01x37 - Shin sekai

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Death Note". Aired: October 3, 2006 - June 26, 2007.
Series revolves around high school student Light Yagami, who decides to rid the world of evil with the help of a supernatural notebook called a Death Note.
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01x37 - Shin sekai

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How many seconds has it been since you wrote down the first person's name?






Near, I won.


We are not d*ad.

A minute has passed.

We are not d*ad.

I said it many times that nobody is going to die.

This is...


Why did nobody die?


I've followed your instructions!

Anthony, Gevanni. Catch Teru!

Gevanni, give me the notebook.

Look with your own eyes.

The first four names are the names of our SPK members.

The only member's name that was not written is Light Yagami.

Not only did Teru call you "God."

He said he followed your instructions too.

The evidence is here.


It's a trap!

A trap by Near to set me up.

Names were on the notebook but no one died.

Isn't that strange?

That means it is a trap!

Didn't I say I tampered with the notebook, so no one is going to die?

No. It can't be!

I mean...

This is impossible.

It is a trap.

I do not even know that person!

Light, it is too late.

Near won.

You said "I won" just now.

It appeared that you made a confession.



Stop it!

Light Yagami.



You have lost.

Even though you announced your victory just now.

Indeed, you could have been the winner.

And I could have been the loser.

We were tricked by you.

The fake notebook was tampered.

However, when I said a tampered notebook, I was referring to the real one.

A few pages in the fake one were replaced.

The real notebook was completely swapped.

This is the real notebook.

How could this be possible?

Gevanni used the same pen as Teru and copied his handwriting.

Not just the looks, but the inner pages look exactly the same too.

Gevanni spent the whole night doing this.

As I am touching this real notebook.

I can see the Shinigami.


Shinigami, nice to meet you.

I am Near.

Nice to meet you. I'm Ryuk.

He can talk to Ryuk.

It means he really can see the Shinigami.

A corner of this notebook was torn off.

Will writing a name on that torn paper k*ll that person?

Yes, that person will die.

Right, of course.

There are so many ways to use it.

I wonder how many people have you k*lled by using this and deceive us.

Light Yagami.

You are Kira.

Something is wrong.

Did Teru betray me?

It does not seem so.

We must thank Mello for this.

You must have figured it out by now with your intelligence.

Was it Mello?

Look here carefully.

Kiyomi's name is on the notebook.

And the time was set one minute after I k*lled Kiyomi.

So Teru was...

Since you were being monitored and unable to act freely.

When Kiyomi was in that situation...

That was the time to do my job.

You idiot!

I told you not to take action until today.

Correct, the 26th.

After the news reported that Kiyomi was kidnapped, Teru went to the bank.

According to my investigation, Teru went to the bank on the 25th.

He did it for two days in a row this time. As a routine person, it was suspicious.

Therefore, I followed him.

I saw him entered the vault.

Obviously, he only checked if anyone was following him at that time.

I opened the vault very easily.

Inside it, I found the real notebook.

Kiyomi's name was written on it.

Light Yagami.

Since you used the torn paper to k*ll Kiyomi too, you didn't know that Teru acted on his own.

It was the first time I realized that there might be a fake notebook.

It was all because Mello created that situation.

Mello probably figured that out long ago.

Is forcing the person to write the name the fastest way?


In that case, I will do it.

Mello knew it clearly.

Be it Mello or me.

Neither one of us would be able to exceed our goal, L.

However, if we collaborate, we can be as good as L.

If we unite, we can surpass L.

Now, both of us are suggesting undeniable evidence against Kira, who defeated L.

If you can still deny it, go ahead.


I'm Kira.

What do you want then?

Are you going to k*ll me here?


I am Kira.

I'm also

the god of the new world.

Kira is the law of this world.

It is Kira who keeps the order.

I am justice.

I am the hope of mankind.

Do you want to k*ll me?

Are you sure that's the best option?

These six years with Kira's existence, wars have diminished and crime rates dropped by 70% too.

But the world is still rotten.

There are too many bad people.

There must be someone to do justice.

This was the thought I had when I got the notebook.

I know I had to do it.


Only I can do it.

I know m*rder is a crime.

But this is the only way to lead the world to justice!

This is my gift!

Only I can do it.

Otherwise, who can do it?

Who else can make it this far? Who else can create things like this?


The person who can create a new world

has to be me.

No. You're just a m*rder.

And this notebook is the worst w*apon in history.

You yielded to Ryuk and Death Note and imagined yourself as a god.

Apart from this, you are nothing.

You know nothing, you morons.


Are the notebook in your hand and the one Shuuichi brought from the headquarter the real ones?

Are you trying to bluff?

Only I know where the real notebook is.

If you want to defeat Kira, you can try the notebook brought by Shuuichi.

Write my name and Teru's name on the note.

See if that notebook is real

or fake.

He has a hidden piece of the note!


You bastard!

Touta, who are you sh**ting at?

Are you kidding me?

What is this for?

What did your dad do everything for?

My Dad?

Do you mean Souichirou Yagami?

Yes, Touta!

An honest person like him will always lose.

Are you willing to live in that world?

If you understand that, k*ll everyone here immediately!

sh**t now!

You forced your father to a d*ad-end and you think he's stupid?

He's using blood.

I shall k*ll you! I must k*ll this bastard!


Damn it.

What are all these for?


What are you doing?

Write quickly...

All these people's names.

k*ll them all!


It has come to an end.


Where is Misa?




In the end, what should I do?

Teru is...

-Stop his bleeding quickly! -However, I'm afraid this is...


-Light, stop! -Mr. Aizawa!

He has no more hidden notes.

He couldn't go far with his injury anyway.

Leave him be, he will not be able to move sooner or later.

Near, we can't follow that order.

Okay, I understand. I will leave it to you all then.


You lost, Light.

I told you at the beginning, didn't I?

When you die, I shall write your name in my notebook.

The rules are what the Shinigami who gave the Death Note and the human who received it need to follow.

If you go to jail, there's no way to know when you will die.

Waiting will bring more trouble.

You are done.

Just die here.

We spent quite a lot of time k*lling together.

I really enjoyed it.

Every part of it.

Light Yagami
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