01x10 - First Day

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Invasion". Aired October 22,2021 - present.
Five ordinary people across the globe try to make sense of the chaos surrounding them.
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01x10 - First Day

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... the enemy has been defeated.

All around the world

the enemy falls, crashing to the earth!

And the greatest miracle of all,

is that it was Japan...

Who led the effort to destroy the enemy.

We gave her a compass.

For her birthday...

I think she was...

... she was four.

She loved that compass.

She didn't play with the
other toys for months.

We would take her to the park

and she would take her compass

and line up the little red arrow...


She would walk that way,
holding the little compass.

She wanted to know where that...

pull on the needle came from.

It pulled her too.

Breathe. Hey, look at
me. Look at me. Caspar!

It's okay, buddy.

Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!

Doctor, check him. Just check him.

- Do your shit.
- What happened?

Keep his heart rate going.

He's breathing.

Careful. Get him in there.

It's gonna be okay.

What's it mean?

What does it mean?

- There's nothing.
- f*ck "nothing." Try it again.

- This is not a test you...
- I said try it again.

No reactivity.


He's breathing.


- He's breathing. Again. Huh?
- Okay.

Come on.

His EEG is flat.

He's not breathing
anymore, the machine is.

I'm sorry.

He suffered broad cerebral
trauma from cortex to stem.

His heart stopped,
deoxygenating the brain,

resulting in mass cellular death.

Brain cells are like us.

They die, and they don't ever come back.

I'm sorry.

He's lost all of them.

- So...
- He's d*ad.

i]Run, Aneesha!

i]Run, Aneesha! Run!/i]

Did you see where Daddy went?

Your daddy...

They sh*t him.

He's d*ad.

Then say it.


He's... He's hiding.

If we wait...

No, sweetheart.

Your daddy...

a bad man took him.


tell her.

Tell me what?

Your daddy...

We left him...

and they k*lled him.

But Mom's here.

I'm here.

Daddy's d*ad?

... the enemy has been defeated.

All around the world

the enemy falls, crashing to the earth!

They can fight no more,

they die in the street.

And the greatest miracle of all,

is that it was Japan!


Our great nation, our great people!

Who led the effort to destroy the enemy.


Our heroes can hold their heads high

Where you going? Are you running?

Don't you got, like, family
or something, kid? Huh?

- Yeah.
- Yeah? Do they know where you are?

You saw what he did.

- No, that wasn't him.
- You saw.

He stopped them.

Nuclear b*mb stopped them.
None of this Jedi shit.

- What happened to him? What was it?
- It was a seizure!

You saw!

Listen, I saw in there
that he's d*ad. Okay?

He's still alive. And you're...

I'm not watching.

I've done that.

I'm not watching.

I held...

I held his hand when they unplugged him.

When they did that...

I couldn't save him.

Can't save him.


You tried.

You got... You got family here?

My mum works here.

Maybe you should go find her.

I'm fine.

Go on.


This one's mine.

That's yours.

If you really don't
believe that was him...

have a look.

Take it!


Hey, soldier! Hey,
hey, hey! f*ck' hero!

Hey, snap a pic with us, would you?

I ain't got a phone.
Will you take a picture?

Got a f*cking hero here, innit?


Hey! Let me see. Let me see that.

Okay. Let me see. Let me see.


Move away!

Get out of the way!

Oh, yes.

SOC Trevante Cole, Task Force Saxo.

I just wanna get on a
plane back to the US.

Yes, sir.

Okay. Yeah, okay.


We shouldn't have left the road.

I know what we should do.

There's food and soldiers and...


People can help us.

Where are we even going?


I'm hungry.

I'm hungry too, sweetie.

There's no one here.

It's too big.

It's warm.

You'll grow.

i]Scenes are pouring in now
from all around the world./i]

i]A lot of this we have
coming in over the wire./i]

i]A time of celebration
and reunion... /i]

i]... people leaving
shelter into the open/i]

i]as this alien enemy has been
defeated almost overnight,/i]

i]almost as quickly as they arrived./i]

i]People now look up at the
sky and they see victory./i]

i]That is the word for today./i]

- i]And there are celebrations... /i]
- What are we doing?

What are we doing?

- We can go home.
- No, we can't go home.

Yes, we can. Look at everyone.

Why are we even here?

What are we doing?

We're surviving.



- What's that?
- It's a TV.

What's on it?


Are you talking about Daddy?

- No, no. We were talking about...
- Surviving.

Mom is telling me why
we're hiding from people.

Why are we hiding?

Because sometimes, when everything
seems quiet and nice and safe,

and you feel like you can trust that,

that's when...

You have a voice inside you.

It's always there.

Sometimes it's very, very quiet,
but you have to listen to it.

'Cause that voice in
you is all you can trust.

And my voice is telling me,

"Not yet. Not yet."

You understand?

Do we live here now?

No, we don't live here.

We can sleep here tonight.

Then where?


Because it isn't safe.

Because Mom's voice says.

You want to be somewhere
else without me?

I'm not leaving you. Ever.

And you aren't leaving me.

You will never leave my
side. I won't let that happen.

Wherever we're together is home.

Tonight, this is home. Okay?


Go make a bed.

You didn't look for him.

I didn't see him.

I did. I did.

Why'd you leave him?

He told us to.

You just do whatever he says?

No. I don't do what anyone says.

Then why should I do what you say?

Because I'm keeping you alive.

You were right. Those
people wanted to k*ll us.

They will, if we aren't smart.

We are being tested.

The world wants to test us
to see if it can break us.

But it can't.

Yeah, well...

it did.

i]That is the word for today./i]

i]And there are celebrations like this
taking place all over the world./i]

i]It really is something special,/i]

i]a moment of shared
worldwide victory/i]

i]unlike any the world has
ever known in its history./i]

You're walking alone.


They say it's safe now..

It looks that way.

Where are you trying to walk?

The train isn't running.

The station. It's very damaged.

It will take time for
the trains to run again.

You'll need a car.

I don't need a car.

There's nowhere to stay tonight either.

A lot of bloodshed up there.

Police now. Cleaning up.

You're welcome to stay in the temple.

If you observe the rules.

I have beer.

And internet.

Funny. First thing
they do isn't clean up

the blood or the bodies.

You should've seen them all,

two hundred people working
together, fixing cables...

to get their internet back.

You're alone too.


Our Osho believed all this was a sign.

This "fall of the physical world"

was the Buddha's greatest test
of the mental and spiritual world.

A test of mastery over reality.

He meditated without
food. Without water.

As the world fell, he committed
fully to the teaching of the Buddha.

He withdrew into the world of the mind.

And? Did he find nirvana?


In a way.

He starved to death.

In that room over there.

And the other monks?

They ran.

Aliens invading really has a
way of testing your beliefs.

And now, you believe in beer.

I believe this was a test.

Maybe they came here to
take everything we have,

to take our world...

because we've taken it for granted.

We worry about the past. The future.

We don't enjoy what we
have while we have it.

Monks are worst of all.

We live only in the mind.

We deny ourselves physical pleasures.

It's a waste.

A waste of this world...

of beer...

these chips...

Now I enjoy everything in this world.


Especially weed.

And you?

What do you believe?



I believe...

in memory.

Not memory of the past,

but memory of possibility.

Beer is fine.

But nothing is better than a dream.

So you live in your head too.

Maybe you should be the monk.

To be a monk, you have to
let go of the past. Right?

"Nekkahamma." To be free of desire.

That's true freedom. They say.

And you got from Afghanistan to here

after the flights were stopped?

There's blood on your vest there. Yours?


Your squad was lost in an encounter.

One of the first.

Was that your only encounter?


You fought one?

A few of 'em.

And you survived, when
your whole squad was lost?

My squad wasn't there when we fought.

How did the aliens move? Together?

What do you mean?

Describe it.

All alien life and craft went
d*ad at nuclear detonation.

The tests they've done on these
show that they're identical,

each one of them, coded.


"Yeah." Describe it.
How did you stop them?

I didn't.

So then what happened?

They stopped pursuit?
Chose a new target?

They were after one thing.



Excuse me?

That's what we think they were doing.

Did you see 'em spread this substance?

It metabolizes,

releases gas into the
atmosphere, changes the air.

Is that what it did?

Looks like you got all
your answers in here.

Aren't I supposed to fill out some form

so I can get on a transport and go home?

All right.

Let's get you transport, Chief Cole.

Thank you.

Do you want to say goodbye?

You have a few moments.



- Mum!
- My baby girl!

Can you believe it's over?

I'm going home.

Was only supposed to be here two days.

Then this.

Only been a week since I saw my
family, but feels like forever.



How long's it been?

Two years.


I love you, Daddy.

You taught me how to ride a bike.

And you got me ice cream
even when Mommy said no.


you were the bad breath monster.

It was funny.


I love you.

That was great, sweetheart.


It's okay.

I'm sorry.

You have nothing to be sorry about.


You get my message?

- What?
- My messages.

Wha... What?

I love you.


You're all I love.


I got your letters.

Stop. Stop, stop, stop.

I just got home.

I see a strange man broke into my house.

I might call .

But isn't working, so...

maybe I'll just let him go.

But I...

What if he, uh...

What if he doesn't wanna go?

Well, then I'll kick his
ass and throw him out.

'Cause he broke some things around here.

And what if he's willing to fix 'em?

He can't just put it all back together.

A new job.


A new job?


- You mean it?
- I'm here.

All right.

This yours?


- Ooh. I'ma run quick, babe.
- Yeah.



Baby. Baby, look.

I wish you would just
calm down and listen.

All I do is listen. You
never shut the f*ck up.

I don't wanna fight anymore.

I think we just need some time apart.

Some time apart?

Yeah, you try it. You try and walk
out that door. You see what happens.

John, he can hear us.

You think I f*cking care what he hears?



There you are.

I was looking for you...

Looking at the stars?

You didn't open your gift.

Open it.

Go on.

It's for you.

You can see...

where you are.

And where you're going.

You can see...

how the world pulls.
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