03x24 - My Hero

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Sword Art Online". Aired in Japan between July and December 2012,

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Japanese light anime series is a virtual reality multiplayer online role-playing game called Sword Art Online (SAO) is released in the year 2022.
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03x24 - My Hero

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I'm starting to get annoyed.

Why do you flail about
in this unseemly manner?

The outcome of this battle is already clear.

What meaning can there be
in the process of reaching a set outcome?

It's the process that matters.

Whether you die on your hands and knees,
or die gripping your sword.

It's what makes us human.

The way you're dressed all in black
makes you look like a dark knight.

Fine. If you wish to suffer, then I'll make sure
your fate is drawn out and cruel.

You'll beg me to put you out of your misery.

That won't be enough...

...to make up for my stupidity.

My Hero

The High-Norkian style stance.

Which means she'll try for a k*lling blow.

That was the one-handed four-hit strike sword skill,
Vertical Square, wasn't it?

Sword skill? Did she really just say that?

Did she pull that from Eugeo's memories?

If that's the case,

then if I unleash a skill I never showed Eugeo
with more than four hits...

That was the six-hit rapier skill Crucifixion.

No way.

Single-hit katana skill Zekkuu.

There's nothing I don't know
about the system driving this world.


This isn't like you.



It wasn't just the Integrity Knights
who lost their memories.

You and I have both
forgotten something important.

You, me and Alice were born in Rulid Village
and grew up together.

Yeah, I just remembered that, too.

I was also there
when Alice was taken away by that knight.

I couldn't do anything that day.

You were just a kid, but you gathered your courage
and tried to stand up to that Integrity Knight.


So this time, I'm going to give you a push.

This time, let's definitely save Alice together.
Now, Kirito...

Now, Kirito...


I know you can stand again.

You can stand as many times as it takes.

Now stand, Kirito.

My best friend.



Yeah, I'll stand.
For your sake, as many times as it takes.


Why do you resist fate like a fool?

That's why.

Resisiting is the only reason I'm here right now!

This world is mine!

I will never allow such behavior
from an uninvited intruder!

On your knees!

Offer me your head!

Submit to me!


You're just a usurper.

Someone who doesn't love this world
or the people who live in it,

has no right to be its ruler!

To love is to control.

I love everything.

I rule everything!

Such insolence!

Such insolence!

Curse you!

Not yet.

Not yet!

To think that
neither of your swords were metal...

How unexpected.
What an unexpected outcome.

I've suffered too many injuries to heal,
even if I gather the remaining resources here.

Now that it's come to this,
I have no choice.

Wh-What are you...


This is earlier than planned, but...

I'll be going now.

Goodbye, boy.

Until we meet again.

Next time...

...in your world.


Your Eminence!

Please take me with you!

Let go! Let go of me! You ill-bred swine!

At last... at last I can be one with Your Eminence!

Not by a revolting clown like you!

Oh, Your Eminence!

My Lady Administrator!

I... this world of mine...

Is it over now?


Stop! Stop already!

Why won't it work? Eugeo.

Come back! Eugeo!

Stay cool... Kirito.

Eugeo! Hold on, I'll heal you now, okay?

It’s fine. It's fine this way, Kirito.

What are you talking about?
How is it fine?

If it didn't end up like this,

you and I would've had to fight
on behalf of our own Alice.

Me to get Alice's memories back, and you...

to save Integrity Knight Alice's soul.

Then fight!
After I've healed all your wounds, fight me!

You're stronger than I am now! So...

on behalf of your Alice, fight me!

My sword is already broken.

Not to mention, because I was weak,
I turned my sword against you.

I have to atone for that sin.

What sin? You didn't commit any sin!

You fought bravely the entire way!

Without you,
we never could've defeated Administrator!

So there's no need to blame yourself, Eugeo!

You think so? I hope that's true.

Kirito, I've always been envious of you.

You were stronger than anyone,
and loved by everyone.

Who knows, maybe even Alice... loves you...

But I finally understand.
Love isn't something you seek.

It's something you give.

Alice taught me that.

Your hands are idle, Kirito.

See, I'm almost done with mine.

How far along are you?

I'm faster than you.

Just this much left.

Then let's keep going a little longer and finish!

Hey, let's head back now. Or he'll find out.

We still have time.
A little longer... just a little bit, okay?

Guess it can't be helped.

All right, just a little longer, then.



I'm done!

So this is where you've been.

What are you doing?


It's three days early, but Eugeo...

Happy Birthday!

This is for me?

It's not like the real one your big brother has,

but this one's better than any wooden sword
you'll find in the shop!

It's amazing.

I’ll treasure this!

Thanks, you two!

I'm so happy.

I've never gotten a birthday present
that made me this happy.

H-Hey, don't cry!

I'm not!


The three of us
definitely lived through the same time.

Our paths are about to separate,
but our memories will remain forever.

- They'll go on living inside you.
- They'll go on living inside you.

- So, look...
- So, look...

So, look...

don't cry, Kirito.

Yeah, my memories are right here.

They'll be right here forever.

That's right.
So you and I will be best friends forever.

Where are you, Kirito? I can't see you.

I'm here. I'm right here.

Yeah. I see it...

Sparkling in the darkness, just like the stars.

The stars in the sky I looked up at every night
from the foot of the Gigas Cedar.

They look just like your sword when it shines.

That's it. Your black sword...

should be named the Night-Sky Blade.

Yeah, that's a great name.

Thanks, Eugeo.

This sorrowful world...

envelop it as gently as the night sky.

This is how it should be, right?

Yes. Let's leave the rest to those two.

I'm sure they'll guide the world
in the right direction.

You're right. Okay, then let's go.


Performing this operation will set the
Fluctlight Acceleration rate to . . Are you sure?


Can you hear me, Kikuoka?


Lt. Colonel Kikuoka, the door has been breached.
We won't last much longer.

We're abandoning Maincon
and closing the pressure-resistant bulkhead.

Sorry, hold out for two more minutes.
We can't let them seize this place now.

What's going on?

Higa, isn't the lockdown done yet?

Another eight... no, seventy seconds!

Mr. Kiku! We're getting a call from inside!


It's him! It's Kirigaya!


Kirito, is that you?

Are you there, Kirito?

Th-That's right!

Listen, Kikuoka! Do you...
Do you know what you've done?

You can scold me all you want later!

But right now, you need to listen to me!


Hey! What's going on over there?

Sorry, there's no time.

Listen, Kirito.

You have to look for a girl named Alice.
Then take her—

I don't have to look for her.
She's right here!

What did you say?

Son of a g*n! It's a miracle!

All right. As soon as this transmission ends,
I'm going to return the FLA rate to , .

So take Alice and head to the World’s End Altar!

What do you mean, head to—

Listen! Once you exit the Eastern Gate,
the Altar's due south—

Oh no!

They're about to infiltrate the electrical room!


You only need to sever the power line.

Make sure you don't
harm the Lightcube Cluster control lines.

Leave it to me, Bro.
I wouldn't mess up like that.

This is bad, Mr. Kiku!

If they sever the main power line,
it'll cause a surge!

The Lightcube Cluster is protected, but...

the surge will hit Kirigaya's STL in Subcon!

His Fluctlight will get fried!

I'll handle the lockdown procedure!

Higa, you take Dr. Kojiro and Asuna
and evacuate to the Upper Shaft.

Keep Kirito safe.


Asuna's there? At Rath? But why?

It's no good, they're cutting the power!
The screw propellers are going to stop!

Kirito. Kirito!

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