New Blood: 01x10 - Sins of the Father

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Dexter". Aired: October 2006 to present.
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A Miami police forensics expert moonlights as a serial k*ller of criminals whom he believes have escaped justice.
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New Blood: 01x10 - Sins of the Father

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[MOLLY] Welcome to Iron Lake.

Population: , .

- _
- On the surface,

Iron Lake may seem like
the idyllic snow globe town

Norman Rockwell would jerk off to.

But I came here because an
overprivileged, cis, white boy

named Matt Caldwell went
hunting in the woods one day

and never came back.

So, of course, everyone
lost their g*dd*mn minds.

Especially Matt's father,

local legend Kurt Caldwell,

who claims his son is still alive.

But if that's true,

- where is he?
- _

What unfolded next, m*rder fiends,

was more than any true crime
podcaster could ever dream of.

Dark secrets lurk beneath Iron Lake,

and the more I do the deep dive,

the more I come up with.

At this rate, I may never have to leave.

You're listening to Merry f*cking k*ll.

- And now, a word...

This is Chief Angela
Bishop, Iron Lake P.D.

I need you to put out an APB on someone

who's been missing for hours.

[DISPATCH] All right, what's the
name of the missing person?

Molly Park.

[DEXTER] Now I remember
why I picked this place.

So many good people.

Fred Jr, Pastor Brian.


Teddy, Abraham.

Good folks.

All these people working
together to help me,

Mr. Serial k*ller.

Make that Mr. Serial k*ller and son.

This f*re is a sign.

If I'm going to teach Harrison the Code,

it can't be here.

We need to talk.

Uh, sure thing.

- You want to grab, uh, a coffee?
- No, we need to talk now.


I just spoke to Gig.

There's strong evidence
that your f*re was arson.


Arson? Are you sure?

Yes. Yes, I'm sure.

'Cause Gig's been warning me
about that f*re pit for...

Someone drenched your
roof with an accelerant,

most likely gasoline,

which makes this a crime scene.


Why would someone do that?

Can you think of anyone
you crossed recently?


No one comes to mind.

It was probably those
Moose Creek douchebags.

Uh, a few of 'em tried to jump me

at the-at the truck stop two nights ago.

- You were attacked?
- Yeah.

Did you get any names?

Uh, they were-they were
friends with that kid, Jeremy.

Uh, Zach or Scott probably
know who they are.

[DEXTER] He truly is his father's son.

[ANGELA] ... I'm gonna need
physical descriptions...

Yo, Jimbo!

... and any other details
you can remember.

[TEDDY] Anything here you want to keep?

Hey, thanks, Teddy.
This was my father's.


Keep your phone on.

I'm gonna stay and poke
around a little more.

Heard about the f*re.

Uh, took up a collection to help out.


Aw, you shouldn't have.

You really shouldn't have.

We, uh, we wanted to get you
a little something special.


Thought you might be
able to use a new jacket.


Hey, it's from all of us.

Yeah! [WHOOPS]



[HARRISON] Gracias.

Para todo.

You guys are too nice in this town.

Hey, it's your town, too.

[DEXTER] There was a time
I would've given anything

to see him like this.

[SCOTT] Aw, shit, he's gonna cry.

[DEXTER] Happy. Embraced
by friends. Almost normal.

- Okay, okay. Come on, come on.

Let's pack up the-the boxes
and put them in Jim's truck.

No, it's all good.
Harrison and I got it.


Thanks again.

You're too kind, really.

Takes a village.


So... after last night, we
should probably figure out

where we want to live.

That makes sense.

Can't stay at Angela's place forever.

Maybe somewhere warmer?

You mean away from Iron Lake?

That's what I'm thinking, yeah.

But-but I just got here.

I mean, I-I-I finally
feel like I fit in.

And you've done a great job,

but think about how good
a fresh start will feel.

What about Los Angeles?

It's kind of like Miami, but
without all that humidity.

It's , miles away from my friends.

From Audrey.

I know it's hard, but we
can't be ourselves here.

We can't do what we do.

Come on.


how does... "what we do" work, exactly?

I mean, d-do we...

we see someone getting
away with m*rder, and...

uh, take care of them?

Something like that.

We'll research, make a list.

It's not hard to do when
you're in a big city.

And then, when our Dark
Passenger rises up,

we'll be ready.

Rises up?

Like during your wrestling match,

when you broke that kid's arm.

Except, instead of hurting
someone innocent,

we bring justice to someone
who deserves it.

And save a lot of innocent people.


Can we get a pool?


Yeah, we can definitely get a pool.


So, uh, when are you gonna tell Angela?

'Cause I-I need to tell Audrey.

I'll let you know when
the time is right.

Hey, could you follow up on
a few Moose Creek kids?

Harrison said they...

[LOGAN] Harrison said they... ?

Ange? Everything okay?



All right.



- [AUDREY] No.

- [HARRISON] Thank you.
- Hey, you got a little...


[HARRISON] Dogs... you know.



Hey, you.

I hope pasta's okay.

It seemed, I don't know, cozy.

Can't-can't go wrong with pasta,

but you got to do it right.

Would you guys mind going to Gig's

for some crushed red
pepper and parmesan?

Yeah. You got it. Come on.

Oh, and, uh, caramel fudge ice cream?

Yeah, get two. We all deserve it.


All right.


Is my cabin still b*rned down?

- Very.

Any clues, culprit-wise?

- Yeah, I guess not.

Well, have some wine.

Sorry to say, it's a
little bit... [SNIFFS]

- [CHUCKLES] smoky.

- You okay?

Hey. Don't worry about me.

I am the phoenix.

I rise from the ashes.

Hey, tell me what's going on...

Turn around! On your knees!

Hands on your head.

Wh... You're taking the whole
role-playing thing to the next level.

Shut the f*ck up and do what I say.



What could she possibly know?


What the hell is this about?

'Cause there's at least a few options.




Dexter Morgan, you're under arrest

for the m*rder of Matthew
Stearn Caldwell.

Matt Caldwell's d*ad?

Get him the f*ck out of my house.

[LOGAN] You have the
right to remain silent.

- Anything you say...
- Yes, okay,

your chief already told
me to shut the f*ck up.


♪ Let me back, let me back ♪

♪ I promise to be good ♪

♪ Don't look in the mirror ♪

♪ At the face you don't recognize ♪

♪ Help me, call the doctor ♪

♪ Put me inside, put me inside ♪

♪ Put me inside, put me
inside, put me inside ♪

♪ I keep the wolf from the door ♪

♪ But he calls me up, ooh ♪

- Ange...

Can we just talk?

Oh, we'll be talking. A lot.

♪ And I'll never see them again ♪
♪ If I squeal to the cops ♪

♪ No-no-no, no ♪

♪ No, no-no-no ♪

♪ No-no-no, no-no-no, no-no-no-no ♪

♪ No-no-no-no ♪

♪ No-no-no-no, no-no-no ♪

♪ Someone else is gonna
come and clean it up ♪

♪ Born and raised for the
job someone always does ♪

♪ I wish you'd get up, get over ♪

♪ Get up, get over, turn your tape off ♪

♪ I keep the wolf from the door ♪

♪ But he calls me up, calls me ♪

♪ On the phone, tells me all the ways ♪

♪ That he's gonna mess me up ♪

♪ Steal all my children ♪

♪ If I don't pay the ransom ♪

♪ I'll never see them again ♪

♪ If I squeal to the cops ♪

♪ So I'm just gonna ♪

Dad? What's going on?

[DEXTER] Everything's gonna be okay.

Take a seat, Harrison.
I'll talk to you in a bit.

Just grab a seat, guys.


Do I need a lawyer?

- 'Cause...
- Up to you.

For the record, please state your name.

Jim Lindsay.

State your g*dd*mn name.

Dexter. Dexter Morgan.

Hello, Dexter Morgan.

Hello, Chief Bishop.

Where were you the day
Matt Caldwell went missing?

I was... [SIGHS] at my cabin, alone.


We've determined that this person

- is Matt Caldwell.
- Yeah.

You remember when I came in

and identified that
distinctive r*fle for you?

Yes. You're a good citizen.

I try to be.

Do you really have no sense of sarcasm?

- No.
- Yes.

I... We never identified

the second person out in
the woods that morning.

What's interesting is he
has the same build as you,

the same r*fle you own.

He even does that same
chin scratch thing you do.


Well, my body size is average,

- which means...
- I know what that means.

And dozens of people in Iron
Lake have that same r*fle.

Hell, I personally sold most of them.

And I don't really know
what you mean about...

... the chin scratch thing.


You know that Matt Caldwell
shattered his femur

in that boating accident in Ohio?

I'd heard that. What about it?

the type of screws and plate

used to repair that sort of fracture.

Okay, and?

And I found them in my mailbox,

along with...

this note.



Come on, Ange, you're better than this.

I found this...

in the ashes of your cabin.


Remember when I said these are
the type of screws and plate

used on surgeries like Matt?

I was being oblique.

They're not just the type.

These are the actual screws

and plate used on Matt.

They've got serial numbers,

so I called the Cleveland Clinic and...

And that's why we're here.

And your working theory is...

You went for your morning walk...

No, I was home all day,
except for work and...

... where you saw Matt
k*ll the white deer.

You two argued.

Not hard to do, considering
Matt was always an assh*le.

Maybe he attacked you.
Maybe it was self-defense.

Or maybe you're jumping to
conclusions that aren't there.

And then Harrison shows
up out of nowhere...

... and you had to get
rid of Matt's body.

And what's your theory on that one?

You b*rned it.


Until it isn't.

'Cause here's the hitch.


... doesn't melt.

[DEXTER] A fact I've become
painfully aware of.

I also have a theory.
You want to hear it,

or are you just gonna tell
me to shut the f*ck up?

Kurt lied about Matt being in New York.

And then he lied about Matt
being at that cabin of his.

And then Kurt stripped that
same cabin down to the studs

a day after your friend,
Molly and I were there.

So, it's not outside the realm
of good, logical theory

that Kurt k*lled Matt

for any number of accidental
or intentional reasons.

You yourself said, "Matt
was always an assh*le."

Then he needed someone to frame.

Why not the boyfriend
of the chief of police

who just arrested and humiliated him?



Hell, Kurt probably b*rned down my cabin

just so you'd find that damn screw.

Don't you see? He set me up.


he's trying to get back at you.

Look, you've been under
a ton of pressure lately.


you just found your best
friend's body after so long.

You haven't even had a
chance to grieve for...

Don't you say her name!

Hey, hey.

Why don't we just give Jim...

Dexter... some time to
gather his thoughts?

We want to keep this interview clean,

so it stands up in court.

- He's f*cking with us.
- Maybe.

But his story seems to be just
on this side of plausible to me,

which means it'll seem plausible
to a jury and the D.A.

You don't know the full f*cking context.

And if there is a full f*cking context,

you might want to fill me in.

I can't.

I got to be sure this time.

- Teddy.
- [TEDDY] Chief?

- Bring Kurt Caldwell in.
- [TEDDY] You got it, boss.

Anything on the Molly Park APB?

Nothing yet, but I forwarded
the line to my cell.

Okay. Harrison.

Logan will bring you
in to see your father.

Just... five minutes, okay?

Thanks, Ange... Chief Bishop.

Audrey, you come with me.



Sorry. Protocol.

Just hang tight.


- I'll give you some privacy.
- Thank you.

What the hell?

Angela thinks I k*lled Matt Caldwell.

This has nothing to do with Kurt.

You're safe.


Hey, I've been in tougher spots.

I'll get out of this.

There's no way I'm leaving you.

I promise.

- [ESTHER] Night, Logan.
- [LOGAN] Good night, Esther.

Angela's got this... theory,
but it'll never hold up.

We'll be on the road in a day or two.

Well, what am I supposed
to do till then?

Go find Tess at The Tavern.

She'll feed you and give you a room.

- Okay.
- Come on, guys.

We'll get through this.

The world needs us.

[SIGHS] I'll be waiting for you.

And I'll find you.


Stay tough.

Turn around. Hands behind your back.


You're a good man, Logan.

I hope you are, too,
for Harrison's sake.

I can't give you all
the details yet, but...

You know how Harrison told
you Jim wasn't his real name?

You said Harrison was
high and didn't mean it.

I didn't know it at the time,

but there's more to that story.

Like what? What the hell is going on?


Honey, I know this might
be hard to believe...

... but Jim is dangerous.


Then why were you dating him?

Why'd you let him into our house?

Sometimes people aren't
who you think they are.


Wait, Audz.

Go home.

Give Harrison some space.

Why? Is he dangerous too?



I promise I will tell you
everything tomorrow.



Turn around. Hands through the slot.

All right.


This is nuts.

It's really putting me
in touch with my fear

of Harrison growing up without a father.

I know you've been there.

Go to the far side of the cell.


Huh. Some things never change.

I'm gonna go make sure that
Harrison is set up okay.

I'm not going anywhere.


And thank you.

Sons need their fathers.


Thanks for this.

Oh, you're doing me a favor.
Never fun eating alone.

I know this must be really,
really tough for you.

I'm not the one in jail.

I don't want to see Jim go away, either.

Look, you got here around the
same time Matt disappeared.

Did you hear or-or see anything

that could help exonerate your dad?

I-I wasn't in town yet,
so I... can't help.

Are you gonna finish your fries?


I should head back to the station.

- Later, Coach.
- Yeah.


Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, and, uh, try not to eat
hamburgers three meals a day.

I don't want you going up
too many weight classes

before wrestling starts
after New Year's.












This is Chief Angela Bishop.

We met at that conference in New York.

Chief Bishop.

Uh... [GROANS]

I hope I didn't give you
the wrong impression.

You know, I'm a happily married man.

This is a police matter.

How can I help?

We've had some deaths in Iron Lake

that are very similar to
an old Miami Metro case.

Do you remember the Bay Harbor Butcher?

Cristo. That was a gruesome one.

I looked at the autopsy photos
on the police database.

- So, you've seen the, uh...
- The dismemberments.

The whole thing.

What can you tell me
about Sergeant Doakes?

I sat next to him every
day for ten years.

Do you believe that he did it?

I did at the time, but there
were a few other theories.

My, uh, my ex-wife...

My old captain actually thought it
was someone else in the precinct.


Dexter Morgan, but he died years ago.

Chief Bishop?

Check your e-mail.

Okay. Hold on.


When was this taken?

Last month.

Madre de Dios.

Dexter Morgan is alive?

And is sitting in my jail cell.

Can I have your old captain's name?

I'd like to speak with her.

She was...

she was m*rder.

Oh, I'm... I'm so sorry.

Did you ever catch the k*ller?

- Batista?

Where are you?

I'll be there first thing tomorrow

with everything I've got.




What's up, Teddy?

Kurt Caldwell's b*at feet out of here.

Front door unlocked, safe
empty, closets cleaned out.

And guess what? His gas truck's here.

Emptied out. Still
smells like fresh gas.

[ANGELA] Can you stay
at Kurt's overnight?

Just in case he shows up.

You got it, Chief.


Oh... geez.

Put that lying son of a
bitch back in my office.

You're not done for the night?

Oh, I'm just getting started.


You might actually get away with
the Matt Caldwell m*rder charge.

- Because I didn't do it.
- Oh, you did it, all right.

But I'm not entirely sure
my case will hold up enough

to convince the D.A. and then the jury.

But hear this and know this.

I will stake my career, my family,

my everything...

that you're a m*rder.

I'm worried about you.

I've got one word for you:


You picked up a healthy... or
unhealthy... amount from Dr. Patel.

Yeah, I needed it for Vincent van Goat.

You know he was sick.

Do you recognize this man?

Yeah, it's the piece of shit

who sold the drugs that
almost k*lled my son.

We... ended up having an
unfortunate encounter.

About that encounter.

Miles O'Flynn testified to me that,

"Just before he started pounding
on me, he poked me in the neck.

Like, with a needle or something."

That was the exact same day
you picked up the ketamine

and several syringes from Dr. Patel.

You think I drugged him?

I saw Logan question him
in this very station.

There's no way he was drugged.

[ANGELA] Only because Logan and Teddy

showed up at Crystal Bar
before you could do it.

God, believe what you want to believe.

You worked forensics in Miami.

You've seen autopsy photos before.

Yes and yes.

- Jasper Hodge.

Okay, I have no idea where
you're going with this.

It's called...

- [DEXTER] A weal mark.
- [ANGELA] ... a weal mark.

I heard he died of an accidental
fentanyl overdose.

I can't say I'm sorry.

He also had ketamine in his system.

And only in his system.

None was found anywhere
in his house or his car.

- Well, I can't speak to that.
- Well...

... then speak to this.


Same weal marks.

Same drug showing up
in their tox report.

It's what we call a pattern.

And it's how I know that
you, Dexter Morgan...

... are the Bay Harbor Butcher.


The Bay Harbor Butcher

was Miami Metro Detective
Sergeant James Doakes.

Not everyone believes that.

Tomorrow you'll be arraigned
for the m*rder of Matt Caldwell.

I'm gonna do my best
to see that it sticks

and you get life without parole.

And then, win or lose,

you're gonna have a little reunion

with your old friend Angel Batista.


I met him at that Cop-Con thing.

He's on his way up from
Miami as we speak.

We're gonna extradite
your ass to Florida

where you'll stand trial
as the Bay Harbor Butcher.


A state with the f*ck
death penalty.


Turn off the camera.

Why the hell would I do that?

I'll talk.

If you've got something to say,
just say it to the camera.



What if I told you you were right?

Well, then, you'd be admitting to...

I'm not admitting anything.

I'm saying you were right
about Kurt Caldwell.

I can prove it.

Ange, you know in your heart

that Kurt k*lled Iris.

She was just his first.

He's been active for years.

Very active.

What the hell are you talking about?


Go to Kurt's cabin.

yards north of the front door,

under a deadwood pile, there's a hatch.

Open it, and you'll see
what real evil looks like.

I have dedicated my entire life to this.

Yeah, and you've been met with
scorn and ridicule at every turn

because you've had a gut
feeling, but no proof.

You go to that cabin,

and you'll finally have it.



[LOGAN] You turned off the
camera. What happened?

[ANGELA] Put him back in his cell.
I've got to check something out.

- And that would be?
- Just f*cking do it.


I-I came to get my stuff,

since it doesn't look like
we're gonna move in together.

Come in. Your stuff's upstairs.

I'm sorry.

I think this is all my fault.

How could this possibly be your fault?

I told my mom what
you said at the party.

If I had just kept my mouth shut...

Th-This-this isn't because of you.

Then what's going on?

No one will tell me what's happening.

I know.

I just... [SIGHS] want this to be over.

For things to go back to normal.


What's that?

Things certainly weren't normal

when you and I were on track
to becoming brother and sister.


So, you think this arrest means
our parents are breaking up?


My dad told me to wait at The Inn.

But it's really nice to see you.

Well, my mom said to give you space.

But I guess we don't always have
to do what our parents want.

[DEB] Remember when you thought
not k*lling was the problem?

How's that going for you?

I can figure this out.

Angela's got her teeth in you.

She's never gonna let go.

You did.

I was your sister.

I trusted you.

I loved you.

Angela's pretty f*cking
far from that right now.


[WHISPERS] Enough.

Hey, Logan, can I get some water?

Kind of been doing a
lot of talking today.


You talked Angela right
out of the station.

I'd give anything to know
what you said to her

when the camera was off.





I don't want to hurt you.

So, Angela was right about you.

She's a good cop and so are you,

but this is inevitable.

- So, just give me the keys.

Do it!

Don't be a hero, Logan.

I just need to get out and see my son.

Good, good. Good, good, good, good.

- Don't do that.
- f*ck you.

- [g*n]


[DEXTER] Damn it, Logan, you
should have listened to me.






Yo, Coach. Is my dad okay?

[DEXTER] It's me.

Wh... Dad?

Where-where are you?

Come downstairs. Meet
me in front of the station.

Um, I'm at-I'm at Audrey's.

Okay, that's actually better.

Grab all your stuff.

My truck is in Angela's driveway.

The key's in the cupholder.

Meet me where we found the white deer.

I got it.

Sun's coming up. Go.









Annie Kurtz?

Jennifer Nùñez.

Oh, my... oh, my God.


Shannon Luu.


Lily Kosnicki.








Logan. Logan, are you there?

- Logan, do you copy? Pick up.

[DEXTER] That was
faster than I expected.

[ANGELA] Logan. We have multiple bodies.


Oh, f*ck.






'Sup, Chief?

Get me state troopers, CSI,

the coroners, the f*ck FBI.

I found something like bodies

at the Caldwell property on Stearn Road.

I need all the backup I can get

before this place turns
into a f*cking media frenzy.

Holy shit. Got it. On it.

Wait, Teddy.


Have you heard from
Logan in the past hour?

No. I think he's still at
the station with Jim.

f*ck! f*ck!






Grab your stuff and leave
the truck. Let's go.

Are you hurt?

No. I'm okay. Come on.

Whose blood is that?

I'll explain everything
later. We need to go.



You called me from Logan's phone.

Is that his blood?

There was no other way.

Is Coach d*ad?

Isn't the whole point

that you only k*ll people
that deserve it?

Coach Logan's a good person.

He wouldn't cooperate.

It's the only way I could
get back to you. Come on.

Look, we'll talk about everything,

I promise, but this is it.

We got to get out of here.


Don't get caught.

That's only a part of it. Harrison...

Shut up.

You don't really care about
saving anybody, do you?

You're just feeding
this-this Dark Passenger.

[SCOFFS] I-It's not even a passenger.

It's f*cking driving.

And you like it.

You slashing Ethan

and breaking that wrestler's arm...

that's your own darkness.

You're just like me, buddy.


I wanted to be like you... so bad.

But m-my anger isn't
because I'm like you.

My-my anger is because of you.

Of-of course I'm angry.

You didn't just make the
decision to abandon me once.

You made that decision every
single day you stayed away

for ten years!

Well, I'm still your dad,
and I'm here now.

I'm right here.

Just come with me, buddy.

I can stop.

I can do it, with your help.

I'm not your f*cking caretaker.

I'm your g*dd*mn son.

I want...

I need to be with you.

You have to turn yourself in.

There's no other way.

If I do, I get the death penalty.

Maybe you deserve it.




You don't have to come with me.

But I can't stay here.

[r*fle COCKS]

Would my mom still be alive
if it weren't for you?

Would Aunt Deb still be alive?

And me... would I be so f*cked-up?

Open your eyes and look
at what you've done!


You're right.

I don't... I don't want to be right.

I... I just... I want to be normal.


I'm sorry for everything
I've done to you.

You deserve better.

A better life.

A better father.


You have to take the safety off.

Just like I showed you.



This is the only way out.

For both of us.


deep breath.

I've never really felt love.

Real love.

Until now.



You did good.


Drop the r*fle! On your knees!

Hands where I can see them!

I'm... I stopped...
He-he k*lled Coach Logan.

I know.

It's okay. You can get up.


[SNIFFLES] Take this.

Go through town, just
past the Truck Stop

is the entrance to I- west.

Go, and never come back here.


You need to do this now.

Uh, tell Audrey I said goodbye.

I can't.


Because I haven't seen you.


This is Chief Bishop.

I'm calling to report an
officer-involved sh**ting.

[DEXTER] My dearest Hannah,

this is the most difficult
letter I'll ever write.


You may have seen my
name among the casualties

of Hurricane Laura,

and I believe that's for the best.

I'd give anything to see
you and Harrison again.

To see him smile.

To hold him.

I celebrate his birthday in my heart.


He is and always will
be my phantom limb.

♪ Don't make me read your mind ♪

♪ You should know me ♪

♪ Better than that ♪

♪ It takes me too much time ♪

♪ You should know me ♪

♪ Better than that ♪

♪ You're not that much like me ♪

♪ You should know me ♪

♪ Better than that ♪

♪ We have different enemies ♪

♪ You should know me better than that ♪

♪ I should leave it alone ♪

♪ But you're not right ♪

♪ I should leave it alone ♪

♪ But you're not right ♪

[DEXTER] I want what every father wants:

for his child to be happy.

To live and love without fear.

To share his gifts with the world.

♪ I should leave it alone ♪

♪ But you're not right ♪

[DEXTER] But we both know
that, with me around,

a normal life for Harrison
won't be possible.


♪ I should live in
salt for leaving you ♪

♪ Behind ♪

♪ Behind ♪

[DEXTER] This is not an easy decision.

Sometimes I wish the
hurricane had taken me,

released me from the
burden of my own urges.

Instead, it showed me that
I have to bear them alone.

That's my fate.

So, unless Harrison starts
showing any dark tendencies,

I beg you...

♪ I should live in salt
for leaving you... ♪

[DEXTER] Let me die

so my son can live.

♪ Behind ♪
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