07x22 - Shattered (Part 2)

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cold Case". Aired: September 2003 to May 2010.
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07x22 - Shattered (Part 2)

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So you're on your way
driving back now?

Yeah, I'll be back
before sunup.

Well, that's good, babe,

'cause I can't wait
to see your lying ass!



Get your ass over here!

Who the hell do you think
you're talking to?

Get in here!

Stop it!

(screaming continues)

♪ heartbreaker ♪

♪ a pain maker ♪

♪ stole the love right out... ♪



(waves crashing)

♪ ♪


Someone here to see you, will.

Althea Johnson.

Daughter Wanda sh*t and dumped

In the badlands back in ' .

Banana bread, Hmm?

years this November.

Calls me every year asking
if there's been a break.

Been hanging these faithfully.

Wish I could tell you

We have a break in the case,
Mrs. Johnson, but...

I got a call on my flyer,

Man says he saw Wanda
in a car that night.


Night she was k*lled?

Green car, just like the one
the other witness said.

Corner of Kip and Cambria.

That's a bad drug corner.
I know.

But my Wanda didn't mess
with drugs, Detective.

She was a good girl.

You should have done
that homework last night.

Mama, please.

It's done.

And you didn't eat
your breakfast.

(school bell ringing)
I got a pop-tart.

Wanda, honey?

You going to run barefoot?

You forgot your track shoes.

Are you forgetting
something else?

You're still

My little girl.


Ten minutes late to pick her up

From practice and she was gone.

This man-- he just
happened to see her?

I grilled him good.

I believe
he's telling the truth.

We'll bring him in.

Check his story.

Calls himself
brother Olajuwon now.

Says he turned his life around.

Oh, one of those.

I'd prefer if you keep
an open mind,


Hey, Valens.
Did you hear about Mota?

What's that?
Just got

Swiss-cheesed in the shower
up in the big house.


You didn't know about that?

Just now hearing it.

Hmm, just asking 'cause, uh,

I saw the visitation logs

And you were up there
now two days ago

Paying Hector Cruz a visit.

Yeah. Yeah, it's some
other case I'm working.

Something I need to worry about?

Hmm, or anybody else
for that matter?

I don't see why.


Couldn't have happened
to a nicer guy.


Thanks for the heads-up.
(cell phone chimes)

Hey, buddy.
Anybody asking

For a Christina rush
last night, room ?

I'm sorry.
That information

Will require a warrant
from a judge or a Magistrate.


Under the fourth amendment
based on probable cause.

You're going

To require orthodontia

You don't start answering
the right way.

Christina rush, .

I'm sorry. There's no one
that's checked in or out

This week by that name.

You open up or I'm going to put

That f*re extinguisher
through this window.

Well, that wouldn't seem

Do I need to call the police?

Better yet, how
about I call vice?

Shut down this fleabag
for narcotics and prostitution.

Who paid the bill?

They haven't checked out yet.
(phone ringing)

(on phone): Bernie, Que Paso?

(speaking Spanish)

"Alexis Childress"?

I was just informed

By housekeeping
that the room is trashed.

The woman in , what did she look like?
Sandy blonde,

In her s.

Looks a little like you.

You take a credit card for the deposit?
I waived it

On account
of her general hotness.

That, and she paid cash.

Anyone else coming or going
from this room?

Just you, and now
the room is trashed.

Hey, who's going
to pay for this?!

Don't see that witness statement
about the car back in ' .

Could have swore it was here.

Inez Kellog, little old lady

Got a partial on a green SUV
leaving the dump site.

Anybody else been in the box?

Not according to the log.

But you remember it?

Yeah. Never went anywhere

'cause she couldn't I.D.
The model or year.

Oh... New info puts Wanda

In a similar car
three blocks from there.

This guy better not be
sowing false hope.

Hey, you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

But Christina's gone.

Along with my service w*apon.

Lil, you've got
to call this in.

I need your help getting them both back.
But you don't report it stolen,

It gets used in a crime,
that's it, Lil. You're done.

Look, I know
what this means, Scotty.

I'm asking for your help.

What do we got?

Well, the guy tossed the room.

He was looking for something.

Oxys. Who's
"Alexis Childress"?

The same name the room's under.

It's all we got to go on.
But you want

To go after these guys
without a g*n?

Don't worry.

I got a g*n.

Robert Miggs?

As-salaam alaikum, Detective.

And it's brother Olajuwon now.

Yeah. Only reason
we're meeting like this

Is 'cause of Althea Johnson.

She said I could trust you.

You find the prophet
while doing

That dime up at camp hill,

Allah had a plan for me.

That plan include
sprouting a conscience?

The first thing I saw
when I finished my incarceration

Was that woman out there
in a blizzard hanging flyers.

She wanted to find out
what happened to her daughter.

Yeah. Well, I saw
that girl's face,

And I remembered...
Name's Wanda.

Where'd you see her?

Like brother Malcolm,
I, too, was in the game.


The corner was "poppin'"

As they say
in the pusher parlance.

Wanda trying to cop?

I don't know what
she was doing in that car.

Just knew something
wasn't right.

Yo, check off, young.

I don't like that one.

(arguing in distance) something
ain't right with that.


(tires screeching)

Can't get that girl's face
out of my thoughts.

You get a good look at the car?

Green Ford explorer.

Got a head for cars?

Skill set you get on the corner.

Only way to read your customer.

What'd that car say to you?

Caucasian car--
that's how come I remembered.

Wondered what
a beautiful, young sister

Was doing in a ride like that.

You see anybody
in there with her?

No. Just heard voices.

Some kind of dispute,
then the g*n went off.

Different model years

Of Ford explorers.

Tell me which one
you recognize.

Like that.

Ford explorer. Sure?

Had one of them
dare stickers on it.

Where'd you get that?

It was a gift.

You prepared to use that thing?

They got my sister.

as*ault me and took my g*n.

Just evening the odds.

Start with this

Rothman drugs doling out

A lifetime supply
of painkillers, huh?

count, milligrams.

That's a lot of blues.
Worse than I thought.

What's that mean?

Come on, Lil. You saw her.

It's what pill-poppers do:
Use fake names to get scrips.

Why you so sure
that they're Christina's?

Checked into that fleabag
under the same alias.

He's gotta use a fake name
'cause she can't get a scrip

For a controlled substance
with a record.

You know, my sister's
a lot of things,

But a drug addict?

You know something
I don't, Scotty?

Here we go.

When's the last time
you saw her?

When was that?
She called me...

A couple days ago...

("beast of burden"
by the rolling stones playing)

Just tell her I'll be
back soon, okay, baby?

All right, take care.


Thanks for coming.

Listen, I know I left a mess
last time

I was in town.

I'm really sorry about that.

♪ all I want is for you
to make love to me ♪

What do you need, Christina?

So it's like that, huh?

Yeah, it's like that.

Just get to it.

♪ I'll never be
your beast of burden ♪

♪ I've walked for miles,
my feet are hurtin' ♪

You're the only one who
really knows my sister;

What she's like,
what she's thinking.

I don't know about that.

I wanna know if she
still hates me.

♪ am I hard enough? ♪

You're talking to me.

You haven't even spoken to her
yet, have you?

♪ am I rich enough?
I'm not too blind to see ♪

Do you think there's a chance

That Lilly could ever get
past it?

What difference does it make?

You're just gonna skip town.
No, no.

That's just it.
I want to move back.

This is my home.

This is where my family is.

I don't know, Christina.

You're gonna have
to call Lilly yourself.

♪ am I rough enough? ♪

But you might wanna
get cleaned up first.

♪ I'm not too blind to see. ♪

I'm trying, Scotty.

I'm really trying.

Valens: I know that
look from narcotics.

It wasn't pinned...

But she was jonesing.

My sister...

Hooked on hillbilly heroin,
and you didn't tell me?

(bottle clatters)

What the hell was I supposed
to say, Lil?

After what happened last time?

Hey, wait, wait, wait.

What are you doing?

Hey! Hey!

You lied to my face!

What? See?
I knew you would react this way.

Why you think she came to me
first, Lil?

Of course, why wouldn't she?

It says a lot about your
relationship, don't it?

You think I wanna get put in the
middle of this all over again?

It didn't stop you before.

Just another piece
to you right, Scotty?

You know, why don't ya take
your ass back up

To the feds and take
that big job?

You can forget about us

Just like you forgot
about your sister.


I figured you were
her next stop anyway.

Was I right?

Why wouldn't you just tell me?

I don't know, Lil.

Maybe I got my own family
to deal with.

Did you ever think of that?

We just gonna stand here arguing
all damn day...

Or are we gonna go get your g*n
and Christina back?

Anybody seen rush today?

Some family thing
with her sister.

Think Scotty went
to help her out.

I don't even want to know.

That missing witness
statement turn up?

Gone. Any luck

With the partial plates
ran back in the day?

I got
' green Ford explorers,

But none of 'em checked out.

"wreck, alibi, in for repair,
out of search radius."

What about this one?

Every other one has a reason
why it was deleted.

Did you farm out

Any legwork back in the day?

I was busy chasing down

So I used Joe Mueller

In patrol.

This is fault of patient.

People change numbers,
fax in forge scrips.

Addicts stop at nothing
to get pills.

Ten refills and you don't even
double-check with the doc?

She didn't look like an addict.
Was she alone

Or was she working
with someone?

What do you mean?
It's a lax pharmacy

That doles out pills like candy.
Word spreads fast.

Lies! You pulled the records.
She was paying cash, right?

You dealing painkillers
or drug addicts?

I call the DEA,

That's fed time, n*zi.

Look, we're not interested

In busting you.

We're looking for this woman

And anyone else
she was working with.

She came alone.

But she had the same address
on her I.D.

As the two other guys
from New York.

Same address?

What other guys?

New York I.D.
They paid with cash.

How often these guys come in?

First guy's been in here

Knows not to come
more than once a week.

Well, what about this other guy?

Don't recognize him,

But this is not the only
place that takes cash.

All using fake New York I.D.S.

And you don't report it.

I'm cooperating with you now.


Pharmacies that play ball
with drug addicts.

Just one stop on the circuit?

Like clockwork.

And I can tell you the place
they're going to hit up next.

Got a minute, Joe?


Signed Ryan Howard bat--

Wife b*at her husband to death
with it last night.

Well, maybe the Phillies
will sign her.

Yeah, maybe.

What's up?

Been going over
the Wanda Johnson case.

Drawing a blank.

-year-old girl k*lled
in the badlands back in ' .

Had you run some partial plates

From an eyewitness statement.

You say so.

We got a better description
of the car.

Turns out we were looking
for a ' Ford explorer.

Came up zilch.

Yeah, we see that.

Why'd you cross this one out?

That was a long time ago.

If I had to guess, I'd say it
was a wrong plate or something.

Well, you listed a reason
for all the others.

That one... Nothing.

I'll have to, uh,

Consult my field notes,
jog my memory.

Like to see those notes,
you don't mind.


I'll get right on that.

Covering up for sloppy work?

Let's hope that's all it is.

Before you even any odds
with that street g*n...

This thing's still
packing a charge.


I can't believe
she's hooked on painkillers.

Probably after some injury.

That's how it starts.

I mean, all the crap
we went through with my mom.

Growing up.

You know, people think
they can just kick it.

It ain't that easy.

These pills,

Going straight from that
pharmacy to the street.

They grind up
the time-release oxys

To smoke, snort, sh**t,

Docs give 'em to anybody.

Pharmacists are...

I found this in the room.

She tried to show it to me.

Said she remembered

That swimsuit.

But she was only like... Five.

I got photos of me that age.

Makes you think
you remember being there.

("sl*ve" by rolling stones

That him?

♪ do it, do it, do it,
do it, do it ♪

♪ do it, do it, do it,
do it, do it ♪

♪ do it, do it, do it, do it ♪

♪ don't wanna be your sl*ve ♪

♪ don't wanna be your sl*ve ♪

♪ don't wanna be your sl*ve ♪


♪ do it, baby ♪

♪ yeah, baby ♪

♪ ♪

(tires screeching)

♪ don't wanna be your sl*ve ♪

♪ don't wanna be your sl*ve ♪

♪ don't wanna be your sl*ve ♪

(man groans)

♪ don't wanna be your sl*ve. ♪

hey, I'm, uh, just knocking off

To grab those files for you.

Don't bother!

Get your hands off me!

I'm giving you
one chance to explain

How come you buried this.

It was a fluke.

Doherty had nothing to do
with that girl getting k*lled.

Then why did you delete
the file?

He was my lieutenant.

That puts him off-limits?

Look, I gave him
a heads-up.

We had a good laugh
about it, and that was it.

He ask you to bury the report?

I figured the last thing
my lieutenant needed

Was his name popping up
in a hot investigation.

Well, it popped.

Look, I got respect
for chain of command.

So do I, Joe.

Except when it comes
to covering up a crime.

There wasn't no cover-up.

Breathe a word of this
to anybody,

I'll have you pushing
a sector car around the th.

Yeah, we'll see about that.

Rush: Where is she, numbnuts?
(stun g*n clicking)

Valens: You scream
when I take that sock out,

I'll make you eat
this whole bottle.


The hell?

What'd I do?

Where is Christina?

How the hell should I know?

That's cliff's old lady.

Who the hell's cliff,
and where is he?

Back in Jersey. I don't know.

I hooked him up once
to move some blues--

Easy stuff from pain clinics
in Florida.

Run them up I-
to Newark.

So, why is cliff
coming down here?

'cause he sent his woman
down here

To buy some pills,
and she kept lying to him,

Saying she couldn't
get a hold of me.

Why would she lie to him?
She said she was working on another hookup.

One week turned to two,
cliff started losing it.

He said he was going to have her ass.
And you knew where she was staying?

I saw her outside
a rehab clinic,

And I followed her to the grand.

And you told him where she was.

Cliff-- he's got
a possessive mean streak.


He gave her the pimp hand and
hauled her ass out of there.

And you went there with him.

He just told me to go back
and find the stash.

I found you instead.

You took my g*n.
(stun g*n clicking)

Where's my sister?

Your sister?


No, man, that was cliff.
He took the g*n, too.

You said he was in Jersey.

I don't know.

Jersey city--
I never been up there.

I don't even know
the dude's last name.

Come on, man.
All I got's a cell number.

Check my phone.

It's a Jersey area code.

We'll be back.

Better be right.

Try to make it last.

What? No dip?

That deleted plate match
came back belonging to Doherty.

Could be one of those
grassy knoll coincidences.

Be inclined to go there
with you, Nick,

Except I also got
a missing witness statement.

Nobody's been in that box
except you.

Well, that's where nightstick
Joe comes into the picture.

Let me guess.

He deleted the license plate
that came back to Doherty.

Yeah. See where I'm going
with this?

He's trying to get in
with the bosses,

So he buries the report.

Worse-- he shows it to Doherty.

And Doherty says
he'll take care of it.

I owe it to Wanda Johnson
to follow this thing to the end.

Yeah, you're going to follow it
right into forced retirement.

So mote it be.

You got anything else

Linking Doherty to this

Except his car
and a missing witness statement?

How about a g*n?

Wanda was sh*t with a . .

Doherty never turned in
his department-issue .

When we got the new glocks.

Looks just like this
old wheel g*n of mine.


You think a police lieutenant

k*lled a -year-old girl?

There's one way to find out.

Vera: Suppose you know where
Doherty keeps his g*n.

Desk, top right drawer,
next to the bottle of old Spice.

Just walk in there

And get that g*n?

Doherty's got his local
clergy meeting tonight.

But after that...

("undercover of the night"
by the rolling stones plays)

(elevator bell dings)

There's a priest, a rabbi,
and a minister

All in an elevator...


The sink's clogged
in the ladies' room, Sal.

I'll get to it after I finish

Touching up the
big boss's office.

You been hitting the gym?

Just pushing this
mop and bucket.

Oh. You're looking toned.

What did you say

Was wrong with the sink?

♪ long enough
to bust your brains out ♪

♪ the opposition's tongue
is cut in two ♪

♪ keep off the street
'cause you're in danger... ♪

Stillman: Accusing the
deputy commissioner

Of m*rder, will, I mean,
that's career su1c1de.

years I've been chewing
on this case.

Dreading the baked goods
she sends every year

Letting me know

Her daughter's k*ller
is still out there.

♪ keep it all out of sight ♪

♪ undercover ♪

♪ keep it all out of sight ♪

♪ undercover of the night ♪

♪ the sex police are out there
on the streets... ♪

Stillman: You better get
your ducks lined up, will,

Before you go slinging
accusations at the brass.

In the process
of doing just that.

What are you up to, will?

Suppose Doherty's g*n
were to turn up.

Could you get preliminary
ballistics on it from fiu?

We better be talking
hypothetical here

Because I am all out
of favors upstairs.

♪ undercover of the night... ♪

One deputy commissioner's g*n.

♪ undercover of the night. ♪

Subscriber info on
the cell comes back

To Clifton Harper in
Jersey city heights.


She's got this deranged
boyfriend after her.

She really knows
how to pick them.

I don't know why

I should care anymore.
Still blood.

Still... Hurts.

Look, I'm sorry I dragged you
into this mess.


I should have told you before.

I mean, I-I feel

Like I'm still responsible
for her.

I-I don't know how to...

Keep doing this.

She went through
what you did, too.

Well, you would think it would
have brought us closer,

But I barely remember a time
when we got along.

When we were just...




Don't worry.
We'll build it again.

One weekend,

My dad came back.

He, uh, took us to the beach.

Christina was so happy.

But I knew.

You knew what?

He was just gonna leave again.

And he did.

Look, whatever
happens, Scotty...


You pulled me out of a
mayoral fund-raiser, John.

This better be good.

Got a few questions, pat.

You got questions, you
come up to the fifth floor

And ask 'em in the morning.

I don't think you want that.

Careful, Detective.

Wanda Johnson.

That supposed to mean something?

Well, we got a break
in the case.

Great. Work it.

Is this some kind of stunt?

Wanda Johnson was sh*t
and k*lled

In the badlands back in ' .

Witness came forward,

Puts Wanda in your car.

Green '

Ford explorer.

Sounds like

You have an unreliable witness.

Oh, your car popped back
in the day off a partial plate.

Got deleted from the file.


I see where this is going.

And I'll warn you right now.

I'll have both your badges
and your pensions.

Take your best sh*t.

We'll see
whose badge goes first.

What the hell does that mean?

Witness statement putting
your car at the crime scene

Turned up missing from the box.

You don't want the feds
in this, pat.

We're doing you a favor.

We're done here.

Not until you tell us

How a b*llet from your g*n
ended up k*lling Wanda Johnson.

You're bluffing.

Came back
a definitive match, pat.

I'd like my fop lawyer now.

I'm still waiting for the truth.

And I'd still like my lawyer.

Night Wanda was sh*t

You were at Timmy Murphy's wake.

The whole department was there.

Yeah. So what?

I know what you're
doing here, pat.

Stay out of this, John.

Stillman: You left your g*n at home.

Car was in the badlands.

I know all about your boy Matt's
struggle with drugs.

This had nothing
to do with my son,

And I'll stand for the g*n.

That girl's

Mother has been twisting
in the wind for years.

I said Matty didn't do this.

How do you know that?

Because I asked him.

What's this?

I was gonna tell you
about that.

I'm listening.

Me and Ronnie...
You went out drinking?

Don't lie to me.


Just a little.

How'd this happen?

Ronnie got sick,
and it was an accident.

But we cleaned it up, though.

Anything else
you want to tell me?

I wanted to believe him.

How'd he get your g*n?

I don't know.
But you knew

Enough when you heard
about the sh**ting

To make that plate match

Go away.

You knew Matty was involved.

Buried that witness report.

What kind of cop does that?

He was my son.

I was trying to protect him.

It was that damn Ronnie Tavares.

I told Matt
to stay away from him.

We'll talk to him.

Matt's turned his life around.

He's got a family
and a son of his own now.

Then maybe he'll understand
the hell

He's put Althea Johnson through.

Stillman: Good to see you've
pulled yourself together, Matt.

I understand

You're a father now.


You know what this is about?

(papers rustling)

Remember Wanda?

We got your old running buddy

Ronnie Tavares
in the other room.

Really made something
of himself:

Meth addict, petty theft,

He's ready to cooperate.

My father know about this?

He's prepared to take
the fall for you.

You gonna let that
happen, Matt?

It's time

To man up here, son.

How'd you know Wanda?

We met at a party
the week before.

She was still in High School.

She didn't look it.

How'd you meet her that night?

We cruised by the school,
picked her up.

("tumbling dice"
by the rolling stones playing)

I didn't even remember her name.

♪ mm-hmm, yeah ♪

♪ ooh... ♪

Yo, Wanda.

Yo, Wanda,
it's me-- Ronnie.

Yeah, so?
Yo, yo, yo,

Let's just go do this, man.

Yo, in a minute, fool, relax.

Yo, you're looking good, baby.

Let me holla at you
for a second.



Me and my boy Matt right here--

We're trying to get
in a little adventure.

That so?

What you doing?

Waiting on my mom.
Looks like she forgot you.

Yo, you know

We can give you a ride, right?

Come on.

♪ like I don't know how ♪

♪ baby, I go... ♪


♪ crazy... ♪

All right?
♪ you got to roll me ♪

♪ and call me
the tumbling dice. ♪

Listen up, Ronnie.

We got Matt Doherty next door.

Yeah, good for you.

Wrong, bad for you, Ronnie.

Matt's got his life together.

Plus his dad's a cop, big time.

Means he knows
the art of the deal.

I know how to deal.

What'd Matt say?

Says you lured Wanda
into that car.


He said that?

Said you were gonna give
her a ride home. Right.

But you end up in the badlands?

For what?

Show that dealer what's what.

He ripped us off
the week before.

Huh, so...

That what the g*n was for?

That's not my g*n,
and it wasn't my idea.

Matt's painting a picture
putting it all on you.


He was tripping about
that dealer getting over on us.

♪ ♪

That's him.

All right,
so how you want to do this?

Do what?
I said I wanted to go home.

Yo, chill, baby, relax,

We just got some business
to attend to.

Now you're all boyz n the hood?


Just tell him you want something.
I'm not

Telling him nothing.

Check this.

Come on. Are you serious?
What the hell?

We're just gonna go
straight at 'em, man.

You can't go point that thing
at a dealer, fool.

These guys sh**t back, man.

Just gonna put
a little scare into him, okay?

You get my back with his boys.

You guys are crazy.

I'm out.
Give me

That thing, man.
This is no time to...

Get off of it!


♪ ♪

Ronnie should have never
grabbed that g*n.

It was an accident.

It also an accident you don't
take Wanda to the hospital?

Lot of things
I should have done different.

Worried about
what your father would say?


It was all I could think about.

What the hell
did you just do, man?

Me?! You grabbed the g*n!
(gasps quietly)

We got to get her
to a hospital, man.

It was an accident.
That's what we're gonna tell 'em, right?

Wanda. It was an accident.

Oh, man.

Oh, no.

Oh, man,
what are we gonna do, man?

I don't know.

Go, man, we got to get her
out of this car!

Ronnie said we had
to get rid of the body,

So that's what we did.

Just dump her like that.

I cleaned out the car,
put the g*n back.

Then lied to your father.

But he knew, didn't he?

Yeah, I could see it
in his eyes.

All these years sober.

It's like I've been waiting
for this day to come.

So has Althea Johnson.

All right.

Unit number for cliff Harper
is on the left.

No lights on. Nobody's home.

Record for as*ault,
domestic v*olence.

Guy's a real charmer.

Let's pull around back.

See if we can find a way in.

(glass breaking)

(woman groans)



He did this to you?

He won't leave us alone.

Cliff-- where is he, Chris?

No matter what I do, he always

Finds us.

I'm so sorry, Lil.

What do you mean "us"?

You have to get out of here.
No, we're not leaving without you.


It hurts to breathe.

Can you walk?

I tried.

I can't leave.

I'm not like you.

Need to get her out of here.

I thought

If I just left her with a friend

And came home,
I could get it together.

Left, left who?

Then I could come and get her

And then we could be
like that again.

What are you talking about?

Christina, we have to go.

Like at the beach...

In the photo that dad gave me.

You remember that day, Lil?

When he came back?

Yeah, yeah, sweetie,
I remember.

(laughter and playful screaming)

Can you help us
rebuild it, dad?

Christina: I thought we were
going to be like that again.


Sure, Chris, why not?


I want it to be
like that for her.

Let's get her out. Let's go.

I got to go, Lil,

'cause I got to switch out

The laundry.
It's okay.

Come on.

(Christina gasps)

(valens grunting)

(baby crying)

(door opens)

Cliff: Christina, time to get up.


The hell?

(both grunt)

How could you do that
to my sister?!



You don't want to do that, Lil.

Come on.

Let's go home.

(clicks safety on)

by the rolling stones playing)

♪ oh, oh ♪

♪ well ♪

♪ my, my, my, my, my,
my, my, my, my, my ♪

♪ and it's sure been
a cold, cold ♪

♪ winter ♪

♪ and the wind
ain't been blowin' ♪

♪ from the South ♪

♪ it's sure been ♪

♪ a cold, cold winter ♪

♪ and the light of love ♪

♪ is all b*rned out ♪

♪ it's sure been a hard, hard ♪

♪ winter ♪

♪ my feet been draggin' ♪

♪ 'cross the ground ♪

♪ and I hope it's gonna be ♪

♪ a long, hot summer ♪

♪ and the light of love ♪

♪ will be burnin' bright ♪

♪ and I wish I'd ♪

♪ been out in California ♪

♪ when the lights
on all the Christmas trees ♪

♪ went out ♪

♪ but I been burnin' ♪

♪ my bell, book, and candle ♪

♪ and the restoration plays ♪

♪ have all gone 'round ♪

♪ it's sure been ♪

♪ a cold, cold winter, lord ♪

♪ my feet been draggin'
'cross the ground ♪

♪ and the Fields has all been
brown and fallow ♪

♪ and the springtime ♪

♪ take a long way around ♪

♪ yeah ♪

♪ and I wish I'd been
out in stone canyon ♪

♪ when the lights
on all the Christmas trees ♪

♪ went out ♪

♪ but I been burnin' ♪

♪ my bell, book, and candle ♪

♪ and the restoration plays ♪

♪ have all gone 'round ♪

♪ oh, lord ♪

♪ well, well, well ♪

♪ sometimes I think
about you, baby, well ♪

♪ oh, sometimes I cry
about you, lord ♪

♪ well, well, well,
well, well, well, well ♪

♪ yeah, and I'll wrap my coat
around you, woman. ♪
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