02x06 - Crunch Time

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Secrets of Sulphur Springs". Aired: January 15, 2021 to present.
A 12-year-old boy and a classmate discover a secret portal that allows them to time travel and uncover clues about a mystery involving a girl who disappeared decades ago.
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02x06 - Crunch Time

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Wyatt: Previously, on
"Secrets of Sulphur Springs"...

Bennett, Sr.: Once this hotel
is done, Bennett,

everyone in town will forget

all about that ridiculous
ghost business.

From now on,
just stay out of my hair.

Why won't you work?

(radio whirring)

Hold on, Harper.
I'm on my way.

According to your agreement
with Judge Emmett Walker,

you are ordered to vacate
this property within 48 hours.

Wyatt and Zoey
have the crystal.

Don't even think
about looking for it.

Griffin: I think I'm sitting
on Wyatt's hiding place.

Is that a crack?
This jagged line right here.

That wasn't there before?

No, it wasn't.

[♪ ♪]

You said Judge Walker
was a man of his word,

that signing those papers
would allow us to stay here.

I know what I said, Sam.

This isn't
what you signed, though.

The agreement was for
the land and the springs,

never the farmhouse.

Elijah: Judge must've
changed his mind...

along with the paperwork.

He can't do that!
We have to tell someone.

Think anyone in this town would
take my word over Judge Walker's?

Sheriff sure
didn't want to listen.

Better start
getting things in order.

Two days ain't much time.

Sam: Papa!
We can't just leave.

This is our home.

Mother would want us
to stay and fight.

Your mother would understand
why we can't.

She'd want me
to keep you kids safe.

That's what I'm doin'.

Come now.

Your family can't let
that slimy judge win.

Sam's right.
They have to do something.

But if Elijah
puts up a fight,

the judge will find another
way to get what he wants.

Something that could
hurt my family even worse.

Like in my visions.

So you're like
psychic now?

Not exactly. I mean, I
didn't see this coming.

Well, at least now we know
how your family lost The Tremont.

That's it!

That's why Grace wanted me
to come back here.

To see what happened
so I can make things right.

Hang on, Sam.

Sam: If you won't
do anything, I will!

We have to stop him.
Then I've got to get home.

You'll need this.
Those too.

[♪ ♪]

Sam! There you are.

Room 205 is complaining
about that draft again.

Would you have some time now
to take a look?

I've got nothing but time.

(lights fizzling)


Daisy, come on.

Griffin: I can't believe we
managed to pull this off.

I‐‐ I mean, sure,
you look like Harper,

but I didn't think anyone would
actually believe you were her.

Not that you didn't
do a good job.

‐It's just that Harper is‐‐



So, uh, you ready
to go home?

I've missed Papa and Sam
so much but...

- I'm not sure I can leave.
- What?

No, you have
to switch back.

Harper can't stay in 1930.
Her life is here.

So is my mother.

How can I possibly
go back home,

knowing her spirit
hasn't found peace?

Well, staying
is not an option.

You have
to grow up in the past,

get married, have a family,

or else Harper won't exist,

But my mother...

I know how awful it feels
being trapped somewhere.

Listen, this could be
your last chance to go home.

Topher already knows
about the bunker.

How long until
someone else finds it?

Please, Daisy. I get
wanting to help Grace and all,

but what about the rest
of your family?

Your dad, Sam, Harper,
they all need you.

Forgive me, Mother.
I have to do this.

Theme music playing...

[♪ ♪]

Season 02 Episode 06

Episode Title: "Crunch Time"
(To be) Aired on: February 11, 2022.

(video playing indistinctly)

Wyatt! Zoey!

I told you no more videos

until after you finish
your homework.

Man on video: Something's
here in this house.

I swear
if it's you, man...

Oh, hey! Hey, no!
I'll go!

(video stops)

I'll go right now!
Don't do it!

(electronics going haywire)

This is... new.

The ghost doesn't seem
too happy.

Could have something
to do with that rock

you were
telling me about.

Where's your dad?

- Zoey: Outside, I think.
- Come on. Now!



What's wrong?

Everything is going
crazy inside!

The lights. The radio.

It's happening
upstairs too.

Well, I'm‐‐
I'm having the workers

do an overhaul
of the electrical system.

It's probably
just a circuit breaker.

Where's your, uh,
where's your fuse box?

Down the basement.
I'll show you.

It's not the workers.

It's the ghost sending a
message loud and clear.

Put the rock back now
or else...

‐Or else‐‐
‐Do not finish that sentence.

You're doing
the right thing, Daisy.

I hope so.

The thought of my
mother's spirit still in pain‐‐

We'll figure something out
as soon as we get Harper back.

I promise.

So does it usually
take this long?

Ju‐‐ Just give it
a minute.

The crystal probably
needs to warm up.

Griffin, we saw a crack.
What if‐‐

(radio whirring)

(electricity powering up)

Money can buy you
a lot of things,

but a qualified electrician
is clearly not one of them.

Well, don't get rid
of the guy just yet.

May take some time
to find another.

Can't afford
too many more setbacks.

Nothing is going to get in
the way of this hotel reopening.

And when it does,
I will be your first guest.

If that's all right
with you.

Of course, it is.

You'll always have
a room here, Dad.

No reservation required.

(clears throat)

Uh, shine that light a little‐‐ a
little higher, would you, Bennett?

- (Bennett, Sr. Yelps)
- Dad!

(radio powers down)

- (Griffin grunting)
- It isn't working.

It has to!

- Come on!
- Griffin, stop.

No! I'm not giving up
on Harper.

- (banging on hatch)
- Open, please. Argh!

We'll find another way.

You don't understand,

The portal
is the only way back,

and it doesn't work
with‐‐ without...

- Where are you going?
- We have to get the power back on.

Zoey: Listen to us.
It has to be ghosts.

- What happened?
- Call an ambulance.

Do not call
an ambulance.

It was just
a little shock.

You lost consciousness, Dad.


Hi, I need paramedics
to 860 Bayou Road.

I told you, I'm fine.

- Mom!
- She's on the phone, Wyatt.

Yes. Yes, The Tremont.

My father‐in‐law
had an accident.


I never should've
touched that rock.

Sarah: And now there's smoke
coming out of the basement.

Tell them to hurry!

Calm down.
There's no need to panic.

Yes, there is.
My hat's inside!

The hat can be replaced.

Stay with your sister
and brother.

Wait... Where's Griffin?

(both coughing)

Listen. I'll find a f*re
extinguisher. You call 911.

- 911?
- Just press the numbers.

Once someone answers,
tell 'em it's an emergency.

No, you can't go back in
there, Griffin. It isn't safe!

But if the basement burns,
we can't get to the bunker.

You'll be trapped here.

And you'll never see
Harper again.

Ben: What are you doing in here?

We smelled smoke.

Yeah, the f*re department's
already on the way.

Come on, everyone's
waiting outside. Let's go.

(ominous music playing)

(indistinct chatter)

Take it easy tonight.

Any headaches,
nausea, dizziness,

I want you to go to the
closest ER, understood?

- I'm fine, really.
- Understood?


Dad, I don't know
what to say.

All clear. Smoke's
pretty much gone too.

Check for toxicity?

Yeah. And she's clean.

So it's safe
to go back inside?

Yes, ma'am.
I'd open up some windows,

though you've already got
a pretty good draft in there.

on the second floor.

Is there something else?

Anyone living in room 205?

No one.

We use it mostly
for storage. Why?

When I was checking it out,
I noticed it seemed very cold.

And I saw what I
thought was smoke,

but it was just
this mist,

like you see in the mornings
out in the pastures.

Anyway, nothing was burning,
so I locked it back up.

Thank you.

Topher: You know what
we're gonna hear, don't you?

"No logical explanation."

When we all know exactly
what the explanation is.

- But will they listen to us?
- Nope.

Because you guys have been
screaming the same thing for days.

I mean, you've heard
of Chicken Little, right?

Yeah, yeah.
"The sky is falling."

But in this case,
it really is!

There's a ghost
in that hotel.

I don't know, maybe there
are two ghosts. Or maybe 100!

Topher! Harper!

Thank God,
you're all right.

Come on.
Let's go home.

Bye, guys.

It's getting worse.

There's no telling
how this is gonna end.

Especially when we don't
even know where it began.

There he is.

He paces
when he's thinking.

His grown‐up self
does that too.

What are you doing? Or maybe I
should ask, what are you planning?

What does it look like?

I've got business
with the judge.

There's things
he needs to hear.

Like what, exactly?

Well, first, I'm gonna call
him a no‐good, lying grifter,

then I'm gonna get him
to admit what he did.

He's a judge, Sam.
You can't do any of that.

Oh, yeah?

Watch me!

Out of my way, Daisy.


You promised!
You gave us your word

that we could stay
on the land!

Now, now.
Easy there, young man.

Come on, Sam.

I'm sure
the judge is very busy.

- Papa's waiting for us at home.
- She's right, son.

You listen to your sister
and your daddy.

And remember,
he did this for you.

Let go! I needed
to make our case

since you
and Papa won't!

Sure, Papa, I get, all filled
with sadness over Mother.

But if you were really Daisy,
you'd be fighting this too,

right alongside me.

It's a losing battle, Topher.
Can't you see...

Who's Topher?

I don't know. I just‐‐
Look, Sam‐‐

You just...

stay away from me!

Finch case is on the docket
for tomorrow.

Make sure you have
the brief ready and organized.

Already in the works.

That kid sure caused
a ruckus back there.

Oh, nothin' to worry about.

You got the document
for their farm?

If you mean the original
that Elijah signed,

got it right here.

You want me to tear it up?

It can go out
with tonight's trash.

I'll take care of it

It'll be safe here till then.


- Where have you been?
- It doesn't matter.

I know where
the real document is,

and I know how we're
gonna get our hands on it.

Dad, slow down.

Sarah: You don't
have to leave tonight.

Uh, didn't they tell you
to rest?

What? How am I gonna rest
in that... place?

The sander, the porch,
the fuse box?

Haunted, cursed,
or just falling apart,

The Tremont is a lawsuit
waiting to happen.

Look, Dad...

Come on, we've been
working together and it's...

It's been good.

Until today! The contractors
have all backed out.

No amount of money
is going to insure this place.

I wanted it to work out.

I really did.

But it's useless!

Plain and simple,
that place wants us out.

I'm sorry, Bennett. Sarah.

It's not fair.

So? What are you?
Like some big fancy judge?

I've been called a lot of
things, but never fancy.

If you don't mind me asking,

I read somewhere
about this law

that it's illegal to tie your
alligator up to a f*re hydrant.

You ever hear that?

I can't say
that I have.

Yup, it's pretty amazing what
they come up with these days, huh?

You know, I'm thinking, I wanna
be a lawyer when I'm older.

I mean,
I'm pretty good in school

and I like helping people...
and alligators.

Oh, that's dandy,
little lady.

But shouldn't you be a little
more practical in your ambitions?

Find yourself a lawyer
to marry.

Not sure I understand.

Nothing wrong with
being married to a lawyer.

Just ask my wifey.

Grandpa must've been
really spoked to bail on you.

- If I just knew the answer.
- To what?

All of this.

This hotel...

its secrets,
the mystery...

What's in the mirror?
What's in the basement?

Why won't it let us
finish this place...

or, God forbid,
open it?

We're good people!

You hear me?

(Ben scoffs)

All we want to do is open
this place back up again,

give it another chance.

What's so wrong
with that? Huh?

Why won't you let us?

You know what?

You may have driven
my father away,

but I'm not giving up.

You hear me?

We will not give up.

Not today, not tomorrow,
not ever!

We're finishing the work
and we're opening this hotel

and you just‐‐

You better get used to it!

You go, Dad!


I did what I could
to slow him down,

and then he did
this whole

"ladies can't be lawyers,
only wifeys" thing.

So 1930s.

- Did you get it?
- It's right here.

I checked it.
It's the one Elijah signed,

letting him
keep the house.

So what now?
Do we give it to Elijah?

The Supreme Court?

Or maybe "The People's Court"?

Oh, wait, no. Television's
not been invented yet.

Savannah! We're
gonna get this document

once and for all
into the right hands,

but not into the hands
you think.

I've told you a hundred
times that place is cursed!

I don't understand why you won't listen
to me and why you keep going back.

Don't you want us
to have friends?

Of course,
I do, baby.

I'm not saying you can't
be friends with other kids

or the Campbell kids.

It's just...
that hotel and‐‐

And the ghosts
who dwell there.

That's not
what I was gonna say.

But you were thinking it.

You said our dad
was drawn to it.

And you were before the
Campbells showed up, right?

- Right.
- And I couldn't stay away.

And now,
you can't either.

That's nonsense.

The only time I go there is
when I'm chasing after you two.

And, yes, your dad had
an obsession with it

it was in his family.

And when you married him,
you became a part of his family.

Just as other women who
married into our family did.

It wasn't the man's land
or her land.

It became their land.

You got a lot from going
through that old trunk.

All you have to do
is look at our family tree.

All right, you two
need to go to bed.

Okay, so we'll table this?

I'm not changing my mind.

You will if The Tremont
wants you to.

- Good night, Mom.
- Good night.

You were pretty good
back there.

Had me snowed.

I meant it. Every word.

Good night, sis.

I'm sorry
it took so long.

You're here now.
Let's get going.


There you are.
I need another pair of hands.

Unless you got
something else to do?

Oh, no, um...
be right there.

All right.

Here, take this
and go back.

- You're not coming?
- There's no time.

You need to switch
with Harper

and make sure
she gets back here.

Then you'll stay in the
past, where you belong,

and she'll stay
in the present.

And the world
will be right again.

Just use the other door
and... be careful.



goodbye is all.

Goodbye, Daisy.
Good luck.

Ben: Griffin, come
on, son. This can't wait!


Sam, have you seen

I thought she might be
helping you out again.

No. Not all day.

I've been up at 205
working on locating that draft.

Still can't pinpoint it.

Only Mrs. Henderson
would complain about a draft

in the heat
of a Louisiana summer.

If Savannah turns up, I'll
be sure to send her your way.

Much appreciated.

Are you down there?

Oh, no!


Why can't you tell me
what the plan is, Harper?

I mean, what else
can we do

but show the paper
to Elijah?

(leaves rustling)

Harper? What is it?

Harper: Shh.
Do you hear that?

Someone's there.

You're back!

Hi, you must be

Nice to meet you,

- Where's Griffin?
- His father needed him for something.

So he sent me back alone.

He said we have
to switch places right away.

I'm ready, and I
assume you are too.

Boy, this is crazy,
seeing you two together.

I mean, the resemblance
is truly uncanny.

So no one in the
present figured it out?

There were some pretty
close calls. How about you?

Plenty of the same. Your
brother, Sam, was nearly onto me.

Same with Topher.

I'm gonna
miss that kid.

And I'll miss Sam
and your father.

Thanks for letting me
borrow your mother.

It was nice...
having one again.

And, for me,
nice having a father back.

There's something you
need to know about the farm.

That eventually it was
turned into a hotel?

Sooner than
you probably know.

Judge Walker
bought it.

Uh, excuse me, but
shouldn't that be stole it?

The judge tricked your dad
with a switch of the documents.

All you have to do
is take this inside,

show your father, and the
land stays yours forever.

That's wonderful.

Only it's not
what you're going to do.

It's not?

But if we can
save the farm...

We're not going to,

In fact, that's the last
thing you're going to do.

Harper: Next time on
"Secrets of Sulphur Springs"...


Caroline: Sam took a fall
down the basement stairs.

- He's unconscious.
- No.

Is he‐‐
Is he gone?

Daisy, what are you
still doing here?

You were supposed to
switch back with Harper.

I think our ghost is on
notice, thanks to your dad.

Or he made her mad.

It feels calm around here.

Do you trust it?

Not for a second.

Don't turn around,
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