06x00 - A Farewell to Supergirl

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Supergirl". Aired: October 2015 to present.
"Supergirl" is Kara Zor-El, cousin to "Superman", who ended up being taken in by the Danvers family after being sent away from Krypton at age 12. Until the age of 24, she learned to keep her superpowers hidden but as a result of a disaster, she chose to reveal them, setting the trend for the show.
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06x00 - A Farewell to Supergirl

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Hi, everybody.

It's Melissa Benoist,
and I'm here on the set of Supergirl,

with some of my amazing
co-stars on the show.

[dramatic music playing]

[dramatic music playing]

We're gonna take a fond look back
at the last six years of the show.

Please join us.

[dramatic music playing]

[dramatic music playing]

I mean, it's changed my life,
this show, um... It's been a joy.

And seeing the way that
this canon and mythology affects people,

and young girls, and the people
that look up to our characters,

it's, it's very meaningful.

I would say that... I wasn't originally
cast as as the Martian Manhunter.

I was actually just cast as 'Hank'
and it was only after the pilot

that I was made the Martian Manhunter.

I could remember going home
with a pile of Martian Manhunter comics,

and just reading all of them
and thinking, 'this guy's awesome'.

So, I was just really excited
to suddenly get this brand new character

and fall into this whole story arc,
which has really been great for me,

and I've... I've really, really enjoyed
not just playing the character,

but, meeting all these fabulous people,

and also, learning to...
directing on this show as well.

- So, it's really been, to me, sort of...
- [male voice] Money!

- It's been money. It's been...
- [all scream] Money!

Well, on the piggyback off of that,
you know,

for me, it's like I wore one plaid shirt
in season one, and season two, I'm gay.

- You know what I mean? It was like...
- [all laughing]

- I had no idea.
- [all laughing]

And then... gay!

- [all laughing]
- It was three plaid shirts.

- It was three...
- He was counting them.

- It was that third.
- It's a three step process.

[Brooks] Were they all
the same plaid or different plaids?

Different plaid. Different plaid. Yes.

No, it's been, it's been

the greatest experience
of my life, my career.

I learned so much about myself

and about working with

such incredible people
that are inspiring

and, you know, kick your ass every day

to just be better
and just to keep growing.

And, it's been pretty fantastic,
also being able to direct,

- [Harewood] Mm-hmm.
- Like just something

that we've kind of all
been doing since Season one.

But, to really put it on its feet
has been an honor and a pleasure.

[Rath] Yeah,
getting to direct on the show

- has been a...
- [all laughing]

- ...real achievement for me.
- Next season, next season.

- [Brooks] He's directing , right?
- [all laugh]

Well, you see, he was set to, however.

- I'm directing the bonus features.
- [all laughing]

- That's in the blooper reel.
- [all laughing]

I mean, this character for me has,
has just been monumental,

and, I mean, I've only been in
the business industry for two weeks.

That's why you
call it the business industry.

Yeah, listen. I'm young,
I'm new, I don't know better.

But, I mean,
it's, it's just been the most

incredible experience
and getting to work with all of you guys

and getting to learn from you
and watch you

and be a part of your directorial
debuts, except for Melissa,

um, but I've learned great things.

Um, and getting to bring
this character to life

and then getting to bring her
into the comics as well,

and just be a part of her journey, and,

build her into something
bigger than she originally was

has been just a complete,
incredible honor,

- and, I love her very much.
- [Katie] Aww, little dreamer over there.

- [Nichole] Little dreamer.
- [Katie] Little dreamer.

My favorite scene is the scene where

Staz and Melissa do karaoke
and sing Africa.

- I think it's, it's magical,
- [female voice] That was fun.

and I... I watched it on repeat,

I love it so much.

I preface this, we, that was,
that was a lot of fun,

but it was also kind of, we had kind of,
haphazardly kind of figured that out,

because I think both of us assumed
we weren't doing the whole song.

And then we ended up
doing the whole song...

- We did the whole song.
- We did the whole song.

So, I was like, okay, just,
if you don't know the words...

- We said, "Let us sing Africa, Toto."
- No.

- We knew the chorus.
- [male voice] It was wonderful.

- Right, so then,
- [everyone speaking]

I was just like, "Just mime out
what you remember."

You sounded beautiful.

- It was a lot of fun.
- It sounded beautiful.

And, you know, both of us come from
like, a musical background.

So it's really nice that, at any point,
get to kind of find a way

to kind of ah, combine
all the mediums of art.

So, it was really fun.
I really liked it. It was fun.

- It was always fun when we did karaoke.
- [Nair] It was really fun.

- Yeah.
- Especially Carl Lumbly.


- Singing Elvis.
- No, I was going to say that

that's definitely one of the standouts.

And I was kind of opposed
to doing a karaoke episode

because it was like "my episode",

and I read the first page
and I'm like,

"Of course, it's freaking karaoke.
They're gonna make me sing."

And, um, and then it turned out to be
one of my, one of the most fun bits

because everybody, well,
most people, had a number,

I mean, Mehcad sang like his own song,
which was super badass.


Chris over there who's actually
a really good singer,

- was belting out...
- [all laughing]

I was trying really hard.

Your voice cracked and that was...

Oh, yeah, that was fun.
That was a good one.

[Jordan] And then everybody else
is doing like their little bits.

It was, it was really fun
to watch people out of their...

- Carl Lumbly one day.
- Chyler's over there, crying.

- It's also like...
- [everyone speaking]

It's also just nice to flip the genre
on its head a little bit.

You know, we're playing superheroes
and all these stakes.

And all of a sudden,
we get to kind of explore

the musical aspect of creativity.

My favorite scene that we ever did
is in my favorite episode.

and it was Slavers' Moon,
which is in Season two,

- I can't remember which episode it was.
- [male voice] Ah, yes.


In the quarry, things were-
it was pouring rain.

Let's hope this thing works,


It was Kevin Smith's first episode
and he ordered, like, a...

- the bacon truck.
- ...bacon truck.

- All of us were just eating...
- [male voice] Bacon wrapped bacon.

- Bacon wrapped bacon bread with, like...
- [male voice] Wow.

- ...cheese and...
- [female voice] Bacon grease.

- goodness.
- [male voice] It was pouring rain.

- Pouring rain...
- I was not there that day.

We're playing game
in a random school bus...

- Yes
- And...

- Sounds like Burning Man.
- Sounds sort of Star Warsy.

It was so Star Warsy, and
it was like a buddy adventure.

- Planet ARC B.
- That's Maaldoria.

People that were there, the aliens.
What were they called?

Slaving is a big business on Maaldoria.

[imitating the alien] Maaldoria.

- It was!
- [male voice] Of course, you remember.

In Season two,
I had to eat ten pancakes at once.

Thank you.

Hey, do you want syr...?

[all laughing]

- That was probably...
- That was your stunt?

- [everyone speaking]
- Stunt?

That is a stunt!

- Stunt eating?
- Stunt eating, yes.

Ten at one time?

Yeah, it was, It was
a big stack of pancakes,

and I was like, "Oh,
this is going to be so funny."

And then my jaw went like...

[choking sounds]

That, and also when you ate the pizza.

- Oh yeah, I did that...
- You need to start eating

- like a normal person.
- Apparently, yeah.

- Apparently it was...
- What happened with the pizza?

It was a big stack of pizzas.

- Oh, the big stack of pizzas?
- And he kept saying...

Okay, Chris, you got to stop eating
the pizza because we don't have enough.

Oh, yeah, they didn't make enough
pizzas. They made like, two pizzas,

and I was like eating three per take.

Yeah, I had a pizza scene this season,

and I was like,
"Maybe I'll eat the whole pizza."

And someone was like,
"Chris already did that."

- That's so Season four.
- [female voice] Yeah.

We do have a fantastic stunt team.

- [female voice] Yeah, we do.
- [male voice] They're so amazing!

Give it up for Simon Burnett.

- Just the whole team of just being...
- [Nair] Absolutely.

- ...really, really fantastic.
- [female voice] Yeah.

I got to spend about eight hours
in a water t*nk.

- Which was...
- Yeah, that looked fun.

- ...something else.
- How pruney were you?

I was so pruney.

[Nair] I remember doing a stunt
this season, actually.

And, um, me being over eager, as always.

And, uh, letting my ADHD run riot,

I spoke to Jesse and the directors and
I'm like, "Please let me do my stunt."

Let me, let me be a part of this.

You know, mind you our
stunt people are amazing.

Um, and, sure enough, they let me.
And I have to save this child,

and I go grab the child.

- Yeah.
- Our child?

- [indistinct]
- No, not your child. It was actually

Simon Burnett, our stunt coordinator
and director on one of these episodes.

He... we got his son hired to do
the stunt with me.

I have to grab him and shield him,

protect him from the,
from the shattering glass.

You know, hero William. All going great

and I'm like, you know, I'm like "No!"
and I'm running,

and I charge at him and I grab him.

And when I go to grab him,
I being overzealous as always,

roly poly legs over, just,

- just like that.
- Did you harm the child?

- No, child's obviously fine.
- Simons son.

- He's fine.
- He's obviously fine.

- He rolled out of it like, like that.
- I rolled out of it like a genie.

But I looked ridiculous.

And of course, there was press
or fans or paparazzi

filming this moment.

So, if, and the next morning,

I'm like, "I wonder if anyone
spotted my little mishap."

And sure enough,

you're just, the only take
that someone put online is just me.

And then Chyler, being the consummate
professional, still runs up.

She runs up and does her move
still like, "I'm a superhero!"

Meanwhile, I'm like... Oh, it was great!

I hate that I missed that.

Yeah, I'll send you it,
I'll send you it. It's on Instagram.

[Benoist] The craziest day
I've had stunt wise,

was on the green screen and the wires,
and me in the harness, hanging.

And I was with Tyler Hoechlin,
playing Superman,

and he was like, "I'm good, I'm good."

And I called it,
and I was like, "I'm done."

- And I walked off set like this.
- [all laughing]

I couldn't walk.

- Hard work, ladies and gentlemen.
- [female voice] It's hard.

It is fun when
you're being carried by Supergirl.

- That was...
- I was carried almost all of you.

- It's lovely.
- [Brooks] Twice.

- It's quite comfortable.
- Twice.

It's hilarious. I'm like, "come on."

- I carried you and Jeremy both...
- [Brooks] Yes.

- ...at one time. Yeah.
- [Brooks] Yes.

[Brooks] There was nothing,
nothing more emasculating than that.

It was great, though.

- It was hilarious, yeah.
- I wish you could,

I wish you could have carried me when
I could have, like, looked up at you.

But I was like, a zombie or something.

- Just in a little blankets, like...
- I think I was awake.

That was the one where you guys were,
like, mind controlled, right?

- Was it that one?
- That was me, that was me.

That was, you did it too.

- We both did it?
- No, yeah, we both did it.

- I was mind controlled.
- We both were mind controlled?

I was also mind controlled.

- I was mind controlled.
- Yes, you were.

- Did you fall off the roof?
- Raise your hand

- if you've been mind controlled.
- No, we jumped, we jumped off...

We jumped off his...

On the sets?

We jumped out a window
as mind controlled.

Hold on, yeah.
Who's been mind controlled?

- Yeah.
- No, no, no, on the show.

- Right.
- [all laughing]

One of the funniest things that we did

aside from just being insane
all the time,

- [female voice] Mm-hmm.
- especially this one.

Melissa, just like dancing
and frolicking all the time,

- Yeah.
- ...was, cloth magic.

- Cloth magic.
- Has that made it into the world yet?

- No, we gotta bring it...
- Yeah, I think I posted it.

Can I get context?
I don't even know what cloth magic is.

[Wood] Cloth Magic is a spin off show
that never quite happened, uh...

[Benoist] It was like cape tricks
that we did,

where he would, like, whip the cape
around someone, you know.

As a w*apon,
he would use his cape as a w*apon

and is a grappling hook sometimes.

We made a magic...
an instructional magic video

- [Wood] Based on the dialog.
- Based on Cloth Magic.

And basically we would just put it,

put either of their capes up,
and then pull 'em down and something

would happen behind them,

and that there was one...

Jeremy would turn into Chyler or...

[Jordan] Yeah,
we would turn into each other,

like our legion rings
would switch fingers,

or like, there was one,
there was one in the DEO,

where, where Melissa and Chris came and

they put their capes up
and then they pulled it down,

and David's just like this on the table.

There was some good ones.

What I think is the funniest moments

are any time David
forgets his line on set.

[female voice] It's the best!

- Yes.
- It's, it's the confidence in which...

It's the confidence in which
he hits his mark... and line.

[all laughing]

Or, or when he's directing,
which is understandable.

He's directing an episode,
and he's also in the scene

but forgets that he has
the first line of the scene.

So, if you know David,
the way he directs is

there's this lot of energy,
so he'll be like, "All right, that's it,

keep that energy,
keep that energy, all right,

and... action!"


But the single most reliable sh*t
you can get, in the entirety

- of Supergirl...
- The money.

- ...is the money!
- The money.

- Right there.
- Right there, on the couch.

[Nair] You must have
internal dialogue, David.

I mean, every day is really funny. I...

I'm like, with you.

I didn't really work,
I haven't really worked with uh...

- everyone, all at once and...
- I'm Chris.

I know, that's what I'm saying...

- We actually, literally just met now.
- We just met.

Um, but I'm always on with
Jon Cryer and Matt Baram

who are both hysterical
and probably, actually the fun-

the funniest moment I had.

I mean, I hope that one of these
makes it, makes it in.

But like, there's this
super intense scene

where Nyxly meet Lex Luthor
for the first time and she's given him

what for because he's like,
"You're just like my dad."

- And, uh...
- Been there.

and, you know,
I'm like, tearing up and all the things.

And Matt Barnes, who plays Mitch
on the show, who is

- hilarious.
- [male voice] So funny.

He's so funny.

Hold onto your jeggings sister.

You've got company.

He had this one line when he
makes an entrance and it's just like,

basically, "... oh, sorry,

what's Lex Luthor doing here?"

But every single take he would be like,

"I just tried a milkshake
for the first time."

"Oh, sorry, what's that?
Sorry, I got a parking ticket on..."

It was just like, and I would like
be, like, looking at Lex

with like, my eyes watering,

and then I would turn around
and just break.

Every time.
Every time, it was just like...

Oh, the best thing was in,
was in your episode, right?

We were, we had just gotten
out of the shield or whatever.

And I go up and I have my dream glass

ready to sh**t him.
I walk up to him and he goes,

"[gasps] I had
a dream glass last night."

- It was...
- Dream glass.

One last funny thing.

I auditioned to play James Olsen.

I auditioned for James Olsen.

- Did you really?
- When I was - .

Funny thing is,
I auditioned for Supergirl, so...

- I thought I could do anything.
- This is so funny.

- I thought I could do anything.
- Triggered, triggered.

Yeah, yeah.

I feel like we just
missed a jam from Katie

that she auditioned to play Alex.

I had completely forgotten
that I put a tape down for Alex.

- No way!
- ...till you said that.

- Oh, God! Everybody hold on...
- [laughter]

There was a little girl who is actually
a daughter of one of our crew members.

- [male voice] Oh, yeah.
- When she met me, she went,

[imitating girl] "I have a question.

Is your belt attached
to your skirt or your shirt?"

No, it's Liston's daughter.

She just can't say her R's yet.

Which one was it attached to?

- It's not attached...
- [all laughing]

- What's the answer?
- But actually now, I really wanna know

- the answer to that question.
- It wasn't attached to anything.

Cloth magic.

It was a floating belt.


How did it stay on?

- What?
- How did it stay on? Velcro?

That's, I wore so many belts
on this show

that we're like top sticked to pants
that had no belt loops

- So just taped to the waist?
- Yes.

They love a taped belt.

- Movie magic guys. Taped to the waist.
- Cloth magic.

[Leigh] We had a great moment, um...

We did a Comic Con in Chicago
and really had the-

the line for people to come through
and get autographs and whatnot.

And there was a family.

This woman came through
with her two daughters and, one was...

- Oh, yeah.
- ...you know, her biological daughter,

and then another, the other was adopted.

And it was such a wonderful moment
because they looked at the both of us

just saying, "You embody exactly like
what we have in our house,

and we don't never get to see that."

And to see, like, a healthy

family dynamic like that
especially, you know.

And the young girl said,
"Like me being adopted,

coming to the family feeling
like, I was, like I belonged."

It meant so much. That was, that
I remember was really, really special.

One thing I remember in terms
of fan interaction, a friend of mine,

when I was kind of growing up, I didn't
have much of a good sort of background.

So good, good friends would bring me in,

take me in, kind of
put a roof over my head.

And one of, one of my friend's fathers
actually ended up watching Supergirl

because he, uh, would read the comics
and I didn't get to,

didn't get to see him
as he was dying of cancer

because I was working,
didn't have enough money.

But he would be watching me on the show,

and when he passed, I called the family,

And I said, you know,
"I'm sorry I couldn't be there."

And they're like, "You know what,
he felt like he got to see you

- because he watched the show."
- Aww.

And I didn't even know, right. I didn't
actually find out until he passed.

And with this show,
and I thought the same thing.

I never, I never assumed that people
of our age wrote a kind of... thank you

...watch this show. So to kind of, to
be able to represent what I love doing

and be able to kind of, connect
that to my personal life.

That was kind of, a wonderful
kind of fan interact...

to find out someone who I loved,
was a fan.

I get a lot of letters from girls and
I know this sounds, saying that they,

until they saw Lena Luthor on TV,
they didn't think, was it

okay for girls to be studying science.

And there's a lot of girls
who were like,

"And I'm now in my fourth year
in engineering,

"and I have you to thank for that,
and the show to thank for that."

And it's such a small thing,
it seems like.

But that's the beginning
of a whole new life for them that

they didn't think was possible,
because of watching the show.

- You know, I'll always...
- Being able to see

- see yourself and see options for...
- Yeah.

- ...yourself is really, really powerful.
- Absolutely.

This is formative for a
lot of people out there,

in different, so many different ways,

depending on who they connect
with the most in the show.

And I think that's what's so great.

There are so many different
characters on the show.

There's so many different people
that they can connect with, you know.

And there's so much opportunity for them
to see themselves...

- Totally.
- ...on a show.

I mean, I feel like we have to talk
about when you meet small children

who think that you're really a superhero
and think that all of your powers

and everything you do is real

and then getting
to navigate the conversation there,

like, I just talked to a little girl
on set a little while ago

- and she was like, "Make a shield!"
- [all laughing]

"Do it!" And I was like, "I can't."

And she's like, "Why?"

"I'm tired...

Because I'm Dreamer."

It gets sticky for me
because then they'll watch me jump

and then just...

go back to the ground.
Like, I have to jump.

They're so disappointed.

Guys, I get that there's still days
where I see Melissa in the suit,

- and I'm like, "That's Supergirl."
- Yeah!

Like it still happens, or I see any of
you guys all dressed up as superheroes

and, you know, I still get a moment
where I'm like, "This is..."

- Yeah.
- Yeah, because it's like iconic.

We have a, Chyler and I...

the young girl Mila, who's five,

who plays our daughter...

- She's so cute.
- She's so cute.

This house needed a guardian angel
and now we have you.

We had a scene in the dive bar
and we were supposed to clear

and then Mel had a whole stunt thing,

and I look over and Mila's doing
all of the power moves

- that Mel's doing at the same time.
- That's so cute.

And I just saw her shoulders go back
and her get more confident.

And it was like the first time
seeing a little girl, in real time,

physically change, watching Supergirl.

- And then that same little girl,
- Are you going to say it?

Says [laughs]

- I was like...
- We have this...

We have this stunt stuff
and we're laying on gravel

and we've just saved her and she says...

- Wasn't it first, before she said this?
- Say it.

So she goes, "I'm a good person.
How did I end up on these rocks?"

Because we're like doing these stunts

- and then she keeps moaning.
- [indistinct]

I come down and we've been
up and down on the rocks,

and I just lay down.
She looks over at me and she's like,

- "You're too old for this."
- "You're too old for this."

[all laughing]

- I was like, "You're right."
- Supergirl versus us,

is a different experience.

[Wood] And you said,
"No, I am a finely aged cheese."

We do really long days, sometimes,

and you get kind of punchy
at the end of the day.

And my favorite times, always on set,
is when David starts to corpse.

And then this just infectious,
and this corpse, he starts laughing.

- You say that over here?
- Growing up, I think.

- Corpse means like, d*ad.
- No, no, we say,

that's what we say.
Corpse laughing, laughing, right?

- Yeah.
- LuthorCorpse.

Do you get the giggle?

But he gets it, and then you're just
gone, and then everybody's gone

for a good five or ten minutes
and you can't bring it back.

Yeah, that's what I'll miss.

I'll miss the laughter.

I'll miss dancing with you,

dancing with everyone,
I danced with everyone.

- You've never danced with me.
- Yeah, yeah, I'll miss the people.

You know, um, you guys
got a few more years than I did,

- and... it's...
- You're calling us aged cheese?

Yes, absolutely. No, I think it's...

It's nice to work with a bunch of people
who really care about the work

and you care about the craft, and...

genuinely don't let their success
go to their heads.

And it's just nice to work
with a bunch of people who really care.

And who are nice.
And, yeah, I'm going to miss the people.

- I just carry my [indistinct]
- I'll also, endlessly...

miss being impressed by Melissa
looking at a two page scene

in a monologue just knowing it.
She's just like, "Yeah, I got it."

And you're like... It's, it's
that's a superpower.

That is a real superpower.

Rain Mel, Rain Mel,
it's Rain Mel, you know.

Julie, what are you gonna miss?

- [male voice] Yeah?
- Well... well,

- You hate me now.
- [indistinct]

Oh, yeah, this steamy, steamy set, um...

I think I'm with Staz,
I got to work with...

very special people, and I think
I'll miss you guys the most.

I think, like you said,
the collaboration is really great and...

and it's, yeah, I think the
friendships is what you miss.

Even if it's hard sometimes here,
like there's gonna be moments,

like two months from now,
three months from now, and you go,

- "That's not going to happen again."
- Mm-hmm.

And I can just,
I can tell you straight up, like

having been gone a year,
you miss each other.

- Yeah.
- You miss each other.

The one thing about being-
having such transient job,

where you're all kind of, we're all
kind of glorified gypsies, right?

We're always moving on and making
these wonderful connections,

and having these wonderful experiences,
whether they're professional

or personal, and then all of a sudden
they shatter into a thousand pieces

and you know, you get to kind of,
get fragments of it from there on.

You know, I hope we get to,

I really do. I hope we all
get to work together,

whenever, other than you,
in any capacity, and yeah.

Love you guys so much, I'm gonna
miss this, it's been a pleasure.

And we've also had,
you know, fabulous crew.

- Oh, my God, yes!
- Yes!

It has been lovely
to work with a family,

a real family type, group of people
that kind of support each other.

- That's been, I'll definitely miss that.
- [female voice] Mm-hmm, yeah.

And you know what, I do think
I'll miss playing a superhero.


When enough time has gone by

and I'm, you know, I have some energy.

Who's been mind controlled?

I got my tinfoil hat.
I don't know what you're talking about.

Hello, everyone.

What camera are you people looking at?

I'm like, cross eyed,
trying to look at all of them.

Hello, everyone.

When I was growing up,
and I, you know, I, I, I...

God, I... So, um, I, yeah, wow,
give me one second.

On second take, line, line, line?

Why are you smiling
on both sides of your teeth?


My chair keeps breaking. [grunting]

I've literally been in this set,
the entire season.

I have never left CatCo.

We had a whole scene.

Where were we?

- Not here.
- Oh, right!

- It was last week!
- Yeah, it was last week!


I'm gonna miss, uh, the green skin.

I was going to ask you if you were.

I mean, you're still wearing it.

I'm never taking it off.

And he wasn't even on set today!

You're like Keanu Reeves with the bus,
so you just fell under it.

I will take it with me, to my grave.

To my cheesy grave.

- To my Gorgonzola grave.
- Funniest thing.

Gorgonzola grave.

[all] Thank you, Super Fans!

[all cheering]

[all applauding]

[upbeat music playing]
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