05x22 - Motherhood

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Xena: Warrior Princess". Aired: September 1995 to June 2001.
Xena helps people free themselves against injustices.
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05x22 - Motherhood

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Xena, I don't know
if I wanna help her, or…

She k*lled Joxer.

And she's lost… just as I was.

But I got lucky…
'cause I found you.

Now, I have to try to help her
find her way.

Gabrielle, I understand
if you can't go through.


Let's save your daughter.

-Come on now!
-Back off!

I'm the one figured out
that Livia was Eve.

You should have told us immediately.

The prophecy says
she'll bring about the end of the gods.

She probably developed
enough power to k*ll…

…all of us!

I guarantee the only thing
this girs has developed…

…is inferiority complex.

He's right.
I hear she's a babbling idiot.

I say we move on her right away.

What's the challenge?

Xena… is the challenge, Discord.

If we wish to k*ll Eve,
we have to go through Xena.

And as a mother,
she'll be more dangerous than ever.

So what exactly is the plan?



I gave the furies a sh*t at Xena.
It didn't work out.

I know.
My plan is a bit more subtle.

Can we leave the bard out of this?

Do you have a soft spot for Gabrielle?

She's my friend.

Well, then don't watch.

Death! To the monster Livia!

Come on!



Come on.

Give me that.

You should have let them k*ll me!

Never. Hear me? Never.

Gabrielle, bring be some water.

Ok, try to drink.

Xena, Eve will only break your heart.

There'll be no peace
for you until she's d*ad.

In the time of ancient gods,…


…and kings…

…a land in turmoil
cried out for a hero.

She was Xena.

A mighty princess…

…forged in the heat of battle.

The power…

The passion…

The danger…

Her courage will change the world.

She k*lled Joxer.

Who will her next victim be?

We've gotta get her
to shelter.


She k*lled Joxer.
Who will her next victim be?

Xena? Of course.


Excuse me,
did you call that woman "Xena"?

-Oh… Well…

Our scriptures tell us that
our founder knew a woman called Xena.

We call her the defender of the faith,
but, well, it couldn't be the same woman.

-The founder? Do you mean Eli?

This is the defender of your faith.

Give me a hand to get her on the horse.

Come on.

It would be a great honor
if you would all take shelter in my home.

Thank you.

Come on.

Is it true that he could
breathe f*re?



He was a man, made of flesh and blood,
like you.

That's why his mission
was so important.

You see, Jeb? Now, I want you to take
that f*re-breathing stuff out of your scroll.

Tell us some more, please.


He gave us all hope…
that every living thing…

-…could be saved by love.
-He was wrong.

How can I be saved?
The things I've done…

Eve, maybe you should listen
to what they have to say about Eli.

Eli teaches that… even if you've done
something really bad…

…you can find comfort and love.

I wiped out entire villages
because they wouldn't pay me tribute.

I've drunk the blood of men
that I tortured to death.

-I k*lled her best friend!

Stop it.

She's gloating
about k*lling Joxer.

I shouldn't leave her
alone with Xena.

Who knows what she's capable of…

Eli used to initiate sinners
into his way of love…

-…with some sort of ceremony.
-Yes. Yes.

There's a man that continues
that tradition. We call him "The Baptist".

Where can we find him?


-Do you admit your trespasses?

I now cleanse your body
with these sweet waters…

…and initiate you… to the way of love.

What are you looking at?

Suffering. Horrible suffering.

I should die for my deeds.

You're right.

You must die
to the things of the flesh…

…and be reborn…

…to the way of love.

If that's the way it must be…
then I'm ready.

Look at Xena!

She's just setting herself up
to be hurt again.

You know there's no reforming Eve.

She's just setting herself up
to be hurt again.


No, no, no, no, no!


So… you can k*ll gods.

How does it feel to smell
your own mortality?

You know, there's nothing more pathetic
than a d*ad god.

So do yourselves a favor,
don't follow us.

You fools!

If you'd waited for the Furies
to do their work…

…we could have gotten through this
without losing anyone!

You know, I'm just guessing…

…but I'm thinking Xena's gonna be
pretty tough to k*ll.

We don't have to.

Her daughter must somehow
give her that power.

It's Eve who has to die.

And the Furies are still
our best chance!

So, what we need is a distraction.

Oh… Pick me.

Xena, you can k*ll gods!
How is that possible?

While Eve was being initiated,
I was visited by a spirit.

He said that Eve's cleansing…
gave me the power to k*ll gods.

What do you mean?
What kind of spirit?

-It was sent by the archangel Michael.

He said that Eve would prepare the way
for the rule of the god of love.

And you're to protect her?

I was chosen as the mother
of the messenger.

As long as Eve lives,
I have the power to k*ll gods.

What's happened to me
is all so confusing.

When I was being initiated…
I felt one load being lifted…

…only to be replaced by another
just as frightening.

Where should I begin?

By facing someone you've wronged.




Let me cut her throat.

Put it down, Virgil.

Put it down.

I don't expect you to forgive me.


Because that's not happening.

If my death could bring your father back,
I'd accept it joyfully.

You know…

In my entire life I never saw
my father be cruel to a man,…

…woman, child, nor beast.

He brought joy
to everybody who knew him.

And you…

…you k*lled him.

That kind of reaction comes
with the territory.

Where are you going?

My mother was mad
with grief.

She took my brothers and sisters to Athens
to stay with some relatives.

I'm going to catch up with them.

I'm sorry, Virgil.

Thank you.

You preserved Xena for all the ages
in these scrolls, Gabrielle.

Thank you.

Watch the back.



Materializing is not like
it is in the brochure.



-Oh, yeah.

I'm d*ad.

I miss you, Joxer.

Then you shouldn't 'a
let Eve k*ll me.

Joxer, I didn't let Eve k*ll you.

k*ll her, Gabrielle.

k*ll her before
she kills somebody else.

Good point.

Hello, Mother.


Xena's making
a terrible mistake…

…trying to save Eve.

The same mistake you made…

…when you didn't k*ll me
when you had the chance.

Hello, Xena.

Only you can stop
the cycle of v*olence.

Eve must die.

Xena won't k*ll her own daughter.

You know how hard that is.

Be brave, Mother.

For Xena.

You can do it, Mother.

You must do it.

You're not gonna k*ll me, are you?

Why ever not?

Because I love you.


I love you.

You can do it.
You can do it, Mother.

You have to do it.

You must… do it.

Do it, Mother. k*ll her.

Do it! Do it for Xena!
I know you can.

This is the decision
Xena can't make!

k*ll her!

k*ll her!





Good girl.
You hang in there. You're gonna be fine.

Ga… Gab…


Stay with me, ok?

Stay with me.

How's Gabrielle?

Not good.

You taught her…

You taught her pretty well.

All you had to do
was distract her.

How was she able to stop Gabrielle?

How does Xena do anything?
She just does.

All right, now we have no choice.

We launch
a full-scale att*ck.

There's no need for you
to be hurt as well, Xena.

Give us your daughter.

It's true you can k*ll gods,
but at -to- …

-…it's not great odds.
-Not for you.

No! I just wanna help!


Come on! You gotta get out!


All right?

How did you think it would end?

Come on.


Go! Go!



Take care of her!

Neither of you is going to leave me.

You're the most pure thing in my life.

And you're my great hope.

So, I'm not gonna let either of you go!

So sad.

Well, if you care so much,
why don't you cure her?

Gods can only heal
with Athena's blessing.

That's not gonna happen.

-Then take us to Olympus.

I want to offer them a deal.

And you'll k*ll them if they don't accept?


Gabrielle doesn't have much time.

All right!

I'll take you to Olympus!

Where are they?

They're probably in the main hall,
which is right through there.

Aphrodite, you might wanna take off.
Things could get ugly.

Goodbye, little one.

Thank you.

-Here we go.

-What is it, Eve?

I just wanted to say it.
I've never called anybody Mother before.

I just wish I had 'a seen you grow up.

I bet you were a beautiful little girl.

I was.

I liked spiders.

Me too.

Ok… Let's get you two outta here.

Quite a load you got there.
Just take it easy.

I'm here to make you an offer.

Like she'd trust anything you'd say,
you lying bastard!

We'll make you a god.

What about Eve and Gabrielle?

Gabrille we can negotiate.

But Eve… She's our death warrant.
She has to die.

You know… This is the second time
since you became…

…Xena, slayer of gods.
That we've faced off one-on-one…

…and you still haven't been able
to pull the trigger.

You sh*t me!

I'm the god of w*r!
Nobody sh**t the god of w*r!

Move on!

I have a deal for you, Athena.

You heal Eve and Gabrielle,
and I'll leave you alone.

Xena wants to make a deal…

I don't think that's going to be necessary.

You sure you don't wanna reconsider?


Goddess of wisdom,
you got two choices.

Either you heal my friends
and I leave you in peace…

…or you die now.

I will not be dictated to by a mortal!

I don't feel a thing, Xena.
You've lost the power to k*ll gods.

It's a shame it had to come to this, Xena.

You healed them without my blessing.

That's impossible.

I gave up my immortality
to save them.


I'm sorry…

…but I got a thing for her.

Thank you.

Oh… What have we got here?


-About Joxer, I…

Joxer's at peace.

Thank you.

Looks like you got your daughter back.

We got our daughter back.
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