06x24 - I, Done Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Aired September 10, 1990 - May 20, 1996.
Will's mom sends him away from his rough Philadelphia neighborhood to live with wealthy Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian in Bel-Air.
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06x24 - I, Done Part 2

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On the last"Fresh Prince
Of Bel Air.."

This is one of the last times
that we'll all be sitting

together around this table
for a while.

We should cherish these few
moments we have as a family.

Oh! Not to worry, big guy.

Will's gonna be sitting around
this table for years to come.

For your information, midget
boy, I already got an apartment.

I have a little announcement
to make myself.

I have decided
to move back to London

to be near
my son Frederick.

What would you say if I said I
think I may have made a mistake?

The word "duh" comes to mind.

In light of all
the changes afoot

your mother and I have
to change, too.

We're gonna sell the house.

[theme song]

♪ Now this is a story
all about how ♪

♪ My life got flipped
Turned upside-down ♪

♪ And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there ♪

♪ I'll tell you
how I became the prince ♪

♪ Of a town called Bel-Air ♪

[music continues]

♪ In West Philadelphia
born and raised ♪

♪ On the playground is where
I spent most of my days ♪

♪ Chillin' out maxin'
relaxing all cool ♪

♪ And all sh**t' some b-ball
outside of the school ♪

♪ When a couple of guys
who were up to no good ♪

♪ Started makin' trouble
in my neighborhood ♪

♪ I got in one little fight
and my mom got scared ♪

♪ And said you're moving
with your auntie ♪

♪ And uncle in Bel-Air ♪

♪ I whistled for a cab
and when it came near ♪

♪ The license plate said fresh
and it had dice in the mirror ♪

♪ If anything I can say
that this cab was rare ♪

♪ But I thought nah forget it
yo homes to Bel-Air ♪

♪ I pulled up to a house
about 7 or 8 ♪

♪ And I yelled to the cabby
yo homes smell you later ♪

♪ I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there ♪

♪ To sit on my throne
as the prince of Bel-Air ♪♪

[music continues]


Come on, Will.
Early bird catches the worm.

Sound like that's what got
caught in your throat.

So, Will, you haven't told me
about your new place.

Oh. Yeah, yeah. You know,
I'm-I'm moving in soon.

You know-you know, right now,
they are putting the Jacuzzi in

and they-they gettin' the
mirrors on the roof.

So what it's kind of
a fixer-upper?

Oh, no, no, no, not at all, man.
Yo, this place is huge!

I mean, we-we got, uh,
floor-to-ceiling walls

and-and wall-to-wall floors.

Man, you know, i-it's the b*mb.

Oh, look, Will, since mom and
dad are selling the place

I don't want to take
all my stuff to Princeton.

Can I leave some of it
in your new apartment?

[blows a raspberry]
Ooh, ah, No, I can't do

See, uh..
My place kinda small, man.

I thought you just said
it was big.

Yeah. No. Yeah. No.

I mean-I mean, um.. It's big
in a real petite kind of

Ah. I know what this is.

You do?

Separation anxiety.

You can't bear to have reminders
of me in your new place.

Aw, come here, you big lug!

Will, don't hide your emotions.

Look, Carlton. I don't have
separation anxiety.

I got "no apartment" anxiety.

Oh, someone's hiding
their true feelings!

Come out, come out,
wherever you are!

Carlton, st..
Carlton, stop!

I don't have an apartment.


Yeah. I never had one.

Why'd you lie?

I don't know, man. Y'all was
all goin' on with your stuff.

Look, I-I just did it.

Look, Will, I'm sorry.

I mean, when I gave you a hard
time earlier about frittering

I didn't mean anything by it.

Yeah, I know.

It was just that you was right.

Look, why don't you move
back East with us?

I mean, you-you could
to a school in New York

or take a job on
the"Hilary Show" if you wanted.

You could be near the

Come on, just-just make it easy
on yourself.

Look, Carl, I don't want to
make it easy on myself.

I came out here to go to school

and that's what
I'm gonna do, period.

I started it
and I'm gonna finish it!

Look, I just need to
get myself situated.

So what are you gonna do?

Get out there
and look for a place.

You know what, dad could
you out in a minute.

- I'm gonna go to him.
- Carlton, no! Carlton!

No, I don't want Uncle Phil
to know nothin' about this.

Why? That's dumb.

Carlton...I do not need
Uncle Phil

to clean up all my messes. No.

You're gonna swear
to me right now

that you ain't gonna say
nothing to nobody.

Okay, Will. I swear.

Hello, Master William.
You're back early.

How's the apartment hunt going?

Pfft! Please, don't ask.
Where's everybody at?

They're gone. We're showing
the house today, remember?

Oh, that's right.
What are you still doing here?

That's a question
that haunts me every day.

Actually, I'm here to answer
questions about the house.

That is not your job!

There they go
abusing you again.

I mean, I love them

but it hurts me so bad,
the way they treat you.

G, you go ahead
and get out of here, man.

I'll take care of it.

You will do your best.

I mean, what would make me
happier than selling the house?

Not selling the house?


You know..

this looks like
a great place, Arnold.

Yep. Willis would love it.

Oh, yeah, that is
if he wouldn't mind

living over a haunted
Indian burial ground.

Uh, who are you?

Hey, I'm Will Smith.
I'm the realtor.

At night, you can hear
the wailing of the d*ad.

[shrill wailing]

What you talkin' about, will?

I think he's overstating it
a little bit, Arnold.

You're probably right, dad.

Let's check out this fly pad.

I could get used to living in
the lap of luxury.

You know, Arnold, those things
were a lot funnier

when you were still
a little child.

Yeah, well, dad,
your little stories

were a lot more
interesting back then, too.

Hey, let's check out
the wet bar.

Oh, oh, wait, wait.
We don't have one.

Let's check out the house
down the street.

Thanks anyway.

And this is
the living room.

Come on, shake a leg! We got to
get over to that universal tour

and see the backdraft ride.

Oh, then you-you should
probably leave now

before the f*re goes out.

Oh, believe me, Will, the f*re
went out a long time ago.

Oh, George,
this place is beautiful.

I'm telling you, Ouisie,
we can't afford it!

How can you say that?

Easy. He's cheap.

If I were you,
I'd keep my mouth shut.

Out here, there's a lot of
people crossing the border

to get a job like yours.

Well, one look at a bald-headed
miser like you

they'll be crossing
right back over.

I'm telling you, Ouisie,
it's too expensive.

Oh, loosen up,
George. I like it.

Oh. Yeah. And let me
tell you.

Next door.. Ooh, the girls!
Man, bikinis, all that!

They got a regular playboy
mansion jumping off over there.

Memorial day,
it all comes off.

You know what I'm talking about?

You know what I'm talking about?

Come on, George.
This placeis too expensive.

It all comes off, huh?

[mouthing words]


[telephone rings]

- Hey, hey. What's up, y'all?
- Hi, Will.

Sir, it's the realtor.

Hey, hey, now-now look, don't
get your hopes up, Uncle

I mean, it could take weeks
or months

even years to sell a house.


Ah. Great!



We have a buyer!

That's fantastic!

A couple.
The Jeffersons.

There's only one catch.
We have to be out in a week.

Why such a rush?

I don't know something about
being in by Memorial Day

and it all coming off.

We can't possibly
be out in seven days.

I mean, we have to organize

we have to pack,
we have to move.

I mean, Geoffrey
only has two hands!

Dad, our apartment's not even
ready. Where are we gonna live?

And my dorm room's not
And what about Will?

Oh. Will's set. Huh?


I have an idea.

Why don't we check
into the Plaza Hotel?

Or perhaps the Hilton.

Good one, daddy.

Alright, alright, alright.
We'll stay at the Plaza.

Come on, let's crack open
a bottle of champagne.

- Ooh, champagne!
- Girl--

So, Will, what are you
gonna to do?

Hey, hey, hey,
no need to stress, see.

I mean, I-I still got
seven days.

God built the whole universe
in that much time.

He had better credit.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, no, no,
yeah, yeah, no, no.

I mean, I know I don't have
any references

and I-I don't have any credit

but that isn't necessarily
a bad thing, is it?

Oh, it is!

Well, get that!

Well.. Hello.

I cannot believe it's that hard
to rent an apartment!

Yes. To think that all landlords
wouldn't jump at the chance

to rent to somebody with no job,
no references, no credit!

It's 'cause
I'm black, ain't it?

Hey, Will. How's your apartment?
Is everything set up?

Oh, yeah, yeah, it's cool,
Uncle Phil. Thanks. All set.

- Okay.
- I haven't seen it. Has anyone?

Oh, well, I mean from when..

when I-I took the, um..

- Yeah, yeah. I have.
- What does it look like?

Well, it's, it's, uh,
it's wall-to-wall doors

floor-to-ceiling floors.

It's neat. It makes
this place look tiny.

Uh, you know, I think Carlton's
just bragging a little too much.

- I want to see it.
- We'd all like to see it.

Um...well...you can't.

Because...it's tented.

Look. No, you-you-you can't,

...I don't have an apartment.

It's a condo,
is what it is.

Look, that-that's alright,
that's alright, C.


I don't have an apartment..

...and I never had one.

Would you excuse us
for a minute, please?

I'm sorry, Will.

What the hell is going on?

Look, um, Uncle Phil. This is,
this is not really your concern.

You know, it's about me.
It's not about you.

So don't even worry about it,

How can you say that?

We are leaving town
in a day

and you don't have
a place to live.

Why did you lie?

We was sitting around the table
and everybody talking about

all these great lives
and these new things

they're doing, you know,
and I didn't want you to say

"Hey, there's my nephew, he's
still living in my pool house."

I mean, I didn't want you
to think that

all these years
that I been out here

just ain't worth nothin'

you know, that you just been
wasting your time with me.

Look, Uncle Phil, I just
don't want you to think

that I'm the same
stupid kid I was

when I first moved out here.

How could you possibly

that that's what
I'd be thinking?

Look at you.
You're moving out on your

You're gonna finish college
in a year.

You're becoming a man.

A man I'm damn proud of.

I just didn't want your
last memory of me to be

no better than
the first one.

You have no idea
what my first memory of you is.

I remember a kid loaded with
all the potential in the world.

Now I see a person on the verge
of realizing that potential.

Come on. Let's go get you
an apartment.

Hey, Uncle Phil, um..

What you mean by verge?

Don't push your luck.

Oh, check this out. I didn't
know I'd two Biggie Smalls CDs.

Well, one of them is mine.

You own a Biggie Smalls CD?

Well, you know I'd like to
think of myself as with it.

Yeah, look at you, boy,
six years

you couldn't fight the flood,
could ya?

Wait a minute,
I know I don't own

two What's New Pussycats.

I don't know
why we're standing here talking

we gotta get packing, man.

You know, Will..

...this is the last time
we'll ever live together.


We've been through
a lot together.

Childhood to manhood.

It's been a good trip.

It's been a great trip.

Look, whenever..


...I got your back, C.

Whenever, wherever,
I've got your back..


That just doesn't sound
coming from me, does it?

Sounds great, man.


Know what?

'What are you doing?'

Oh, no, no.
You got to do it.

One last time for me, man.

["It's Not Unusual"playing]

♪ It's not unusual ♪

♪ To be loved by anyone ♪

♪ It's not unusual ♪

♪ To have fun with anyone ♪

♪ But when I see you
hangin' about ♪

♪ With anyone ♪

♪ It's not unusual ♪

♪ To see me cry ♪

♪ I wanna die ♪

♪ It's not unusual ♪

♪ To go out with anybody ♪

♪ But when I see you
out and about ♪

♪ It's such a crime ♪

♪ If you should everwanna be
loved by anyone ♪

♪ It's not unusual ♪

♪ It happens every day.. ♪


Wow. It's so empty.

Hmm. Kind of creepy.

Uh, maybe you kids should take
another look around

before the car comes.


Lot of good times
in this house, huh?

A lifetime's worth.

- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

No, no, I'm cool,
I'm cool, Uncle Phil.

You know, it's just when I first
came out here, you know

I was arelative.

I mean, for the past
six years,

like, we, we been family.

I just don't
want to go back

to being just
a relative again.

I mean, I lived
without a father

and without
brothers and sisters

and all of that.

I like this life better.

I want you to call me
on Sundays, too, you know

when you're calling
your other kids and everything.

Look, um..

I love you, Uncle Phil, and
I just don't want to lose you.

You know, any of you.

Pfft. You're not gonna lose us.

You are my son, will.

End of story.

You just better be sure
that your butt

is by a phone on Sunday.

You got it, man.

The car to the airport
has arrived.

Nicky, did you remember
to go to the bathroom?

Of course.

Carlton, did you remember
to go to the bathroom?

Of course.

I'll be right back.

Well, Geoffrey..

...this is it.

You are officially off duty.

Yes! Ha ha!

Well, I've taken the liberty

of upgrading your ticket
to London to first class.

Why, thank you, sir.

In lieu of my spring bonus?

In addition to it.

I'm getting light-headed.

Will, honey, remember,
you're coming out

as soon as you get settled.

Yep. Yeah.

Ohh! You're gonna love
the plaza.

Come on. The plane leaves
in an hour.

- Bye, Will.
- Bye-bye, nick.

Hey, you remember
what I told you, alright?

Never give dad any bad news
when he's hungry.

No, man, I said you know always
be good to your mom and dad.

And, that other thing.

[playful growling]

'Come on, Nick.'

Remember, if you decide
to drop out of school

I have a job
waiting for you.

And I'll make it
worth your while.

Hilary, Will's going
to finish school.

Oh, I know.

I'll save a desk for you,
just in case.

- Goodbye.
- Bye-bye.

- I love you, Will.
- Love you, too, Ash.

Don't be acting all wild
in New York, either.

Geoffrey could you
help me with my bag?

Just kidding.

It would be my pleasure.

Goodbye, Master William.

Hey, hey.
What's that, G?



Bye-bye, G.

So, uh..

...when is jazz coming by
to help you move?

Uh, he's coming
as soon as you leave.

Ah. Good idea.

Well, when he comes by

wish him all the best
from me.

I will.



'Hey! Who turned out
the lights?'

Where is everybody?

I am definitely
gonna miss you, C.

[theme music]
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