01x21 - Finale

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Future-Worm!". Aired May 2015 - May 2018.
"Future-Worm!" follows an optimistic 12-year-old who creates a time machine lunch box and befriends a fearless worm from the future. Together, the duo get in many adventures throughout time, and save the world on many occasions.
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01x21 - Finale

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All right, yeah. Pretty fun. Future-Worm.

FUTURE-WORM: Not gonna work, dude.

Nuh-uh! It's totally gonna work.

Professor Gigglesnorp's
Black Hole Blow-'em-up Beam's

supposed to get
to , degrees!

-Pretty sure that's just a...
-Laser pointer?


Put it away!
Put it away!

DANNY: No... Uh... Uh...

-If Hank Flappington sees that, he'll...



...go crazy.

-Darn it!

BUG: Hank! Stop!

-Danny! Turn it off!

-Turn it off!
-I'm trying, I'm trying.




-He's going to destroy everything!

We're in a junkyard.
What's he gonna destroy?

-(SCOFFS) Oh, right.

DOUG: Sweetheart, look!

Oh, Doug, a two-person hammock?

Did you hang that all by yourself?

Yup! It's a little nature nook we can
escape to when Danny's experiments go...

You know...



Don't worry, honey,
we can use a pole instead!

But it'll need to be reinforced.

Better get my tools.

Both our weights, minus gravity,
plus two -ounce lemonades...


DANNY: Sorry, Bug.

Me and Fyootch will totally patch that up.

What? I'm not a roofer!

It's okay, it's just a hole.

-And it was kinda funny.

Give me that! (GRUNTS)

It was an accident!

But, don't worry, it's nothing
a little Go-Back- Change-O can't fix.

Me and Fyootch have undone
stuff way worse than this.

Yeah, we've blown up the moon,
what, like six times now?

No fair!

You guys get to destroy all kinds of stuff
and never get in trouble 'cause you can

"Go-Back-Change-O" to before you did it.

Yup. All the fun
and none of the consequences.

It's a great system.

Not for me!

Can't I come this one time?

Please! Please, please,
please, please!

Uh, I do wanna take you,
but remember what Future Danny said?

BOTH: The entire universe will
collapse into a black hole

if Bug goes to the future.


Why don't we try it,

then Go-Back-Change-O
if the universe blows up?

Uh... Maybe next time. See ya!


It is a pretty sweet deal.

We get to do whatever we want
as many times as we want!

Wait! Does that mean I'm going to
get old faster than everyone else?

Don't over-think it. Slam, punch, go!

Whoa! Something's wrong!
What's happening?

DANNY: Oh, man!
The time travel council?


What did we do this time?

You broke the timeline!

What? You can't break time!

Try telling that to astrophysicist

and super-cool scientist,
Neil Degrasse Tyson.

I'm afraid Sandrew Chronon is right, boys.

In her quest for gems,
Future Granny Danny,

and you to a degree,

changed time so much
that it broke.

You can now only move forwards
in time, not backwards.

-You see...
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Just gimme the nuts and bolts,
NDT, I don't have all day.

You got it.

Wait! Is that future me frozen?

I'm afraid so.

But, prophecy warned that
another Danny will stop her,

so she's been systematically
freezing every Danny from every timeline.

Yeesh. How many me's are there?

Good question. Let's see,

cat-Danny, girl-Danny,
quasar-Danny, lefty-Danny, Denny-Danny...

Ew! Gross, never mind.

Just tell me how to fix Bug's room!

Ugh! You wanna help your friend?

Find the th gem before
Future Granny Danny does,

or she'll destroy all of space-time.

Then you can Go-Back-Change-O
your litany of mistakes.

Fine! If it fixes things with Bug,
then I'll do the lousy gem quest.

Just tell us where to...

(GROANS) ...start looking.

Dang, they were pretty fired up.

We better find that gem.

Yeah. Pre-quest burrito's
not gonna k*ll us, right?



-(GRUNTS) What?


The gem is here!

Tear apart this town until you find it!

-The gem is ours, fools!


Uh, think the taco truck is open?

All aboard, time bots!



Give us your gem, child!


Gold is a commodity,
not a gem, you cretins!


Yeah, these are okay,
if you're trying to be, like, super basic.

Surrender the gems, woman!


I'm kinda with a customer, so...

The whole town is under siege.
We gotta tell Bug what's up!


Sniff out the gem, ye mongrel,

and Future Granny Danny will make me
queen of the interstellar seas!


Sign says get out,

so get out!

Nobody tells Shark Tooth Ruth
where to pillage.

Get her!


Yeah, yeah. Smoke 'em, Hank!




The gem's in the metal beast!



Off to Future Granny Danny's with it!



No, no, no!

Uh, that's not good.

(SOBS) They said he's got a gem!

What gem? All he's got are chew toys!

Oh, maybe the gem engine I gave him
back in the day really was a gem.

-My bad.
-(EXCLAIMS) What the heck, Danny!


Well, so much for saving the universe.

How about that burrito?

-I'm so sorry, Bug!

-I'll fix this somehow, I...
-Like you were gonna fix my room?

Guess what, it's still wrecked,

and now, Hank's gone
'cause of a gem you put in him!

What're we gonna do?

Don't look at me,
I'm not the one some lame prophecy

said would win the whole,
you know, gem w*r or whatever.


(SIGHS) Geez, I've never messed up
this bad before.

I don't know what to do!

Oh! I'll just ask
the smartest people I know!


Why are we reinforcing the pulleys, Megan?

The pulleys are the reinforcement, you...


Okay, maybe not.

Ooh, ooh, what about
your lizard-faced teacher?

He had a bunch of gems.

Yeah, 'til you jacked his whole stash.

I got tricked by a snowman
who was pretending to be my friend!

I know, but let us talk to Mr. Zarlid,
in case he's still sore.



At last, the final gem!

Now, when are ya makin' me
queen of the interstellar seas?

Uh, I did promise you that, didn't I?

Mr. ?

Be a dear and fetch my,
uh, extra crown, will you?

-Right, boss.

GRANNY: I crown you the queen of...


Now that that's over, assemble my gems!

You got it, boss.

ZARLID: Oh, what a frabjous day.
the prophecy is coming true!

The Gem Force Five is finally alive!

Gonna travel through time, time, time

Face an evil so sublime, sublime, sublime!

Unite the gems

'Cause I'm not even human!

Yeah, yeah, well, where did
you get the soundtrack?

If we're gonna go to the future,
we're gonna need more people.

Granny's rolling pretty deep.

What? It's the Gem Force ,
not the Gem Force !

Hey, that's got a nice ring to it!

I'm gonna go make some calls. B.R.B!


The Gem Force !

-Me, Future-Worm...
-You know it!

-DANNY: Paco!


Maude! Claude! Raude!
(SOFTLY) Chadd Gold.

-Lobster Boy!
-Lobster Boy.

-Yeah. (SIGHS)

Big Bob, Nils,

Ruby, Zoe, and Bug!

Oh, no, you don't!

You're the one that got
all my gems stolen!

(GRUNTS) It was Mr. !

He said he was my best friend and...

Anyone who falls for that old trick
isn't Gem Force material.

But isn't there some
non-time-travely stuff

Bug could do to help?

ZARLID: She can take our group photo!

I'll rally the troops. Yip-yip!

(GROANS) Everyone thinks
I'm gonna destroy the universe,

but what about my universe?

Losing Hank left
a black hole in my heart.

Don't worry, Bug,
we'll get him back or die trying!

Whoa, let's not go crazy
on the die-trying stuff.


That's right. Time is short.

Mr. , how is the th gem coming?


MR. : Ah! Help! Help!


What are you doing, slush brain?

Have to do everything
my blasted self.

Future Granny Danny!

The Gem Force is assembling.

(LAUGHING) Yes! As prophesied.

Destroy them!


Some years ago, I began the
painstaking construction of a conveyance

foretold by the prophecy.

One life's savings and two ex-wives later,

-I present to you...

The Jet Force !

-Ah, Lobster Boy!

It's retrofitted to integrate the...

I'll take that.

To integrate the
time machine lunch box.

The coordinates are all set
for the final showdown!

So, who's ready
for a trip through time? (CHUCKLES)


And without further ado,

away, a-we, a-go...



Destroy Danny Douglas!


I guess our time in
the physical world is over.

(SIGHS) I'll see you
on the other side.

Or if you have a plan to save us?


I... I don't...



Okay, listen up!

Those guys run pretty slow,
so I've got time for a speech.


Danny is my best bud.

In all space-time, I've never met anyone
with so much hope and love in their heart.

He's been there for me, and I'm dang sure
he's been there for you, too.

So here's the plan.

Me and D are gonna
break for the lunch box,

and you're all gonna run interference.

Danny would do the same for you. (SPITS)

You know it!

-He's been there for all of us.

-Sure has!

Claude, lead the charge!



Go, go! Fly, little birdies, fly!







The lunch box!



Outta the way, lizard.

Lizard? I'm not even human!

Oh, wait,
I already took that off.

Anyway. (ROARS)

There it is. Shrink time, bro!

Huh? my watch is gone!

-Sorry, boys,

but any prophecy that says I can't rescue
my best bud is a load of bogus!

I'm going after my baby!

Bug, no!

Hey, so, um,

did Future-Danny give you
any kind of time frame

on the universe blowing up?

'Cause if that's gonna happen,
I've got a few things I need to wrap up.


This is awesome!


Where's my Hanky-flap?

Well, if it isn't Bug.

I've been expecting you.

Yeah? Well, I bet
you weren't expecting this!


Chill out, kiddo.

(GASPS) Mr. !

I can't believe I used to like you.

Pull up a Danny and relax, child.


GRANNY: Like my collection?

A Danny from every timeline.

I even found an
alternate version of you.

She's been dying to meet you!


Well, it's gonna have to wait
'cause my best bud is...


That was a little much,
don't you think, boss?

Don't go soft-serve on me, snowman.





Are you...





All right, let's give this
time-machine blender a go.


Uh, I'm not gonna get in that, sorry.


This is hopeless, man.

We're never gonna get to the future!

Well, not with that attitude.

I messed up everything

and without a Go-Back-Change-O,
I'll never be able to fix it!

This is all my fault...

Oh, Danny,
don't be so hard on yourself.

Mistakes are what science is all about!

You're experimenting, but with life.

Kids make mistakes.

So do adults,
just look at the hammock.

That's it! The time deer.

Let's go, Fyootch.

We still got time
until the universe blows up.

All right!

Uh, what did he say about the universe?

Once we cut him loose,
we can ride him to the future!


He's stuck in there
pretty good.

Hmm, then this looks like a job for...


Undo that doe!


Failing! Failing!

BOTH: Weak!

Not weak!

So, uh, how do you...
How's this thing work?


Oh, my goodness!

Uh, this could take a while.


This could take a lot of whiles.



Hey, creepy-crawly,
what's that over there?



BUG: Sweet!

(LAUGHS) Dummy!

Oh, yeah, I think this is it.

-BOTH: Go back, go back, go back!

(GROANS) Dang it!


Check me's out.



Bug! You're okay!

That's debatable.

I still haven't found my Hank,

but there's something
I can't help noticing...

That the whole room is made
of frozen Dannys?

That the universe is still standing!

Look, I'm sorry, Bug. But...

I know, Future Danny's dumb rule,
the only rule you follow!

You never care about
consequences, except that one.

Need I remind you of the Gloopy invasion?

Hey, I was just trying to get
Fyootch to try Captain Cakerz!

Worth it.

Well, gettin' ditched a zillion times
really hurt my feelings.

Aw, Bug.

I was so caught up
in zip-zapping through time

that I never thought about
how it felt to be left out.

I'm so sorry.

(SIGHS) Yeah, it's okay.

You were just trying to save the universe.


What do you say we do that together?

Let's go find Hank!



Let's get this party started!

-ALL: No!
-Give me that gem!




Oh, hello, boys!

Mr. !

Uh, destroy them!

You got it, boss.
The little snowball's mine.



She's a mean ol' broad,
but she gave me a keck of a tune-up!


With all gems gathered,

I finally get my wish...

Oh, we're too late!

...to destroy all timelines,

but one, where I, the one true
Danny, reign supreme!



It's beautiful.



I am the gem genie!

You have assembled gems, but one...


The hundredth gem.


ALL: The hundredth gem?

Thus, I cannot fulfill your wish...



Just the first half of it.

Destroy all timelines!

ALL: No!

That black hole is eating reality
one random piece at a time!

We could get sucked in any second,
along with anyone else ever!


I don't understand!

"Once the gems
are found and combined,

"it's all over."


As in, turn over?

Wait a second, there's more!

"All down to the hundredth gem.

"Which will be found in..."



Oh, hey, Squirmy,
Science, and Purple!

To witness where space
time curves infinitely...



No, Neil Degrasse Tyson!

(LAUGHS) There goes Barl.
See you later, Barl!

If we find the last gem,
maybe we can reverse her wish!

Well, it could be
anywhere, any when!


It's him!

He's the key!


-What's he all riled up about?

Isn't that a gem?

-Uh, I don't know.
-Hold up!

BUG AND DANNY: The last gem!

Huh, imagine that.


Give it to me, you dolt!

Don't do it, Mr. Midnight!

I know there's some good
in that frozen heart!

Give me my gem!

ALL: Don't!


Sorry I double crossed ya, Curls.

Now, do the right thing!





-Mom, Dad. No!

We need to get that gem
into that ceiling panel fast,

and I know just how to do it!



FUTURE-WORM: Go, go, go, go.

Whoa, yeah!



(LAUGHING) It's mine!

Danny, look out!

Taste these abs, sucker!


Do it, D!

'Cause I really didn't think
I'd go out like this!



I'm not losing my best friends.

Not today, not ever!




-What is your wish, child?

To Go-Back-Change-O to
before Hank got taken,

way back to before I
messed everything up so bad!

Such a change will come
at great cost to you.

You will lose all the memories
of all your adventures.

I don't care!

If it saves my friends and
family, then just do it!

As you wish.

-Whoa! My pancakes!

Today you're gonna try Captain
Cakerz for the first time!

Tastes like birthday cake,
with a crunch!


NARRATOR: Future-Worm!

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