04x20 - Daybreak: Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Battlestar Galactica". Aired: October 18, 2004 –; March 20, 2009.
The Galactica, led by William, protects a group of civilians - led by president Laura - in search of a mythical planet called Earth.
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04x20 - Daybreak: Part 2

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Previously on battlestar galactica...

You must be... Hi, I'm...


A girlfriend stealerfor a brother. Nice.

Never stole his girlfriend.mm-hmm.

He's a really bad liar right here.

There's been a terrible accident.

Your sisters and your fatherwere all k*lled.

How about you, love?

Bet you charge a lot more than that, eh?

Shut your filthy mouth. Stop being so disgusting.

This is your father, gaius.

I found your father a new place to live.

The last time I saw him, he seemed happy.


Bill, I've been havingthat dream again.


If that's me lying there, than what am i?

She took these from her own mortal remains.

The blood on these dog tags is 100% proof positive match for one kara thrace.

And you think there'ssome kind of meaning in these musical notes.

I'm just groping mostly.

Looking for patterns, trying to see what comes to me.

She's a half-human, half-machine object of curiosity that holds the key to our continued existence somewhere in her genetic code.

So let's get a tube in her and get her ready.

Based on the coordinates we got from sam, we have determined that the cylon colony is located here.

The colony's bound within the gravity well of the black hole, but maintains a s*ab orbit.

This right here is our only parking spot.

Point blank range.

Leave only one way in and out, then make it impossible to get past the gates.

Let's get to work.

Can I have your attention, please?

I'm going to be asking for volunteers in the rescue of the child hera.

There is a line running down this deck.

Volunteers, move to the starboard side.

Everyone else, to the port.

40? I never paidmore than 30 on picon!

This ain't picon.

Ah, right, you got me there.

"This ain't picon."

All right. 40.show him a good time!

I don't want a lap dance, okay?

Try it! You'll like it!

Keep the 40. He deserves it. Thank you.

So, are you gonna take the job or not?

Maybe I shouldjust do it.

I'm letting my pride get in the way.

Now you're talkin'.i mean, who cares?

It's one hourof your time, and then you havea whole new life!

A life withoutmidnight watches, or drills, or fleet politics, or the inspections, or any of that crap.


You could be hereevery night!

He won't be here every night.

Can hardly get him here once.

To retirement?

What do you say?

To retirement.

Yay! Yes!



If you don't participatein the political conversation, then you aregiving up your voice.

You're giving upyour right to have a say in the way thatour society is run.


You have really bought into all that crap, haven't you?

I do. Proudly.


And so do you, by the way.

Oh, really? Yeah.

'Cause that's whatthe uniform stands for.

It's what wetrain to defend.

Oh, you didn't.it's true!

No. No, no, no.

That's sad. That's sad. It's cute, but it's sad.

Lemme guess.

He's going on about voting and it's importance to a democratic way of life again.

So, you werelistening.

You didn't tell me that your brother was an idealistic dreamer.

Dreamer. It's sad.

Truth is, he's not.

Beneath that romantic exterior lies the heart of a true cynic.

Oh, really? Ahh!

Things are looking up.this is gonnabe fascinating.

Yeah, it's one of the many, many, many reasons that him and dad aren't on speaking terms anymore.

Oh, come on.

Family angst syndrome, I love it.

Come on, boys. Let's open up some old wounds.

No, let's not.

Dad believes in the system.

Believes in the uniform.

Believes in something greater than himself.

Correction, dad believes in himself.

His uniform, his system, his way of life.

And if you're not with himin that tiny, little bubble, then you might as wellnot exist.

If you hate him so much, why'd you follow in his footsteps?

Oh. Touche.

Service gave mefour years of college.

I gave the servicefour years in return.

Simple as that.

See? A cynic.

Right through to that big, empty space that used to hold his heart.

Honey, I think I'm starting to like your brother.

You wouldn't do it.

For that kind of money?

You're gods damnright I would.

No, you wouldn't.

Look me in the eye and tell me that you'd do it.

That you'd do it for a civilian desk job.

I wanna hear it come outta your mouth.

Say it!

I frakkin' knew it.


Come on, soldier.

Oh, oh, oh.

I love you guys.

Oh, my gods. Oh, my gods. Come on.

I love you, brother.

Come on, big boy.

Legs. All right.

In you go.

You want out?

Yes, please.

Thank you.

Well, he, uh...

He never could hold his liquor.

Unlike his brother.

Hey, I'm still standing.

Which means...

It's time for shots.


There's no needto t*rture yourself, gaius.

Just trust in god'splan for you.

What is god's plan for me?

Well, you're following itright now.

Am i?

By taking chargeof mankind's remnants, and guiding themto their end.

End of what?


We're ready to go.

Five seconds, paulla.


I'm just... Hmm.

I'm leaving ishay enough for two more roundsof injections.

That should keep you onyour feet for another 48 hours.

Two days. Okay.

That... That's... Should be enough.

You're using up the lastlittle bit of life you got.

You realize that, don'tcha?


You've made that clear to me several times.


Right. That's it. We're done.

Thank you.thank you.

And, uh...

Thank you, doctor.

I'm just doing my job.

Un-uh. No.

You've done much more than that.

You've taken a patient who should've died years ago, and you've...

Given her a chance despite cancer, and the cylons, and her own obstinate nature.

And you've...

You've given me the little time I have left, and for that you...

You have my...

My heartfelt...

Gratitude and my thanks.

Well, i-i...

I don't knowwhat to say.

No, no, don't, don't.

Don't spoil your image, just light a cigarette and go and grumble.

Your patient now, ishay.

Ishay, i...

I-i can barelysee straight.

I'm not surprised.

You're so pumped full of drugs you could float off this bed.


Two days?

All right, two days.

The plan's just startingto take shape, but one thing's clear.

Raptors getthe toughest job, as usual.

This will require somespecial piloting skills, and I mean special.

Threading a needle while you'reon a rollercoaster special.

While it seems a little redundant at this point, the word's come down that it's a volunteer assignment so...

Heh. That's my raptor wranglers.

Always looking for new and interesting ways to get k*lled.

I'm not gonna lie to you, boys, we are thin on intel on this one.

But the cylons believe that the most logical place for cavil to have taken the girl is deep into the interior of the colony.

Best guess.

Right here.

We'll be in too close for nukes.

Same thing goes for m*ssile.

Now this gonna bestrictly a g*n battle.

Like two old shipson the line, slugging it outat point-blank range.

I want the g*n captainsto do their job and start firingimmediately.

And to continue to fireuntil they run outta a*mo.


I want them to startthrowing rocks.

They're gonna have every g*n trained directly on us as soon as we jump in.

If we have any sh*t at this, we're gonna have to interrupt their f*re control systems.

And just how the hell is sam supposed to help with that?

If we can plug himinto galactica's dradis, ftl, and c-3 systems, his mind should then be ableto directly communicate with the colony's hybridsonce we jump in.

Theoretically, his mind should still be able to control their commands and slow down their response time.


Let's do it, I guess.

There's a catch.

Routing hardware connections from all those systems all over the ship into this roomis gonna take weeks.

It's a lot easier, faster, if we just move him to the existing lines.

Okay, where's that?

Well, best place is the cic.

I need someone to lead this fleet who I trust and demands universal respect.

So the baseship and the fleet are yours.

Thank you, sir.

I won't let you down.

I know you won't.

I'll see youat the rendezvous.

If we're not there in 12 hours, we won't be comin'.

Yes, sir.

Good hunting, sir.

Thank you, admiral hoshi.

Still not too late to flush them all out the airlock.

Take too much time.

I suppose this is what you could call poetic justice.

Or what goes aroundcomes around.

Either way, congratulations, mr. President.

Thank you, mr. Adama.

And the best of luck.

Admiral hoshi, sir.


Um, the "sir" is...


Good luck.

You too, sir.

President of the colonies, admiral of the fleet, departing.

All right, last raptor out, people!

Last raptor out!

Anyone left behind, your ass belongs to us!

Oh, great.

Can we tuck thisin there?

Listen, I'm not coming with you.

Gaius, no, please.i made up my mind.

Gaius, our people need you.

I don't belong to you, paulla. I never belonged to you.

You appropriated me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry if I led you to believe...

They're all yours, now, paulla, enjoy them.

Pilot, you have your passengers.

Gaius, don't do this.

Maybe I'll see you in the next life.


Galactica, baseship actual.

The flag has been transferred to the baseship, and our vipers are ready to take over cap duties for the fleet.

Roger that, baseship, you have the cap.

Safe journey.

Godspeed, galactica.


I think we're a go up here.

All stations report, sir.

Connect mejust to the ship.

This is the admiral.

Just so there'll be nomisunderstandings later...

Galactica's seena lot of history.

Gone through a lot of battles.

This will be her last.

She will not fail us if we do not fail her.

If we succeed in our mission, galactica will bring us home.

If we don't...

It doesn't matter anyway.

Action, stations.

Start the clock.

Start the clock.

Jump on my mark.

Five, four, three, two, one, mark.

We can't take much of this.

It's time, sam.

Look through the eye just with thyself.


The colony hybrids are offline.

They'll be launching raiders any minute.go.

Launch all wings.

Birds are away.

All ahead, flank speed!

Three, two, one, hit it!

All hands brace for impact.

as*ault one, stand by.


Here they come, let's take 'em!

Light it up.

as*ault team on me.

Let's do this. Go. Get out there.


We've got pressure, sir.

One atmosphere.

as*ault one, we got pressure.

Alpha team, helmets off.

Move out.

Think we lost cartwheel.

Dradis is almostuseless out here.

Yeah, I hope that works both ways.

Any sign they spotted our approach?

I haven't lookedat the instruments in a while.

I don't think youwant me to start now.

Maybe not.

Let's go w*apon hot, skulls.

We're gettin' close.

Sure about that?


But I don't wanna come outta this crap with cold w*apon, either.

Nukes are hot.

You know, this reminds me of that time back during landing qual, huh?

Battery three, redirect your f*re!

Ten degrees starboard!

Concentrate on taking out the cylon batteries!

Hotdog and ladykiller, concentrate on taking out cylon raiders coming in at 084 carom 229.

Tally, galactica. We got 'em.

We have a hard seal. Go.

You're gonna just keep doing the tests.

Even with the colonycoming down around your ears?

I think you overestimate their chances.

They may have confused our hybrids temporarily, but we have superior f*re power and superior numbers.

And in the end it's all about mathematics.


You never should'vetrusted her.

Trust didn't enter into it.

I simply miscalculated her need to engage in gestures of futility.

We have to assume that she'll try to make contact with the colonial forces aboard the colony.

It's time to go on the offensive.

We must be cautious.

Too much force could risk k*lling the child.

Really? Ya think?

Please continue stating the perfectly obvious.

It fills me with confidence.

I'm proud of you.


For doing this.

For being here when youcoulda just walked away.

I don't think I eversaid it before, but...

I always wantedto be proud of you.

Guess I always felt that was the only thing missing.

All the pieces are falling into place.

You will hold the future ofcylons and humans in your hands.

I will?

You see them?

Reconnect me!

Cylons just blew a holeinto deck 21!

Frakkin' centurions'll bepouring in at platoon strength!

On me, let's move!


Tell the old man...

I owed him one.

Doesn't change anything you did, though.


We all make our choices.

Today I made a choice.

I think it's my last one.

All right, this is really touching.

Can we getthe hell outta here?

You should know that your raptor's been destroyed.

You can't go back that way.

Let's go.

Okay, get this guy cross-checked and set me up a large-bore iv.

I need a set of wipers on this marine over here.

I want a ct scan over here on this one.

And get himthe frak out of here!

It's all right.

You're gonna be all right.

He's gone.

All right, you'll be...

You're gonna be all right. Okay.

What took you so long?

Stopped for coffee.

How many other raptor teams made it?

Haven't seenanybody else.

Okay, back the way we came. g*n. Point. Yes, sir.

We're retracing our steps.

Say again, apollo!

I cannot copy your last transmission!

This is the xo.

Red stripesto repel boarders.

Deck 21, portside, frame 10.

We got the prize!

Repeat, we have the prize!

Formed up with as*ault two and are heading back to base.

Roger that!

Eta five minutes. Actual out.


We got a f*re up here!

Connect me to command unit!

Yes, sir!

Move reserved forces to guard airlock.

as*ault force is en route. Eta five minutes.

I repeat, eta five minutes.

We're friendly!

Hold your f*re! Friendlies!

Rangel, peters, form up!

Sorry 'bout that.

Doc, you did good.thank you.

We'll take hera.right.

Come on.come on, bring hera.

Get him outta here, get him outta here.

Fall back, fall back!




Oh, god!

Hang on.


Hera, come back here! Hera!

Look at me!


No, you'll bleed out.





I'm empty.

Two rounds.



I've been here before.


We're... We're supposed to...

Go into the opera house.

This one's still alive!

Get him the hell outta here!

They got the girl. They've got the little girl!

This makes it a lot easier.

I just take the little girl and I'm outta here.

Not a chance.

Cavil, we won'tlet you take hera.

You know that.

I know nothing of the kind.

I know I'm gonna watch you chase your tails across the universe for another four years.

That's not gonna happen.

This thing is the key to my people's survival and I'm not leaving without it.

Hera's not a thing.

She's a child.

And she holds the key to humanity's survivalas well.

And how do you know that?

Because there's another force at work here.

There always has been.

It's undeniable.

We've all experienced it.

Everyone in this room has witnessed events that they can't fathom, let alone explain away by rational means.

Puzzles deciphered in prophecy.

Dreams given to a chosen few.

Our loved ones d*ad.


Whether we wanna call that "god" or "gods"

Or some sublime inspiration or a divine force that we can't know or understand, it doesn't matter... It doesn't matter.

It's here.

It exists.

And our two destinies are entwinedin its force.

If that were true... And that's a big "if"...

How do I know this force has our best interests in mind?

How do you know that god is on your side, doctor?

I don't.

God's not on any one side.

God's a force of nature...

Beyond good and evil.

Good and evil, we created those.

You wanna break the cycle?

Break the cycle of birth, death, rebirth, destruction, escape, death.

Well, that's in our hands...

And our hands only.

Requires a leap of faith.

Requires that we live in hope... Not fear.

If I leave you this girl, that means the destruction of my people.

How does our extinction fit into this picture that you want us to believe in?

We'll give you resurrection.


You give us hera and we will give you resurrection.

But the w*r ends here.

You leave humanity in peace...

And give up the pursuit now and for all time.


How do we know we cantake your word for it?

You don't.

You have to make a leap of faith.

It's your call, bill.

I'll back you either way.

I'm losing a lot of men out there.

I can do something about that right now.

Give me that phone.

Patch him through.


Hello, it's me, cavil.

Stand down!

All forces cease f*re immediately.

Galactica, hotdog.

They're pulling back.

Repeat. They're pulling back!

Everyone... Stand down.

I'm as good as my word.

Hey, man.peace.

Frakkin' hippies.
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