01x13 - Let the World Be Filled with Love

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Misfit of Demon King Academy". Aired July - September 2020.
A demon lord reincarnated after 2000 years comes back to the Demon Academy as a total misfit where he must graduate.
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01x13 - Let the World Be Filled with Love

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Kanon, what happened two thousand years ago?

It was just like you said.

The humans were weak, Anos.

I was m*rder by Jerga's followers.

And then, they set up a plot to annihilate you two thousand years later.

Such an irrational mistake by the humans.

And I had to rectify that mistake.

Evansmana has the power to nullify even destiny.

I nullified your destiny to become reincarnated as the Demon King of Tyranny.

So, is that why my name's been forgotten?

Over time and little by little, history was rewritten.

And so, the bogus Demon King, Avos Dilhevia was born.

I never thought you'd catch on to that, though.

And now, you intend to let yourself be slain.

As the Demon King of Tyranny, by humans.

Humans will always k*ll demons.

Eventually, your only option will be to slay humans.

You, the one who desired peace more than anyone else two thousand years ago.

The source of it all is the hatred toward demons that Jerga suffused Asc with.

If Avos Dilhevia is destroyed,

then that curse should also vanish.

After being m*rder by the humans...

do you really need to sacrifice yourself like that?

I still want to believe.

I'm a Hero.

It's my duty to make amends for their mistakes.

You created peace at the cost of your own life just as you promised.

And now, it's splendid. It's become a truly splendid world now.


Demon King Anos...

I still have yet to show you human kindness.

The true peace that you desired.

Two thousand years ago,

human lovers on their way to death would split a holy seashell in half to create two necklaces.

And they each wore one to ensure that they'd be reunited after they were reincarnated.

In your eyes, this is a Mishence Necklace.

Meaning that you've bid farewell to the one you love.

You've spent so many long years to lay the groundwork for your epic plan.

Nothing I say now could possibly sway you.

If you want this back,

you'll have to take it by force.

That's what I thought you'd say.

And now, here I come...

to protect you!

I won't let you...

in order to protect you.

Gia Greas.

Heroes are nothing but illusions.


I've never seen anyone like that. Not once.



The truth is, I never wanted to k*ll you.

Rio Edram!

Still, tormented by people's hopes.


Pretending not to see all the lives that were lost...

Jio Graze!

At the bottom of this endless hell...

I had no choice but to keep battling until I was d*ad.

Four! Five!


All you have left is a single source.

You have no hope of winning.

No matter how many times I lose,

all I have to do is win once in the end.

I always believed that the time hadn't come for me

to risk my life for the peace that would come someday!

But I was wrong!

There's someone I must save right in front of me!

I can't wait for "someday" anymore!

I want to save even one more person from suffering right now!

And if I can't feel that way... Even if that "someday" does arrive one day...

I won't be able to save anyone at all!

You really are a troublemaker. You know that?

Sir Anos!


The Demon King of Tyranny?

Look! That sword!


That sacred power is...

Hero Kanon's...

Don't look at me like that. It's not a good look for a Hero.


I'm following your script.

This should extinguish humans' hatred.

Comrades! All forces, retreat!

Until the day I'm once again resurrected here,

I forbid you from seeking revenge on humans!


Until the day that the Demon King returns!

At the bottom of this endless hell,

I had no choice but to keep battling until I was d*ad.


both now and back then,

the one who reached out his hand to me in the end was...

It was you, Anos.

You were...

You were the one.

My one and only Hero!

The Demon King is d*ad!

The w*r is over now!


We will wait for the Demon King's return in Dilhade!

Don't be deceived!

He's not Hero Kanon! He's a demon!

k*ll all the demons!

My ten thousand Zeshia troops, self-destruct now!

Annihilate the demon race!

Stop it!

It's all over now!

There's no reason to fight anymore!

Shut up! This is a just cause!

This is how we're going to crack down on those damn demons who stole everything from us!

That's right. k*ll them.

You're wrong! Nothing's been taken from you!

That hatred isn't your own!

Now is the time for gratification!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

As if a single death could assuage two thousand years' worth of hatred!

Until the demon race is wiped out from this world...

we will crush every last one of them!

Until we obliterate them out of existence, this w*r will never end!

k*ll them! k*ll them! k*ll them! k*ll them! k*ll them!

k*ll them... k*ll them...

k*ll them!

k*ll the demons!

k*ll them, k*ll them, k*ll them!

Is that Asc?

The Sacred Magic that will wipe out demons...

My name is Jerga.

Mr. Jerga!

Commander Jerga!

How disappointing. To think that a Hero like you would reincarnate himself as a filthy demon...

I'm disappointed in you, too.

You've given up even your existence as a human

and transformed into magic whose only purpose is to wipe out demons.

I'm going to nullify you now!

Along with that hatred!

This body is true Sacred Magic.

You will never destroy it with a Holy Sword.

This is the Demon Judgment Spell, Jerga.

Why should we be judged by you?

Are you his pitiful, masterless subordinates?

How unfortunate for you. We all believe in him.

Anos will return.

My direct descendants, twins who have received the love of the Demon King of Tyranny...

The time has come for you to unveil the Necron Family's secret technique.

You're not scared?

Of course not.

I'm you.

And you're me.

Return to your proper form!

- Dino Jixes! - Dino Jixes!

How annoying.

Anos will come to defeat you for sure!

Just because you destroyed his source...

don't think for a minute that my Demon King would die!

So now, you've lost your grasp of common sense, too, you pitiful demons?

In that case, let me give you a taste of even greater despair!


I won't let you do that!



I'll stop it!



It's no good!



Not yet!

It's futile.

Not enough time!


Can't hold on any longer...

Good work, all of you.

I'm impressed you held on this long.


Wh-What kind of a nightmare is this?

You really thought I wouldn't get resurrected just because my source got destroyed?

This goes against the world's order!

Origin Magic, Agronemut.

Use your enemy's att*ck as its origin to revive your source.

However, you can only use it on an att*ck you've already received once.


That will allow me to k*ll you directly with my own two hands.

I should actually thank you for coming back to life, right, Demon King of Tyranny?

Listen to me, people of Azeshion!

At this very moment, this land is about to be swallowed up by a deep darkness.

But you have nothing to fear.

Offer me your prayers along with all your hope.

Do so and the light shall extinguish the darkness!

The darkness!

Stay away! Stay away!

You fool. If you drain all their hope by force, their souls can never return.

This is a noble call I've made to exterminate you even if it costs me my own life.

Now you shall know...

the power of sacred justice!

Let's go, my friend.

We're going to break this age-old chain of hatred now.

Right. Let's bring peace to Azeshion and Dilhade!

Damn you, hideous delusions!

Zora E Dipto!

k*ll him!

You might have been revived, but those wounds are surely deep.

Your Magic Power must be nearly depleted by now.

This body is now the world's order!

There's no way that you can k*ll me!

Did you really think I'd do your bidding

just because you've become the world's order?


Fan Union!

Sir Anos!


Let that pathetic ghost hear his own requiem!


When will the night ever end?

The tyrannical Demon King has just gone to sleep alone...

He took up his sword to protect us...

His blood-stained hands were holding onto life...

So, you are mocking Sacred Magic?

Then, let me enlighten you!

{\an \i }None of us... Not these two hands...

Human hatred, the resentment that can never be erased!

That's precisely what Asc is!

{\an \i }...ever wanted to fight...

We k*ll and k*ll and k*ll...

But the night goes on and on and on...

Hurry, get out of here! We can't hold him off much longer!

Waiting for the dawn to come...

We'll evacuate Azeshion's wounded soldiers! Don't worry about us!

But if you don't run now, you'll...

We must go to sleep now...

Two thousand years ago, our great founding ancestor fought for the demon race!

And now, all this time later, I'm not so dense that I don't see it!

This two thousand-year slumber will surely...

Who's the fake and who's the real king, that is!

The founding ancestor's true intentions are clear!

Transform the world for us...

Now is the time for us Demon King descendants to prove our loyalty!

Yes, sir!

That's what I believed...

Love is more powerful than hate...

We can surely come to understand each other...

So, we set our hopes on a brighter tomorrow...

He took up his sword to protect us...

Damn demons! Stooping to such insolent tactics!

Can't you see it, Jerga?

The sight of humans and demons joining hands and striving so hard to live...

The era changed long ago. The world is at peace now.

Did you say "peace"?

{\an \i }All of us... Our blood-stained hands...

The very thing that you yourself destroyed two thousand years ago?

This is revenge! It will never end! Not until I've annihilated all demons!

{\an \i }Were holding onto life...

What a fool you are.

I'm sure hatred wasn't the only thing you were left with.

{\an \i }To a world without insincerity...

You're the fool! Jerga is the world's order!

{\an \i }Beaten down, no matter how much we wish for it...

Human hatred that will never vanish from this world!

It's the demon race's fate to be wiped out!

{\an \i }Our sorrow only grows and grows...

In that case...

nullifying such a destiny is my job as a Hero.

Why? Why? There's no way that Evansmana could nullify my fate—

{\an \i }Two thousand years of emotions...

That order's been destroyed.

This is Delsgade?

{\an \i }Will surely transform the world...

It's not that the humans hated the demons.

It was you who hated me.

{\an \i }That's what I believed for two thousand years...

So, keep at it on your own to the end.

I'll keep you company at the bottom of hell.

{\an \i }So that I could smile with you, after waiting for so long...

I won't let you! I won't let you!

{\an \i }Waited for two thousand years...

{\an \i }So that I can hold hands with you...

{\an \i }The night is about to end...

{\an \i }The Demon King is about to awaken from his lonely slumber...

Please, please, I only have one wish...

Show me the dazzling morning light...

Please, please, I only have one wish...

Let the world be filled with love...


Don't scare me like that!

I thought you'd really died!

I was so worried!

Don't cry.

There's no way that I'd ever die.


Welcome back.

I'm back.



Allow me to fulfill my promise.

What's this?

I've turned you into my own magic.

Now, you'll never be abused again.

You need to tend to your ten thousand Zeshias, don't you?

Thank you, Anos!

I love you!


I'm home, Mom.

We were worried sick when we heard that you were at w*r!

Are you all right, Anos?

Yes. About the w*r, I took care of—

Hold up!

Th-That girl with you... C-Could it be...

Anos, don't tell me you added another bride!

Y-You've got the wrong idea! I'm just Anos'...

R-Right! He said, "I've turned you into my own magic."

"I've turned you into my own magic"?

Hey! So, you've even learned to propose in a stylish way like that?

Um... Uh...

Just think, if he tells them that they have ten thousand kids.

They'll pass out.

I-I'm a grandpa?

Would you mind giving us all the details inside?


Sasha, Misha, you're staying for dinner, too, right?

- Yes! - Yes!

Is there any mushroom gratin?

Of course! I had a feeling you'd ask that, so I've made tons!

Three lovely young ladies and ten thousand grandchildren!

Things are going to be hectic!


They sure are.
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