01x08 - The Rise of the Fallen

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Firebite". Aired: December 16, 2021 to present.
Vampire King arrives to the last colonial stronghold in a Australian mining town, it's up to Tyson and Shanika -- to end the bloody 230-year w*r.
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01x08 - The Rise of the Fallen

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[Tyson hums song intro]

[Tyson sings] ♪ Black boy ♪

♪ Black boy ♪

♪ The colour of your skin
is your pride and joy ♪

♪ Black boy... ♪



What now?

Come here, look.

I'm doing my history assignment.

Hey, true history happenin' right here.

What are you lookin' at?


Nah, nah, nah. Come here. Look.



[Tyson groans]

There. Look there.

See? But look wider.

See that dark emu?

Don't look at the stars. Look at
the dark space around the star.

There. You see him?

He's beautiful.

[Tyson sighs]

Our mob have been lookin'
at that for , years.

Hey, you know what,

some white fella comes along
and calls it negative space.


Nothin' negative about that.

Nothin' negative about being dark.

Hey, you know what they should call it?

Tyson Walker space.

Ask me why.

- Why?
- 'Cause I'm dark and deadly.

- [Laughs]
- There? See, you're laughin'.

That's a dad joke.

Hey, look out. She finally calls me Dad.

Thank you, daughter.

Oh, that bloody sucker got me!

You're the one that got
too close to his fangs.

Yeah, I'm the one that
staked him good too, OK?

- Where were you?
- You told me to stay back.

You sure it's not a firebite?

Neeks, don't even say that.

Do you know what to do with a firebite?

I'm not talkin' about a
scratch like this here, bub.

I'm talkin' about a firebite
that turns you into a sucker.

All right? Hurts like hell.

Your blood's boilin',
you're lost forever.

I never want that to
happen to me. You hear me?

I never want that to happen
to me. I'd rather die.

So you don't hesitate,

you don't ask any questions,
you don't muck around.

Stake straight through the heart.

Even if it's me, bub.

Hero's life, Neeks. You've
gotta make those tough decisions.

You get me?

k*ll a firebite fast. I got it.


See, you're like me: dark and deadly.

Here. Pound it.

- No.
- Come on!

- Nuh.
- Pound it!

[Clicks tongue]


Yeah. [Laughs]

[Dramatic music]

[Chains rattle]

[Eleona] Hey. Shh, shh. It's all right.

It's all right. Shhh!

Shh, shh. I'm here. I'm here.

I'm here. I know.

Listen... Listen to my voice, all right?

You trust me, you trust my voice.

The darkness is going
through your veins like f*re

and it is burning up your
humanity and your memories,

and it hurts now, but it
will not last forever, OK?

Don't fight it.

Those memories will
come back in a few years,

so no need to fight it now.

All right? You can trust me.
I'm gonna take care of you.

It's all right. Shhh.

[Lucas] It's all I could salvage.

Hold still, hold still. Tyson.

[Tyson snarls]

Hey! Tyson!

[Tyson snarls]

Here! Tyson!

[Heavy rock music]


[Intriguing music]

["The Spirit Knows" by Goldminds plays]

♪ These spiral stairs ♪

♪ Take me down... ♪


♪ To the world ♪

♪ Underground ♪

♪ I'm chasing... ♪

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

♪ Tiger snake ♪

♪ I need that poison ♪

♪ In my veins ♪

[Intriguing music]

[Car door shuts]

[Keys jangle]


The traps.

Check the traps.

[Engine roars]

Come on.


Come on. All right. Come on.

Here, watch your light.

[Groans] No!

Come on, come on. Quickly.

- [Tyson grunts]
- Yeah.

- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
- [Tyson pants]

It's all right. Let's
get him out of that.

It's uncomfortable, isn't it?

Yeah. Here we go. There we go.

Now, you show me your
hands. Show me your hands.

Come here.

Give me your hands. That's right.

[Pants and grunts]

You're a good boy. Come
on. Come on. Come on.

That's right.

Follow Mummy.

Follow Mummy.

Here we are.

- [Tyson pants]
- I know.


[Tyson pants]

[Door creaks]

[Suspenseful music]

Wait here.

[Tyson grunts forcefully]

Well, this is perfect.

[Music plays nearby]

Hey, El, not working at the bar today.

No, Razz. Listen.

I got these opals.

I need to change them for
cash so I can rent a room.

I got a heap more. How much do
you reckon I can get for these?


If they're all like that,
you could buy the whole place.

[Engine roars]

[Suspenseful rock music]

[Hinges creak]

[Car door shuts]

[Driving rock music]

[King groans]

[Weakly] Give me blood.

Where'd she take Tyson?

- Blood.
- No!

- Please?
- Tell me where she would go!

Where would she go?

[Rock music]

This all we got?

That'll do.

It's only a few of us
left, so we gotta be ready.

How's Rona?

Left Smokey to watch her.

It's gonna be a long road, but...

They're making her comfortable.

Can't imagine what she's seen.

You heard from Shanika?

I need to ask you questions.

Kitty, it'll just break your heart.

If I'm gonna stay, I need to know.

He got a firebite. That's
what the old fellas call it.

His body moves like his blood's on f*re.

It's agony.

He's gone.

Can't we get him back?


So... what do we do?

Shanika's taking care of it.

Poor bastard.

He's gonna be wanting his own
people's blood for eternity.

Loved that dickhead.

He knew.

He went thinkin' every
woman in town loved him.


You stay...

... you fight.

[Dramatic music]

[Vehicle approaches]

[Car door opens]

[Car door shuts]


Come on. Come on.

Enough of that. Here, drink. Drink.

Hey, come on.


You need the blood, right?

It's already helping
to heal you. Come on.

Yeah. It's good, innit?

Mmm. That's right.

Hmm. Very good. All
right, there you are.

- [Tyson groans]
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Bad, bad, bad. Don't snatch.

[Eleona] Need me to hold
it, do you? Here, you try.

That's right.

Ahhh! Ahh.

[Lucas] This place is empty.

Lots of space.

[Tyson slurps]

Think of what you could do and
build. Colony for the taking.

[Tyson slurps]

You wanna see my fangs, Lucas?!


You want others to do the hard,
dirty work, don't you? Hmm?

And then when things go bad,

you can't be accused of any wrongdoing.

That falls on others, doesn't it?

Some people would call that cowardly.

You're right, Eleona.

A colony would never follow me.

They follow power.

And they've seen yours.

But they'll never follow a
vampire that doesn't k*ll.

[Matthew] Of course they
won't. You're pathetic.

Oh, Matthew.

Just leave it. Leave us!

I'll leave you, but I'm not
leaving here without him.


You tainted our bloodline
by turning a black.

Oh, of all the ignorant things!

You bow down to this whore, Lucas?

The King will have both your heads.

I don't see him around.

I'll find him...

... and restore him.

[Growls, then snarls]

[Flesh squelches]

[Vampire gurgles]

Pathetic! You don't
even hide it anymore!


Go! Lucas, get him!


Shh, shh, shh, shh. It's all right.

[Matthew] We'll keep coming
until you k*ll the dog.

OK. Settle. Settle.

- [Pants]
- Listen. Listen.

Calm. You're all right.

Calm. Settle. Down.

Good. Good boy.

That's right. That's right.

Mummy's gonna get you some blood.

- [Tyson grunts]
- It's all right.



[Chains clink]

[Flesh slices]


[Makes guttural, choking noises]


[Gasps for air]

[Gasps for air]

[Makes guttural noises]

[Grunts softly]

[Breathes deeply]



[Inhales deeply]

[Exhales deeply]

[Breathes shakily]

[Dramatic music]

That's some healing blood
you have there, Shanika.

[Puts book down]


I'm doin' the talking.

You came here on the first ships.

One of the first eleven.

Who sent you?

Kings of distant lands.

Why'd you come?

The empire enticed us with black blood.

You suckers need to learn your place.

We are superior in every way.

You're just food.

And you're just a disease.

Then why am I alive?


She's taken Tyson... and...

She turned him?

Where will she have gone?


[Chains clink]

Chains off first, then I'll tell you.

You'll k*ll me.

I won't.

You have my word.

We want the same thing, Shanika.

- [Suspenseful music]
- [Pants]



[King] You realise you have no time.


Right this second,

he's losing his human
self, his identity,

his memories, everything.

If he lives long enough,
his memories will return.


[King] But that's if he lives that long.

Soon he won't even know your name.

Or his.

How long's it take?

Some can hold it for a few
days, a week, even, but...

... depends on their strength

and I don't think he's got much of it.

Tyson's strong!

Mmm. Maybe.

And I'll stop you all!

Stop being a child.

[Shanika groans]

[Pants, then groans]


[Shanika groans]

You just lost control and it
would've cost you your life

if it wasn't for the fact
that I'm a man of my word.

You have so much strength, Shanika.

I've known it since the
first moment I saw you,

but mentally and
emotionally, you are weak.

And the only way you're
going to get what you want

is if you embrace your darkness.

That's where your power lies.

And I can help you with that.

[Chains clink]

- [Rock music plays]
- [Glasses and bottles clink]

[Man slaps Eleona's butt]


You can't be behind here.

You can't tease me
like that, sweet cheeks.

Unless you want to pay
for a piece of that, eh?


You can't be behind here.

[Grunts, then snarls]

I know your type.

Like to play hard to get, eh?

- [Eleona screams]
- [Thump!]

Yeah, you're right.

You got me pegged.

Why don't we take this outside, yeah?

[Laughs] Yeah.

All right.

I'm comin' for ya.

Get out of here.

[Man] Oooh!

[Men cheer]

[Kasey Chambers sings]
♪ Just like a child ♪

♪ You've made up your mind ♪

♪ You make it look easy ♪

- ♪ To leave me behind... ♪
- [Tyson cackles]

♪ You're crossing a bridge ♪

- ♪ And you're crossing... ♪
- Hero's life, Neeks.

♪ A line ♪

♪ You hold out your heart... ♪

[Tyson] Neeks, look here. Neeks.

Blood hunter.

♪ The plan ♪

♪ And call yourself ♪

♪ A man ♪

♪ But I ain't no little girl... ♪


♪ No, I ain't... ♪

[Eleona] You getting
ready for me, big boy?

- [Man] Oh, yeah.
- [Eleona chuckles]

Bloody waiting for you, baby.

Don't start all the fun without me.

♪ I won't plead, I
won't pray, I won't... ♪

- [Man] Keep comin'.
- [Eleona chuckles]

Keep comin'.

- You want me?
- Oh, yeah.

- You want your power over me?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- [Eleona] You want it your way?
- Oh, yeah, baby.

[Eleona] You want me
to do what you want?

- [Man] Yeah, baby.
- Huh? All right.

How about I get on my knees?

Oh, whatever you want,
I'll do it for ya.

Hey? You want me to throw you around?

♪ But I ain't made of stone... ♪

- [Snarls]
- [Man screams]

- [Flesh squelches]
- [Man screams and shouts]

♪ But I ain't no little girl ♪

♪ No, I ain't no little girl ♪

♪ I won't break, I won't
bend, I won't wait... ♪

- [Snarls]
- [Flesh squelches]

[Lucas] Eleona.

♪ With nothing to say... ♪

[Lucas] You ready?

Take me to them.

♪ Ooh, oh-oh... ♪

- [Lucas] Some leftover blood.
- We like black blood better.

[Eleona] Well, beggars
can't be choosers.

[Man] Who says we beg?

[Eleona] Me.

Listen, bitch, there is no more King.

We're going back to how we used to live.

This is our territory now.


[Flesh squelches]

♪ No, I ain't no little girl... ♪

[Vampires snarl]

♪ No, I ain't no little girl... ♪

[Eleona] You'll all be
playing by my rules now, OK?

♪ I won't bend, I won't
wait, I won't end up ♪

♪ With nothing to say ♪

♪ I won't break, I won't bend ♪

♪ I won't wait, I won't end up ♪

♪ With nothing to say ♪

My daughter.

[Kitty] She's doin'
good. She's fighting.

I can see where you get it from.

I f*cked up.

We never should have gone back down.

It's my fault Tyson's not here.

You did what you had to do for family.

So did Tyson.

[Intriguing music]

Once upon a time,

there was a dressmaker...

... and she wanted a quiet life.

She wanted to raise her family
in the Australian outback.


She dismissed monsters

as myth and legend.

And then he found her.

She thought monsters should
be kept in the shadows.

But that's no place for monsters.

Tyson, come!

Wait here.

[Tyson pants]

- [Door opens]
- [Man laughs]

[Man ] True God, bruh.
Your mob's full of it.

[Man] Oh, no, no, no, no.
You're the gobshite here, mate.

- Oh, whatever.
- [Eleona] Lads.

[Man] Hello, love. We're lookin'
for a room, if you got 'em.

Of course.

And you're right on time for dinner.




Who are you?

I'm the f*cking queen.

- What the f*ck?
- [Vampires snarl]

[Man whimpers]

[Man screams]

[Tyson snarls]

Come on, baby.

Come and try this black blood.

- Come closer.
- Brother!

[Snarls and pants]

Brother, don't, please. Don't.


Don't. I beg you.


No! Please don't!

No! Please, brother.


Don't! Please!

- [Groans]
- [Man] I beg you, brother!





Please, brother.

- [Flesh squelches]
- [Man screams]


Was he...

I sat with him.

And I covered him up.

Thank you.

Well, we'll carve some stakes
for you. Anything else you need?

- Me?
- Yes, you.

Tyson taught you for a reason.

You're the next blood hunter.

Eh? What?!

What did you say?

That's man's business, not yours!

She's more skilled than any
male blood hunter I've seen.

- Yeah, right. Get over here.
- And that's all our business.

If you don't like it, you can leave.

I'm out of here.

I'm making all the
community decisions now.

- [Hector] Ohh!
- I'll keep an eye on him.

I'm with you, Shanika.

We need to find Eleona.

- Go on. I won't be long.
- [Tyson pants]

Go on. There you go.

[Cage door squeaks]


Are you bloody mad?

- [Lock clicks]
- What's he doing here?!

Well, why, he's too young.
I can't leave him on his own.

[Spud] Well, he can't be left here.

Hey, Spud.

- [Cage rattles]
- [Spud groans]

Are we gonna have some sort of problem?

[Spud] No. No.


No. No problem.

[Eleona] Oh, that's good.


I'm gonna go get some
blood from the fridge.

Why don't you two make friends?

You remember Tyson.

What the f*ck?




Yeah. OK.

[Tyson growls softly]


["Bow Down" by Barkaa plays]

♪ Look, I ain't come to b*at
around about the dispossession ♪

♪ I'm pent up with aggression
bigger than your comprehension ♪

♪ My bloodline stretches right
back to that Malley, bruh ♪

♪ And you got points but
they ain't even valid, c**t ♪

♪ I go to w*r every day,
my black is uniform ♪

♪ You say I'm fair-skinned,
I say you're too gone... ♪

[g*n booms]

Everyone out now!

♪ And you ain't even know
shit about it being hard ♪

♪ They used to b*at
'em and then r*pe 'em ♪

- ♪ And they took they kids... ♪
- Except for you.

♪ Tell me why I ain't got
trauma in this life I lived ♪

♪ I seen my brothers get ripped
by the hands of white pigs ♪

♪ I even went on a trip
but I came back from it ♪

♪ Salute the matriarchy,
you ain't f*ck' with this ♪

♪ Salute to all my tiddas
who is handling bizz ♪

♪ We ain't backing down to no... ♪

- Where is she?
- ♪ Patriarchal shit ♪

♪ We come from strong bloodlines ♪

♪ We was raised equipped Bow down... ♪


I don't... I don't know where she is.

Wrong answer.

She left... She left early
this morning before sunrise.

I don't know where she went!

[Spud grunts and groans]

Where is Tyson?

- Where's she taken Tyson?
- [Kitty cocks r*fle]

I'd answer the girl.

You don't wanna mess with
Eleona. She's different.

Scary. [Pants] Take it from me.

I didn't ask you that.





[Snarling nearby]

- [Snarls]
- [Cage rattles]



[Tyson continues sniffing]

[Tyson pants]







- Hello, Tyson.
- [Tyson pants]

[Tyson growls]

Do it while we've got him cornered.

- [Tyson snarls]
- It's not him, Shanika!

[Grunts, then growls]


[Tyson pants]


- [Aunty Maria] Stay back!
- [Tyson grunts]

He's a vampire. You know
what needs to be done.

[Tyson growls]

[Tyson pants]


[Shanika sings] ♪ Black boy ♪

♪ Black boy ♪


♪ The colour of your skin
is your pride and joy ♪

♪ Black boy ♪

♪ Black boy ♪

♪ The colour of your skin
is your pride and joy ♪


He's in there.

[Eleona] He's mine!

[Tyson growls]


Don't you worry. I'm gonna
take real good care of him.

You mob just don't get it.

Vampire or not, he's our blood.

He belongs with us.


[Eleona] Shanika.

- Move!
- [Tyson growls]

- [Smokey] Move!
- Quick! Take cover.

[Smokey] Move! Move!

- [Eleona] Hey. Hey.
- [Vampires snarl]

[Eleona] Did that little girl upset you?

Don't worry. I'm here now.

[Smokey] Come on!

[Suspenseful music]

[Vampires snarl]

- [Screams]
- [Rock music plays on jukebox]


["Out of Control" by Lime Spiders plays]

♪ In the land of a
hundred thousand years ♪

♪ There's a way to escape
from all your fears... ♪


♪ Lift your mind to another plan... ♪

[Grunts] Ugh!

You wanna show me your
tricks, little girl?

All right. Let's play.

♪ In a try for another
danger flight... ♪

[Both grunt]

♪ The altitude so high
that you're out of sight ♪

♪ Splash down in the sea of love... ♪

[Vampires snarl]



Did Daddy teach you to
fight like that, hey?

♪ Up in the engine room powered... ♪

[Sniffs, then snarls]

I've been teaching him
a few things myself.

[Shanika grunts]

♪ In the control tower ♪

♪ Wondering where we have been... ♪


- ♪ I'm out of control... ♪
- [Shanika coughs]

[Tyson growls]





[Tyson pants]

♪ Over you... ♪

- [Shanika grunts]
- [Eleona screams, then pants]

[Shanika grunts]

[Cries in pain]

[Tyson growls]

- [Tyson growls]
- [Shanika pants]

- [Tyson pants]
- [Shanika] Tyson.

- [Tyson grunts]
- Tyson!

- [Tyson snarls]
- It's me!


Ah! [Growls]

- [Snarls]
- Don't do this!


It's me. Shanika.


You're not a monster!

You're my dad.


Ah! Ah. Ah.

- Yeah. That's it. It's me.
- [Tyson groans]


[Cocks r*fle] Move outta
the way! I've got a clear sh*t!

No! Stop! He can hear me.

Tyson, enough!

- [Tyson growls]
- That is not allowed!



[Vampires snarl]

Quick! There's more coming!

- Get out of there! Come on!
- Tyson, Tyson. Tyson!

No! Tyson!

- No!
- Let's go. Let's go.

- [Shanika] No!
- [Kitty] We gotta go, bub.

- [Shanika] Tyson!
- [Smokey] There's too many.

Stay here. Stay here!

[Shanika continues shouting]



- [Shanika] Let me go!
- [Tyson grunts]

- Tyson!
- [Aunty Maria] Come on!

- Tyson!
- Come on!

- No!
- Come on!

[Suspenseful music]

Sunlight, bitch.

This is my town now.

[Shanika] I said this
isn't a story about a hero.

[Doors creak]

[Shanika] I was wrong.


Blood hunter.


He's my dad and I'm
gonna get him back.

[Rock music]
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