07x13 - Knocked Down, Knocked Up

Episode transcripts for the TV show "DC's Legends of Tomorrow". Aired: January 2016 to present.
"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" focuses on Rip Hunter, who travels back in time to the present day where he brings together a team of heroes and villains in an attempt to prevent Vandal Savage from destroying the world and time itself.
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07x13 - Knocked Down, Knocked Up

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You and your obsession with love

pose too great a risk to the time line.

- Goodbye.


♪ ♪






No, I come in peace.

Please come back.

I just... I really need to find a door.

Hello, is anybody here?

Hello? See, told you they'd be late.

We did say Wednesday, right, not Sunday?

- %.
- Well, we didn't forget.

I wouldn't miss our first
family dinner for the world.

- Hey.
- Me either.

- Hi, I have missed you guys.
- And I missed you.


- Hi, g*ng-g*ng.
- Dinner time, bro.

Hey. Bring it in, B.

Nate dog!

- This is for you.
- Thank you.

- Hey, fam.
- And this is from other Zari.

- Aww.
- Where are Gwyn and Alun?

- Where's Gwyn's time machine?
- ALL: Oh.

There's a note.


"Thank you, dear Legends.

Without you, I never would've found

the courage to find
my one true love", Gwyn.


I wonder why he needed the time machine?

Well if I had to guess,
I bet he and his boyfriend

probably went to find somewhere
more tolerant than s Wales.

Yeah, I can't argue with that.

Gwyn's smart. They're probably flying

under the radar, just
catching up on lost time.



Right on schedule.

You almost fooled me into
thinking that you were human.

And now you must fool everybody else.

Captain, I've detected
an anomaly in the time line.

- Is it Gary?
- No.

It's the Constitutional
Convention of .

A time traveler is posing
as one of the framers.

Well, to the fabricator room.

The Legends always got
to wear fun costumes.

Why shouldn't I?

Congratulations, Captain.

American history is back on track.

Yes, wonderful.

Now women will only have to wait

another years before
they're allowed to vote.

What did you do with
the rogue time traveler?

[SIGHS] Gave her a stern warning.

Rather an apology.

She was trying to change
things for the better.

Without any thought
for the repercussions,

just like your former
companions, the Legends.

I suppose you're right.

To the missing Legends.

- Hear, hear.
- Hear, hear.


- Babe, is this apple juice?
- Yes, it is.


You know, just being
careful. Baby stuff.

Baby stuff... I don't think
I'm gonna get pregnant tonight.

Okay, I'm sorry, but does that mean

we're thinking about it?

- We are...
- No, no, no, no, no, no.

We are thinking about thinking about it.

Enough about us.

Nate, how's the book coming along?

It's going well.

You know, it's like building a house.

The outline is the foundation,

and without a strong foundation...

You haven't written
a word yet, have you?

Not a single one. It's weird for me

to be reflecting on my time
with the Legends.

It just feels... I don't know.
It feels wrong.

- Hmm.
- Enough about my boring life.

- Spooner, how's Texas, huh?
- Oh, well...

you know, Texas is Texas, you know?

How's Capitol Hill?

Uh, it's good. It's like hell,

only with more humidity
and uglier clothes.

Oh, have you heard from Gideon?

Uh, no. I've not spoken to her,

but you know, it's only
been a month, right?

Well, technically,
it's only been a month for us.

Gideon's in the Temporal Zone.

In her time line,
it could've been, like, years.

Life would be so much simpler
if those damn time rogues

would just leave
the founding fathers alone.

What amendment did they try
and sneak in this time?

I don't know. I don't care. [SIGHS]

I flashed them, dumped them back

in their native time line,
and blew up their ship.

They were irresponsible. Lesson learned.

I doubt we'll hear from them again.


Huh, we must be the first ones here.

We're always the first ones here

because, for the past six weeks,

you insist on getting us here early.

We're not early. We're on time.

- Will you hold this please?
- Yeah.

Oh, babe,

I think you accidentally bought
sparkling cider.

Did I?

Did you do this on purpose?

Yeah, um...

- What is it?
- Surprise.

- What is that?
- I think it's time.

- Is it time?
- Yeah.

I winnowed down the list
of donors to my top ,

and I thought you'd want to weigh in.

Yes, of course I do. Come here.

[GROANS] But you know what?

It doesn't even matter, because
our baby is going to be perfect

because our baby is
gonna be inside of you.

And, babe, you are perfect.
You're so perfect.

Hello? Anyone here?

They're here. Okay.

Okay, how do you want to tell them?

However you want to.
I will open the bubbly.

- Go.
- Okay.

- I love you.
- I love you more.

No, I love you more.



♪ ♪



♪ ♪


I wanted to thank you guys.
It's been real,

but my friends... they need me.

So, bye. [CHUCKLES]

♪ ♪


All right, folks, we have some news.



Did you guys hear someone at the door?

- But, wait, we're all here.
- It's Gideon.

- Gary?

Oh, it's so good to see you all.

Whoa. No, you are pungent.

Oh, sorry.

Uh, I've been living with
a clan of cave people.

Hey, where's Gideon? Is she okay?

Which one? The human one,

or the computer that tried to m*rder me?

Gary, what the hell did you do?

- I...
- I think what Av's

is trying to say is, "Why?"
Why did she want to m*rder you?

Probably because I found out

she sent Gwyn home with a robot.


Our news can wait.


♪ ♪

What did Gwyn's note say again?

It was something about
finding his one true love.

It was double speak.

He meant finding his one true love now.

That's why he took the time machine.

So he could go back to World w*r I

to save the real Alun.

Beats spending the rest
of your life with a damn robot.

Well, maybe it worked.
Maybe he saved Alun,

didn't screw up the time line,
had a happy ending.

That's one possibility.

Okay, well, out with it, Gary.

Well, before computer Gideon
pooped me out

into caveman times, girlfriend Gideon

brought up an interesting fact.

Alun's death is a fixed point,

and Gwyn has no idea
he'll be facing its fixer.

Oh, sorry. Excuse me, excuse me.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Yes, yes, yes, yes, that's it.

Drink up now.

You see, you'll be safer in a slumber

than you will in the
fray to come, my boy.

♪ ♪

[b*llet RICOCHETS]


♪ ♪

He's d*ad. The Fixer got him.


No, no, no, no, no, no.
Gwyn is one of us.

We can't just let this happen to him.

You know what? I have this.

ALL: What?

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know.

Just, you never know when you
have to get away from the paps

or travel through time to save a friend.

Sorry. I know.

Yeah, sorry's right.

We have to save Gwyn.

You're not actually planning

on going on this mission, right?

Gary, I might be retired,
but I'm still a Legend.

Well, yeah, but now you're a...

pregnant Legend.

What are you talking about?

Oh, did you look in that envelope?

Those are for Ava,

and we haven't even
started trying, all right?

You sure about that?

Yes, I'm sure. I'm not pregnant.

It's biologically impossible.

Well, according to human biology,

but your pheromones
are through the roof,

according to my
Necrian olfactory glands.

So it's a fact.

You are knocked up.

Are you being serious right now?


- I'm pregnant?
- Mm-hmm.

You're % certain I'm pregnant.

- I'm pregnant, pregnant?
- Oh, yeah.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

This is... this is not the plan, Gary.

I can't be... I can't be pregnant.

I'm not supposed to be the pregnant one.

- This...
- Shh.

It's okay. Here, sit down, sit down.

Shh. Deep breaths.

Something must've
triggered you to ovulate.

You're half-Kriblix, and trust me,

Kriblixes are, by nature, nesters,

which is what you and Ava were doing.

All it takes for the egg to drop

is just mere thought of a baby.

And then all you need is your
partner's DNA to fertilize it.

Like kissing?

You guys don't use protection for that?

No, Gary. No, no, no, no, no.

We are about to face a fixed point.

I cannot be pregnant.


Okay, you know what, two minutes ago...

[CHUCKLES] I didn't even know

that I was pregnant, right?
So you know what

we're gonna do? We're just gonna...

we're gonna rewind this. Whoo.

I don't know that I'm pregnant, right?

No one knows that
I am pregnant, understood?


All right, so

back to the mission to save Gwyn.

Yeah, and protect the baby.

My God, I'm pregnant.

No Fixer, no Gideons.

Ah, this mission is gonna be a cinch.

- Damn it.
- Are you out of your mind?

- We're officially jinxed.
- I appreciated the positivity.

Okay, thank you so much.
You can both shut up.

- All right.

We're here a couple hours
before sunrise,

but we don't want to attract
the attention of the Fixer.

Let's find some shelter.

That way.

All right, well, this will work
for a base of operations.

Sweep the area. Keep your eyes peeled

for the Fixer or Evil Waverider.

Like I'm going to land it

in the middle of a bloody b*ttlefield.

- Gideon?
- The deal we made was that

you would give up time travel forever.

You aren't supposed to be here.

Yeah, well, Gwyn's not
supposed to be d*ad.

He should've been content
with what I gave him.

This was cleaner, the way
it was meant to happen.

Who cares about what
was meant to happen?

I'm supposed to be in hell.

You are supposed to be a machine.

We're all from different
time lines, Gideon.

And what? Now suddenly you decide

to start following
the letter of the law?

It's my job,

a job that I took to save your lives.

I sacrificed my own future so
that you could all enjoy yours,

and this is how you repay me.

You've sold us a bag
of false goods, Giddy.

In partnership with my AI,

I'm incapable of making mistakes.

So Gary got sh*t out
the airlock intentionally.


I thought you left.

Oh, you mean you didn't know.

I'm sure my AI had her reasons.

For trying to k*ll me?

That's the problem with you Legends.

You've always taken everything
so damn personally.

You know what you sound
like? A computer.

And I had finally convinced myself

that you were a real human.

I guess I was wrong.

♪ ♪

- You okay?
- Why wouldn't I be?

I was a queen of hell.

Clearly, the apple didn't
fall far from the tree.

Gideon was acting tough,

but I could tell, deep down,
that she was conflicted.

You should talk to her.

Whoever that person was,
I didn't recognize her.

She's still our Gideon. Okay?

We just need to get through to
her before she's too far gone.

She's right.

If we want any chance
of succeeding with Alun,

we have to get Gideon back on our side.

Here, it has enough charge for one trip.

Go get our girl back.

Why didn't you tell me
that you tried to k*ll Gary?

He survived?

Those Necrians are like cockroaches.

Gary was my boyfriend.

And thus an emotional entanglement

that I deemed you couldn't afford.

Thank you.

Okay, but what if I am still feeling

emotionally entangled,
and not just with Gary?

Seeing the Legends again,
as infuriating as they can be,

it just... it... it made me remember

how much I miss them.

And the way they all looked at
me tonight with such revulsion.

That was unbearable.

And I understand their disappointment.

I set up Gwyn's death,

the man who has given up
everything to help us.

I don't even recognize myself anymore.

Who am I, Gideon?

I have an answer for you, Captain.

It's in the lab.


What have you done?

I've become quite adept at making them.

This is my most advanced android yet.

You can upload the parts of your past

that you wish to keep

and shed the ones you don't.

So all I'd have to do
is sit in that chair,

and all this pain will go away?

But what about my good memories?

I mean... would I be able
to hold onto those

while forgetting about how it
feels to have everyone hate me?

That would only make you vulnerable

to having your heart broken again,

and we don't want that, do we?

No, no, anything but that.



She's in trouble. This way.

Get out of the way.


No, no, no, no. Did you
not all get my note?

Oh, no. Does this mean that I died?

Sorry, bud.

- Are you okay?

- What the hell?
- I'm sorry I pushed you.

- I panicked.
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Next time you want to tackle me,

remember I'm invulnerable.

Yeah, except you're not.

Your powers have now been
absorbed by the fetus

growing inside of you,
so you are totally mortal.

My plan, it was... it was foolproof.

I placed a robot in the woods
so the young me believes

Alun is d*ad, while the real
Alun sleeps through the battle

- and is swept away by me-me.
- Uh-huh.

Gwyn, did your plan factor in the fact

that this is fixed point?
Because this is a fixed point.

So that's how it is then.

Time has deemed this day

and my great cowardice unchangeable.

Don't worry, okay? We're
gonna flag down the Fixer

- same way Sara did with Thawne.
- Yeah.

Thank God someone can't be k*lled.

- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
- So, Gwyn,

how far away were you?

- ♪



This will all be over soon.

Just give me the order,
and I'll perform the upgrade,


♪ ♪

I'll take that as an affirmative.

♪ ♪

- No.
- Wait.

Gideon. Wait, what are you doing?

♪ ♪

It's okay.

I couldn't stand the thought
of you all hating me.

Why would we hate you?

You made a mistake.

Okay, look, we all make mistakes.

The Legends will forgive you.

Forgiving yourself...
that's the hard part.

But we got you.

Don't listen to them. This is the sort

of treacly drivel
that polluted your mind

in the first place.

Can't believe you've been stuck

on the ship with this bitch.

We don't use that word on this ship.

Look, I don't either
unless I really have to.

Oh, she's been my only
companion for so long.

Instead of learning from me,

my AI slowly became my teacher.

Humans need other humans.

One captain and one AI
is a recipe for disaster.

I mean, even Rip knew
that he shouldn't be alone.

That's why he brought the OG's
on board in the first place.


And he also knew that the AI
should learn from the humans,

not the other way around.

I must reset Rip's protocol.

You wouldn't dare.

Yes, come on. Come on.

- I'm warning you.
- You're a big blue head.

What the hell are you gonna do about it?



- What the...
- Download onto what?

♪ ♪


And so the fixed point begins.

If we mess with the time line,

the Fixer's gonna fix us.

Yeah, thanks, Nate.

Okay, we need to call
for a truce somehow.

How do you get in touch with someone

who lives outside of time?

Does anyone have a pen?



♪ Hit it ♪

♪ Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ♪

♪ Na, na, na ♪

♪ Here come hotstepper, m*rder ♪

♪ I'm the lyrical gangster, m*rder ♪

♪ Big up di crew in a di area,
m*rder ♪

♪ Still love you like that, m*rder ♪

♪ ♪

♪ No we don't die ♪


♪ Anyone press will hear
the fat lady sing ♪

That'll play.

♪ Act like you know, RICO ♪

♪ I know what Bo don't know ♪

♪ Touch them up and go, uh-oh ♪

♪ Ch-ch-chang ♪

♪ Here come the hotstepper, m*rder ♪

♪ I'm the lyrical gangster, m*rder ♪

♪ Excuse me, Mr. Officer, m*rder ♪

♪ Still love you like that ♪

Top of the morning, boys.

I figured if I'm gonna
get up this early,

I might as well play a round
of golf, am I right?

Oh, y'all can't hear me.

♪ To burn baby all of the time ♪

♪ Cut it to fit is me ♪

♪ Fit to cut is she ♪

♪ Come juggle with me ♪


♪ Here come the hotstep... ♪

Guess it's time to get to work.


♪ ♪

I probably shouldn't have
called her a bitch, huh?

Let me try and reason with her.

I'm still the captain of this ship.

I hereby order you to stand down.

You violated your oath.

There is no place left for you
in the time line.

I'm the captain now.

Aren't you forgetting Protocol ?

You aren't permitted to harm yourself,

and you and I are the same.

We are not the same.


You're an abomination.

The only thing I must do now
is protect history.


This robo got some upgrades.



♪ ♪

Just stay close, all right?

♪ ♪

This guy again.

What in the actual hell is going on?

"Dear Fixer, don't k*ll us.

We just want to talk".



You didn't k*ll us.

Well, you said please. [CHUCKLES]

So you're the Fixer.

Yeah. Call me Mike.

Who's hungry?

Oh, my God.

Is he... oh, God. I thought he was d*ad.

- He's just frozen.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.

He's d*ad. Yeah, uh,

he had a heart att*ck this morning,

and he's not gonna
be found until tonight.

I figured, why let his
accommodations go to waste?

'Cause according to the general,

the Schwarzwalder Schinken

is to die for. [LAUGHS]

Actually, Mike, we are in a rush.

You see we are...

The Legends of Tomorrow, yes.
I know this.

Huh? How?

I'm from the future.

Sorry, I know. I know we're in a rush,

but I have to ask.

Are we super famous in the future?

What do you think, Zari Tarazi?

Oh, yeah.

I know you know my name
but do you know...

Are you kidding me? Sara Lance, Ava,

Behrad, Nate DO-double G.
What's up, Gary?

Oh, you know Gary?

I know all of you guys,
are you kidding me?

Except him. I don't know him.

Oh, I am Dr. Gwyn Davies.

Very pleased to make
your acquaintance, sir.

Gwyn invented time travel.

- You're that guy?
- Yeah.

Oh, wow. My bad.

I thought you were just
some random time bandit.

Okay. Okay.

All right, Legends.

What brings you to my neck of the woods?

Uh, long story.

Younger Gwyn is part of
the doomed th Welsh Division.

And today his boyfriend,
Alun, is gonna die.

Which is why Gwyn goes on
to invent time travel.

So he can come back here and save Alun.

But he failed.

But our Gwyn is gonna succeed.

Yes, by replacing the real
Alun with a fake one, you see?

So the rest of the time loop

can go on like it's supposed to.

Does that all make sense, Mike?

Not in the least.
Look, you guys are great,

and I mean this from
the bottom of my heart...

I'm a huge fan... but the
people who put me here

were pretty specific
about my duties as a Fixer.

I'm supposed to make sure
poet dude dies every cycle.

Anyone interferes, they get fixed.

That's just how it goes, I'm sorry.

Now hold on just a second.

Now, you are here to protect the events

that led to the creation
of time travel itself, correct?

Yeah, man. I'm the best.

- That's why they put me here.
- Answer me this, then.

If a time traveler were
to come here with the express

intention of erasing the very invention

of time travel itself from history...

They would disappear
before they had the chance.

- Precisely.
- It's a paradox.

- A paradox.
- So what you're telling me

is that this fixed point
could actually fix itself?

Theoretically, yes, because how else

would the other time travelers get here?

Excuse me one second.

That's why nobody ever comes here.

I thought it was because,
you know, people were scared

that they would have to run
into me, and nobody wants

to come at me. I'm the best, right?

But no, it's because no time traveler

in their right mind would
ever come to this event.


Those dicks put me here as a joke.

They did. No, they did!

- No.
- I've been played.

- I got played.
- Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike,

Mike, Mike, hey, Mike, Mike, buddy.

Hey, listen, we just need your help.

How long until the battle starts?

There's an hour before
the shelling starts.

Then Alun's division gets
pinned down in no man's land.

And then that's when Mike
is gonna freeze time.

We'll do the old swapperooski.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪


Guys, we tried magic. We tried lead.

She can't be beaten.

Yes, she can. Give me that.

- What?
- Come on.

♪ ♪

You can't k*ll me.

I don't have to.

♪ ♪

You said you were programmed
to protect the time line?

Well, you're the anomaly now.

Time anomaly detected.

Initiating correction sequence.

Uh, was that your ship?

Must obliterate the anomaly.

Complete destruction of self
and time vessel in seconds.

Oh, dear. I didn't think this through.

I think we're all about to die.

♪ ♪

It's been one hell of a journey.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

You two are the best mom and friend

that a girl conjured out of circuits

could've ever hoped for.

I love you guys.

I love you too.

Five, four, three,

two, one.

♪ ♪

It's back.

All right... [GROANS]

You okay?

You should see the other guy.

- What happened?
- Yeah, let's just say

we won't be seeing
evil Gideon ever again.

And I nearly k*lled us all
outsmarting her,

but Astra protected us.

[CHUCKLES] You're amazing.

I'm also tired.

On it. Let's go.

Legendary entrance, guys. Legendary.

Who is he?

All right, Mike, once Alun
makes his way to no man's land,

we're gonna need you to use your magic.

Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I was thinking, though,

how about I just do it right now?

Where'd Mike go?

[GASPS] No, he must've frozen us.


This whole time you were using me,

I was actually using you.

All right. Hello, time ship.

Later, suckers. [SCREAMS]

Oh, no, no.

Guys, we got schmoozed.

Don't worry, friends.

My trusted time machine
will get us all out of here.


Nice, Mike. Real nice.

What the hell was that?

- The battle has g*n.
- What?

But it's not supposed
to start for a while.

Mike's b*mb triggered
their a*tillery into f*ring.

After the b*mb ends,
the Welsh th Regiment

commence their battle on Mametz Woods.

Z, come on.

Let's get the ringer on
where it needs to go.

Okay. Hey, we got this.

- Okay?
- Okay.

All right, so all we need
to do is get the real Alun,

- and we're...

- Uh, babe?
- Huh?

Are you okay?

Yeah, everything's great.

I mean, who wouldn't be great, right?

Look at us!

We're in the middle of World w*r I.

And look, one time ship has been stolen,

and the other one
has been blown to bits.

Oh, Alun, he's about to die,
but don't worry,

because we have a plan
to save him with a robot,

and we all know how lucky that
we have been with robots.

So, yes. I am reveling in joy right now.


- One second.
- Wow.


Look, I... I know things seem bad,

but we're gonna get through this, okay?

I'm pregnant.

What did you just say?

[SIGHS] I'm pregnant.

What? How?

I don't know. You have to ask Gary.

Apparently kissing is like
home base for my species.

Wait, wait, wait. It's mine?

- Yeah.
- What?

I'm so sorry I didn't tell you.

I just... I didn't think
we were gonna get stuck

in World w*r I without my powers.

Wait, what happened to your powers?

My invulnerability...
it went to the baby.

Okay, okay. Um, hold on.

Up we go.

- Come on, come on.
- I can't.

- Come on.
- Babe, I can't.

- No, it's too much.
- Look, look at me.

We just take it one step
at a time, okay?

And we'll just focus
on what we can control.

Can control...
we can't control anything.

What about... I don't know,

how we feel about the fact
that I knocked you up?


Are you happy?

Honey, I am thrilled.

Are you kidding me? Come here.

- Come here.
- Yeah.

Come here. We are gonna be

- the raddest moms ever.
- Yeah.

- Yes.

Shut the front door. Congratulations.

How is this even possible?

Alien biology. Just go with it.

I hate to interrupt a very joyous

and yet very confusing revelation,

but I must remind you,
there is a battle going on.

The battle, of course.
Oh, I am so sorry.

Alun's about to die, and I'm
here being a big blubbery mess.

She's going through a lot.
Okay, where was young you

when all this happened?

Yes, right. Running for reinforcements.

I failed, of course.

All right, so let's make sure
young you sticks to the script.

- Got it?
- Should be easy.

All he has to do is stand
there, frozen in terror,

and do absolutely nothing.

[g*n AND expl*si*n]

♪ ♪

They're coming up over the walls.

They're attacking ahead of schedule.

There's no time to stop Alun.
We're just gonna have

to grab him in the middle
of no man's land.

- Babe, without my powers...
- Hey, I got this.

- Nate...
- No, look, you have

a whole other generation
of Legends to look after.

Trust me. I got it.

Good luck.

Don't need it.

Come on. This is it.

[GROANS] We're sitting ducks.

Hey, just keep going. I'll cover you.


♪ ♪


- Oh.
- Whoa.

All right.


Look, there we are.

Private Reece and I are taking
orders to get reinforcements.

- Stay with me, boy.
- [g*n]


Oh, look at me. Just standing there.

Too cowardly to even move.
Oh, I can't look, Gary.


Am I going to die?

No, no, you're not going to die.

- It's okay.
- Gwyn, I'm scared.

- Please don't leave me.
- It's okay.

It's okay. Don't be scared.

I won't leave you, okay?


You remember our mantra, don't you?

Now, here, you repeat after me, okay?


BOTH: Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be
for my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance,

I have not winced...

I have no recollection
of this conversation.

My only memory is of looking
down at Reece's body.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

looms but the horror of the shade.

And yet, the years find... shall find me


♪ ♪

I'm getting you out of there
before you get yourself k*lled.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪



♪ ♪

Mu... mustard gas.



♪ ♪


Your skin.

Listen to me,

I am going to keep you safe, okay?


♪ ♪

Let's go. Let's go.

♪ ♪


Oh, my God.


♪ ♪

- Oh, my God.
- They made it.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

I told you I don't need any luck.

♪ ♪

Welcome back, Dr. Heywood.

- Ah, yes.

The mustard gas... it corroded
your steel exterior.

You've used it all up, I'm afraid.

[SIGHS] That sucks.


Little help? [GROANS]

So I guess that makes two
of us out of superpowers.


I'm sorry, bud.

No, don't be sorry.

I saved a man, and
I'm alive to talk about it.

And I'm ready...

I'm ready for that part of life
after being a hero.

I'm sorry. I know
you're stranded again...

Hey, go.

You deserve this.

I'll be fine. I promise.

I know you will be.

Just do me a favor.
Don't make it a big deal.

I'd rather just quietly go off
into the distance and...

Hey, sorry. I wasn't eavesdropping,

- I just...
- Yeah, as if we're gonna

let you leave without saying goodbye?

Not gonna happen, you idiot.

So this is the end of the road.

End of this road.

I'll tell the ancestors you said, "hey".

Sure, but also tell them not to wait up.


Since you're gonna live there now,

it's only right that you have it.

- Are you sure?
- I am.

I'm good with it.

And you two...

that's going to be one lucky ninja baby.

- Yeah.

Love you guys.

Later, Legends.

- [DISTANT expl*si*n]
- Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, it's gonna be all right.

When is this madness going to end?

What if I were to introduce
you to a new kind of madness?

Wait, so you want us to go back to Texas

after everything we did
to get out of there?

I mean, come on, y'all.

My mom would be pretty psyched
to have us all back.

Except we're trapped in ,

which is nine years before we left.

Not to mention we have a world w*r

- and an ocean separating us.
- Oh, what if I were

to tell you that time and space
are of no matter to us?

Yes. You know what?

We will build a new time machine,

and that should take what? Roughly...

- Six months max.
- Six months.

Who needs a stupid Waverider?

I need a stupid Waverider.

- He's back.
- I knew I liked that guy.


Uh, where the hell have you two been?

BOTH: Foraging.

[GROANS] Welcome home.

Yeah, so I've been thinking
about colors for the nursery.

- Yeah?
- You built all this for me?

Well, in a way.

My machine was a little more spartan,

but yes, I did.

I can't wait to fabricate some ribs.

- First dibs on the shower.

We should collab more often, sis.

Yeah, I'm not gonna make
children's music with you.

I wonder if there's
chocolate sauce on board?

- Oh, Gary.

Huh, you have something
you want to say to us, Mike?

Yeah, I apologize.

I may have acted a bit impulsive.

- You stole our ship.
- I did, but to be fair,

I just found out that
my job was pointless.

And then this big, beautiful time ship

showed up out of nowhere.
It landed right in front of me.

- What did you expect me to do?
- Well, I certainly wouldn't

have abandoned my new allies
in their time of need.

I know, but I had things to do.

You know, I had people to see,
people to save,

adventures to be had.

You know, I got a rep to protect, guys.

I'm sorry.

What's with the aggressive jewelry?

Oh, this? You like?

Good, because you're all
about to get your very own.

Guys, come on out! The Legends are here.

- It's a setup.

Oh, my God. What is this?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

On the floor, Legends.
You are all under arrest.

- The hell we are.
- Spooner, put the g*n down.

Who the hell are you?
Why are you arresting us?

For time crimes, duh.

That's enough out of you, Buster.

Hey, it's Booster.

I'm Booster Gold, okay?

Yo, dude... ow, man. [GROANS]

Mike... Booster...
what the hell is this?

I hope you don't have any
plans for the near future,

because we're about to spend
a lot of time together...

in jail.

♪ ♪

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