04x08 - Part VIII

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Sinner". Aired: August 2017 to present.
A crime-drama anthology that investigates the psychological motives behind homicides.
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04x08 - Part VIII

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Aren't you tired?

Can't we just let it all go?

We could walk to the ocean.

I knew this was gonna happen.

- Nothing has happened.
- How can you say that?

What if they call Don in?

Now they know about the boatyard.

Don's not gonna be a problem.

You sure about that?

What if they start asking him questions?

Oh, for f*ck's sake, Sean.

You want some eggs?

Such five-star service.

You boys put our future
on the line more often,

maybe I'll get eggs all the time.

It's fine.

Nothing to worry about.

Yeah, just years to life

for my two sons.

Or a fine of $ / million minimum.

Who told you that?

The internet.

I couldn't sleep all night.

Harry Ambrose knows what you're doing.

I'm telling you, none of
this traces back to us.

It doesn't. I made sure of it.

And Verne's not gonna talk.

You don't know that.

Trust me, if we stay quiet,

- this all blows over.
- I can't believe you resorted to this.

Those poor people.

All we did was move 'em
from one place to another.

- Help 'em find some work.
- I taught you better.

How else were we supposed
to stay above water?

Ma, you looked at the books.

You knew there was money
coming in from somewhere.

I thought you were overfishing

and selling on the side
like everybody else.

- Not this.
- We did this for you.

"Save the family business,"

that's all we ever hear around here.

And I'm the one who has to figure
it out over and over and over.

You think I enjoy doing what we did?

It was a stupid idea.

Shut the f*ck up.

Six days sober, and you're
the moral authority?

You were right there with me.


we just go tell Lou now. Maybe...

he can make a deal for us.

No, this family has lost enough.

We stay quiet, we stay together

no matter what.

There's no other way.

So, Don, you can make this
easy on yourself or worse.

Your choice.

I'm getting my coffee.

I need the names of everybody
on Hanover Island

who moved people on boats

or took a cut,

and you'll be looking
at a lot less time.

Maybe nothing.


I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Where were you sending them in Canada?

That sounds like a lot of
conspiracy nonsense to me.

Okay, just...

do you have children, grandchildren?

You want to be around for them, right?

You have no hard evidence

for any of this shit you're alleging.

Yeah, because you b*rned
a good part of it.

But I know that someone
died because of this.

And that death's gonna come down on you.

So tell me now, or I'll
find out some other way

and it'll only go worse for you.

You law guys,

flinging your handcuffs around

'cause you got nothing else to live for.

Sad is what it is.


Thanks, hon.

There's no one else
who's gonna help you.

Not here.

Hey, Harry.

No running off this time. Let's go.


Get out.

I don't know what you're doing,

but you're making a big mistake.

Made a big mistake. Come here.

You were right, okay?

The ballistics came back?

Early this morning.

Novak's piece fired the
b*llet into Brandon's head.

Shoe fits, like you said.

I checked the records.

Josh was on duty the night Percy jumped.

So I checked the security camera files

to see if she actually showed up.

The files from that night
are the only ones missing.


And now Josh is gone. Skipped town.

I guess Novak was paying
him off the whole time.

So you bring him in yet, Novak?

Ah, he lawyered up.

Some shady guy who looks
like Sylvester Stallone

in a... Mazda.

I swear to God, Harry,
this whole thing...

happening right under my nose,

my own friends?

It's like, how could I be that naive?

I always thought this
was the kind of place

where nothing bad happens.

And those people... how
they were treated...

under my watch.

And what I did to Mike Lam.


Nothing's ever what you think it is.




Must be nice, to be so lazy at your job.

Always do the easy thing,

and not even a slap on the wrist.



Maybe next time,
you'll listen to the truth.

So that hard drive at Hal Balen's shop?

We hit the mother lode.

Cuesta called it in to the feds,

and they've known about tr*ffick
in this area over a year.

All right. And?

And they appreciate what we sent over.

Hands off for us now.

They don't want it jeopardizing
their work, okay?

What work?

Apparently Hanover Island's an sh**t

of a much larger operation.

They're after a bigger fish here.

It's likely there's a homicide
tied to that operation.

You don't think we should look into it?

I don't know what to tell you, man.

Chain of command.

Harry, I know it's frustrating,

but you've already done a lot.

There was a victim

that Percy felt responsible for.

And I think it was one of the people
who were being smuggled.

So what else can we do?

We can't track 'em all
down across Canada.

There's an unknown number

on Verne Novak's phone.

It's somebody else local
who Verne was working with.

I call and call, and no one picks up.

You want me to trace the address.




Hey. What'd you find?

Calls were coming in from a payphone.

Happens to be across the street

from Colin Muldoon's place.

Shit. So you were right.

He's part of this too.

And it looks like he's got company.

Let me call you back.

Those are just the taxes
from the last five years.

I can go back further if you need.

No, no. This is all right.

So it was... looks like
two years ago, ,

that the Lams' income took a big jump.

Yeah, that was around the time

they got their own lobstering permit.

Soon after that, they
bought the restaurant.

While they were working
the Muldoon boats?

- Yeah.
- So...

I mean, where'd they
get this kind of money?

People did wonder.

Those permits are anywhere

from grand to $ / million.

Families hold on to them, right?

For generations.

And the waiting list is years long.

It's not exactly a system
that's open to newcomers.

Well, the Lams got one.

I'm so confused.

I was just apologizing to Mike Lam.

And now, what, we're
saying that he's involved

in the smuggling ring, too,

and the permit was some kind of payout?


This is a land deed.

Crescent Island.

- Sold to...
- Mike Lam.

By Sean Muldoon.

For $ .


You know that spot?

Yeah, it's one of a few
tiny islands off Riverport.

You couldn't even build a house on it.

It's mostly just rock.




Getting back to work, huh?

Your dad's home.

Bet you're glad about that.

I mean, I guess.

But this whole thing just
makes me very un-glad.

Yeah. That's understandable.

Appreciate you helping us.

Look, I had something I
wanted to ask you about.

I found this.


It was out on Crescent Island.

The one your family owns.

I know there's one of these

for each of you in the family.

This one...

this is for your brother,
Bo, back in Hong Kong?

What does that have to do with anything?

He's not really back
in Hong Kong, is he?

Asked around about him.

I know he was here.

He worked boats at Clark Harbor,

and that was up until... two years ago.

Sounds like, for your folks,
he was the real golden child.

He was one that everybody
said had the best chance

of pulling off the whole
American dream thing.

He was there through it all.

Protecting your family
every step of the way.

But he's buried out on
that island, isn't he?

I gotta finish up here.

CJ, what happened to him?

No one wants you to do this.

I'm on your side.

Then listen to me.


One year, two years tops,
we'll have our own permit.

Lobster, obviously.

Hopefully some groundfish too.

A restaurant on the boardwalk.

Lean into all that dumb tourist crap.

Little plastic crabs for
salt shakers or some shit.

Two boats at least.

I hate those damn boats.

Come on.

Seriously, man, getting up at : ?

Feeling sick all the time?

Or, like, I can never stand normal

'cause I'm rocking or,
like, feel like I am.

[MOCKINGLY] "Wah, wah, my name is CJ.

I'm sick all the time."

You only work weekends.

I mean, all these people here
who say fishing is addictive,

they're psycho.

I hate all of it.

Well, good. You're really bad at it.

It'd be tragic if you're so
bad at something you liked.

f*ck you.

The whole point is, though, CJ,

you don't have to do it.

I'm gonna make sure we're solid.

Then you can do whatever you want.



Hey, Sean.

What are you doing here?

I'm headed back to Dorchester.

Thought I'd say goodbye.

They got all they need on Verne Novak.

No need for me to stick around, I guess.

How you been doing?

All right.

That's the hardest part, you know.

This phase of it.

Funeral's over, you know,

and neighbors stop checking in.

I remember that from
when my mother passed on.

What do you want?

I was out on Crescent Island yesterday.

I saw Bo Lam's grave.

He's buried on land that
used to be in your name.

There must be a good reason for that.

Sean, you always gonna look to
them to tell you what to do?

Keeping secrets...

you know, they never go away.

They're just gonna haunt
you like they haunted her.

Sean, what happened to Bo?

What the hell are you doing here?

You gotta say it, for your sake.

Say it for Bo.

- What'd you tell him?
- Nothing.

You need to get the f*ck out of here.

I'm serious. Right now.

Sean, what would Percy want you to do?

I said leave. You hear me?

What's going on?


- What are you...
- Just say it.

We k*lled him.


Bo used to work for us,

and we took him one night on our boat.

What the hell are you doing?

I am not lying anymore!

It was two years ago.

It's outrageous.

Yeah, tell me about it.

After all we've done for them.

And where was he selling them?

To Tom Billings in Chester.

Dumb enough to think that
that wouldn't get back to us.

So how did you miss this?

I didn't.

I saw the gas gauge,

and I told Colin I thought
someone was using the boat.

- Yeah, but you missed...
- Our hauls were lower.

Okay, fine. What do you want me to do?

I want you to do your
job, Sean, for once.

Bo's been skimming?

Yeah, he's been taking the boat out

and stealing from the traps.

And your pop didn't even f*cking notice.

I'll handle it, okay?

I'll take him out on the boat.

Lay down the law.

You should have hired what's-his-nuts,

Mark Brady's nephew, not the Lams.

Don't start that again.

These out-of-towners with no ties here,

they just look out for themselves.

Oh, yeah, the same thing
happened with the Laniers,

- the guy they hired from California.
- Mm-hmm.

Sounds like you should all go out,

'cause Sean needs all
the help he can get.

- You're late.
- Sorry.

Couldn't find the gloves.

We're on Colin's boat?


Taking in some traps today.

Team effort.



What's going on?

We know what you've been doing.

- I don't know what you mean.
- Don't lie to me, man.

You sold pounds of
our haul in Chester.

They told us.

I didn't take anything from your traps.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Don't try to play us.

Those are my traps.
It was my haul. Look...


All right,

I took your boat out with
my dad a couple times.

I knew it.

Fished our permits.

I should have told you, okay?

But I never took from your traps.

Our hauls have been
light for the past month.

Yeah, well, that's not on me.
That's just what's out there.

You owe us grand,

everything you got in Chester.

I don't owe you shit. I wasn't skimming.

All right, look, okay?

I should've told you about the boat.

It's just, I ask and you always say no.

- I'll pay you for the gas.
- Oh, f*ck you.

- Don't touch me.
- You're a lying piece of shit.

I did you a favor hiring you.

- I trained you.
- A favor?

You barely pay a living wage.

We pay what everybody else pays.

Yeah, and it sucks!

So get your own f*cking boat!

How can we?

You guys own all the permits.
What are we supposed to do,

huh, wait in line for years?

- And pay with what?
- That's not our problem.

f*ck you. We don't owe you... [GRUNTS]

You are done here. Your whole family.

- You are done here.
- f*ck you.


You f*ck.


You don't touch me. You hear me?

- Stop it!
- Okay, that's enough.

- Oh, shit, Colin.
- Shit.

- f*cking...
- Stop it!

f*ck you!

- Dad!
- You bring me out here,

- f*cking thr*at me?
- Dad, Dad.

Get off me.

That haul was mine!

It's our boat, our haul.


You don't own me. You hear me?

Get off of him.

- I said get...
- [g*n]



I didn't mean to. He wasn't stopping.

I'm gonna get the truck.
Make sure nobody sees.


Get his legs.



- Shit.
- What happened?

My shoulder.



I'm so sorry.






I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

It was an accident.

Nobody meant this to happen.

What did you do to him?

It was me.

I-I-I was trying to talk to him and...

They wanted to meet with Bo

because there was an
issue with our count.

It was low.

And it seemed that Bo was...

Was what?


Things got heated.

It was me. I did it.

Percy, go upstairs.

I got the g*n, and I sh*t him.

You sh*t him?

Upstairs! Now!

What does she mean she sh*t him?

Please, I beg of you.

She was trying to keep
them from fighting.

And if you call the police...

she's young.

Her whole life, it'll be ruined.

My son is d*ad!

It was a mistake.

A horrible mistake.


What can we do?



Just talk to her. All right.




We agreed to it, all of us,

but that didn't make it right.

In giving up the permit,

times must have gotten even harder.

So the smuggling, right,
that's when you turned to it,

trying to make ends meet?

- Yes.
- Sean, shut the f*ck up!

They probably told you those people,
they wanted to be smuggled.

You thought you were being helpful.

We were lying to ourselves.

We knew the jobs weren't any good.

This isn't just about you.

You can't do this.

You can't.

Take me to the station.

I'll answer anything
anyone wants to know.


You're on your own.

You can't do this.


Get out of the car.

I said get out of the car.

You're not doing this.


Open the door.

I said open the door!

Let's go.


Don't you dare move
this car! You hear me?

Sean, please.

Think of your brother. Think of me.

We're gonna lose everything.


It's what you wanted.

Let's go, please.


Hi. You've reached Sonya Barzel.

Please leave a message. Thanks.


Sorry to interrupt.

No bad news. I promise.

I'm so sorry to learn about
what happened to Bo,

to your son.

I want you to know that I
spoke to the district attorney,

and the state has agreed
not to pursue charges

of any cover-up of your son's death.

I'll just need a statement
when you're ready.

Otherwise, you have
nothing to worry about.

We have many things to worry about.

Right. Of course.


thank you.


I know it's not gonna
bring your son back,

but I think...

Percy spent the rest of her life

wishing she could undo what she did.



What did Percy have to do with Bo?


It wasn't an equipment accident
that k*lled your brother.

There was a fight

between Bo and the Muldoons.

Percy used a g*n to stop it.

Oh, my God.

That's why I was so upset

when I saw the two of you together.

I'm sorry.

So your deal, it wasn't to save them

from reckless endangerment charges.

You covered up his m*rder?

It wasn't to save them from anything.

How could you do that?

We thought we were protecting you.

We did it for you, for your future.

So this is it, huh?

Yeah, I'm catching the ferry tomorrow.


I don't know how to thank you.

You taught me... a lot.


Almond. Roca.

Buttercrunch. Incredible.

You can buy them at Dory
Mates' seafood shop.

You will lose your mind.

Don't be a stranger.

Drop me a line sometime.

I saw your car parked outside.

I know this has gotta be hard for you.

Well, you got what you want.

Hope you're satisfied.

I was just trying for
some justice for Percy.

You know, it doesn't feel like justice.

I came to you first, like you asked.

We both wanted the truth.

You didn't have to keep going.

You could have stopped

once you saw what it would do to us.

You know I couldn't do that.

So you think the world's
a better place now

because of what you did?

I'm not sure.

Thought you should have that.


I've been coming to this
church for years,

asking for his guidance.

I've never heard a f*cking word back.

Thanks, Josh. I'll take it from here.


- You're lucky Lou wasn't there.
- I'm lucky?

Next time you want to talk to strangers

about something you don't know
anything about, you come to us.

- I can't believe you would even...
- Keep your voice down.

We didn't have a choice.

If you say anything to her about this,

you're gonna make her sick again.

- Is that what you want?
- Say any of what to me?

I'm not an invalid.

What's going on?

What happened to your head?

It's nothing.

Why was Josh Moore dropping you off?

Percy's freaking out about Bo Lam again.

Yeah, she almost came
out with all of it.

Luckily, she chickened out.

Oh, my God, Percy.

This family makes me sick.

What's gotten into you?

We're supposed to be past this now.

We're poisoned, all of us.

And it's all because
of what I did to Bo.

- It's ruined us.
- Don't be dramatic.

- We're not ruined.
- Look at you.

You say you know God?

You can't even own the
decisions you've made.

And you.

Tell her.

Tell her what you do in the garage.

I'm no better.

I've ruined the Lams' lives.

I've ruined the Lams' lives,

and I never did anything
to make it right.

We did a lot for them, actually.

Like a permit fixes anything?

And now the business is
failing because of it.

I don't understand why
this is happening now.

Because I go around every day

pretending that I'm innocent,

and I can't stand it anymore.

Everywhere I go I see
him. He follows me.

Maybe it was just too soon
for you to go back to work.


Grams, I have to go to Lou. Okay?

I need to. Please, it's the only thing.

It's the only thing
that'd make it right.

- I have to go.
- You've gotta stop.

I have to go, or I'm gonna go crazy.

Please, please.

- I have...
- If you go to Lou... if you go to Lou,

- you're gonna ruin us.
- Grams, I need to.

The business, me,

Colin, your father.


Say something.

Promise me you will
not go to the police.

It wouldn't fix anything anyway.


You wanted to say goodbye?

Something like that.

Do you understand it all now?

Why I jumped?

Trying to put it all together.

You were one of those people

whose whole life was
mapped out for them.

But when that g*n went off,

everything veered off course.

You wanted to come clean,

but your family made
you stuff it all down.


So I tried to escape
the only way I knew how.

That never works.

No, it doesn't.

You... you went to CJ.

You wanted to confess.

But I was too scared.

And I only ended up
making everything worse.

I needed to leave the island.

And the only person who could
see that was your father.

But your family couldn't let you go.

I don't understand.
Why didn't they help me?

They thought they were.

You realized that you needed
to look somewhere else.

To something more honest.

Do you think that I found it?

You were getting there.

Then why was it so hard?


That stuff's hard.

You have to finally see yourself.

You have to see what's really
happening all around you.

You looked, and all of a sudden,

everyone was against you.


Your whole family was poisoned,

and you could only
blame yourself for it all.

Do you...

Who was on the bluff with me, then?

There... there was someone.


You were alone.

But he was here with you.

It was Bo.

He was the one who was
following you all along.

And when you looked back,

you saw him.


I know what that feels like.

You try and try...

But those feelings,
they still crush you.


You just want to leave it all behind.

You just gotta get some relief.

That day I met you

down by the docks...

that's what you were thinking.


And now?

Do you see another way?




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