's your own
version of survival.

Either way, the worse you look,

the better I do.

And there it is.

But I can help usher in the new world

better than you can.

I don't have friends.

I don't have a child.

I have my ambition,
and I have the Republic.

Do you honestly believe

that people won't see
through what you're doing?



Beale's gonna have your head for this.

Who do you think signed
your arrest warrant?

You will not win.

I have won, Elizabeth.

I had to.

We are the last light of the world.


I love you.

I love you, too, Dad.

INDIRA: My people... she's
in good hands with them.

And they're in good hands with her.


My route to Portland,

in case you need to
find me for any reason.

Just take care of yourself, okay?

Take care of each other.


I keep thinking about, uh,
how I said the two of us

would save the world together.

I still think we could.

Even if we're not together.

All this...

it didn't change us.

It just showed us that who we are

is who we were.

Come here.

I love you so much.

I know.

I love you, too.

Hey, Iris?


Grin, girl.


Hey. What is it?

It's Elton.

He's awake.

ELTON: There was a time I
thought that I was gonna die...

... that we were all gonna die...

... because I believed we
were the last generation.

The Endlings.

And then, for a while, I thought
we were the beginning.

But that ignores everything
that came before,

everyone who came before.

What I know for sure

is that there's a lot that's
tough about the world,

a lot that's harder than I
ever thought it could be.

Those things have left
their mark on us...

MAN: Plaskett, report to the helipad.

... on all of us... in ways
I-I never could've expected.

I also know there's a lot
that's good, that's beautiful.

A lot that brings me hope.

But maybe there is no beginning.
Maybe there's no end.

Maybe there just is...


... and "is" is whatever we make it.

WOMAN: Three centimeters of tissue.

This rate of yeast-based
decay is extraordinary.

'Cause really, we don't get to know.

There's no perfect modeling,

no... no way to predict
if today is the last day.

If the world lasts a year or two...

or forever.

Maybe all we get to know is now.

And whether we make a
small mark on this world...

... or we change it entirely,

it's really about those little pieces
of now that get us there,

those small steps that move us forward,

keep us growing and evolving.

'Cause all of those moments
put together, that's a life.

And that's everything.

So, let's see who we
really are, shall we?

- Synced & corrected by[font color="#E "] MementMori [/font]-
-- [font color="# CE "]www.addic ed.com[/font] --





DR. JENNER: The problem, as I see it,

is that the samples we
have simply aren't fresh.

There's just too many variables involved

on how the clock affects them,

and even after a few minutes,

we... we can't get an accurate picture

of the biology involved,
at least from the start.

We obviously have seen the end.

Again and again.

Still, we will have fresh samples soon.

That's a certainty.

Well, in brighter news,

I... reviewed the latest
data on your side,

and the use of cardiac plaques

as a host medium for steroidal therapies

to jump-start the circulatory system

in the hopes of
short-circuiting the brain...

- [g*n COCKS]
- ... or perhaps regaining function

- to cause nerve confusion is...

... is a fascinating approach, and...

and we are all anxiously awaiting

anything that comes back
from your first trial.

We all have to work together here.

- Solidarity, right?



- _
- Fact of the matter is,

- we only have so many supplies left.
- _

We're not getting any more...



... so everything counts that much more.

- _
- Every collection.

- _
- Every test.



I almost broke a petri dish yesterday...


... and almost put my fist through wall.


Glad the other Dr. Jenner stopped me.




The infirmary is closed.
Sealed, actually.


We've been venturing out for the basics.


The "other Dr. Jenner" has
gotten pretty damn good at it.



But getting back to the data...


... the idea of activating systems
to work against reanimation...

- _
- ... is a promising idea.

- _
- But, as we've discussed,

the systems themselves
have to be studied...


... to see exactly how they're
working or not working...


For example, can we
build up acids in bodies

that don't have blood flow?


Of course, that gets
right back to that idea...

- _
- ... of jumpstarting circulatory systems...


- We need to do two things simultaneously...
- _

... observe this and att*ck this.






I want to know more about
these "variant cohorts"

you referred to in our
last communication.

We haven't seen anything
like that seen here at all,

nothing close.

I hope this finds you
as well as you can be.

I hope you don't lose faith.

The day will come when we
are going to b*at this thing.

At least, that's what the "other
Dr. Jenner" keeps telling me.


And as you know, she's smarter than me.

Solidarité. A bientôt.


The second we walk through that door...

There's no going back.

So how about we make a promise
to have each other's backs?

No matter what.

I'm in.

Me, too.

Let's do this.

NEGRETE: We begin and end this episode

back at the Campus Colony.

I really wanted to bring
the series full circle.

I really wanted to go
back and really see

the moment that this journey began

from a different perspective.

Easy to say.

It was a little harder to pull off.

Every character that you see

have some sort of altered appearance.

Elton, or, slash, Nicolas,
is also about two feet taller

than he was when we sh*t the pilot,

so we're hoping people
forgive that a little bit.

So, let's... see who we
really are, shall we?

Back in the day, it was about
them avoiding thr*at,

but from this moment, we
immediately cut to the present

and we see them viciously
attacking these empties,

this danger that lies between
them and their goal,

and it really is a testament
to how much they've changed

from episode one to the very
last episode of the series.

Who's going to k*ll Huck?

Would you let her live?

I guess I just want it to
make some kind of sense.

Iris is in this place of
ultimate vulnerability.

You know, she had
really fallen for Percy,

and this is, I think, her first
romantic, emotional connection

that she's had.

That's a huge thing for her.

I think it's through Silas

that she kind of starts to get
her mojo back, so to speak.

He was lost.

I mean, and then he found you.

Maybe that's the part of
this that makes sense.

Silas left the university

to become someone different,
and despite the fact

that he hit these obstacles,
he got there.

In a lot of ways, he's
come out the other side,

and that's because of Iris.

I was just following your
lead the whole time.

- We all were.
- From Silas' standpoint,

the gift that he can give
her in that goodbye

is to remind her of who she is and
the fact that she is this leader.

She has her own agency,
she's her own person,

and, you know, she can do
whatever she sets her mind to.

How about you and your
friends come on out,

hands on heads?

You can't win this.

There is a lot of animosity
between Felix

and Lieutenant Newton
that's been building up.

You said you'd k*ll me if
you ever had the chance.

So come on.

You got yours, I've got mine.

No other w*apon.

Lieutenant Newton plays dirty.

He references this psych report

that the CRM did on Felix,

and really does everything he can
to trigger Felix into fighting.

But what he doesn't realize

is that Felix is really
waiting for his moment.

[GRUNTS] Yeah.

Have fun.

Felix's journey this season

has gone from him wanting
to do these things

based purely on emotion,

but now he's coming
from a place of clarity.

He's, I think, more
certain in who he is,

so he doesn't take this bait.

Now this is a fair fight.

We wanted to feature a new w*apon

we've never seen before,

and that's the double-sided S-pole,
and that actually helps Felix

because he can now essentially
fight from all sides

at the same time.

Let's see what you can do.

And for Jadis and Huck,

we wanted a duel that harkened back
a bit to the end of last season,

but felt different, and so
it's with these k*ll sticks,

which are the w*apon of
choice at the outpost.

You'll notice that the fight
between Jadis and Huck,

it is very physical,
obviously, but also,

there's a lot of dialogue
in there, as well.

It's a verbal confrontation,

not just a physical confrontation.

What you did to Omaha...

We had no choice.

- Your mother understood that.
- My mother lost her way.

But this... this was
always who you were.

It really is them sort of
pushing each other's buttons

to a degree, but really, for Huck,

it's a little bit of a stall, as well.

She has a plan in place.

- Hey, move!
- Hope!

Elton had a lot of growth this season,

so what we decided to do

was use the fact that Elton had changed,

regardless of if his life were to end.

I don't think he believes that
his life still would've ended.

I think that he believes
in the soul now.

He believes that if we die,
we're meant for something else,

and there's meant to be a
new beginning somewhere,

and it really felt like
Elton having been bit

was ultimately lending itself

to cementing of his journey this season.

It's not about us.

It's about the future.

Not the CRM's. Everybody's.

That's how I feel, and I...

I think it's how Elton feels, too.

MATT: To me, this whole
series has been about hope.

Not necessarily the character,
but about the idea of hope.

The fact that, you know,
this is not a world

that's just about surviving anymore.

It's how do you build up society again.

And in the end,

really, hope has everything
to do with all of that.

If you don't believe in hope,
it's never gonna happen.

ELTON: There's no perfect modeling,

no... no way to predict
if today is the last day.

If the world lasts a
year or two or forever.

Maybe all we get to know is now.

Thank you so much, everyone.

I hope you enjoyed the final season

of "The Walking d*ad: World Beyond."

It's been such a pleasure.

Thank you so much for joining us.

Really appreciate it.

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