01x07 - Speak for Yourself

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Party of Five". Aired: January 8 –; March 4, 2020.
Five children suddenly find themselves without their parents in this remake of the '90s original.
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01x07 - Speak for Yourself

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Previously on Party of Five...

BETO: I keep thinking how you said that

in your family money equals love

and I think on some
level you believe it.

Well, my dad offered me diamond studs

and a trip to Fiji to break up with you.

I told him he can go to hell.

TERESA: May I see the warrant, please?

- OFFICER: Can you identify yourself?
- Teresa Sullivan.

I'm with Dream for Justice.

LUCIA: Just the fact that people
like her even exist bl*ws my mind.

MATTHEW: Who's Amanda Davis?
Is she a friend?

VALENTINA: No. I just like that name.

I kinda think I'm more of an Amanda.

Hi. I'm Amanda Davis.

EMILIO: How many shows?

In Hamburg, we are
gonna play Kaiserkeller.

Where The Beatles played?

No chance we can
just sneak you in and out

of the country in a guitar case?

What, and miss this?

NATALIA: I write poetry.

Poems didn't do
anything for me in school.

I love music.
That's kind of a poetry. Right?

Yeah. It is.


Uh, could you not. That's for Kal.
He gets super dehydrated.

Right. Sorry.

You're missing their big finish.

"Drive Away."

"My future is clearer with
you in the rear view mirror."

Ah, chills!

Yeah well. I wrote that one.

- You did?
- Mm-hmm.

- I thought that Kal...
- No, no, no, no. That was me.

I used to be their lead singer.

No way.

Well, what happened?

Well, I'm... I'm more
of a solo artist these days...

Well, the Natural Disasters
are about to blow up so...

Hope your solo thing works out.


That guitar solo...


You guys crushed it out there.


- Emilio!
- Look who is it!

Dude, how you been?!
We missed you in Europe.

- Hey, man.
- Hey, bro.

You woulda loved Norway.

- Blondes as far as the eye can see.
- Oh yeah?

Did Lane tell you about
almost getting arrested?

All dudes on Thursday nights.

We could go straight
back to Steph's place.

WOMAN: assh*le!

- Uh, wait, sorry.
- Making me wait backstage.

Can't have you making
the other girls jealous.

Hey Kal. Kal!

I wanna introduce you to Milo.

Hey, man.


- Uh, thanks for comin' out.
- Yeah.

Buddy of yours?

No. You know, man, Emilio?

Right! Right, Emilio!

What's up, dude?

Guess I'm the new you!


I just don't get it,
you know. I'm likable.

Some might even say lovable.

This one time in th grade,

this kid tried to bully me
and by the end of the day

I had him telling me about
how his mom's foot surgery

was affecting his grades.

How 'bout this one?

It depends on what time
you're meeting Ella's dad.

If it's , that's perfect.

I think the problem is less your tie

and more your existence.

We've been dating for
more than a month now.

And this guy's still trying
to get her to dump me.

Based off of one totally
screwed up first impression.

But if I turn things around...

By going behind her back?

Ella says she doesn't
care if her dad likes me.

But Ella doesn't see how
much easier life would be

if he and I got along.

How 'bout this?

[CLEARS THROAT] Good morning, sir.

I'm here to talk to you about...

somebody very close to my heart.

Um, her name, sir, is...

your daughter.

Hello? My name is Lucía
Acosta with Dream for Justice.

I'm sorry to disturb you this evening,

but I'm calling to enlist your support.


Don't apologize.

You want to disturb them.

Disturbing them is what's
gonna get them to give money.

- Mmm.
- Keep going.

Our organization is targeting
nine detention facilities

in the state of California.

What? No?

We're not just targeting.

We're filing a class action suit.

A class action suit!
To end the appalling conditions

that detainees are
routinely subjected to.

To which detainees are
routinely subjected to.

Don't worry about grammar.

Are you aware, ma'am,
that detainees are consistently

denied access to healthcare,

drinkable water, even toiletries.

Here's where you mention...

Pedro Balbuena. A father of three
who d*ed in custody

after being denied his
diabetes medication.

Good. Also...

Estrella Machuca. .

Who was made to sleep on
a concrete floor for weeks

while pregnant with twins.

One of whom was a stillbirth.


God, these stories make me feel so...

I shouldn't come across as angry.

If you do, you do.

You aren't selling car insurance, Lucía.

You are selling people the opportunity

to help right a terrible injustice.

That requires passion.

Which you have plenty of.

Of which you have plenty.



Has it come to this?

You going through our trash?

I had this line for a poem
I wrote down on a napkin.

And then Val cleaned up the kitchen.

Which was really nice,
but she threw it out.

And of course, I can't remember it.

How was the show?

Ah, they're great.

Yeah, the guy they got
to replace me, Kal. He's, uh...

He's also great.

You know, good stage presence.

So you hate him?

Yeah, he's a total douchebag
who acts like he owns the band.

Oh-oh and apparently,

some producer's gonna pay for
studio time, so they can record an EP.

Which means once they do...

That's the band.

Kal's the front man.

You can do some solo stuff.

Or find new people.

No, no. Those guys, they're my people.

It's happening again.

Another bus is driving off.
People I love leaving me behind.

It's a tour bus, but still...

I'm just standing there.

Watching them go.

Hey. This it?

What about at Brianna's?
She has that great rec room.

I told you! We can't practice here.

Yes. Still.

Wait a sec. I'm opening the door

so you can hear what I'm dealing with.

Crazy right! The kitchen
remodel is taking forever!

And my parents aren't allowing
me to have anyone over.

It is such a bummer.

Okay. Tell me what Brianna
has to say. 'Kay, bye!

Who are you yelling at?

Um, someone from my dance class.

Lot of drama.

Do you have practice today?

I was thinking of bringing
Rafa by to watch you.


No! Um, we're not ready to
perform in front of anyone yet.

Val, he's one.

He doesn't care how
tight your moves are.

Do you let people hear your poems

before you're finished writing them?

[LAUGHS] You remember we duct taped

every pillow in the house
to soundproof that garage?

Yeah, including
your mom's velvet pillow.

That got shredded when your dad
used his remote in the door.

It was a solid demo up to that point.

It was.

So, what songs are
you guys gonna record?

We're still deciding.
Right now it's, um...

"Half Past Out," "Drive Away."
"Bedhead," of course.

- So, my songs.
- [SCOFFS] Well...

Yeah, I...

And Kal's gonna sing them?

The guy's got a rock star complex

and he hasn't even cut an EP yet.

Look, dude. This isn't
how any of us wanted it to go

but what were we supposed to do?

We had to replace you.

Well... what if I came back?


Don't you have the same two
full-time jobs you had before?

And I gave up everything to do them.

Every part of my own life.

But I think that that was
more than I needed to do.

I mean, it doesn't have
to be all or nothing.

We've been friends
since the fourth grade.

You wanna record
your first record with me?

Or with a guy you've been
playing with for a month?


How long's it been since you played?


Is Ella okay?

Oh, she's fine, Mr. Barnett.

Sir, I was hoping I could have
a few minutes of your time.

I got three minutes before my
first meeting. You can have two.


Sir, you and I
got off on the wrong foot.

I crossed a line at your party,

and for that, I apologize, but...

I think if you got to know me

you'd see that I have
seven qualities that...

Look, kid...

I make hundreds of decisions every day.

I assess something's worth
in micro seconds. It's a skill.

So I feel confident in
my assessment of you.

Based on one time?

Based on the effect you're
having on my daughter.

I don't know where she is most nights.

Every conversation
with her is like warfare.

Her grades are down, and...

God knows her mother
is absolutely no help.

This girl needs special minding.

And you're not making it any better.

Well, maybe I could.

I'm not great at school, but...

I'm actually a very responsible kid.

Prove it.

By making sure she's
occasionally home for dinner.

In bed before : a.m.

That she's going to class.
That she's pulled up her grades.

You want my respect?
You're gonna have to earn it.

Yes. I will, sir.

I won't disappoint you.
Thank you for your time.

Hello? My name is Lucía Acosta.
I'm calling on behalf of...

Oh. Uh, I didn't mean
to disturb your dinner...

At : p.m?

At detention facilities across the...

[SHOUTING]: Detention facilities!

Sir, can I ask you to put
your dog in another room?

There's the case of Pedro Balbuena.

Also Estrella Machuca...

Who's denied access to shampoo.

Father of three... It is an outrage!

I'm so glad you agree.

We'd be happy with whatever
you're able to give.



I just spent three hours on the phone

and raised $ and cents.

Hey, does this sound right to you?

Who doesn't, like, round up?

My calluses are gone.

I told Sully she could count on me

to help raise money for this lawsuit.

At this rate,
I'm not gonna bring in enough

to cover ink for the printer.

I can't remember the last time
my fingers hurt to play guitar.

- What?
- What?

How do people raise
lots of money at once?

Um, celebrity softball?

Sexy car wash?


Look, you gotta give them
a reason to show up.

Then, you take their money.


Remember your senior
year when you played

the high school fundraiser to
get new bleachers for the gym?

Oh, yeah. Hmm.

Our first real gig.

How much money did you raise that night?

Way more than they needed.

Ended up raising enough to
redo the whole sound system.

Give 'em a reason to show up, huh?



Which one's Emilio?

I wanted to thank him.

But this was my idea.

For facilitating your good idea.

I'm prepared to give
you % of the credit.

What you've pulled off here is amazing.

Uh, can I be honest?

I'm not sure I know what I'm doing.

Hey Luce, how do you want
these chairs arranged?

A semi-circle with four
sections split by three aisles.


That's Emilio.

How is it we never gigged here before?

The acoustics aren't bad.

'Cause my dad would have
never allowed it. [LAUGHS]

You don't remember Javier wearing those

noise-canceling headphones whenever
we rehearsed in their back yard?

I bet you he'd be proud
of you now though, huh?

EMCEE: And they're
not paying me anything!

EMCEE: But we're raising $ , .

That's our goal tonight, people.

- Yeah. Yeah.

That's one dollar for every detainee

in the state of California.

Now, what we're gonna
experience tonight,

as we enjoy these overpriced
nachos and beer...

Every penny going to the cause.

Thank you, Acosta family.


Is some major alchemy.

People that have turned
their pain and rage into art.

Despair into song.

Let's all be alchemists too. Yeah!

All it takes is for you to hand over

those crumpled bills in your pocket.

That dented piece of plastic over
to someone wearing a DFJ t-shirt.

That money becomes justice

for our brothers and
sisters behinds bars.

Let's do it, huh? Yeah!

- That's right, whoo!

First up, a master of Son Jarocho.

He's been playin' since he was five,
so he better be good.


Xoco Moraza!


Uh, I can do veggie just not vegan.
Is that okay?

You could have given me a heads up
that you were gonna invite Avery.

- I didn't invite her.
- What's she doing here?

Mmm. She said she's in the restorative
justice team at her school.

Maybe these are her people?

Should I go talk to her?

Hey, you asked me to stay
out of your personal life.

And I am. I learned my lesson.

Seriously? The one
time I could use a push.

I think I might need something stronger.

Don't you do open mics all the time?

Yes, and it's always terrifying.

How about you?

I've got butterflies.

It's less about them
and more about the guys.

Hey, we need some more drink
wrist bands for the door.




- Amanda!
- Here to sing a song about

... the fear and bravery of migration,

L.A's own Las Cafeteras.

Kelly, um, what are you doing here?

My dad's a lawyer for the ACLU.

We have to take a
pic for the troupe Insta.

Brianna is gonna flip!
What are you doing here?

- Uh...
- Val?

Um, I'll make sure she gets it.

Um, I'll make sure she gets it.


Then I see that Avery
posted a photo from a party

at my boyfriend's restaurant.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- I'm sorry.

Are you still mad at me for
ordering that stupid lobster?

I thought we got past that.

- We did.
- Okay, then what is it?

Are you embarrassed of me?

Being white. That's it. Isn't it?

No, no, God no.

It's just I didn't...

I didn't want you to feel
like you had to give money.

Or that you weren't allowed to.

Because last time
you offered to pay, I got mad.

So I just thought I'd avoid the
whole thing and not say anything.

So you didn't want me to feel
obligated and at the same time

didn't want me to feel left out?


Well, that's just incredibly...


And you're completely forgiven.

I am? Great. That's great.

Well, I gotta...

You gotta get back to work.
I get that. Um...

Do you want me to
take these to the front?


But I am management, sort of.
My family owns the place.

Well, excuse my vigilance.

But are you aware that minimum wage

violations in the restaurant industry

exceed billion dollars a year?

Hey, hey, hey. Stand down.

Allison. This is Lucía.

She organized this whole evening.

Lucía Acosta. Allison Morales.

Nice to meet you.

You'll have to forgive Allison.

She'll have you boycotting yourself

by the end of the night.

I'm remembering now.

You took the video in the parking lot.

I was just lucky to be there that day.

Well not lucky. I mean,
lucky to meet Sully.

You organize this whole night?


Well, we're lucky to have you on board.

I'm sure your story
will be very powerful.

- I look forward to hearing it.
- Oh, my story?

You're on the program, aren't you?

Well no. Actually, I'm not.

Oh. Okay.

Well, I just thought you, of all people,
would have something to say.

Oh. I...

I'm lovin' this scene, man.

Pretty impressive, huh?

- All these activist women?
- Mm-hmm.

Anyone you want me to steer clear of?

What? No. No...



Actually. Maybe not her.

Let's hear it for Natalia Rivera.

All right. Don't mess
with the babysitter.


EMCEE: Now you know, I gotta
tell you guys about the water bottles

and t-shirts over at the merch table.

So how did I do?

- You did great.
- Just incredible.

- Hi. I'm Kelly.
- Nice to meet you. I'm Natalia.

Natalia is my babysitter.

KELLY: Well, that explains it!

So great you came out to support her.

Amanda and I dance together.

Do you mind getting a picture of us?

- That's okay.
- Amanda. Come on.

Okay. Smile.

You too, Amanda.

There's been a bit of a last-minute
addition to the program.

The Natural Disasters were
supposed to be up next.

But if it's all right with you guys...?

She says if she doesn't do it now,

she might chicken out.

Please welcome
the organizer of this event:

Lucía Acosta.



Uh. So...

Well, um...

I didn't prepare anything.

Sully's been teaching me how to
solicit donations using a script.

[SCOFFS] Even though I suck at it.

I liked working off of
something that's proven to work.

The people's stories in those scripts...

I trust them more than my own story.


I'm not sure my family
suffered enough...

to give me the right to speak
for people who suffered more.

I don't live, day to day,
with the terrible not knowing

how it's all gonna
turn out for my parents.

They're gone.

They're in Mexico.

Learning how to live
with their broken hearts.

In years, they can apply to return.

I'll be years old before
there's even a possibility

of them walking through
those doors again.

I think about all the
moments they're gonna miss.

My baby brother's first steps for sure.

My little sister's graduation.

Because we won't have
new memories with them,

I try to hold on to the old ones

as tightly as I can.

I was remembering how my
father shaved every morning.

No matter what.

Weekends. Vacations.
Even when he was sick.

He used to sit me on the counter,

so I could watch him use
his gleaming straight razor.

The detention center...

was the first time I ever
saw him with stubble.

And when I went to kiss him,
his cheek next to mine,

it felt like a stranger's.

And stupidly, I said something.

And the next time, there he was.

From a distance,
his old self, clean shaven.

But up close...

his face was raw.

Covered in tiny cuts.

He laughed it off and said
he couldn't find a mirror.

But these past few weeks,

learning about the
conditions in these places,

I realized that...

he was lying.

There was probably
one dull disposable razor

that made the rounds from cell to cell.

From father to father.

Each man afraid of his
children not recognizing him.

Every man ashamed...

of appearing to be just
a creature in a cage,

deprived of every necessity
that allows us to feel human.

It's on purpose, of course.

There aren't supply shortages
or inadequate funds.

Cruelty is the point.

Withholding anything that
allows people to feel cared for,

or understood is the point.

So that's the fight.

It's not the biggest fight.
It's not the ultimate fight.

But it's tonight's fight.

Please give what you can.

Thank you.


And now, please welcome my
brother Emilio and his band,

The Natural Disasters!


You ready? Come on.

Come on.

EMILIO: We'll be ready
in a minute, guys.

Good job.

- Really?
- Oh, absolutely.

For starters.


Oh, I'm sorry. Were you
expecting another pat on the back?


that's not really my forte.

So, what's next?

What are you gonna do for an encore?

EMILIO: Okay, ready, guys?


So, uh, we're The Natural Disasters.




♪ My hair is standing straight up ♪

♪ I got tangled in your sheet ♪

♪ I have to shower
in the morning, yeah ♪

♪ I just want to feel that heat ♪


♪ 'Cause there's no better bedhead ♪

♪ Than the bedhead that I get ♪

♪ From lying next to you ♪

♪ From lying close to you ♪




Why do you say we
take a five-minute break.

Give everybody a chance to
buy some eats. Raffle tickets.

Emilio. Emilio. What the hell?

Didn't feel right.

- What didn't?
- The place. The song.

- This is your place.
- I know! I just...

What were you thinking?!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry.

You're sorry?!

You invited us to play here.

And then you just bail on us?!

MAN: Hey. Hey!

Lay off him, man.

- Who's talkin' to you?
- It's okay.

Bathroom's that way.

He didn't wanna play
your stupid song. So what?

Oh. Our song's stupid?

Yeah. No one wants to hear
Wonderwall at a time like this.

Leave it alone, Micah.

That song is called
"Bedhead" and he wrote it.


We're talking about people's suffering.

And you go play that bullshit?!

He suffered too and he
can sing what he wants.

- Hey, back off, Micah!
- His family was

dragged away in crates, like animals.

Just let it go, guero.

What the hell did you call me?


Hey, hey.

EMILIO: Hey! Hey!

Hey, that's enough!


Get off me!

Hey, hey! What the hell
is wrong with you?!

- Micah, Micah!
- MAN: Don't touch me!

It's not a party until
something gets broken, right?

Break it up! Break it up!

EMILIO: Micah! Stop!

- MAN: Coming through. Police officers.
- MAN : Hello, excuse me!

We need to get everyone
who's undocumented out.

Officers coming through!

Okay, people. I need everybody
to take a few steps back.

We got word of a disturbance?

No. No.

Everything's okay, officers.

Yeah, well... what happened
to your eye, son?

Who did that?

There was a... a minor disagreement.

That worked itself out, sir.

Yeah, I don't have no
problems with nobody, officers.

Okay, you don't want
to file any charges?

No, sir. No, like he said,
we're all, uh, we're all friends here.

Be that as it may, I'm gonna need to get

everyone's names
for the incident report.

Who's the owner of this establishment?

I am.

I'm gonna need to see some I.D.

Yes, sir.

Go get Sully.

Uh, is there a problem? Officer?

- Don't, Lucía.
- What's with the phone?

Doesn't need to be a problem
for me to ask for his I.D.

That's not true, officer.

I'm sorry. Who is this?


You're not making an arrest.

There are no charges being filed.

So, do you have a warrant?

I don't need a warrant.

We're responding to a call.

In California, a person cannot
be arrested for not being able

to provide identification when
detained by a police officer.

Hold on... Nobody's getting detained.

- No one is getting arrested.
- I'm sorry, officers.

My name is Teresa Sullivan.

Our organization is having
a fundraiser tonight.

- And we are happy to comply.
- I, bu...

Step aside, Lucía.

Step aside. Put the phone away.

So you carded everybody here
before you served them tonight.

Absolutely. Nobody got a
wristband who didn't show I.D.

OFFICER : Is that so?

All right, well. We're gonna make sure

you haven't served any minors tonight.

You're good with that or, uh...

You wanna call my C.O. to report me?

BETO: Mr. Barnett? Beto Acosta.

Uh... Ella's in a bit of a situation.

The cops are here at
my parent's restaurant.

Yeah, she might need your help.

You look like you've had a few?
You have an I.D?

You're a long way from Missouri,
Ms. Cooper.

Call me Maggie. I came for college.


OFFICER : Let me see that.
What's your address?

ELLA: Westchester Road.
Rogersville, Missouri.


Go Wildcats.

- OFFICER : You have a ride home?
- ELLA: Yes, I do.

Thank you for your concern, officer.


Yo. Emilio.

Hey, Oscar. Have you seen the band?

I was gonna help them pack up.

Yeah, I think they just left.




I'll go get her a ginger ale.

Yeah. Thanks.

Look. You're about to be very,
very mad at me.

- But in my defense...
- You called my dad?!

Well, I didn't know you had a fake I.D.

I thought you were gonna get arrested.
Or Emilio might get arrested.

Why couldn't you have
maybe called my mom?!

Everything's so much easier with her.


Mr. Barnett, I'm so sorry.

- Ella. Get in the...
- Dad. Stop. I... it's okay.

How much did you give her to drink?

- I didn't give her anyth...
- No, it's not his fault, Dad!

- Sir, I can explain.
- Explain what?

My -year-old daughter,
drunk, puking in the gutter,

after having been served alcohol
in your family's establishment?

How you gonna spin that?

- Ella. Let's go.
- No, stop...

You want me to call the cops back?

Let them know you're underage?


Sir, it was a fundraiser
and Ella found out.

Not from me. I didn't invite her.

I actually encouraged her to stay home.

I'm doing everything you asked.

You don't get points for trying, Beto.

You failed.

MATTHEW: I brought you two ginger ales.

Oh, thanks, Matthew.

If you don't want 'em,
I can take 'em back.

But since it's open,
I'd have to pour it out.

So I'd probably just drink it myself.

To not waste it.

Do you drink ginger ale a lot?

- AVERY: Um...
- MATTHEW: I don't.

Why do I get the feeling
you're avoiding me?

Because I'm avoiding you.

Just me or the cleanup out front, too?

The volunteers aren't mad

at the plug getting
pulled an hour early?

They'd be madder if...

we hadn't reached our goal.

- What?
- That's huge.

And that's thanks to you.

Maybe it would have been more

if I hadn't antagonized the police.

You were just following my example.

You used a script of
mine that didn't apply.

It was a rookie mistake.

Yeah, well... you're a rookie.

You gotta start somewhere.

And you did.

Tonight. Using your own words.

Allison said it wasn't
enough to just tell my story.

I need to do more.
Speak up in other ways.

That's how Allison motivates.

The thing you want most from her,
she withholds.

So you have to work
extra hard to get it.

You said it yourself,
deprivation is an effective w*apon.

She's used it on me plenty.

But you don't do that.


I'm more of a... nurturer, I guess.

Oh. I do better with encouragement.


to encourage someone,
means to give them courage.

I think you already have
all the courage you need.

Really? You do?


Emilio just texted. He's okay.

He'll be home soon.

Scary those cops coming in tonight, huh?

I know you've been through that before.

Once one bad thing happens to you,

every bad thing seems
possible. Doesn't it?

And then those horrible headlines.

The pictures in the front
page tell you that...

bad things are happening to
people like you every single day.

People with families like yours.

With names like yours.

Does being an Amanda feel
safer than being a Valentina?

'Cause I will totally get that.

That's it.


You're smiling.

You never smile.

I smile all the time.


So, it went well with Avery?

Oh, no. It went horribly.

I don't know that I've ever had a
conversation go worse, actually.

Not one ounce of chemistry.

I'm pretty sure she faked a
phone call to get away from me.

And that's a good thing?

I talked to her, Luce.

I moved my legs and I walked up
to a girl and I flirted with her.

It was bad and clumsy and embarrassing.

But, now I know I could do it.

Well, hey. To horrible,
terrifying failures

that turn out okay.

I can tell there's
something good coming.

And I feel ready for it.

You know what I mean?


NATALIA: How long
have you been out here?

I've been waiting to tell you.

There's something going on with Val

that I think you should know about.

Can it wait, like, five minutes?

- I'm just trying to call the band.
- Yeah. Of course.


Micah's phone's always d*ad. Ya know?

That's probably why he
hasn't called me back.

But I texted Lane and Asher too and...

VOICEMAIL: Your call
has been forwarded...

Well, they're probably
just out getting wasted.

What are you gonna say
when you connect with them?

Uh, well. Um...

First, I'd apologize.

You know, it was shitty
of me to walk off like that.

I mean, shouldn't we be
able to overcome a moment

where a song didn't feel right?

We've overcome far worse.


No, no. You're thinking
something. Say it.

Maybe your reaction,

and their reaction to your reaction...

says the band's run its course.

You don't understand.

I mean, aside from my family,

these are the longest
relationships I've had.

And... being on that
stage with those guys,

is the only time that I felt like
I was where I was meant to be.

I mean, I spent
the past few months just...

just wanting to get that feeling back.

You know, being
apart of something, being...

being good at something.

Even if I have that,
or-or even the possibility of that,

I could handle all of the things.

All the responsibilities
that I never asked for.

All the stuff I...

I suck at.

I need it to work out with them.

Because what do I have if it doesn't?

You should go to sleep.

Try again in the morning.

No, no, they'll...

They'll pick up at some point.


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