01x09 - One Lucky Day

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Squid Game". Aired: September 17, 2021 –; present.
Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children's games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly.
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01x09 - One Lucky Day

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[dramatic music]

[dramatic music continues]


[masked manager]
Player and Player ,

welcome to the final game.

Before we begin, we'll flip a coin
to decide who plays offense or defense.

Please choose a shape. Triangle or square.


[coin clangs, whooshes]

[masked manager] It's triangle.

Please choose either offense or defense.

[inhales sharply]


[masked manager]
Player will play offense.

Player will defend.

[door clangs]

[masked manager] For the final game,
you'll both be playing Squid Game.

[VIP ] Squid Game.

What an odd name.

[Front Man] It was originally
a children's game

-that was played in Korea many years ago.
-[VIP ] Hmm.

[masked manager] Let me explain
the rules of Squid Game.

One, the attacker must enter
the squid shape court,

run past the defense, and then tap
the area inside the squid's head

with his foot to secure the win.

Two, the defender must block
the attacker's advance

and force them outside
of the court's bounds in order to win.

Three, if a situation arises,

in which either player is unable
to continue playing the game,

the last one standing will be the winner.

A player's unable to continue.

Could you explain that?

[masked manager] That would be
referring to the player's death.

And now, with that, let the game begin.

[suspenseful music]

[Front Man] Among all the games
that kids played back then,

it was the most physical and violent.

So any kind of v*olence is allowed?

Sure. There are no restrictions.

[suspenseful music continues]

[inhales deeply]

[breathes deeply]

[in English]
Why is he hopping on one foot?

[Front Man] The attacker
is given a handicap.

He can only hop on one foot
until he crosses the squid's neck.

Oh, so the defender tries to block him.

[Front Man] Yes.

That's the first challenge of this game.

[in Korean]
We always used to play this as kids.

-[heavy breath]
-When we cross…

do you remember what we used to call it?

Shut up. Who cares about all that?

[Sang-woo grunts, screams]

[Sang-woo coughing]

[Sang-woo breathes heavily]

[tense music]


Inspector royal.

"Inspector royal," we called it.

[rain pattering]


[thunder rumbles]

[rain pouring]

[speaking Mandarin]

[VIP , in English]
Mm. It sounds so romantic.

What's it mean?

[VIP ] "Good rain
knows the best time to fall."

Du Fu.

[rain pouring]

I put an end to her suffering.

You know she would have died anyway.

That's bullshit. Stop lying.

She could've survived.

They would've treated her.

I know what you're like, okay?

You're the reason that I had to k*ll her.

I knew you two would stop all this,
so she didn't die in there.

Was that it?

You k*lled someone because this might end?


You and that girl would have been
the majority you needed to get out!

Going home without a single cent.
I couldn't do that!

She's the one who stopped me.

'Cause I was gonna k*ll you with this.

It's over.

I won't let you leave here
with that money.


[tense music]

[Gi-hun breathing heavily]


[both groaning]

[both grunting]

-[Gi-hun grunts]
-[Sang-woo yelps]

-[Sang-woo screams]

-[Gi-hun breathing heavily]
-[Sang-woo grunting]

[both grunting]

[tense music continues]

-[Sang-woo shouting]
-[Gi-hun grunts]

[Sang-woo moaning]

[Sang-woo] You bastard!


[Gi-hun grunts, groans]

[both grunting]

[suspenseful music]

[both groaning]

[Gi-hun screams]

-[Sang-woo] Die!


-Get up! Get up! Get up!

[both groaning]

[ominous music]

[grunts over screen]

[both grunting]

[Gi-hun screams]

[Sang-woo grunts]


[dramatic music]

You recognized it?

It's the damn place where they made us
play Red Light, Green Light.

So many people played with us,
but now they're d*ad.

Everyone except for us, Gi-hun.



we've already come too far
to end this now.


[both grunting]


[breathing heavily]

[Sang-woo cries in pain]

So it was you that k*lled them.

You… you k*lled everyone!

You k*lled them.

You're the one who k*lled them.


[breathes heavily]



[Gi-hun breathing heavily]



[heavy breathing]

[tense music]

[VIP , in English]
This game is over.

[VIP ] Yep, that about wraps it up.

[Gi-hun grunting]

[dramatic music]

[breathes heavily]

[dramatic music swells]

I can't.

[breathes deeply]

I wanna end here.

[VIP ] What is he doing?

-[VIP ] What the hell?
-[VIP ] What's going on?

[in Korean]
Clause Three of the agreement.

The players are able to end the game when…

the majority agrees.


So if we both give up now,

you have to end it, right?


[in English]
Player wants to stop the game.

He's giving up the prize money

right… right here
at the very edge of victory?

No f*cking way.


[in Korean]
I just thought…

how they used to call our names when…

our moms had made supper for us.

That won't happen again.

[somber music]

Let's go.

Let's go together.

[Sang-woo sobbing]

[somber music continues]


I'm sorry.




[Sang-woo gags]


[Gi-hun whimpers]



No, Sang-woo. Don't talk.
[Gi-hun crying]

-My mother, go help her.
-Don't talk, Sang-woo.

[Gi-hun crying]

You have to help her.

[Gi-hun] Ah… No. Don't…

Sang-woo, don't…

Oh, no!


No! Sang-woo, no…


[Gi-hun screaming]

[somber music]

You should celebrate.

That was quite the game there.

[Gi-hun] Why?

Why did you do it? How can you?

You bet on horses.

It's the same here but…

we bet on humans.

You're our horses.

I did not expect you to finish your race.

Who are you?

It was a dream. Just think of it that way.

And it really wasn't a bad one
for you, either.

[Gi-hun] Who are you?

[In-ho breathes deeply]

[Gi-hun] Who are you?

-[steam hissing]

Who are you?



Who are you?

Who are…
[breathing heavily]

Believe in Jesus or burn in Hell!

You fool who deny the Lord's existence,

repent now!

The day of judgment is upon us!

Followers go to Heaven,
non-believers burn in Hell!

The only thing waiting for you
in the afterlife will be f*re and pain!

Let us repent
and kneel down before the Lord!

Save yourself from Hell
by making Jesus your lord!

[suspenseful music]




[heavy breathing]

Jesus. Praise the Lord.


[Gi-hun coughs, groans]

[breathing heavily]

[automated voice]
Checking your IC card information.



Please select the amount
you would like to withdraw.




Counting the bills.
Sorry, please wait a moment.

Please take your cash.


[rain pouring]

[Sang-woo's mom] Gi-hun!

Are you…

What happened? What's going on?

Did you get into another fight
while drinking?


Hold on. Wait right here.


Here's some mackerel.
I know your mother may want it.

[pensive music]

[breathes deeply]

She came down with something, I think.
She hasn't come out to work.

And it's been a few days
since she's answered her phone.

I should've stopped by to check on her.

I just don't know what's wrong with me.
I mean, I, uh…

It's all right.

Give your mom any cash you got.
She needs it more than I do.

[pensive music continues]

[Sang-woo's mom] Gi-hun.

By any chance…

have you heard anything recently

from Sang-woo?

Never mind.

You should go.

[pensive music continues]

[gate clangs]

[distant dog barking]

[barking continues]

[door opens]

[Gi-hun breathes deeply]

Hey, Ma.

I'm home.

[Gi-hun breathing heavily]

Hey, Ma.

Mom, are you asleep?

Hey, Ma.

Mom, I'm home.

Come on.

I came home, Ma.

[pensive music]

Hey, Ma.

[shaky breathing]
Just, just open your eyes.

Come on.

[pensive music continues]

I'm home now, Mom.


I got some money for us now.


[quiet sob]

[pensive music continues]


[train rumbling]

[Gi-hun exhales deeply]

[train rumbling]

[nervous chuckle]

We've got a real barista
working for us here,

and he can make you a cup as well.

I'm not sure if you'd like it that much.

-[bank manager chuckles]
-Why am I here to see you?


Uh, sorry, you had to take the trip here.

I wanted to have a car
sent out to you, but…

Why am I here? What's wrong?

Uh, well…

[sucks teeth, inhales]

So you see, you created your account here
quite a while ago and…

and you haven't made that much effort
to contact us since.

What do you mean?

Did I do something wrong?


Uh, uh, no. It's nothing like that, sir.

Uh, you've got all your money set up
in a normal savings account.

You weren't earning
all that much interest on it.

And recently, our bank began offering
these consultations for VIPs

looking to expand their financial assets.

I wanted to let you know
that we're here to help.


I'm sure you're keeping busy.
I just wanted to say…

Oh. I'm sorry. Did I offend you?

Could you help me out with something else?

Okay, what can we do?

Please spare me just , won?



All right, yeah. Here, let me just…

[bank manager] Um…

[distant train rumbling]

[water sloshing]

[woman] Excuse me.

Would you buy some flowers?

Please, mister.

I need to get rid of them tonight
or they'll end up wilting away.

Thank you, mister.

I appreciate it.

Uh, here.

[woman] Have a good night.

[Gi-hun sniffles]

[tense music]




[exhales deeply]

[elevator dings]


[elevator dings]

[door clicks]

[tense music continues]

[door closes]

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music continues]

[labored breathing]

[heart rate monitor beeping]

[inhales deeply]


Pour some water in there.

[Il-nam exhales]

Please, Gi-hun.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

[Il-nam gulping water]

Who are you?

You explain this.


[Il-nam breathing heavily]

You see him?

That man down there?

He must be drunk…

because he's been sitting there for hours.

He looks homeless too

if I had to guess.


Were you the one who's behind it?

He's going to freeze to death
if he stays out there any longer.

And no one is going over
to help or anything.

Why the hell did you do it?

[breathes deeply]

Would you help out that guy?

Answer me!

[shaky breathing]

Why did you do that to us?

You think that you will stop walking

and help that disgusting, stinking drunk,
little piece of trash, huh?

[shouts angrily]
Show me who you are!

Why did I get to live and no one else?


Let's play something tonight.

That man out there…

if he remains out there until midnight,

I win.

If anyone…

goes to help the drunk before then,

in that case, you win.

Cut the crap, okay?

-[Gi-hun breathing shakily]
-[Il-nam grunting]

I could easily snap your neck right here.

If you do that,

then you won't get to hear
my explanation for all this.

-[shaky breathing]
-Play this game with me and…

I'll give you the…

answer to your question.

[shaky breathing]

[Il-nam grunts]

[Gi-hun breathes deeply]

[Il-nam breathing heavily]

[wind gusting]

[clock ticking]

And if I win…

[inhales deeply]

…then I'll k*ll you
without a second thought.

What will you… bet on it with then?


[inhales sharply]

It doesn't matter.
You might as well take everything I have.

[breathing heavily]

-[heart rate monitor beeping]

So then…

who are you?

I earn…

a living, lending out money.

You give money to people for a living…

[inhales deeply]

…and you get rich doing it?


You know what making money is like.

It's not simple to do.

So then…

was any of what you said true

or was it all just a lie?

Oh Il-nam.

Is that even your real name, huh?

[Il-nam] It is.

Yes, that's real.

Oh Il-nam.

That tumor's also real.

And it also had gotten larger too.
That's true.

And the house

I used to live with my family in

was almost exactly like that one
in the alley. That's all true.

[wind gusting]


Can you still…

trust anybody to be good

even after everything you've been through?

Why did you send a card?

I heard that

all the money you won
is just sitting there

and that you are still living
like you used to.

Is it all just because you feel guilty?

Guilt? Shut up.

You don't feel any guilt
for what you did, do you?

It's yours now.

That cash is your reward

for your hard work and luck.

And you have every right to use it now.

Life goes by quick.

In one minute…

gone in a blink.

[wind gusts]


[heart rate monitor beeping]

[breathing deeply]


[Gi-hun] Why did you do
something like this?

[Il-nam] Do you know

what someone who doesn't have any money

has in common with someone
with too much money

to know what to do with?

[labored breathing]

Living is…

no fun for either of them.

If you have too much money, then it…

doesn't matter what you buy,
or eat, or drink, or whatever.


Everything, well, it all gets boring.

All of my clients,

started to eventually say
the exact same things whenever we talked.

Everybody felt…

that there was no joy
in their lives anymore.

And so, we decided to get together.

We did a little bit of thinking.

What could we all do to…

finally have some fun?

Some fun?

You put us through all of that

so you can have fun?

[Il-nam] It seems…

that you forgot how… no one had to play,

and you… all put your signatures
on the agreement.

And that you all made your decision
to come back on your own.

[Il-nam breathing heavily]


[Il-nam] Well, he's still out there.

It looks like you've run out of luck.

Tell me…

you still trust… in humanity being good?

[Gi-hun] I wanna know…

I wanna know why you joined us?


Oh, well, in my childhood

I always had

so much fun out doing things
with all of my friends.

We'd lose track of time for hours.

I wanted to just…

feel something

just one last time before I die.

And you are not going to get that feeling
if you are just going to spectate.

And I desperately wanted that.

And so…

did playing do that then?

Hell yeah.

You asked why I let you live.

By joining…

and playing with you…

I got that chance to…

feel again.

Thanks to you…

I got to remember

all these things that I had…

forgotten long ago.


It had been such a long time…

since I…

was able to have that much fun.


[wistful music]


[police siren blares]

[wistful music continues]

[Gi-hun gasps]

Look at that.

There's someone who cares.




[clock chimes]

[heart rate monitor flatlining]

[clock continues chiming]

[wistful music]

[Gi-hun] You saw that, didn't you?

You saw that you lost.

[clock chimes]

[Il-nam sighs, clears throat]



And our guests,
greet them for me, all right?

[Front Man] Of course, sir,
but why not do it yourself?

Because I know that I'm not going to have
as much fun watching as playing.

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music continues]


[female reporter] The country's reported
household debt is rapidly on the rise,

topping the current global average.

Last third quarter, the Bank of Korea and
the Bank for International Settlements…

[hairdresser] Hmm.

…reported that the GDP…

Holy moly! Your hair, sir, grew out.

Uh, what you're getting done today?

Did you want a shorter cut?

Or keep it longer
so we can perm it like that, huh?

[female reporter]
…Bank for international Settlements.

The biggest increase in the world
besides China.

The reason for the steep rise
in Korea's reported household debt

is due, at least in part,

to the lifted government restrictions
on financial loans.

[upbeat music on TV]


[indistinct TV chatter]

[relaxing music]


[Gi-hun] You must be Cheol.

[somber music]

[clicks tongue]

The family resemblance is there.

Sir, do you know…

my sister very well?

I know her.

We're good friends.

Does that mean you know
where she is right now?

[somber music continues]

[Sang-woo's mom] Is this the boy?


Tell me your name, sweetie.

It's Cheol.

Kang Cheol.

Kang Cheol?

How cool!
That's a manly name you have there.

And you look so tough and strong.

Take care of him, please.


It'll be nice to have
a little extra company around

for dinner for a change.

Don't worry about me. Have a good trip.


Cheol, have you had dinner yet?

Here, come. Come and take a seat.
Come on now.

Have a fish bun.

Here you go.

Oh, goodness! That jacket
is way too light for this cold.

Wait, don't you have a warmer jacket?


[unzipping bag]



[unzipping bag]



[breathes deeply]

[Sang-woo's mom] Gi-hun!


[woman on PA] You have arrived
at Incheon Airport Terminal One.

This is Incheon Airport Terminal One.

[Gi-hun] Hey,
daddy's almost at the airport now.

I'll be boarding the flight soon.

Of course, of course, I got you a present.

No way. It's a secret.

-I'll show it to you in person.
-[loud thud]

[man groans]

Hold on, Ga-yeong.

Ga-yeong, I'm gonna call you back
once I get there, okay?

I'll be there soon, honey.

[loud thud]

-[tense music]
-[man grunts]

[man] Let's play again. Right now!

[train approaching]


[breathing heavily]

[train speeding up]

-What the hell are you doing?

Give me back that card!

-No. You don't.

[shaky breathing]
You don't go!

[woman on PA] This is the final
boarding call for U-Way Airlines.

Boarding for U-Way Flight
to Los Angeles will close shortly.

All passengers bound for Los Angeles,

please make your way
to Gate immediately.

-Ladies and gentlemen…
-[Gi-hun sighs]

…this is the final boarding call.

[phone keypad clicking]

-[phone beeps]
-[line rings]

[man on phone]
Do you wish to participate in the game?

If you wish to play,
please state your name and date of birth.

[Gi-hun] Seong Gi-hun.

October , .

Listen carefully.

I'm not a horse.

I'm a person.

That's why I wanna know…

[breathes deeply]

…who you people are,

and how you can do
these horrible things to people.

-[Front Man] Player .

Don't get any absurd ideas.

[Gi-hun] It wasn't a dream.

I can't forgive you…

for everything you're doing.

[Front Man] Just get on that plane.
It's for your own good.

[Gi-hun breathing heavily]

[suspenseful music]

[closing theme music]
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