03x13 - Red Light

Episode transcripts for the TV show "sh**t". Aired: November 2016 to September 2018.
"sh**t" follows a highly-decorated veteran who is coaxed back into action to prevent a plot to k*ll the President. Based on the "Point of Impact" novel.
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03x13 - Red Light

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BOB LEE: Previously, on "sh**t"...

SOLOTOV: Atlas and the
Swaggers have been interlinked

since the beginning.


BOB LEE: Brooks k*lled my father.

You're going to prison,
not the Supreme Court.


I run this country... me.

Not you and your g*dd*mn cabal.

For decades, presidents have told me

the very same thing.

BOB LEE: Must be Atlas operations HQ.

I came here to take out
the top of the food chain.


- BAMA: Brooks is d*ad.

There is no Atlas.

- BAMA: You and I are not finished.
- I never said I was.

An event is imminent, right here in D.C.

I need you to find out
what it is and stop it.

You'll still have the problem
of these evil forces

- in the shadows.
- ALVAREZ: Unless you agree

to shoulder the burden.

Sweetheart, this is the last thing

- I need to do.
- I'm done.

Mary needs at least one parent.

- Don't give up on us.
- This is just who you are.

You're the man that runs towards a b*mb

and not away from one.

BAMA: If I'm willing
to make that sacrifice

with my family, what do you think

I'd be willing to do to yours?

You do anything to them,
your body will hit the ground

before you even hear a g*n.

There's a - split on the court.

BOB LEE: Brooks would have
made it - . Brooks dies.

There is no backup nominee.

But - would still win it for them.

They're gonna k*ll
a Supreme Court Justice.

ISAAC: He's been building a b*mb in here.

- BOB LEE: What's his target?
- TEACHER: So, who's exced

to go visit the Supreme Court today?

- NADINE: FBI! Evacuate the area!

ISAAC: The expl*si*n is a diversion

to get the Justices evacuated.

- Shit.

Mom! Mom!

- Where you going?
- Supreme Court!

He's gonna pick up his target there!


Justice, you've been ordered to evacuate.

Let's go.




- I'll go with her.

I'll go with her.
I... I'm not gonna be much help

- in a g*n.
- ISAAC: Then don't get in one.

Bob Lee doesn't need a second g*n,

he needs someone to help him
navigate that building.


Okay. All right.


- You, too.
- Not a chance.


MAN: This way, please.
Move towards the lawn.

This way, this way!

Towards the street, please.
Toward the lawn.

Guys, this way. This way please.

Not gonna work.

If you try any eyes-knees-groin,

they're gonna think you're the t*rror1st.

The bus was a decoy.

I think the b*mb went this way.

I gotta get in to this building.
You have any ideas?

Yeah, follow me.

Move towards the lawn!

- This way, this way...
- HARRIS: Uh, excuse me, hi.

We need to find, uh, Henry Van Tassell.

- He's an aide to Justice Stewar.
- Can't do it.

Building's being evacuated, sir.

Yeah, that's the problem. He called me

about ten minutes ago
before the b*mb went off.

He sounded scared; he said
he was in trouble... here.

So, look, do what you gotta do,
we're gonna go look for him.

- Hold on...
- Anybody of value

- has been evacuated okay?
- No, you guys...

Keep the ID! Keep it, okay? We're
not the bad guys. Thank you.

It's a big place.

- Where's the judges' chambers?
- This way, this way.

Come on.



Wait, what's that?

- BOB LEE: Shit...

- BOB LEE: What happened?

- You okay?
- My head...

- Who did this?
- I didn't get a look at him,

but I need to get to Justice Gibson.

- Why?

I'm her driver.


- This is ridiculous.
- Ma'am?

Think we're outside the blast radius yet?

Turn around. I have work to do.

The evacuation protocols are very clear.

Don't talk to me
about protocol, young man.

Protocol calls for my regular driver.

Yes, ma'am.

- Where are we going?
- Arlington.

Oh, good.

I can stop by and say hello
to my husband.



I'm not the Queen, get out of my way.

Ramiro, it's my lucky day.

- Oh, is it?
- How's Dolores?

Oh, she's always worried, you know.

Drag us out of our office for nothing.

HARRIS: Okay, so we know
the evac location.

- What's the plan?
- Find a radio and call it in.

Uh, we can't.

Coms are encrypted
during a t*rror1st event

so nobody can listen in.

What are you doing? Where are you going?

- Improvising.
- What...

Are you gonna steal this cop car?

- BOB LEE: Yup.
- What do I do?

Report me and tell them where I went.





- Mr. Johnson.
- Yes.

- Husband?
- Brother.

Okay, uh, she's s*ab,
but she's in bad shape.

Shrapnel grazed her carotid artery.

And that's the good news,
'cause three millimeters

to the right and she would have died.

- She awake?
- Uh, no.

You're... you're welcome to stay.

Uh, or if there's a change,
we can always try to call you,

- but as you can see, it's...
- I'll stay.

All right, I'll let somebody know.

- Yeah.
- HARRIS: Hey. News?

She's s*ab now,
but touch-and-go earlier.

[SIGHS] Jesus.

Um, I'm on my way.

I gotta walk, every street is gridlocked.

HARRIS: Looks like the target
was Justice Gibson.

- They get her?
- HARRIS: Not yet.

Bob Lee stole a police car
and is driving it to Arlington.

He wanted me to tell you.

HARRIS: Isaac?

ISAAC: I'm not going anywhere.

Tell Nadine I'll see her soon.



- What's this for?

Swabbing for anthrax, Justice Gibson.

My understanding
is it was a b*mb, Corpsman.

Just a precaution.

Need your w*apon and your mobile.

I'm responsible for the Justice's safety.

Not here.

I'm told you can make personal calls

- from a secure line.
- Who would I call?

I'd rather have a chat
with my colleagues.

Where are we waiting?

Just down the corridor here, ma'am.

You can stay here.


I'm just going to go grab some paperwork.



Get into the safe room!


MAN: Stop.

- Hands up.
- All right.

- I'm SWAT, I'm off-duty.
- ID, now.

Okay, it's in my wallet.

- I'm gonna reach for it.
- Slowly.

MAN: This way, please. Everybody inside.


[GASPS] Wow.

Yeah, okay, now I'm scared.



You don't look so bad for someone

who got shrapnel in their neck.

You look pretty bad
for someone who didn't.

- How's the kid?
- ISAAC: She's fine.

You saved her.

She's lucky.

Bad shit is always gonna happen, Nadine.

How we respond to it,
that's what matters.

They k*lled my wife, I k*lled them.

That was the wrong play.

- We gotta take this all the way.

I'm not sure there's anyone left, Isaac.

There's always someone.

So, what, you want to take on the world?


But in the right way.

You really want to do this?

Become Atlas?

POTUS practically engraved
the invitation.

Like I told Gregson...

Nature hates a vacuum.

Somebody needs to fill it.

Where's Swagger?

He got a lead.

Justice Gibson.

What... what are you doing here?

Because if he fails,
they'll be here next.

You're in no condition to fight.

This reminds me of that b*mb thr*at

from two years ago.

At least that time we were locked down

in our chambers.

I hate to say it, but there
are worse places to die.

I'm proud of the work we do.

Some nutball wants to silence us,

we must be doing something right.


I need to see Justice Gibson.

No one in or out till all-clear.

I'm not asking.


Don't touch him!






He's got a su1c1de vest.

Jesus Christ.

Ramiro, the moment he opens the door,

he's gonna blow that thing.

I don't think a f*re
extinguisher's gonna help.


It's over.

BOB LEE: Atlas is d*ad!

You're doing this for nothing, man.



Go, go, go!

Go! Get out of here!




MAN: Homeland Security is set
to hold a press conference

at : to address the atta...

He used to sleep through mortar att*cks

- at our base.

NADINE: At least he doesn't snore.

I see they kept your name out of it.

Yeah, FBI felt it would be too confusing.

They went with
the less complicated version.

Hm. Lone nutjob, huh?

There was nothing
to connect him to Atlas.

- How are you?

Couple of new battle scars, but alive.

And grateful.

You still planning on taking over Atlas?

ISAAC: Not alone.

NADINE: Ah, the d*ad rise.

Atlas was a mistake.

But there's always gonna be someone

- trying to run things.
- Might as well

be the good guys.

Is that you?

I think so.

NADINE: Any word on Bama?

No, not yet.

- Where's Harris?
- Apparently he started

a new job, and he brought me
flowers earlier.


- Classy.
- NADINE: And Julie?

- That's where I'm headed next.
- Smart man.

Once you get that squared,
we're accepting resumes.


It's tempting, but I think I'll pass.

I wanna focus on saving my
marriage instead of the world.

She'll be happy to see you.

We'll see.

Take care of yourself.

Both of you.

Shit gets weird out there.


HARRIS: Red, thanks for coming.

I didn't come to see you, pissant.

- Where is he?
- HARRIS: Camp David.

- Asked me to speak with you.
- Did he?

Wanted me to thank you for your service.


My resignation.

- You gotta be sh1tting me.
- I'd offer you pancakes,

but pretty sure the commissary's

- done serving breakfast.
- I want to talk to POTUS, now.

He's spending the weekend with his wife.

Do-not-disturb kind of thing,
if you know what I mean.

Enjoy your small victory, Downey.

I'll be back.

HARRIS: That's, uh, Deputy Chief
of Staff Downey, Red.

And I doubt it.

Uh, the president has actually asked me

to have the Department of Labor

look into the use
of undocumented immigrants

in meat packing plants.

Specifically, in Texas.

Says they should go back
years if they have to.

I will burn this whole place
to the ground, young man.

With what?

Look around, Red. You don't
have any friends left.

Make sure you leave your government ID

with the Secret Service on your way out.



Hey, you're home.

I'm so glad you're safe.

- Where's Mary?
- She's with Anne.

They'll be back later.

She's missed you like crazy.

Yeah, we...


Look, I'm... I'm glad that you're home,

but we still need to talk.

What is all this?

I don't know what to do.

Baby, I don't want you to leave.

I know that, but what about
everything with your dad?

- It's done, it's over.
- Are you sure?

The man who k*lled my father is d*ad.

- And what about Atlas?
- BOB LEE: Atlas is finished.

Isaac and Nadine are working some angle,

but it has nothing to do with me.

I don't... I don't know how
to trust you anymore.

I just don't.

That's fair.

But before you make a decision about us,

there is one thing left to do,
and I need you and Mary

by my side to do it.

BROWN: This would have made Sam
and your daddy both happy.

- BOB LEE: I agree.
- MARY: Don't you want to say something?

Kinda think I've said
all I can say, Mouse.

But this is the last time
we're gonna see them.

You're right.

These two men raised me, Mary.

They both taught me everything I know.

Right from wrong, good from bad.

I loved and respected
both of them in different ways.

Was Grandpa Earl a good dad?

Like you?

BOB LEE: He did the best he could.

Grandpa had a secret...

something that made him feel bad...

and sometimes that bad feeling
came out as anger.

I never wanted to be that way.

That's over now.

Sam helped bring my daddy some peace...

and some peace to us too.


You ready?




Ignore him, all right?

Just give me a minute.


Unless you're here to confess
to arranging my daddy's m*rder,

you best leave.

I came to tell you this fight is over.

I'm selling the cattle company
and walking away.

- From all of it.
- Bullshit.

Swagger, you b*at me.

I've lost everything
that was ever important to me,

including my son.

- All of it was your choice.
- BAMA: And so was this.

I'm gone.

I just don't want to spend
the rest of my life waiting

for one of your b*ll*ts.

Then leave Texas.

Don't come back.

You don't deserve
to stand on the same ground

my dad's buried in.

NADINE: I see you've been busy.

ISAAC: It is amazing what you can do

with a no-limit Amex.

Signed a lease, made it official.

What are we calling it?


You realize he was tortured
for helping humanity, right?

Thought it fit.

We're gonna need some staff and a CEO.

- That gonna be you, Captain?
- I do have the experience.

Ah, but, uh, I have the money.

Okay, so, partners?


I handle the politics,
you handle the missions.

Works for me.

- NADINE: What's that?
- ISAAC: No idea.

Anyone else have keys to this place?

There is no key, it's digital.

Present from Red?


What is it?

It's the hard drive
from the Atlas campus.

This is a complete record
of everything they ever did.

Holy shit.

Looks like Carlita made it out after all.

Not sure if that's good or bad.

Guess we'll find out.


- What are you doing, honey?
- Finishing the packing.

BOB LEE: Where's Mouse?

JULIE: She's at Anne's hotel with her.

Please, Jules, let's just...

Look, baby, this isn't gonna work, okay?

Why not?

Because I saw the way
that you looked at Red.

- I know what you want to do.
- Julie, it's over.

- He's leaving town.
- But you don't want it

- do be over, do you?
- Yes, I do!

So you're just gonna
let the man who's responsible

for your father's death walk away?

Come on, Bob Lee, you are who you are.

I am still the man
you fell in love with, Julie.

- I haven't changed.
- I have.

I've changed.


So you don't love me anymore.

I will never stop loving you.

- Then don't leave!
- I just don't love this anymore.

- It's gonna change, I promise!
- Look, thank you

for saying that,

but we both know that's not true.

You know that there is nothing

more important to me than you and Mary.


I do know that.

But our lives have revolved
around you for so long.

We need a break.


Just a break?

I don't want a divorce.

I don't, but...

I don't know... we need a reset.


Then I'll leave.

This is Mary's home.

I wanna know
that the two of you are here.

We'll figure this out, okay?

I'll tell Mary when she comes home.


I want it to come from me.

I don't want her to think
any of this is your fault.

'Cause it's not.

I'll get my things.

Crazy to think
that a lifetime worth of work

can be undone with a signature.

Cayman accounts set up?

- As instructed.
- Excellent.

Well, then we're done.


Have him come in the back way, honey.

It might be better if you left now, Mark.



You have an excellent
reputation, Prosada.

What do they call you
back home in Colombia?

- El Carnicero.
- The Butcher.

I'm a butcher as well...

and when people pay me
for meat, I deliver.


You will have what you desire.

Hundred now, hundred when it's done.

Split it any way you want.

Just Swagger?

Whoever's there.

No witnesses.

As you wish.


I don't know how long.

You always go away, Dad.

And you always come back.


BOB LEE: This time's a little different.

Mom and Dad need some time apart.

I'm not going on a mission.

Where are you going?

I'm gonna get a place nearby.

MARY: Why?

BOB LEE: 'Cause we're gonna live separate

for a little while.


Not... not forever, sweetie.

Just until we get
some things figured out.

'Cause you and Mom have been fighting?



Not a good time, Sheriff.

You expecting any VIPs today?

- Why?
- BROWN: Just clocked

a low-flying helicopter.

Landed not too far from your ranch.

All right, send everybody
you got to the ranch.

Anne, I need you to take Mary
and get out of here.

- What's going on?
- I think something's up.

Uh, can you just take her
to the Sheriff's office

and wait there?
I'll call you as soon as I can.

Come on, Mary. We're gonna go run

- a little errand.
- What about Dad?

Uh, I'll see you soon, sweetheart.

I gotta go check on Mommy, all right?

ANNE: Yeah. Come on, sweetheart.



Oh, shit.





JULIE: This is Julie.
You know what to do.


[b*ll*ts WHIZZING]





[RAPID g*n]

[b*ll*ts WHINING]









[b*ll*ts WHINING]


WOMAN: - - , what's your emergency?




MAN: - - says they've got an open line

at the Swagger ranch.

Sounds like a hell of a g*n.

All hands on deck.

Call Testa and have his men back us up.








You gotta be prepared, puta.

This ain't no bullshit.


- Bad luck.
- Is this bulletproof?



- Julie!
- JULIE: Bob Lee!


JULIE: Bob Lee! I'm in here!

- BOB LEE: Baby!


- Are there any more?
- No, just two d*ad.

- Holy shit.

- Good hunting, babe.
- Where's Mary?

She's with Anne and she's safe.


Let me see that, let me see.


All right, it went all the way through.

- That's good, that's good.

- You're gonna be okay.
- Baby, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I lost faith in us and in you.

Come on, don't think
about that right now.

- BROWN: Bob Lee!
- We're in here, Sheriff!

BOB LEE: We need an EMT, but we're okay.

- Hey, make sure we got 'em all.
- BROWN: Done!

No, no, no, let's wait for a stretcher.

No, I wanna get the hell out of here.

Okay, all right.
Let me help you, come here.

- You're gonna be okay.

- I'm so sorry, baby.
- It's okay.


It would have been better
if I just left it alone.

My dad let this life consume him.

I'm not gonna be like that.

- I love you, and I love Mary.

This is my life.

I love you too, baby.




- We're all clear, Sheriff.
- God damn.

It was a hell of a day.


- All right...
- No.

No, your dad's g*n.
I don't care about that.

I do.

[b*llet WHINING]


No, no!

Julie! No, no, no!

No! God, no!


No, baby, no!

No! Help!



Baby, don't leave me.
Don't leave me, baby.

Don't leave me!




I'm sorry.

- NADINE: How'd it go?
- ISAAC: As expected.

Package got delivered.

The new guy did well.

It's gonna take me
the better part of a year

to get through all
this Atlas stuff and undo it.

- Any word from Bob Lee?
- No, he's been off the grid

since Julie's funeral.

Got around-the-clock security
on Mary and the sister-in-law.

- Nothing out of the ordinary.
- He'll resurface, trust me.


Excuse me?

Uh, I have a Harris Downey here?

Send him in.

[CHUFFS] What's he want?

No idea.

Want me to stay?

Knowing Harris, he probably wants to talk

about our relationship.

Yeah, please stay.

Have fun.

Uh... [SCOFFS]

- ISAAC: "HD."
- HARRIS: Isaac.

- He is still so friendly.
- He is who he is.

It's reliable.


So how's the Deputy Chief of Staff?

Short on time,
especially since, technically,

I'm not even here.

The president's impressed.

He appreciates the way you cleaned up,

didn't make a thing out of it.

Wanted to know if you'd
take a look at that.

- We're pretty busy.
- The president's asking.




- Jesus.
- Christophe Schneizer.

German nationalist.

Isn't it easier just to say "n*zi"?


And why would he be helping ISIL?

He wants to be Chancellor.

Figures if he makes Merkel look bad...

[SCOFFS] You don't need us for this.

You've got the resources of the
entire Federal government.

I do, and they all
have names and fingerprints.

- Germany's an ally.
- Well, tell the Germans

to deal with it.

Of course.

Then they would know that
you've been spying on them.

I'm glad to see we can still
finish each other's sentences.

Discretion's paramount.

You look great.

The job suits you.


NADINE: If I do this...

you owe me.

What'd he want?

Just wanted to make sure
we knew the president

- appreciated our work.
- That's it?

- Could have called.
- Eh, what can I say?

He likes me.








I wondered if you'd find me.

BOB LEE: I told you
if you ever touched my family

I would never stop looking.

BAMA: Don't suppose
I can talk you out of this.


You can't.



♪ Have no fear ♪

♪ For when I'm alone ♪

♪ I'll be better off ♪

♪ Than I was before ♪

♪ I've got this life ♪

♪ I'll be around to grow ♪

♪ Who I was before ♪

♪ I cannot recall ♪

♪ Long nights ♪

♪ Allow me to feel ♪

♪ I'm falling ♪

♪ I am falling ♪

♪ The lights go out ♪

♪ Let me feel I'm falling ♪

♪ I am falling safely ♪

♪ To the ground ♪

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