02x05 - The Grand Guignol

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Gen:Lock". Aired: January 26, 2019 –
Adult animated science fiction set 50 years in the future when an authoritarian force thr*at to destroy the world.
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02x05 - The Grand Guignol

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♪ ♪

♪ Speed, bonnie boat ♪

♪ Like a bird on the wind ♪

♪ Onward the sailors cry ♪

♪ Carry the lad ♪

♪ That's born to be king ♪

[upbeat electronic music]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[dark tone]

♪ ♪

Some argue I started the
very w*r I tried to prevent.

But it's not Migas's, right?

Not more of me
inside of those holons.

I promise, Chase.

Nemesis copies are not
driving the Holon frames.



You alone know the weight.

Your Polity masters
deceived you.

As Mother Earth punishes us all...

This is the first purely
benevolent fiction that we...

Selling a fictional city on Mars
to half the human population...

Is manufacturing hope!
We're not lying.

- We're buying time until RTASA...
- Ugh!


But the light of that glory
doesn't burn off the pain.

My heart is broken.

You lost a friend.

For me, it feels like
losing a child.

- Bullshit!
- Excuse me, soldier?

He is right. This is a sham.

You were supposed to protect us.

Did you know what was
in the Holon frames?

That she enslaved us?

- We're supposed to be the good guys.
- Good guys?

You are a soldier.
Not a superhero.

This is w*r. Your black and
white morality does not apply.

I had to watch Kazu die
for your w*r.

Only to find him again,
locked in a living hell,

along with all of us
inside your machine.

As hard as that decision was,
I had to make it.

The Union consumes
its citizens to build w*apon.

That was what made us different.

We're no different now
because of you.

- Arrest them.
- Good luck with that.


Ah! Ow!
Sorry, Dave. Woah!


[thrilling music]


♪ ♪

- [sighs]
- Oh, thank God.

Cammie's cloaking
protocol worked.


They saw me. Their cloaking
device interrupted my own.

- Idiot children.
- The Holon frames...

you need to show me.

Brother, just in time.

You knew Dr. Jha
as a heretic before.

Now know her as your co-director

on the Twilight project.

This code is elegantly
written by someone

who was clearly
not a neuroscientist.

I hope my perspective adds value.

I suppose Polity blasphemy
is technically a perspective.


The Deluge devastated
many places besides New York.

Half a million people died
in Puerto Rico, my home.

And our faith in God was
washed away with the runoff.

The instant secularization
of a people.

- I never knew.
- The true death count was classified

because The Old-World
Government sent no aid.

Food became so scarce.

For want of enough
sustenance to go around,

my people grew violent.

The Governor
implemented martial law.

Consequences that would turn your stomach

were exacted over mere
stolen bread.

But those harsh consequences
prevented social collapse,

forced enough s*ab for
the colony to find its footing.

When the Governor was finally
dragged from her home,

by the very people she'd saved,

the words she spoke b*rned
into my mind,

"This is my burden.
I alone know the weight."

- You were there?
- I was.

The governor was my abuela.


RTASA is upgrading them
with Hammer System tech

capable of eliminating smoke.

Thus, my Holon frames are not
just how we win back

North America, but eliminate
the Union thr*at altogether.

I have built an army
out of misery.

And I shoulder the burden
of that choice.

For the good of all,
carry that burden with me.

I know you can.
[people screaming]

Chase's instability is a virus.

His team is infected.

If it spreads...
[screaming continues]

all this suffering
will have been for nothing.

We... we only have to make
this journey once.

But you, I had stopped
believing in heroes.

[scoffs] I'm no hero.

I just give people
a choice besides w*r.

There she is.


Robert Sinclair,
you are under arrest

by order of CEP Holcroft.




♪ ♪




[all panting]

Babe, don't start nothing
you're not fixin' to finish.

I gotta get these folks
to New Zealand.

Hey, I expect you back
faster this time.

[engine whirring]


Whoa. Look what just came in.


When we met, I was so excited
to have a new family

like my old one, only different.

God, I miss 'em so f*cking much.

We shared everything
'cause we had to.

Too many people,
not enough stuff to go around.

That old sad song.

But I loved it.

Then my sister died.

Healthy one minute,
d*ad the next.

Then my dad.
Then my baby brother.

One by one, they all fell.

I knew we might die too,
but I thought

we'd be dying for the truth

and for each other.

Instead, we had to watch
Kazu die for a lie.

In my old family, we'd mourn
a great pain like this as one.

But you all... y'all
believe so hard that your you

is what you need to be free,
but I'm not like you.

I need an us to be a part of.

I know I'll never get that here.

At least, thanks to Yaz,

I know where I can go
to fill in the blanks.

You seem a bit lost.

I have been...

- for a while.
- You're not from Babylon, are you?

Why don't you come
to our picnic?

I don't want to impose
on you and your family.

I'm trying to practice
not overstepping boundaries.

Oh, sweet child,
we're all family here.

No clues. She just vanished.

Cammie's not safe.
She's just a kid.

No, she isn't.
None of us are.

We've spilled way
too much blood for that.

It's Val that I'm worried about.

Exceeding uptime isn't fun.

Why don't we pop out
for a minute?

Talk about what you're feeling.

I would appreciate your concern,
if it was not so clearly

an attempt to distract you
from your own issues.

I'm here to help.

You're acting like you're
the only one who lost Kazu.

I lost so much more than you
when I lost him.

I'm being lectured
on sharing feelings by someone

who's locked us out of himself
to keep hidden.


You're right.
I am a hypocrite.

It's because I'm afraid of
showing you what's inside me.

But maybe you can help.

I, uh, like what you've done
with the place.

- What's behind it?
- Whatever's in there is a corruption

- and it wants to corrupt me with it.
- Kazu faced his fears

and it gave him
back power over himself.

The last time I opened it,
it almost broke me.

But now you are not alone.


- [grunts]
- You're not listening.


I can't hurt him.


[grunts, panting]

- I'm sorry. I tried to...
- Uh!

What... how are you out here?

- [growling]
- [gasps]

A neurological trait
you may have, too.

Get screened, and if you're
one in a million,

join the freedom fighters
on the front.

And I need not remind you,
it is your duty

to volunteer for Ascension
in this hour of need.

To replenish the Flow so it
shall grow powerful enough

to push back to those

who would try to set f*re
to heaven itself.

Our freedom fighters
in the SpotTheHero Challenge.

Post your geotagged photos
to the Ether.

The first confirmed sighting
will win a free ticket to Mars.

Your plan for locating the gen:LOCK
team is unorthodox.

You've taught me that
unorthodoxy is required, General.




- Ha!
- How do you control it like that?

It's easy.
Just let it listen.

- The Flow is Grandpa.
- Nuh-uh.

The Flow is all of us.



And today, I'll ascend
and be one in it.

I won't be sick ever again.

- [laughs] What's that?
- They're Flow pennies.

Grownups give them to us
on special days.

So you can practice.


Over here!

[somber music]

♪ ♪

Um, You should come with us
to the Temple tonight.

Nugget, too!

Your code had a memory leak.

Individual Minds are
too data-rich to share arrays.

You must separate them,

- compile them in the Flow.
- Separate. Individual.

Typical Polity heresy.


One error fixed.

Let's hope I have dozens
more heresies up my sleeve.

- I will be heard!
- I will never become you.

And I won't let Marin
twist them, either.


- What's the emergency?
- Has Marin found us?



- Do you see?
- You want us to att*ck RTASA?

It's where they're keeping
the copies.

We have to free 'em.

- Ah! Oh!
- Shh.

Drones are getting smaller.

I'm looking for a Ferryman.
I'm going to the Polity.

Wait long enough,
the Polity will come to you.

I need to get there now.

Returning people to the w*r
isn't what we do.

- We keep people away.
- I need to find my brother.

He's in the Vanguard.

I thought he died, but he didn't.
He's all I have left.

The things I've had to do
to get here.


- I hope you find him, I do.
- We gotta help her.

We both know what it is
to have so little to cling to.

The Polity and Union
are both scum.

They both worship gods
they invented.

- Little robots, money.
- We give people choice.

That's your third way.
And she's made hers.


You and Kazu were
mind shared when he died.

What did you see?

[sighs] Every night,
I dream his death as my own.

I have other dreams, too,

where I am, Kazu,
worrying about you.

Between us, there's
a lot of Kazu still here.

He got good
at sharing at the end.

Those things.

Kazu told me if he saw himself
trapped in Holons, like Chase,

he couldn't rest
until they were at peace.

But how can we save them?

[somber music]

♪ ♪


[speaking native language]

[speaking native language]

Are you ready?

I am.

[light music]

♪ ♪


We need to talk.

- Tell me the odds of me going.
- Oh, yes, your mental collapse.

Hmm, uh, . %
when last we spoke, was it?

Yes, but now I would say
they are about, um...

The chances you'll go mad
are . .

Oh. Uh, yeah.

Dr. Weller never predicted
the manifestation

of your subconscious.
Nor the repercussions.

- Apologies.
- [snoring]

Become one in
the true community.

[wondrous music]

♪ ♪


[all] Together, together,

Our baby's gone home.


Excuse me.
I want to Ascend.

You look healthy.

My body is healthy,
but my heart...

I just want peace.

And you'll have plenty
of time to earn it, young one.

[playing guitar]

♪ ♪

Chase, breaking into RTASA

is no simple task, to say the least.

And even if we succeed,
we won't be able

to disentangle the us
in the Holon frames.

We have a plan to free them.

- You won't like it, but...
- To free them, we have to k*ll them

and destroy the hard drives
that contain the copies of us

Marin made her abominations with.

So no one can ever
make slaves of us again.

- Oh, damn.
- You don't have a problem

- with any of that, Chase?
- I've k*lled so many versions

of myself already, Yaz.

Every Nemesis we take down,
that's me, remember?

We shouldn't be fighting
on either side of this w*r.

We should be fighting to end it.

Now, go rest up.
We gotta be on our A game.

You're making the wrong choice.

You won't have to
eat rat tomorrow.

The weather's actually good.
All we gotta do is...

- [expl*si*n booms]
- Ah!


[tense music]



♪ ♪



♪ ♪



Sinclair, I'm glad
you're coming home.

I have a mission for you.

[grunting] Chris! Ah!


Be free.

♪ ♪

♪ Flout the wind's howl ♪

♪ Flout the waves roll ♪

♪ Thunder claps rend the air ♪

♪ Baffle thou foes ♪

♪ Stand on the shore ♪

♪ Follow, they will not dare ♪

♪ Sleep on the boat ♪

♪ Like a bird on the wind ♪

♪ Onward, the sea... ♪

Take care of Clara's family
for me.

I have to experience this.

Through this rite, you become
one in the true community.

♪ Though the waves weep ♪

♪ Soft will ye sleep ♪

♪ Ocean's a royal bed ♪

♪ Locked in the deep ♪

♪ Flora will keep ♪

♪ Watch by your weep ♪

[light music]
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