09x31 - Mt. Frypan is Burning! An Instant Do-or-Die Journey / The End, the Beginning

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Dragon Ball". Aired February 1986 - April 1989.
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The adventures of Goku and friends that defend the Earth.
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09x31 - Mt. Frypan is Burning! An Instant Do-or-Die Journey / The End, the Beginning

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Let's go grab them up! The Dragonballs!

One of the most thrilling
secrets in the world.

Let's go seek them out!
The Dragonballs!

One of the most delightful
miracles in the world.

This life is one big treasure island,

It's the truth! Now more
than ever, Adventure!

The love of a
pounding chest is GISSIRl,

Multi-colored dreams
rain down DOSSARl,

Somewhere in this world,
they are glowing.

Let's go on out there
and find them, BO Y,

All the while pounding on
mutants and monsters,

And we'll fly through the day
on our cloud machine as well!

Let's fly, fly, fly, how mysterious,

Charging through the sky,
while we overcome mountains!

Let's try, try, try,
such an adventure,

Our strange little
journey now begins!

Let's get them in hand!
The Dragonballs!

One of the most formidable
gambles in the world.

Let's go chase them down!
The Dragonballs!

Some of the most enjoyable
drama in the world.

This life is one
big treasure island,

It's the truth! Now more
than ever, Adventure!

Goku and Chichi made
their way to Mt. Gogyo

upon learning from Fortuneteller
Baba that the mysterious flames

that have seized Gyumao's castle are
coming from the Eightfold Furnace.

And when the two made it to the
furnace, they encountered Son Gohan!

Gohan was none other than
a watchman for Annin,

the Pyre Keeper and caretaker
of the Eightfold Furnace.

Goku asked them to put out
the furnace's f*re, but...

If we put it out, both this world
and the next world will go to hell...

But you don't care?

It sounds kind of interesting!
Maybe I'll give it a try!

This world...

...will go to hell?


I cannot put out the Eightfold
Furnace f*re, not even for you, Goku...

You don't care if this
world and the next one

become living hells
teeming with evil spirits?

"Mt. Frypan Ablaze!
A Deadly Split-Second Decision"

Damn it!

No matter what happens, I
must protect this wedding gown

until Chichi gets the
chance to put it on!


Old man Gyumao'll burn to death
if we don't put the f*re out!

Please! Save him!


You think saving one life is more
important than the fate of this world?

I don't know anything about that!

Goku! How can you talk like that...?!

Come on! Tell me how I can put
the Eightfold Furnace's f*re out!

This is good. Want a bite?

Get that outta my face!

Goku! How rude of you...!

...Please forgive him, Annin-sama...
...Please forgive him.

Chichi! There's no reason to apologize!

What's the big idea?!


Well, well, well...

Looks like you're a pretty energetic boy.

If you want to put the Eightfold
Furnace f*re out that badly,

then try turning that handle
to the right as far as you can!

Then the f*re'll go out!

A- Annin-sama!

...OK, then!

Goku! Stop!


Grandpa, let go!

No! Terrible things will
happen if you put the f*re out!


Grandpa! Let go of me!

I can't!



Go have a look at the pan
on the Eightfold Furnace!


Goku! Are you all right?!


Well? There was a lot of steam
coming up from the pan, right?


That steam turns into mist and rises
out of the summit of Mt. Gogyo.

That mist is the problem.

The mist?

Putting out the Eightfold Furnace's
f*re would leave us without any mist.

What's that got to do with anything?


That mist actually serves as the entryway
connecting this world to the next.

Everyone who dies in this world
goes to the next one through it.

During certain spiritual holidays,
when the inhabitants of the other world

return to the homes
of their descendants,

they always use the mist to come
and go between the two worlds!

If the f*re goes out
and the mist disappears,

the souls of the departed will be
unable to journey to the next world,

and the souls that returned to this
world will be unable to go back.

Unable to die peacefully, all the
spirits will be left to wander aimlessly.

The d*ad will rise from Hell and
this world will be thrown into chaos!

In that case, Annin-sama...

Do you think you could put the
f*re out for just a little bit?

Short enough that the
steam won't disappear?

No way.

Why not?!

If the f*re goes out, it will take at
least years to get it going again!

During that period, a horrific age of
darkness would descend upon the world.

You don't want that, do you?

So there's no way to put out the
f*re caused by the Eightfold Furnace?

I beg you!

Isn't there anything you can do...?

There is something I can do...

Just as I thought!


Goku! What are you thinking?!

Annin-sama has been the Pyre Keeper

and caretaker of the Eightfold Furnace
for tens of thousands of years!

Tens of thousands of years?!

That makes her an old lady then...

Now you've done it!

You just said something you shouldn't have!

What are Goku and Chichi doing?!

It's now only a matter of time
until the tower crumbles away!

The villagers...

V-villagers! Up here!

It's Gyumao-sama!

He certainly doesn't give up easily.

But now it's only a matter of time...

Goku! What are you doing?!

How about this?!



Two can play at that game!

l-it can't be...!

Is that the Basho Fan?!

That's right.

Want me to use it again?!

G- Goku-san!

Girl! There is a way to save your
old man without putting the f*re out!


The Basho Fan alone can't put
out the Eightfold Furnace's f*re.

What we need is something
that can cover up the hole

that formed at the bottom
of the Eightfold Furnace.

Like what?

I'll go get it right away!

They're not very easily
obtained items, unfortunately.

Not very easily obtained?

What are they...?!

The bottom of the Eightfold Furnace
is made out of egg shell fragments

of a bird known as the f*re-Eating Bird.

The f*re-Eating Bird?

And to firmly keep the egg shell
fragment in place over the hole,

we'd need some honey made by bees
that live in octagonal beehives.


I have them both!

Chichi! Great job!

You have them both?

These, right?

That's all we need!


It's still too early to get excited!

We might not even have one
chance in a million of succeeding.

One chance in a million?!

If you fail, you will most certainly die!

I'll give it a sh*t! What do I do?

Goku. You, if anyone, may
be able to pull it off.

While I lift the Eightfold
Furnace pan slightly off the f*re,

you get inside the Eightfold
Furnace and patch the hole!

Inside the Eightfold Furnace?

B-but Annin-sama...!

The inside of the furnace is
a sea of scorching flames!

Not even Goku could withstand them...!

This is insanity!

That's where the Basho Fan comes in.

I see!

Listen carefully.

Swing the Basho Fan once from
above the Eightfold Furnace,

thereby splitting the flames into two
sections and creating a straight path.

Go down the path and patch up the
hole at the bottom of the furnace.

But you'll only have but
a few seconds to do it in.


Can you bet your whole life
against that one moment?

I'll give it a try!

Goku. The Eightfold
Furnace is large in size!

It doesn't look like much, but a tall
mountain could easily fit within it!

Are you sure you're ready for this?

How I wished I could've given this
wedding gown to Chichi to put on...

Good luck, Goku!

Be careful!

Goku. The bottom of the Eightfold
Furnace is shaped like a bowl.

So if there were a hole inside it,
it would be at the very center.

There's no doubt that the liquid that
has spilled out over all these millennia

has caused the hole at the bottom
of the Eightfold Furnace to form!


Gyumao! If you're alive, say something!


Here we go, Goku!

A single second will
determine success or failure!

The bottom of the Eightfold Furnace!

Dang! Where is it?!



Right here!

The f*re's out...!

Oh my! Did Goku really do it...?!

Coming back up!


Am I gonna make it in time?!

Goku! Y-you better hurry...!

Damn, I'm not gonna make it!

Extend, Nyoibou!

Dammit! Am I gonna make it?!

He's not going to make it!

G- Goku...!

I made it!


Goku-san! I'm so glad you're alive!

I was really worried there for a minute!

Does this mean the f*re
at the castle is out?!

Thank you, Goku!

Sorry for the trouble, Chichi.

As the caretaker of the Eightfold
Furnace, I sincerely apologize!

Goku! This was your first
ordeal as husband and wife!

Live in happiness!

You too, Grandpa!

Live happily together with Annin-sama!

Gyumao-sama! Are you all right?!




As you can see, the dress
is perfectly unharmed!

You lunkhead!


Chichi! Goku!

They truly did spectacularly!

Thank you for being here
today to celebrate our wedding!

I will definitely live in happiness!

Chichi... You're so beautiful...

Just as beautiful as your mother was...


Thank you for the wedding dress.

I'll never forget this!

Goku. Take good care of Chichi.



Goku's and Chichi's wedding
has ended without incident.

Do days of happiness
lie in wait for the two?

In honor of the wedding, I'll look
into the future for you and see!

Let me see here...

The next story takes place
a full years from now!

Come along, fantasy,

I enjoy a mystery,

Don't you go hiding your youth!

Wanting to perform the mysterious,

Wanting to pursue the adventure,

Everyone is itching to go!

If you act like an adult and give up,

You'll never unravel the
mystery of the miracle!

Go on and try to live even
more wild and strong!

I'll give you a romance,
I'll give you a romance,

If you will show me
you're true courage.

I'll give you a romance,
I'll give you a romance,

I'll give your pounding heart
a glittery, shining dream!
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