01x06 - Hide and Seek

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Severance". Aired: February 18, 2022 to present.
When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs.
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01x06 - Hide and Seek

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[metal clinking]

- [chuckles]
- [cell phone buzzing]


[sighs] Graner.

[Mr. Graner] We ran the data
from Kilmer's head like you asked.

We found the signature from the console
they used to hack the chip.

[exhales deeply] Whose was it?


I think it's traceable to Reghabi.

- Reghabi.
- Yep.

She cracked reintegration.
I'll find her.


[breathing deeply]

[inhales sharply] "Tame in me
the tempers four

that I may serve thee evermore.

Place in me the values nine

that I may feel thy touch divine."


[cell phone snaps shut]


[engine starts]


[tires squeal]

[tires squeal]

[hand brake engages]

[hand brake disengages]

[electricity humming]

[Irving] Can I come in?

[Burt] Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah.

[Irving] You found this?

[Burt] A while back.

I come here sometimes, just me.

Now, I want to show it to you.

It's beautiful.

It could be just for us.
Our secret place.


What I mean to say is that
your O&D colleagues a-are very nice,

but they're also, uh...

- Always around.
- Yes.

[Burt] Is this okay?


Irving, you know,

the Lumon manual doesn't
say anything about lip-to-lip contact.

It does discourage
romantic fraternization, though.

This can't be romantic then.


Not romantic... at all?

[whispers] I'm truly sorry...

[inhales deeply]

I... I'm just not ready.


I'm... I'm sorry.

[smacks lips, inhales sharply]

It's fine.

Just stay.

Stay here with me.

[children chattering]


- You did so good.
- [whimpers]

Now we're gonna go home
and see if you'll eat. Please.



Looks like we both made it through.

- Oh, hello.
- Hi. [Chuckles]

Devon. From the retreat.

I accosted you for your coffee.

- [chuckles]
- [laughs]

Aw, he's beautiful.

He looks like a William.

His name's Bradley, actually.

Not William?

You changed it?

Did we leave the
juice boxes in the car?

[Gabby] We must have, yeah.

Hi. Angelo Arteta.

I'm Devon. Nice to meet you.

- [Angelo] Congratulations there.
- Oh, thank you.

You two know each other?

Yeah, I was... We were...
met at the birthing cottages.


- Nice to meet you too, Devon.
- [laughs] Yeah. You too.


- [chuckles]
- Mm-hmm.

We should go.

- [Gabby] Bye. Bye.
- Bye, you guys.

Bye, Bradley.

[Gabby chuckles]

[Angelo] Declan, Kai, come on.

What in the f*ckity f*ck?

[Eleanor fusses]


[Ricken] What does camaraderie mean?

Most linguists agree
it comes from the Latin "camera,"

which means
"a device used to take a photograph."

And of course, the best photographs
are of groups of happy friends

who love each other deeply.

But I think camaraderie is more
than smiling together in photos.

It's standing together in hard times.

It's recognizing a common struggle
in another person

and reaching out
to offer them a loving hand.

We should return to O&D immediately.

All of us. Today.

Someone's eager to fraternize.

Fraternization has
nothing to do with it.

This could be the start
of us uniting the departments

the way Kier always intended.

Maybe his ghost can
officiate your wedding.

[Irving] This is inappropriate workplace

And I'm self-reporting you.

- You're reporting me to yourself?
- [Irving] Mm-hmm.

Okay. You said they were making things?

Yes, in some kind of machines.
We didn't ask what.

It's the clubs
they m*rder those goats with.

[Helly] Shut up.

I agree with Irving.
O&D is the next piece of this.

once we've mapped the whole floor...

To be clear,
I do not approve of mapping.


What if we go on
another "mental health walk"?

Could be fun.

What... I don't know.

I mean, we... we...
we still have a lot of work to do, so...

Oh, right.

The work is mysterious and important.

That's good.
That sounds just like me. [Laughs]

I know.

Back to work, slackers.

Praise Kier.


Are you fraternizing too?

What? No, I...

I'm a leader who cares
about his employees

and takes their requests seriously.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Look at you all dewy mouthed.

- You never smile at me.
- He's right, Mark.

You are sparing
with the facial encouragements.

That's ridiculous. I smile all the time.

[Mr. Milchick] Hey there.

What are you all talking about?

[Mark] Oh. Uh...

[stammers] Just, uh...

- We're...
- Dis...

- Discussing the...
- Yes, uh, Mrs., uh...

- Ms. Casey. Ms. Casey.
- Ms. Casey. Yeah, mm-hmm.

Wait, where is she?

[Ms. Cobel] Part-time innies
may not be as socialized

and sophisticated as yourself,

but they still must be held accountable
for their actions.

Ms. Casey was told to supervise Helly,
and she failed at that task.

Because I snuck Helly out.

I mean, if anyone should be
in the break room, it's me.


Ah, valiance.

Not a core principle, but sweet.

Who won't you go to the break room for?

She's just a wellness counselor, Mark.

Yes, but she shouldn't be punished.

I mean, I thought Helly needed a walk.

I mean, I'm allowed to do that.

Just a walk?


Or were you sniffing around
other departments

while your department falls
woefully below quota?

She almost d*ed.

It's not your job
to play nursemaid to every new refiner.

Okay, so what is my job?

Are you really asking me that?


What is it we actually do here?

We serve Kier, you child!

And until you get that through
your mildewed little brain

and h*t quota,

MDR's hallway privileges
are hereby revoked.

So get your little ass back to your desk

and stay there until
you're told to move.

[breathes shakily]

[Dylan] g*dd*mn tragedy for the ages.

MDR will mourn the
"will-they-won't-they" energy shared

by Ms. Casey and myself.

[Helly] Oh, yeah?

And to think I wore this
nice-ass shirt for her today.

When you picked that shirt,
you didn't know she existed.

Well, maybe love transcends severance.

- You think so?
- No.

What about you and Mark?

[scoffs] What?

You two enjoy, uh,
sneaking off the other day?

"Baby goats"?

Why are you saying it like that?


Are you implying that "baby goats" is...

[stammers] ...code for sex with Mark S.?

- Mm-hmm.
- Wow.

Is... Is "baby goats"
code for sex with Mark S.?

No, they were actual goats.

Why would we call it that?

Okay. Yeah, I believe you.

- [footsteps approaching]
- Mark.

You find out what happened?

She's in the break room.

Shit. Is that because of us?

And we're not allowed in the outer
hallways anymore till we h*t quota,

so no more interdepartmental visits!

Are you serious?

[exhales sharply]

[exhales, whispers] I'm...

[normal] I'm sorry, Mark.
It's... It's my fault...

That I've been setting a bad example
as the senior-most refiner.

Which way did you say it was to O&D?

[Ms. Cobel] Milchick!

I'm on it.

[machines rattling]


This is more people than I've ever seen.

Uh, same.

It's okay.

I know change can be disorienting,

but MDR is here now.

You are welcome here,

much as I hope all of us will be welcome
to visit you

at your place of endeavors.

Now go on. Surely you must have
some questions for them.

So, it's called Macrodata Refinement?

What do you refine?


Is that a watering can?

We think it might be supplies
for the executive wing upstairs.

Then again, last week's output had
more of an aggressive feel.

The hatchets weren't aggressive.

- [shushes]
- Hatchets?

[Mark] Um... [stammers]

We've been trying to figure out
how it all fits together.

We found a, uh, department
the opposite way from here

that's, uh, well, raising baby goats.

Raising baby goats?

There is a lot unknown to us as well,
but we keep plugging along.

It's important work, obviously.

Everything we do here is important.

It's important because it actually is
or because you're saying it is?

Look, maybe we should
work together on this.

Together doing what, exactly?

I don't know.
Finding out why there are goats.

Or, you know, um, finding out
how big this place is

or how many of us there are.

I mean, why won't they tell us
what we're doing here?

What-What are they so afraid of?

If the Eagan philosophy is
illumination above all...

Illumination beyond all.

But yes.

Then why doesn't that include us?

Why are we down here
still working in the dark?

That was poetic as shit, man.


Mark is right.

- He is?
- [Burt] He is.

Irving, Kier

would want us to feel
the warm embrace of knowledge and truth.

That way we could be true partners
in his teachings.


I think, as the two department chiefs,

Mark and I should make contact with this
goat department,

see what they know.

And we can each
bring one aide-de-camp.

[door opens]

We're not children, Mr. Milchick.
We didn't do anything wrong.

Kier, chosen one, Kier

Kier, brilliant one, Kier

♪ Brings the bounty to the plain ♪

♪ Through the torment, ♪
♪ through the rains ♪

Progress, knowledge
Show no fear

Kier, chosen one


I trusted you,
and you abused that trust.

Your inefficiency
and free-range chicken roaming

is ultimately your responsibility.


Escort him to the break room.


I'm sorry.

- [people chattering]
- [flatware clattering]

[soft music playing on speakers]

What happened to your hand?


Apparently, I jammed my hand at work
replenishing a watercooler.

Or at least that's what they tell me.

Those jugs are very heavy.

Mmm. Indeed they are.

[waiter] Another merlot?

I'm fine, thanks.

I'm good with water, thank you.

Have you, uh, seen the princess?

- [laughs] No, not since her birth.
- Hmm.

But I did talk on the phone
with your sister.

I don't know
how much she tells you about her...

- Latching difficulties?
- [laughing] Yes.

I-I'm aware.
Maybe too aware. I don't know.

[chuckles] Well, she just wanted
the names

of some lactation consultants.

Well, it's not something serious, is it?

No. It's very common.

Still, it's probably good
to get an expert opinion.

I mean, from someone other than...

- [laughing] Ricken? Yes.
- ...Ricken. [Laughs]

Uh, did...
Did you ever think about having kids?

With Gemma?


Hmm, yeah, we tried for a little while.

It wasn't really working.

We talked about adopting at one point,
but... [inhales deeply]

I don't know. Then you think,
"Okay, this is the life

you've been given.

And, um, that's another life,
and you don't get that one.

So do something with this."

That's very healthy.

Well, it's mostly stuff she said.

[Alexa] Mmm.

She was, uh, very pragmatic.

Always had a plan B.

You know, one time we were supposed
to go on this camping trip and...

Is it weird
that I'm talking about her right now?

- I feel like... [inhales sharply]
- No, I think it's also healthy.

Yeah, but we're on a date. I...

I haven't walked out on you yet.


You know, sometimes I think...
she'd want me to get off my ass.

And sometimes I think
she's not worried about me at all.

She's just pissed that she's d*ad.

Sorry, I know this doesn't
totally make sense.

She's a part of you.

You know?
You can't just separate yourself...

- Oh, no, but you can, Alexa.
- [gasps] Oh. [Grumbles] Oh, shit.

With this exciting new procedure.

- [chuckles] Walked right into that.
- Yes, you did.

[both laugh]



- [Ricken] Love?
- Yeah?

- She's here.
- Yeah.

[Ricken] Careful. Watch your step.
Right this way. [Sighs]

Selvig chuckles] Love it.

Okay. My girl.
There's my girl. [Shushes]

[footsteps approaching]

Okay. [Clears throat]

[gasps] Ah. You must be Devon.

Devon, this is Mrs. Selvig.

Hi. Yeah, and you're Mark's neighbor.

Thanks so much for meeting with us.

Oh, it's a privilege.

I went giddy when Mark mentioned
you were looking for someone.

- Mmm. So serendipitous. [Chuckles]
- [chuckling] I know.

- The kelp worked, huh?
- Mm-hmm.

- And this must be little Eleanor.
- [Ricken] Mmm.

Hello, little Eleanor.

- [Ricken chuckles]
- Aw. [Chuckles]

- You had a vaginal birth, yes?
- Oh, yeah.

We should talk about
different nursing positions.

Oh, and I brought you this.

- Shea butter salve for your nipples.
- [Ricken, Devon] Oh.

It's on the house.

- We are talking to a few candidates.
- Of course.

- [Eleanor crying]
- [shushes] Oh, here we go.

- Sorry. Sorry.
- Yeah.

Oh, no, don't be sorry.
That's what babies do.

- [Ricken] Mmm.
- May I?

[Devon] Yeah, yeah.

[crying continues]

Aw, darling. [Shushes]

There, there, there, there, there. Okay.


[crying stops]

[humming continues]

[music blaring on TV]

[child] ...seventy hundred one,

seventy hundred two,

seventy hundred forty-three,

seventy hundred forty-six,

seventy hundred forty-eight...


[counting continues, indistinct]

I've awoken you at home.
I need to know where you put it.

Where I put what?

The ideographic card you took from O&D.

I saw the footage of you taking it.

Did you smuggle it out? Is it here?

Holy shit, is this my house?

Dylan, listen. You have no idea
how sensitive this information is.

If someone paid you
to smuggle out that card...

No, no. I just...
I-I put it in the bathroom.

Uh, second stall, behind the toilet.

Thank you.

I didn't even know what it was.

- That's fine too.
- [child] Daddy.


Wh... What the f*ck?

We told you to count to a thousand
and wait outside.

Is that my kid?

End it.


- [grunts]
- [child groans]

We good here?

We're good.

[Mark] So, should we...

We should probably call our cars.


[sucks teeth] Uh...

[Mark] Oh, wow.

That's June.

Hey, um, this is tonight.
Like, right now.

Should... Should we go to this, maybe?

What is it?

Well, it's this band.
I... I kind of know one of them.

If it's lame, we'll leave.

[Alexa] You mean
if it isn't as cool as we are.


[thrash metal playing]

Uh, I am feeling very old right now.

No, you totally fit in.
Don't worry about it.

[singing, shouting, indistinct]

Hi. Uh, two beers, please.


- [song ends]
- [audience applauds]

Thank you.

[audience cheering, applauding]

[feedback on speakers]

Hi. Who's doing sound
in this alleyway tonight? It's terrible.

All right, let's get this over with.

[up-tempo song begins]

[lead singer] ♪ Summer rain
As I work these days

I feel a callus on my heart
'Cause every day's the same

Broken heart, broken spirit

Skylark's fires smash a window...

No filming, you f*ck.

Sure, thank you.

♪ You can make this all come true ♪

♪ Build a sky in my eye ♪
♪ that perfect blue ♪

I hate you, Lumon
You took my first love

f*ck you, Lumon, it's never enough

You think that you can fight me
You are wrong to even try me

[band, audience] f*ck you, Lumon!

I hate you, Lumon!

f*ck you, Lumon!

f*ck you, Lumon
You took my first love

I hate you, Lumon
It's never enough

f*ck you, Lumon.

I hate you, Lumon!

f*ck you, Lumon!

I hate you, Lumon!

[concert goer ] What's happening?
This is depraved.

Hi. Uh...

Hey, I'm, uh...

- The guy from work.
- [mouths word] Yeah.

How are you holding up?


Sorry. This is my friend, Alexa.

This is June.

- Hey. You guys are really good.
- Yeah.

Are we? I'm pretty sure we suck.

Well, that last song was great.

- Write what you know, right?
- [Mark] Yeah.

Your dad would've really liked it,
I bet.

- [June] Really?
- Yeah.

How the f*ck would you even know that?

- [concert goer ] Hey, f*ck you, man.
- [bottle smashes]

[shouting, clamoring]

Um, I think we're gonna take off.

- Yeah.
- [onlookers clamoring]

[Mark breathing deeply]


She's the daughter
of, uh, someone I worked with.

He d*ed.

And it's...
It's been difficult to piece toge...


Did you find her?

I got a tip from a campus cop
at Ganz College.

She... What the f*ck are you wearing?

I was doing some private research.

What's that a euphemism for?

Doug, I've had a day.

And I'm still trying to figure out

what part of this conversation
couldn't have happened on the phone.

Someone's holed up
in one of Ganz's old lab buildings.

The dean's told security
to look the other way.

Probably is Reghabi.

It is her.

Wanna come with me and find out?

No, I do not.

Let me know when you have her.

Oh, maintenance is installing tonight.

I think it's a good call.

So, you're like a nurse or something?


[cell phone buzzing]

[buzzing continues]

[buzzing stops]

[Mark] Hello?

- [caller] Who is this?
- Uh...


A friend of Petey's.

Hello? Are... Are you there?

Is this Mark Scout?


What did he tell you before he d*ed?


I just... [stammers]

I-I-I... I wanna...

I wanna understand.

Can you meet me now?

[electricity humming]



[scanner beeps]

[caller] Are you alone?

[Mark] Yeah, it's just me.

I used to teach at this school.

I know.

Who are you?

[unknown object hisses]

Come with me.
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