02x15 - Song of the Sirenas

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Elena of Avalor". Aired July 2016 - August 2020.
"Elena of Avalor" follows the adventures of teenage princess Elena, who saved her magical kingdom, Avalor, from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as its crown princess.
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02x15 - Song of the Sirenas

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♪♪ Theme song plays...


- ♪ In a kingdom old and grand ♪
- ♪ Elena ♪

- ♪ A princess bravely rules the land ♪
- ♪ Elena ♪

- ♪ With her family by her side ♪
- ♪ Elena ♪

♪ It's a wild and daring ride ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ Elena of Avalor ♪


- ♪ Myth and mystery everywhere ♪
- ♪ Myth and mystery everywhere ♪

- ♪ Loyal friends are always there ♪
- ♪ Loyal friends always there ♪

- ♪ Magic shines from deep within ♪
- ♪ Magic shines from within ♪

♪ Let her royal reign begin ♪

♪ Elena, Elena ♪


♪ Elena of Avalor ♪

♪ ..Avalor

♪ Whoa! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!
Ohhhhh! ♪

[seagull calling]

Winds shifted to starboard.

Trim the jib sail!


But, Scarlett, I thought since
you were captaining this trip,

I might take
a little break.

Which I'll do right
after I trim the sail.

I hope we get
to Nueva Vista soon.

Me, too.

There's nothing like relaxing

on the terrace
of the Summer Palace,

in the West Coast sun.

Right, Francisco?


Looks like abuelo
has gotten a head start.

Envision! Skylar!

Nice! Now try "Glow."


And, last but not least,


How many powers
does that thing have?

And can you test them
on something else?

I'd like my lasso back.

Captain Turner says
we're almost there!

You guys are going
to love Nueva Vista.

I remember going fishing every
summer with my cousin, Cristóbal.

Wait, Esteban said
he was your only cousin.

Leave it to Esteban
to exaggerate.

Well, you'll have plenty of time
to reminisce when we get there.

But right now,
you need to keep practicing.

Try to make
yourself vanish.


I only know how to make
objects vanish.

It's going to take
some concentration,

but I know you can do it.



Did it work?

- Not exactly.
- [gasps]

But you're headed
in the right direction.

- [bell clanging]
- Sirenas! Sirenas ahoy!


[Gabe] Sirenas?!

Ooh, where?
I've never seen one before!

Nomes, take the wheel!

Daniel! The crossbow!

Wait! What are you...?
Crossbow?! What? Why?!

Sirenas are dangerous!
Everyone knows that!

They sing a siren song that
puts sailors into a trance.

Which makes them
crash their ships.

Captain Nuñez!
Get everyone below deck!

Aye, aye, Captain.

But they're not singing!

And I can't even remember the last
time sirenas caused a shipwreck.

- Whoa! Look out!
- [gasps]


We've gotta
get outta here!

Stop f*ring!



Whoa! Did you see
what she did?

Marzel, no!

They just tried
to fillet us!

But the princess stopped them
with that magic thingy!

So let's get out of here
before she uses it on us.

Oh, wait for me!

Why did you do that?!

I'm not going
to att*ck someone

who hasn't
attacked me first.

Sirenas haven't sunk a ship
since before we were born.

And still the humans
come after us!

Because no one's
told them we changed.

Ah, they wouldn't listen.

Maybe the princess would.

You saw what she did.

Oh, no. I hate that look.

We can tell her,

and she'd spread the word
to the rest of the humans.

Huh! Keep on dreamin'.

It's what
she does best.

I'm going to talk to Papá!

You're wasting your time!

We're here!

Nueva Vista.

[Gabe] Whoa!

Look at that palace!

It's beautiful!

[bells ringing]

What is
that infernal sound?

Welcome bells.

Elena must have arrived
in Nueva Vista.

Hmph. Even from miles away,
that princess annoys me.

She won't be princess for long,

now that you've mastered
the Scepter of Night.

Yes. This is one family vacation
Elena will never forget.


[fanfare playing]




Cristóbal? You look...


Oof. I was going to say

She was
going to say "old."

And she would be right.

We weren't all trapped in a
magical amulet for years.

Some of us had to carry on
in the real world.

Right, Esteban?
[hearty laugh]

I've missed you, primo.

And I have
missed you, too!


Which is why we are throwing a
Festival de la Libertad tomorrow

to honor you
for defeating Shuriki.

Yeah, about that...

Shuriki is not
as defeated as we thought.

[gasp] She's alive?

And more powerful
than ever.

As are you, I'm told.

But no matter
how strong Shuriki is,

you have a secret w*apon.

[upbeat music playing]

Your familia!

You can always rely on us!

♪ At last
we are together ♪

♪ As grand as any treasure ♪

♪ A bond no one
can sever ♪

Familia forever ♪

♪ You'll find
in each endeavor ♪

♪ Through dark
and stormy weather ♪

♪ There's no doubt
whatsoever ♪

Familia forever ♪

♪ Though you were gone
so many years ♪

♪ I tried not
to wallow and mope ♪

♪ I brushed aside
so many tears ♪

♪ And struggled
to never lose hope ♪

♪ We share so much
history, you see ♪

♪ A lifetime
of family ties ♪

Mi prima,
I promise I'll be ♪

♪ Beside you
when troubles arise ♪

♪ At last we are together ♪

♪ As grand as any treasure ♪

♪ A bond no one can sever ♪

- ♪ Familia forever ♪
- Whooaaa!

♪ You'll find
in each endeavor ♪

♪ Through dark
and stormy weather ♪

♪ There's no doubt whatsoever ♪

Familia forever ♪

As a special treat
for mi familia,

the highlight of the Festival
will be a Masquerade Parade.

The whole city will dress up
as we sail through the canals.

Those floats are just like the ones
we used to make when I'd visit.

I know. I mustered
all our city's resources.

It's not nearly
what you deserve,

but I spare no expense
for mi familia.

♪ I remember
how we played as children ♪

♪ Though it feels
like ages ago ♪

♪ True friends may be
one in a million ♪

♪ But family bonds
always grow ♪

♪ We look out
for each other ♪

♪ I know ♪

♪ So let's go ♪

♪ Today we stand together ♪

♪ As grand as any treasure ♪

♪ A bond no one can sever ♪

Familia forever ♪

♪ You'll find
in each endeavor ♪

♪ Through dark
and stormy weather ♪

♪ There's no doubt whatsoever ♪

Familia forever ♪

Familia for... ever ♪

♪ ..ever ♪

♪ ..ever ♪

Anyone care
for a little snack?

Little snack?
This is a feast!

You flatter me.

We do our best
with what little we have.


So, tell me,
how was your voyage?

it was smooth sailing,

until we ran
into those wretched sirenas.

[gasp] Did they
att*ck your ship?

They were about to.

We don't know that.

Mateo said they haven't
crashed a ship in years,

and I don't remember them ever
being a problem when I visited.

That's because your parents
protected you from the truth.

But it's time you knew.

Your father never told you
what happened to his brother.

My papá.

He was aboard that ship,
on his way home.

I'm so sorry.
I didn't realize.

Well, now you do.

If I could, I'd lock them
all up in the tower.

It's only a matter of time
before they strike again.

I understand, Cristóbal.

I know you do.

Now enough
of my wallowing.

Dessert awaits!


General Daria informed us
that you and your brother

were spotted
near a human ship?


It's time we told
the humans we've changed.

The Princess of Avalor
was aboard that ship.

I think she would listen.

Before or after
her guards harpoon us?

Probably after.

What if her guards
weren't around?

After all these years
of conflict,

isn't it worth a try?

Marisa, your heart
is in the right place.

It always is.

But heart alone
cannot change the world.

They despise our kind,
and with good reason.

So, no, I will not let you or
any other sirena in Coronado

approach the humans.

- But maybe...
- King Pescoro has spoken!

That's right, Ocho.
He has.

- [Ocho] Hmm!
- Leave it alone, mija.

For your own good.


Mamá, you know
more than anyone

how much we have
in common with them.

If I thought it were possible to make
amends with the humans, I'd try.

But I know them too well.

The best thing we can do
is to avoid their ships.

Which is what I expect you
to do from now on.

- Hate to say I told you so.
- No, you don't.

Yeah, it's like
your favorite thing to say.

I'm going to talk
to her anyway.

But you heard Papá,
our King?

I heard him.
And I respectfully disagree.

Well, you got to admire the way
she blows off a royal order.


She has no idea
what she's getting into.

As usual. But it's fine, 'cause
you're gonna go after her

and make sure
she doesn't get hurt.

Also, as usual.

Ay, Marisa! Wait up!

Told ya so!

Yes, this should
all work out quite nicely.

- [Victor] Shuriki?
- [horse grunts]

Took you long enough.

If you had let us ride
on the jaquins with you...


Now that we're all here,
we can get started.

Ooh, I can't wait to see
Princess Elena's face

when we surprise her
in Nueva Vista!

And I can't wait
to kick up my paws

and rest my achin' wings.

It's a long way
'cross this kingdom.

There won't be
any time for rest.

We have to protect
our princess in case of...

- [Skylar] Shuriki!
- Exactly.

No, I mean, Shuriki's
down there! Look!

att*ck formation!

- What formation?
- Just dive!

[gasp] Shuriki!

We've got trouble!

Or target practice.



I can't see a thing!

Oof! Hah! Where are they?!

[sighs] Gone.

We better tell the princess.

- Shuriki's here?!
- With the others.

And she's learned some
nasty new scepter tricks.

Maybe we should
postpone the parade.


The people have waited
too long to see their princess.

I'll instruct my captain
to beef up security.

You'll be perfectly safe.

But if we're doing this,

- I'm going to scout the parade route.
- I'll go with you.

Naomi and I will search the
rest of city on the jaquins.

I'll have my guards
join the hunt.

You ready?

[singing siren song]


[siren song continuing]

[gasp] Marisa,
what are you doing?


Don't make me use this!

Ooh! She took out
her magic thingy!

Let's get outta here!

Don't be scared.

I'm Princess Marisa
of Coronado,

this is my brother,
Prince Marzel,

and our friend, Cuco.

[clears throat]

[frightened yelp]

We just want to talk to you.

Can you all do that?

Just me
and my brother. Whaa!


Sorry. I haven't been
on legs in a long time.

Come on.
What's so hard about...

Whoa! Ohh!


Eh, it's his first time
out of the water.

I got it. [click]

What is it you want
to talk about?

- Uh...
- [music playing]

I'm sure you've heard of all the
terrible things the sirenas have done.

And they're all true.

But that's
not the whole story.

[music playing]

♪ For years
we sang a song ♪

♪ To send your boats
to the bottom of the ocean ♪

♪ We felt we must defend
our rightful home ♪

♪ With passion and devotion ♪

♪ Till the day a woman
from a sinking ship ♪

♪ Went tumbling in the ocean ♪

♪ One look and then
our king began to feel ♪

♪ A powerful emotion ♪

♪ He knew he must save her ♪

♪ With no time to waver ♪

♪ He swam fast and gave her ♪

♪ The magic
which changed her ♪

♪ Into a sirena ♪

♪ The king was my father ♪

♪ The woman my mother ♪

♪ And wonder of wonders ♪

♪ They both soon discovered ♪

♪ A love like no other ♪

♪ It's time
to stop the fighting ♪

♪ Time to end our travails ♪

♪ Together,
we can turn the page ♪

♪ And start a new tale ♪

♪ If we could just begin anew ♪

♪ We could tell a new tale ♪

♪ To the throne
our dear mother ascended ♪

♪ And soon recommended
the fighting be ended ♪

♪ Our father consented ♪

♪ Our dark ways
have been mended ♪

♪ So if you tell your people ♪

♪ We're no longer evil ♪

♪ We'll end this upheaval ♪

♪ And all will be peaceful ♪

♪ Yes,
all will be peaceful ♪

♪ It's time to stop
this fighting ♪

♪ Time to end our travails ♪

♪ Together,
we can turn the page ♪

♪ And start a new tale ♪

♪ If we could
just begin anew ♪

♪ We could tell a new tale ♪

♪ A new tale ♪

So will you help us?

I don't know.

A lot of people lost
their lives in those shipwrecks,

including my uncle.

I wish I could undo the past.

But all I can do
is give you my promise

that those days are long gone.

I believe you, Marisa.

But we'll also need
to convince Duke Cristóbal.

He's in charge
of Nueva Vista.

Then bring him here,
and we'll convince him.


You spoke to the sirenas?!

Yes, and they stopped
sinking ships years ago.

They want peace with us.

The princess of the sirenas
told me herself.

She did? When?

Just now.
In the canals.

Come with me and listen
to what she has to say.

Please, cousin.


For you, Elena...

I will.

Oh! Uh, the guards
should stay back.

I don't want
to scare them off.

This way.

I don't see anything.

They were just here!

Marisa?! Marzel?!

Oh, good.

This is my cousin,
Duke Cristóbal.

I am so glad
to finally meet you.

[laughs] I've been wanting
to meet you, too.

Guards! Seize them!

- What?!
- It's a trap!

Cristóbal, no!



- Marzel!
- C'mon!

They're getting away!


Why did you do that?!

The sirenas came
to discuss peace.

That's what they
wanted you to believe.

Sirenas lure humans with
their song and their lies.

But I don't think that's
what they were trying to do!

I've dealt with them
my whole life.

You just met them.

I already lost my papá.

I don't want
to lose you, too, prima.

You understand that,
don't you?

Of course.

Good. Ha!

Then let's get
back to the palace.

We have a big day
ahead of us tomorrow.

I knew we couldn't
trust her!

But she looked
as surprised as us!

Grow up, Marisa!

They hate our kind
and always will!


Who's ready
for a masquerade parade?!




Is everything okay,

Uh, I'm fine.

as the guest of honor,

you alone will ride
on the last float.

With all due respect,
Your Excellency,

Elena should be with us
in case anything happens.

If you must.

Just try not to get
in the way of the people

seeing their Crown Princess.

[festive music playing]

Whoa! It sounds like
the whole city showed up.

We'll have to keep
a sharp lookout for Shuriki.

If she's out there,
we'll spot her.

Here we go.

[crowd cheering]

What? What's going on?


I think they're costumes.
For the parade.

How will we know which one
is the real Shuriki?

It's Victor and Carla!

- I'll go after Victor!
- I'll get Carla!

She's a malvago now,
you'll need help!

[cheers and whistles]

Just keep smiling.
No need to alarm everyone.

I have a surprise for you.

f*re away!

[crowd cheering]

Why are we turning here?

Shouldn't we be following
the other floats?




This is no mask, Elena.

You're stalling.

So are you.

- Inferno!
- Blaze!



Please work. Vanish!

Guess you haven't mastered
that power yet.


Oh! What's...?




[Shuriki laughs]

Princess Elena?!

Princess Elena!

Is she...?

Alive. Barely.

Wait! Where
are you taking her?!

To the milagras!

The milagras?!

You can't do that!



She's over there!

What are you doing?!
You're turning her into a sirena?!

No! If I just
wrap her chest,

maybe she'll breathe,
but not turn.

That's a big maybe.

Are you forgetting
she set us up?!

Are you forgetting
she tried to save us? Twice?!

Please work. Please...




[sigh of relief]

Where are we?

But how am I...

The milagra.

It lets you breathe

What are you even
doing down here?

I-I was attacked.

By who?

The sorceress
who k*lled my parents

and is trying
to take over my kingdom.

I have to go back.

Wait! Let us help you.

- What?!
- What?!

this is our chance

to prove to the humans that
the sirenas have changed.

Papá will never go for it.

He has to.
Elena needs us.

Her whole kingdom does.

This isn't our fight.

It is now.
Come with me!

Ugh! I lost Victor.

Same with Carla.

It's like she just
vanished in the crowd.

Uh, guys.
Where's the princesa's float?

Spread out and search
all the side canals. Now!

I told you to stay away
from the humans.

But instead,
you bring one to Coronado!

And their princess at that.

This will surely lead
to retaliation.


For saving me?

They'll give you a medal.

And if sirenas
help defeat Shuriki,

then every human in Avalor
will see that you're our allies.

Our friends.

Humans will never
be our friends.

- But, Papá! You should know
- better than anyone, Marisa.

After they
almost took you from us.

What are you
talking about?

She doesn't remember,

Well, perhaps
it's time she did.

It had been years since we stopped
sinking the humans ships,

and you, my darling,
wanted to see the shore.

[seagulls calling]


Marisita, don't get
too close to the shore!


- [calling]
- Oh!

- [gasps]
- How did she do that?

I don't know.

Mami! Papi! Look at me!




[man grunting]

- Come back, mija!
- Marisa!

Hey, those sirenas
are trying to lure that girl!

- [giggling]
- I'll save her!


- Gotcha!
- Papi!

- [gasp]
- Mija!

[man grunts]

That day, I realized humans
will always despise us,

and I decreed that sirenas must
never approach them again.

Oh, Papá.
I understand.

But they didn't know
who I was or what I was.

And they didn't know
we're different now.

So perhaps
it's time they did.

Marisa's right.

You want to show
the human world

you're no longer
our enemies?

Now's your chance.

[music playing]

♪ Lend me your hand ♪

♪ Help with this plight ♪

♪ Together we can
rise up and fight ♪

♪ To show
that you've changed ♪

♪ You gotta be tough ♪

♪ 'Cause words
just aren't enough ♪

♪ Now's your chance ♪

♪ Now's your chance ♪

♪ Your chance to prove
you want peace ♪

♪ And make amends
for past deeds ♪

♪ And then they'll see ♪

♪ Your spirit's true ♪

♪ They'll want it too ♪

♪ It's all up to you ♪

♪ Now's your chance ♪

We should listen
to them, Pescoro.

This could
change everything.

[sighs] I'm afraid the gulf
between us is too wide.

At the end of the day,
we are of the sea,

and they are of the land.

And that will never change.

But even the sea
and the land meet at the shore.

We can bridge that gulf,
if we try.

I have made my decision.

We will not meddle
in the humans' affairs.

One day, we will heal
these wounds.

But today is not that day.

Escort the princess
back to her world.


♪ Here I will stand ♪

♪ Right by your side ♪

♪ Our dream of peace ♪

♪ Will be the guide ♪

♪ We'll show the whole world ♪

♪ From near and far ♪

♪ Who you really are ♪

♪ Who we really are ♪

♪ Now's our chance ♪

♪ Now's our chance ♪

♪ Now's our chance ♪

♪ Now's our chance ♪

♪ Our chance to prove
you want peace ♪

♪ And make amends
for past deeds ♪

♪ And they will see ♪

♪ They will see ♪

♪ Our spirit's true ♪

♪ It's me and you ♪

♪ It's up to us two ♪

♪ Now's our chance ♪

♪ Now's our chance ♪

♪ Now's our chance ♪

♪ Now's our chance ♪

♪ Now's our chance ♪

♪..chance ♪

♪..chance ♪

I got a strange feeling she's
gonna disobey another order.

Not this time.
Because you and I

are going to stop her
before she can. Come on.

That parade
was so much fun!

I wish we could do it again!

Me, too, mija.

We all have
a lot to celebrate,

thanks to Elena.

Where is Elena?

I haven't seen her
since we boarded the floats.

She's probably still out there
enjoying the adulation of her people.

I know that is
what I would be doing.


- [gasp] Shuriki?!
- No!

The real Queen of Avalor
is back!

And since I'm
in such a good mood,

I'll simply lock you up
in the tower... for now.

This is
how we found the float.

And the Crown Princess?

Nowhere in sight.

Duke Cristóbal! Huh.

Elena's scepter.

Oh, there's my cousin.

Wait here. Cristóbal!


You found my scepter.

- Who did this?
- Shuriki.

But don't worry.
I'll stop her.



I have other plans.

- [gasp]
- Guards!


What are you doing?

Oh, It's simple, really.

When Shuriki ruled Avalor,

she gave me gold
in return for my loyalty.

But when you
got rid of her,

you also got rid
of my gold supply.

Now I have just one yacht,
and look at me,

practically wasting away.

Luckily for me,
Shuriki returned,

and together,
we hatched this lovely plan

to restore Avalor, and me,
to our former glory.

You betrayed
your own familia for gold?

"Betrayed" is
such a nasty word.

I prefer, mmm...

No, you're right.
"Betrayed" works.

And we are talking
about a lot of gold.


- [grunts]
- [Marisa] Get away from her!

Let her go!

- Unh!
- [guards groan]

[both gasp]

Take Princess Elena to the
palace for her own safety.

And lock up that sirena!


Marzel, you're outnumbered.

You'll just get
yourself caught, too.

We gotta go tell the king!

Princess Elena!

Cristóbal's with Shuriki!

He's taking us prisoner!

- What?!
- Prisoner?!

Not on my watch!

Oh! Get them!

No! Naomi!


- [Luna grunts]
- Whoa! Look out!

We need to find
Gabe and Mateo now!



Shuriki's in the palace!

Of course she is.

Who do you think invited her?

[family gasping]

He's on her side.

- That scoundrel!
- What?!

So the Duke and Shuriki
are in this together?

We have to warn
the Royal Family.

They're back
at the palace.

Then it's up to us
to rescue them.

And I think I know
where to start looking.

The throne suits you.

Every throne does!

That's what
I was going to say.

Bravo! Bravo!

You did it!
You pulled it off!

Well, almost.


Elena survived
your little surprise att*ck.

- What?!
- Not to worry.

I scooped her up.

Where is she?!


Ay, forget it, Elena!

It's useless!

There's no way
out of here!

- [crash]
- Aah!

You were saying?

What was that?

Intruders on the tower roof!



Who's coming up first?

Ooh! Me! Me!

Ahem. Or Isabel.

Or both of you!


Take them to the galleon.

Then come back
for the others.

Hold on tight!

They're coming! Hurry!


Oh! Summon my jaquins!

Faster, beast!

The name's Cruz.

[Isabel] Elena!


Esteban, get Isa
and our abuelos below deck!

But what about you?!

You do not
have your scepter!


- Incoming!
- Aah!

All of you,
down below! Now!


- Whoaaaaa!
- Aaaaah!

Stop spinning!

I'm tryin'!


That's better!

- Whoa!
- Oh! Ohh!

[Shuriki and Fiero screaming]

[all groaning]


[Shuriki grunting]

- Oh!
- Ohhh!

Get up! Now!

[Vestia grunting]

- Quick! Toss me a crossbow!
- Unh!


Take cover!



Nice spell.


It's me Shuriki wants.

I'm only putting
you all in danger.

- No!
- Wait! Stop!

Now's your chance,

You have a clear sh*t!

Adiós, Elena.

- Infern-oh!
- [thud]



They came!


- Catch!
- [gasp]

Thanks, Marzel!

You convinced Papá!

Wasn't hard, once
you got yourself captured.

Now come on.

We have one last ship
to crash.

[all singing siren song]

Ah! Oh, no!

Cover your ears!

No! Turn the wheel!

- [all screaming]
- [groans]

My yacht!

My palace!

- Go, beast!
- [growls]

What about us?!

We can barricade ourselves
inside the palace!

I'll deal with Shuriki.

Can you guys
handle the others?

Me and Gabe
against three malvagos?

I like our odds.

All right.
Let's get 'em.


We must stop meeting
like this, Elena.

Don't worry. We will.

- Glow!
- Demolis...!




Did you guys
just hear something?


- Whoa!
- Oof!


Oh! Unh! Oh! Ooh!

I've got Fiero.



Ohh! [groans]

- Desp...!
- [grunts]



Ha ha! Sorry.

"Sorry" is right!

- Where do you think you're going?
- Whoa!

Wait! Let's make a deal.

I'll give you anything you want.

Nice try, fancy pants.






- Yah!
- [groans]

Follow me, Carla! Rápido!



You've come
a long way, boy.


- Oncholoz!
- Vetzi!



Hmm. But not far enough.

Toss your tamborita to me
or say goodbye to your friend.


Just blast him!

[laughing] Fool!





Congla... Aah!

Ya gotta admit,

he does make a good statue.

[gasp] Where are
Victor and Carla?

- They escaped.
- But not the Duke.


[Shuriki] Demolish!

- Chaos!
- [Skylar] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

- Blaze!
- Ohh!


[Cruz] Whoa! That's it!
I'm outta here!

[Elena panting]

- [scepter buzzing]
- [gasp]

Still haven't mastered
your scepter?

Oh, how unfortunate.

When I'm done with you,

I'm going to finish off
what's left of your family.

[evil laugh]


Goodbye, Elena.



[Elena, whispering]
Missed me.




Oh! Ohh!



Cruz... Bla...


- Princesa!
- He's... He's getting away.

He doesn't matter.
You got Shuriki!

It's finally over.


I don't know
what happened to them.

I say we make
a break for it.

[clink, orb rolling]

That is all
that's left of Shuriki.

That is more than enough.


Fly us out of here.

After you unfreeze
my sister.

[muffled shouts]

Shuriki is gone.
For good.

- Ay, mija.
- You saved us all.

I was so worried.

You are sure this time?

I'm sure.

What do we do
with the Duke?

There's an empty cell
in the tower.

That'll do.

What? But I'm familia!

You have no idea
what that word means.

Let this be remembered
as the day sirenas and humans

defended Avalor together and
began a new era of friendship!

You were right, mija.

This was our chance.

And I'm glad we took it.

Princess Elena, I look forward
to a new era of peace,

on land and sea.




I know. You told me so.


I dreamt of this day
for so long.

dreams do come true.

♪♪ Theme music playing...









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