04x10 - Episode 10

Episode transcripts for the Australian TV show "Love Child". Aired: February 2014 to July 2017.
"Love Child" is an Australian television drama series that follows the lives of staff and residents at the fictional Kings Cross Hospital and Stanton House in Sydney in 1969.
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04x10 - Episode 10

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Getting married.

We hoped you to give us your blessing.

- No, Marco! No! Stop!

You are a disgrace to our family.

He's not coming.


- FRANCES: Dr Miller's baby.
- FATHER ROSS: Laura, yes?

I think maybe it's not her baby.

Laura's autopsy report. Rubella
caused Laura's heart defect.

I've never had rubella.

So I couldn't have
passed it on to Laura.

I've been going through the files

of the other women who
gave birth that weekend,

and one of them must have had it.

I believe I was given
someone else's baby.

Don't worry. We'll get
to the bottom of this.


Joan, there's a missing file.

Greta. We had our babies
at the same time.

She came in. Oh, my God.

I held my baby.

Greta what? What's her last name?

I don't know.

♪ It's time for freedom ♪

♪ Time for moving. ♪

There are moments in history
when the whole fate and future

of nations can be decided
by a single decision.

Where will the money come from?
Have you done a costing on it?

Our costing, yes,

but with the difficulties
of costing the labour...

First time in ten years.



We will find her, Joan.

I've put ads in all the papers.

Maybe I should check the electoral roll.

How many Gretas do you think there are?


♪ Yes, it's time. ♪

Joan, come quickly, please.




♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Ah ♪

♪ You think that I don't feel love ♪

♪ What I feel for you is real love ♪

♪ In other's eyes, I see reflected
a hurt, scorned, rejected ♪

♪ Love child ♪

♪ Different from the rest. ♪



- She's very good, Father.
- Mm.


Florence is the most
beautiful city in Italy?

Oh, you're picking up on my Italian.

I'd love to go there someday.

Rome, of course, but Florence,
that would be something else.

Maybe you could come with me.

- Be my guide.
- It was a long time ago.

I'm not sure how useful I'd be.

Still, someone to share it with.

Don't worry, Frances. Even if Joan
can prove her baby was swapped,

who's to say where the fault
lies? Without direct evidence,

it could've been anyone.

But I wouldn't want to cast
blame where there wasn't any.

Better to sacrifice a lamb
than to lose a lioness.


She's mine.

Amy's my daughter.

I've never been more sure
of anything in my life.

Okay, I believe you.

But if you want to make this official,

you're going to need the
hospital on your side.

Everything from now on has
to be handled professionally.

I suggest you get a lawyer.

Got a number for you.

Joan, listen to me. I
will talk to the board,

but under no circumstance are you to
speak directly to Greta about this.



No, it's too soon. I'm
not pushing already.


No, Marco has done something to Ed.

He'll not leave me like this. (GRUNTS)

We should be married by now.


- Here.

Write down your brother's address.


What are you going to do?

Find Ed for you.

- What about your exam?

- I'll be back on time.

Come on, I wanna get
Ed back before you pop.


Be careful. You don't know
what you're heading into.

Don't worry, church mouse.
I'm taking muscle with me.


I can't believe you've
talked me into this.

You're his best man, aren't you?

Well, no. More of a witness, actually.

Okay, well, let's find out
what they've done to him.

No, hey, come on. We
should wait for the police.

What? By the time they get
here, Ed could be d*ad.

Is that what you want?

Let's go. (OPENS DOOR)





What do you want?


Uh, Mr Capobianco, we were wondering
if you knew the whereabouts...

Where is he?

Where's Ed?

- Not here.

One call from my father to the
police, and you'll all be arrested.

- Cops don't like wogs like you.

There's no need to call anyone...

that, what she was
trying to say is that...

He's on a boat,

back to where he comes from. (CHUCKLES)


Come on, Dr Bowditch.

I'm sorry.

You're too late.

I've checked again. There's
no record of Greta Ranovic.

It must be the file that's missing.

Yes, well, unfortunately sometimes
clerical errors are made.

Are you sure about this woman?
What did you say her name was?

Greta Ranovic.

You can ask her yourself if you'd like.

She's in the hospital right now.

Oh. I think I know
where this is heading,

and I assure you no babies were swapped.

You're still in grief.

I did warn you against a return to
work too soon and to a labour ward.

It doesn't matter what you say.

I know what the truth is.


Let's hope this is your only mistake.


Excuse me?

Hi. Sorry, are there any boats
leaving for Italy today?

There was meant to be.

Got delayed. Bay .

Thank you, good sir. It
won't mean anything to you,

but you may have just
changed someone's destiny.

- All right.
- Come on.

No, this is a wild goose chase.
You said we'd be an hour tops.

I've gotta get back to work.

I wouldn't have picked you
for a quitter, Dr Bowditch.

We don't even know that
he's on a boat to Italy.

We know.

Come on. Would Dr Kildare
give up that easily?

He's a TV doctor. He doesn't exist.

- Come on, Dr Kildare.

FRANCES: I thought we'd
resolved this matter.

Why are you continuing to
fuel Dr Millar's delusions?

Greta Ranovic had a baby
girl in this hospital.

But what proof is there
that it's Joan's baby?


Take it to the logical
conclusion, Dr Patterson.

Are you willing to wrench a
baby from its mother's arms?

Haven't thought that through, have you?


Say bye-bye, Amy.


Greta, wait.

Wait. There's something
I have to ask you.

- Okay.

What... During your pregnancy,
did you have rubella?

Why? Is there something wrong with Amy?

No, no. No, no.

There's nothing like that.


I know this is going to sound crazy,

but I think Amy is my daughter.


No, on the night she was born,

there was a mix-up.

And you got my baby,

and I got yours.

- Please?

No, no. Don't you dare touch her!

- Please. You don't understand.
- Get away from her!

- Joan.
- We can test you for it.

- You have to believe me. She's mine.
- What is wrong with you?

Please somebody help me!

Oh, my god! Somebody help me, please!

Joan, come on. You've
gotta leave her alone.

- No, she's mine.
- Let...

- Let...
- You have to believe me.

- Let her go, Joan.
- I can't.

- She's mine. Just...
- Yes.




Shame on you.


- You force my hand, Joan.
- I know I shouldn't have said anything.

Until this is sorted, I'm gonna
have to ask you to step aside.


I've just had Mr Ranovic on the phone.

He's still deciding if
they'll file a complaint.

I only just managed to convince
him not to call the police.

Maybe it'd be better if you did.

Well, certainly not for the
reputation of this hospital.

But you knew about the missing file.

You instructed Martha not
to say anything. (SNIFFLES)

Until it was found.

I didn't want Martha
declared as incompetent

or derelict in her duties.

But I can certainly have her
dismissed if that's what it'll take

to put this to bed.

Blaming Martha won't make this go away.

Amy is my daughter,

and, yes, this hospital's reputation
is going to take a battering

unless something is done about it.

I'd tread carefully if I were you.

Are you thr*at me?

You accosted a patient.

I expect Dr Patterson will
take the necessary steps

to make sure it won't happen again.


I... I can't do. We have to wait.

Oh, I'm sorry, Elena. It's
too late to go back now.

This baby isn't waiting for anyone.

Not anyone! Ed's the father!

Your baby doesn't know the difference!


- Ow!

I don't know Italian,
but I'm sure it helps.


Excuse me?

Hi. We need to get to bay .

Crew only beyond this point.

Do you have hospital ID on you?

- Sure. What's that gonna do?
- We have reason to believe

that one of your boats is
harbouring a known contagion.


A man, Edward Thornton,

he's a carrier for
typhoid and diphtheria.

Who are you?

Deborah Hampshire, and
this is Dr Simon Bowditch.

Tell him what will happen, Doctor.

(WHISPERS) Quarantine.

Uh, yeah, we are empowered
to quarantine this vessel

if Mr Thornton is not
dispatched immediately.


If it's not dealt with promptly,
it might affect the entire port.


Hold on.

probably calling the police right now.

What's the worst that could happen?

I don't know. I could get arrested
for falsely detaining a ship

- and lose my job.
- You worry too much.

No, I've got a bad feeling
about this. We should just leave.

No. You owe Ed.

You ran him over, didn't you?

You blackmailed me.

I mean, we've all done things
we regret, haven't we?

You come with me.




It's Simon.

Dr Bowditch.

Ed, are you here?



You're doing great, Elena.

The baby's heart rate
is strong and steady.

Come and get me when the
contractions are five minutes apart.


Can you at least give me
some idea of a time frame?


No, no, no. I appreciate it. Thanks.

That was, um, the
lawyer you recommended.


He can't say how long a
court case will take.

It could be two months.
It could be two years.

Depending on the medical tests and
the willingness of the other party.

If Greta won't agree
to take blood tests...

It's going to be okay.

You don't know that.

Five minutes apart.

Thanks, Rita.


I'm concerned that I might not
be able to keep a lid on things.

You've managed a very
difficult situation.

Not very well, it seems.

Now we have Mrs Ranovic,
the autopsy report.

Which was inconclusive?


You can't be blamed for a missing file.

The rest is conjecture.

You need to hold fast.

But is it the right course of action?

Morally, ethically?




Father Ross.

Better late than never, right?

You got a wedding to perform. Now.

♪ Daddy Cool, Daddy Cool ♪

♪ Cool, Daddy Cool ♪

♪ Oh, Daddy Cool, Daddy Cool. ♪

Right, how far apart
are the contractions?

Okay, good. Mate, if you're gonna
do this, it better be quick, yeah?

Excuse me, sister.

♪ Cool, Daddy Cool ♪

♪ Down to the railroad track ♪

♪ Cool Daddy, cool. ♪

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

♪ ...h*nky-tonk Cool
Daddy shook the shack. ♪


- Do you accept the body of Christ?
- Hurry it up, Father.

- Uh...

♪ Cool Daddy, cool ♪

♪ A-shining on to frantic hands. ♪


♪ ...like dynamite ♪

♪ Ah-ha-ha, ah-ha-ha ♪

♪ Oh, Daddy Cool, Daddy Cool ♪

♪ Cool Daddy. ♪

Do you, Edward, take this woman
as your lawful wedded wife?

- I do.
- Do you, Elena,

take this man as your
lawful wedded husband?


Jesus Christ.

Take this ring as a sign
of my love and fidelity.


With the power vested
in me by Almighty God,

I now pronounce you husband and wife.



- Now push.

All right, I'm gonna need you to push.

♪ h*nky-tonking Daddy
Rock, rock, rock, rock. ♪

- It's okay. It's okay.

You'll be happy to know
it's a healthy baby boy.


- Oh, watch the head. Watch the head.






I just wanna talk.


To the newlyweds

and one of the most unusual
ceremonies I've ever performed.

Let's hope they're not
divorcing in six months' time.

Oh, come now, Frances.

Have you ever loved anyone?

I gave my life and love to God.

But you know the priesthood
can also be a burden

because the time I've
spent with you, Frances.


MR RANOVIC: So, if we're to understand,

you went home with our baby

and our baby died.

It was inexplicable.

I didn't know it at the time, but...

She was fine one day and the next...

There was nothing anybody could do.

And now you wanna take Amy.

I realise how that sounds. But if
you'll agree to do a blood test...

I told you no.


The autopsy shows that Laura
died from complications

brought about by the rubella virus.

But I've never had it.

Amy really is my daughter.


See for yourself.

Take a look.

- Please?


Please take a look.



So, what on earth were you thinking?

I just wanted them to
understand, see reason.

- Yeah, how did that work out for you?
- I can't wait two years!

My baby won't know me
after that long a time.

I've got no choice.

No choice about what?

I know what you were thinking,
and you can't do it.

- Do what?
- If you try and snatch that baby,

you will be locked up.

(SIGHS) You have to be patient, Joan.

(SIGHS) It will all come out in time,

but you cannot force this situation,

no matter how much you want to.



You're a champion, Dr Bowditch.

Oh, no, no.

No, I think that honour
belongs to your wife.

That's why we're calling our son Simon.

- Simon?
- Mm.

- Really?
- You hold him for a moment?



G'day, Simon.

- You handsome little devil.




Joan's at home. She's
taking some time off.

I think it's called suspension.

She was under duress.

The best course of action was
to make an unwanted house call

to a woman whose baby she
tried to steal from her arms?

Look, I agree it was rash, but
she felt that she had no choice.

We all have choices, Dr
Patterson, including you.

You've pushed for an inquiry,

and the board will hear
your concerns tomorrow.

Let's hope you have something more
than supposition to take to them.



Any luck with the Ranovic file?

I've turned the records
room upside down.




Dr Patterson, I, uh...

- There's something I, um...
- What is it, Rita?

Not too long after Joan's baby was born,

I was in Matron's office
returning a lighter.

I don't smoke or anything. It's
just that I didn't want someone...

Rita, please take a seat.

Anyway, Matron came
back while I was there,

and I didn't want to get caught,

so I hid behind a wall
so she couldn't see me.

Rita, if it is a confession
that you are after,

please speak with Father Ross.

Matron had a patient file.

I saw her burn the pages in a bin.

I was gonna say something earlier,

but I wasn't meant to be in Matron's
office in the first place and...


You knew. You burnt the file.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You knew about the baby swap,
and you covered it up.

Or was it your mistake
in the first place?

All this time you let Joan
believe her baby had died.

You let her bury a baby
that wasn't even hers.

Be careful what you say, Dr Patterson.

I can understand if it was a mistake,

but covering it up, that is criminal.

Prove it.








Thanks for agreeing to meet me.


What was she like? Laura?

She was the prettiest little thing.

When she smiled,

it was like nothing else
mattered in the whole world.

Tell me more about how she died.

I thought it was a cold or gripe.

Very quickly it escalated to pneumonia,

and... (SIGHS)

I felt so useless.
There I was, a doctor,

and nothing I did helped.

Her little body just...

gave up.

(SIGHS) It was so quick.


Greta contracted German measles
in her first trimester,

before she even knew she was pregnant.


I can't tell you the relief
when Amy was put into my arms

and I could see there was nothing
wrong with her. (BREATHES SHAKILY)

Perfect little fingers

and toes.

We thought we were lucky.


If what you're saying is true,

it's agonising to think I
wasn't there for my daughter

when she needed me.


But it doesn't make any difference.

Greta will never give Amy up.


Are you sure about this?

I have a witness who saw
Matron burn the Ranovic file.

And is your witness reliable?

Do you believe a nun?

And what do you expect from me?

To acknowledge Joan's case.

To help her.



Do you really think that
Matron swapped Joan's baby?


Kings Cross Gen...

It's Joan.


(TV) MAN: ...a tremendous majority.

Now let's look at the scoreboard.

Mr Whitlam was celebrating
when reporters spoke to him

at his home in Sydney a short time ago.

♪ Don't it always seem to go ♪

♪ that you don't know what
you've got till it's gone? ♪

It's clear that we won...

♪ ...and put up a parking lot. ♪

...handsomely in New South Wales.


♪ They took all the trees and
put them in a tree museum ♪

♪ And they charged all the people a
dollar and a half just to see them ♪

♪ Don't it always seem to go ♪

♪ That you don't know what
you've got till it's gone? ♪

♪ They paved paradise and
put up a parking lot ♪

♪ Ooh, bop, bop, bop, bop ♪

♪ Ooh, bop, bop, bop, bop ♪

♪ Hey, farmer, farmer,
put away that DDT now ♪

♪ Give me spots on my apple but
leave me the birds and the bees ♪

♪ Don't it always seem to go ♪

♪ That you don't know what
you've got till it's gone? ♪

♪ They paved paradise and
put up a parking lot. ♪

♪ Ooh, bop, bop, bop, bop. ♪


♪ Paved paradise and
put up a parking lot. ♪

Is everything all right?

(SIGHS) It's been quite a day.

Yes. We have a lot to talk about.

I've been thinking about
what happened before.

And let's just put it down to
"heat of the moment" madness.

I embarrassed you.

No, no, no, no.

I very much respect our
friendship, Antony,

but I wouldn't want to be the
reason you left your calling.

I've done some soul-searching,

and I believe we must
fight against our...

baser instincts.

I think you're right, Frances.


And given everything
that's coming to light,

I think I might have to put
some distance between us.

I thought I had your support.

You do, believe me.

It's just that it seems
that you've been...

less than careful in
covering your tracks.

But you gave me counsel.

In the sanctity of the confessional.

But also as a board member.

If certain facts were to emerge, it
wouldn't look good for you either.

Frances, please don't be like this.

Like what?


As the truth is out, I
need to act accordingly.

- And how is that?
- It is my duty

to protect the reputation
of the hospital.


RITA: I remember the day you arrived.

You looked like a frightened rabbit.

- And you too.

Thankfully, you two scaredy-cats
had me to sort you out.

Otherwise, god knows what
would have happened.

Anyways, you two suckers
are gonna have to blaze

your own trail from here.
Think you can manage?

You're leaving?

Yeah, as soon as the oldies get here.

We'll be friends forever, though, eh?

Thought you might hate my guts
after what happened with Ed.

No bloody way.

- Mate.

Oh, what's that song that
you're always singing? Um...












May we have a word alone?


You have to understand, I
wasn't certain at first.

It was a chaotic night,
babies everywhere.

And it was only a fleeting doubt.

By the time I realised the
mistake, it was too late.

If your baby hadn't gotten sick,

no one would have known.

But it did and then what was I to do?

Should I tear another child
away from its mother?

That wasn't your decision to make.

You're not God.

I was protecting the hospital.

Oh, don't. Don't, don't,
don't insult my intelligence.

You were protecting yourself.

It's all right for you, Joan.

You've got the world at your feet.

You can do anything, go anywhere.


Can I?

Is that what this is about?

You're... jealous of my opportunities?

You have those opportunities on
the back of my sweat and tears

and countless others like me

who were never offered
childcare or equal opportunity

or even the right to work.

So what? You're gonna
punish the next generation

and the one after that?

You knew a mistake had been made,

and you covered it up.

And now I have to face
the long, painful process

of trying to get my daughter back.

I hope you can sleep at night,

because I can't.

This hospital is all I've got,

all I've ever had.

Then I feel sorry for you.


They're calling for you, Matron.


You needn't worry.

Your job is safe.


Before you start your witch-hunt,

I have something to say.

This was my mistake alone.

My nurses and administration
staff had nothing to do with it.


I resign.



- JOAN: I was expecting a fight.

She knew she couldn't win.

- And the hospital board...

Yes, that was surprising.

The best outcome you could've hoped for,

admitting culpability and promising
to support you. (INHALES)

I'll catch you up.


Greta's pregnant again.


They told us there shouldn't
be a problem this time.

Amy's in for her vaccinations.

She's here?

We can't physically hand her over.

You understand?

We just can't do it.

Take good care of her.




Where is she?

Where's my baby? She was
having her vaccinations.

Some of the babies were moved
into the examination room.




Hey. It's yours.

Consider it a wedding gift.

Mate, it's too much.

Nah. I did run you over.

- Mm, yeah. Yeah, you really did.

Guess we're quits, then.


Don't forget to send me a
postcard from Queensland.

- I send one every day.

Coming, Mrs Thornton?
Time to hit the road.


From Mama for the baby.


Grazie fratello.

Good luck.


Take good care of Simon.

- He's a big baby, you know.
- Aw.

- DEBBIE: Wait, wait!



So you can tell your new family story.




- Okay.
- Ciao.

♪ It's because I love you ♪

♪ Not because we're far apart. ♪


♪ It's because I love you ♪

♪ And because you're near my heart. ♪

We're gonna have to get a new car.

Well, I thought a
motorbike might be fun.

- What about the baby?


Where's the baby gonna sit?


In about seven and a half months.

♪ Be what you wanna be, yeah. ♪

Yes! Oh! (LAUGHS)

Oh! Oh.

- I feel sick.
- Oh.

I love you.

I love you. (LAUGHS)

- I love you.

♪ Ooh. ♪

Day off today?

Any plans?


The future is wide open.

♪ It's because I love you ♪

♪ I'll come home to you one day ♪

♪ It's because I love you ♪

♪ In my thoughts, you'll always stay ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Do what you wanna do ♪

♪ Be what you wanna be, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Do what you wanna do ♪

♪ Be what you wanna be, yeah ♪
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