04x16 - Nevada

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Good Girls". Aired: February 26, 2018 - July 22, 2021.
Sisters Beth and Annie and their best friend Ruby become fed up with playing by the rules and not getting the respect they deserve, they band together to take control of their lives.
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04x16 - Nevada

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Don't y'all know the drill by now?

What if we ordered for him?

He'll be here.

I'm gonna go get that food, and when I come back,

that seat better be occupied.


Can't pick up the tab if he doesn't show.

-You told him here, right?
-He's coming.

Just like your strip-club guy was moving all that funny money.

And stuff from the councilman's office was all we'd need.

We're trying.

Sounds like you're trying to go to jail.

Come here.


-You hungry?
-Nah, I'm good.

Watching your figure?

Yeah. It's hard looking this beautiful.

Oh, you're meeting someone more important?

-What's up, though?
-Get in.

Excuse me. Are you Beth Boland?

Yes, I am.

I just voted for you. Good luck today.

Thank you for your support.

You guys, just don't leave yet.

You know.

I think I finally figured it out.

What's that?

Why she's got you by the jewels.

-Oh, yeah?

It's always the spicy ones.

-My kind of girl.
-Yeah, well.

-Makes me nervous.
-Don't be.

Well, because when it all goes south, I need you to be clear-headed.

No, she's just some bitch, bro.

Well, she's more than that.


Come on.

You know me.

Do I?

I'll do what I've got to do. All right?

Let's see how far we can take her. Yeah?

-Drag that bitch till she drops.
-That's right.

Forget lunch. I think you need a boba.

What, you too cool for boba now? Put your seat belt on.

Okay, okay. We're going.

Yo, is that him?

-Nope, nothing. Oh.
-What's it say?

I won.

Oh, boy.

She won.


-Whiskey for the councilwoman.
-Where were you?

Something came up.

I look like an idiot.

To getting tough on crime.

How am I supposed to do that if I've got nothing to give them?

Change of plans.


Too much heat.

Yeah, but the heat's in charge.

Yeah, that don't mean we have to do it their way.

To keep your hands clean.

-What is it?
-Your acceptance speech.

Break a leg.



We have steak portobello with a five cheese mushroom risotto.


Is there a problem, sir?

There's ice in the middle.

Oh. I'll just toss it back on the grill.

I'm also cool with just PB on Ritz.

Oh. Well, I just didn't want you to go into food shock,

since. you know.

I'll survive.

I don't know. You guys were just, uh, pretty close.

We still are.

-What do you mean?
-He's been helping out at my practices.

He has?

Yeah. He and my coach found out

they used to play against each other in college.

Does he ever. you know, like, just

ask about me, or is it.



You'll survive, too.

Mushrooms all exploded.


They didn't have any patriotic options.

-Tastes the same.

So, do you want to run your speech?

I'm still working on it.

Well, if you change your mind,

I will be in. the garage.

What are you doing in the garage?

Cleaning up.

Hey, ladies.

We got a family meeting or.

lovers' quarrel?

No, man, we just want to talk.

-I need you to leave my wife out of this.

-What do you mean, "Why?"

-Well, isn't she the problem?
-Not yours.

Well, she's the reason that you two are such. losers.

No, no. You're not gonna do that Harry Potter mind spell on us.

Hey, look. Everyone benefits from it.
She's gonna help grow the company.

Yeah, I don't, I don't think you're hearing me.

All right.

Leave my wife out of this.

-No, I got that part, yeah.
-Then don't be stupid.

Or what?

You don't want me to make you understand.

You think a guy my size hasn't taken a few punches?

Ain't nobody talking about punches.

I've been stuffed into lockers, dumpsters.

At camp, I was lit on f*re.

Yeah, you ever see a dog rag doll a
stuffed animal? You ever seen that?

You think that's funny?

Uh, the thing.

There you go.

-Take it.
-What for?

'Cause the only way you're gonna shut me up is to k*ll me.

I am honored to have this opportunity.

Uh, thank you to my husband, Dean, for his tireless support.

And thank you to all my supporters and my volunteers.

I made a promise to this city to reduce crime in our community,

and I do plan to deliver.

But I can't do it alone.

I'm gonna need your help. We're all gonna have to do our part.

And together, we can heal our city of this disease.

Councilwoman, can you speak to the corruption in your own backyard?

Uh, I'm don't. I'm sorry, I don't understand the question.

Can you comment on the allegations that Councilman Martín

uses city projects for kickbacks and money laundering?

I have only known the councilman to be

honest and loyal to the people of Ashfield.

But if there is any impropriety here,

I will exhaust every resource to maintain the community's trust.

You can turn it off now.


I've gotDetroit News on line one.

Tell them no comment.

Uh, what aboutOakland Press, Freep, Action News , WDTVandFox ?

They're all on hold, too.


I'll let the councilman speak for himself.

Councilwoman, question.

Thank you. No more questions.

I think there's been a little misunderstanding.

That's why we're here.

-Well, ask away. I'm an open book.
-Are you sure you don't want a lawyer?

-I've got nothing to hide.
-All right.

Explain to us how we got it wrong.

Are you guys close to your families?

-Only on holidays.
-I talk to my mom twice a day.

Forget you. But you get it.

You grow up with someone, you've got your blinders on.

You want to believe they can do no wrong.

So, this is all on him?

Look. Did I know that he was running with the wrong crowd? Sure.

Did I know he would use my position
to line his pockets? Absolutely not.

But his name isn't on any of this.

-Hey, you're welcome to take a look.
-We know yours isn't either.

Then. aren't you sitting in front of the wrong person?


Maybe you can help us, then.

Why is all the money in question held
up in companies run by your grandmother?

He, um.

He must have set it up this way.

Then you should really gethera lawyer.

'Cause this is either on you or grandma.

Your choice.

Good news is, she won't serve that much time.

-What is she, a hundred?

She'll croak long before the sentence is done.


Why can't it be him?

'Cause he's got something you don't.

What's that?

Can you talk to my landlord?

-About what?
-You know, lowering my rent.

What do you think?

What about a disabled parking permit?

Are you disabled?

She has one.

-I was sh*t.
-Being a ding-dong doesn't count.

What's the point of all your new power
if we can't get something out of it?

How about not drawing any more attention
to ourselves before we get out of here?

-Where we at?

-Now I've lost my place.
-Just ballpark it.


Between the club, the trips to Canada,

and what's left from the purses.

it looks, um.


How good?

Good enough.

Fine. Who's yours?

-Evel Knievel.
-No way, dude.

Do the math.

Anybody can hurl themselves over a bunch of cars

and break every bone in their body.

-But they didn't.
-'Cause it wasn't a sport.

Until he invented it. Anyone can box.

Where is he?

I don't know, but I've never known him to be late.

Know where Vance is?

No, man.

Hey, guys.

Sorry about that, but something big just rolled in from corporate.


We are getting in to hair care.


Now, we need someone smart to spearhead this.

I'll do it.

We've got a lot of capital to raise.
But I think the payoff is gonna be huge.

We can pool our funds.

Actually, I was thinking about going to, uh,

Stan and Dean for this one.

You guys up for it?

-Why not?
-Strong hearts, strong sales.

-All right.
-Way to go, guys.


-Rest is in the car.
-We already have a garage full of it.

-That's skin care.
-It's like a Sephora out there.

This is grooming.

Stop being his bitch.

How am I supposed to do that?

We run.

-Drop everything.

-The house?
-We sell it later.

-Put them in new schools.

-We just vanish.
-Like we were never here.

Who's gonna pay for that?



Hi, there. I'm looking for Kevin.

-Use the bell.
-Oh, my God.

-Don't know him.

Okay. Uh.

Hey. Hey. Is he here?

Doesn't wanna see you.

Please. I really need to talk to him.

Thank you.


You're supposed to ring the bell.

What is it with the bells?

Basic etiquette.

This place is sick.


-A friend of mine's on spring break.

Where did they go?

I don't know. Just hopped a train south.

We should do that.

You want to go on spring break?

Except maybe. we don't come back.

You bought it.

Yeah, well, they wouldn't give me the deposit back, so.


How many bedrooms?


And what about Benjamin?

He gets the other one.

-I can't.
-But I don't want to go with anyone else.

-Yeah, well, you don't need a roomie.
-No, I don't need any guy.

Then why are you here?

I'm choosing to be.

Does that thing have cable?

Yeah, I think there's probably a dish on there somewhere.

All right.

That's why you're coming?

Uh, well, the new season of The Bachelorettejust started.

-So. Yeah.

That was a quick ride.

He hasn't left yet.

The girls already made the drop this week.

It's not about that.

Hey, Beth?

Bethie? Beth!

-What is this?
-Beth! Open the door!



My children are upstairs.



Open up!

-What do you want?
-Open the door!

What do you want? You want a hot tub? Want a better one? Money?


* Rain, rain, go away *

* I couldn't take it one more day *

* There's broken glass here On the floor *

* And I can't take this anymore *

* Stay, stay, don't leave now *

* I'll do anything but let you go *

* My hands are cold My eyes can't see *

* You can't do this Not to me *

* I can't stand this pain *

-We've got to move.


Guy's rig is, like, right up against our porch.

-Okay, ask him to scoot over.
-No, he's a total dick.

Well, what happened?

-He made fun of my beard.
-Oh, honey.

You know, I hear there's a nice park in Reno.

-We can't go to Reno.
-Oh, we can go anywhere.

-Actually, baby, we can't.
-That's the perk of a house on wheels.

-What about Ben?
-He can play lacrosse somewhere else.

This is the only free school in Nevada with a program.

And we're parked in the only free spot in Nevada.


Suburbia sucks.


Oh. What, uh, what are you. What are you doing?

I'm wrecking his view.

It. Uh.


A little snack for you.

-I might be late. I have practice.
-Oh. When's the first game?


-We haven't gotten a schedule yet.
-Why not?

-I guess they start later out here, so--
-Okay. All right.

Let me know. I wanna brag about you
with the trailer-trash moms. I love you.

-Love you, Mom.

-What are you doing?
-Just catching some rays, BM.

-Oh, my God.
-Just catching some rays.

* Them Hills Jump on it *

* Jump on it, jump on it *

* Pedi-pedi *

* Jump on it, jump on it, jump on it. *

-Ooh, hold on.
-What is it?

We've got a lot to offer.

* Paraffin! Jump on it *

* Jump on it, jump on it *


-* Open on Sundays *
-* Open Sundays *

* Get on it, get on it, get on it *

-What do you think, baby girl?

It makes me want to get my nails done.

-Boom. That's what I thought.
-That's what I'm talking about.

What if you guys don't get customers?

We will.

But what if you don't?

Oh. Don't you have to go to school?

Hey. What about your breakfast?

-Not hungry.
-You barely ate dinner.

You need me to drive you?

Uh, someone from the dance team is picking me up.

She's a Vegas girl now. They have dancing in their blood.

Oh, damn. , miles away from that club.

-Still got to worry about the pole.
-Hey. Hey. Don't throw that away.

What if wedon'tget any customers?

We'll have to take Little Money out of boarding school.

We'll have to do more than that.

We'll have to put him to work.

-He's nine.
-He's short.

He can do the feet.

Hey. What is on tap for you today?

Something crazy.

Should I be worried?



Some mom in the neighborhood said there's
an online class that changed her life.

Get over here.

Oh! Welcome back.

I never thought you could be you again.

-Thank you.
-Bye, babe.

Everyone on the floor! Face down! Get on the floor!

Open the drawer! Open it!

Don't bother.

I said floor, bitch!

They always empty out the drawer in the morning shift change.

Give me your purse.

I'm not gonna do that.

Because the manager over there has already hit the panic button.

So, when you try to grab this, I'm obviously gonna stall.

Cops will already be here.

Do you want to die?


-So, how was practice?
-It was fine.


Yeah. I was thinking maybe I could come to the game on Saturday.

-Oh. You got a schedule?
-Yeah, it was online.

Well, the coach might not put me in.

Maybe 'cause you never actually joined the team.

I went by there today.

-It's just. not the same out here.
-Well, why not?

-I don't know.
-Is it because of the heat?

Because of everything.

-The sport's been around for years.
-Well, it's not that.

-It can't be that different.
-It's not the sport.

They won't let me change in their locker room.

They said that?

They just put my uniform in the other one.

Best teams are in Reno anyway, so.

So get this. Reggie said there's a way
to hook both of our trailers together

to make one big giant one.


So, Monique says she didn't show up because she had some bad tuna.

-Maybe she did.
-Sara! Dinner!

Yeah, but when I asked her about it today,
she said she had period cramps.

-Well, which one was it?

-How do you know?
-'Cause you only get one, Stanley.

Either you had some bad tuna or you got your period.

Sara! No such thing as tuna period.

I mean. I mean, really, the girl just has to answer a damn phone.

Hey, young lady. Enough with the TikTok. Time to eat.


-Sara, open up.


Hey! Baby?

Sara! Open the door!


She was fine at home.

So was Ben.

We'll get through it.

-She's rejecting the kidney.
-Oh, my God.

We'll get through it.

-Our insurance hasn't kicked in.
-Oh, my God.

-We'll get through it.
-Will you stop saying that?


I've been knitting.

All right! Hands where I can see them!

Nobody move! Just be cool and nobody gets hurt.

Right, you, come on. Let's go! Open it up!

-Open it up.
-Put it in, nice and easy.

-You know what to do.
-Nice and easy.

-More. Quick!
-Open those up.

-All right.
-Look down.

-You next!
-Open that drawer.

-Get it in there.

Where's the manager?

-Three minutes.
-Get the video feed. Look away.

-Where's the manager at?
-It's this guy.

All right, come on. Let's go.

-Let's go!
-To the back!

-What's going on?
-Let's go!

-Bro. Let's go!
-Come on!

You guys, what is going on?

-Oh, my God!
-Are you okay?

Beth! Do something!

Beth, are you all right?

Call an ambulance! Someone do something!

Wake up! Somebody! No!

Please help! Beth, stay with me. Please.

Beth! Please. Someone do something! Beth, please.

Beth! Do something!

Come on, please!

Please! Do something!

Beth! No!

Beth! Beth!

What did you think was gonna happen?

Beth, please, come on, wake up!

Can't run from who you are, Beth.

-How many times have I told you that?

Beth! Beth, are you alive? Come back!

How many? How many?

-Beth, please, come on!
-How many?

How many, Beth?

How many fingers am I holding up?


-Where are the kids?
-Neighbors. They're okay. Hey.

You're gonna be okay.

Can you tell us who sh*t you?

Go ahead.



It, um.

happened so fast.

Tell him.

Who did this, ma'am?

I don't know.


Do you not like the flowers?

They were on sale.

I'm not going to Nevada.

We can get you other flowers.

Nothing will be different.

Except you won't be a criminal.


But what about the part where you don't
have to live in fear for your life?

'Cause that's pretty enticing.

-He just grazed me.
-You got sh*t.

-You are extremely lucky that he missed.
-What if it wasn't luck?

You guys, he left his g*n behind.

Must feel like a boss.

Nah. Nah, man, it just feels right.

-You know none of it's gonna stick.
-Not without me.

You know, crazy thing is.

I don't blame you.

Don't matter who you try to put this on. You're gonna leave her be.


And don't be using my people for your dirty work.

-He's on my payroll.
-Not anymore.

No, there's nothing more I can do to her, anyway.

Yeah? Should have finished the job.

I did.

How so?

I. I took your advice. Hit her where it hurts.


What if it's. that g*n?

Except why sh**t me with a g*n with my prints on it?

Her prints are all over it.

-Sibling rivalry?
-Way more than that.

Not the only time it was used.


So, what do we do?

It's not our case.

You bought an RV?


-Does Dad know?
-Not yet.

Benjamin was freaking out about school.

But then, I was like why don't we go cross-country for summer,

and I can be with Dad for school, and fly back for Thanksgiving?

Ooh. We should do a college tour on the way.

-I want to see Oberlin.
-You're going to Maryland.



I may not be able to go.


Uh, I'm actually in a little bit of trouble.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Check this out.
Three bedrooms, two baths, central air.

-'Cause we're gonna need that out there.

Let me guess.

I can't leave her like this.

This was your idea.

Maybe we can go once everything blows over.

Or maybe you can just join us.

What do you mean?

When you decide.

-Decide what?
-Which family you want to be with.

-Don't do this.
-I already put the application in.

-Why can't we just wait?
-The longer we wait, the worse it gets.

We just can't do it anymore.

I know.

* Three, oh, it's the magic number *

* Yeah, it is *

* It's the magic number *

* Somewhere in that Ancient mystic trinity *

* You get three *

* It's the magic number *

* The past and the present And the future *

* Faith and hope and charity *

* The heart and the brain and the body *

* Will give you three *

* It's the magic number *

* It takes three legs to make a tripod Or to make a table stand *

* And it takes three wheels To make a vehicle called a tricycle *

* Yeah *

* And every triangle has three corners
Every triangle has three sides *

* No more, no less You don't have to guess *

* That it's three, can't you see? It's a magic number *

* And three times two is six And three times one *

-* What is it? *
-* Three *

* Yeah! *

* A man and a woman had a little baby *

*There were three in the family *

*And that's a magic number *

Mommy, I want to do the swing!

Wait your turn, okay? He'll share.

You know the best part about all this?

What, not the city salary?

You work for me now.

* Three, oh, is a magic number *

* Yeah, it is, it's the magic number *

You got it, boss.

* Somewhere in that Ancient mystic trinity *

* It's a magic number *

* The past, the present, the future *

* Faith and hope and charity *

* The heart, the brain, the body Will give you three *

* Three, six, nine, uh-huh Twelve, fifteen, eighteen *

* Twenty-one, twenty-four Twenty-seven and thirty *

* Oh, it's a magic number *

* Three, six, nine, uh-huh Twelve, fifteen, eighteen *

* Twenty-one, twenty-four Twenty-seven and thirty *

* Three, six, nine, oh, yeah Twelve, fifteen, eighteen *

* Twenty-one, twenty-four Twenty-seven, thirty *

* Now multiply backwards From three times ten *

* Thee times ten is thirty And three times nine is twenty-seven *
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