02x08 - Strike

Episode transcripts for the show, "Alex Rider". Aired: June 4, 2020 - present.
Based off the novel of the same name, Alex is an ordinary teenager who is recruited by a subdivision of MI6 to infiltrate places that others are unable to.
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02x08 - Strike

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This is Damian Cray
and I'm here to tell you

that Feathered Serpent 2
will launch tomorrow.

The world will be better because of it.

I first saw Yassen at school
and now he's following me.

What happened to your uncle
was unfortunate.

Who k*lled him?
Is it Yassen Gregorovitch?

Tell me about Yassen.

They call themselves SCORPIA.

Blunt thinks they're planning
an assassination.

Of the president?

-May we have access to your roof?
-What are you worried about? sn*per?

Between the president leaving the car
and entering the building,

that could be maybe five or six seconds.

It's an awkward sh*t but you could do it.

Hello, Alex.
You have something that's mine.

-You mean this?
- Exactly.

I'd like it back, please.

That's not gonna happen.

I took something
that I think is important to you.

Follow the instructions
and bring me what's mine,

and you and Sabina here...

will live to see tomorrow.

Give me your phone, please.

Thank you.

Arms. Legs.

-Let's go inside.

Did you k*ll my uncle?

Yes. I k*lled him.


He made a mistake.

He trusted the people he worked with.

Come on. Inside.

You, take him. Over there.

- Yes, sir.
- Sabina.

Got what you wanted?

Yes, I have.

What is it?

President Walker's thumbprint.

I got everything I need.

It's gonna be okay.

So we can go?

Of course not.

k*ll them both.



It's a mistake.

They are hostages.

Ideal hostages.

They're just kids.

They're not relevant.

This one...

works for the British government.

In fact, he works for Alan Blunt.

You've hired your mercenaries.
You've made your plans.

But things don't always go as you expect.

And then hostages can be very useful.

If Blunt knew that you were here,

this place would be crawling
with CIA and MI6.

You're on your own.

Lock them up.

Look at this subroutine.

Look how the call-backs are structured.
Why is it like that?

Actually, I think we start
with who the hell are you

and what the hell
are you doing in my chair?

Kyra. Code.

Kyra Vichenko-Chao?

Didn't you escape
from a Department safe house?

The food was very bad.

-And you're here why?
- I brought her here.

Alex discovered Cray's game code
at the facility in Amsterdam.

He said there's something dangerous in it.
I need to find out what.

Are we saying Damian Cray is a thr*at?

The president is about
to arrive at his house.

I know. I'm on it.

What the hell is this?



I thought you'd want me d*ad.

Like I said.

You're more use this way.

For the moment.

You work for Cray now?

Do what he tells you?

Like a dog.

Is that all SCORPIA are? Dogs for hire?

You're trying to create an opportunity.

Make me angry.

Make me careless.

Those things don't happen with me.

Then how did you get the scar?

Be quiet now.

Cray is right, isn't he?

No one's coming.
We're on our own.

Alex, what is this all about?
What is he gonna do?

I don't know.

But I heard him say
a million people are gonna die.

A million people
to save a hundred million.

What? Tell me you have a plan.

I'm working on it.

- How are we?
-Perimeter's secure.

Airspace is cleared.
Building and grounds have been swept.

We're good to go.

The president's about to arrive.

What about Mr. Cray?

We've had a message.
He's been unavoidably detained.

Something to do with the game launch.

I have two agents guarding him.

He may be late but he will be safe.

sn*per units, stay alert.

The president is arriving now.

Echo 1, we are in position.

Perimeter is secure.

This is Overwatch, we are clear.

Eagle is secure.

President's inside. Front access is clear.

Secure the gates.

Come on, let's move.
I'm on a schedule here.

Bring the girl.

-Thought you had a party to go to.
- I do.

In fact, President Walker
should be arriving right now.

What are you doing with her?

In case you try anything stupid.

- Where's Cray?
-Running late, apparently.

Do we have agents on him?

Yeah. Two.

-Checking in every hour.
-Call them.

Get me Cray's detail.

Comm check negative.

We've lost touch with them.

Let's move, people.
Come on, let's go!

Go, go, go. Move!

Let's go, get your bags!

You updated the drone's firmware?

It will appear to air traffic control

as a military plane
with a valid flight plan.

And they'll believe
whatever we tell them.

Let's move out.

Cray's gone missing en route.

His security detail's unresponsive.

It's worse than that.

I believe Cray was behind
Smoking Mirror's attempt

to hack the Pentagon.

I also have a report
that he k*lled a man in cold blood.

Where did you get this information?

Excuse us.

Alex Rider?

Yes. The intel is good.

-What's your proof?
-Smithers is working on it.

Working on it's not enough.

-Well, he was right about Gregorovitch.
-Who he led to Smoking Mirror.

He destroyed our lead.
He destroyed the entire operation.

Just for a moment, let's consider
the possibility that Cray is a m*rder

and his game is some kind of Trojan horse.

What if the danger isn't to Cray,

it's from Cray?

Trust your agent.

The agent is psychologically unsound.

-Why do you keep saying this?
-Because of his psych evaluation.

Yes, with Dr. Lambert, who I recommended.

As I hoped you would.

-How dare you.
-You really think

I was gonna let Alex Rider
walk away from this without oversight?

Alex Rider does not run this department.

No, he does not.

But it's not just Alex
you don't trust, is it?

You don't trust me.
You don't trust anyone. Yourself.

Drop this. Now.

-Are we good?
-Yes, we're fine.

No. We're not.
Cray is the thr*at, not SCORPIA.

Get the president out of here right now.

Security black. Crash, crash, crash.

The agents we put on Cray are d*ad.

Cray's vanished.

Code black.
Evacuate the president immediately.

Go, go, go.

Copy that.


Anybody home?


Hey, Tom.

Where's Alex?

Not here.

Jack, I think he might be in trouble.

Deploy the drone.

Yes, sir.

We're set.

Set transponder
to emergency code 7700.

Drone will appear
as aircraft Lockheed-Martin C130.

Unit control, deploy.

Tango Seven Delta,
this is Calfield tower.

You are squawking 7700.

-What is your emergency?
- Mayday, mayday, Calfield tower.

We have an engine f*re
and suppression has failed.

I repeat, we have an engine f*re
and we are losing altitude.

Roger, Tango Seven Delta.

The runway is clear for emergency landing.

Be advised, Calfield,
we are carrying hazardous cargo.

Say again, Tango Seven Delta?

We are carrying nerve gas.

I repeat, we are carrying
thiophosphonate nerve gas, 15 liters.

You need to evacuate the area now.

I repeat,
evacuate the airbase of all personnel.

How much time do we have
until game launch?

Uh, six minutes.

This is all I/O protocols. All of it.

I know.

Mine, too.

Why does it need so much?

What eats so much throughput?

Data transfer? Shared processing?
Like node processors?

Yes. Clever.

You should come work for us one day.

-You don't pay enough to hire me.
-You're telling me.

So millions of computers,
all in parallel, all in sync,

-which basically gives us a...

When the game launches,
all the players' machines will link up

and create a supercomputer.

-What the hell do they need that for?

Kind of busy here.

Alex is missing.

What? You lost him?

No. Something's wrong.

I think Cray got to him somehow.

Listen, he's taken one of Blunt's bugs.

Like this time, he wants them to find him.

Okay. I got it. Trust me.

Yeah, I do.


Chemical Response Unit, go ahead.

Chemical Response, this is Calfield.

We have an inbound plane
with hazmat cargo.

Potential nerve gas spill.

Scramble your team.
Say again, scramble.

Understood, Calfield. On our way.

Okay, visors on.

The airbase is ours.

By the time they realize
there's no crash, it'll be over.

One million people
to save a hundred million.

That's the plan, right?

It's 1.14 million projected

across Colombia, Peru,
Afghanistan, the Golden Triangle.

Most in the rural areas, of course.

So based on our current estimates
of dispersal of the fallout,

-it's only 1.14.
- Fallout?

Like nuclear fallout?

You're gonna start a w*r?


We're gonna end one.

Let's go.

It's Chemical Response.
Open the gate.

I need the whole airbase emptied!

Is everyone off the plane?
Has it been evacuated?

-Yes, sir.
- Good.

You two, guard the entrance.

-No one else gets onboard.
- Yes, sir.

You, check the perimeter.

Make sure we're alone.

Keep her out of the way.

-Come on. Come on.

Let's go.

Let's get going.

Get ready.

Have you found him?

It's taking a while
to get the tracers back online.

-Give me a moment here.
-We may not have a moment.

Is there no way to stop
this game from launching?

Maybe if I could breach the servers.
But I've never seen firewalls this good.

We're out of time.

-Ramping up.

One hundred million players connected.

They're linking up. 200 million players.

And there it is. Critical coverage.

We're s*ab. We did it.
The world's largest supercomputer.

Good. Well done.

Start the hack.

Wait. Say again.

Look, the game is not a game.
It's a supercomputer.

It links up millions of machines,
anyone playing becomes a node.

Cray can hack any system on the planet.

To do what?

Find Alex
and I'm betting we find our answer.

Luckily, he took
one of our tracers with him.

I'm gonna relay his location to you
the moment I have it.

-Got something.

Stand by.

Which one is Alex?

Crash the Internet.
Crash telecom satellites.

Let's get some fear
and uncertainty going, shall we?

The system's glitching.

Internet's crashing.

-Which site?
-All of it.

Hello? Hello?

I have Pentagon access.

-Did they see it?
-No. We were too fast.

Good. Get me those nuclear codes.

Phones are d*ad.

So is e-mail, so is text.

Cray cut us off.

Where is Alex?

The tracers are on a closed system.
Proprietary GPS.

They're all in Central London except...

-...that one.
-Then that's him. Where is he?

25 miles away.

Calfield Airbase.

Air Force One.

You need to get out of here.
There's a way out. I can show you.

-Don't be stupid.
-It's not safe.

-No way.
-I am not letting you get hurt.

And I am not leaving you. Understand?

What did Cray mean by ending a w*r?

The w*r on drugs.

Cray's brother died of drugs overdose.

Afghanistan, the Golden Triangle,
they're all drug-growing areas.

This is Air Force One,
it's a mobile military w*r room.

Once Cray's got the nuclear codes,
he can launch America's m*ssile

and just... burn the problem
off the face of the earth.

I have them. NSA daily issue
nuclear launch, onetime pad.

-This is it. We have it!
-Which one's active?

Uh, number four.

Video mask.

Testing, testing.

This is President Walker
onboard Air Force One.

Do you know who's up there?

Uh, Cray, that woman that works for him.

Guards, I think.
And the man with the scar.


I'm not getting past him.

Maybe not on your own.

What exactly is...?

Shortwave radio.

Analog just sounds better,
don't you think?


Satellites are down.
Internet, comms, all of it.

What is that?

That's the old w*r Department
emergency signal.

Shortwave. Change frequency.

Got it.

This is Department Ops
transmitting in the blind.

Make your location Charlie, Lima, Foxtrot.

I repeat, Charlie, Lima, Foxtrot.

Be advised.

Agent in the field.

CLF? What's that?

It's the identifier code
for Calfield Airbase.

It's the plane.

-It's Air Force One.

That's why Cray needs the supercomputer.

Hack the Pentagon, get the launch codes.

Take Air Force One,
you have the platform to use them.

The president was never the target.

The assassination was a diversion.

Cray wants the nuclear codes.

He wants the m*ssile.

We're ready.

Is this a drill?

Negative. Incoming StratCom message.

Command authority confirmed,
Air Force One command deck.

Sir, it's the president.

Command Center Ops.

This is President Walker
onboard Air Force One.

Madam President, this is General Lomis
at the Pentagon, I read you.

General, we are under att*ck

and that att*ck includes
our communications satellites.

I am authorizing a nuclear response.

Stand ready
to receive target coordinates.

Yes, ma'am, standing ready.

I need your launch authorization code,
Madam President.

Line four.

"Zulu, Echo, Niner, Mike, Four, Four,

Zero, Bravo, November, Six, Six, Zero."

"Zulu, Echo, Niner, Mike, Four, Four,

Zero, Bravo, November, Six, Six, Zero."

Ma'am, I confirm
your gold code authorization.

Target coordinates confirmed.

Standing ready.

I need a go-order.

Launch m*ssile.

This is not a drill.
We have a valid launch order.

Confirm new target coordinates.

Targets confirmed.

Proceed with launch.

No, no, no.

Nice try. But you can't stop this.

Nothing can.

Go on. k*ll me.

Finish the job.

Why would I k*ll you?

Your father...

Your father was...

He was my friend.

Listen to me.

If you want to know the truth...

Tell me.

Go to find the widow...


Find out...

...who you really are.

Primary objective targets
Afghanistan, Colombia, Peru.



We're too late.

Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?

-Launch order confirmed.

No. You have got to cancel it.
It's not true.

Who is this?

Clear this channel.

The president is not here.

The order's fake.
You have to stop the launch.

"Zulu, Echo, Niner, Mike, Four, Four,

Zero, Bravo, November, Six, Six, Zero."

That's the code, right?

I've got it right here.
And if I've got it, anyone can have it.

You got hacked.
Damian Cray stole the codes.

This isn't a w*r.
It's a personal vendetta.

Check your targets.

A million innocent people are gonna die.
Please. You have to believe me.

The president gave me that order.
Not Damian Cray.

I saw her with my own eyes.

Try the cable.

I'm the president of the United States
and I'm telling you,

you're making a mistake.

All stations, this is General Lomis, NMCC.

On my authority, abort, abort, abort!

Confirm StratCom. m*ssile launch aborted.

Roger that.

Stand down and await further instructions.

General, I have MI6 on the line.


Hands! Put your hands
where I can see them!

We're the good guys.

You want...

What happened?

Cray tried to launch a nuclear strike.

Gregorovitch sh*t him.

Gregorovitch? Where is he now?

He escaped, but...

He saved my life.

Why would he do that?

I don't know.

Did he say anything to you?

-Nothing at all?

Nothing at all.

We're blaming Cray's death
on a cartel hit.

The president's issuing a statement.

Personal friend, deeply regrets.

A legacy that will continue to do good
around the world, so on and so on.

Privately, of course
she's asking questions

and honestly,
I'm at a loss as to what to say to her.

Oh, tell her it was a valuable
learning experience.

And now you know your weaknesses
and you can fix them and...

...turn them into strengths.

And which were you?

A weakness, or a strength?

You lied to me, Alan.

About SCORPIA, about your agent.

We won, didn't we?

Americans are happy.

I very much doubt that.

We prevented a nuclear w*r,
and more importantly,

we prevented a catastrophic loss of face
for the U.S. government.

We did that, or Alex did that?

-I know we lie, I know we use people.

But the way you treated Alex
crosses the line.

Now, you may be able to spin this
with the CIA and the Ministry,

but right here, right now,
we both know it.




How's your dad?

They say he's gonna be okay.

That's great. That's amazing.

Um, they said he needs to stay calm.

You know, no shocks or surprises.


Maybe best if I don't
come around for a while then.

I like you, Alex.

I really do.

It's okay.

I get it.

See you around.


You, too.

We're on.

I pray thee, good Mercutio, let's retire.

The day is hot; the Capulets, abroad.

And if we meet
we shall not escape a brawl.

For now, these hot days,
is the mad blood stirring.

Thou art like one of those fellows that,

when he enters the confines of a tavern,
claps me on the head with a sword...

- How did it go?

May have scraped a pass.

Bollocks, he stole the show.
Funniest Mercutio ever.

You have a visitor.

I have something for you.

It's not really the thank you
you deserve, but...

What's it for?

Some friends at the CIA helped us out.

No more visas.

No more thr*at to deport you.

No strings attached.


These are guardianship papers,

in my name.

And citizenship.

Dual citizenship.

We let you down, Alex.

I let you down.

And I'm sorry.

And Blunt?

Blunt doesn't really do apologies.

I'll see you around.


Mrs. Jones.

I can't believe this.

I'm your legal guardian.

It's official.

We're family.

Well, we have to celebrate.



Oh! Think bigger than pizza, man.

Tom's right.

You know, I was thinking,
we tried that holiday in Cornwall,

and it was an epic fail.

Oh, I'm down to try again,
but no tents this time, okay?

No tents. Promise.

You know what? It's your call.

Where do you guys wanna go?

If you want to know the truth...

go to find the widow...


If you want to know who you really are.

I have an idea.
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