03x13 - Legacy, Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Superman: The Animated Series". Aired: September 6, 1996 to February 12, 2000.
American superhero animated television series based on the DC Comics character Superman.
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03x13 - Legacy, Part 2

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Previously on Superman:

Great Darkseid.

The reprogramming
is a complete success.

He will att*ck Earth as I planned?

Yes, uniting that planet's
military force to destroy him.

What's happened to you?

I don't know.


Nothing could've survived that.

-Stay back.

-Where are you taking them?


Come to Granny, darling.

She'll make it all better.

Bring him here.

Great Darkseid has something special
planned for this one.

Welcome, Kal-El, my son.

Gotta thank Luthor
for those red sun lamps.

They sure even things up.

The only reason you're being kept alive
is to tell us what's going on.

I don't know.

Then let me bring you up to date.

You're a military prisoner...

...about to stand trial for
your traitorous att*ck on Earth.

-Sound familiar?
-I wasn't responsible.

Of course not.

Where's Supergirl?

Let's go.

The crisis has passed, and the thr*at of
hostile alien invasion has been neutralized.

Superman's d*ad?

I repeat, the thr*at has been neutralized.

That's not true.
He was alive when he was taken away.

Where are you holding him?
And where's SupergirI?

Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for your time.

You didn't answer me.

Answer me!

First you declare all-out w*r on Earth,
and now that you've lost...

...you'd like us to believe an alien despot
was controlling your mind.

How stupid do you think we are?

Darkseid's attacked Earth before.

He wants this planet
any way he can get it.

How do we know you
haven't been in league with him?

I swear to you that I was manipulated.

Just following orders, is that it?

Believe me, I'II do anything
within my power to make it right.

To who, Superman?

You betrayed us poor earthlings,
attacked us in cold blood.

How would you win back our trust?

Rescue a kitten from a tree?

Take him back to his cell.

I'm here from Washington.

Security clearance alpha.

That's one plus of having
a father in the Pentagon.

See how the mighty have fallen.

Still think you can take us weak,
little earthlings, big man?

Nice try, traitor.

If he tries that again, alert me.

I told you. Superman's too dangerous
to keep locked up here.

I agree, Lex. If he or SupergirI
should escape, they'd be unstoppable.

A thr*at to all mankind.

There's only one permanent solution.

So it ends like this.

Don't think of it as an end, Superman.

My biotech people will spend years
studying your carcass.

I'm certain it will be
a most profitable endeavor.

Now that I'm as normal as you, Lex,
I wonder if you'd grant me one last request.

And that is...?

-Thank you.
-Filthy alien!

What in blazes--?

Lois, what are you doing here?

You ever tried to get
a story out of the military?

I figured it'd be easier
to go straight to the source.

Security alert.

Sector three.

We can get out this way.

Not without SupergirI.

Nothing's ever easy with you, is it?

This way.



I'm not talking to you.

Listen, they wanna k*ll you.

You have to get out now.


Feel so weak.

It's the red lights. Stand back.

You've got some serious
explaining to do.

Later. We've gotta get out of here.

She needs a doctor. Fast.

Hang on tight.

I'm sorry, Superman.
There's nothing I can do.

EmiI, she'll die.

But if I help either of you
it'd be considered an act of treason.


Yes, of course. Just don't hurt me.

I'm sorry.

Please, do what you can.

Superman, wait!

Did you see the look on Hamilton's face?

He'll never trust me again.

He doesn't understand.

Frankly, I'm having trouble
piecing it together myself.

What happened to you?

It was Darkseid.

He stripped away my memory...

...turned me loose to destroy
everything I've ever loved.

First the invasion of Earth,
then the m*rder of Dan Turpin.

Now SupergirI's life is hanging
by a thread, and I'm an outcast.

Darkseid's responsible for all of it.

-What are you gonna do?
-Settle it.

Once and for all.


Heaven help you.

Father, it's Superman.

So the prodigal son returns.

Let him come.

You're first on my list.

A joke. It was only a joke,
my little sugar drop.

I'm not laughing.

Now, now. Don't be cross.

Let Granny make everything better.

Ungrateful brat!

I gave you a glorious new life.

And now you turn on dear, old Granny?

Well, this time I won't leave you
wits enough to pick your-- No!

Sweet dreams.

Welcome back, lover.

Give us a kiss?

Get out of my way, Lashina.

Tag, you're it!

Ain't that a kick in the head?

Wanna play footsie?

I'm not finished with you, boy toy.

Yes, you are.

I can't believe he's blood.

You used me.

I told you once, Superman...

...if you would not be my knight,
you would be my pawn.

I see you're a man of your word.

I am many things, KaI-EI.

You couldn't begin to imagine
half of them.

But for now,
I shall take the role of executioner.

A final gift, my wayward son.

A fast death.

Infinitely preferable
to the shame of returning to Earth.

There, your legacy would be
one of fear and distrust.

A pariah, desperately chasing the favor
of a world that cursed your name.

You dare strike me?

That's for Dan Turpin.

-The good man you m*rder.

Had I known one human's death
would pain you so, I would've k*lled more.

And k*ll more I shall.

Carry that agony with you
to oblivion, Superman.

Darkseid is finished.

Do with him as you will.

You're free.

-Let me help you, master.

Gently. Be careful.

I am many things, KaI-EI...

...but here, I am god.

Don't, Clark.


You fight by Darkseid's rules,
you're gonna k*ll somebody.

And it won't be him.

Let it go.

Let's go home.


In the wake of this week's
dramatic developments...

...we asked the people of Metropolis
how they felt about the Man of Steel.

If you ask me, the bum ought to go back
where he came from.

I used to consider him my friend,
but now....

Superman saved the world
dozens of times.

We owe him a second chance.

No one man should have
that much power.

He's a traitor and a menace.

I'm locking my bedroom door at night.

-Don't listen to them.
-No, they're right.

I did lose control, and it scares me.

If I can't trust myself, how can I win back
the trust of an entire planet?

One person at a time.

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