03x10 - Maternis

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Stitchers". Aired: June 2015 to August 2017.
"Stitchers" is a procedural drama in which a young woman is recruited in order to be 'stitched' into the minds of the recently deceased, assisting in investigating perhaps otherwise unsolvable m*rder.
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03x10 - Maternis

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Previously on "Stitchers"...

Stinger must be using a digital avatar

he created of you as a kid

to pull Kirsten deeper
into her own mind.

Ivy ran the anomaly on us.

We know you've been in touch with Stinger.
Are you working for him?

- No!
- You just can't stop lying.

And when we are done, you get
to complete the rescue mission

you started with your father
all those years ago

and finally pull your mother
out of her endless sleep.

You can't help me
if you're stuck in here.

- What kinda dream was it?
- I don't remember my dreams.

Not since I was a little girl.

The more intimate you guys are,

the more it's gonna mess
with your ability to stitch.

How long you gonna keep this up for?

As long as it takes for you to
work up a damn oxytocin filter.

- Who's on the other end picking our cases?
- It's classified.

I mean, I could talk to them.
I could adjust the way we stitch.

Get Kirsten's mom out of that damn
cryogenic t*nk she's cooped up in.

And where exactly does Kirsten see
Jacqueline Stinger cooped up?

- Where's my mother?
- Your mother is in a secure facility.

I'm going to arrange for you to see her,

- but I need a few days.
- A few days.

- What's that?
- According to Linus,

- a working oxytocin filter.
- He did it.

- Morning.
- Morning.

- What you doing?
- Mm. I'm thinking.

- About last night?
- About my mom.

Your m... Come on.

It wasn't that bad, was it?


Not at all. I just...

I'm excited to find out where she is,

even more excited to think
I might save her.

Yeah, and thanks to Linus,
we can finally be together.


You know, I knew being his
friend would pay off one day.

And he's a really good friend.

He's the best.



I'm having a beautiful dream
I don't want to wake up from.

I need to ask you something.

Am I gonna like it?

I don't know.


Until yesterday,

I basically assumed
we weren't gonna work out.

- What's her name?
- (chuckles)

- It's not like that.
- What's his name?

It's not like that either.

I, um...

I think we should move in together.

Wow. You're not...

You're not worried it's too
soon to become a U-Haul couple?

I wasn't until you just said that.

I think that's just about the
best thing I've heard in weeks.


Come over and kiss me, find out.

Something is going on.

Is it that obvious?

What? No. I mean, with Maggie. Look.

- Kirsten: Admiral Decker.
- Cameron: Wait.

That's the guy you blackmailed
to find out where your mom is?


What the hell is this?

It's a military escort.

Who handles the case briefings?

Um, that'd be me.

Do you know how to use
a tablet computer?

Is that a joke?

Be prepared to brief
your team on case file

Hotel-Mike-Sierra - - ,

in minutes.


(quietly) Time to see if Linus's
oxytocin filter really works.

Camille: Commander Denise Nichols,
years old.

An American hero.

Ms. Nichols was a NASA
mathematician in the early ' s.

She worked on a variety of
high-level secretive projects.

She retired in

and died of natural causes in her home.

Why is she here?

Ms. Nichols had a spare room in her home

that seems to be... impregnable.

No visible lock. No keypad.

Scans indicate the walls
are made of metal a foot thick.

- Metal?
- Camille: On all six sides.

Walls, ceiling and floor.
It's a metal box.

I mean, it could be a Faraday cage.

Electromagnetic shield?

Something in there she wants to protect.

Admiral Decker.

Who was Denise Nichols?

Denise Nichols picked the stitch cases.

She's here because we have
to find out how she did it.

The answer is in that room.

(theme song playing)

♪ Take me inside ♪

♪ Take me inside ♪

Um, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Um, my mind is going
a thousand miles a minute.

The secret to how our cases are picked

might actually be right
in front of us, right now.

Yes, uh, actually, I was going with

the "I really hope this
oxytocin filter works"

flavor of excitement, but, um...

Are you sorry that we, you know?

God... No. No, no, no. Trust me, no.

But this might be the biggest
stitch we've ever stitched.

- It's gonna be fine.
- Okay.

From your lips
to the quantum computer's ears.


(phone warbling)

- What do you want, Ivy?
- Do you still hate me?

- Very much.
- I... need to see you.

- That's not gonna happen.
- Please.

One last time.


Okay. I'll come by when I can.

(phone beeps)

Cameron: Lights at percent, please.

I need a go, no-go for stitch neurosync.

- Life Sci?
- Go.

- Sub Bio?
- Go.

- Engineering?
- Go.

- Communications?
- Go.

- Medical?
- Go.

- Comm check. One, two, one, two.
- I hear you.

Okay. Mission clock set
to five minutes, please.

Let's pay a visit to the oracle.

Induce stitch neurosync on my mark.

In three, two, one.

- Mark.
- (whirring)

- Um...
- Cameron: Um, what?

It's foggy.

I'm seeing an elevated oxytocin level.

- Oxytocin?
- Cameron?

Linus, I thought you told me
you had this fixed.

Brain volume shrinks with age.
I didn't calculate for that.

Why are Kirsten's
oxytocin levels spiking?

Maybe Ms. Nichols had a hot date.

She's years old.

Sounds like my kind of woman.

Linus, can you crank
the oxytocin filter?

Turning it up to as we speak.

Try now.

It's still not great.

I think I've mapped the memory
of the bedroom/Faraday box room.

Okay, stand by, Kirsten.

We're moving you to outside the bedroom.

Okay, um...

at the door.

It's, uh, metal.

No visible lock. No keypad.

Open hailing frequencies.

(electronic voice)
Voice command, acknowledged.

(door opens)

The door is voice-activated.

It responds
to "Open hailing frequencies."

Star Trek, original series.

- And the movie.
- And that reboot.

We know what phrase she used.

But it only responds to her voice.

Miss Clark's got to go inside.

Okay, Nyota, we're moving ya.

I'm in.

But this fogginess is really intense.

I can't see.

Cameron, get this under control now.

I am trying. Linus, come on, man.

Work with me.

She's reading an e-mail.

Cameron: I'm gonna need
deets on those e-mails, K.

Uh, okay, um...

"Relative location of asset.

, , , ."

Asset? Who'd she get that e-mail from?

I can't make it out.

- (gasps)
- What?

- I'm bouncing.
- (rapid beeping)

- You okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Like hell you are.

That stitch was a mess
from start to finish.

And why did you bounce so quickly?

- I think the problem was...
- I know what the problem was.

Her oxytocin levels
are through the roof.

What were the two of you thinking?

We don't need your
permission to be together.

And besides, Linus worked up
an oxytocin filter.

Which didn't work
because we've never stitched

into a subject that old before.

You risked everything
that you worked for.

- You risked saving your mother.
- It doesn't matter anymore!

The e-mail I saw Denise reading

was about terminating my mother.

That is not going to happen.

I saw the e-mail.
Why should I believe you?

Because it's me telling you
it's not going to happen.

That is all I can say about this.

Now what we need to do is
wait out the refractory period,

and then try to stitch
into Denise again.

(door closes)

Do you believe her?

I don't know what to believe.

But there is something else.

The numbers that I saw in the stitch,

they were about
the location of the asset.

They have to do with where my mother is.

Well, did you see anything
that could explain

how she picked the stitch cases?

No. It was too foggy,

but she has data printouts in that room.

I have to get in there
and take a closer look.

How? Decker said that
the door's only keyed

to Denise Nichols's voice.

Maybe I missed something,

something that
I'll remember if I'm there.


Go with Fisher. I'll try and
smooth things over with Maggie,

but, hey.

Look, in no way am I sorry about
what happened between us last night.

I hope you're not either, okay?

(door opens)

(door closes)

It's here.



No lock. No keypad.

No hidden mechanisms I can see.

Yeah, I don't see anything familiar.

What was that phrase she used?

Open hailing frequencies.

- (beeps)
- Access denied.

Maybe I wrote it down wrong.

No. It's voice recognition.

It only works when Denise says
"Open hailing frequencies."

Voice command acknowledged.

(mechanical whirring)


(electronic beeping)

Denise must have programmed the door

to recognize not only her vocal pattern,

but also mine.

It's like she knew I'd come here.

Well, she picked our cases,

so, clearly, she knew a lot.

Look at this little nugget
of history, huh?


I've seen these before,

from an old case.

These are the algorithms for stitching.

Anything in there about
how she picked our cases?

No. Just arrays of numbers
I can't understand.

But I know someone who might.

So, what do you think? Is that them?

It's definitely them.

They seem to indicate
an exchange of data.

Either she was tracking
Kirsten during stitches or...

Or maybe she was tracking
my progress mapping the brain.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but if she was tracking

how much brain we still needed to map,

wouldn't that just be
how she chose the cases?

Maybe. But we would need something

more powerful than a quantum computer

to narrow down potential cases

to the exact case
Kirsten's mind needed next.

(watch beeping)

I-I gotta go.

But, uh, you can I,
we can work on this later.

- Um...
- Thanks.

- Uh, do you have a minute?
- Yeah.

Of course, what's up?

So, um...

I just want to let you know,

I'm gonna be moving out.

Wait. What?

- You're leaving?
- Not LA.

Just the house.

Amanda and I are...
are moving in together.

But you barely know her.

Well, I'm not gonna know her
any better not living with her.

Are you sure this isn't
gonna be a mistake?

What if Cameron asked you
to live with him

and I said you were making a mistake?

I would say you're being
a concerned friend.

And I appreciate that you care.

I do.

But I need this.

I'll miss you.

I think you'll be okay.

(doorbell rings)

I came. Now what?

Please... come in.

No. That's okay. I'm fine right here.



Is crying on command something
you got from your father,

or is that a trick
you learned on your own?

What I feel is not a game.

It isn't a lie.

I know that you don't understand

everything that's happening right now,

but you will.

And soon.


I need a friend right now.

You know, I'm all alone!

My father found out the NSA's planning

to terminate Jacqueline Stinger.


He's going crazy

trying to find her before they k*ll her.

Wait, how did you find this out?

I used your NSA account
to hack into Maggie's e-mails.

- No, Linus, I...
- Stop!

Just stop.

Never call me again,

- and never speak to me again.
- Linus.



- How you holding up?
- These still make no sense!

I thought they would lead to
my mom, but now, I don't know.

Are they... I don't
know, map coordinates?

No. I've tried every
possible combination.

Unless the NSA moved my mother to Paris,

or Beijing,

or Botswana, then no.

- Botswana?
- Yeah.

- (door opens)
- I'm totally done with Ivy.

Sorry. I-I didn't see you there.

Don't worry about it.
I'm done with her too.

Listen, Kirsten...

Ivy stole my credentials

and hacked into Maggie's computer.

She shared some e-mails
with your father.

The NSA's gonna k*ll your mother.

I saw that same e-mail in the stitch.

Okay. Maggie said
it wasn't gonna happen, but...

Well, Maggie speaks the language

of CIA spooks, aka, lies.


every government agency
has its own language.

And before she worked for the NSA,

Denise Nichols was an engineer at NASA.

What would a mathematician,

like Denise, do at NASA in the s?

She calculated trajectories.

I don't think the NSA is gonna
send your mom into space.

But they did move her.

From Point A,

where we know she used to be,

to Point B.

So you think these numbers
track where your mom got moved?

We may not know how
she picked the stitch cases,

but I think Denise Nichols
gave us a way to find my mom.

Okay. Okay, that's something.

Linus, take these algorithms
back to the lab.

See what you can find out about 'em.

What are you guys gonna do?

Plot a trajectory.

(Cameron sighs)

Yes. This is Point B.

I didn't say anything.

I can tell what you're thinking.

Oh, that's a scary superpower
in a girlfriend.

Okay, so, here's the plan.
We'll just drive up.

We'll tell them that... you're pregnant.

You're going into labor.
We need to go inside,

and use the phone to call the doctor.

Oh! Excellent plan.

If that was even remotely plausible.

Okay. Yeah, of course.
What was I thinking?

We should just tell them that we
work for a secret branch of the NSA

and that we hack into
the memories of the d*ad.

You love telling people that.


Good afternoon, Officer. My um...

wife here is with child.

Kirsten Clark?


Commander Nichols said you'd be coming.


Denise Nichols?

Pull through the gate.

Take any open spot.

- That works too.
- (gate buzzes)

What is this place?

From the looks of it,
an old munitions factory.



(air hissing)

Stinger: It kills me
to see her like this.

Dr. Goodkin.

Last time I saw you,
you were just a little boy.

I'm glad you could be here
for our family reunion.

You're not my family.

Well, it's not just me, sweetheart.

There's your mother, and...

of course, your sister.

You are such a bitch.

Stinger: Ivy helped me find your mother,

and with your help,
we can bring her back.

We can finish that mission we started
when you were a little girl.

I can't believe you came here with him.

- It's okay.
- It's okay? (scoffs)

I didn't come here alone.

Maggie: Don't move, Daniel!

You set me up?

I told you to stay away from me.

You created this story, that
Jacqueline would be terminated

to bring me out of hiding?

So, my mom, she's okay?

She's fine. Cuff him.



Cameron: Kirsten!



- No!
- (g*n)


Stop! Stop! Stop!

- Stop!
- Stinger: Okay, stop!

Don't sh**t!

I give up.

(alarm beeping)

- What the hell were you thinking?
- Oh, my God! Kirsten.

Life support's failing.

Can it be fixed?

I don't know.

She's gonna die.

I didn't come all this way
to lose her now.

She looks exactly the way she did

when we started on the Stitchers
program all those years ago.

She's so young.

She's beautiful.

Jacqueline's brain function
is low but nominal.


Can I stitch into her?

Stitching broke her.
Maybe stitching can fix her.

Your mother is alive,

but with the brain function of someone

who's been in stasis
condition for years.

There's no user manual for this one.

I-I stitched into Cameron,
and he was still alive.

He was clinically d*ad.

We're in a new world here.

Can I stitch into her or not?

Yes. I...

Your oxytocin levels are
off the chart right now.

I mean, you are basically
in the worst possible condition

you could be in to stitch.

Well, either I stitch now
and try to save her,

or I do nothing and watch her die.
What choice do I have?

I'll push the oxytocin filter

as far as it can go and then some.

Cameron: Okay.

- Thank you.
- Don't.

Kirsten, you've got no choice,

but I've got no margin for error.

If I send you down
the wrong neural pathway,

it could shut down
her brain activity forever.

We've really only got
one sh*t to get this right.



you've never stitched into
a living person before,

but there is someone who has.

My father.

No. No, I'm sorry.

The last time Stinger
stitched you into your mother

it put her in a coma, you almost died,

and it left you with temporal dysplasia.

That's why you need him,

so you don't make his same mistakes.

I am not letting him anywhere near this.

Come on, please.
He might know a few tricks.

That's what I'm afraid of.


I'm so sorry for everything
I put you through.

Just as you and I
were starting to get close,

I had to push you away...

because of my father.

And to keep you safe,
I couldn't be honest with you.

I just hope, one day,

you'll be able to fully forgive me.

How about over dinner sometime?

- I would like that.
- Me, too.

I gotta go.

Admiral Decker wants to debrief me.


Don't let anything happen to my sister.

Hello, Kirsten.

Give us a moment.

I know you hate me.

Hate you?

Do you know how many
lives you've ruined?

Just listen to me for a minute.

I can listen to you.

I just can't trust anything you say.

And that's exactly
why I reached out to you

through the avatar of young Cameron.

So you would trust me
the way you trust him.

Cameron and I have a plan to save Mom.

- But...
- But you've never stitched

into a live brain before,

- and Cameron's afraid to do it.
- He's not afraid.

He's cautious.

Mom could die.

And that's why you should
let me pilot the stitch.

Nope. Cameron needs
to be on the controls.

If anything, your role
would be purely advisory.

That's less desirable.

I thought you'd do anything to save Mom.

I guess I was wrong.

Wait a minute.

If you let me direct the stitch,

I don't have a problem with
Cameron being on the controls...

as long as he does everything I say.

I won't let your mother die.


But if this is a set-up...

I will k*ll you myself.

That's my girl.

(door closes)

Stinger's in. He'll do it.


On one condition.
You pilot, he calls the stitch.


No conditions. He's lucky
to even be in our lab.

Please, Cameron.

Please, work with him.


Thank you. I'll go get changed.

You know, he won't let
my mother die. I know it.

She's not the one I'm worried about.


See you soon, Mom.

You ready?

She looks like Sleeping Beauty.

Camille: Here comes Prince Charmless.


It's exciting to see
where you've taken my work.

Oh, this stopped being
your work a long time ago.

You're in my lab now.

In here, you're an outsider.

It's the story of my life.

Let's bring her home, hmm?

You sure you can handle this?

Just keep eyes on Stinger.


I swear, you try and pull anything...

Yeah. I know. You'll k*ll me.

No. He will.

Lights to percent, please.

I need a go, no-go for stitch neurosync.

- Life Sci?
- Go.

Sub Bio.

Sub Bio?

I'm seeing something strange here.

It's a structure of some kind, like a...

like a mass near her brain stem.

What kind of mass?

Is it a tumor?

No, it seems bio-mechanical.

Like a... hybrid structure of some kind.

Let me see.

- It's fine.
- You sure?

I said it's fine.

Cameron, we don't have time
to argue about this.

Okay, let's continue.

- Sub Bio?
- Under protest. Go.

- Noted. Engineering?
- Go.

- Communications?
- Go.

- Medical?
- Go.

Comm check. One, two, one, two.


Okay, induce stitch
neurosync on my mark.

In three, two, one.

- Mark.
- (whirring)

I can't see much.

Communications, report.

I can't get a lock on neurosync.

Jacqueline's mind's rejecting the sync.

- Let's get her out of there.
- Kirsten, make the bounce.

- Hey, you okay?
- Fine.

How's my mom?

No significant changes.

She's s*ab but transitioning.

- Then let's try again.
- Kirsten, we couldn't sync up.

Let's try again.

I don't think we should. We couldn't...

We have no other choice.

It's backwards.


The host and the client are inverted.

We need to switch 'em.

Are you insane?


but I'm also right.

Camille: What is he talking about?

He wants to put Jacqueline in the t*nk

and Kirsten in the corpse cassette.

- No way.
- And why not?

Because we don't know what being

in the corpse cassette will do to her.

Or don't you care?

Jacqueline's always been
your first priority.

Never Kirsten. Never Ivy.

You're not thinking scientifically.

Scientifically? You want science?

That's called physics.


You son of a bitch. Come on. Come on!

Come here, come here!

- Stop it!
- (Cameron panting)

- How's that feel?
- Want some more, huh?

I'm asking how it felt

when you channeled all
that emotional energy towards me,

and then I redirected it back to you?

Oh, my God. He's right.

What do you mean?

You and your mom are both still alive.

This stitch isn't about
the tech. It's about...

It's about the emotional energy.

If we put your mother in the t*nk,
and stitch her into you,

whatever residual emotional
energy she has left will be...

will be fired into your brain
and redirected back at her,

so that means...

That means all that love that
you've been carrying around for her

for all these years...

with one emotional burst of
energy, we could wake her up.

No. It's too risky to try.

It's too risky not to.

- You sure you want to do this?
- Yes.

Hey. Don't.

Don't look at me like that.

- Like what?
- Like this is goodbye. Come on.

- Seal me in.
- You sure?



(whispers) I love you.

I know.

Well played.


- You'll be on an open channel.
- Mm-hmm.

You'll be able to hear everything
that's going on, okay?

- You won't be alone.
- Okay.


Good. I'll see you soon.

If Kirsten's love is
gonna save her mother,

then your love is gonna save her.

Lights to percent, please.

Mission clock is running. I need a
go, no-go for stitch neurosync.

- Life Sci?
- Go.

- Sub Bio?
- Go.

- Engineering?
- Go.

- Communications?
- Go.

- Medical?
- Go.

Okay, people, induce
stitch neurosync on my mark.

In three, two, one.

- Mark.
- (whirring)

(distorted scream)

(echoing): My head, my head.

My head feels like it's exploding.

I'm seeing vasodilation
in the cranial blood vessels.

- (rapid beeping)
- Cassette's rejecting her.

Her body temp's too high.

We have to lower the temp
inside the cassette

as if there's a corpse in there.

I hate to say this, but he's right.

Do it.

Do it.

Cameron: It's gonna
get cold in there, K.

I can take it.

I know you can. Just focus on my voice.

Brain activity's back to normal.

- Synapses s*ab.
- Linus?

She looks fine, but...

- But what?
- I'm seeing something here.

Very similar to when
Jacqueline was in there.

What are you seeing?

Alex, zoom in on Kirsten's brain stem.

Looks normal.

Go deeper.

Cameron, is that the same thing

that's on Jacqueline's brain stem?

I don't know. My mother said

she saw some sort of a
reflection in Kirsten's scan.

It's not a reflection.

It's a cluster of nanobots
that I infused into her brain

when I tried to stitch her
into her mother as a child.

- Oh, my God.
- You did this to your own daughter?

It's how the technology
worked back then.

That's why she can't remember
her own dreams.

Cameron? What's going on?

It's connected.

You, your mother, Denise Nichols.

- You're all connected.
- What?

It all makes sense.

The algorithm that Denise's computer

used to pick the stitch cases

is tuned to Kirsten's brain
and the mapping we accomplished.

The computer would get
LAPD homicide reports

and then narrow all those crimes down

to a few candidates for stitching.

So, how did Denise pick
each specific case?

She didn't.

Kirsten did.

The data arrays that Kirsten
found at Denise's...

they show an exchange of data,

not in one way, but in both ways.

To and from the nanobot
cluster in Kirsten's brain.

(shivering): Without knowing it, I...

selected the exact right case

based on the potential benefit
to my mind mapping.

We said crunching the data
would require more power

than a quantum computer.

The human brain is the most
powerful computer of all.

Jacqueline has a similar
structure in her brain.

Quantum entanglement.

That means they should be able

to communicate on a quantum level.

"You can't help me
if you're stuck in here."

That... that was my mother
talking to me.

When we stitch again, we just
have to reopen that channel.

Great. So what are we waiting for?

Okay, just hold on, Kirsten.
Reopening that channel.

In three, two, one.

- Mark.
- (whirring)

Kirsten, how you holding up?


I can't see anything yet.

Okay, Kirsten, listen to me.

I need you to focus in
on all that love you have.

All the love that
you have for your mother,

your friends,

for me.

I want you to channel
every bit of love and emotion

that you've stored inside of your brain

ever since you lost that
temporal dysplasia, you hear me?

- (shivering)
- It's just you and me, Stretch, okay?

You're going to channel all of that...

into your mother.

I see her.

It's time to come home.


Ayo: Jacqueline is ready to bounce.

- Cameron?
- Forcing the bounce.


Ayo, brain function!

Coming to normal.


Jackie, sweetheart.

You're gonna be okay.


- Kirsten, you did it.
- Where am I?

You're here.

Kirsten, you're safe, okay?

You're home.

I will never leave you.

Get Dr. Marian Goodkin down here ASAP.

- Right away.
- Come here.

Come on. Come on, we're
gonna get you checked out.


Help me get her out of here!


Well, your mother reviewed
Kirsten's EEG. There's, um...

no sign of a stroke.

No traumatic brain injury.

What aren't you telling us?

Kirsten doesn't remember anything.

About what happened to her? Maybe...

- Maybe that's a good thing?
- No, that's not it.


Whatever happened to Kirsten
while in the corpse cassette

affected the latter part
of her longterm memory.

Now, your mother is gonna
run some more tests,

but Kirsten's memories

from the last two or three
years are compromised.

She doesn't remember anything
about the Stitchers program.

She doesn't remember you.

Linus: But that's temporary, right?

I don't know.

Excuse me.

I'm sure she'll get
her memory back soon.

Just go talk to her.

- Be with her.
- No, I can't.

Not now.

Come on, dude, you got to.

No, I don't have to do anything, man.

This is my fault. I'm not gonna be
able to forgive myself for this.

You had no choice.

Fisher's right. You did exactly...

No, I had a choice, and this
is the choice that I made.

Because Kirsten wanted you to.

Well, it was my call.
I should have said no!

But you didn't, so don't
b*at yourself up over it.

I know, but please, just...

leave me alone right now.

- Cameron.
- Just!


Are you okay?

You seem really, um,
upset at those people.

Are they your friends?


I'm sorry. I...

don't remember if we've met or not.
I'm Kirsten.

I'm Cameron.

Something happened to my memory, um...

so, I'm a little confused.
But didn't we meet before?

When we were kids.

You had heart surgery, right?


Yeah, that was... that was me.

Yeah. I remember
you were really nice to me.

How's your heart?

It hurts a little.

You'll be okay one day.

I promise.

It was nice talking to you, Kirsten.

You too.

I will never forgive you for
what you're making me do to him.
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