06x24 - ...That Ends Well

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Party of Five". Aired: September 12, 1994 – May 3, 2000.
After their parents die in a car accident, the five Salinger siblings are forced to live on their own, with oldest son Charlie appointed the guardian.
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06x24 - ...That Ends Well

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[theme song playing]

♪ Everybody wants to live ♪

♪ Like they wanna live ♪

♪ And everybody wants to love ♪

♪ Like they wanna love ♪

♪ Everybody wants to be ♪

♪ Closer to free ♪

♪ Closer to free ♪

[heart beating softly]

[doctor] Have you
felt any movement?

No. Not yet.

Is that okay?
I mean, does that mean--

All that means is
that it's too soon,

but you-- You will.

You're not picking up any, uh,
spare change or keys, are you?

Because, and I mean this in
a completely loving way,

but my wife's been
eating everything

-that's not locked down.
-[both laugh]

Heart function is good.

Kidney development,
right on schedule.

Huh. What can I say?
He looks great.

Hey, you mean that in a generic
non-sex specific way, right?

Kind of like how you
refer to a ship as she.

N-no. Kind of the way you
refer to a baby with a penis.

Oh. I-- I thought you said
you wanted to know.

God, did I misread
the notation on your file?

-My handwriting's terrible.

-No! It's--
-No. We were just

expecting one of those...

Those drum roll moments.

Right. [laughs]

Well, then, uh...

[mimicking fanfare]

It's a boy.

[Kirsten laughs] It's a boy.

Charlie, we're having a boy.

I don't see it.

Right there, you see?

That? So tiny.

So teeny, teeny tiny.

It's barely anything.

Well, he'll get bigger.

Yeah. I hope so.

'Cause kids
can be really cruel.


So, what are you
gonna name him?

Have you decided?

Well, it's a pretty short list.

You know, Jerry Boffman's

they let him name
his baby brother.



Well, Fritz.

It's his dad's name.

That'd be kind of cool
to name the kid after,

you know, a relative.

Well, that's sort of
along the same lines

that we're thinking of
for this baby.

But, you know, if you wanted
to pick the name, Owen...

Really? You'd let me do that? Really? You'd let him do that?

Yeah. I mean, I think
it'll mean a lot to him

to be able to say that his
Uncle Owen gave him his name

And that the name,

it had a very, very special
meaning for both of you.

Kind of like you naming
Diana after mom.


[bell ringing]

What's going on?
Is everything okay?

Of course. What, I can't treat
my brother to a nice lunch?

Of course you can.
You absolutely can.

It's just in 17 years,
you haven't.


You had this... sort of,

"I gotta tell you something"
tone in your voice on the phone.

Yeah, I did. [sighs]

I do.

Bailey, um...

I'm going to Juilliard
in the fall.


But I thought you accepted
at Stanford already.

I did, but just because
it was... well, safe...

And completely doable.

But, I mean, Juilliard.

They're offering me a pretty
okay financial aid package.

They've got a great
work-study program.

And I want this.

Really, it just...
It feels right.


You could say something.

You might want to budget
some train tickets

into the financial equation.

I'm sorry. You want me
to take trains back and forth
to San Francisco?

No. Not San Francisco, not home.



I don't know anyone
in Philadelphia.

You know me.

So, that's Charlie.
Claud's free.

I just gotta check
with Bailey.

[Justin] Couldn't you just
tell everybody a little bit
more casually?

You know, bump into Charlie,
break the good news,

Say don't tell Bailey

'cause I want to
tell him myself,

And so on?

No. I want to make it
a big deal.

It is a big deal.

I'm moving across the country,
for God's sakes.

I'm starting a new job.
You're starting at Georgetown.

I want to make an event
out of this, you know?


You know, you're being
a little bit manic about this?


Okay, I just, um...

I don't want to have
a series of heart-to-hearts.

I don't want to talk
about the pros and cons

of leaving everyone behind.

I'm not gonna treat this
like a mixed blessing.

I want to stand up at Salinger's
with a smile on my face

And say, "Hey! Guess what
I'm leaving to do

and guess who's coming with me,

and you know what,
I'm really excited.

And you all don't have a choice
but to be excited for me."

You know?

Got ya.

[Claudia] So, what's
the big mystery?

Yeah, Julia, tell us.

Okay, okay. I have a little
announcement to make.

Come on. Let's hear it.

No. Not so fast.

You guys order your food
and--and relax.

I want to build
the suspense.

So, what's everybody
having, huh?

Hey, Jule, listen,
before we get started,

uh, I have something
to tell you, too.

I kinda have
a little news of my own,

and everybody else
already knows.


In a couple months,
I'm going to be leaving

to go to school
in Philadelphia.


Yep. I'm gonna get
an undergraduate degree

in Business at the University
of Pennsylvania.

Wait. You're leaving?


And-- And everyone else
knew this?

I had to work it out
with Charlie and Owen first,

and I just told Claudia
this morning.

Hey, Jule,
what's the problem?

The problem is
you can't be doing that.

Bailey, that's what I'm doing.

That's-- That's my news.
I'm leaving.


I got offered a job
in Washington.

I'm going to be an intern
for the National Organization
for Women.

Justin is coming with me.

He already transferred
to Georgetown.

I thought you guys
were getting engaged.

Engaged? What, are you clueless?

Justin just got separated
a month ago.

-[Bailey] Yeah, I know that.
-So we're all leaving?

-What do you mean
we're all leaving?

I'm going to Juilliard.

What about Stanford?

I changed my mind.

Wait-- Wait a second.

-Wait just a second.

No. This is getting a little
out of hand here.

Bailey and I talked
about him leaving.

So-- So what
does that matter? He-- He talked to you first,
so he gets to go?

I mean, how is that fair?

Mine is set already, Julia.

Well, so is mine, Bailey.

Mine, too.

[Owen] Hey. What about me?

Who's gonna stay with me
and Charlie if you all go?

And coca-cola classic

You mind?

We've got a problem,
you know.

[clicks tongue]

No kidding.

I mean, whenever
one of us goes away,

the rest of us,
we just kind of...

I don't know,
close the circle,

wait for the person
to come back.

And we've dealt with
that plenty of times,

But this?
This is different.

What do you
want me to say?

Just think
about it, Bailey.

Look, you got
a great internship.

I understand that, okay?

But you know

that you could get another one
just like it next year.

You know that.

You have a great resume.

You can get anything
you want, Julia.


Well, I'm not like that.

I need help.

I have to get lucky.

Well, this guy
that Charlie knows, h e's pulling strings
for me big time.

I won't get a chance
at a Business degree

from an Ivy League school
ever again.

Ever again...

if I give this up.

I told them yes
in Washington.

Bailey, I told my school.

I'm always the one
that backs down, Julia. I'm always the one
that gets stuck here.

I'm not giving in this time.

I worried about all
the wrong things, didn't I?

What do you mean?

I spent all this time
trying to work things out
with Bailey,

Trying to make peace
with the idea of him leaving,

negotiating all the little
details, Owen and the house, what it would be like
for me and Julia and Claudia
to be without him...


What a complete
waste of time.

It's really incredible how
things work out, isn't it?

I mean, way back...
in the beginning,

Right after
mom and dad died...

and before that, too.
I mean...

I was the one who didn't
give a damn about any of this.


Family. God, I didn't...

I didn't want any of it.

And now I'm
the only one who's left.

I don't know what
I'm going to do.

What did he say?


[Justin] You using
the washer still?

I've got a load here.

Yeah. That's fine.

You stayed over, huh?


Look, I'm sure you
and Julia talked
about what she had--

No. Dude, you don't have to
say anything.

You don't have to explain.

You got what
you wanted, right?


She didn't tell you yet?

She's not going.

She's put a call into
Washington this morning,

turning down her job.

So, you go, she stays.

[sighs] Listen, Justin,

when I applied,
I had no idea--

All right. All right, look.
I know, Bailey, I know.

This is the biggest opportunity
you've ever had, right?

She explained it all
very clearly.

Well, the problem is that
this is not just about

who makes the best career move.

Meaning what?

Meaning it is also
about her and me, about being in love
and getting out of here.

W-why do you have
to get out of here?

Are you kidding?

Because of all of you.
Because... when she's here,

she can't get away
from her family.

I mean, for God's sakes,

look at the decision
that she just made.

Throwing away all of
her plans just for you.


You know, a good school

is not the only chance in life
that doesn't come around twice.

Hey, Char, I decided
on a name for the baby.

You have?

Yeah. I thought a lot
about what you said.

You did?

How it would be good
to name him after someone
who matters to me.

Someone who I
kind of owe a lot to.


I think I know
where this is going,
but lay it on me.


I'm sorry. Stewy?

After Stewy Detillo.
He's on my soccer team.

Stewy? You wanna
name the baby Stewy?

Char, Stewy Detillo
is, like, amazing.

He scored five goals
last Saturday.

He's really good at flicking
boogers across the room.

Wouldn't that be cool
if the baby could do that?

But you're indebted
to him how exactly?

Owen, you said you
wanted to name the baby
after someone you owe a lot to.

But you said I could pick.

I can't let you do that.

It's not your decision,
Bailey. It's mine.

Yeah, but you want
to go to Juilliard.

Claudia, I just sat across
from you at lunch yesterday.

Yeah, so? [scoffs]

Maybe that's not where
I'm meant to be.

Maybe the greatest teacher
I'll ever have is sitting in
a classroom at Stanford
right now.

Maybe my closest,
lifelong friend has got
her acceptance there, too.
You never know.

Is that really
what you think?

That it doesn't matter
where you go,

your first choice,
your second choice?

I don't know.

Here's the thing, Bailey...

For the last six years,

it's been pretty much
a one-way street,

with you taking care of me.


That's not true.
It went both ways.

We're even, Claud.

Not even close.

You and Charlie and Julia
stayed here and kept
us together,

for me and for Owen.

You were 16.

Younger than I am now.

And you did all that for me.

Now it's my turn.

[people chattering]



You're paying 38 and a quarter
for a flat of Brazilian cherry?

Yeah, well, Stamson
raised his prices.

Well, he still owes us
eight flats from March.

You make sure you hold him
to the old price.

What is this, you take
the kid out of the business,

but you can't take
the business out of the kid?

[both chuckle]

Something like that, yeah.

Just don't be surprised
when I come crawling back here.

I had a nice
couple of days there,

thinking I could
actually do it.

I could actually...
take off,

head back East.

What are you
talking about?

[sighs] If I go, then everything
unravels for Julia and Claudia.

They won't go, if I go.

Wait. They said that?

Claudia told me she's
saying yes to Stanford,

and Justin said that
Julia's backing out.

And, uh...

Why are you staying?

I tried saying...
"No, forget it.

This is my turn to leave."

But... [chuckles]

...let's be honest here.

If the guilt didn't k*ll me,

it'd just get me flunked out
and sent back home, anyway.

And by that time,

Julia will have
lost this internship, and they would've given Claud's
spot at Juilliard away,

so I'm just gonna
bow out now...

[clicks tongue]

...and, I thought
you should know.

Bailey, I mean,
maybe there's a way--

No. You know what?

It's not really
such a horrible thing...

to put them first.

I mean, I love them.


I'll get my chance
some other time.

Bailey, listen.


You don't need
to say anything.

It's okay.

I mean... no.

Obviously, it's not... okay,

but... it's how it is.

We've had a chance to say that
about a lot of things

for a long time now,
haven't we?

"It's not okay.
It's just how it is."

Anyway... [sighs]
I'll see you.

[Charlie] Julia,
you home? Jule!

Charlie? [Charlie] Claudia!


Charlie, what's going on?

-I need to talk to you.
-Is something wrong?

Owen, too. Is he here?

What happened?
Something happen?

[Julia] Charlie,
is Kirsten okay?

She's fine. It's, uh...

It's what?


Look, uh...

I do this thing...

um... after all these years,
it's kind of a reflex,

where... I ask myself
what they would do.

What answer
would they have

if three of their kids
came to them with
a good reason to leave,

a great opportunity that
was gonna take them far away?

What would they say?

And, uh...

they'd say go.

You should go,
the three of you.

No, they wouldn't.

They would--
They would want us
to stay together.

We talked
about this already.

We can't all leave.

It's too much,
all three of us.

And they wouldn't
want that.

I know they wouldn't.

Claudia, if they were alive,

we all would've left
years ago.

You don't know that.

Oh, come on.

Julia and Bailey would've
been out that door at 18.

And you would've
gone off to college
without even a look back.

And none of us
would know Owen.


[sighs] I'd barely
know any of you,

and none of you would know me,
I would've been out of the house
for so long.

I mean, maybe we'd catch up
once a year at a birthday party

or Christmas morning,

But we'd be off
living separate lives.

And that wouldn't
be a tragedy.

It'd just be how
it was meant to be.

The-- The truth is...

...we've stayed together
so much longer
than most families.

We've taken care of
each other so much longer.


it's gotta be okay to
take care of ourselves now.

[Julia] It's, uh...

It's hard to imagine all of us
in different places.

It's gonna happen


I don't know, man.

This works for us,
staying close.

I don't think we should
mess with that.

For how long?


I mean, we're not
children anymore.

We were then. I mean,
even me at 24,

I was lost
and terrified,

and none of us knew
how to get through it,

except to stay together.

That was our lifeboat,
each other.

And we just got in
and held on so tightly.

That's how we made it.

But now it's six years later,

and we--we all want
good things for each other.

We all want each other
to have the best possible
chance at being happy.


We love each other.

Doesn't that mean
we got it right?

I mean, doesn't it? [softly] Yeah.

But not if we believe
that we're only a family,
if we're close enough
to touch.

I mean, if that's what we
were left with, then we've...

we've failed.

I mean, we've survived
so much more than distance.

Distance is nothing.

You should go.

What if we had, like, rules?

What if agreed up-front
to certain things,

Things that would make us
being separated
feel less drastic?


I don't know. Like a family
conference call every Sunday

at the same time every week,

so that no matter where we are
or what we're doing,
we connect.

Yeah. And everyone
comes home for Christmas.

And Easter.

And Owen's birthday.

What about when
the baby's born?

W-we come home for that.

Yeah. The important stuff
we always come home for.

And it'll just be understood.

[Kirsten] Hey, did you
get the Spackle?

You know, the Spackle to fill
the nail holes in Diana's room?

Otherwise, we're gonna
lose our security deposit.


I'm sorry. What?


Where are you?

Oh. [groans]

Nowhere. Just... here.


Look at us. Moving.


I'm not gonna miss
that shower or the disposal.


God, Charlie, to have
a... a dishwasher again

and a backyard.

It's not a great house,
you know.


For kids, for babies. It's...

It's 52 steps
up to the front door.

Hauling a stroller up and down,
that will take years off
your life.

And the walk to the park
is straight uphill.

Laundry is four flights away.

Wait, how do
you figure that?

Two Down, two up.

And six if you're
coming from the attic.

I mean, with babies, that's all
you do is laundry right?

We're gonna spend our whole
lives going up and down steps.


Your parents raised
a lot of kids in that house,

with too few bedrooms
and too many steps.


No one tumbled down
the stairs or had
a heart att*ck
doing laundry.

They were happy there.
All you kids were.
You were happy.

Maybe, it's that Bailey
and Julia and Claudia
are all going some place
they've never been before,

and-- And you're going back
to a place you've known
your whole life.

It's never really
gonna belong to me.

To my kids, to my family.

It's my father's house.

It's always gonna
be my father's house.


I don't know what you
can do about that, Charlie.

W-whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hang on a second.

What are you saying?

You know...

I mean, how many times have we
gotten a call from a broker

saying, "I have a client who was
driving down your street..."

You wanna sell the house?

Look, I made a few calls,
just checking things out.

And you can't imagine how much
we could get for the place.

Charlie, could you please...

I'm still trying to work on
the idea of everybody leaving.

You're moving
at warp speed here.

I realize it feels
that way right now.

But, I mean, you guys are
gonna be gone all the time. And, yeah, I mean,
we can wait a few years,

but the market
is so hot right now.

It's not just
about that, Charlie.

It's not just about money.

This is their home.

Mom and Dad's.

We'll still have
the restaurant, Jule.


I need to be able
to come back here, Charlie.

It's why I'm okay
going back East.

'Cause I know we can
come back home anytime
we want and be together.

I'll have a place.

And I'll make sure it's
big enough for everybody
to come back home to.

I mean... [sighs]

the truth is I kind of want to
start my own traditions.

So how's that gonna work?

You're just gonna
sell this place
to the highest bidder?

We'll find somebody
that loves the house

just as much as we do.

I don't like this.


Look, when we were all
living here, I would have
never said that

I'd rather have the money
than the house.

But for the few weeks that
you're all gonna be back here,
each year...

those memories are starting
to get very expensive.

Nice... Really nice, Charlie.

Yeah, very
movingly put.

Look, you guys,
bottom line...

If we sell,

Claudia doesn't have
to worry about work study
to pay for Juilliard.

It's paid for, period.

The same for you, Bailey.
School is paid for.

And Julia and Justin
can get themselves
set up in Washington.

And Owen is taken care of
until he's grown up.

I mean, that house
pays for all of our futures.

Wow, that's, uh, wow.

Uh, that must
be kind of weird for you.

Um, right away?

Charlie already
talked to a broker.

She says a Victorian
in this neighborhood
with a view of the bay
will go fast.

She already wants to start
bringing people by.

Well, I, uh...

I should probably start
cleaning my stuff out of here.

I don't want my mess
to hurt the sale.

Truth is... [sighs]

I should have moved out
of here a long time ago.

It's getting harder and harder
to explain why I'm still working

at the same place I used to
live with my ex-wife,

Especially to my girlfriend.

Oh, yeah?

Think Stephanie's
kinda thr*at by me?


I like that. [laughs]

No, no.

Actually, she just...
I think she understands
that it's as much
about being...

you know,
close to your family.

I feel like
I'm a part of that.


She's big on family.

Wants-- Wants a lot of kids.

Well, you were
always good with Owen.

It's kind of a weird
thought, though, huh?

Someday I'm gonna have kids.

Someday you're gonna have kids.

They're not gonna be
the same kids.


But they'll
know each other.

They'll be friends.

They'll know
we loved each other. That we still
love each other.

[woman] Oh, I love
the table over there.

I guess when the weather's nice,

you just open up
the French doors.

and then you can eat
outside and inside.

[woman laughs]

We were hoping to find
something exactly like this.

I love to cook.

Greek food on my side,
French on his.


[broker]Any questions
before we go outside?

Rob, Claire, you want to take
another look upstairs?

No, no, I don't think so.

Seems to have
all the right rooms.

We have, uh, two small children.

Nancy's four and Ari's two.

We're gonna have
to watch them on the stairs.

[Claire] Those two small rooms
are gonna be perfect for them.

We could put the crib
in the one by the master.

Well, once they get older,

they're gonna want to move up
into the attic, anyway.

Oh, God! I don't even
want to think about
what they're gonna
get into up there.

[all chuckle]

Well, shall we take a look
at the backyard?


Horrible people.

[all chuckle]


We can go either way.

Whatever you guys want.


I hate this.
I don't want to decide.

This is all we have
left of our childhood.


I think they'll be okay.

I mean, we still have
the restaurant and...

all their things.

The photographs.

that's in my head.

I'll just keep that.

I mean, the truth is,

I'm gonna want
my own home someday.

But I've had
17 years here.

That's enough.

We'd like to
make you an offer.

Here we go.

-There. Got it?

Hey, as soon as
you get your new place,

We're gonna
put that up, right?

Before I even unpack.
I promise.

Anyone want another slice?
Ahem. Anyone?


Claud? Okay!

[Julia] He's out like a light.

I checked in on Diana, too.
She's snoozing away.

So you all right, Claud?

Yeah, you happy, Claud?

I don't know
why everybody's so pissy.

It's our last night here.

I really like the idea
that we're all

sleeping in our old rooms.

I think it's nice.

Yeah, that's 'cause you didn't
have to lug those mattresses
down from the attic.

This house was definitely
not designed to sleep seven.


Eight? Where'd you get eight?

Well, not really,
but, uh, Stewy.

[all laugh]

Right! Can't forget
little Stewy Salinger.

Have I told you I can't wait
till their next kids come along?

I mean, what about
Dewey and Louie?

-[all laugh]
-All right,

that is enough.

[Charlie] Okay, it's not funny. It's not funny.

[Kirsten] Hey.

Well, if you're all
done here, maybe we
should finish up packing.

The movers are gonna
ring that bell at 7:00 am,

and it's getting real late.

Yeah, what time are
you guys planning on
taking off for Philadelphia
and DC?

Well, Justin said he'd
be over around 8:00 am.

We have 3,000 miles
to cross, right?


Okay, so let's split up.

Take a different room,

make sure we haven't
left anything behind.


[sighs] Okay, then.

Okay, then.



[congested] Will you marry me?

Will I bury you?

-I don't know.

Do we have to
decide that right now?

-I suppose

if anything
ever happened to you,

God forbid, and you
wanted to be buried--

I said will you marry me.

I want to be married to you.

Marry. Marry, not bury.


I wanted to ask you.


[Kirsten gasps]

I was getting all ready--

Oh, for God's sakes,
does that mean yes?

Yes. Okay? Yes. Yes.

Hey, you need some help?

No, no, I'm... just
taking little snapshots
in my head, you know?

Yeah. Me, too.

I actually got out
the video camera this morning

and did the whole
walking tour of the place.

For when I'm old...
and stuff starts to fade.



I'm gonna dump this
and head upstairs, okay?

[Claudia giggles]

Don't let that go.

Pull the string tight.

[Claudia] Okay. I'm pulling.
Hold on. I'm pulling.

Now unsnap this.

Okay. [screams]

[both laugh]

Pretty neat, huh?

Yeah. Not too shabby.

Now, all I have to do is
move my sleeping bag in,

and one side
can be my bedroom

and the other
will be my living area.

I might even invite you over
for dinner one night.

[both laugh]

[Julia] One, two, three.
One, two, three.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.
One, two, three. You got it.


See? No problem.


And if you
loosen your grip,

then I'll get some blood
back in my fingers,

and that
would be good, too.

[Julia laughing]

What are you smiling at?

Hmm? What?

Oh, nothing.

Just, uh...


Uh, do you have another roll
of strapping tape?

Mm-hmm. Here.

Corell and Charlene are
helping me load some stuff
into my truck.


Oh, wow.

Remember these?

Uh-uh. No, wait.


They were a wedding gift
from somebody, right?

Uh-huh. Roz, I think.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

You take 'em.

No. No. You...

Griffin, I'm driving
clear across the country
in a jeep with bad shocks.

There's no way
they'll survive it.

And if I leave them
with Charlie,

they're bound
to get lost in the move.

And I want to know
that one of us has 'em.


take 'em. [laughs]


And I bet you guys will have
a lot of good things to toast.

[Charlie and Bailey singing]
♪ Think it over ♪

[Julia laughs]

♪ Stop ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ Before you break my heart ♪

♪ Stop ♪

♪ In the name of love ♪

♪ Before you break my heart ♪

♪ Think it over ♪



Shh. Shh.

Listen, just
to keep you up to date,

and don't take this
the wrong way,

I'm going crazy here.

So, unless I come up
with some kind of nanny soon,

I'm gonna have to sell you
off to white sl*ve traders.

Now, I know that's not

how you pictured yourself
growing up...

But, hey,

welcome to the club.

Sleep well.

[Bailey] Hey.

Hey, buddy.

Just like old times, huh?

Me and you,
roomies again.

Bay, did we
ever have bunk beds?

Charlie said I could get
bunk beds in our new place.

You don't remember?

Your crib was
right over there,

against that wall.

I could see you
from my bed.

And I'd put you
in striped pajamas

'cause it was easier to see
if you were breathing.


Tell me about
how I used to

throw things out of my crib
to wake you up. -[laughs]
-Tell about that.

Well, sometimes I'd snore...

and, um,
all of a sudden, blecch,

you'd pelt me in the head
with your pacifier.

-Uh-uh, I did not.
-Yes, you did so.

[both laugh]

You know what else
you used to do?

It feels weird, huh?



You know what else?

I always hated this mattress.

-It's lumpy.
-[chuckles] No kidding.

Do you remember the first time
we did it in here,

in your parents' bedroom?

Yeah. On the floor
because the bed squeaked.

[both laugh]


You know, Diana is
a very heavy sleeper.

Oh, yeah?

What do you say
we go out with a bang?

So to speak.

So to speak.

I love you.

I love you.

They're probably gonna
re-plaster the ceiling,

the new owners.

I know every single crack.

The State of Texas...

treble clef...


Mom's eyeglasses
with the pointy frame.


I made so many plans
staring up at this ceiling.

What time is it?

I don't know.

I packed the alarm clock.


We should probably
get some sleep, huh?

I don't want
to go to sleep.


If I close my eyes,

I'll wake up
and it'll be morning.

I want to stay awake
for the last few hours
we have left here.


I'll stay up with you.

So, listen,

I have, uh,
kind of a plan

for how we
handle the driving.

No kidding?
You have a plan?


I've done this trip
before, remember?

Well, 800 miles of it,

when I, when I thought
about trying to find Sarah.

Come on.
This'll be much better.

What's your plan?

Okay. Well, if
you guys are sure
you don't mind
taking your time...

Yeah. We don't have to be
in Washington for two weeks.

Okay. Great.

So then, no more than
eight hours a day driving,

two-hour shifts
per person,

and we stop wherever
we want to stop.

You finally get to see
the world, huh, Bay?

I've waited a long time.

Let's go grab
the last load of stuff.

You know, I'll take
the first shift if you want.


I want to drive away.

I hope you weren't
too fond of that mirror
in the living room,
'cause, uh, Irv,

the one with the tattoo
that I thought said "mama"

until his t-shirt rode up
and I saw it says "yo mama,"

just hurled it
into the back of the van.

Guy better not
be expecting a tip.

Charlie, he's moving.

Well, barely. I mean, those guys
haven't even touched anything
in the living room yet.

I-- I thought if they saw me
and Bailey move a few things,

it might shame them
into hauling ass.

Charlie, he's moving.

He is? He's moving?

Yeah, just a tiny little,
little, but definitely...

He's-- He moved.

Okay. That Irv guy, he just
asked me if the legs on
the piano folded.

Kirsten just
felt Stewy move.

He moved?


-[laughs] Where?

-You felt him move?

Julia, quick!

Wait. Wait. Wait.
Wait. Wait. Stewy?

Well, I was thinking,

we throw Owen a bone.

We name
the baby Stewart,

but we give him Nick
as a middle name.

And that's
what we call him,

S. Nicholas Salinger.

Aren't you worried people
will call him "Snick"?

Snick Salinger.

Julia, shut up.

-He moved.

-[Kirsten] He moved.

Yeah. Feel right here.
Just a little.

Oh, wow.

Okay. Somebody needs
to slap that Irv guy.

I vote Charlie.

[all laugh]

What's going on here?
What, are we rubbing
for good luck?

The baby moved.

-[Owen] Really?
-[Bailey] You're kidding me.

Can I feel?

Put your hand
right there.

[Kirsten] How does it
feel, cool? [Owen] No. Weird.

[all laughing]

Hey. So, does all
this stuff go?


-All right.
-[Bailey] Try and be careful.

Here. Let me get this box
out of your way.

[Julia] Watch out.
The veneer wobbles.

-[furniture clunking]
-[Bailey] Wait, wait, wait.

[Bailey and Julia] Careful!

We got to watch a little.
All right, just down. Yeah.

Hey, what is that...

over there by the edge
of the doorway?

It's the height chart.

"Julia-two, Claudia-six,


[Charlie] Huh.

[Julia] Dad used
to measure us.


God, I totally
forgot about that.

[Kirsten] wow.

Yeah. Right
after birthday cake,

We'd get
marched upstairs.

I remember Bailey used
to stand on his tiptoes.

-I did not!
-Yes, you did.

Shut up.

[Owen] Am I up there?

Well, let's see here.

Here, 6-94.

That's how tall you were

when you were
three months old, Owen.

[Owen] Oh.

God, look at that.

Look how fast we grew.

[Claudia] Charlie, look.

You're taller than Dad.
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