06x26 - The Story of Rocky's Raiders

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Flintstones". Aired: September 30, 1960 – April 1, 1966.
Living in Bedrock, Fred Flintstone works an unsatisfying job, but returns home to his wife Wilma and eventually daughter Pebbles.
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06x26 - The Story of Rocky's Raiders

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What do we do now, Rock?

Try to get out of this tree,

What then?
We lost our plane!

I know,

and someone's going to pay
for that.

His initials are baron
Von Rickenrock.

Boy, what a story.

This diary is better
than the movie.

So, what happened?
Go on.

Yes, Fred, why
are you stopping?

I'm hungry.

Oh, brother.

Read some more,

O.K., O.K.

"The situation was desperate,
but not hopeless.

As we worked to free
ourselves from the tree..."



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy

Of Fred's two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

Well, out of the clear sky,

We get this letter
from grandpa Flintstone.

He's decided to visit us.

Help with this
trunk, will you, Barn?


Looks like it will
be a long visit,

from the way the
boys are moving things.

They're not
moving things.

They're taking
out all the gifts

grandpa's sent us
that we've been hiding.

Oh, I get it,

like the stuffed pelican
mamma sent Barney and me

for our anniversary.

Ha ha ha ha!

That's the idea.

Oh, no! Where did you
find that, Fred?

Hee hee hee!

In the back
of the garage.

Grandpa's very proud
of this head.

It's a Flintstone
family tradition.

You know something?

I can see
the resemblance.

Oh, very funny,
very funny.

I was only kidding.

You don't look anything
like that rhinosaurus.

You bet I don't.

Right. You outweigh him
by 20 pounds easy.

Ha ha ha.

one of these days...

Oh, stop it,
you two.

What on earth?

Ga ga ga ga ga.

Ha ha ha!

It's grandpa's old
stone world w*r I helmet.

Ho ho!

And Pebbles.

Ha ha ha ha!

Oh, dear. The kids
got into grandpa's old trunk.

I hope there's
nothing valuable.

Bamm bamm.
Bamm bamm bamm.

No. It's mostly filled
with souvenirs

from stone world w*r I.

Yeah. He was
an ace flyer,

old grandpa Flintstone.

That trunk's filled
with old pictures

and old uniforms,

and old maps,

and old
hand grenades.

- Hand grenades?
- Hand grenades?

Bamm bamm.
Bamm bamm bamm.

Oh, no. Bamm-Bamm
has one of them.

Oh, my!
Fred, how can you

leave things like that

Hee hee! Relax.
It's harmless.

Hey, but I did find
something exciting in there--

Grandpa's diary.

Boy, you should
read it!

Fred, isn't it

No. It says
right here,

"May all who love

"take to their hearts,
this chronicl of that daring flyboy,

that death defying, crazy kid,

"That unsung hero
of stone world w*r I--

"Lieutenant Rockbottom
K. Flintstone--

For this is the story
of Rocky's Raiders."

Rocky's Raiders?


I'll read
some of it.

Go, go, go, Fred.

"The real story
began in Paris

"One fateful day
in june.

"My buddy, lieutenant
Reggie Vanderock, and I

"Were sitting
in the cafe.

"While I studied my maps,

"Old reggie was ordering
cactus berry bubbly

"From Fifi la Rock,

"The beautiful red-headed
resistance worker.

"Little did we know,
as I was studying my maps

"and reggie
was studying Fifi,

Someone was studying us."

Here we are,
my fearless little soldier.

To you, my little
french lambchop.

To you, my brave
little flyboy.

To you, my dainty
little dumpling,

my luscious little
cream puff.

Vanderock, either drink
that toast, or order dinner.

You're making me hungry.

Oh, sorry, Rocky.

Here's to you.

Oui. Here's to lieutenant
Rocky Flintstone,

The bravest,
the strongest...

You Rockbottom
K. Flintstone?


- You sure?
- Yep.

Those other two O.K.?


Stonehenge, CIA.

Washington's got a job
for you, Flintstone.

I'm your man,

Why do they whisper?
What is CIA?

Shh! Not so loud,
my little pigeon.

What does my country
want of me, Stonehenge?

Rescue Mata Harock.


One thing, though--
Who is she?

Zut alors!
You don't know?

She is my best friend--

Beautiful, warm,
so full of life.

Once, she danced
the charlestone,

All Paris watched.

Da da da da.

Everyone knows
Mata Harock.

Da da da da.

knows her, eh?

Never heard of her.

She's the world's most
famous spy, Flintstone.

Well, Rocky don't
read newspapers,

Just maps.

Where is she?

Held prisoner in a
Flemish farmhouse...

behind their lines.

Well, sir...

Stonehenge of the CIA,

I promise you
I will get her.

One thing, though--
Who's got her?

Baron Erich Von Rickenrock.


Duh-- Duh-- Duh--
Duh-- Duh--

The horrible hun?

Hide the maps.

Von Rickenrock--
That's your man.

Let's go, Vanderock.

Right, Rocky.

No, no!
It cannot be done.

It is too dangerous.

So long, cream puff.

No, no! I will never
see you again!

That's the breaks,

your plane, men.

Looks like
she'll make it.

You can't send kids
up in a crate like that.

No, but we can send
you guys.

My, darling, no!

Good luck, men.

Thank you, sir.

We'll try
to make you proud

of Rocky's Raiders.

What Raiders?
There's only the two of us.

Two's company.
Three's a crowd.

Let's go, Vanderock.

[Propeller starts]

Onward and upward!

Into the wild
blue yonder!

Stop! Stop!
Wait! Wait!

Try to be brave,
cream puff.

I must tell you

Keep the home fires
burning, kid!

No, wait! Please!

Poor kid. She really
has it bad.

Come back here!

You did not pay the bill
at the cafe!

You freeloaders!

So... you will not talk,
my beautiful one?

We shall see.

Oh, do with me
what you will,

O horrible hun.

I will never betray
my country.

But which is
your country?

For whom
do you work?

Oh, I forgot.

Let's see.

The americans hired me
to spy against the germans,

Who hired me to spy
against the French,

Who hired me to spy
against the Spaniards,

Who hired me to spy
against the Dutch,

Who... who...
well, no matter.

I am loyal,

and you I will tell

You'll tell
everyone else.

Why not me?

Because you yell
too much.

[Knock on door]


Baron Von Rickenrock,
enemy aircraft above.

Who are they?


So! That is who
you work for!

That is who I work for?

Oh, good! And, boy,
you should only know

the secrets I just remembered
I'm not going to tell.

Get them!
sh**t them down!

Now, as for you...

tell me what
I want to know,



Look down there!

A Flemish farmhouse!

What do you think?

I can't see it, Rocky.

It's right below.
Why can't you see it?

Because your scarf
is in my eyes!

Oh. Sorry.

Thanks. I see
the farmhouse now.

It definitely looks Flemish.

Let's go down, kid!

How do we know it's the
right Flemish farmhouse?

Look! Someone just
ran out of the house!

Help! Save me!

who are you?

The world's
most famous spy!

Mata Harock!

Prove it!

Prove it? How?

Well, let's see...
oh, yeah, yes.

Can you dance
the charlestone?

Ho ho! Can I dance
the charlestone?

Ha ha!

Da da da da.

When I danced
the charlestone,

All of Paris watch!

Wow! That's her, Rocky.

Look at her go!

Uh-Oh! And that's
Von Rickenrock

who just came out.

You will never
escape, my lovely.

Oh, but I will.

My rescuers
are here!

They will do you
no good.

My men
will get them.

Enemy aircraft
at 0300.


Enemy aircraft
at 0200.


Enemy aircraft
at 12:00 high.

Looks like
we got company.

Let's invite them in.

- One thing, though--
- What's that?

Your scarf is
in my eyes again.

Oh. Sorry.

O.K. Let's get them!

If it's a dogfight
they want,

They'll get it.

Give me more power,

Enemy aircraft directly
behind us, lieutenant.

And one directly
in front of us.

Hold on, Vanderock.

This calls for
some fancy flying.

Watch where you're going,

It's your fault!
You ran into me!

I didn't!

You did!

- Didn't! Didn't! Didn't!
- Did! Did! Did!

Nice flying, lieutenant.

Uh-Oh. There goes
a wing!

The old crate couldn't
stand the strain.

Bail out, reg.

We don't have

This is w*r, kid.

Fake it.



So much for
your rescuers, ja?

Ha ha ha ha!

Oh, those poor,
brave boys,

never had a chance.

Happy landings, fellows,

Wherever you are!

What do we do now, Rock?

We try to get out of this
tree, Vanderock.

What then?
We lost our plane!

I know,

and someone's going
to pay for that.

His initials are baron
Von Rickenrock.

what a story.

This diary is better
than the movie.

What happened?
Go on.

Why are you

I'm hungry.

Oh, brother.

How can you think
about your stomach

With grandpa Flintstone
hanging in a tree?

Yes. Read
some more, Fred.

O.K., O.K.

Let's see here.

"The situation was desperate,
but not hopeless.

"As we worked to free
ourselves from the tree...

"Vanderock and I
could hear Von Rickenrock

"Planning to take
Mata Harock

to another place
for interrogation."

In you go, my dear.

Where are you
taking me?

To the south,

Where you will
never be found.

Woe is me!
I am lost!

Ha ha ha ha!

You're not lost,
beautiful spy.

Rocky's Raiders
will save you!

Good idea, Rock,
but how?

Well, let's take a look.

According to this map,

a train heading south
is due in exactly...

five seconds...





[Train whistle blowing]

You're a mean man
with a map, Flintstone.


Soon, you will be
forced to tell us

what we want
to know.


There they are.

But he's getting
away from us.

We're pulling
too much weight,

So we'll get rid
of a few cars.

Careful, Rocky.

Hey! I'm stuck!


That was close.

Thanks, lieutenant.

Rocky, look.

They've turned off.

"Kaiser Stonehelm's
44th air base."

This is
the big show, kid.


Oh Rock, do I have to?

your nerves are gone?

No. My feet
are sore.


So I told him,
"today is thursday.

"On thursday,
we have hasenpfeffer,

Not sauerbraten."


[In german accent]
psst. Hey, you.

You want to see something
strictly forbidden--

I mean verboten--
In here?


What is verboten?

Us! We're verboten!


Hurry, Vanderock.
Get that uniform on.


Now to find Mata Harock.

Von Rickenrock
said to talk,

or into the water!

Never! Death
before dishonor!

I will never tell!

You cannot make me!

Never! Never! Never!

Achtung! Hold it!

Raise the prisoner!

Ja, mein kapiten!

Untie her, lieutenant.

Ja, mein kapiten!

Captain Von Rickenrock

wishes to question her

Oh ho ho!
I see!

No, no, no!

That is a fate
worse than death!

I will stay here!

Jumping catfish!
Get her out of there.

Right, Rocky--
Uh, lieutenant--

Uh, I mean
mein kapiten.

Come, woman.
No more hysterics.

No! Leave me alone!

I won't go!

Don't be

It's us.

Who are you?

Lieutenants Flintstone
and Vanderock

at your service,

The american pilots!

The american pilots?

Come on!
Let's run for it!

Stop them!
Sound the alarm!

[Alarm sounding]

What's this?

A prisoner is escaping.
Sound the alarm.

Ja, mein kapiten.

Sound the alarm!
Sound the--

But the alarm is on.

Stop! Come back!

Faster, mein kapiten!

Von Rickenrock-Arookenrock
is gaining on us!

They must not escape!

Oh, my brave friends,
we are done for!

Not yet.
Look up ahead.

That plane's
just what we need.

We won't have time
to start it, Rocky.

Yeah, I know.

In, quickly.

We'll play
the old shell game.

Now you see us.

Now you don't.

Ha ha ha ha!

We've got them.

They are trapped.

Ha ha ha ha!

[Brakes screech]

Now what,

They'll come
in that door.

We'll go
out this door.

How'd you know
about that door?

Easy. I read it
on my map.

You've come to the end
of the line.

You may as well
give yourselves up.

Ha ha ha ha!

They are gone!

Search the woods!

Faster! Faster!

They will send out
the patrol.

You go on without me.
I've had it.

I can't run
another step.

Hey! Just what I've
been looking for.

Some transportation.
Look by that house--

A couple of bicycles

and clothes
for a disguise.

Let's borrow them
for a while.

They're catching up
with us!

Don't be frightened.
I'll protect you.

If anyone can,
you can, Rocky.

Here they come.
Keep cool and sing.



Frere Jacques,
frere Jacques


Sonnez les matines,
sonnez les matines


[Von Rickenrock]

Have you seen any american
spies on this road?

[In french accent]
No, but we saw a nifty herd

of belgian broncos.

Ha ha ha ha!

Not what I am
looking for.

It's them!
Don't let them get away!

They will catch us.
All is lost.

Not yet,
my beautiful spy.

to this map,

There's a hay wagon
over this next hill.

Come on. How can a map
possibly tell you--


Like I said before,

You're a mean man
with a map.

It's easy,
once you learn

to read
between the lines.

Come on, nelly!

Give it
all you got!


Oh, Rocky!

Fear not,
beautiful spy.

The situation is desperate,
not hopeless.

Hey, I like that.

Remind me to write that
down sometime, Vanderock.

Before of after they lead us
to the f*ring squad?

"We were trapped,
and trapped good,

"But I wasn't worried.

"By superior

"We managed to pick off
all the enemy,

Von Rickenrock.

I knew he would never
give up the chase."

[Barney] for pete's sake,
don't stop there.

What about Von Rickenrock
and Reggie?

- And Fifi?
- And Mata?

- I can't tell you.
- Why not?

The diary ends
right there.

Oh, swell. What a place
to leave off.

I never heard such an
unbelievable adventure story

in my whole life.

Unbelievable's the word,
all right.

What do you mean
by that?

You think
it's all true?

Wilma Flintstone,
are you doubting

the veracity
of my grandfather?

Yes, Fred,
I certainly am.

Hee hee hee hee!
I don't blame you.

Grandpa always did

Ha ha ha!

The old rascal.
I believed everything.

Me, too, except that part
about the maps.

They lost me
at the german air base.

I caught on when they
were in that french cafe.

I don't wanna spoiling
for a rest of you.

Listen to us.
Ha ha!

We're as bad as grandpa

You know we believed
every word.

And why not?

Rocky's Raiders
was a real good story.

Did someone call?


grandpa Flintstone!

Say, we were just talking
about your diary.

Is that so?

We were wondering
why you didn't finish it,

Weren't we,

That's right.

I haven't had time.

[Airplane engine roaring]

Blast him!
He found me again!

Come out and fight,

Ooh! That
Von Rickenrock's,

a stubborn cuss!

Been tracking me
for 55 years.

Stay back!
He's in a bad mood today.

You want
to play rough, huh?

Take that,
you old geezer!

I don't
believe it.

This can't be

You will never



Oh! Playing dirty, huh?

where are my maps?

Right here,

And I got more
amm*nit*on, too!

Oh, it can't be.

But it is!

Reggie Vanderock.

Ha ha!
You missed me!

Pass the amm*nit*on,

We'll give him a little
antiaircraft f*re!

Enemy aircraft
bearing 160!


Bearing 215!


Hee hee hee!

Well, it just
goes to prove,

anything is possible.

Hee hee hee hee!




Hee hee hee hee!

Hee hee hee!

meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're

With the Flintstones

Have a Yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time

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