03x12 - One Last sh*t

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Daredevil". Aired: April 10, 2015 - October 2018.
Follows Matt Murdock, attorney by day and vigilante by night.
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03x12 - One Last sh*t

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- What?
- Nadeem escaped.

He's in the wind.

Then find him!

Hello, Wilson.

[Foggy] Okay. There's nobody watching.

[Matt] Straight up there, please.

Nice and easy. No rush.

[Brett] Go.

[Foggy] Thanks, Mrs. Mahoney.

[Mrs. Mahoney] Y'all ain't the only ones
haunted by Wilson Fisk.

Thank you, dear.

Uh, fresh sheets on the bed.
Towels if you need.

Uh... Thank you. Really.

And don't worry. Nobody knows you're here.

Seema, if you...

You promised
you would never lie to me again.

Seems, if you understood
what was going on here...

Do you know why I married you, Ray?

It wasn't your good looks
or my father's blessing.

It was because I believed in my soul that
I had found a good man who would love me.

And who would be
completely honest with me.

Seems, I do love you...

You lied again and again.

And now here we are, running.

Hiding in some lady's house.

Fisk played me. Okay?
And before I knew it...

You brought a g*n to our home!

You're right.

About everything.

But I will fix it.

Sami was curled up with me in a bathtub,
waiting for men to come k*ll him.

Do you know what I hoped for
in that moment?

That they'd k*ll him first,
so he didn't have to watch me die.

How do you fix that?

Seems, Seems... [kissing hands]

I am so sorry.

But I will make you and Sami safe.

I promise you.

I can't let what you say
matter to me anymore, Rahul.

Sami deserves at least one person
in his life he can trust.

And that's never going to be you.

Mahoney really stepped up for us.
Mrs. M, too.

Everyone in the neighborhood
wants Fisk gone.

Foggy, you don't need
to talk me into this anymore.

I promised we'd do it your way,
and we are.

Good. 'Cause it's gonna work.

Good. I hope you're right.

[door opens]

Are we clear?

[sighs] So, what now?

You're going to testify against Fisk,
once you hire us to represent you.

Represent me?

As Nelson and Murdock, attorneys at law.

[theme music playing]

[classical music playing]

Three restaurants,
the best spa in the city...

a full staff waiting
to fulfill our every need,

It's all ours.


You bought it?

For you.

There's a penthouse
with the best view of the city.

Our city.


It's everything you've ever wanted.

[soft droning]

[metal detector beeping]

- Sir, uh...
- Not now.

- It's important.
- Not now.

[man] Good night.

[soft droning]

Can I get you something?


Not now, thank you.

I don't have your eye...

but I hung them
where I guessed you would like them.

We can move them or...
buy other ones, whatever you like.

I thought that you might
want to curate a collection

and display it throughout the hotel.

Thank you.

This is all so generous.

It's nothing.
I wanted you to feel welcome.

I do.



Do you want something to eat
from one of the restaurants,

or I could make you something?

I'm not hungry... just tired.

I'm sorry.

You've gone through so much trouble.

No, no. Please. I...

You had a long trip. I should have...

I should have realized
that this could be overwhelming.

It's sweet...

but all I want right now
is a hot bath and a soft bed.

The master suite is upstairs.
I'll show you.

No need.

I'll find it.

This is your law office?

Nobody knows about this place.
We'll be safe here. Take a seat.

Ms. Page.

Agent Nadeem.

You tried to warn me about Fisk.

I should have listened.

- And about what happened at the church...
- Let's not... Let's not go there.

In the end, you got me out alive,

so I guess that means
we're on the same side now.

Yeah. I guess it does.

All right. We're gonna get your family
safe, Ray, but we can't ask for WITSEC.

If Fisk got to the Bureau,
he can get to the Marshals Service.

We were thinking overseas.
Maybe with a friend or a distant relative.


my brother's wife has a cousin in Bihar.

- I never liked him.
- [Karen] Oh, I can get 'em a flight.

But Fisk's people
will be watching the airports,

so we should fly 'em out of Montreal.

Um, I've had some time to think
about how to get away from him.

[Ray] They'll be watching
my bank accounts.

We'll cover it.


But it might be more than I deserve.

Look, you... you hurt people.

It doesn't have to define you.

You should get ready, Ray.

Locker room is through there.


You're right.
His mistakes don't need to define him.

Neither do yours.


I should get going.
I don't wanna miss my window.

No, uh, "It's too dangerous, Karen"?


Clearly, you can handle yourself.

[stammers] But, you know,
Karen, please, be careful.

Got it.

[police siren wails]

Detective Mahoney.

I see you're putting in
for early retirement.

No, sir, Mr. District Attorney.
There's someone who needs to talk to you.

Oh, hell.

[Tower] You ever hear of a phone?

I'm as familiar with my phone
as you are with the "ignore call" button.

What do you want?

Another viral video you can use
to campaign against me?

I want to make you an offer
that you won't want to refuse.

I can't wait.

In exchange for an hour of your time,

I'll drop out of the race
and hand you the election.

- What's the punch line?
- No punch line.

I'm just asking that you sit down with
Matt Murdock and me and a client of ours,

and just listen to what he has to say.

I do that, and you just drop out?


You know,
I don't even pick up a book in the airport

without reading the last page first?

I need to know what this meeting is about.


- It's about Wilson Fisk.
- For the love of...

You need help, Nelson.
Get the hell out of my car.

Fisk is thr*at my family.

He got them dirty, and now he's using them
as leverage against me.

So if you win the election...

and take my job,
Fisk will control New York's DA?


So, honestly, I'm dropping out whether
you give me an hour of your time or not.

But I'm asking you to anyway.

You'll withdraw publicly?

And endorse you.

Throw in an extra minutes,
I'll even vote for you.

[Matt] You ready for this?

Testifying is not gonna be easy.

I loved my job.

And I loved being the good guy.

I want to be
on the right side of the line again.

[Matt chuckles]

You didn't love it enough to stop Fisk.

Fisk knows how to make people vulnerable.

He got my sister-in-law's
health insurance canceled,

left my family with bills to pay.
Bills that I had to...

So you take a loan, you sell your house,
you figure it out.

You don't allow yourself
to become an accessory.

- It wasn't that easy...
- You backed his play, Ray.

You moved him into his hotel,
even gave him his toys back.

He was giving information
that saved lives.

While he was taking lives.
While he was taking over the city!

What the hell are you doing?
I thought you were my lawyer!

I am your lawyer, but I can't help you if
you can't answer this one simple question.

Why didn't you blow the whistle when you
watched your boss m*rder an agent?

I don't know.

Or when you saw Dex walk in that church?

You didn't say a g*dd*mn word
when he m*rder a priest.

- I don't know.
- Then why are we here?!

Because I took the damn bait!

Because I didn't want my son to see me
as just an average federal employee.

I messed up.

I destroyed my life.

My family's life.

And I would do anything
to take it all back again.


You tell that to the DA,
and I can help you.

Blake Tower, FBI Special Agent Ray Nadeem.

We've met.

[Matt] Before we begin, some ground rules.

Our client will speak to you
under terms of use immunity.

He does not waive
his Fifth Amendment rights.

Special Agent, I should advise you
that Misters Nelson and Murdock

have their own agendas in this case.

Conflicts of interest are not something
you want in legal counsel.

I trust them.

[Tower] Suit yourself.

Mr. Nelson played his biggest
and last card to get me here.

So, what are you going to tell me?

He's going to tell you that Wilson Fisk
has had people m*rder,

federal law enforcement personnel,

and is currently taxing
New York's criminals

in exchange for protection
from prosecution.

And your client
has personally witnessed these acts?

He did. And he's prepared to testify.

[Tower] Now, before I agree to that,

Agent Nadeem,
why are you coming forward now?

I hurt people.

My pride hurt people.

And I need to make that right again.


I accept the terms of use immunity.

Tell me what you know.


[door opens and closes]

Can I get you anything else, sir?

I just wanted to say I'm sorry
about Karen Page.

She would be d*ad
if Agent Nadeem hadn't interfered.

After everything you've done for me, I...

I just wanted to tell you
that I'll keep my word.

I will find her, and when I do,
I am going...


This matter will be handled,
but not by you.

- I can handle Agent Nadeem.
- Do nothing.

It's clear that I have put
too great a burden on your shoulders.

[soft droning]

[Ray] After the att*ck on my home...

I secured my family
and came directly here.

- This is unbelievable.
- Believe it.

I can convene a special grand jury today.
Probably by : p.m.

Great. Our offer is straightforward.

Agent Nadeem's testimony
in exchange for full immunity.

He just confessed to being
an accessory in how many homicides?

Cases you would never make
in a million years

without our client's testimony.

If this was a larceny case,
or corruption, maybe.

But he's a federal law enforcement officer
that looked the other way

while class A felonies,
homicides, were committed.

Two men were m*rder in front of him,
and he never said a damn word.

He didn't say a thing,
because he was afraid for his family.

Fisk tried to k*ll them all last night,

and Agent Nadeem is here today,
telling you everything.

Can you say
you'd do the same thing, Mr. Tower?

Our offer expires
when you walk out that door.

Full immunity, or we're advising
our client to run for his life.

Five years.

- On each count.
- No.

- [Tower] You can't do m*rder and walk.
- [Foggy] Come on, Blake, no jail time.

You'll be the DA
who took down Wilson Fisk,

and the next stop on the Tower train
is the governorship.

Five years, on all counts.

Final offer.

Thank you for coming by, Mr. Tower.


He's right.

I did the crime.

And I need to keep my family safe.

I'll take it.

It's okay.

I'm good with this.

[Tower] Let me make a call.

[door opens]

[door closes]

Sami, there's something
I need to talk to you about.

You might hear some stories about me,
some stuff that...

sounds like I did bad things.

No, I didn't do them.

But I didn't stop them
from happening, either.

And that's just as bad.

I was trying to keep
you and your mom safe.

That's all that matters to me.

I don't care what people say about me,

all I care about is...
what you say about me,

and that you get to live
the life that you want.

I love you, kid.

Hey. Feels good, right?

What? Letting Ray serve five years?

Any other lawyers,
he would've gone away a lot longer.

But I meant working together, you and me.

Doing what we're supposed to be doing
the way we're supposed to be doing it.

Yeah... it felt good.


I miss this, working together,
giving a shit about my clients.

Not just billing midtown jackholes
in six-minute increments.

Those jackholes pay well, though, huh?

What, are those new shoes?

Seems like you
got used to the money, Nelson.

So I'll get unused to it.

We should do this again.

Don't get ahead of yourself.
We're not there yet.

But we're getting there.



I'm sorry, I overslept.
Long flights do me in.

I heard the shower.
I thought you might be famished.

- My favorite.
- Yes, I remember.

[Vanessa chuckles]

More salt?

It's perfect.

Vanessa, something's bothering you.

Please tell me what it is.


While I was away, I was always surrounded
by your bodyguards.

"How are you, Ms. Marianna?"

"How is your day going, Ms. Marianna?"

I was always "fine."

The day was always "nice."

One day, I, um, found myself
on the Nervión River in Bilbao.

Hundreds of people...

Tourists posed for pictures, held hands...

kissed on the riverfront.

I was surrounded by people...

but I wasn't with them.

I was lonely.

Vanessa, we have both been lonely.

And I still am.

I'm here, surrounded by your things,
your people, even you...

but I still don't feel that I'm with you.

What can I do?

- I'll do anything. Please, tell me.
- [door opens]

[Felix clears throat]

I am sorry to bother you, sir,
but I'm afraid this cannot wait.

Not here.

I have to...

Forgive me, please.

[Vanessa] Of course.

[Fisk] Never in front of Vanessa.

Tell me.

Agent Nadeem has not yet been located.

But my source tells me

that the state's grand jury
that was to be released this morning

has been held late.

What's more, courthouse security
has been dramatically increased.

These could be indications...

Nadeem is intending to testify.

That could be problematic.

Yes, it would, sir.

What's unclear to me
is how you failed to k*ll him!

Daredevil interfered.

The men responsible have been eliminated.

However, the ultimate responsibility
does rest with me.

If you would like my resignation,
I understand.

You protected her...

two years.

You kept Vanessa safe when I couldn't.

No, Felix. I want you to finish the job.

If you need assistance, call our friends.

Do whatever it takes.

I will not be indicted.

Hey, Tommy, I'll have two...

Two knishes with extra sauerkraut
and extra mustard.

It's : .

You're a creature of habit.


This totally doesn't mean
that I forgive you, by the way.

- I'm trying to keep a low profile.
- I'm sorry.

You-know-who's people
are looking for me, so...

Well, after what happened
at the church,

so is every FBI agent
and reporter in the city.

Uh, your knishes?

Oh! Uh, here.

So, um... are we doing this?

If by "this" you mean
I tell you who Daredevil is, then no.

What I can tell you is who attacked
the Bulletin in Daredevil's suit.

Do you have a name?

Ben Poindexter.

The FBI agent who saved Fisk.

Yeah, well,
apparently he made a good impression,

because he's working for him now.

- And you can prove this how?
- I don't have to.

In a couple of hours,
the head of Fisk's FBI detail

is going to testify to everything
in front of a grand jury.

Ray Nadeem
is going to turn state's witness.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

It's a hell of an exclusive. Welcome back.

No, see, actually,
it's not gonna be an exclusive.

Come on, Ellison, this is...
This is bigger than just our newspaper.

When Fisk had our offices attacked,
he was trying to silence the truth.

God help me.

- [Karen sighs]
- [clears throat]

Okay, so what is it, exactly,
that you want me to do?

I need you to call a press conference.

Just tell everyone
that Karen Page wants to make a statement.

This is from Wilson.

I was wondering where it had gone.

Hey, we haven't formally met yet.

I'm Agent Poindexter.


If you need anything at all,
just think of me as the new James Wesley.

Pleasure to meet you.

Vanessa Marianna.

[Vanessa sighs]

I've always told Wilson
he has great taste in art.

He does love to put
beautiful things on display.

Where did you find it?

Some lady had it.
Wilson couldn't get her to sell it.

Well, that must have been
very disappointing for him.

It's the painting in his collection
that means the most to us.

I figured that...

so I thought I'd ask her
just one last time.

Thank you, Agent Poindexter.

Perhaps you can arrange
to have it hung for us?

It'd be my pleasure, ma'am.

[Ray] What about Nelson?

Foggy's ironing out some details
with the DA.

He's gonna meet us at the courthouse.

- Then let's get this over with.
- Not that one. This one.

[Ray] Really?

[Matt] Hey.

Mahoney tell you this could get rough?

He told me you're taking out Fisk.
That's all I need to hear.

Courthouse. No stops.

[sirens wailing]

I need to ask you something.

You want to know about Daredevil. [sighs]

I stepped off the path for a few weeks,
and it destroyed my life...

But your life,
you step on and off all the time.

It complicates my life, too.

- Trying to have it both ways.
- Does it?

I mean, your friends know who you are,
what you do.

My life almost got them k*lled.

And not for the first time.

I don't see how I can have it both ways.

But you already do.

I messed up,
and no matter what happens today...

I don't know
if my wife's ever coming back.

But your friends keep coming back.

I mean, how do you hold onto them?

It's not me.

It's them.

[vehicles honking]

[indistinct chatter]

[horn honking]

[man ] Light it up.

[a*t*matic g*n]


[driver gasping]

[Ray] Get us out of here!

He's d*ad.

Draw your w*apon.

There's a guy there.

I can't sh**t blind. Anybody...

They're reloading, Ray! f*re your w*apon!

[man grunting]


- [man grunting]
- Through there.

- You got him.
- Let's go.

Wait! Ray! Wait!



- We stick together. Understand?
- I know what I'm doing.

- I'll get us to the courthouse.
- Stop, Ray. Listen to me.

You need to trust me.

You pretend to lead me,
but you do what I say.

Stay down.
All right, there's two ahead of us.

- [keys rattling]
- [alert beeping]

[panting] All right. Up ahead,
there's a way out. This way.

Two o'clock. Go.

- [pop music playing over car stereo]
- [woman gasping]

[men speaking indistinctly]

Bus. Take the bus.


- [men continue indistinctly]
- Okay, go.

Sit down. Wait for my cue.


Hello? What's... what's happening?


Hello? Is anybody there?

Hey... [grunts]

[Ray grunting]


- Let's go. It's just up ahead.
- [panting]

Oh, shit. It's a cab.

I think I should drive.

[alert beeping]

[car engine starting]

[Karen panting]

Hey. Where are they?

- Late. Why?
- There's been an att*ck.

People got sh*t a few blocks from here.

- Oh, shit.
- They're locking down the building.

- I need to call my office.
- Hey. We're here.

- [Tower] What the hell happened?
- Fisk knows he's going to testify.

- Are you in any condition to?
- [panting]

- Absolutely, yeah.
- Okay. Let's go.

Okay, here's the deal.

After you testify, Tower will take you
for arraignment, then we'll bail you out.

What about my family?

Spoke with Seema. They'll be on
a flight to Delhi in the morning.

It's not forever. Just until we get Fisk
put away. And you'll get to say goodbye.

- I don't know how to thank you...
- Don't. Just go get Fisk.

- You all set?
- Yeah, Ellison really delivered.

Is it just me, or did our plan...

- Foggy, I'm begging you, don't say it.
- But it feels good, right?

The three of us working together
and saving the... Okay.

Look, I gotta go, okay?

[Matt] Oh, man.

[exhales sharply]

[bailiff] You do affirm that
all the testimony

that you are about to give
in the case now before the court

will be the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?

This you do affirm under the pains
and penalties of perjury?

I do.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You ready for this?

Uh, no. [breathes deeply]

Okay, come on. Let's go.

Hi, I'm Karen Page.
I'm here to make a statement.

- Why didn't Daredevil k*ll you?
- Let her speak.

We have all been lied to.

All right? We've been manipulated

by a sociopath
who doesn't care about the truth...

or about who he hurts
or about anyone other than himself.

Last night, Wilson Fisk tried to have me
k*lled because I know the truth.

The man who was wearing the Daredevil suit
is not the real Daredevil.

He is an impostor

who is helping Wilson Fisk take back
control of New York's criminal underworld.

At this moment,
a grand jury is hearing testimony...

- You seeing this?
- [reporter ] ...Fisk is involved?

[reporter ] Can you identify
this impostor? This fake Daredevil.

Where did he come from?

[reporter ] Who's testifying
to the grand jury? Can you give us a name?


Your client was very convincing.

Keep him here
until the indictment comes in.

Don't worry. We'll hold up our end.

- [Tower] Good. I'm counting on it.
- Thank you, sir.

You okay?

For a guy who's about to send
his family away and go to prison? [sighs]

Yeah, I guess so.

You did good, Ray.

You heard everything through the wall,
didn't you?

You know that's kind of creepy?

Oh, he knows.

I heard a man standing up to Fisk.

Your son will hear the same thing.

And it'll mean a lot to him.

I didn't know if we could
get this done today, but we did.


you did.

So, thank you.

So, what now?

Hopefully, you'll serve out your sentence
in a minimum security prison.

- Can't be sure.
- [juror speaking indistinctly]

Will I do the whole term?

My guess is
you won't serve the whole five.

Hopefully. Good behavior, you never know.

[juror] Willie Young,
West th Street.

Sara Torres, East th Street.

What the hell? That's my address.

Holy shit.

[juror] Tom McGuinness, Lovell Ave.

I'm sorry, they made me memorize them.

[Foggy] So just take it day by day.
That's all you can...

Oh, no.

- Matt? What's wrong?
- [exhales sharply]

The jurors.

Fisk got to them.

At this time, the grand jury
has elected not to indict Wilson Fisk,

but this office, under my leadership,
will pursue every lead,

every piece of evidence that leads us
to uncovering the truth,

wherever we may find it.

[news anchor] We'll continue to cover
this breaking news story

as events unfold.

Karen Page,
this all started with you, didn't it?

"Started"? What do you mean?

You leaked the grand jury story,
and it was all a lie.

No, it's not a lie.

Is it a desperate attempt to boost
readership for the failing Bulletin?

Screw you, Jerry.
What's Fisk paying you, anyway?

- Get out of here.
- [reporters clamoring]

[Ray vomiting]

[Matt] It's not gonna end this way, Ray.

We're not gonna let it.

The system will work.


You still believe that?

We've been here before. We can fix this.

Tower will impanel another grand jury
and try again.

We're not done here. Right, Matt?

I told you this would happen.

- I need to know where you're going.
- Gonna find Tower.

Make sure he tries again.

- Right. Good.
- [door opens]

- [water running]
- [door closes]

[Ray sighs]

When he gets back,
we'll get you someplace safe.


Fisk is unstoppable.

My family's never going to be safe.

Don't talk like that, Ray.

I'm sorry.

[Ray] No...

I'm sorry.

How did this get here?

A gift from Agent Poindexter.

He persuaded the owner to part with it.

Did he?

I intended for the painting
to remain with her.

He said to think of him
as the new James Wesley.

- Is he?
- No.

But he is useful.

[Vanessa] Is he dangerous?

Nothing to be concerned about.

I'll handle it.


- It's not important.
- It is to me.

I think it's time we speak plainly.

Speak honestly.

I'm always honest with you.

When I first met you,
I was fascinated by your strength.

Your brutality so clear to me,
even as you hid it from me.

I wanted to observe everything you did.

And as I did, I fell in love with you.

But this?

If this is all we have...

it will leave me lonely, Wilson.

As lonely as I was in Spain.

When you stopped your man
from speaking in front of me, I...

I was reminded
that I am not a part of your life.

Not fully, and so not at all.

And this...

I don't want to admire your world.

I want to live inside of it with you.

Vanessa, it's one thing to know my work,

but it's another...

to dirty your hands with it.

My hands were never clean.

If you truly want me...

share your life with me.


Come with me, please.

Hey, beautiful.

It's me.

I'm home.

You remember our wedding vows?

"I love you more than life itself."

I still do.

And, Sami, your name means "elevated."

And that's what you did for me.

Made my life better
in the most unexpected ways.

Elevate your mom now.

You're watching everyone.

Everyone I need to.

An update, please, Mr. Manning.

And speak freely.

I will no longer
keep anything from Vanessa.

Very good, sir.

Agent Nadeem has been located.

His testimony to the grand jury
remains sealed and inadmissible...

but given its public nature,

we should weigh the benefits
of keeping him alive.

Force Nadeem to stand trial
for the m*rder of Agent Winn,

turning the FBI against him
and discrediting him in the press.

My thoughts exactly, sir.

Wilson, what does Agent Nadeem
know about your business?

A considerable amount.

And is he determined to find ways
to hurt you? To hurt us?


Don't you think it would be safer
to remove the thr*at?

Yes, I do.

If Agent Poindexter is useful,
perhaps he can help us with this problem.

- You'll let him know, won't you?
- [Felix] Yes, ma'am.

I hoped it'd be you.

Hi, Ray.

Come on inside. Let's talk.

Come on, Dex. We both know
you're a better liar than that.

You want a private place to k*ll me.

You're in a tough spot, Ray. I get that.

It sounds hard. Really hard.

When he's done with you,
he'll bury you, too.

You know that, right?

I'm doing fine.

And you would be, too,
if you hadn't opened your mouth.

It's not too late
to turn things around, Dex.

Fisk manipulated you, just like he did me
and Tammy and everyone else.

I can help you cut a deal with the DA.

We can take him down, you and me.

Two federal agents... like we were before.


No, that's not gonna happen, Ray.

I'm more than a fed now.

I feel more myself
than I have in my whole life.

Fisk gave me that.

As long as I'm alive, my family's at risk.

Let's go, Ray.

I'm not going anywhere with you, Dex.

[sighs] Whatever you need to do...
you do it here.


[dogs barking]

Thanks, Brett.

Yeah, okay.

- Matt, please...
- No. We tried it your way.

[door opens]

[door slams]

[dramatic music playing]
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