01x10 - Unbroken Circle

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Station Eleven". Aired: December 16, 2021 to present.
Mini-series based on the 2014 novel of the same name tells a story a group of survivors 20 years after a flu pandemic resulted in the collapse of civilization.
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01x10 - Unbroken Circle

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What kind of job do you have?


Uh, logistics.


Oh, what does that mean?

- It's...

the path things take from A to B.

It's always made sense to me.

Tyler would love this.

My son.

With Elizabeth. Yeah.

Send him this one.

I have more.

How does it feel to...

To actually accomplish something?

It's strange.

I lost everyone that knew me.

I lost you.

I had to finish this first.


that's the only way
I know how to say it.

- I'm just sorry that I...


Was too late.

This is Miranda.

Miranda, it's Clark,

from... from before.

Clark, how are you?

I was gonna ask you the
same thing when we spoke.

I... I fell down some stairs.

Oh. Where are you?


- Where are you?
- Michigan.

A place known only as
the Severn City Airport.

Let me guess,

- flight diverted?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm on my way to Chicago

to pick up Arthur's body.

What's your situation?

Um, I'm sealed in a hotel room alone,

kind of drunk,

whole world's ending,

hoping I live to see the sunrise.

An old friend just called back.

So there's something
I wanted to say to you, Miranda,

in case we don't survive.

- At this time...

Those, um...

first few months you
and Arthur were together

were the happiest time in my life.


I wish we'd stayed in touch.

Oh, I don't stay in touch.

I know.

And I-I know you haven't seen Arthur,

but I had dinner with him

about a month ago in Chicago

and we talked about you.

I told him you weren't an assh*le,

you were just an artist.

He called me.

Told me you said some
things that opened his eyes.


I woke up the next day
and finished the book,

last two pages.

Had a flight to Chicago.

Found a print shop in
Lincolnwood called Zalinski's.

Printed five.


I wanted to send you one,

but I've got it here.

Well, how'd it go with Arthur?


He asked me out.

- We made a plan.


our paths crossed at the wrong time.


Did you know there's only one
real road into your airport?

S... what did you say?

That you're on
a middle-of-nowhere island.

If no one's sick inside,
you still got a sh*t.

Yeah, no, sorry. Before that.

Our paths crossed at the wrong time.

Because Elizabeth and
Tyler are here with me.


I didn't think much of it
on the plane when I saw them,

but now...


- Miranda...



You have to help them.





- All customer service

counters are closed at this time.

We'll update you when we know...





How are you?

I'm dying.

And my filling just fell out.

I need help.



♪ It's all small town talk ♪

Our honored guests,
the Traveling Symphony,

have now completed their
eighth day of quarantine.

Many thanks to all in our community

for an ongoing commitment
to health and safety.

Is this Before?

No, but it's like Before,

only "Soylent Green" before.

♪ Mustn't pay no mind ♪

- ♪ Don't believe a word ♪
- Wait, wait, that's August!

♪ They'll try to do it every time ♪


What happened here last night?

We had an electrical f*re in the museum.

♪ Everything you hear ♪

Then we convert to vegetable oil.

I'm not letting our people go through

another night in the dark.


Congratulations, quarantine is over.


Kirsten, Alexandra's
told us so much about you.

It's so good to finally meet you.

We'd like to go now, with Sarah.

Your Conductor will recover,
but she can't travel yet.

It takes a day to get the doctor

and a day to bring him back.

So with the performance being tomorrow,

you can get her back after the play.

Sit with me.



I heard about the Traveling
Symphony in Year Ten.

I was patient.
I suggested it in Year .

I knew that Clark
would agree, eventually,

and he did.

I won't let this derail us.

We need to open the doors.

You know, every town we go to

has fought for years to survive.

Not one of them has ever locked us up,

held our members hostage.

So I'm sorry about your f*re,

but f*ck you.

You're not special.

What? What have you lost?

The Museum of Civilization.

Lucky you.

The world is still full
of garbage from Before.

- I've lost more.
- But he came back.

My son d*ed in a f*re.

- Ask anyone.
- No.

Your son ran away,

and now, he came back.

No one finds people from Before.

The flu took everything from everyone.

So it matters

getting anybody back.

I thought my son...

b*rned himself alive,

in front of me.

And he did that to me

so that I would have no hope.

I didn't even get to have the dream.

Who's back?

I have no idea who my son even is.

He won't even speak to me.

He just... he just stares
back at me like I'm the ghost.

You're Gertrude.


You should play Gertrude.

You played Gertrude off-Broadway.

I read about it in "Us Magazine."

I'm not an actor anymore,

I'm directing.

No, I'm the director.


But this is how you talk to your son.

We do one show,

then we leave.

The entire Symphony.


Look you, sir.

Inquire me first...

- Tuba.
- What Danskers are in Paris.

What are you doing?

You're giving a command to someone.

I mean, you're delighted
by your f*cking schemes.

Are you directing now?

Yes, you're back to Laertes.

- But Elizabeth's directing.
- Elizabeth's Gertrude.


Listen to Kirsten.



Oh, thank f*cking Christ.


Clark ran into the f*re.

By the time Miles pulled him out,

both his arms were b*rned.

I'll leave you here.

I have another matter to attend to.

They look like fireflies.

It's unusual for us,

so much change.


- Hey.


What's that?

Who's playing Hamlet?


The Prophet.

When we got separated,
I went to find him.

To k*ll him, to protect
you, to protect all of us,

and when I found him,

there were just children everywhere.

And he said that you were in danger

and he knew how to find you.

- And I didn't.
- I don't care.

I saw you leave with him, last night.


I want to stay here.

For a year.

- No.
- Why not?

Because we travel for a reason.

- What is it?
- To come back.

To come back every single year.

Well, what if we didn't?




Alex, stop.

You were right

at Pingtree.

I don't need these anymore.

I've had them for too long.

Will you put them somewhere safe for me?

- Elizabeth.
- Alex?

What are you doing awake?

You should get some sleep.

Kirsten, are you ready?



Just trust me, okay?




Is M.C. Miranda Carroll?


I did not realize you were
also a graphic novelist.

I started the day my family d*ed.

Your whole family d*ed on the same day?

They did.

There is no rescue.

I'm sorry.

Stay safe.

If you're together with
your family, stay together.

I'm glad they're not here.

Likely there will be a
way for survivors to...



FAA just updated.

Your friends landed a couple hours ago.

And nobody's infected...

Another plane landed half an hour ago.

Gitchegumee Air, that means
"big sea water" in Ojibwe.

In from...


Have they deplaned yet?


I gotta talk to the pilot.


He can't let those people off.

They're clean inside. They're safe.

How do I... how do I get him?

How do I talk to the pilot, Jim?


You can't get inside FAA comms, but...

the pilot's name is...

The pilot's name is
Captain Hugo Bennett.


Try his phone.


Credit card, Jim.

Come on.

Here, use the blue one.


Oh, shit.

Oh, - - .

Say it with me. Say it with me, Jim.

BOTH: - - .

- - .


- - .


Looks like Miles got the lights working.


You guys hiding someone else back there?


The lights are on.

What's your name?


What are you feeling, Sarah?

I'm ready.


- It's okay.

You can let go.


We're not alone.

- Do you hear that?




Rest in peace,





You guys have a real prison thing.

He gets out of everything.

He's like Houdini.


Here, brought you this.

Your mom's playing Gertrude.


Because you're Hamlet.

Cody was the one who wanted
to be an actor, not me.

You should talk to your mom.

You should get out of here

with all your friends.

After the play.



Act three, scene four.

"Go, go, you question
with a wicked tongue."

"Why, how now, Hamlet?"

"What's the matter now?"

"Have you forgot me?"

"No, by the rood, not so."

"You are the queen,"

"your husband's brother's wife."

"And would it were not so..."

"You are my mother."


"then I'll set those
to you that can speak."

"Come, come, sit you down.

"You shall not budge.

"You go not till I set you up a glass

where you may see
the inmost part of you."

"What wilt thou do?"



I don't know.

So what's the damage?

That's for him.

It's a medicinal paste.


There's a lot that can be done

in the next few weeks that will help.

Having just one person,

it's a big deal.


Just one other person.


The, uh...

The other patient...


She didn't make it.

But I was with her. She was at peace.

I didn't know her.

The Traveling Symphony is here.

She was their Conductor.


yellow poster, down there.


The answer is still no.

You can't play Gertrude

and Tyler can't play f*cking Hamlet

because it isn't f*cking art therapy.

It is civilization.

It's the only way
he'll talk to me, Clark.

It's all I want.

And all I want is
a f*cking time machine!


You're right.

Tyler's dangerous.

I tried to k*ll him.

I wanted to.

But I couldn't.

Why not?



Do you know what this is?

It's Miranda's book.


Did Tyler give you that?



Arthur did.

I was Young Goneril in "King Lear."

We met backstage.

My God.

You're Kiki.

Arthur loved you.

He loved Tyler, too.

- Clark... Clark!
- No.

We'll do your g*dd*mn play.

I'll be Claudius.

It's what Arthur would've wanted.


Oh, forgot to tell you,

their Conductor d*ed.

Doctor said before he left.

Good news is, I got power back online.

Should be good to go for tonight.

Oh, God.

Kirsten, I'm so sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.



What can I do?

I won't tell the troupe
until after the play.


They won't perform well if they know.






- Who's there?
- Nay, answer me.

- Go.
- Stand and unfold yourself.



How do you feel?

Right now.

Like I don't know what I'm gonna do.

That feeling's perfect for the scene.


Stand, ho! Who's there?

Friends to this ground.

And liegemen to the Dane.

In what particular thought
to work, I know not.

But in the gross and
scope of mine opinion,

this bodes some strange
eruption to our state.

But soft, behold. Lo,
where it comes again.


I'll cross it, though it blast me.

Stay, illusion.


If thou hast any sound, or use of voice,

speak to me.

If there be any good thing to be done,

that may to thee do
ease and grace to me,

speak to me.

If thou art privy to thy country's fate,

which, happily, foreknowing may avoid,

oh, speak.



Stop it, Marcellus.

Shall I strike at it with my partisan?

Do it if it will not stand.

- Ready?
- Tis here.

Tis here.



Why are you helping me?


Stabbing you didn't work.

Break a leg.

Now? Now.


Though yet of Hamlet,

our dear brother's
death, the memory be green

and that it is us befitted
to bear our hearts in grief

and our whole kingdom to be
contracted in one brow of woe,

therefore, our sometime sister,

now our queen,

imperial jointress
in this warlike state.

And where, as with defeated joy,

with mirth and funeral

and dirge in marriage,

in which each scale,
weighing delight and dole,

taken to wife.

What wouldst thou have, Laertes?

My dread lord,

though willingly I came to Denmark

to show my duty in your coronation,

yet now, I must confess,

duty done,

my thoughts and wishes
bend again toward France.


And bow them to your
gracious leave and pardon.

Hast thou thy father's leave?

What say Polonius?

He hath, my lord,

wrung from me my slow leave

by laborsome petition.

Take thy fair hour, Laertes.

Time be thine.

And thy best graces
spend it as thou will.


my cousin, Hamlet,

and my son...


A little more than kin

and less than kind.

How is that clouds still hang on you?

Not so, my lord.

I am too much in the sun.

Good Hamlet,

cast thy nighted color off.

Let thine eye look like a friend

on Denmark.

Do not forever with thy vailed lids

seek for thy noble father in the dust.

Thou know'st tis common...

All that lives must die,

passing through nature to eternity.

Ay, madam, it is common.

If it be,

why seems it so particular with thee?

Seems, madam?

Nay, it is.

I know not seems.

Tis not alone my inky
cloak, good mother.

Nor customary suits of solemn black,

nor windy suspirations of forced breath.


Nor the fruitful river in the eye,

nor the dejected 'havior of the visage

together in all forms,
moods, shapes of grief

that can denote me truly.

These indeed seem,

for they are actions
that a man might play.



But I have that within

which passeth show.



These but the trappings
and suits of woe.

I loved him too, Tyler.

Pray thee,

stay with us.



What's wrong?

Someone I loved d*ed.

I just told my friends.



What are those?


The Prophet has lit the torch.

I saw it.

Station Eleven is going to land.

Where are the other kids?

Can I show you something?

It's okay. I... just... here.

No knives.

I just want to show you.

Can I?



It's just a book.

This is where the prophecy comes from.

The Prophet hears it.



he remembers it.

Can you read?

No worries. Here.


I'm sorry for burning down your tower.

Oh, well, I'm glad you did.

I hated that f*cking place.

I'm sorry, too.

For what happened here.

For everything.

I would've gone with you.

Why didn't you just ask me to come?

You wanted to stay.

Were you happier?




So you'll leave again.

I understand.


Just come.




"I remember damage."

"Then escape."

"Then adrift in a stranger's
galaxy for a long time."

BOTH: "But I'm safe now."

"I found it again."

BOTH: "My home."

I have found you nine
times before, maybe ten.

And I'll find you again.

I find you because I know you,

and I know you because we are the same.

I have a job to do.

Good story.

Love a good comeback.

I still have a job to do.


- Hello?

Is this Captain Hugo Bennett,

currently aboard Air
Gitchegumee Flight

standing by on
the runway in Severn City?

Uh, yup. Who's this?

Captain, I...

I need you

to go against every
single instinct you have

and let the d*ad be gone.

You don't know me,

but my name is Miranda Carroll.

I'm years old,

I was born in the Virgin Islands,

and I lost my whole
family to a hurricane.

Hurricane Hugo.

Maybe you know it.

I was named after it.

Then you get it.

It's over.

There is no rescue mission.


Lock the doors.

Don't let them out.

- Who?
- Your passengers.

Why would I do that?

The people on that
plane are d*ad already.

They're all ghosts. So am I. So are you.

But the people in that airport...

The people in here don't deserve to die

like caged animals.


They don't deserve it.


Everybody I loved

and who loved me d*ed right
in front of me, Captain.

A live wire came
through our flooded home.

I should've d*ed too.

But I was coloring

up on the countertop.

So I survived.

The people in the airport...

They're on the countertop.

That's right.

They're all up on the countertop now.

Have you got family, Captain?

I do. A small one.

My wife's not answering.

Left a message.

What message did you leave?

That I'd be home soon.


Well, folks, looks like it's
gonna be a little longer.

They're all heroes onboard that plane.

Every single one of them.

Those people saved us.


So did you.

All those big speeches
at the perfect time.

I was f*cking good at
the big speeches, wasn't I?

They got me.

But you...

Miles, you turned on the lights.

"But breathe his faults so quaintly..."


"They may seem the taints of liberty,

"the flash and outbreak of a fiery mind,

"a savageness in unreclaimed blood

of general as*ault."


We lost someone today,

and she loved this song.

♪ Mm, L.A ♪

♪ Proved too much for the man ♪

♪ Said he's leaving the life ♪

♪ He's come to know ♪

♪ Said he's going back ♪

TRIO: ♪ Going back to find ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ What's left of this world ♪

♪ The world he left behind ♪

♪ Not so long ago ♪

♪ Mm ♪

- ♪ He's leaving ♪
- TRIO: ♪ Leaving ♪

♪ On that midnight train to Georgia ♪

TRIO: ♪ Leaving on the midnight train ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Said he's going back to find ♪

TRIO: ♪ Going back to find ♪

- ♪ A simpler place in time ♪
- ♪ And when he takes that ride ♪

♪ Oh, yes, he is ♪

♪ And I'll be with him ♪

TRIO: ♪ I know you will ♪

♪ On that midnight train to Georgia ♪

TRIO: ♪ Leaving on a midnight
train to Georgia ♪

♪ Whoo, whoo! ♪

♪ I'd rather live in his world ♪

- TRIO: ♪ Live in his world ♪
- ♪ Than live without him ♪

- ♪ In mine ♪
- TRIO: ♪ Her world is his ♪

- ♪ His and hers alone ♪
- ♪ Ooh ♪

- ♪ He kept dreaming ♪
- TRIO: ♪ Dreaming ♪

♪ Ooh, that someday, he'd be a star ♪

- What's wrong?
- TRIO: ♪ Superstar ♪

♪ But he didn't get far ♪

♪ But he sure found out the hard way ♪


♪ That dreams don't always come true ♪

TRIO: ♪ Don't always come true ♪

- ♪ Oh, no ♪
- TRIO: ♪ Uh-uh ♪


♪ So he hung all his hopes ♪

♪ And he sold his old car ♪

- TRIO: ♪ Ooh ♪
- ♪ Got a one way ticket back ♪

♪ To the life he once knew ♪

♪ Oh, yes, he did ♪

♪ He said he would ♪

- ♪ I'll be with him ♪
- TRIO: ♪ Leaving ♪

♪ On that midnight train to Georgia ♪

TRIO: ♪ Leaving on the midnight train ♪






We almost never leave the wheel.

So, I mean, this is...



I love you, Kirsten.

I love you.


Wait, now?






Don't be strangers.

Come on, Mom.


What the f*ck?





- Hello. May I?
- Hey, yes.

- Can I join you?
- Yes. Get in.

- Mount-a-bike, right?
- Yes.

What's it called, your island?


Lara's from there.

Islands are great when you got kids.

There's only so far they can run.

Raising kids is hard,

you know?

You go in and out of sync.

It's like a yo-yo.

You love them, but you get angry.

You scare them, they run away.

I was never scared with you.

I was always scared.

Then I met this girl.

Said I'd walk her home.

It was cold.

- She forgot her key.

You walked her home.

Thank you.

There goes your family.


I will... I'll put the airport
on the wheel.

Bring your family next year.


- They know all about you.

Frank and Key and Auddie.

I tell them the story.

Goodbye, Kirsten.





♪ There's nowhere in the world ♪

♪ That I would rather be ♪

♪ Than with you, my love ♪

♪ And there's nothing in the world ♪

♪ That I would rather see ♪

♪ Than your smile, my love ♪
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