02x08 - Beyond Mountains

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Chosen". Aired: December 24, 2017 - present.
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An exploration of the life of Jesus Christ through the perspective of those that interacted with him.
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02x08 - Beyond Mountains

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[♪ musical swirl ♪]

[rocks clattering]

- Forty talents,

and we'll let you keep
the western ridge

for whatever it is
you love so much about it.

- It's a beautiful view
of the sunrise.

- You can't eat
a sunrise.

- Believe me,
I know.

What is your lineage?

- We are here to talk price,
not family history.

- This is
about my family.

Your tribe?

- Simeon.

- These acres have been
under the tribe of Reuben

for generations,

and I'm not about
to surrender it

to the little brother.


- We can talk ancient
birth order all you want,

but it won't put a meal
on your family's table.

- Fifty-five talents.

- Forty-five, and we'll
send a team of servants

to help you move.

- What is it that you want
from this land?

All rocks;
barely anything grows here.

- That's right,
but things that do grow,

what happens to them?

- All that grow?

- Eventually?

- They die.

- We're going to cut tombs
into these rocks,

for the middle class.

- All the way
out here?

- Only the wealthy can afford
tombs close to the cities,

and more and more
of the middle class

are dying
deep in tax debt.

BUSINESSMAN: Left with no money
for a proper burial,

these families are
surrendering their beloved

to paupers' graves.

We're here to provide

an affordable

even if it's far away,
it's better than a pit,

entwined with other
disintegrating bones.

- What's to stop me and my sons
from carving the tombs?

- Why haven't you?

Do you have the tools?

The expertise?

Capital for hiring laborers
and dozens of stonecutters?

- Fifty talents.

- Forty-seven,
final offer.

- Forty-nine.

Suppose you find copper,
and lead when you dig?

- I said .

You can contact me tomorrow
when you change your mind.

- Wait.

He has a point.

The land could be worth more
if there's something underneath,

like he says.

Copper or salt.

He's not wrong.

[hard sigh]

- Our business has a reputation
of doing things the right way.

I'd be willing to part
with a few more talents

on the off chance
there is something valuable

under all this rock.

- This is all
the Promised Land,

no matter how
it looks to you.


More than ten years' wages,

Let's draw up
the covenants.

What's wrong?

- That word,

I was thinking about
the promise made to Abraham,

and all
the other promises.

- And you can talk
to your Rabbi about that.

For now, let us
close the covenants

and toast a fair deal
for everyone.

[tapping the ground]

[woman vocalizing]

♪ ♪

♪ Oh, child,
come on in. ♪

♪ Jump in the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble
with the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Oh, child... ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪♪



ZEE: You're going to wake the
whole camp with your chopping.

- Put a shirt on,
before the women get up.

- They're already up.

I heard them studying
in their tent.

ANDREW: Why do the women feel
so strongly about studying?

Isn't it enough to just
listen to our Rabbi?

- When would they
do that?

He's never here.

- You know, your obsession
with exercise?

It smacks
of Hellenism.

- I'm just trying
to stay ready.

What if the Romans
change their mind

and do what they did
to your old Rabbi?

- Can you please
not bring that up?

- The mind and spirit are
more important than the body.

- How can you have
a healthy mind

if you don't have
a healthy body?

- I'm talking about emphasizing
one over the other.

- Try eating a whole bush
of poisonous berries,

and then tell me
how your mind is doing.

What's with
the chopping?

- Oh, did we interfere
with sleeping in?

- Your sails are
still full, I see.


[Simon praying]

- Breakfast,

TOGETHER: Blessed are You,
Lord our God,

Ruler of
the universe,

who creates the fruit
of the ground.

[apples crunching]

- We have plenty
of wood, guys.

- And a stack for
the next travelers.

- Tonight is going to be
our last night here.

- It is?

- Yes, Rabbi told me
last night.

- He told everyone.

- Where's Matthew?

- He went away early
this morning with Rabbi

- Why does He always
take Matthew?

- And since when
did you start caring

about Matthew's

- Big Thunder just asked
the same thing.

- You didn't ask
about everyone else.

- Did you sleep okay?

- He was like this
when I woke up.

- Jesus sent Little James,
Thaddeus, and Nathanael ahead

to find a location
for the Sermon.

- All right.

Do we all know what
we're supposed to do?

- I don't know Simon,
maybe listen?

- Keep talking to me
like that!

- I know we'll need security at
all four points of the compass.

- We know how to
execute that, Zee.

- The crowd is going
to be bigger this time,

the way the word
is spreading.

- What do we do
with hecklers?

- Well, the odd Pharisee
used to come to these things.

They used to be all over
John's sermons.

- John would
heckle them.

- I just said
used to.

- Jesus can handle

- We need to get this
right, huh?

No mistakes.

My frame was not...


- Hidden.

- Hidden...
from you,

when I was...
B... I...

- Being made.

- When I was being made...
in secret,

intricately woven
in the depths of the earth.

Your eyes saw
my form not...

- My unformed substance.

- How do you have this

- I've been memorizing the rest
of that Song of David.

I need more words.

More tools.

I can't let it
happen again.

- Mary, you've got
to stop dwelling on--

- Go on.

"Your eyes saw
my unformed substance--

- Saw my unformed

In your book were written
every one of them,

the days that were...
formed for me.

My frame
was not hiding...

TAMAR: You and Mary
have been so good to me.

- Why,
of course.

We're happy
you're here.

- Um, do we all have to
learn how to read?

- No.

Mary's father
taught her long ago,

and Ramah
just wanted to learn.

I think they felt
left out.

Maybe you being here
will take the pressure off.

- Well, I'm willing to learn,
if that's what it takes.


I come
bearing apricots.

- Ah!
It's a good day today.

- Oh, no,

- Thank you.

- Shalom, Thomas.

These are a delight!

- Shalom.

- I'm having mine
under the tent.

- Is Ramah coming out?

- Uh, no,
I don't think so.

She's pretty intent
on studying.

- Oh.

- And Mary is writing leaflet
notices and invitations...

sometimes crying.

- She went through
something bad.

I think she just
needs time.

- Hmm.

And what about them?

[disciples arguing]

- In the most
generous explanation,

I'd call that

- [chuckling] That does not
look like love to me.

- They all love
our Rabbi

and want to follow Him
the right way.

They just can't agree on
what that right way is.

- Hmm.

thank you.

I will take these
to Ramah and Mary.

- Oh, and tell Ramah
Philip found apples,

but I wanted to
bring her apricots...

because I know
they're her favorite.

[clears throat]

- Hmm,
I will pass that along.

- It was

You played your part
so well!

My look of annoyance
was the best I've ever given.

Sophocles, Euripides,

they would k*ll
for our acting skills.

- It certainly was
a kind of tragedy.

- For him;
for us it was a triumph!

And all tragedies
have winners and losers.

- He was the one who brought up
potential minerals.

- Yes, and then you acknowledged
the possibility of salt--

not giving
anything away--

and I conceded
the value,

and we came off
looking like good guys.

- Hmm.

- We bought a salt mine for
the price of a country plot.

- Did you see
his tears?

- That's common.

People have emotional ties
to the land.

- And then what?

Do we grow calluses
on our eyes?

- Hey, lighten up.

We just made the biggest sale
of our lives.

- He did make
a tidy profit on land

he didn't know
would ever be valuable.

- He'll never have to work
another day in his life.

You know,

when I brought you on
as my apprentice,

they neglected
to tell me

that you did not have
a sense of humor.

- I do have
a sense of humor.

- You are about to become
a very wealthy man.

Once our miners
find the salt,

we're going to live
like kings.

- Kings of what?

There's only One True King
in heaven,

and everyone else--
even Caesar--

is enjoying illusions
of power and wealth.

Sooner or later
we all become dust.

- There's that
sense of humor.

I'm not oblivious, okay?

I know that's right.

But we have so few opportunities
to get ahead in this world.

- Opportunity?

It was a calculated

and it didn't...
it didn't feel good.

- We used
what God gave us.

And now we'll have
greater choices.

We'll live
better lives.

More devotion.

Finish your drink.

- Man was formed
from earth,

and eventually
he returns to it.

The time

there has to be more
to life than that.

- He's an orphan
and a poet.

- I told you
not to call me that!

- Hey, okay,
I'm sorry.

It's been
a long week.

Let's take some
time off to rest.

- What I need is a life
I can be proud of!

Don't you want to do something
that will really matter...

that will be remembered
throughout history?

- I appreciate your ambition,
I really do.

And I see
potential in you.

I see it
every day.

Here's an advance.

Let's take weeks off.

Rest, go for walks,
do something new, hmm?

[coins clink]

- Really?

- Why not?

You're the one who said
there's more to life

than making money.

- Thank you.

I don't know
what to say.

- Finish your drink.

NATHANAEL: I think the knoll
east of the NahalKur river

looks promising.

But it's a knoll.

He won't be high enough
for people to see and hear Him.

are trees to the south

that obstruct the view
of the Sea of Galilee--

which He specifically

- Why does He need
a view of the Sea?

- I think He wanted
to be high enough up.

- Ah, what about the hills
north of Chorazin, huh?

There's plenty of height,
His voice would carry.

- It's too steep
of a climb.

- And the distance
is too far

for the people from
Tiberias and Magdala.

He said He wanted to keep it
within a day's walk

from those cities.

- Maybe we're just
looking too far north.

- What did He request?

A grove of juniper or gum trees
on the backside

where we could camp
the night before?

- It's like He already
knows the place, hmm?

- Yeah... we just
have to find it.

[sheep & goats bleating]

- "No trespassing.

will be prosecuted."

Shalom, shalom!

We mean no harm,

THADDEUS: We're here
on friendly business.

Behind where you are,

is that a good view
of the Sea of Galilee?

- Go away!!

- That's not
very friendly.

- Uh, excuse me...
are you the owner?

- It's closed
to visitors!

- It's very important
that we speak to him.

- This is probably
the spot.



It's completely

- Exactly.

- That's it?

That's your
whole story?

- Everything we know
for certain,

established as fact
by eyewitnesses

in accordance
with the Law.


- I know we can't prove
it's the same person,

but the pattern's
too striking to ignore.

- It doesn't need
to be the same person.

That's what's

I will have Shimon
dragged for this.

To be fair,

it was the secretary who
called the charges minutiae,

not Shimon himself.

- Secretaries don't put words
in their Rabbi's mouth,

it's the other way


My congregation and students
will foam at the mouth

when they hear this.

Make a written record
of your conversation

with Shimon's secretary--
every word.

And file it with the clerk
of the special counsel

for false prophecies
at the Archive.

It must be signed and dated
by a ranking Levite.

Do you understand
my instructions?

- Yes, but why
all the exactitude?

- Because when
this Jesus of Nazareth

amasses enough

and enough

it will get
Rome's attention.

And then everyone
will know.

- Know what,

- That Shimon was well aware
of these offenses

and dismissed them.

His obsession with reforming
God's immutable Law

will be exposed

for the negligent, lazy,
dangerous abomination it is.

- Not just Shimon.

We opened a case
with the Sanhedrin,

and Nicodemus dismissed it
as "immaterial."

- Nicodemus...

I've long suspected the lamps
were going dim in that house,

if you get
my meaning.

- Well, I don't know
about that, I--

Spread the word.

Tell every scribe, Pharisee,
Sadducee, Essene, Priest,

Teacher, and Levite
you know.

- Why, Rabbi?

- First, the facts:

using a divine title

from the prophet Daniel.

- Son of Man.

- Claims authority
to forgive sins.

Violates Shabbat
on multiple occasions

and commands others
to do so.

Eats with tax collectors
and sinners.

- Degenerates.

- Now,
the speculation.

Spit it out,
I don't have all day.

- One of John the Baptizer's

is among his followers,

and there are rumors
of a second.

- Delicious.

We'll never be pestered
by that freak again.

- In Capernaum,

there were women
of ill-repute

seen at table with him
in the tax collector's house.

- You're telling me women
are among his followers?

- You asked
for speculation.

- Keep going.

- He consorts
with Gentiles.

the Ethiopian woman

who knew his name
and his origin.

- The last is very vague
and small.

Nothing is small

when it comes to
fidelity to God's Law.

- The Praetor of Capernaum
ordered Jesus detained.

When I spoke
with his office,

they made mention
of the Fourth Philosophy.

- The Zealots?!

- It was just
a passing comment.

- He must be
out of his mind.

- That's all we have.

- You must make these
confirmed facts and inferences

made known
far and wide,

but never mention that Shimon
or Nicodemus dismissed the case.

The gullible masses will defer
to their supposed wisdom.

But then, when we reveal
dated documentation

showing that Shimon had
early warning and did nothing,

the house of his wretched
grandfather, Hillel, will fall.

And the House of Shammai
will rise.

- Rabbi Shammai,

we didn't
come here today

seeking to influence
which schools of thought.

We came looking for
someone who would care

that a false prophet
is deceiving our people.

- If that was your intent,
you have succeeded.

Everything you've
shared with me

will make an appearance
in my next Shabbat sermon.

[paper rustles]

- Matthew, look.

- Mary finished
the notices.

They're leaving
to spread the word.

- I hope they can find a way
to work together.

- What do you mean?

- They can't seem to agree
on a single thing lately?

Myself included

- Oh,
I've noticed.

In some ways,
it's to be expected.

- But not desired,

- No, no,

but it's what's
bound to happen

when you start something
that's open to all,

truly all people.


Even tax collectors.


People who have
been through tough times.

People both hesitant
and skeptical,

as well as bold
and confident.

People hungry
to learn,

as well as those learned
and knowledgeable.

Let's get back
to work.

How many sections
are we up to?

- Nineteen.

- Feels a little
incomplete, huh?

- There is something about
that is more symmetrical.

You could always
shorten it to .

- Brevity is
usually preferred.

Which section stands out
to you the most?

- "Do not be anxious
about your life," of course.

- Are there any sections
that concern you?

Give me
your honest opinion.

I know I don't
have to say that but--

- The whole truth?

- You know
I won't be offended.

- It's... all...
very striking.

But if I do
the math,

in terms of good news
and bad,

it seems like there's not
a lot of... good news.

"Anyone who looks
at a woman with lust

has already committed

Doesn't that make everyone
an adulterer?

"If your right eye
causes you to sin,

gouge it out..."

Wouldn't that lead to
an entire population of people

walking around
with only one eye?

Oh, and this one--

"If anyone were to sue you
and take your tunic,

let him have your cloak
as well"?

- Mm.

- "Trees that bear
bad fruit

"being cut down and
thrown into the f*re;

"the gate is narrow and hard
that leads to life;

Depart from Me,
I never knew you."

Do you realize how
heavily-laden your sermon is

with these kinds
of ominous pronouncements?

I haven't even named
half of them.

- It's a manifesto,

I'm not here to be
sentimental and soothing.

I'm here
to start a revolution.

- Well...
"Love your enemies

and pray for those
who persecute you..."

That isn't exactly--

- I said revolution...
not revolt.

I'm talking about
a radical shift.

Did you think I was just
going to come here and say,

"Hey, everyone,

"just keep doing
what you've been doing

for the last , years,
since it's been going so great"?

- Also, there's
the beginning and the end.

- What about
the beginning?

- My concern about the
beginning is more logistical.

Right now
your opening line is,

"You are the salt
of the earth."

I'm worried,

if it is windy,

or if the crowd is larger
than we expect,

that people near the back
will hear "Salt the earth"

and it will immediately
call to mind

a negative connotation.

- The Punic Wars?

- Yes, when Rome
destroyed Carthage

they sowed the city with salt
to make it barren,

and to curse anyone
who would rebuild upon it.

- I share your concern
about the opening line,

but for
different reasons.

I think the sermon needs
some sort of introduction,

an invitation
into what--

as you have rightly
pointed out--

will be a complex,
and at times challenging,

set of teachings.

- What does, "You are the
salt of the earth," even mean?

I am not good
at metaphor.

- Salt preserves meat
from corruption,

it slows its decay.

I want my followers

to be a people who hold back
the evil over the world.

Salt also enhances
the flavor of things.

I want my followers
to renew the world

and be part
of its redemption.

Salt can also
be mixed with honey

and rubbed on the skin
for maladies.

I want my people to participate
in the healing of the world,

not its destruction.

- Then why not
just say that?

[Jesus chuckles]

- Come on, Matthew,
allow me a little poetry, huh?

Not everyone
is like you,

some people
like a little flavor.

Read the songs
of David, or Solomon;

I'm not even going nearly as far
with metaphor as Solomon.

- I'm reading him next.

- Well, good luck.

He's probably--
whoo! [chuckles]

- Yeah.

- I told you...

these things
will make sense to some

but not to others.

I don't want
passive followers.

Those who are truly committed
will peer deeply into it,

looking for Truth.

But I do agree
with you,

we shouldn't start
with salt.

You make
a valid point.

Good work.

- You could just flip it
with the next image...

"You are the light
of the world.

A city set on a hill
cannot be hidden."

- I could.

- Or, "Whatever you wish
that others would do to you,

do also to them"?

That one's inviting.

Master, may I ask why you keep
coming down to look at the camp?

They've all gone,
haven't they?

- They have.

- I'm going to need time.

NATHANAEL: We have measures
in place for crowd control.

THADDEUS: And we can
set aside some of our men

to assist your goatherds
and shepherds

in keeping the animals

on the other side
of the mountain.

- My goatherd told me
about your plans,

but... I don't
like preachers.

I don't care
for crowds.

You're not even offering to pay
for the use of my space.

- We have no significant money
to offer.

- We may be able
to secure a loan.

- May?

- We have some people
in our group

who are skilled
at negotiation.

- Why didn't you
bring them?

- Do you know of any neighboring
pastures similar to yours,

we could talk to?

- Look, I only came here
because she said

you'd pay for my drink
if I heard you out,

and I have.

product association?

- What?

- If this man is
as important as they say,

and the sermon is as significant
as they are predicting...

- I just don't care about
any vagabond teacher.

- This is the man
who's healed many, yes?

The one we've
heard about?

- Yes!

- Think about
all those pilgrims

that see him
as more than a teacher.

How many
did you say?


Perhaps thousands?

- Multitudes.

- Thousands of people having
life-changing experiences

on your land;

they could see

BUSINESSMAN: What happens
when those pilgrims

go to market
for supplies?

I mean,
all those travelers.

Well, they associate
your products

with the feelings
they had on the day.

Coming from all over...
your products--

- Your milk, your cheese,
your wool, huh?

- Your name will be
the only name they can trust.

- Multitudes?


But if I find
one piece of trash left behind,

I'll sue
for damages.

- You have our word.

We'll leave it better
than we found it.

- Good.

- I can't believe it!

- Did we just
get the land?

I think we just
got the land!

- We got it!!

- How can we ever

[laughing] You see, boy?

I have not
led you to ruin.

Life is
a negotiation.

- Hey,
you were right.

You were right.

- Opportunities are everywhere,
staring us in the face.

And the only difference
between us and most people

is we have the tools
to take advantage.

- Hey,
I'm learning.

- And I'm
telling you--

I don't wanna be
in business forever.

I just wanna make enough money
to make my own choices.

I'm like you,

I believe
there is more to life

than deals and titles.

- You know what I think
would be really interesting?

- What's that?

- To see this preacher
in person.

I've been hearing
about him.

- I'm really glad
to hear you say that.

I want to see him too.

- It's settled.

♪ ♪

[no audio]

[no audio]

♪ ♪

[woman vocalizing]

[no audio]

[no audio]

[vocalizing continues]

[no audio]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- Well,
they're still gone.

ANDREW: Have we been
advertising something

that might not happen?

What if He never
comes back?

- We go to sleep,
and He's not here.

We wake up,
and He's not here.

ZEE: Correction,
when you wake up He's not here.

I've seen Him leave
with Matthew every morning

for the past week.

- I think He's just
trying to get it right.

- Can He get
anything wrong?

- I mean,
for the people.

- What if we've all
been misled?

- How can you
say that?

You saw what happened
at Cana!

- Everyone,
calm down.

- I'm sorry,
I'm just nervous.

- We're all tired
from a long day.

We need to rest
for tomorrow

and go meet the others
at the mountain early

to help set up.

- What if no one
shows up?

- What if everyone
shows up?

- Either way,
Simon is right.

We should rest.

THOMAS: You think I'm going
to get a wink of sleep?

I just want to make sure I've
done everything I can for Him.

- You always do.

- He'll sleep well now.

[crickets chirping]

- Matthew...

- Rabbi.

- I've got it.

- The opening?

- Yes.

- What is it?

- A map.

- A what?

- Directions.

Where people should look
to find me.

- Okay,
give me a moment.

I'm ready.


- Blessed are
the poor in spirit,

for theirs is
the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are
those who mourn,

for they shall be

Blessed are
the meek...

...for they shall
inherit the earth.

Blessed are those

who hunger and thirst
for righteousness,

for they shall be

Blessed are
the merciful...

...for they shall
receive mercy.

Blessed are
the pure in heart...

...for they
shall see God.

Blessed are
the peacemakers,

for they shall be called
sons of God.

Blessed are those

who are persecuted
for righteousness' sake...

...for theirs is
the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you

when others revile you
and persecute you

and utter all kinds of evil
against you falsely

on My account.

and be glad,

for your reward
will be great in heaven.

- Yes,

but how is it
a map?

- If someone
wants to find Me,

those are the groups
they should look for.

- And then?

- You are the salt
of the earth.



[birds chirping]

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]

[crowd conversations]

- Therefore, do not be
anxious about your life,

what you'll eat,
what you'll drink;

about your body,
what you'll put on...

[overlapping conversations]

- Jesus.

- Yes.

- Please come,
we'd like to show you something.

- I'm preparing,

- Fine,
we'll come to you.

This is no good.

- What?
Why not?

You'll blend into the rocks.

To the people in the back

you'll be a disembodied voice
coming from a slate quarry.

- You need a pop
of color.

- You know, I know
what the prophecy says

about my appearance,

is this your attempt
to change it?

- Blue, the symbol of peace,
like water and the sky?

- Hmm.

- Red, a symbol
of passion, blood,

sacrifice, love.

- Oh.

- Purple:
the royalty, kingship.

- Gold:
warmth, wisdom,

light, the sun.


- Well?

- Well,
we have no glass,

or no still waters
to peer into for a reflection,

and even if we did,

I can't tell you how little
I care about how I look.


- Blue,
the symbol of peace.

Our Prince of Peace.

- Ramah?

- Purple.

Because of the night
I first met you.




- Purple, also.


- Tamar?

- Blue.

It's a calming color,

softens your
hard edges.

- I have hard edges?


- You've been known
to say hard things.

- Ha! [chuckles]
Just wait.

ANDREW: Thomas says
we're up to , !

SIMON: At the rate people
are showing up

it will be ,
by the time we start.

In no time.

- Should we even
tell Him?

- I don't want Him
to be surprised

when He comes around
to His place.

- Is He capable
of surprise,

or being thrown off?

- Oh,
this is not good.

If more people
show up,

or if one more thing
goes wrong,

this could be
a disaster.

Am I allowed?

[big sigh]

- Ah, later.

Where's Dasha?

- She's with Zebedee
and some others.

They secured a place
at the front.


- Yes?

- Get over here.

I need
a tiebreaker.

[Eden giggles]

- This is Simon's wife,


even bigger than I thought.

I had a feeling.

- You had a feeling...

I want to see him.

- I want to find a place
we can hear him.

- I'll come find you.

I won't be long.

See if you can find
one of his followers,

one of the men
we met,

let them know
we can help them;

they clearly need it.

They look like
they're with him.

Excuse me,

May I have
a very brief word?

- This is amazing!

Oh, excuse me.

Do you know where
I should stand to hear him?

- To hear the Teacher
from Nazareth.

- Nazareth?

- He performs

- They are saying
He could be The One.

- We're not gonna
miss a word.

You could do a lot worse
than to follow us.

- That's kind,
thank you.

- You know, today
is one of those days

when it's definitely better
to be blind and not deaf.

[Barnaby chuckles]

- I'm sorry, if we're moving
to hear the Teacher,

why are you turning off the path
the others follow?

- We're just going to say hello
to some old friends

before the show.

- It's not a show,

- It was a show
at Zebedee's house!

- Step back
five cubits.

- Everyone, step back
and push no further.

This is the line.

- Everyone, you're too close,
step back.

JOHN: Five cubits back,
everyone, please.

- And what we don't?

- Abba!!


- You think we'd stay home
for this?

- Eema!

- You look skinny.

Are you eating?

- No, I am eating,
yes, yes, I'm fine.

- Where's James?

- He's on
the other side.

I actually have to
go there now.

- Okay, go!

- Okay, okay!

And no heckling,
you two.

- No promises!

- Zebedee!!

- What?

- What are you
thinking about?

- Your father.

How he never got to see
any of this.

- My father?

Which one?


- You know
what I mean.

- I do miss him.

But I'm glad
you're here.

- I am proud
of you.

- Maybe wait to say that
until after I'm done.


In case I mess up
in front of such a big crowd.

- Whatever you say
will be beautiful.

- It is pretty good,


SIMON: Master,
it's time.

- It's time.

- If not now--

- --when?

- We heard some guy was gonna
tell jokes on a hillside

or something?

- They're not jokes.

- Barnaby!

- Shula!

You made it!

Good to see you.

[all greeting each other]

- Wait...
it's you!

You're the man
from the public house.


- I just
followed them, I--

don't actually know
what I'm doing here.

- Come on over.

- Well, we just wanted
to say, "Shalom."

We'll go find
a good spot.

- Please,
stick around...


This is the man who got us
the Mount and the pasture...

convinced the landowner
it was worth his while.

- Ah, good work;
I'm Simon.

- Judas.

- Welcome, Judas.

I'm sure you're going
to love this sermon.

- Oh, I wouldn't
miss it.

[pats his back]

[crowd noise]

- Shall we?

♪ ♪

♪ Drown me like a stone
in the water ♪

♪ Watch the mud
rise up ♪

♪ Dress me like a lamb
for the slaughter ♪

♪ Pour me
in your cup ♪

♪ Should've known
that we'd bring trouble ♪

♪ Trouble gonna
find you here ♪

♪ Trouble ♪

♪ I was one way
when you found me ♪

♪ I was not
the one you see ♪

♪ And the only thing
that happened ♪

♪ Was this stranger
in between ♪

♪ And you can say
your eyes are open ♪

♪ You might think
your hands are clean ♪

♪ Till the wind blows in
and dirt kicks up ♪

♪ In ways
you've never seen ♪

♪ Yeah, trouble ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Yeah, trouble ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Use me till
I'm scraping the bottom ♪

♪ Make my well
run dry ♪

♪ Shake them coins,
I know where you got 'em ♪

♪ Kiss me,
kiss me bye ♪

♪ Should've known
that we'd bring trouble ♪

♪ Trouble gonna
find you here ♪

♪ Yeah, trouble ♪

♪ I was one way
when you found me ♪

♪ I was not
the one you see ♪

♪ And the only thing
that happened ♪

♪ Was this stranger
in between ♪

♪ You can say
your eyes are open ♪

♪ You might think
your hands are clean ♪

♪ Till the wind blows in
and dirt kicks up ♪

♪ In ways
you've never seen ♪

♪ Yeah, trouble ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Yeah, trouble ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Trouble ain't bad
if bad is good. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ I said, "Trouble ain't bad
if bad is good" ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Oh, you'd make a little
trouble if you understood ♪

♪ ♪

♪ You know, trouble ain't bad
if bad is good ♪

♪ ♪

♪ I was one way
when you found me ♪

♪ I was not
the one you see ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Yeah, trouble ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Trouble gonna
find me here ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Trouble ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Trouble ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Trouble gonna
find me here ♪

♪ Trouble ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Trouble ♪♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- I give you...
The Chosen.

- I love that God
simply spoke

and the world
came into being.

- Oh, yeah,

Okay, we're doing
that thing.

Okay, okay,
one more time.

- I suppose
I love the beginning.

- Me too!!


- Sorry.

- Thank you
very much.


- Okay, nine in the morning,
we're out of here.

We get to
the leper colony,

we stop by there,
just a few minutes,


- Just a few minutes!
"Hello, lepers."


- Sons of Thunder!

Aren't you supposed to
still be filming?

What am I saying?

- Fishing.


- Try that again.


Not filming.

- I'll bring him
some bread.

after that...

Can you give me
a line here?


- Now, only,


- You played your part
so well!

And my look of annoyance
was the best I've ever given.

Sophocles, Euclitides,


- Euclitides?

- Euclitides?

That's not
a human being?

- That was fun.

Oh, boy.

- I'm like,
I'm leaving.

- Sorry,
ha, ha, ha, ha!

Yeah, have fun
with your cousin.

- I never thought I'd learn--
live to see one.


[Both speak]

- Thank You for let--

- Go for it.

- Okay.

you go ahead.
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