Escape from Mogadishu (2021)

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Escape from Mogadishu (2021)

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In the , South Korea had not yet
been approved for membership in the UN.

The African continent,
which held the most votes in the UN,

was the site of an all-out diplomatic
w*r between the two koreas.

In , the South Korean
government sent its diplomats

to Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

National University of Somalia

Where the hell is he?

Line everyone up for a photo.

Make sure our faces are visible.

He's not here, what do we do?

Don't be too obvious,
but play for some time.

They're late for a
meeting. You tell them.

- He's here.
- Where?

Of all the things to forget!

I'm sorry.

Here it is.

Just open the door next time.


This will go out in a
press release in Seoul,

so make sure the
flags are in the photo.

And the university signboard!

All right everyone, look at the camera!



Everybody, cheese!

What are you doing?

Go back to the line! Back to the line!

Careful with that.

What are you doing? A
present from my husband.

- Take it away.
- It's a present from my husband.

Let go of me! No!


Where are they?



They're not here yet?

Welcome sir. Taxi?

Back off.

Taxi? Go fast! Taxi!

You! Flight...

Flight good? Good?

Welcome Somali.

Me! Best, best driver!

Leave me alone, damn it!

Hey! Taxi, sir!

Come, come!

Bruce Lee! I like! I like! Come, come!

Come Bruce Lee! Come!


- Fine. Let's go.
- Come, Bruce Lee!

- Come!
- Let's go!

Oh my.

Did you wait long?

You came too, Ambassador?

Welcome back, Counselor Kang.

Let me get the smell
of Seoul. Come here.

It's been a year for you, right?

Want a cigarette?

I haven't had time to
smoke even one today.

The school event ran late, so now
we're heading to meet the President.

The gifts for President Barre?

You're opening it here?

Need to know what they
are so I can explain it to him.

Damn it, I told them
to wrap them nicely.

Wait, this is booze.

Can we give this in a Muslim country?

This here.

[ Seoul Olympics opening ceremony]
It shows the Somali athletes marching in?


I requested it since President
Barre missed the opening ceremony.

You didn't check?

I just brought it here...

You should check these sort of things.

That's not my job.

With so few staff,
we all need to pitch in.

Then why didn't you
check with the Seoul office?

I carried the damn
thing back, and you...

Watch your tone.

Quiet! You two fighting again?

We don't have time.


We have to leave for the
Presidential Palace now.

So you...

Take a taxi, okay?

Good work.

Bruce Lee!


Let's go!


At last, meeting the president!

UN membership!

A promotion!

Now you're dreaming.

The gifts in the trunk, is
there time to wrap them?

Time isn't the problem.

Where do we get them wrapped?

That Counselor Kang, he
should've taken care of it.

What more do you expect of the kid?

He's obviously got a
chip on his shoulder.

You said it.

Secretary, I know it's hard
working under a young officer,

but don't make your feelings obvious.

Sometimes it's really obvious.

I'm happy to work with
you, so I have no complaints.

But what's so great about
being an intelligence officer?

He was sent here as a demotion.

You think he likes it?

Try to get along, for all our sakes.

What's going on?

I'm the South Korean ambassador!

We are diplomats!

No! You can't take that!

It's for President Barre!

You'll be in serious
trouble! Internationally!


Are you okay?

I'm okay.

You're okay?

- You okay, Ambassador Han?
- Yeah.

You mind waiting
here until help arrives?

Yes, I can do it.

I can do it.

What do you plan on doing?

What do you think? Getting
this meeting was so hard.

Let's run.

I said, run!


[Palace of President Barre]

Ambassador Han!

Ambassador, wait!


My blood sugar.

Diabetes, high blood pressure...

And they send you to
Africa for three years?

Need a sh*t? Insulin?

I'm okay.


But we made the
appointment three months ago.

Why is it canceled?

Your Excellency,

you are the ones that arrived late.

President Barre had another
appointment, so he couldn't wait.


We're minutes late,
and he had to leave?

Did he plan to talk to
us for only minutes?

Sir, please calm down.

Who the hell is that?

Hey, Ambassador Rim!

Are you playing tricks again?

- Sir.
- Are you?

I'm going to have to ask you to leave.


President Barre's next appointment

is with North Korea?

The flag bearer is the two-time
medalist in sh**ting, Bashinsky.


The Somali delegation is now entering.

Getting their meeting
canceled was a pointless act.

It was just for fun.

Oh my gosh.

Look at these b*llet holes.

They could've been k*lled.


Don't you have to go to the hospital?

It's okay.

I put on medicine.

Wait a sec.

Swama, this is a radish and an onion.

Radish, onion. Okay?


Take home. Grind.

- Mix flour, okay?
- Yes, yes.

And you hurt...

Put here.

And sleep.

Take this to your mother and brothers.


Thank you.

So you just stood there and
let them take the briefcase?

They sh*t at us with g*n.

Didn't you see the b*llet holes?

You think you could've stopped them?

Secretary Gong,

I'm a trained professional.

You didn't even call the cops?

No point.

It was obviously the North Koreans.

Of all the armed robberies
of diplomatic cars recently,

has anyone ever left the
car and only taken a bag?


The timing of it, and then
their ambassador shows up.

Must have been a leak.

What, so there's a spy among our staff?


You said there was a leak.

How can you just blurt that out?

Why blame the whole staff for the
intelligence department's failure?

I'm the only intelligence officer here,

so you're accusing me?

When did I accuse you of leaking intel?

What's with you two?

Must be the Minister. What do we do?

Do what? Answer it.

And say what?

You're not going to
report the failed meeting?

Want me to buy us some time?

What will that solve?


Yes, Somalia Ambassador
Han Shin-sung speaking. Hello?

I can't hear you well, sir.


There's construction here.

I think it's a problem with the line.

Is it the generator? Did I lose you?

Hello? Minister! I'll call back later!

There are some advantages
to being in Africa after all.

Secretary Gong, will you leave us?


I've got something to
discuss with Counselor Kang.

Oh, sure.

- Get some rest.
- Yes, sir.

Secretary Gong, he's more
diplomat than human sometimes.

There's a reason he hasn't
been promoted at his age.

No flexibility, that guy.

He may be rude, but try to understand
him. We're all one family.

I guess I have no choice,
since he's your little lapdog.

Counselor Kang, what
do you take me for?

I can't believe you'd say that.

Just people in this embassy,

and you're the only
one I can really talk to.

I feel so bad making
you feel that way...

- There you go again.
- Breaks my heart, really.


- This time...
- That's enough.

Can you really give
me your full support?

Who would I give it to besides you?

[Two hours earlier]

No, no.

Your favorite Korean cigarettes!

God, bloody hell.

The rebels wanted to
send out a message,

so I just interviewed
their General Aidid and

took some photographs of his guys.

He just wanted to brag about how well

they're adapting to their
training and all that.


What did the CIA or MI say?

Well, they don't reckon they're
ready for civil w*r just yet.

Very strange...

If it's not w*r business,


North Koreans sell w*apon?

Who? The North Koreans?

This is a Type as*ault
r*fle, in production since .

This is a Type AK-
r*fle modified for sn*pers.

Made in North Korea.

The reporter who took the photo
almost wet his pants when I told him.

You're sure they're
really from North Korea?

Does it matter? I'm not
the one writing the story.

This is Africa. Africa...

In a country where w*r
can break out at any time,

selling w*apon to rebels is
as hot an issue as they come.

If that story runs,

meet with the Somali foreign minister,

threaten to cut off aid,

and President Barre will have
no choice but to join our side.

More than anything,

get the Somalian president's
pledge to support

South Korean membership in the UN.

Good morning, Your Excellency.

Good morning, Mr. Ambassador.

Hello, Counselor.

Thank you for coming this hour.

My pleasure.

Your Excellency, do you know that

North Korea is arming the
rebels through Ethiopia?

That's the latest rumor?

The g*n in this photo,

you know they were
manufactured in North Korea?

Last month, when a North
Korean delegation came

and promised to
support your government,

they even visited the
arms factory here, right?

But look...

You request m*llitary
aid from North Korea,

then they support the rebels?

That doesn't make sense.

Ambassador Han,
let's not get sidetracked

on North Korea or
the rebels or whatever.

Just tell me what you want.

North Korea has started lobbying
ministers in other departments,

to block your efforts at
getting UN membership.

But you know,

I like the government of South
Korea more than anyone

and consider you my very good friend.

So I was thinking...

The government of South Korea needs
to use their money more efficiently.

For example, that program to
take five of our tech students

to Korea to train them...

Isn't that program already
getting good marks

from both our governments?

You'll have to bear
with me, Ambassador.

This is just an example.

Now, two of my sons happen to be
studying industrial technology in the U.S.

Let's say Seoul adds $ , for each,

so $ , in total for their
aforementioned training fellowship.

You want a $ ,
scholarship for your sons?

President Barre may speak at the UN,

but ask yourself who
writes his speeches,

and who steers his foreign policy?

This so-called government is
just a pack of relatives and thugs.

How can I do diplomacy with them?

Counselor, does the KCIA
have any cash we can use?

How can you ask me that?

You blow the chance I gave
you, and now you want more?

But the North Koreans are
lobbying, what can we do?

If it takes cash to
stop them, so be it.

You know what that cash is for.

You think you can just dip
into our operation funds?

You keep forgetting what
kind of person you're talking to.

What's with your tone?

Look, wherever you came
from, I'm your boss here!

Look at me when I'm talking!

I think you've got other
things to worry about.

Cheating on me right in the open.

Hey! Hey, wait!

Wait there!


Is there really a leak?

Ambassador Rim!

Ambassador Rim.

I want a word with you.

What is it?

Let's play by the rules.

Ambassador Han.

Maintain your dignity.

How long will you
keep up this sabotage?


What about you, spreading
lies about us arming the rebels?

Is lying your method of diplomacy?

Why blame us for that?

It's in the newspaper
with photos and all.

Just don't get caught selling
w*apon in the first place.

What is this bullshit?

Hey, don't cross the line.

We're just standing here,
you're the ones crossing the line.

- I'll chop your head off.
- Not here, stop it.

We were in Africa working
our tails off years before you.

You think these stunts
will get you anywhere?

So quit selling out your compatriots
for the sake of the UN membership.

What's going on?


They started a riot, and
now they're demanding

that we release Islamic leaders
arrested by the government.

Can we get out?

No. Everything's on lockdown.

But don't worry.

Barre will take care
of this in no time.

Damn it!

No instructions from Seoul yet?


The Ambassador and Counselor Kang
are safe in a hotel, so don't worry.

Try calling your family at home.

What do I say?

My daughter's studying
for her entrance exam.

I shouldn't worry her.


I was supposed to phone my kids today.

Sure, go ahead, don't worry.

But are they asleep now?

Yes, they must be.

The Ambassador will be back, no hurry.

While we wait for him,

shall we pray together?

Shall we?

♪ Nearer my God, ♪

♪ to Thee... ♪

She knows I'm Buddhist!

You think I'm Christian?

Just pray to Buddha in your heart.


We pray for the safe return of
Deacon Han and Believer Kang.

Let us begin with the Apostles' Creed.

- I believe in God, the Father Almighty...
- I believe in God, the Father Almighty...

Oh no!

Isn't that our driver Swama?

What's he doing here?


Isn't this...

the mark of the rebels?


Then is he a rebel?

Don't be ridiculous. It's just a scarf.

Maybe someone gave
it to him for his wounds.

But his neck is fine.

What if he's really a rebel?
We need to send him away.

He can't be a rebel.

He's unconscious, how
do we send him away?

If we're not careful, we
could get hurt, Ma'am.

How about calling the police?

But if he's a real rebel,

they might think we
aided the rebels all along.

But we didn't!

At home they turn innocent
students into Communist spies,

you think that can't happen in Somalia?

I'm just saying the political
system here isn't developed yet.

Watch what you say, especially
in front of Counselor Kang.


Who is it?

It's the police.

Listen. You can't...

not come in here...

Shouldn't we move
Swama now just in case?


How can we carry him?

Oh no! They're pushing in!

What's going on?

He is boss. Ambassador!

It's the police.

They say a demonstrator
is hiding in our embassy,

and they want to come in.

What kind of bullshit
is that? Is it true?


Hey. Who's the boss?

We're looking for one of the
instigators of the riots today,

and we'd like your
cooperation in finding him.

This is Korea government land.

You can't. Never. This.

Damn, I'm too worked up to talk!

Secretary Gong, come
here and translate this.


Your job during a riot is to
protect embassies like ours,

and I don't see a single
one of you doing that!

What? Can you repeat...

Hey! You!

Yes, you!

You just trespassed on
South Korean territory.

You want me to call
the Chief of Police?


Stop it.

You stupid assh*le!

- Sir?
- Yeah?




What is it?

I have something to tell you.

Say it!

- Honey!
- Are you crazy?

What a circus.
Did you let him in?

Where's Swama?

Where is he?

[United Somalia congress manifesto]

- No more dictatorship!
- No more dictatorship!

- Down with Barre!
- Down with Barre!

- No more dictatorship!
- No more dictatorship!

- Down with Barre!
- Down with Barre!

[Chinese Embassy]

[Italian Embassy]

[Egyptian Embassy]

[U.S. Embassy - Intelligence Analysis Room]

I, General Aidid of the
United Somali Congress,

address the embassies of each nation.


The international support
given to Somalia in recent years

has been used by Barre's government
to suppress civil rights, religion,

and the democratization of Somalia.


We proclaim that our resistance
movement is for the purpose of

toppling the immoral
and corrupt Barre regime.


Any foreign government or
organization that provides political,

economic or m*llitary
assistance to the Barre regime

is acting against the
national interests of Somalia.

Therefore, your government's decision
whether to support the Barre regime,

or to support the people of Somalia

will determine whether
you are friend or foe.

Wait, do we know for sure this is real?

I'll go talk to the guys
at the U.S. Embassy.



See you.

Things often get stormy in
this region, so don't panic.

The radio! Let's listen to the news.

- Down with dictatorship!
- Down with dictatorship!

- Drive out Barre!
- Drive out Barre!

Without any Koreans to
look after, can't we pull out?

Public servants can't
act without an order.

The CIA says it'll be fine.

Should we believe everything they say?

This is hardly the first time
they've predicted w*r here.

Think of Korea.

Every day they predict w*r.

At least in Korea, we know
what info is real or fake.

Over here, can we be sure of anything?


Don't stay here. You go back to Seoul.

And you?

It took me years to get here.

Should I ruin it all with a month left?

They can't demote you
for escaping danger.

We spent three years here

during the most important stage
of our daughter's schooling!

What is this?

My report went to Seoul today,
so they'll do something.

So I should leave you
and all the staff behind?

You're a family member,
not a public servant.

I'm calling the travel agent
tomorrow, so get ready.

It's mine!

Take everything!


The travel agency's
closed. No one's there.

We need to find a broker for a ticket.

Did you get cash?

All the banks and offices are closed!

We need to get dollars!

Even the government ministers ran away,

There's nothing we can do!

Let's go back to the embassy.

- Down with dictatorship! Drive out Barre!
- Down with dictatorship! Drive out Barre!

- Down with dictatorship! Drive out Barre!
- Down with dictatorship! Drive out Barre!



On the floor!

Burn any document connected
to the Somali government!

Hurry up!


Oh no!

Out of the way!

What is this?

All connections are cut!

What? Even telex?

Telex, too.

We have the tape from
the community function!

- What?
- Play it!


Secretary Gong! The tape...

Connect the line!

Shit, why aren't you playing it?

Assalamu alaikum!

Hello everyone!

We have come from far-off
South Korea to be your friends.

For the sake of Somalia's
development and prosperity,

we promise to become
good friends as one family.

Family members like friends,

friends like family members...

Remember that in good times or bad,

we South Koreans will
always stand by your side!

The rebels have
taken the radio station?

It's a different frequency.

It's a civilian uprising.

Rebel forces haven't arrived
yet, so it's not a state of w*r.

You need to keep calm.

The rebels are calling for the
president's head on the radio,

and I should keep calm?

Do we have any kind of intel at all?

The people in Seoul...

don't even know what's
happening to us, right?

We're isolated here.


Why do I have to die
in a foreign country?

You're not going to die!


Let's take one thing at a time.

Sir, we need to request protection.

You said the ministers
ran off. Who do we ask?


- Counselor Kang! Stop...
- I saw it.

Who do we have here?

If it isn't the scary Korean diplomat.

Assalamu alaikum!

What brings you here at this hour?

With a date, no less.

- I want to meet Chief.
- You have an appointment?

Our phone all d*ed.

Well, that's too bad then.

Because the chief is busy.

How about deputy chief?


In that case...

I will see the...

What's the English for "haengjungkwan"?


I will see the administrator.

Nope. Busy.

And since this is a state
of national emergency,

diplomatic privileges don't apply.

You have no authority!

I am a trained man.

You're also in Somali
government jurisdiction.

My jurisdiction!

So you don't call the sh*ts here.


go back.

Translate what I'm about to say.


Arrest me! Shit, arrest me!

I'm a South Korean Counselor!

I've come to deliver an
official embassy message!

I'm a South Korean Counselor!

I've come to deliver an
official embassy message!

You got a death wish?

Go ahead and sh**t, assh*le!

sh**t me if you can!

Translate for me!

Your commissioner is
watching. Deliver this message.

Your commissioner's name is
on our embassy's contact list.

If the rebels take our embassy, we
won't be the only ones going down.

You want to get your family out, right?

Somali money is as good as toilet paper.
And I bet you don't have enough dollars.

So take our cash, and
send us police protection.


[December , ]

[The rebels enter Mogadishu]

- He's a policeman!
- No!

He k*lled Swama!

I'm not a policeman!

Punish the m*rder!

It's not me!

I'm on your side!


All these people came here
to get on the evacuation plane.

Even if you are diplomats, we
can't let you board an aircraft

unless it's been sent
by your government.

We have no way of
contacting our government.

All our communications are down.

That's your problem.

We have no choice.

I know...

But that plane. From
Nairobi Airport, right?

There tower... Contact
Nairobi Tower can...

What is it? Just tell me.

The control tower!

Can you try to contact the
Korean Embassy in Kenya with it?

I'm sorry.

We're North Korean
diplomats. Who's in charge here?

We need to get to the airport.

You can't go to the airport. Turn back.

Travel restrictions will soon
be enforced for all of Mogadishu.

Travel restrictions?

Then the airport will be closed too?

Since the rebel troops entered
Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia,

the g*n between
the Somali government

m*llitary forces and the rebels

have been taking place
every day throughout the city.

The future of the country is now bleak.

And the security of all
foreigners in Somalia...

We have no electricity,
water or communications,

and no gas for the generator.

And the defense chief who issues
travel passes has fled the city.

Don't worry.

His nephew is still selling passes.

Our informants have gone to get them.

Our bigger problem is we have no food.

I told you to secure food!

No matter how much cash we offer,
no one has enough even for themselves.

What should I do?

Turn off the light!

Here they are.

Rest easy and turn the lights on.

It's the informants I
sent to buy travel passes.

Get ready to leave.

There are rebels nearby.
Can we talk inside?

Come on.

We'll talk inside...

You son of a bitch!

Watch! Money!




What the hell are you doing?

I told you not to hurt anyone.

Go move the stuff!

No more debts to you now.

The kids from school saved your life.

Now, you better leave, or my
brothers will be back for you.

What do we do without the
last of our food and the car?

And your insulin...

Don't let our comrades know.

We'll take refuge in
the Chinese Embassy.

We have no travel pass,
what if we get caught?

Better to get caught
by government troops.

At least they'll guarantee
the safety of diplomats.

So all of you pack quickly,
and steel your hearts.

From now on, our goal...

is survival.

[Chinese Embassy]

Everyone come in.

Go in. Go in.

The only option now

is to somehow get to the
airport and board a rescue flight.

We barely made it here.

With the kids, we'll
never reach the airport.

Even so,

we can't go back.

Comrade Ambassador!

There are Chinese here!

There are Chinese here!

Run away!

Stay low! Keep going!

Come quickly! Quickly!

Stay by the wall.

How much longer do we have
to guard the South Koreans?

To leave, you'll need money.

What are you doing?

This isn't right.

They've got armed guards.

Is this because you're out of insulin?


Beg the South Korean bastards for help,

and turn even our
children into traitors?

What's the point in surviving
here just to get purged back home?

You think I'm planning to defect?

If there's trouble, we'll just
take over their embassy.

From now on, don't stop me
if you have no other ideas.

Don't sh**t!

Don't sh**t.

Ambassador Han!

Ambassador Han Shin-sung!

It's Ambassador Rim!

- It's the North Koreans, right?
- Ambassador Han!

Don't sh**t!

Don't sh**t!

We're from the North Korean Embassy!

Hey, hey!

Stop, stop!

I said stop, assh*le!

Ambassador Han, talk to me!

What's going on?

I'm the North Korean
Ambassador Rim Yong-su!

I'm here to see Ambassador Han.

But what's your purpose coming here?

We met a mob on the way to the
Chinese Embassy and ended up here.

The Chinese Embassy is that way.

Turn back!

There are women and children with us.

Come out!

As you can see, we're all unarmed!


What are they scheming now?

So tell us your
business! Your business!

That rotten scoundrel!

They know why we're here,
they're just humiliating us.

Hide, quick!

Please, at least take the children!

Are you mad?

Who told you to beg
to the South Koreans?

If State Security had secured
our safety, we wouldn't be here!

I'll rip your head off for saying that!

Counselor Tae!

What are they doing?

Creeping around at night
in such a dangerous place.

In front of another embassy...

But Ambassador.

This could be our lucky chance.


Has an entire embassy
ever defected before?

Don't get any ideas,
just send them away.

They have kids there,
you'll just let them die?

What about us?

Go away! Just go back!

- Someone's there!
- We're all in danger with you there!

Just go inside!

Stay the hell away, you assholes!

Come on out.

Then what is it, huh?

What do you want?


Our embassy was
att*cked by armed rioters.

That's not our problem.

As you see, we have children here.

Consider it as a humanitarian gesture.

After all you did to us, you
appeal to our humanity?

You said not to sell
out your compatriots.

Ambassador Han.

We have nowhere to go.

Taking kids into the streets
in a situation like this...

What time is it?

Have the kids eaten?

Let them in.

Prepare your IDs. Luggage on this side.

You'll be searched before
entering, so line up by family.

I heard they're trained to k*ll
people with their bare hands.

The Ambassador's trusting
Counselor Kang too much.

You try talking him out of it.

They've got kids, will
they really try anything?

You know North Korean
kids all get m*llitary training?

Come forward.

Arms up.

This is not what we agreed to.

They are too many people to protect.


Hey. Many people, no problem!

Your job.

Protect embassy.

This is same.

Well, you still have to
give us more money.

We are out of b*ll*ts.

What a bunch of thieves.

As you can see,
we don't have much,

but please eat your fill.

Okay, let's eat.

Aren't you hungry?


Give this over there.

Oh, Lord!

You scared me.
You shouldn't wander alone.

Go back to your family.

Do you have sugar?

Sugar? Why?

You want something sweet?

Want a cookie?

Not for me.

Then who?

Medicine for my grandpa...


He has diabetes?

Your wife told my wife.

That the rioters even
stole your medicine.

But Secretary Gong has diabetes,
so we have insulin.

It's fortunate.

Well, not that Secretary Gong
has diabetes...

She shouldn't have told you.

But thank you.

Is it inconvenient being left-handed?


You use your left hand.

Not as much as diabetes.
I use both hands.

Don't want people calling me a leftist.

But with the rebels in charge,
why would they loot the embassy

of the country that armed them?

You really believe we
sold w*apon to the rebels?

No reason not to believe it.

You don't want to know the truth.

Even if you did, it wouldn't
change your mind.

Just like we assume it was
you who spread those rumors.

I'm starting to learn that
sometimes there are two truths.

Anyway, since you are here,

why don't you explain
your position clearly?

Do you think we're going
to defect to South Korea?

Let's do honest diplomacy.
Honest, okay?

You didn't come here to eat dinner.

Just as a person or
a nation has dignity,

there is dignity to diplomacy, too.

We didn't throw away
our pride coming here.


Ambassador Rim, I know
you're much more experienced

and capable than I am.

But still, you're not in a
position right now to lecture me.

It's just the two of us here.

Let's have dialogue, not a lecture.

Let's speak from the heart.

Are you even grateful
to us for what we did?

Hey, you know the water's cut off!

How could you take a dump like that?

That's not my poo...


would you like to sleep
in that room there?

I'm fine here.

I've got some ginseng liquor...

You have it.

No point in us staying here.

Let's just go, quick!

[North Korea passport]



Damn it...


A conversion certificate.

So you're planning
to drag us to Seoul?

Hey! Shit...

Hey, did we ask you here?

You came yourselves!

Your guards all ran away,
so you've got some nerve.

You scoundrel!

Honey, it sounds like
trouble, shouldn't you go?

- Me?
- Yeah.

I need to protect all of you.

The guards. Get the guards.


What is this, huh?

What is this?

Apologize, you rotten scoundrel.

Or fight to the end.

You shithead!

A commie like you
should be ripped to pieces

and thrown into the
b*ttlefield outside,

but, shit, I'm
restraining myself, okay?

What is this?

What's going on?

Comrade Ambassador,

I caught these bastards
trying to use us.

To make us defect,

they were forging
conversion certificates.

I heard you, so stop.

Was this your order?
Or did he plan it himself?

Let's speak alone.

If those people don't
convert to our side,

we're violating the
National Security Law.

What violation?

You think we're plotting
some rebellion here?

Then why in hell should
we be protecting them?

What bullshit.

The guards are gone,
who's protecting who?

Your police guard ran away!

What's this?

They charge for protection by the head,

can we afford that?

The conversion certificates
were made without my order

by our Counselor alone.

As the person in charge, I apologize.

We might've done the same.

It's water under the bridge.

That's not the important issue now.

What will you do now?

We've already abandoned our embassy,

so we don't mind leaving here.

And you?

We won't last long here without guards.

We need a way out, too.

If we combine our diplomatic
and intelligence capabilities,

can we find a way?

You think we can
accomplish more together?

Neither of us will make it
out without outside help.

If we try our Western allies, and
you work your Communist allies,

maybe a route will open.

But it's not just up to us two.

Will your Counselor and staff agree?

That's my responsibility as Ambassador.

Let's state our goal clearly.

We're not aiming for reunification,

we're just banding together
to find a way out, okay?

Let's forget this and go
our own way at daybreak.

Let's not get into a
conspiracy with the South.

What damned conspiracy?

You think that ridiculous
conversion certificate

will be any effective?

Your tone is a bit...

Counselor, don't break
the flow here. Let's proceed.

Anyway, whether North or South,

let's try arranging a route
out through the big embassies.

The Americans have pulled
out, so that's not an option.

The Italian Embassy is
close, and might be fastest.

Besides, Italy once helped
Somalia under a trusteeship,

so they have more influence than the US,
and they still send rescue planes.

We're not diplomatic partners
with Italy, so will they help us?

Not a likely solution for us.


if we go km south
to Kismaayo Port,

we can take a boat to Kenya.

km, are you kidding?
How will you go km?

You got a car for all those people?

And gas?

What if you run into rebels?

Don't you even think?

Hey, did I ask you to come with us?

Why are you...

Everyone calm down and look at this.


the Egyptian Embassy still stands.

We can ask them if
there's a way to reach Cairo.

South Korea has no
diplomatic relations with Egypt,

so bad luck for you.

We have a consulate there.

Let's do this.

We'll take the Italian Embassy,

you take the Egyptian Embassy,
and we'll see which way works best.

What if...

only one side is offered a way out?

At least some of us will live.

Don't open the gate, even for police.


I'll pray.

Don't, don't!

Please spare me!

What is it?

Back up!


Ambassador Mario is
on the phone with Italy.

Not sure how long it'll take.



You mean their phones are connected?

It's a b*ttlefield over here,
a b*ttlefield.

Don't you even watch the news?

Are you just telling me
to die over here?


What did they say?

I reached the Korean Embassy in Kenya,

but they can't send a plane.

Ambassador Han!


So I heard there are of you in all?

Including children, yes.

Okay, we do have a Red
Cross medical plane. Right?


Look, Ambassador. Frankly speaking,

we can't take North Koreans

whom we don't have
diplomatic ties with,

when we can barely fit all of
our own people on the plane.

So why don't we evacuate
South Koreans first?

What are you contemplating? Say okay.

And the North Koreans?

They can ask at the Egyptian Embassy.

What if they say no?

Just second please.

- Just second.
- Okay.

After all this, you'll
give up our ticket out?

If we'd made them
defect from the beginning,

they'd be South Koreans
and they could all come.


Ambassador Mario.


those North Koreans
have defected to our side.

I'm sorry...

But as you can see,
we're in no position to help.

Can you at least help us contact
the North Korean Embassy in Cairo?

We want tell that we're safe.

But all our communications are down.

Well that...

I can try.

Can you also contact the South
Korean Consulate General in Cairo?

South Korea?


What's taking them so long?

If you'd said we'll go
alone, we'd be on the plane.

What are you thinking?

They're not really going to defect.

Will you take responsibility
if it all falls through?


Our seats are secure.

There's a way we can both live.

Need to try what we can.

We should never have
let them in last night.


Let's just think of
getting on the plane.


Well, the South Korean Government
officially requested to our government

to assist them.

Okay so thankfully,

everyone in your party will get
a place on the evacuation plane.

But the plane may arrive later today,

so I need you to get back

by PM at the latest and stand by.

- Grazie! Grazie mille!
- It's okay.

Ask if they can possibly
let us borrow a car.

A car?

We don't have enough cars for everyone.

What are they doing?

Ambassador, can we talk privately?


Counselor Kang.

We got a car from the Egyptians,
so transportation is no problem,

but if we drive out and run
into some rebels like before,

we're d*ad meat.

We need to wait for one
side to get the upper hand.

Is that rescue plane some
kind of taxi you can flag down?

If you don't catch that
plane, what'll you do then?

Lower your voice.
You're scaring people.

I heard the Egyptian Embassy
can't help you?

You saw on the way,
the whole city's a battleground.

Waiting is pointless.

What will you do?

We're going.

Have you got any extra books?


- Hurry!
- I am hurrying!

- Turn it!
- Careful.

Look out!

Oh, Lord!

What are you doing in this emergency?

Hey kids, fill these with dirt.

You're going to k*ll
us before we even go!

Why take it off?

If you use too much, we'll run out.

How will it support the weight?

Look at this. This should
go here, and then that there...

So we can drive...

Do we have to stick them inside?

Just carry some sand bags.

Hey, everyone!

It's time to go.

We need to get there
before afternoon prayer ends.

Get in!

Everyone, move!
Don't just stand there!

Have mercy on us...

Let's all meet safely
at the Italian Embassy!

[ : PM]

[ : PM]

Assalamu alaikum!

[ : PM]

[ : PM]

Just wait a minute!

It's okay, they're government troops.

Give me the white flag.


Give me that. Yes, that.

It's okay, don't worry.

A g*n! A g*n!


What happened?

Back up!

Look out behind!

Don't turn your head!

Follow me!

You okay?


The g*n behind us! Watch out!

Get down!

Hold on!


To the left!

Grab the g*n! Push him!

Watch out for the g*n!

- Honey, watch out!
- You scoundrel!

Grab the g*n! Get the g*n!


- Step on the brake!
- Honey, the brake!

- h*t the brake!
- Hold on tight!

The g*n!

We're there!

We made it!


Stay there!

Are you okay?

- You okay?
- I'm okay.

Are you okay?

I'm okay. Are you?

Hey, we have no time!

Take the white flags and follow!

Take the white flags!




Follow me!

Don't sh**t!

We Are Korean!

Don't sh**t!

Keep out!

Down! Get down!

Keep out!

Shut up!

This is our country!

Keep out! This is Italian property!

- Behind the car! Hurry!
- The kids! Duck!

- Hurry!
- Over here!

- Honey!
- Go quickly!


Everyone here?

- All the kids?
- Yes.

You okay?

Yes, we're all fine.

Open the door!

Stop! This is Italian property!

We are Somali government forces!

This is the final warning!

This is Italian property!

Get out of our country!

Don't sh**t!

We are Korean diplomats!


Get out. Come.

Get out.

Get out...

Hold on.

What's wrong?

The rescue plane scheduled
for yesterday arrives today.

The Italian government
brokered a temporary ceasefire

to allow safe passage to the airport.


I didn't get to say thank you!

Are you going home now?

Yes, we've been abroad a few years,

so after reporting,
we'll see our children again.

Your children are with you now.

When we diplomats go abroad,

we leave one family
member each in Pyongyang.

If we don't go back,
they all become orphans.

Ambassador Rim?

You have no diplomatic
relations with Kenya.

When we get to Mombasa Airport,

our embassy agreed to give
you cars and accommodation.

Don't misunderstand our intentions,

but if you need it, we can go together.

Last night at the Italian Embassy,

we were able to contact Pyongyang,
and they made arrangements.

Ambassador Han!

I'm late, but thank you sincerely.

[January ,
Mombasa Airport, Kenya]

Ladies and gentlemen,

we have arrived safely at
Mombasa Airport in Kenya.

We just want the defectors,
ignore those Commies.

Get the defectors in our car.

Take care now.

You too.

Listen up!

We'll get off first!

The North Koreans go behind us
with those foreigners!

Both countries sent teams,

waiting for us outside.

Once we get off, be sure not
to acknowledge each other.

Ambassador Rim, please look after them.

And everyone

say your farewells here.

Let's go!

- Quick!
- Honey! Intelligence officers are here!

Secretary Gong, we
need to get off first!

I'm coming!


- Hey!
- Director!

Nice work. The North Koreans?

- What?
- The Northerners.

The Commies!

Oh, he wanted to greet you, Director.

Ambassador to Somalia, Han Shin-sung.

What about the defectors?

We're all safe.

No, no...

Over there!

Hey, over there!

Aren't those the defectors?

Director, look.

These foreign reporters are all here.

We can't clash with them
here. Let's talk there.

- How can we leave the defectors?
- Defectors?

Director! The reporters' cameras!

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