01x08 - I Need You

Episode transcripts for the TV show "BTS: Burn the Stage". Aired: March 28, 2018–May 9, 2018.
Web series about K-Pop group BTS, who have become one of the hottest bands in the world, as they tour across the globe for their Wings Tour.
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01x08 - I Need You

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An endless stretch of desert.

Some might explore it to find an oasis,

but we seek to unfold dreams.

No need to stop, no need to turn back.

An opportunity for an endless race
that lies ahead of us.

It'd be better to keep still afterwards.

For this, I want us standing up.

It won't look good all bunched up.
Five on this side and two here.

-We should spread out.
-Let's decide that formation now.

-That's a good idea.
-And go over it a few times.

-Since we'll spread out anyway.
-Yeah, we can do that.

Standing too close to each other
is the problem.

Some here and others there.

Thank you for your warm support.
Will you stay with us till the end?


-Will you?

"You Never Concert Alone."
Here is our last song. Let's go.

Okay, divide up and exit on both sides.

The problem is, we hardly
have any time on the big day.

So we can't do anything.

We think, "Yeah, let's get a good night's
sleep for tomorrow's concert

"and take care of ourselves."
You'd think that, right?

But no. After this, we have meetings
for choreography, stage outfits,

and by the time we've decided
on how to stage it,

it's as late as 2:00 a.m. or even 3:00 a.m.

-It's time for our press conference.
-Then we wake up at 8:00 a.m.

Let's go to the press conference.

We never have enough time.

Okay, let's begin the sh**t.

-First, start with Let's Get It.
-Yes, start with that.

-Let's Get It.
-There you go.

I think with more experience...

If it were "The Red b*llet" concert,
we couldn't have done all this.

We would've been all clumsy.

-You'd just get on stage like that.
-I know.

I'm not going to say, "We can do this."

Because that's a given.

Here at Gocheok Sky Dome,

BTS will begin their world tour
with a concert in Seoul.

Two, three! Bangtan! Hello, we're BTS.

We piece together the story of
our performance and music

at our upcoming concert.

I think it's the chemistry of the members.

My roommate here wrote me a letter.

-Do you remember what it said?
-What he wrote?

I guess you didn't read it.

Growth is ultimately an individual journey

so you push yourself to grow
and learn from your experiences.

But it's comforting to know that
we're together as a group.

This has been BTS.

Two, three! Thank you!

This gives my lips a luscious glow.

-That's what I said.
-But you came in a little faster.

-Any problem with Save Me I Need U?
-V shouldn't push out too much.

-Yeah, Taehyung...
-Try not to do that.

-You have to stay at the back.
-I'll remind you before we go up.

We're tired, but let's hang in there.

Bangtan, Bangtan, BangBangtan!

The spotlight turns on

and the dome fills with loud cheering.

One step, then two.

The mirage we saw when we
first stepped out into the desert

has since become a reality
that overlaps with the here and now.

Careful, don't bump your head.

Forty seconds left. Hurry!

Every day feels like a beautiful dream,

and we start to wonder if all this is real.

But the next day, and the day after that,

our eyes open to new dreams.

Will you stay with us?
Will you be there for us?


We purple you!

We race towards an unknown future

without any clue as to the direction
or whether it'll be the end.

But one thing is certain.

When we finally reach that place,

it'll be a future the seven of us
have always dreamed of

and we'll all be smiling happily.

Let's all make hearts!

ARMY, you are ours!

I tried to speak, but my mic didn't work.

I get to take home free caps!

That was a great finish.

I'm b*at. I want to go home and rest.

Now the after-party! Let's go!

All finished.

I'm going to drink a lot of booze.

This reminds me of old times.

When we get off stage,

we're back to being just ordinary
guys in their 20s.

And we thank one another and those around us

for taking our ordinary selves
above and beyond.

All we did was sing and dance.

It's actually the crew who
made the concert happen.

-Well said!
-And so...

Hey! We agree!

We think of you as our wings.

Thanks for your help! Great job!

Cheers! To us!

-Great work!
-Well done.

I wanted the ocean so I drank you in.
But I'm thirstier than before.

It's been so long since we've last been here.

This is where we finished up
"The Red b*llet" tour.

We had our clothes on backwards
and busted out b-boy moves here.

-Do that one more time.

It's been ages since then.

I need to catch some sleep.

-He did the same thing last time.
-I know.

Back then, Yunki was lying here.

It wasn't on this chair.
I was crumpled up like this in all-white.

Did we sh**t a live stream here?

-Yeah, we did.
-Right! The WiFi didn't work.

We heated up the stage like never before,

and Chile shouted BTS louder than ever.

Maybe it's just a given.

Out of breath
and struggling to stay standing,

we burn up every last bit of our energy
by the time we finish.

Only then can we say, we gave it our all.

-Jung Kook looked really tired.
-Who? Jung Kook?

Jung Kook looked really b*at.

-Are you okay?

After we took on the name of BTS,

there was never a time when
I tried to be just myself.

Both on stage and backstage,

I'm a piece that completes BTS.

And wherever I may happen to be,

I know BTS isn't complete

without that one piece of the puzzle.

Don't strain yourself!

Jung Kook, you okay?

You should take it easy
when you're exhausted.

He felt dizzy, but kept pushing himself.

When did you get dizzy?

He worked up a sweat for f*re.

Was it during f*re?

Why did you do that?
You shouldn't push yourself.

Because it was our last concert in Chile.

You sounded awesome.

He's like "Boy Meets Evil."
I mean, he really sees the devil.

I just met the devil.

How do you keep up like this?
That's so impressive.

I told you, I just met the devil.

After crossing the desert
under the hot, blistering sun,

we quench our thirst in the shade.

For the journey ahead,

we catch our breath as we check
where we are on the map.

To rest means to take a break.

So that we can keep moving forward.

Jung Kook.



Don't ignore someone
who's five years older than you.

Aren't you going to work out?

Jung Kook!


Let's go exercise.

Oh gosh.

-I'm not faking it.
-We haven't even started.

Ow! My body's gone stiff!

-What do you call a queen standing up?

Queen Seondeok.

-What's the saddest veggie in the world?


-You're counting too slow.

And down.

Isn't that like a ringtone?

Don't move this hand. Stop that.

What are you doing?

Let's do it once more.

Cross your hands.

Before, it was five to six days.

This is how the results came out.
You are a perfect sellout.

Then, what's your next step?
How about the Kyocera Dome?

It's scary to be assumed as a success.

That's expected for every concert.

The hopes and expectations far exceed

the pace at which we are growing.

We expect ourselves to do well

and decide to be bold.

Is this where they sit?

So this is how fans feel. Awesome.

It's really loud.

So this is what it's like for the fans.

I was at Coldplay's concert in Korea

and I went to Eminem's concert
so I know what it feels like.

but coming down here like this
lets me see it in a new light.

When you believe rather than doubt,

and when you carry yourself
with confidence but not conceit,

you can captivate the eyes and ears
of thousands

and touch their hearts from the stage.

No problem with Not Today, right?

For songs f*re, 21st Century Girl,
and Blood, Sweat & Tears, I know it's hard

but let's do our best to make it work.

We'll be on the stage countless times.

What more can we ask for?

When pressured or anxious,
we think of the excitement to come.

I'll say "We're," you say "Pros."

We're pros!

In America, you say, "Break a leg."

Break a leg means to do well.

The dream stage comes to life.

Our New York concert isn't the end,
but the start of a new beginning.

For the others, notch up 0.5dB.

The same for the MR.

It sounds good when the director
and the music director give directions,

but my voice sounds too far off
compared from the others.

Even when I turn up the volume.

But as always, we'll work things out.

If my earpiece doesn't work...

If we move to the main stage for
N.O and No More Dream,

it'd be difficult to get back
and go back and forth like that.

-So just go up to the bridge.

We'll use the center stage for Boy in Luv,
then we'll each do our own thing for Danger

then get to the main stage for Run.


-With energy and our mics...
-That's all there is.

Let's do what we always do.

Bangtan, Bangtan, BangBangtan!

What English name would you give yourself?


Yun kimin? Yun kimin?


-So cute.
-Good moni!

Justin Ciegel.

Does it hurt that bad?


You shouldn't walk around too much.

I won't.

You should rest tomorrow.
Just forget about the concert.

Then I'll get it checked out.

Let's go to a hospital.

Keep your eyes on Namjun.

He's going to buy a lot of things.

I just need to get a jacket.

Give up? Want to go somewhere else?

We don't have time to wait that long.

That's how long the line is?

Well, at least we get to step outside.

-We get to take a walk.

It's cold.

I don't usually wander around.

But I didn't want to miss out.

They have so many instruments
and music equipment.

I used to eat nourishing food
and stuff when we first debuted.

Keep at it.
We need it more now than we did back then.

Maybe we can say that our thirst
to take the top stage

and give the world's most
amazing performance possible

has been somewhat quenched.

We push aside the anticipation
and take a short break.

Lucky we bought something.

I'd come every day if I lived here.

Do I take this and go to the check-out?

Yeah, over there.

This is too complicated.

I'm not good with this stuff.

-You got something nice.
-What is that?

-Hot dogs.

Wow! Hot dogs!

Hot dogs in New York.

-Did you give one to the guard?
-Yeah, he got one.

-Did everyone get one?

You can't find this in Korea.
It's just not available.

This has the best review. It's crazy.

I'm happy now.

We move to the promised b*at and rhythm

to deliver our best performance
before seats packed with fans.

We're keeping those promises, one at a time.

That's how we have been.

And that's how we hope to be.

I don't usually drink when I write songs.

I get a headache when I do,
so it gets in the way.

But now that the show is over...

I need to do well.

Writing great music
isn't always fun at times.

It's hard.

You get tired and lonely.

Oh man.

But music born from such agony
delights people more.

This is so much pressure.

-What's three minus two?

-I must be a genius.
-Wipe your runny nose.

After coming down from the stage,
we spend time as friends.

Are you guys idiots?

What's your IQ?

-That's high! What's yours?

-I'm also 128.
-Mine's 107.

I almost cried my eyes out today.

The placards?

No, because I messed up yesterday.

As much as we live the glamourous life
with all the love we receive,

we live under immense pressure.

I screwed up on stage yesterday

and now that I can relax,
I almost cried.

One, two, three.

"One, two, three" on your own?

Australia, since we don't go
to New Zealand.

Except for Japan.

I wonder how much of the map we'll cover.

We only went to five?

Yeah, only five.

Let's do this!

In the heart of the desert where it's
endlessly day and night, night and day,

we saw stars during broad daylight

and it was brilliant
even under the dark, night sky.

Because we shared the same dream,

because we walked the same path,
we didn't feel lonely.

As dreams we believed were mirage

started to come true one by one,

we moved forward, one step at a time.

We're glad to be in a desert.

We can dream like the endless desert.

In the end, the mirage was captured
and became reality.

Through blood, sweat and tears,
the desert we feared became the ocean.

But what are these fears
in the midst of such happiness?

Groom Kim Seokjin!

Wow! The BBQ smells great!

Since we all worked hard,
let's eat and let off some steam.

It's hilarious how he wipes the table.

You usually wipe to one side,

but he goes like this.

You're not doing it carefully.

I need to make a guide recording today.

I'll just do one when I'm drunk.

No, no.

Pretend you can hear the tune.
That's what pros do.

I can't write songs if I drink.

Me neither.

You can't go in there wet.

Oh bro.

I didn't add anything.

There is sauce on the side.

-I saw BBQ sauce somewhere.
-It's over there.

-How long will the pasta take?
-We're cooking it now.

That doesn't look appetizing.

When have we ever cared about how food looks?

I almost dropped it.

This one is seasoned a bit.

Move it over there.

I need a plate.

One, two, three!

BTS, let's do well for our remaining shows.

Yeah! Shake! Pop the cork!

It's your fault if it doesn't pop open.

Shake it some more.

-You've probably never done this.
-That doesn't look cool.

-I've never done this.
-It's your first time, right?

Yeah. Why would I?
I don't want to spill champagne.

Here we go!

There are some days when

yesterday and tomorrow melt way

and you start to think that
today will always be with you.

Though we've always been together,
being together brings us greater joy.

We cherish this moment,
keeping it close to our hearts.

There's no knowing when
but when it gets hard to bear,

we'll look back on this day
to get us back on our feet.

I should get work done.

-Hey, Namjun.

-Where are you?

I'm in Thailand.

Like the jet-lag we experience
when we tour different countries,

every moment of our lives
is like nothing we've experienced before.

Like how we are on and off stage.

That two or three meters of difference
in where we stand

leave us feeling confused
or gripped by fear at times.

If stepping on stage feels like
going up to Heaven,

coming back down for a day

is to get ready for the spotlight again.

We've soared as high as we dreamed

and we continue to step higher.

Now, instead of being afraid or worrying,

we want to enjoy this very moment.

-It's like we're in Latin America.
-Somewhat like Brazil.

Where is it always 4:00 p.m.? Indonesia!

What's the time? What time is it now?

It's exactly 4:00 p.m.

-What time is it in Indonesia?

High note battle!

You'll lose your voice before the show.

When we eat on tour,
we don't ever lose weight.

We don't want to gain weight
so we tell them not to give us snacks.

But we always find them
left in our rooms anyway.

Then you turn into a pig, like this!

Guys, let's go! Let's get going.

Let's go over it on camera first.

That song Jimin messed up.

-What was it?
-V should scoot back.

I messed up the lyrics for "Two! Three!."

So don't talk to me about f*re.

-Spread My Wings.
-Who got it wrong? Was it you?

-It was Jimin.
-You caught me.

What? We caught you?

Whenever we made mistakes,

we couldn't look up, feeling bad that
we failed to keep our promise.

These days, when we look down, we see
the faces of our fans and meet their eyes

and they tell us to take heart,

to hold our heads high and look up.

That's how they comfort us.

We're grateful.

Rather than big or small mistakes,
injury is our bigger concern.

It hurts.

It's a good thing
we don't have to perform next week.

Don't you think a soft cast
would help for a week?

I couldn't do anything right for
Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Even for Spring Day.

-How is your ankle?
-Me? Well...

-You fell really hard.
-I'm fine.

-You really fell down hard.
-Let's tape you up.

With countless performances,

we come by small and big injuries.

Before, that would traumatize us,
even affecting our performance.

but not anymore.

Rather than little worries and trauma,

our trust in each other as a group
is much bigger and stronger.

We're in Las Vegas. Gosh, I'm nervous.

Let's do that.

We'll soon head out for the Billboard Awards.

We'll be watching other artists perform.

We don't get to perform
but watching from the stands.

I wasn't nervous, but I am now.

-Are you saying that for the camera?

We don't remember what we heard or said,

but there was one word
that caught our attention.

A loud shout from behind us, BTS.

-Can we enjoy the show now?
-Yeah, enjoy.

Enjoy! Yeah! Enjoy!

-I don't have words.

I'm speechless.

So many of our fans are here.

I think that's why
we're even more nervous.

The Billboard Music Award goes to...


Winning the Billboard Music Award.

Our dream became a reality.

Perhaps it was because our fans,
who never stopped shouting our name, BTS,

have dreamed of this very moment.

ARMY, remember what we say,
love myself, love yourself.

We love you and thank you.
We'll work hard to be your BTS.

-After winning the Billboard Music Award...
-Yup, we're Billboard award-winning artists.

...we've come to Australia.
Our fans are going to be excited!

Is their money called pocket money?

Don't you work for a Billboard artist?

Director, when do we swap to sing
each other's solo songs?

-When will you be ready?
-I'm ready.

-Yeah, we're one unit.

I can't do this.

We were different in every way,

but with time, we've come to learn from
and resemble each other.

How we know each other's
every song and dance by heart

is as surprising as it makes us grateful.

We know every little movement and detail.

Okay, it's been a long time.

It's our first concert
after the Billboard Awards,

so let's try to be amazing.

-I think in a way...
-Stop with the Billboard Awards.

-I didn't even mention it.
-I know.

-I didn't even say "Bill."
-I thought you were going to.

I didn't even say the letter B.

Today, 21st Century Girls is on the set list.
Don't forget!

-Just do what we always do.
-Yeah, just like always.

-Left goes first.

Your left.

You did it the opposite.

Don't forget as it's been a while.

I didn't have the chance to say this,

but I read up on comments
and reactions after the Billboards.

Fans say it was our passion and
love for music that got through to people.

A lot of comments mentioned that.

Anyway, we made it this far
with just our music and performance.

And today is another opportunity,
so let's work hard like we always do.

-Let's do this!
-Go BTS.

Okay! Billboard award-winning artists!
Bangtan, Bangtan, BangBangtan!

Don't just pick on me but tell Namjun
to stop mentioning the Billboards.

I also mentioned it for the first time.

We have ventured into the unfamiliar.

Different languages, cultures and emotions.

There is no common ground,
but we keep sharing our message.

In the language we know, music.

A year ago, we started this tour
trembling with fear and anticipation.

Right now, we tremble with joy
and the thrill of it.

Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there is despair

-Hello, Director.


The Billboard award-winning artists have made
time for our presentation!

Is this our first meeting since then?

-Yeah, it's our first.
-So it is!

Whatever you imagine,
it's way beyond even that.

I think you have about a
90% chance for the AMAs.


I'm pretty sure you'll be performing.

Wow! Really? That's dope!

I would think we should
learn English first...

America loves how natural you are.

They love your fun and crazy side.

That rookie feel to you guys.

Because most artists
in their country aren't like that.

We have our fans to thank.

Just don't forget that.

I mean, they waited hours for
a glimpse of us on the red carpet.

-That's a first.
-Yeah, only your fans do that.

And you hear them scream.

Because we got the biggest cheer
out of all the awards,

-the celebs wondered who we are.
-They looked puzzled.

Don't ever forget your love for music
and how great your fans are.

We won't ever forget.

I want to add one more thing.

You should find a way to be happy.

If you keep going like this, I worry
that you might feel miserable.

Music is what makes you happy,
so you started all this.

Yeah, we talked about that.

We ourselves should be happy.

Many take joy and comfort in our music,

but if we don't make happiness ours,

our message would be a lie.

Looking straight ahead,
we charged forward without rest.

Now that we're accustomed to it,
our bodies tell us to take it easy.

Eggs. I starved for 18 hours,
so I need to eat now.

It's called the 18/6 diet.

You starve for 18 hours and eat for six.

-I wrote your melody yesterday.

-I'm working on the intro.
-I want to listen to it.

Are you still looking for speakers?

No, I already picked one out.

Nowadays, we try to make time
and discuss our next project.

We're taking it a little slower to work
on our music, health and plans.

Finally, it's our Japan concert.

Time flies.

What was once unimaginable
has become a way of life for us,

and BTS has grown every day.

But now we wonder if
we've been slow to grow personally.

Great work!

A letter from and to a star!
I mean, a letter for a star.

-To Hansung?

When I wrote the lyrics for 4 O'CLOCK,

I thought it'd be good to use his name.

Hansung, how are you?

I'm you in reality.

I go by my stage name, V, now.

You died at your brother's sword
tipped with poison,

but you're still alive in my heart.

Fans went wild at the Billboard Music Awards.

I hope to make more memories.

If I say, "I'm more grateful..."

-Too scripted?
-Yeah, it's a typical thing to say.

What I want to do is keep it casual
like a real conversation.

"Thanks so much for coming all this way."

But why are you grateful?
We're here because you come.

But saying stuff like, "Thank you so much."

I don't speak Japanese well,
but even if I may sound awkward,

I want to ask you if that gets
what I want to say across better.

To do that, say "moto arigatai"
instead of "moto arigato."

We're always so amazed and grateful to fans
who try to understand the Korean lyrics.

So we try to speak their language
to thank them on stage.

We'll... we'll be... coming back,
so please wait for us!

I love you!

It's our first time in... Saitama.

The atmosphere is hot...

-You can always speak Korean.
-Yeah? I know that.

Hey, Fukuoka!

Way to go! Let's do this!

-Here we go! Let's enjoy this.
-Trying to act cool today?

-Let's burn everything up.
-Pretending to take over the stage.

Let's get on stage.

Even when today's BTS was inconceivable,

fans cheered us on at our side.

When we doubted ourselves,
they turned our dreams into reality

as dependable shields for BTS.

Now it's our turn to be their shield.

-That was amazing.
-I kind of messed up mine.

It was well thought out.

I feel good the event went so well.

When you perform an encore,
you should put on a magic show.

I can't decide. Should I learn it?

Oh man, I can't decide.

I didn't sweat rehearsing until now.

It's so scary going up. Very scary.

Every performance is exciting
and nerve-wracking.

but we've never felt this way before.

Today's concert is at the Osaka Dome.

Let's go.

I'm nervous, as it's been so long.

We were dazzled by the light.

Not from the spotlights,
but from how their eyes lit up.

The loud beating of our hearts

died down as we heard
the roaring cheer from the stands.

Guys, we're finally here at the Dome!

Today don't get too excited, but focus.

Let's work hard to do it right.

Bangtan, Bangtan, BangBangtan!

Start off with, Hello, we're BTS.

Focus on the dance!

At this moment, our performance begins

We want to give our fans
an amazing performance.

At this moment,

we'll give fans, who waited for us,
the time of their lives.

Great job!

Who cried? I certainly didn't.

-I didn't cry.
-But your eyes are wet.

I can't believe BTS has become so big!

BTS takes over the world!

Now with your dome concert,
this is really the beginning.

Give yourselves a big hand. You worked hard.

Great work! Director, thanks for coming!

-Thank you.
-Thank you so much.

Let me tell you some sweet news
you'll want to hear over and over again.

We get a vacation after this.

-Are you going alone?
-Yeah, four hours before.

I won't leave the gate,
but will transfer flights.

I'm meeting my parents on that plane.

I just need to find my seat.

-Okay, Bangtan, Bangtan.
-Oh yeah!

You don't get back on time.

When you start singing Save Me...

I sprinkled water,
but it splattered the stage.

Guys, let's be more careful.

-Let's do the cheer.
-After time, it's vacation time!

Bangtan, Bangtan, BangBangtan!

Now people sing our lyrics,
dance along to the same b*at,

and we're able to communicate
with gestures, not words.

We've touched their hearts

with what we're best at...

that is, music.

Because of the dream we share,

we've been able to share
our music sooner than expected

and with more people.

They're very energetic and cute.

All of them? One, two! All of them!

They helped me find what I want in life.

I want to say thank you.

We're not sad or tired
that there's no end in sight.

Rather, we're glad to go on and do more.

Far into the future, at the end of our road,

we hope to be greeted by the BTS
we pictured ourselves to be.

Hello. Why do I look so swollen?

It'll be our debut in America.

and we'll get to perform at the AMAs.
How do you feel about that?

It hasn't really hit me yet.
since we still have time.

We'll go and do a great job.

-Let's do a cheer.
-One, two, three! Go BTS!

Our American stage!
First time on a U.S. public network!

Bangtan, Bangtan, BangBangtan!

We'll go and do well.

It's like the year-end
or new year stage in Korea.

-It's a joke!
-He's not funny.

This is great.

Wow, this place is amazing.

Did we get one at the Billboards?

We finally get a green room.

Remember that day?

-Our days with fold-up mats.
-Yeah, on mats.

When you lay down, I couldn't sit
and then you put shoes on it.


I wonder if flying feels like this.

We've enjoyed the stage
as if soaring towards our dream.

Just for today, we want to be on the stage,
where our dreams have come true

and bask in happiness.

Of course, we'll soon be off again.

This moment will remain a milestone
in our journey.

-We didn't realize so many fans came.
-I know.


You guys are the most...

It'll be like this when you make
your entrance. The video will go out.

Careful, you might break it.

Why are you bending them?

Because Jin likes it unique.

On this side.

Right, you got it.

Happy birthday to you!

Make a wish.

You have to eat the entire cake
since it's your birthday.

Eat it all in one bite.

Happy birthday to you!

What are you going to do today?

You might not know this,
but I planned this birthday party.

Oh, really?

-Did we get pranked twice?

-We got pranked twice!

I'm at a loss for words.

-Wow, he's good.
-This guy...

That's new this time.

Interesting, huh?

Come on, stop that. Please, please!

Come here. Who said you can pee?
You're in big trouble.


The Wings Tour started off with doubt,

but it's become a long dream
we don't want to wake up from.

And today, we finally woke from the dream.

I feel good, except for a headache.

-I know how to fix that.

You need to hurt somewhere else.

Here! That would hurt.

Today could've been better.

I'll work harder and do my best!

I'll do a V for victory!

January 7, 2013.
This will be a very important year.

I plan to fulfill my potential.

I'll live my life as I will,
but will not do whatever I want.

We made our debut.

I think luck played a certain part.

We won't ever forget this feeling
and it will lead BTS to last to the end.

Two, three, Bangtan!
Thank you! We'll work hard!

Let's hang in there!
Bangtan, Bangtan, BangBangtan!

We're honored to receive such
an amazing award on this occasion.

We'll work hard to give you
a great performance. Thank you!

I want to say...

I'm talking! Don't interrupt me.

Thank you! We got the New Artist Award!

It's been such a sweet, happy dream.

We were never once alone,

and our hearts won't stop racing.

If you were to ask what we do best,

we can answer with certainty... it's music.

Today is our final concert, but
we don't want it to end on a sad note.

I want to thank you for giving us a great
opportunity to put on a great performance.

We've learned
and studied with each step we took

And after going through it all,

it feels like we're graduating
as the big tour comes to an end.

We're grateful to have shared
our music and performance

with a lot of people for the last five years.

I was so happy today.

I hope we continue to be happy together.

It's been very happy.

I woke up bright and early every morning
despite going to sleep so late.

I'm sure it was the same for the guys.

That's how much energy you give us.

Back in February, we were too nervous
to look around and look at your faces.

But now, we can see everyone.

Now I feel sure about our fans

who have waited for us.

We had our doubts about doing this.

We weren't sure we'd do well.

You believed in what we can do.

I hope that our presence, music,
performance, photos and videos

help you live out your dreams someday.

If we can do that, even just a little bit,

and lessen the pain you feel
from a 100% to 99, 98, 97,

then that's more than enough for us.

I love you so much.

I wrote this five years ago.

We were standing in a desert

crossing countless grains of sand,
riding against the stormy winds.

At times, we felt the waves
when our desert turned green.

We made oceans while
crossing the burning desert,

and we shared all that with our fans.

And we will remain by your side
through every moment of the journey.

Kim SeokJin, Kim Namjun,
Jeong Hoseok, Park Jimin,

Kim Taehyung, Jeon JungKook, and Min Yunki.

Sometimes, we find our names awkward.

Despite the loud cheers
and the time that has gone by,

I see a faint glimpse of me
standing there in the distance.

Jin, RM, J-HOPE, Jimin

V, Jung Kook, SUGA, and BTS.

Familiar yet not, and vice versa,

the other faces of our young days.

The last two years have been amazing.

It's been over five years
since we made our debut,

and over the rising curve of five years,
the last two have been the steepest.

I vaguely wanted things to go well for us,

but I didn't think
we'd be such a massive hit.

Is this really happening?

It was so amazing that I even doubted
it was actually happening to us.

I won't be able to forget 2017.

Touring so many countries and performing,

and getting so much energy from our fans.

I've dreamed of these moments
since I was a little kid.

I could really see and feel
these changes in the past year.

You guys dance to it.

Who am I talking to?
Okay, you. You can dance.

I really wanted to put on
great performances for the tour.

Looking back on those moments,

my heart starts to race.

Let's not lose ourselves
once we're back in Korea!

Let's stick to what we need to do.

We just wanted to show ARMY how great we are.

What should I say, that was our goal.

The energy we receive from ARMY

is really overwhelming.

They're happy about the smallest
thing and love what we do.

That's so comforting.

We could see that.

The Billboard Music Award goes to...


I always tend to doubt myself,

so I couldn't really figure out
whether I deserved such love.

I still wonder if I deserve it.

And it's important I think that.

We realized our words truly
carry weight thanks to you guys.

And ARMY's out there!

We often get that question at interviews.

If our love for music and
performance led to our success.

Or whether it's because of our songs.
People ask us questions like this.

To be honest, I don't really know.

I also thought of how we started
from way down there.

Us guys, the fans, and everyone
who helped us along the way.

We worked our way up step by step,

and I think that's what got us this far.

It would be asking for too much if
I wanted something more than this.

If the seven of us stay healthy

and perform as we do now,

that would be a great goal to stick to.

We're BTS,

not V, Jin, or RM.

Bangtan, Bangtan, BangBangtan!
Let's hang in there!

This will be our sixth year.

From what people say,

this is about the time

when you burn out or get injured.

When I'm struggling, I can bear it.

But seeing other members struggle
is so much harder to bear.

Despite the hard times we faced,
everyone has pushed through.

I want to tell them I'm most grateful.

People see us in different lights
and treat us in different ways.

Some see us in a certain way,
others see us differently.

We're fortunate enough to be
remembered in such diverse ways.

If you ask what BTS is,
it's too complicated to answer.

I don't think we have changed much.

Back then as now, we have always aimed

to work hard and do better.

It's fun to perform on stage.

ARMY is watching and cheering us on,

so we want to give that energy back.

You can't have the latter
without the former.

Does it look like a heart? No?

We're a group who loves music.

As time goes by, we personally
want to do more with our music.

Sometimes, I also think this way.

About how I want things to end already.

About how I want to stop and rest.

But, a time will come when we can't
continue even if we want to.

It's not clear what,

but I hope we keep up the good work.

I'm still not sure.

I don't even know about next year.

But one thing comes to mind.

I think we'll always stay the same.

When you look at the group BTS,

it could be some kind of illusion

conjured up by our presence.

I'm grateful they've dreamed this
alongside us.

We're a team that can share
positive energy with a lot of people.

And luckily, many
have joined us on this journey.

To that end, I think we're all
bound together by fate.

The place where we stand

is sometimes called a desert,
but other times an ocean.

But one thing is for sure.

You and I have been there and
we've walked down that path till now.

And once again, we'll keep pace
and continue to walk together.

Doing this isn't easy.

Enjoy the food!

Enjoy your food while you watch me eat!

-I'm coming!
-Yeah, hurry.

-I hope this is recording.
-Use a deep voice.

-Long time no see.
-Long time no see.



Do you find my face funny?

Are you here alone?

Let's party together!

Bring it on!

I won!

-The Wings Tour.

Why do you "cha?"

-My rough body on the tour

makes me this happy.

Life is full of surprises, so enjoy!

This song is very meaningful because

I had six superstars record it.


I think you did well.

-My pitch was kind of shaky.
-No, you did well.

We're back!
We k*lled it at the Billboard Awards.

It was really amazing.

So hot! It was a historic moment!

One, two, three.

-Thank you!
-Thank you! You're the best!

One, two, three.


-Great job.

-Great job!
-Let's take our stuff home.
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