03x05 & 03x06- Episode 5

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Wanted". Aired: February 2016 to October 2018.
"Wanted" follows two strangers, who intervene in a fatal carjacking and are subsequently chased by the authorities across Australia in a vehicle filled with cash.
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03x05 & 03x06- Episode 5

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What names do you want?

Bridget Poussin.

- What did happen to your mum?
- She had Huntington's Disease.

It's a - chance
that I have it too.

There is no cure, but there
is a lot we can do to control it.

Did you end up going to the doctor?

No, I didn't get a chance.

So I thought that you told me you
didn't have any family in Adelaide.

- I don't.
- Except your mother, Peg.

She's not family.

Susan Carpenter
is out of prison.

- So where is she now?
- A motel, back in Adelaide.

When Buckley calls,
she'll be tracked and recorded.

Lola will call
as soon as she finds my Sophie.

You're Sophie Halliday, right?

- Hey, Lance.
- Ooh, hide.

- Ooh!
- What are you doing here?

- You're not in danger, are you?
- Little bitch!

Just let us leave with these girls,
and this is all over.

That is so not gonna happen.

We're done. In every way.

What? No!

Down on the ground!

We have an officer down.

All that money is gone!

- Check the shopping bag.
- You swapped the bags?

I've got a... a friend.
He's gonna get you out of here.

No, no, no, no, no, no.


Shit! No!

Lola and Chelsea
are in a Cessna , number VHKUY.

I'll be in touch.

- Badge and ID!
- Roger that.

They're heading north.
Call Civil Aviation.

Call in request for A -CA...


Hey, how far can a four-seater
Cessna go on a t*nk of fuel?

And good afternoon to you too, Max.
Where are you?

I need a map
of any airstrip with fuel available

in... I don't know,
what do you reckon, a km radius?

Sorry, you dumped me
on the side of the road,

and now you need my help?

Hamish, can you...? Come on!

Hey, what's the update
on the transponder?

Tom's talking to Civil Aviation.

Max, we have them
as soon as they land.

OK, so why would Lola
get in a small plane

and allow herself to get caught?


She's smarter than this.

You keep Tom off my back, will ya?

Sure. I mean, how do you expect me
to do that?

Hamish, can you just do it!

Can you please slow down a bit?

Come on.

Yep, coming. Always coming!

Just hurry up.

I forgot how heavy
a bunch of money is.

That's a really good-looking ute.

We should steal it.


- Yeah.
- No, too risky.

Come on. Better keep moving.

To where?

Well, I don't know.

We can't exactly hitch-hike, Lola.

Well, what do you suggest, Chelsea?

You're asking my advice
for once.


Well, you just do
what you normally want to do

most of the time,
so it's just nice

that you're finally asking
my opinion for a change.

And what do you suggest?

Well, like I said,
we should steal that ute.



Hurry! Come on, he's not looking.

Go! Go, go, go, go.

Hey! Hey, stop!


No sign of any cops.

They won't be long.

Plane's got a transponder.

Basically we're screwed, right?

Yeah, yeah, we're pretty stuffed.

I don't know what's happening.

It's running out of gas,
that's what's happening.

Guess we're walking.


I'm gonna try Donna one more time.

Lil? Lil, is that you?

Are you OK?

Yeah, no, we're fine. Where are you?

I've got no idea.

Alright, here they come.

Lil, pretty soon they're gonna
work out that I'm not you.

Yeah, I'm just...
I'm just glad you're OK.

Listen, thanks for everything.

'Course. You're my sister.

I owe you. Again.

- Where will you go next, Lil?
- I don't know.

Gotta get out of the country,

OK, listen. There's one thing you've
gotta do for me before you go.

You gotta say goodbye to Mum.

No, I'm not...
I'm not gonna see her, Donna.

I've got nothing to say to her.

Hands up! Phone down now! Out!

- Shit.
- Righto, righto.

OK, listen, I'm sorry, Lil.
I've gotta go now. I've gotta go.

OK. I love you.

I love you too.

Is Donna OK?

Hope so.

Hey, who's 'her'?

You said, "I'm not gonna see her."
Is that your mum?

Does she live 'round here
or something?

I don't even know where we are,

Lola, I think...

I think you should definitely
try and see her if you can.

Before we leave the country
or get sh*t or something.

No one is getting sh*t, OK?

Look, listen, goodbyes matter.

I don't wanna talk about it.

Let's go.


Let me guess -
they weren't on the plane.

It was Donna.

And we just had a report of a farmer
about two clicks from the airstrip.

His ute was stolen.

Well, that's gotta be them.


The thing about prison is
you just spend so much time alone.


is alright for some.

But I like a little bit of company.

Do you think the police
have found the girls yet?

I don't know. Come on.

No, no - maybe we should call it in
just to make sure.

Look, Chelsea,
we need to get to the coast.

And what? What are we gonna do,
just flag down a fishing boat?

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with you?

We promised
we would help those girls

and all you're thinking about
is yourself.


You're so selfish
you won't even go see your mum.

Hey, Chelsea, wait.
Can you just wait for me?

- Listen.
- What?

- Chelsea.
- What?!

Look, when we get hold of
a new phone, I'll call Susan

and I'll get her
to help the girls, alright?

OK, fine.

This barn's gonna have to do
for the night.

Looks cold.


There's a way in.

Um, do you think
there'll be rats?

Not if there's snakes.

Right. Great.

Was that sarcasm?

Shut up.

Here we are again.

Another luxurious place to sleep,
with hygienic bedding and...

I'm not even going to bother.

I can't even...

Chelsea! Come here, quick!

- My God!
- Chelsea, quick. Come on.

Get over here!

Get down. Get down, get down.

They're gonna find us tonight,
aren't they?

- Shh.
- They're gonna find us!

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- They'll find us!

Breathe, breathe. Calm down.
Calm down.

Come on. You OK?

Am I OK?

Am I... am I OK?

I'm not.

I don't know, I just...

I feel like I'm...

I feel like I'm drunk or something.

This is...
I... I don't wanna do this anymore.

We're... we're hungry,
we're dehydrated.

We're just waiting to be caught.

We're lost.

We need help, Lola!

What do you suggest, Chelsea?

Maybe... What about your...
What about your mum?

- She lives in South Australia.
- My mother?

I'm pretty sure she doesn't know
how to feed herself,

let alone hide two fugitives.

OK, OK, well, um, I...

Look, I know a couple of people
in the wine region.

Maybe they could help us.

Great, what are we going to do,
drink our way out of trouble?

Hey, hey, hey, out!

- All of you, get out!
- My God! OK! OK! Please!

- Who are you?
- My... My God, it's Chelsea!

My God,
it's definitely Chelsea and Lola.

The whole town's looking for you.

Yeah, there's, like, helicopters
and they've blocked off the road...

- Yeah, I know that! Shut up!
- OK!

Just... just please don't sh**t us,


I'm not gonna sh**t you.

- What are you doing here?
- It's our barn.

- It's ours.
- We come here all the time.

What are you doing here?


Um, I'm just wondering, can...
can I borrow one of your phones?

- Have mine.
- Thank you. Thanks so much.

That's alright.

OK, so that vineyard
I was talking about,

my friend still owns it.

It's in Lyle Valley.

Wait, did you say Lyle Valley?
I can totally get you there.

You can borrow my brother's
trail bike.

- Hang on a sec.
- Trail bike?


This'll totally get you
to your friend's.

It'll only take a few hours.

- Can you ride?
- Yeah.

I'm fairly sure
it still has fuel as well.

That's so nice, thank you.

- That's OK.
- You guys are great.

Yeah, yeah, cool. No worries.


Yeah, one... one second.

My God, they're so cute.

Can we keep them?

No, we've gotta out of here.


What? Why?

Because they will tell
the first person they see.

Or they'll tweet it or snap it

or post it
or whatever it is that kids do.

- No, they're not gonna do that.
- Really?

And you're basing that opinion
on what?

I don't know.

My... my instinct.

So we're betting our freedom
on your instincts?

Well, we spend an awfully long time
trusting yours.

You believed Susan when she said

that Sophie
was this delicate little flower,

and look how that turned out.

How do you know that Susan
wasn't involved in all of it?

from the recently arrested pilot

indicate that Babbage and Buckley

are in possession
of millions of dollars cash.

It is unknown
how Babbage and Buckley

came to be in possession
of such a large sum of money,

and although police
are remaining tight-lipped

about the ongoing investigation...

every possible hiding place.

Speculation is rife that the money

is the proceeds
of previous criminal...

This is our chance
to catch Australia's Most Wanted,

right here in Maryborough.


Max, Tom told me to come
and bring you back to Sydney.

You need to stop all of this now.

I'm not leaving, Hamish.
They're close by.

They've just bunkered down somewhere
for the night.

No, no, no,
you have to come back, Max,

and explain what happened
with Brady.

Brady was gonna k*ll them,
so I sh*t him.

What are you going to do?

I don't know, Hamish.

I've just got to find those women.

OK, so we're here.

So all you have to do
is just follow this f*re trail

to the old highway bridge,

cross that bridge, and then
once you get to the river here,

just follow that up and
you'll end up at Lyle Valley, OK?

OK, we can do that.

Yeah, fine.

OK, so...


Tell me you didn't know
what she was up to.

Have you found my girl?

Yeah, I found her.

Running a mobile brothel

where the girls can't leave,
and they don't get paid.

What? Where is she?

She's in a compound on Mill Road,
out the back of nowhere.

No, that... that can't be Sophie.
She wouldn't do that.

She's not who you think she is,

Listen, you need to make this right,

so you find a way to help
those girls or I'm calling the cops.

Wait, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait.

I'll wind it all up and sort it out.
I... I promise.

Alright. Just call me
when it's done.

Lola, Lola!

You've really stuck your neck out
for this

and I want to do something for you
in return.

I doubt it.

I can help you leave the country.

Just... just tell me where you are
and, I can sort it out.

Just help those girls
and we're square.

Mrs Carpenter?

Mrs Carpenter, come on.

Susan, please.

I was just going to have a shower,

Do you want to join me?

How much money did you pay
those kids for this piece of crap?

Um, about , .


Well, and for the phone,
and the backpack and the snacks.

Wait, wait.

You're not gonna need that!

Makes me feel better.

I can't feel my bum.

You have no bum, Chelsea.


This is where my dad sent me
when Mum was really sick.

I just... I... I feel a bit weird.

We can keep going.

No, we're here now. It's good. Yeah.

- What's your mate's name?
- Alistair.

What? I like that name.

I didn't say anything.

- And Lola?
- What?

Lola, he's very sensitive
about his weight.

He used to get teased a lot
when we were kids, so...

So what?

Just don't... I
won't say anything.

- Hurry up.
- OK.



- Anyone?
- No one home.


God, I'm so hungry.

That'll be OK.


- Shit!
- What if that's him? What do I do?

Talk to him!
I'll cover you from here.

Cover me?
You don't have to cover...

"Hi. How are you?"

- Hi.
- Argh!

- Chelsea?
- Alistair.

I know it must be a shock to see me
after all these years

and, um, I know that you
probably don't want to get involved.

Of course, I completely understand.

But, um, I really need your help.

Chelsea, this is
very... overwhelming.

Yes, I'm also overwhelmed.

I'm going to need your phone.


Are you armed?

No, I'm not.

But she is.

This is Alistair?


He got hot.

- Lola!
- What?

You're Lola Buckley.

Yes, I am. He's smart too.

So Chelsea here seems to think

that you might be helpful to us,

No, I drank it all.

I've never been a hostage before.

No, you're not a hostage.
He's not a hostage.

He's... he's...

- No, thanks.
- Ooh, Lola's being a goodie.

No, I'm just aware that
half the country wants us in jail.


How did this all happen?

You used to be so... well-behaved.

Yeah, then she met me.

Yeah, and it all went downhill
from there.

Excuse me?

He's joking.

It was a joke. I'm sorry.

Is it strange being back here?

Yeah, it's...
Yeah, it's pretty strange.

It was a tough time.

For you.

For everyone.

I loved your mum.

She loved you.

You used to make me laugh
when I really needed it.

Al used to do these funny voices.

- Do you still do them?
- No!

- Go on.
- No, don't you dare.

- No, do it.
- Putting me on the spot!

Come on!

Shall I get another bottle?

Have you got enough?

See, he's lovely.



- I know this one.
- Do you remember it?

Yes, I think so.

It's been a while.


We got so close!

So is your last name Poussin?

That's right.

Lola, please don't.

It's just I...
I knew a Poussin once.

I doubt it. There aren't many of us
in Australia.

Unless it was a relative of mine,

but I doubt you and my family...

Would've what?
Mixed in the same circles?

No, I didn't mean it like that.

Yeah, whatever.

- Gonna hit the sack.
- No, don't!

Chelsea, I'm glad
you're having a good time.

Just don't forget
every cop in South Australia's

out looking for us, alright?

There's... there's a couple of beds
in the basement.

In the basement?

I'll find my own room, thanks, Al.

No, that sounded...

I just thought you might feel safer
down there,

but you think
I'm gonna lock you in or something.

I don't know, are ya?

Just don't forget
I'm the one with the g*n, right?

Real beds tonight. Yay!

- I'm just gonna have one more, OK?
- Yeah, whatever.

Hey, whatever happened to, um...

What was her name?

I saw on Facebook
that you were engaged.

She, she met someone.

No, I was...
She was out of my league anyway.

What are you talking about?
Look at you. You...

That is very kind, thank you.

But, no -
I'm not very good with people.

You're good with me.

I'm worried about you, Chels.

Look, it's none of my business

but Lola seems to have
quite a hold over you.

I think I'm a bit drunk.

We should go to bed.

To sleep.

We should go to...
We should go to sleep.

To sleep..

I'm gonna go find Lola
and sleep there.



You awake?


Are we...? Are you sure?


You're scaring me.

Let me go!

No, please!

No! No!

- Please...
- Get in there!

No! Please!

Don't leave me here!


What was that?

She's leaving, Lil.

Get me out, Don. Get me out.



Mum! Mum!



Where is it?

- Lola, what are you doing?
- Where is it? Where's the money?

- It was next to the bed.
- Lola, I took it.

- What?
- Just to keep it secure.

We put it in the g*n safe.

Alright, so what's the combination?
Write it down. Write it down!

It's my handprint.
I'll... I'll go get it now.

Yeah, you're gonna take it,
aren't you?

- You're gonna take it and dob us in.
- No, no...

I've known Alistair
for most of my life.

- He would never do that.
- Really?

Maybe you're both gonna take it
and then sell me up the river!

- How could you even say that?
- Actually, you know what?

Why don't we just split it, Chelsea?
Yeah, let's just split it.

And then you can live the life
you've always wanted.

I mean, you're already
using his name, for God's sake.

- Poussin. Did she tell you that?
- Lola, please just calm down.

- Calm down?
- We can talk about this.

I'm not gonna calm down.
I'm getting out of here.

You know what your problem is?

You can't stand it when I do
anything on my own initiative.

You hate it when I don't do
exactly what you tell me to do.

- Bullshit.
- You never listen to me...

I will listen to you
when you grow up and stop acting

like this is some big joke.


It's like you've got
a bloody death wish.

Death wish?

It's gonna catch up with you one
day, Chelsea. You're not immortal.

I know that.

Why don't you just stay
and enjoy your little love nest?

You're... you're jealous
that I'm happy.

- Jealous?
- Yeah.

Of you and Prince Poussin?

I never asked you to stay with me,
and I'm not doing it now.

Go on, Lola, push me away.

Don't get too close to anyone
in case you get hurt.

This isn't about me at all.

This is about your...
your fear of abandonment.


Your mum walked out on you

and you think everyone's
just gonna leave you one day.

Most people have to pay for therapy.

Me, I've got my own shrink
right here.

Well, maybe you need one.
You don't have any friends!

I... I just...

- Harris.
- It's Middleton.

Has Lola called?

- Not a peep.
- Put Carpenter on.

Thank you, Officer.


So where is she?

Like I said, Lola will call me
when she finds my Sophie.

Are you so sure about that?

Because Buckley and Babbage

were just seen driving a truck that
belongs to Sophie's boyfriend.

What? A truck?

Which suggests to me

that Lola's already found Sophie

and she just hasn't bothered
to call you.

So I'm thinking that you're not
much use to us, Carpenter.

No, no, no, no, wait.

Lola thinks I'm going to help her
get out of the country.

- She needs me.
- No, you need her.

You get me Lola or the deal is off.

Hey, wait, what are you doing?

Gotta be somewhere.

No, you can't go anywhere.

I'll be back.

I've never driven
a copper's car before.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.


- I can't...
- You OK?

She's gone. She's not coming back.

Chelsea, I'm sure she's coming back.

She can't...

She's not coming... How can she...
how can she come back?

She can't come back.
She's d*ad! She's d*ad!

- Who's d*ad?
- My mum! My mum.



Stop it!

- Stop it!
- It's OK, it's OK.

Stop it!

- It's OK.
- Stop.

It's not fair.

How long have you known?

Not very long.

Mostly it just feels like I'm
kind of in mourning or something,

for this part of myself.

All the things that I could
have been or could have done.

There just aren't very many
'what ifs' for me anymore.

Um, you know, like... what if I...
what if I change the world?

What if I have kids?

What if I'm a really great mum?

What if I get to meet Beyonce?

Chels, your life
could be so much easier.

My cousin has a plane.

You know, I could make sure Lola
gets out of the country safely.

She could exonerate you from abroad,

and then we can...
we can find you a legal team.

We can talk to different doctors.

I can help you.

OK, I want to help you.

Max, it's Tom.

- No.
- He insists.


Max, it's over. I'm pulling you.

You'll come back here, make
your statement, do your psych eval.

And it's probably a good idea
if you take some leave.

You can't suspend me.

I'm trying to avoid that.

You sh*t and k*lled an officer.

I am so close, Tom.

And when the press find out

the detective who k*lled Brady

is still in the field,
how will that look?

Well, they won't care

because I'll bring in
Buckley and Babbage,

and that's what's gonna be
on the front page.

Put Hamish back on, please.


Detective Middleton?


Can I have your g*n and badge,

You're kidding me.


Peg, it's me, Lil.

I don't even know
what to say to you.

Did you leave because of me?


Did you ever love me?

What's your life been like?

You don't even know
who I am, do you?

Let's fix your hair, Peg.

See ya, Mum.

- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.


It's OK.

It's OK. It's OK.

You were right.

Goodbyes do matter.

I was such an angry kid.

When she left,
I blamed myself, you know.

It wasn't my fault.

And seeing Mum today...

I realised it's not up to her

to fix the way I feel about myself.

It's up to me.

But today I made a start.

Because of you.



Poussin, Poussin, Poussin.


Holy shit.


Sophie... Yes?

What do you want?

- Soph, I've been so worried!
- Babe, no...

I've been looking for you

- Don't go babe, hey?
- Come on, sweetheart.

- No, no, we said. Hey?
- Don't be mad with your poor old mum.

Babe, listen, hey?

- But it's my mum.
- No.


- We're...
- I love you, baby.

- Babe, don't! Babe!
- Mum!


I have missed you.

Hey, Mum?

You know those women
you sent to find me?

You know they were carrying
bags of cash, right?

The TV says it's three mill.

Just wait in the car.
I'll be right back.

- Yep.
- Right.


There's something you need to know.

I... I, um... You what?


He's ready to go now.

- Yeah. Can I just have one minute?
- We have to move now.


In a few hours, you'll be
out of Australian airspace.

The plane'll land in Kupang.

From there, you're on your own.

It's alright, mate, it's what we do.

Lola? I hope I've caught you
at a good time.

Susan? What, you're out?

Now, there's someone here who just
wants to have a quick word, alright?


- May?
- Please help.

Please do whatever they say.

- They're going to hurt us...
- That's enough!

- May!
- Get off!

Now, Lola, here's the deal.

You're gonna meet
your old mate Lance

with that bag of cash,

and he'll bring you to me
at a motel in the city.

I'll text you the details.

Don't muck me around, Lola,
or these girls might just...


Lola, what's wrong?

Who was that?

What's happened?

Lola, what's happened?

We can't go.


- We can't go!
- What are you talking about?

This is it! You've made it!

Yes, I know. I know.
Something's happened.

We have to deal with it.
We don't have a choice.

No, I can have you to Kupang
within a day.

I'm sorry.

Let me help you.

I can't let you help us.

Take my car.

What? We can't take your car.

- You've already done enough.
- I'd do anything to help you.


Just be careful.

You alright?

Hang on -
how did Susan get out of jail?

She must have made a deal
with the cops.

Asked for her freedom. I don't know.

It's got to be a trap.

Do you think... do you think
the girls are still at the compound?

Let's go find out.

Maxine's not answering
her phone.

Have you heard from her?
She hasn't returned to Sydney.

What about Susan Carpenter?

I just got status from the guard.

She's still at the motel.

Has Buckley contacted her?


Call Maxine.

From your phone.

There's been no calls,

so tell me how you know
that's Lola's coming here.

It's all organised.

They come, you arrest them -
I get my deal.

If you cross me, Susan...

Look, we both want Lola and Chelsea

I'm making it happen.

Why was she looking
for your daughter?

You got children?


- You wouldn't understand.
- OK.

Just so you understand,
that if you screw me,

it's gonna be a really long time
before you see Sophie again.

Chill out. They're on their way.

Just make yourself comfy.
Cup of tea?

Come on, come on.


I'll check the window.


She's burning their stuff.

They've gone.


- Shit!
- Hey, Lola!

Chelsea, get the g*n.



Stop! I will actually sh**t you!

Thanks for that.

Need more rope.

- Where are the girls?
- What girls?

Where are they?

I don't know.


It was supposed to be
a warning sh*t.

- You sh*t her in the foot.
- My foot!

Yeah. Sorry, I missed.
I meant to miss, but...

- You maniac!
- Shut up. It's just a foot.

You're lucky she didn't f*re
a warning sh*t over your head.

So where are the girls?

- Mum took them!
- Where?

I don't know!

I promise.

She's not coming, is she?

Maybe she's stuck in traffic.

Don't underestimate me, Susan.

Is that what that poor
d*ad cop did - underestimate you?

Word gets round when cops
start sh**ting each other.

It makes people nervous.

What's Sophie gonna do
when you go back inside?

Look, just be patient?

Have that cuppa.

If you don't hurry up, Lola,
those girls are d*ad.

Really? Well, they'd better not be.

See, we've got something
you might want.

Mum, they sh*t me!

My foot!

What have you done to her?

So help me, I will k*ll you!

You want your daughter,
we've got a new deal.

You give me the girls,
I'll give you Sophie.



Why didn't you stop her?!


Lance, listen.

- Susan, there's no sign of Lola.
- Change of plan.

I'm meeting Lola in the city.

You take the girls to the docks
and meet me there.

I'm going to bring Lola there.

- And then what?
- We'll deal with her.

What does that mean?

Just meet me at the docks,
you moron!

Su... Shit.

OK, here we go.

- It's this car park here.
- OK.

That's where you've arranged
to meet Susan.

- And I go in that entrance, right?
- No, you go in over here.

- It'll be much safer.
- OK.

Are you sure you don't want me
to just come with you?

No, Chelsea,
you've gotta get back inside.

Someone's got to guard Sophie.

I'll be a couple of hours, alright?

Hey, do you...?

Do you ever think about how we met?


Well, if... you know,
if I'd been working later

or you were on a different shift,

or if the bus had come on time or...

Yeah, yeah, Chelsea...

I lived in a different suburb.

I've got a bit of a drive, OK?

- But...
- I've got to go.

You know...
You know how much you mean to me.

Yeah, course I do. You alright?

- Yep, yep.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

- I'm coming back, OK?
- You'd better.

I have to. You've got the money.

Now get inside.

- OK. Good luck.
- You too.

I'll call you when I see the girls.
You can let Sophie go, alright?


Look, I really am sorry
about your foot.

If you were sorry, you'd untie me.

I might be sorry,
but I'm not stupid.

No, I don't want that.

It's going to sting a lot,

but it will stop it
getting infected.



Give me a swig.


You ready?


You tell me why I shouldn't
just blow your brains out.

Lola, can you just put the g*n...?

Shut up.

Cuff yourself.

Cuff yourself to the wheel. Do it!

I'm doing it, I'm doing it.


- Shit.
- Where's your g*n?

Where's your g*n?!

Lost it, have you?

So what's the deal?

- You and Susan, half each, yeah?
- That's not...


You're just another bent cop
pretending to be a good cop.

No, I'm not, I'm not!

I'm meant to believe that, right,

when you're about to ambush me
and split the cash with Susan.

That is not the deal.

I... I... I arrest you,
and I confiscate the money.


And what does Susan get out of it?

She gets a deal with the prosecutor.

Can you...?

Lola, you're not a k*ller.

No, I wasn't.

But you just keep coming,
and coming.

Just give it up, Maxine.

You're never gonna catch us.

- Let's go.
- Where's Sophie?

You'll get Sophie
when I see the girls.




So, how does it feel?

It hurts like hell.

What do you think?

No, I mean being held c*ptive.

I guess you've been on both sides
of it now, haven't you?

You're smarter
than she gives you credit for -


She's the boss, right?

No, there's... there's no boss.

She calls the shots.

No, she doesn't.

Yeah, she's making the calls,
making the deals.

She's the boss.

Where is she, anyway?

I reckon she's ditched you.

Hope you said a proper goodbye.

You're not seeing her again.

Crazy Bambi hurts my Sophie...

Don't call her that.

Why do you even care about her?

Why do you care about Sophie?

Because Sophie is family.

Some people are more important
than family.

Still a nutjob.

Well, you'd better get me
to those girls quickly, then,

before that nutjob
blows your daughter's head off.

I know where the girls are.

Just untie me, and I'll tell you.

I don't think so.


No! No!


Stop, or I'll sh**t!

No. No.

No. No.

Max, where the hell are you?

Hamish, I've just sighted Lola.

Wait, you're supposed
to be back here.

The boss is freaking out.

She's with Susan. I need you to send
me a track on her guard's vehicle.

Max, you're suspended.
I'm not supposed to do anything.

Hamish, they are five minutes
ahead of me.

I can get them.

Are you at least
getting your screen up

while you're having
your crisis of conscience?


Hamish, if we lose them because
you won't tell me, this is on you.

They are heading south-west
on the loop road towards the docks.

OK, thanks.

Lola, is everything OK?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, all good.

Susan's driving me to the girls.

You stand by with Sophie, alright?

Um, about Sophie,
there's been a small problem.

Um... I... I lost her.

But it's OK, it's OK,

because with her foot
and everything,

she can't have gotten far.

Yeah, righto.
Um, so where are you at the moment?

I'm in a field behind the house.

Well, it's more of a junkyard,

Um... But it's OK.

She's got to be here somewhere.

She could be anywhere.

Yeah, right.
Well, I wouldn't worry about that.

But we have to find her.

If Susan realises we don't have her,
then we've lost our leverage.



OK, so I should get out of here,
shouldn't I?

That'd be great.

- Everything alright?
- It's fine.

All units keep a lookout

for a red Mitsubishi,

registration Sierra Oscar
Bravo Charlie

travelling south on Fork Street.

EKQ, this is .

Go ahead.

Come on!

Copy that, .

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

What have you done with those girls?

- I am driving you to them.
- Well, where are they?

Will you stop
pointing that g*n at me?

They're at the port.
They're being loaded onto a ship.

Don't even know why you bothered
trying to save them.

Because I know
what it's like to be abused.

Be frightened day after day.

No one to help you.

Pathetic to wait around and expect
someone to come and save you.

Nobody saved me when I was
and on the streets.

I saved myself.

So you had a shitty childhood.

Join the club!

Doesn't give you the right
to turn into a monster.

At least I know
where Sophie gets it from.

Where are you going?

- Yep.
- Mum!

I'm free, Mum. Whatever
they're saying, they don't have me.

Who was that?

Who was that?!



Would you like a cup of tea?

Um... not today.
Thank you, though.

How about you?

No, I won't have a cup of tea.

But I think
Zebra might be a bit thirsty.

Come on, Hamish.

You have to pick up when I call.

I don't need to do anything, Max.

Unlike you, I'm an employed
police officer.

Look, I just lost Susan and Lola.

Give me something.

Look, there's been a sighting
at the container terminal.

It's not verified, but it sounds
like Lance Greiner.

OK, thanks.

A yellow car? Really?

Well, it was the only one
that was driveable.

I'm sorry. It was Sophie's.

- I'm so sorry about Sophie.
- It's OK.

- I'm sorry I let you down.
- No, it's alright. It's OK.

No, it's not OK.

It's gonna keep happening,
and it's gonna get worse.

- Chelsea, it's not, OK?
- It is... It's gonna...

I need to tell you something.

What, right now?

Yes, right now, because I don't know
if I'm gonna get another chance to.

When I was in witness protection,

I did get tested.


And it was always going to be - ,

and I got the wrong... .


I don't know how long
before it takes hold.

It could be years.

They might find a cure.

But if that doesn't happen,
I can't...

I really don't want...


So I might need your help one day...

to die.


And I know that's
a really big thing to ask somebody,

and you really need to
think about it.

I don't need to think about it.

And I completely understand if you
don't want me around anymore.

- You just need to say so now.
- Chelsea. Chelsea.

Hey, look at me. Look at me.


I'd be honoured...
to be by your side.


Thank you.

And, look, before that happens,

I would really just like to
hang out with you

on a beach, for as long as I last.

Except you don't like sand.

But you like sand.

And I like you.

So... Hey.

I'm never leaving you. OK?

Not now, not ever.

Now get out.


So I can drive.

We're in this together
no matter what.

What happened to you? You're a mess.


You can talk. What happened?

She hit me on the head with a plate.

- Shit.
- What happened to you?

I fell out of a car.


So where to now?

The port.

Let's go get those girls.

What's going on?

Come on, let's get this done.

Where's Lola?

Out you get.

Come on.

Yeah, come on.

- Lance, hurry them up.
- Yeah, come on!

That's it. That's it.

In you get.

Come on. In you get.

We can't go in there.

- We can't! No!
- Hey, come on. Get in there!

- Hey, come on!
- I said get in!

I will not ask you again.


Here, take this. The sooner you
get in, the sooner this'll be over.

You can't put us in here.

You're illegal immigrants,

- What do you want, a cruise?
- Lance!

- Got that tape?
- Yeah.

What are you doing?


- Hey, you can't do that.
- What is she doing?

They need that to breathe.

Susan, what are you doing?

No, no!

They won't last the trip.

We don't know that for sure.

Susan, they won't last the trip!

You didn't say anything about this.

Didn't I?

That'll be because I knew

you wouldn't have the guts
to follow through.

It's not right.

You wanna look after my daughter,
then you keep her out of prison.

No loose ends.


Let us out!


Hey, here, here.

Here. You right?


Who is it?


Hello. Lola?

- Who's this?
- It's May.

May? May, I can't...

- We're in a container.
- Where are you?

Shit! You're what?

You're where?

We're locked in a container
in the port. It's a red one.

- It's brown.
- It's brown, it's red-brown.

The red-brown one.

May, can you see a serial number?

I'll try.


T-E-M-U- - - - - - .


- Shit.
- She's gone?

She's gone.

I don't...

Maybe we could call the police,
and they can search.

What, and find us? Yeah, great.

How are we going to find
one container?

I don't know, Chelsea.

OK, we just need to think
about this.

- We just need to think about it.
- There's still no reception anyway.


Yeah, forklift.

Why didn't I think of that?


What was the number? T-E...

T-E-M-U - - - ... - - - ...

Do you actually know
what you're doing?

It's a standard composite
site layout interface.

- It's pretty straightforward.
- Course it is.

Rail Park Zone Crossover .

There's containers.

You're kidding me.

We could text May,

and sometimes the text will get
through even if there's no signal.

Get them to make some noise.

Well, a lot of noise.


EKQ to all units.

Fugitives Buckley and Babbage

are believed to be in the vicinity
of the Port Authority.

Suspects reported
to be armed and dangerous.

OK, this is Crossover .
We're close.

Can you hear anything?

I don't even know
if they got the text.

OK, this is the area. I think.

What if we're too late
and they're already on a ship?

Wait, wait, wait. Listen.

It's them.

May? May?

- Get the...
- May?

- May, we're here, OK.
- We're coming!

Come on!

Here, try this.

Stop! Stand down now!
Step away from the...

Shut up and give us a hand.
There's people trapped in here.

You're OK. You're OK.

You're OK.

Call in a ! We're down here!

Yeah, head over to the officer.


No, no.



Lola, in here!

Come on.

She's gaining on us!

She's got longer legs than me.

Shut up. Keep running!


She's still after us!

Come on.



- Come on.
- Just go away!

Can you just stop?!

- Chelsea. I can't.
- Come on.

Chelsea, I can't.

I'm arresting you.

With what?

- You don't have a g*n.
- With this.

I make one call,
this whole area is surrounded.

Then why don't you do it?

It's because you want the money,
don't you?

I don't want the money.

But I did take dirty money
when I was younger.

I didn't think I had a choice,
for whatever reason, but I did.

I had a choice, and I have to live
with what I've done.

And so do you.

Far out.

But I got you.

When no one else could.

That is my job. And I've done it.

Why did you risk it?
You had a chance to leave.

Why'd you risk it for a bunch
of women you don't even know?

Don't you get it?
Don't you understand?

That's... That's who Lola is.

Don't bother, Chelsea.

She's not this homicidal maniac
that you all want her to be.

- Chelsea, that's enough.
- No, it's not enough!

We were...
We were waiting at a bus stop.

Lola was going to her shift
at the supermarket.

I was an accountant.

We hadn't even spoken
to each other before.

We didn't ask to be kidnapped.

We didn't ask...
We didn't ask to be thr*at.

We didn't ask for people
to try and k*ll us.

Multiple times!

We didn't ask for the police
to chase us,

for nobody to believe us ever -

We didn't ask to find a truck
full of backpackers

who'd been forced to be sex workers.

But we did.

And so we have to help them.

And so here we all are...

Have you finished?

Yes, I probably have.

OK, good. OK.

- I found them.
- Start talking.

They're at the docks.

So you got them?

I think she's got them.
Pretty sure she's got them.

Have you arrested them? Max?



Are the suspects in custody?

Nup. I lost them.

You lost them?
What do you mean you've lost them?

Max, what have you been doing
for the last hours?

What? What?

Is she... is she letting us go?



Go on. Piss off
before some other cops get here.


Sorry, sorry.


Out of the vehicle now!
Hands up!


Max, this is ridiculous.

Just take the suspension
and come back.

I'm done.

This is not over.

We're gonna catch Lola,
and we're gonna catch Chelsea.

They can't keep running forever.

Good luck.



In breaking news,

police have confirmed the arrest
of crime matriarch Susan Carpenter,

daughter Sophie Halliday,
and partner Lance Greiner.

They face multiple charges

involving the kidnapping
of foreign nationals.

Bail has been denied,

and police
are expecting maximum sentencing.


The hunt for outlaws Lola Buckley
and Chelsea Babbage continues.

However, experts... Outlaws!


So, where to now?

There's still Western Australia.

And then where?

Wherever you like.

Why did you buy this?

We've got heaps of money.

We could have got that convertible.

Yeah, but this is more our style,
don't you think?


Hey, do you think we'll find
a good beach in WA?

, km of ocean front - yeah,
I reckon we'll find a good beach.

But it has to...

It has to be a beach that has grass
going all the way up to the water.

Right, well, that could be
a bit of a challenge.

Ooh, ooh, and it needs to have
heaps of trees.

It can't be too sunny.
And preferably no waves.

So a lake.

Well, in a forest.

Nowhere near the sea.
That kind of beach?

What's what I would like.

But we can do
whatever you want to do.

- No, no, no, that's perfect, Chelsea.
- OK.

Did you put fuel in back there?

- I thought you were doing it.
- No!
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