01x08 - Maggie

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Afterparty". Aired: January 28, 2022 - present.
American m*rder mystery about a high school reunion's afterparty that ends in a death, everyone is a suspect.
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01x08 - Maggie

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[DANNER] Thank you so much
for letting me ask her a few questions.


- Oh.
- So...

Germain just landed. He and the captain
are in a squad car on the way here, so…


Hi, honey. You're not in trouble.

I just wanna ask you,
what do you remember from tonight?

This night was so much fun!

- Okay! Tell me about it.

I came to school
because Veronica had an emergency.

When I got to school, I saw Mommy
hugging a man and maybe kissing him too?

This is Kevin Koala.

[MAGGIE] He played with my koala
and made him sing silly,

"G'day, crikey, wallaby, billabong."


[MAGGIE] When Daddy was
going to take me home,

the silly singing man
still had my koala.

I wanted it, so I said…

He has my koala! I want my koala!

And Daddy said…

okay. We'll get your koala."

[Maggie, normal voice]
And then, we were like, vroom, vroom!

- Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
- We were driving really, really fast.

It was so much fun. Vroom!

I said, "Can I have some fruit snacks?"

And Daddy said, "Okay."
But he didn't give them to me.


And then, Daddy got out and told me,
"Wait right here."

And then,
the man who serves the food on the trays

came out of the garage
and saw me, and said,

"Are you just gonna leave your kid
in the car unattended?"

"Don't tell me how to parent!
I left the window down a cr*ck."

He whomped him on the nose.

And then, he went inside.

And then I waited a long time.

It was so boring.

I decided I better go tell Daddy that
he forgot to give me the fruit snacks,

since he'd really want to know that.

When I went into the party,
it was so cool.



[MAGGIE] The man who sang with the koala
was sleeping on the floor.

"Do you wanna come draw
on the silly sleeping man?"

Yeah. I'm a great drawer.
I'll draw a kitty.

[MAGGIE] Then I saw the big picture
of the man from Hungry Hungry Hippos.

It's my favorite movie.

Von Poacher injected them
with a serum that makes them hungry.

How hungry?

Hungry hungry.

[MAN] Here they come.

[MAGGIE] Then, the most
amazing thing happens.




- [MAGGIE] Got 'em!


You gotta run! [SCREAMING]


- [DANNER] Okay, Maggie?
- Yeah?

Can you get back to the story,
please, honey?

Oh, yeah. Sorry.

I was exploring the party
when, all of a sudden...


"Oh, my gosh."

- Uh-oh.
- [MAGGIE] Daddy saw me!


[MAGGIE] So I decided we're
playing hide-and-seek.

Now Daddy won't recognize me.

Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten!

"Maggie, I see you in that wig."

[SIGHS] Didn't work.

- [MAGGIE] "Excuse me. Sorry."
- Walt. Walt. Walt.

- Walt. Walt. Walt. Walt. Walter.
- [MAGGIE] "Out of my way, please."


[MAGGIE] "Gotcha."

- Yay!
- [MAGGIE] "Did Mommy see you?"

No, but I saw Mommy.
I saw her with the singing man.

"You saw her? With him?

Was it Xavier? What were they doing?"

[MAGGIE] He was the guy
we saw at the school.

I think they were smooching.

[MAGGIE] Then he said,
"I have one more thing to do.

Then we gotta go home
as fast as we can."

So when he said that last part,
did he say it in a nice way?

- No. He was using his thunder voice.

I have one more thing to do.

Then we gotta go home as fast as we can!

Do not leave this car
until I come back!"

- "Xavier!"

And then there was some screaming,
and then I fell asleep.

So he wanted to do one more thing,
and then there was screaming, huh?

Um, can we maybe not do that
in... in front of her?

Uh... Hey, sweetie,
is there anything else

that you remember seeing or hearing or…

Anything at all?

Well, I did see one more thing,
but it was kind of a bad thing.

Oh, tell me about it.

I peeked out
when I heard all the screaming,

and the front door was kinda open,
but I couldn't see much.

But I did see the pregnant lady
named number screaming upset

because she peed on the floor.

She said, "My water broke!"


But I knew she was peeing
because it came from inside her dress.

She wasn't even holding a water!

I think you're right about that.
I might have slipped in that earlier.

Look, call Matsuno. Tell him to check
all the local hospital maternity wards.

Thank you so much. You did a great job.
Give me five.

Yeah! [CHUCKLES] You're awesome.

Zoë, uh, one last question.

You said that you and Chelsea
stepped towards the bar

when Aniq woke up to see
what was happening?


How long would you say
you were away from the stairs?

- For maybe, like, uh, one minute?
- Thank you.

I need to go upstairs and check out
Xavier's room really quick,

and then I'll be ready
to make an arrest.

[MUFFLED] So who did it?

Just gather everybody up
in the living room, please.

What happened in there?

I think she thinks Brett…

While we were all distracted
when you woke up, she thinks he…

- Are you okay?

Not really.

I think I need to just
put my daughter back to sleep.

- [MAGGIE] Daddy!
- [CHUCKLES] Hey, Maggles.

Can I talk to you for
one second? No, no?

Oh. I'll find you in
a second. I love you.

It was Brett. I knew it. Remember I was
telling you before it had to be Brett?

- Everyone, just stay in the room.
- I know.

Tell me again. Should
we stay in the room?


And it's amazing for you,
because it means you're in the clear.

I don't think Brett did it.

[YASPER] Sorry? Why?

Listen up, everyone.

Wake up! Come on, now.

Good news, everyone. No more waiting.

I know who the k*ller is.

[BRETT] I'm sorry. Are you just
gonna tell us all as a group?

As a first responder,
that is highly unusual.

You are a part-time volunteer fireman.

You do it for the love, not the money.
Gandhi said that.

Gandhi absolutely did not say that.

Well, he should have.

[MUFFLED] Twelve minutes.
We have minutes.

Thank you. So you all
have been talking all night long.

And now, it's my turn to talk.

- [JENNIFER ] Oh, my God!
- What now?

I just got Jennifer 's
birth announcement.

"Husband is on the way back from Tokyo.
Mama and baby are doing just fine."

[ALL] Aw.

Oh, my God. Look, I'm trying
to tell you who k*lled Xavier!

So listen up.

Let's talk about who could have done it.


you are the last person
admitted to seeing Xavier alive.

And she gave him
her flask full of cat roofies.

- Um, I...
- Wait. Chelsea, you drugged him?

- [BOTH] What?
- [CHELSEA] Oh, my gosh. Um…

Let's say she's lying,
that she didn't just walk away,

that she gave him that kitty cat juice

and then pushed him off the edge! Right?


[DANNER] And then, walked
on downstairs like nothing happened.

You tell me. She a
little bit off, right?

- She's a nut job.
- A little bit.

- She's crazy.
- She's crazy.

But I... I didn't.

I know, honey.

Because Indigo said that she saw
Zoë and Chelsea by the stairs

as Jenn felt a tinkle on her head
from Xavier,

who was pouring out that flask,
still alive.

And also, it wasn't cat roofies.
It was just cat tranquilizers.

Uh... With, uh, whiskey and a splash
of ginger. It's my signature.

So, Jenn , that's what was
drizzling down in your hair. Not pee.

I'm sorry.
Is that supposed to be better, somehow?

- Way better.
- Objectively, yes.

- [YASPER] Human urine?
- [BRETT] Than pee?

Not in Europe.

And there's one other person
that we all saw...

Well, most of y'all saw...
Go up them stairs. That's Aniq.

- But, see, I had to ask myself…

"Self, was there enough time
for someone else to go up those stairs?"

And I said to myself,

"Hmm. Yes, Self."

You know what? What?

This is really not good cold,
I'm telling you.

- It's been out for a while.
- Almost a full day.

See, Zoë said
that her and Chelsea left the stairs

for about a one-minute window

to see Aniq flipping
out when he woke up.

Where am I?

- Is that true, Chelsea?
- Yes, that is right.

Now, I listened to five different
versions of that moment.

And in every version,
there were three people

who weren't in the living room
at that time.

It was Walt…

Who, me? [CHUCKLES] Okay.


and Brett.

Now, Maggie was asleep in Brett's car.

So I'm just gonna go ahead and assume

that she's not the k*ller for now.

Also, she's six, so probably not.

- But then, I was thinking, Walt.

Invisible Walt.

"What way to get remembered?
I don't know. Hmm, huh?" m*rder?

Such a p-provocative word.

Now see, he had enough time to sneak
up them stairs without anybody noticing,

'cause nobody ever notices Walt.

Uh, try my mom? [CHUCKLES]

Uh, no. I didn't do it.
Those are the facts.

Read 'em… please.

So where was you, Walt?

Where was I?

When everybody else was down here
in the living room, where was you?

- Well, that's...
- I know where you was.

In the foyer bathroom, getting ready to
streak, just like back in high school.

What? How did you
know... Who told you...

It's... How did you
know that? [CHUCKLES]

Well, because Ned
was taking Jenn over there,

and they couldn't get in the restroom
to wash that non-pee out of her hair.

Um, but the bathroom was occupied
with someone dropping a deuce, Officer.

[DANNER] And after I questioned Aniq,
I watched him run into the bathroom

and step over a robe on the floor.

She's right. My first attempt to streak
at a high school party fell flat.


So I wanted to do it again
to be remembered,

get naked in front of you guys.
That's when friendships begin.



[INHALES DEEPLY] Here we go.

- [JENNIFER SCREAMS] Someone call !

[ANIQ] Oh, my God.

[YASPER] Xavier!


So, uh, I thought tonight would be
a second chance to be remembered.

Get y'all to see me naked, and…

All right.
So that leaves two possible people.

Aniq, our original suspect,
who we know went upstairs,

or Brett, who had been missing
until after the body was discovered.


So who is it? Aniq? Brett?

Brett? Aniq?

I believe I know who the k*ller is.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

- Brett.
- Whoa!

- Oh, my God.
- Wha...

- Oh, my God.
- No. No, no, no. No... No way. Brett?

Impossible. Brett the 'Vette?

- [BRETT] No way.
- [JENNIFER ] Wait, wait, wait.

He wasn't in the living room.
I remember that very clearly.

It's gotta be Brett.

Jennifer ! Shut up!

What are you saying?
I have never k*lled someone.

I don't give a shit about Xavier.
I didn't k*ll him. I told you!

I was with... with my daughter
in the car. Bringing her...

No, no, no, boo-boo. Yes, it was you.

Let me tell you
why I think it was you, okay?

'Cause you was mad at Xavier
for macking on Zoë, okay?

You also shoved Aniq
into the shrimp sculpture back there,

- which I think is a bit toxic.
- Separate issue.

- You punched a caterer.
- You don't know what he said to me.

And then you have a history of lying.
You k*lled Xavier.

- No!
- Look how emotional you are.

'Cause you accuse me of m*rder!

No. You k*lled Xavier. Look at you!

Stop saying it or I'll k*ll you!

If you didn't do it,
you'd be a lot more calm.

I did not k*ll anyone in this house!

Or any house!

Don't. Don't.

I told you it was Brett.

Something doesn't add up.
You know, the timing's wrong.

When I woke up, I'm pretty sure
I saw Brett heading towards his car.

You're doing this
all off of a "pretty sure"?

I was very disoriented, but…


[ANIQ] I... I noticed
that the front door

was open, and there he was. I saw him.

If you admit you saw him,
you're the one who's going to jail.

It's either you or him,
and he can afford a good lawyer.

What, and I should lie?

Zoë, can you please do me a favor
and tell this police officer

that while I am a deeply flawed man,
I am not a m*rder? Zoë, tell her.


- What are you doing?
- Uh, I... I... I…


It wasn't him.

What? Sorry.

[ANIQ] When I woke up,
I saw Brett in the driveway.

If that would've been when it had to be,
he couldn't have done it.

[CULP] Wait, Danner.
You just said that it was.

I knew it was Aniq.
Man, I should've been a cop.

So are you confessing?

No. But, you know, I...

I know this doesn't help me to say this,

but I can't let Brett take the fall
when I know the truth.

[BRETT] I thought you hated me.

I did. I kinda didn't like most of you.

But after listening to your stories all
night, it's just... just, I realized...

Wait. Were you listening in on us
being questioned?

- What'd you say? What?
- [DANNER] Oh, yeah.

- He was listening to everybody.
- [CULP] Yeah.

Oh, shit.

- How'd he do that?
- How?

First through the intercom,
then hiding in the recording booth,

and, uh, real slick, through your phone.

- [DANNER] Right?

Okay, yes. I... I was listening
to you all tell your stories and I...

I know I shouldn't have done that.

But it... it made me realize
that I was wrong.

You know? [STAMMERING] Yeah.

You know, back in high school, I thought
you were all selfish, judgmental people.

But… [STAMMERS] … we all have more
in common than I thought. Even Brett.

Even Xavier.

We all need each other.

Aniq, I did not know you were listening.

I'm really sorry for some things I said.

No, I shouldn't have...

You do not look like

if the dad from Family Matters
and Urkel had a kid somehow.

I missed that one.

[BRETT] I will testify
as a character witness on your behalf.


Br... Brett. [STAMMERS] Thank you.

But it... it's too late, you know?

The door's closed.

No, it's not. Door's open.

[GASPS] The closet door.

[CHUCKLES] Took you
long enough, puzzle boy.

What is going on?

[ANIQ] In every story I heard,
the closet door was closed.

But when I went up there, it was open.


Someone was hiding in the closet.

Yeah. The k*ller didn't need to go
upstairs during the one-minute window,

because they were already up there.

And you hiding in the recording booth
when I was interviewing Chelsea

helped me figure it out.

Danner, are you saying
that it's neither Brett nor Aniq?

That's correct.

But you literally
just said it was Brett.

That was a test.
And I knew that Brett didn't do it.

But now I know for sure
that it wasn't Aniq.

Okay, then who is it?

The person that was most upset
with how their life turned out.

The one that told the most cartoonish
and fake story.


Oh, no.

Me? [CHUCKLES] What?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm sorry.
This little angel?

Oh, yeah. You're the only one who
could have been hiding in the closet.

And you distracted everyone
with your video

so they wouldn't hear Xavier scream
when you k*lled him.

Five, six, seven!
♪ 'Cause the party's never ending… ♪

[GROANS] Where am I? Why am I wet?


This is gonna be fun.
So it's my turn now?

Okay, explain how it's me.
Everyone was a witness.

When the video came on,
I was down here with Aniq.

Everyone was witnesses. You're right.

Everyone was a witness,

and all of them said
that you came in from the balcony.

Except for you.

What happened? Are you okay?

I knew it had to be you.
But why would you wanna k*ll Xavier?

Then I realized,

it all started a few months back
when you installed the A/V system.

How you liking that A/V equipment
I installed in your place, huh?

Because I was so flattered
you called an old friend to do the job.

So, you were here in the house
all alone, and Xavier wasn't here.

I'm kind of excited for this.
Everybody else got one. Give me one.

I figure
while you were doing the installation,

you got to snooping around
in Xavier's files,

came across, uh…

track , "How Great Is This Party,"
right? That's your line, right?

That is my line. I made it famous, yeah.

You were real bitter towards Xavier

because he became a
star, and you weren't.

And that was your line, and he stole it.

Well, that's wrong, because
I wasn't bitter at all. I was psyched.

The dude used my line, right?
We're friends. It's amazing.

He was not your friend.
And you know it, okay?

- You... You... You felt like...

You all right?

Hmm? Just giving you a clear path.
You're so confident. I want you to...

- Relax.
- Yep.

See, you wanted to give him
one more chance,

one more chance to help you.

So at the reunion,
you asked him to bless your track.

You're seriously asking me that?

After you dumped me
to start your solo career?

How's that going, by the way?

That's not fair, man.
I gave you your name.

My mom gave me my name.

Fine. Then I came up
with "How Great Is This Party."

- That was my idea.
- What are you talking about?

Did you look in my private files?

No, I didn't look at your private files.

"How Great Is This Party" is not yours.
That's just some shit people say.

We are not friends, okay?
You made that clear years ago.

- I made a mistake years ago.
- Stop, stop.

Let me make this very clear, okay?

I will never bless any track of yours.

You're nobody. You're a loser.

I am me. You are my A/V guy.

- I'm not a loser.
- Just keep telling yourself that, man.

Can you just not tell anybody
this happened, please?

Yeah, sure. Whatever.

[DANNER] He said no, and you snapped.

So you inspired the song,
but you had no legal right to it.

And there was only one way that you

could get what you
felt like you deserve,

and that was to k*ll him.

- k*ll him?
- Yeah.

k*ll him, steal the song,

then you say that he gave it to you,

then release the song as a duet

with you and Xavier as your Pac.

I mean, this is an incredible,
fanciful imaginary story.

I'm actually impressed, but it's
totally false. It's all made-up.

Nuh-uh. See,
you the one that been making up stories,

'cause you told Chelsea
that you were in the recording studio.

That was your alibi.

I'm about to record a track with Xavier.

[YASPER] I was in the recording studio.

But see, how were you in there
listening to music without it blasting?

Because Maggie went in there first,

and she put the faders
all the way up to ten.

And when I interviewed Aniq,
they were still up there.

And then you said you didn't come out

until after Aniq woke up.

So, how was you listening to a track?

How that work?

You just went in there and took you
one of them alibi selfies and left.


- Have you seen a six-year-old girl?

No, dude. But if you stick around,
I'm about to make musical history.


You're making up everything! Aniq, now's
the time you should stand up for me.

See, you needed to get Xavier
in his room alone with you

so you could k*ll him.

So you snuck upstairs
as the party was dying down…

while everyone thought
you were in the recording studio.

So when he was out on the living room
balcony on the lower level,

you start flicking the
lights in his room.


[STAMMERS] Oh, the... the lights
are, like, flashing in my bedroom.

I should, like...
I should probably check that out,

'cause it might be, like,
a Parasite situation.




But then you heard
Chelsea coming into Xavier's bedroom.

[SIGHS DEEPLY] No flashing lights?

It's a fun night, huh?

Jesus. What are you doing?
Why are you here?


great is this party?

You see that?

Five, six, seven!
♪ 'Cause the party's never ending ♪

♪ And we're skanking till it's late
Now we're picking up the rhythm… ♪

That was my idea.

- That belongs to me.

Your entire f*cking career
is because of me.

Okay, I'm turning this shit off.

You said updating the app would fix it.

Oh, what? You want your A/V guy
to help you? Here, come on.

Okay, man.
This is, like, actual Psycho shit.


f*ck. Dude, okay, all right. Let's
just start over, okay? Yasper, wait!



- You really think that I did this?
- Mm-hmm.

I was Xavier's friend. He was coming up.
We were gonna record a song together.

I have text messages, remember?

He texted me. Look at this.
Look at this. Show everybody.

You know what? Culp helped me
cr*ck this one right here.

- [Culp] YES, I DID.
- Yeah.

- How so?
- See, I had worked a case

where a husband had k*lled his wife.

And we was trying to figure out,
how did he get his wife

to come to the front door
just in time for him to k*ll her?

Well, he texted her!


[DANNER] And then
he had the password to her phone,

and he deleted the text.

- You want your A/V guy to help you?
- And you knew Xavier's password,

'cause you set up his A/V.

And after you k*lled him, you sent
yourself a text from Xavier's phone.

'Cause I'm looking through this, and
he... he never responds to your texts.

But he just so happens to respond today?

"Track in the WIP folder
should work for our collab."

- Yeah, and...
- Mm-hmm.

After you sent the text,

you didn't come down the stairs
where people would see you.

Mr. Flippity Gymnast.

What you did was drop feet
off the damn balcony onto this balcony.

- Then you came in here…
- Aniq!

- …just like everyone said.
- Are you okay? What's wrong?

Who did this?

Now, there was only one little snag
in your plan.

Aniq wanted to confront Xavier
and take his ass upstairs, right?

It was Xavier, wasn't it?

And you tried to stop him

because you knew he would be a number
one suspect if he went up there.

All this time, I thought
you were helping me.

I have been helping you.
She's turning you against me right now.

I've been helping you
since the beginning, remember?

She accused you, then she accused Brett,
then this random dude got accused.


And now she's accusing me, okay?
So who's next?

Who's the next person
she's gonna accuse?

Because the thing
you are lacking right now

is you have these insane theories,
but you have absolutely no evidence!

But there is evidence.

There is a secret hidden camera
in Xavier's bedroom

in the Private Eyes movie poster,
watching you.

You realized there were security cameras
that probably saw exactly what you did.

What are you doing?

You had to erase it.

No, no, no.

Of course!
This is what I was trying to tell you.

You still had Xavier's phone.

I am going to craft a
meanly-worded tweet.

You see, your phone has a case on it.

It says "Yasper" in gold letters,
with a dollar sign for an S.

And the phone you had then had no case.


So you used Xavier's phone
to delete the footage

and make Danner look like a screw-up.

Oh. I don't screw up.

Okay. You're telling me I k*lled Xavier,
stole his phone, then just kept it.

To do what with? Why would I have that?

To copy Xavier's song ideas
from his voice memos.

♪ I got over being under you ♪

♪ Zo-o-o-ë ♪

Good acoustics in bathrooms.

Y-You couldn't send
the files in an email.

They'd probably check his email records.

Oh, we check all that.

[ANIQ] So in the shower,
I saw you myself.

You were playing them from his phone
and recording them onto your own.

- Yasper? Why are you in the shower?
- Hey.

'Cause the acoustics are unbelievable.
Wanna hear?

I swear to you,
I don't have Xavier's phone.

- Like back in the day. Pocket check.
- Mmm.

Pocket check! Search his damn pockets.

Gonna search my pockets?
You have a search warrant?

- I don't need…
- You just jump inside someone's pocket?

I don't need a search warrant.

I have two phones. Is that a crime?

One for business, my A/V work,
one for friendship.

All you guys are off the friendship one.

It's not Xavier's phone.

Turn the sound on…

- [BRETT] Do it, Culp.
- … and put it back in his pockets.

Y'all wanna have some fun?
I wanna have some fun.

'Cause you trying to play me
like I'm dumb.

Y'all came to a after-party
to have a good time.

It turned into not a good time
because somebody wanna be famous.

So let's go ahead
and turn it into a good time.

What's Xavier's phone number?
Do you have it?

- Let me see that.

- [CULP] Here you go.
- [DANNER] Mm-hmm.

Scrawny little b*tch.

Ooh, I can't wait.
Okay, you guys ready?


All right. Here we go.


[XAVIER] ♪ She say X marks the G-spot
On her treasure map ♪

- Busted!


I knew it!

- [BRETT] Oh! Oh!
- [LAUGHS] He did it!

- [BRETT] Yes! Busted!
- [CHELSEA] Oh, my God.

- I did know it. I called it.
- [NED] Nice, babe.

- Nice, babe. That's my wife.
- [BRETT] Bro. Cringe.

You guys don't understand anything.
You don't understand anything. [snorts]

You all have your own
stories, right? [SNORTS]

You know,
but... but Xavier, he owed me… [SIGHS]

He owed me everything.

I gave him his career.
I gave him his name.

I gave him his name.
Do you remember that?

And he still wanted to screw me over.

I should have been the star.
I should have been the successful one.

I was the one
that was supposed to be famous.

And all I was asking was for, like,
a tiny bit of credit.

Just a little bit.
And why is that too much?

Don't I deserve that?
I helped him start the whole thing.

Why shouldn't I be the one
that gets a little bit, no?

But he still wanted to screw me over.

But he wasn't gonna get rich
off of my line. No way.

"How great is this party"
is my f*cking line!

It is the perfect encapsulation
of celebratory music! That is mine!

[PANTS] And there's another thing
you guys didn't even think about.

[CULP] What?

- Oh, move! He's on the run!
- Get him! Get his ass!

Suspect is on foot!

- [GRUNTS] Oh, my Jesus.
- That's what you get.


I never meant for you to take the blame.

That was never part of the plan.

That's why I was trying to help you
put doubt into the air.

Aniq, you're my friend.

A friend wouldn't do this.

Come on. Get up.

[YASPER] I'm sorry, man.

[DANNER] I'll take him out in a sec.

I told you you could trust me.

So, when you falsely accused Brett…

See, I didn't think
you had anything to do with it,

but you were so in cahoots with Yasper,
I just had to make sure.

And besides,
Zoë told me you were a good person,

and if you were pushed,
you would do the right thing.

And I wanted to see
if you would lie to protect yourself.

And you didn't.

Mmm, thanks.

You know, I could put a recommendation
in for you at the department

if you ever decide to get into
a career in law enforcement.

You could solve puzzles that save lives.

Um, thanks.
Yeah, it's not... not really my scene,

but, uh, you know,
if you ever need help solving a case…

[STAMMERS] … here's my card, I think.

I got wet a bunch today.



[SIGHS] Let's go ahead and get him
up out of here. Uh... Shit!

Is this Jenn 's amniotic fluid
I keep slipping on?



Okay, Captain's coming. Captain's here.

Okay, okay, okay.

[REPORTER ] Can we get
a statement, please?

- [GASPS] Oh. I'm a star.
- [REPORTER ] Captain…

Hey! Hey! Check out my music!

F-Follow me, @Yazzmatazzsixtynine.
Here's a little glimpse.

- ♪ Whoa, music boy ♪

Danner, what's going on here?

- Captain, I... I...
- [GERMAIN] Hey.

- Aldrin! Good to see you again.
- Mad Dog.

- Yeah.
- Heard you were here.

Still causing trouble, I see.

Oh, I'm so sorry. You're too late.

I got our guy. Yeah. Full confession.

No, you didn't.

You took a flight
all the way here from LA?

You might as well just turn around
and get back on that airplane, man.

- Uh, I'm sorry.
- Thank you for being

a good team player, champ.

[imitates dog barking]

[CAPTAIN] I apologize.
I really, truly...


Skape Diem, how great is this party?

Shut the f*ck up!

Captain, I gotta go
grab something quick.

That's f-fine.

- Sorry, I need to get my…
- How you doing?


Chelsea. Hey, um…

Listen, I just wanna say I-I-I'm...

I'm really sorry that I wasn't
as nice to you as I should have been.

It's wild, the anger that you carry.

Pregnancy brain. [CHUCKLES]

Is something you don't
have. Babe, it's...

So would you just leave my wife alone?

Yeah. I don't care.

Great. [SIGHS DEEPLY] Friends?


[BRETT] Hey, kiddo.


- See you, Walt.
- Walt? You remembered my name.

After tonight, nobody's gonna forget it.

- [JENNIFER ] Walt.
- [BRETT] Yes, Walt.


It's my birthday.

Happy birthday, Walt.

Do you wanna get breakfast?

You know, Yasper's rental still has a...

Yeah, I do.

Just taking this back to the lab.
It's evidence.

Uh... Oh, thought it was a gift.
[CHUCKLES] It's my... Yeah.

Bye, Mags. [KISSES]

- [KISSES] Sorry.

- Hey, uh, can I drive?
- Oh, yeah.

All right, let's do it. Ready?

So, Mommy and the silly man
are friends now?

[BRETT] Yeah.

[MAGGIE] I like him.

He's not as cool as your dad, right?

Now is when you say, "No way."

- No way.
- Yeah! That's what I'm talking about.


[ZOË] Okay. I'm just gonna
pull over here for a second.

- Okay.
- Oh. So what, is this as far as we go?

- Yep.
- Oh.

- Get out. [CHUCKLES]
- Out? Well, then I guess so.

- It's been...
- Nice knowing ya.

- Oh, nice knowing ya?
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, my God.

This has been a crazy night.

It has been a crazy night, but…


… here we are.

And the music's playing,

… we are all alone,

and I'm just wondering
if you are ever gonna make that move?

Oh. Uh…

I mean, ye... [STUTTERS]
I mean, I want to.

But just, someone d*ed
tonight, you know.

- Mmm, yeah.
- Somebody else went to jail.


Just didn't seem like a...
A real aphrodisiac, you know.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

But, you know…

Just... So maybe, like,
in a couple of weeks or something

when things are a little less intense,
we could...


- [WALT] Hey. Walt.
- [ANIQ] Oh!

[CHUCKLES] Uh, sorry to interrupt.

Would you mind dropping me off
at home first, or…
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