01x10 - Valley of Tears

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Valley of Tears". Aired: October 19, 2020.
Mini-series depicts the battles of the Yom Kippur w*r told from the perspective of three characters.
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01x10 - Valley of Tears

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CO Tahini, this is Alush.
We are on our way back.

Heading over with 6 t*nk
back into the valley. Over.

This is Tahini. Great.
We are in combat with the enemy.

Assume positions between us
and the Adir garrison.

As close as you can to the trenches.

Pay attention, enemy units
are spread across that area. Over.

Alush stations, this is CO.
Prepare for contact.

3, take position a quarter
to the right, by the rocks.

Cover us from there.
2, you're with me. Over and out.

Alush, this is 3. Spotting Syrian
t*nk headed towards me.

Climb carefully, you are on their flank.
I have your back. Over.

CO Alush, this is Tahini.
The enemy is very near.

When will you reach positions? Over.

This is Alush, one minute til contact.
Over and out.


Alush stations,
this is the moment of truth.

We're going in between them,
full force.

- Loaded.
- Ready?


Good luck.

Alush stations, att*ck!

3, open f*re, 2, come down with me.
Driver, go!

3, maybe right, left 1.

A bit to the right, Meni.

- Get ready to f*re. f*re!
- f*ring!

It's a hit.

CO Alush, beware!
Two Syrian t*nk to your right!

Marco, rotate to the right!
Are you on?

Target out of sight! Put me on target!

f*ring with commander override!
Go on, Meni, let her rip.

3, f*re!

Alush, two t*nk a quarter to the left!

Alush stations, this is CO, f*re on the
go, don't let them raise their heads!

Marco, rotate left! All the way.

2B, two t*nk on your left.
Take the left one!

- Hang on. On it!
- f*re!

It's a hit!

- This is 2B, another target hit!
- Yoni, load up another one. Yoni!

Alush, this is 3. Identifying
infantry in the bushes, right!

Guys, search for commander t*nk!
The Syrians won't risk hitting

their commanders,
stay close to the red flags.

Marco, aim left. f*re!

Hit! Keep going.

t*nk approaching. Marco, on it?
Hit them with a squash head!

- Loaded.
- On.


It's a hit. Marco, we took out
a commander's t*nk.

- Who's next?
- They're bailing out on foot!

- Meni, run them over.
- Sorry, I'm not running people over.

Marco, use the parallel g*n.

- Go, Meni, go!
- Load, Yoni!

Go, Meni! We're on a roll.

- Loaded!
- CO, four t*nk on the right.

3, open f*re at the two left ones.

- Marco, aim to the right!
- Invisible!

I'm gonna get right up close to him.

f*re already!

- Marco, f*re now! f*re!
- f*ring!

Target hit!

Alush, this is 3. Both targets
on the left were destroyed.

On the left,
the Syrian CO is on the run.

Marco, rotate left.
f*re with the parallel g*n!

I'm taking him out too.

Let's go, Meni,
we need to get to the ridge.

Go, go! Panthers!

Alush, this is 2.
2A has been hit and I'm stuck.

Alush, this is 3. A t*nk on your left
is aiming at you!

Aim left, Marco, aim left.

He's aiming at us!

- That was close.
- Marco, are you on?

- On.
- f*re!

Hit! Way to go.

- Loaded.
- Panthers, no fear, no fear!

Alush, this is 3. Identifying two t*nk
on the run. I got the one on the right!

Meni, the left is a commander's t*nk,
don't let him get away.

- This is 3, target hit!
- Zero range!

- Marco, straight f*re!
- f*ring!

Another one, quickly!
Before he disappears.

Meni, hurry, he's getting away!
At full speed!

- Hurry, Yoni!
- Loaded.

Meni, go! Straight ahead!

Meni, faster! Meni, left,
follow my lead! Full speed!

What's up Meni? Faster!

Go, Meni, he is running away!

- You are too slow!
- Go faster! We're gonna lose him!

I can't, this is as fast as it will go!

Switch it to low gear!

3, this is 2. I need rescue.
Send a vehicle quickly. Over.

This is 3. 3B on its way. Over.

Meni, stop!

Where is he?
Where did he go?

- Yoni, give me a grenade.
- What's he doing?

They're gonna take us out!

Melakhi, where are you going?


- What's that lunatic doing?
- I don't know!

Are you alright, Yoni?






My leg. My leg is stuck, Melakhi.

I'm getting you out.

Yoni! Yoni! Talk to me, Yoni.

- Evacuate!
- I'm getting you out.

Meni, come help me,
we have to get them out of the f*re!

I'm coming. Yoni!

- Yoni!
- How is he, Melakhi? How is he?


Help him, Meni!

- Melakhi! What's going on? Yoni.
- Help him!

Help me pick him up. Right hand!

- Is he okay, Melakhi?
- Up, Melakhi, up!

Careful, Melakhi, careful!

Help me with his leg, Melakhi.

- Melakhi!
- I'm coming!

I'm stuck! Son of a bitch!

Hold him, on the shoulder.

Wait, Marco!

I'm coming. Marco!

Marco, I'm coming to get you out.

Let me see, let me see.

It's stuck here, Melakhi.

Melakhi, we're gonna blow,
they'll finish us off.

Quiet! I'm pulling.

Melakhi, listen.

- Where is it stuck? Show me.
- Melakhi, listen.

It's over for me, the t*nk's gonna blow.
You gotta get outta here.

Run. Run before we explode!
I love you, brother.

If you see Alush,
tell him I love him. Go. Go!

We're gonna die!

Yoni. It's alright, Yoni.

Yoni, talk to me.

I'm coming.

What are you doing back in here?!
What are you doing?

I told you to stay away!

- You'll die with me, you idiot!
- Where's the shell extractor?

You'll die with me, Melakhi.
Get outta here!

Melakhi! Get out! You are crazy!

Everything is alright. We'll be out
of here real soon, help is on the way.

- Dad.
- Stay calm.

Yoni, open your eyes.
Don't fall asleep, Yoni. Yoni...

I won't let you die!

It's free.

Pull up! Pull up!

Wake up, Yoni!

Yoni, open your eyes.
Yoni, please.

No, my boy...

- My leg.
- You alright, Marco?

We're alive, Melakhi.

I forgive you, Marco.
I forgive you for everything.

- We're on our way to Mom.
- To Mom?

We're on our way home.

We're going home to Mom, Marco!

- Don't sh**t!
- Hands in the air!

Don't sh**t!

Marco, you all right? Marco?


- Marco.
- He's mine, Melakhi.

Marco, stop!

Stop, Marco!

Marco, stop! Marco!

Let go of me, Melakhi.

- Marco!
- Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Marco, you're punching a d*ad body!

You sons of bitches! f*ck!

You can't defeat me, you f*ck!

Bring it on, bring it on!

Bring it on!

I am Marco Duzly! From Musrara!

And I am not afraid of you!

I'll screw all of you! Bring it on!

You took Alush away from me!

I will bring him back with my teeth!

Alush! Alush!

I'll k*ll you all!

I'll screw each and every one of you!
I'll tear you apart,

with my own hands!

Come! You sons of bitches!

Come! I'm not afraid,
come and sh**t me!

Come! I am Marco Duzly!

Where are you? Where?

Come, you sons of bitches!




Do you want to begin?

I'm a cook.

You are Avinoam Shapira,
military ID 2167890.

You're from the wiretapping unit
at the Hermon outpost.

Your Arabic is excellent.
That will make it easier for me.

What are you afraid of?

Whatever you say
can't do anyone any harm.

Husni, what time is it?

- 3:03, boss.
- Get the radio.

The Zionist enemy has been defeated

and we now hear that Jerusalem
and Tel Aviv are in our army's hands.

Did you understand?

Israel is finished.
You won't harm anyone.

Prime Minister Golda Meir
and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan

are negotiating the terms of surrender.

Your mouth is saying you're a cook
and that you don't understand Arabic,

but your eyes
are saying something else.


Come on, tell me what I need to know.

No suffering, no pain, no tears.

You'll see,
our regime is not that bad.

We can be generous victors,
it will be a new era.

Tell me something

and we'll let you rest,
eat, take a shower.

Rifat al Nasri.

What did you say?

You said Rifat al Nasri.
What do you mean?

- Husni.
- Rifat al Nasri.

I recognize him, on the radio.

He's in the gendarmerie,
you lied to me.

That's not the radio.
You did it to trick me.

He's the gendarmerie spokesman.

Now that we understand one another

and this farce is over,
can we get to work?

Thank you.

I told you, I'm a cook from Safed.

I learned Arabic at school.

Husni. Bring him in.

Yoav? You're alive.

Avinoam. Don't say a word!

I looked all over for you.

What have you done to him?

Don't t*rture him. He needs surgery.

It's up to you.
You can help him or not.

Avinoam, don't tell them anything.
Not a word.

You want us to let him have surgery,

The gangrene is still below the knee.

Hurry up and we can still help him.

- No, no.
- We can save the upper part.

If not, it will keep going up and up.

- Until he reaches God.
- Please, I'm begging you, you can't.

Yoav, I won't let that happen.

You won't tell them a thing.

- Not a word !
- Yoav, I gave Dafna the ring.

She came with me to rescue you.
I gave her the ring.

Do you want to help him?

It's very simple.

Please, write down.
You know everything I want to know.

Tell me the code,

how you tapped the line
between Damascus and Aleppo.

Avinoam, don't tell them anything.
Not a word.

Remember, a wounded soldier
is more damage than a d*ad soldier.

Do you realize it's treason?
You're accused of treason.


Every intelligence officer heard
your opinion

and they all want to strangle you.

None of the bosses up there
knew there'd be a w*r.

None of them saw what you saw.

We're alright, we're alright.

I'm begging you, sh**t me.

Avinoam, stay with me.
You step where I step.

You want to get outta here?
Yes or no? Come on.

Get me out of here!

Do what you will.

You don't want to help your friend?


I'm diving in.

Husni, you know what to do.


t*nk crews, fighters.

We had our share of sins.

We were complacent,

and we were smug.

I promise you one thing,

and you have to promise yourselves
and everyone you love

that this w*r will make us
better people.

And that after this damn w*r

the State of Israel will rise again,

better, stronger,

more modest, more compassionate.

And we'll always remember
the beautiful young men that we lost,

who loved and laughed and hoped

and were eager and fought and died
in the inferno and destruction.

Search your souls, for them.

Alright, guys,

tonight we're conquering Syria.

We have an opportunity.

We'll bring a*tillery f*re down
on Damascus,

on the presidential palace,

so they will never forget
who they messed with.

We'll cross the border,
we'll advance as far as possible,

as deep as possible!

Until the government or the UN
stop us! Damascus, 93 kilometers.




You will be in the first t*nk that
will cross the border.


The defensive battles on the Northern
Front against the Syrian Army

ended after five days
of devastating bloodshed.

In the following days, the IDF managed
to advance deep into Syria,

stopping just 25 miles
from the capital, Damascus.

Nearly 800 Israeli soldiers died
and thousands were injured

on the Northern Front alone.

On the Southern Front, during
the first days of w*r,

the Egyptian Army breached the Israeli
line of defense on the Sinai Peninsula.

The IDF continued to wage fierce
preemptive battles for many days.

In memory of those fallen
in the Yom Kippur w*r

and in dedication
to their family members

and all those impacted by the w*r.
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