01x07 - Defiant Jazz

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Severance". Aired: February 18, 2022 to present.
When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs.
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01x07 - Defiant Jazz

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[MARK] Who are you?


thrown away Petey's phone weeks ago.

Why didn't you?

I'm sorry, just... Who are you?

I'm the one who helped your friend.

Helped? You mean reintegration?
It k*lled him.

The procedure didn't k*ll Petey.

If he had followed
my post-op instructions

and not simply run away
at the first sign of sickness...

So, you... you... You're a doctor?

I put that chip in your head,

and I'm still the only one
who can deactivate it.

Maybe I don't want it deactivated.

Right. Well, maybe your innie does.

You wonder what he thinks
about all this, don't you?

You wonder if he's happy?

I hate that term, "innie."
So infantilizing.

Then again, you've been severed
for two years, right?

So your innie really
is still just a baby.

My innie lives his own life and,
as a result, I get to live mine.

But he only exists because of you.

And for all intents and purposes,
he is you.

Do you really think
he's different down there?

Combs his hair differently,
laughs at different jokes?

Maybe he loves it, you're right.

But maybe he doesn't.

Maybe he dreams every day
about clawing his way to the surface.

But you wouldn't know.
You'll never know.

You brought him into this world
without his permission,

based on your own desire
for emotional convenience.

I'm not a bad person.

I think you wanna do what's right.

Both of you.


Mr. Scout.


Do I know you?

We work together. Down there.

You having a chat with someone, Mark?

- Um...
- It's okay. I'm a friend.



What the f*ck are you doing?



- Grab his arms.
- [MARK] What?

Come here. His arms.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

- Oh, f*ck! Oh, my God.


Ah, f*ck. Oh, God.

- I work with him.

No, you don't.

He's Doug Graner.
Head of security on the severed floor.

- Security? Oh, my God.

Okay, I'm gonna get sick.
I need to throw up.

- I'm gonna throw up right now. Oh.
- Don't! Don't! Don't!

Your DNA's in that!


Look, Graner's security card.

Full access,
and it can't be tied to anyone.

Take it to work tomorrow.
He'll know what to do.

Who'll know what to do?


Give me the phone.
Petey's phone. Give it to me.

I'll take care of this.

Go home, get rid of your clothes.

Go now.


I'll be in touch. It's gonna be okay.

We'll finish what Petey started, Mark.

Now get the f*ck out of here!





- Oh, hey.
- Hey.

Just, uh, getting some water.
Do you need anything?

Where were you?

Who, me?

- Yeah.
- Just...

I heard the car.

You heard a car? Um...

You're being weird.

Uh, maybe it was just a dream.

I've been up for an hour,
and you weren't here.


Okay, just... [SIGHS]

I'm sorry, I...

I, uh, just needed to drive a little.

Are you okay?

Well, I mean, this is kind
of a big deal for me. And...

I don't know. It's...

Do you want me to go?

Maybe. Uh...


f*cking shit.



You're out early in all this snowiness.

You usually dispose of your waste
in the early afternoon.

Oh, well, just, uh, getting a
head start on the day, I guess.

You look troubled, Mark.


Maybe we should talk later over a
nice hot cup of lavender tea, hmm?

Uh, yeah. I'm just gonna see
how the day goes, you know?

Jack Frost certainly needs
some new dandruff shampoo. [CHUCKLES]



Burt G.

Mr. Milchick. Pleasure to see you, sir.

- So early.
- Please, sit.

Thank you.

I have something for you.

Ah! The missing -G.

Oswald will be so delighted.
I, too, am delighted.

Oh, good. Now we can focus on
the final preparations.

- That we can.
- Without interruptions.

- That we shall.
- Excellent.

- May I?
- Yes, of course.

[MR. MILCHICK] Oh. Outstanding.

- Yep.
- Wow.

You've been a great leader
to this department, Burt G.

Thank you.

You deserve something special.

Not... Not a trip
to the break room, I hope.

Yesterday was quite enough.

No. No, not that. Something else.
Stay tuned.

[MR. MILCHICK] Dylan G. Good morning.

What the hell was that?

Walk with me.

What happened last night
is called the overtime contingency.

It's a safeguard we occasionally employ

to remotely awaken workers off-site.

You never told us you could do that.

It's for emergency use only.

And I didn't consult Ms. Cobel
because she's been so stressed.

The boy. W-Was he... Was that my son?

[SIGHS] He'd agreed to count
to a thousand, which he then violated.

I really wouldn't mention this
to your colleagues, Dylan.

This OTC's pretty need-to-know.

Can you tell me his name?

Not knowing is probably for the best.

I know this has been a tough quarter.

I'm gonna see about rustling you up
some special perks.

That sound good?


Good man, Dylan. Good man.


Mark S. Good morning.

Good morning.

So, am I going to the...

I'm here to escort you to your desk.

New protocol.

Sounds good.

Lead the way.

Wait, we're locked in now?

I prefer the phrase, "safely situated."

These doors help us to ensure you all
are tucked nicely

in your work spaces.

- Did Mr. Graner order this?

Mark S. Is here.

Have a seat.

- I, uh...
- Coffee. Black. I'll bring it to you.

Good morning, Mark.

- [IRVING] Morning.
- Morning.

Mark, what is this?

How're you doing, Irv?

I'm well, thank you. I...

The renovations are... very nice.

- Yeah.
- Hmm.

Dylan, you all right?

I'm fine.

That's the best you can do? Where's
the sly, profanity-laced comeback?

Here you go.
Straight from the hills of Rwanda.



Hey, it's me. Don't know if you heard,
but Graner didn't come in.

Everything's fine,
just wondering where you are.

So I lean my upper
body slightly forward,

while cradling the top of the neck,
just so.

Exhale softly.
Just a whisper of a breeze.

Then I do this, and this.

Show the baby the areola, and we latch.

[CHUCKLES] Now you try.

All right.

You ready? You ready, buddy?



- expose the areola. Let her see it.
- Okay.

- She's... Oh! [GROANS, CHUCKLES]
- [MRS. SELVIG GASPS] There she is.

- Yes, Eleanor, yes! Yes. Ah!
- [GASPS] Oh, my God.

Oh. Baby sips, baby sips. [CHUCKLES]


So she goes into the airport restroom
to try to hand express.

She gets into the stall, and she's
trying to do it in the toilet paper,

- but it's just flying everywhere.

- Yes, like an angry f*re hose.
- Oh, no! [LAUGHING]

- Stop.

Oh, God. Thank you for helping me.


Did you say you need
to get to the store?

Ah, they can do without me.
I'm having fun. [CHUCKLES]

Besides, it's not as if you have
a fleet of nannies and manservants

coming to take care of you, do you?

- Nope.

I met this rich woman
at the birthing retreat.

I guess her husband's a state senator.

Oh, wow.

I know, but it was weird

'cause I saw
her again at the park a few days later,

and she % didn't remember me.

What a snoot.


Like... [SIGHS]
I don't know. This is stupid.

Mark's company, Lumon, they say
that they only sever people for work.

But I was thinking, what if someone...

Like, what if you wanted a baby,
but you didn't wanna...

I don't know.

[SCOFFS] Well, I don't think
I'd remember even Clark Gable

if I'd just given birth, so...



Why do you think Mark did it?

it was right after he lost his wife.

At first, he tried to keep teaching
at the college, but he couldn't.

Hmm. Does he ever talk about her?

Not as much as I'd wish.

When my husband passed,
I thought I saw him everywhere.

It was just so hard.

[DEVON] Hmm.

[SIGHS] Does Mark
ever think he sees her?



- I was just in the bathroom.
- Yeah?

Yeah. Hey, what ever happened
to the soap labels?

- The soap labels?
- Yeah.

Shouldn't there be labels
on the soap dispensers saying, "soap"?

There's never been that.

We all know it's soap.

- Seems like an O&
- D question.

Irv, you know we can't go anywhere.

I mean, I get
that you're worried about Burt.

Suppose he's being disciplined
for our visit?

Suppose he is, thanks to you.

If only someone had told you

that going there was a shitty
f*cking idea from the jump.

- Oh.
- [MR. MILCHICK] Good day, Refiners!

What's this?

It's an MDE.

She got to %?

Helly R., please step forward.


By reaching % refinement on Siena,
you have earned

for you and your fellow refiners
a five-minute Music Dance Experience.

Mr. Milchick, she's at %.

Yes, well, it's been a tough morning
on all of us.

- Why for you?
- And I thought a little frivolity

would be just what the doctor ordered.

Helly, please approach the MDE cart.

You may choose one genre
and one accessory.

[HELLY] Hmm.

The maraca. Excellent choice.

Should've gone for the castanets.

I choose "Defiant Jazz."

[MR. MILCHICK] Though this experience
is in Helly's honor,

I urge all the refiners to take
advantage of the opportunity presented.



- Whoa.
- [HELLY] Wow.



[LAUGHS] Cheers.

[HELLY] I'm nervous!


- [MR. MILCHICK] Come on, Mark.
- [MARK] Uh-oh.



Irving, what you got? Let's see it.




[DYLAN'S CHILD] Daddy. Daddy. Daddy.



- What is his name?
- [MR. MILCHICK] Dylan! Get him off me!

Tell me his name!

- Get him off me! [SHRIEKS]

- He's biting me!
- [MARK] Dylan, what the hell!

- Jesus Christ! Dylan! Come on, Dylan!
- He's biting me!



He broke the skin.

He needs a full tetanus toxoid panel.

You've done it now, Dylan.
I'm reporting this to Ms. Cobel.

Yeah, you wanna go see her together?

The Music Dance Experience
is officially canceled.



What is wrong with you?

They can wake us up.


On the outside.
It's called the overtime contingency.

[MARK] What are you talking about?

Last night,
after I went up the elevator,

I woke up outside, in my house,
with Milchick.

[IRVING] What?

I saw my son.

And then he hugged me.

He was so happy to see me.

Then Milchick pulled him off,
and it was over.

It happened so fast,
I just keep trying to remember more.

- Jesus, Dylan. That's crazy.
- [DYLAN] Yeah, it's not fair.

And now I'm just supposed to
have that in my head every day here.

And I never get to see him again.

He's not your son, Dylan.
He's your outie's son.

That's bullshit. He's my son too.

This is good. We could use this.

[IRVING] What?

If they can wake us up on the outside,

what's to stop us
from doing it to ourselves?

What's to stop us?

We can find whatever they use to
control it and, you know,

commandeer it.

We can all see the outside,
find out who we are.

But, Helly, forgive me,
but that's perverse. We're innies.

Plus, the controls are surely
somewhere we can't access.

Like the security office?

[IRVING] Is that...

Graner's key card?

- [HELLY] Where did you find it?
- [WHISPERS] In my pocket

during the Music Dance Experience.

I think I-I must've had it with me
when I came in today.

Why does your outie have the key card
of our head of security?

I don't know.

I think it's time for a field trip.

To the security office
where all the security guards work?

Amazing. Yeah.

Who's to say there are security guards?
I've only ever seen Graner.

[DYLAN] What about Milchick?

[HELLY] He can't be everywhere at once.

- This whole line of con...
- Do you know where the office is?

Petey saw it during a f*re alarm
last year. He showed me.

We can do this.

Look, if Milchick does show up,
stall him.

- I got it.
- Okay.

Hopefully this works.


No cavalry yet.

Okay, it's a ways past perpetuity, so...


I'm sorry, Mark.

- Where you going?
- I have to make sure Burt's okay.

What about the plan?

I... I'm sorry, Mark. I can't hear you!
I'll be back!

- I mean... [SIGHS]
- What?


[HELLY] Okay.

It's this one.



This is f*cking weird.

It's over here.


[MARK] Oh, my God.

Look, that's us.

What's the name of that thing?
The oversight something?

The overtime contingency.

[MARK] Shit.

- Shit.
- What?

It's Cobel.

She won't come here.

Oh, okay. It's great you know that.
Let's get the f*ck outta here.

Harmony, I was looking for you.

- Now isn't a good...
- I have the Board here.

Right now?

Doug Graner is d*ad.


The Board finds this deeply troubling.

The Board wants to know
if you knew he was missing

and if you've spoken to the police.

Whoever k*lled Mr. Graner is probably

the same person
who reintegrated Peter Kilmer.


The Board reminds you
that reintegration is not...

Reintegration happened.
And I have the data to prove it.

And I would be happy
to share my findings in person

without intermediaries.


The Board agrees...


...and will be available to meet
with you at the Eagan Family Gala

next week

to discuss this further.
Details to come.

I look forward to receiving them.



So, no one is in there?
That's lax as f*ck.

Well, maybe it's enough that
we think we're constantly being watched.

It's too bad nobody told you guys
that everything here is bullshit.

- Is that making sense?
- [HELLY] Yeah.

There's a bunch of steps, but
it's actually pretty straightforward.

You just engage the trackball,
type the code,

then it's switch, type, flip,

- type, hold.
- What?

Trackball, type, switch,
type, flip, type, hold. Boom.


I'm smart.

That's why I have three times
as many finger traps as you guys.

But to do this,
one of us has to stay behind, right?

Yeah, after work. I can do it.

already been out, so it's only fair.

Very noble of you, but I think
it's designed as a two-man operation.

Great. I have the strength of two men.

It's not about strength.

Yeah, see. There are two lever switches
that you have to hold open

during the actual procedure.

And they're on either side of the door.

I can do it.


[MR. MILCHICK] Ladies and gentlemen,

how about a round of applause
for the man of the hour, huh?


Come and circle up! Gather round.

[CHANTING] Burt, Burt, Burt.


- Whoo!

Greetings, Designers...

And one Refiner. [CHUCKLES]

We'll have to get those doors looked at.

In the meantime...

Burt G. This is for you.


This is kinda strange, but...

A lot of things about this job are.

You all know that better than me,
I'm guessing.

And, of course,
I don't really know any of you,

but the man standing there
with you now does.

He's worked with you
for nearly seven years,

and I hope they've been good years.

I don't know what they've been like,

or what exactly I, or he,
has been doing with you,

but I do know how I feel every day
when I come from being with you.

I come home feeling tired but fulfilled.
I feel satisfied.

I must like you very much.

And though today is
my last day with you,

I'm certain you will remain
with me in spirit

in some deep, yet completely
unaccessible, corner of my mind.

The impression you've left on me
is indelible,

though I'm unaware of it
on a conscious level, and...

I will never forget any of you,
even though sitting here right now,

I have no recollection
of actually ever meeting you

and no idea of your names

or any of your physical characteristics

or even how many of you there are.

Anyway, I just wanna say,
thank you, all.

And Burt, I see you.

- Congratulations.

Good job, buddy.

Bon voyage.





You're all just gonna stand here...

And let him die?

Irving, what?

Are we being punished
for defying the guidance of the founder?

Burt's outie is retiring.
It'll happen to you too someday.

You smug f*ck.

You're not severed.

You walk out of here with your memories.

You carry them home
with you every night.

No one can rip them away from you,
snuff them out.

Like they never existed.

Like you never existed!

That's enough! You will go back to MDR.

[BURT] Mr. Milchick, please.

It'd be so wonderful to have him here.

He won't say anything more.

You can stay for Burt's party
and support his transition.

But only if you behave in a manner
that brings no shame upon yourself,

the founder or his progeny.

I don't know
what's gotten into you people today.


Yes, Mr. Milchick.

Now, let's all say goodbye to Burt.

I hope you all will enjoy Burt G.'s
innie retirement song selection.


[PAUL ANKA] ♪ Good morning, yesterday

You wake up
And time has slipped away

And suddenly it's hard to find

The memories you left behind

Remember, do you remember?

The laughter and the tears

The shadows of misty yesteryears

The good times and
the bad you've seen

And all the others in between

Remember, do you remember

The times of your life?

[CHORUS] ♪ Do you remember?

[ANKA] ♪ Reach back for
the joy and the sorrow

Put them away in your mind

For memories are
time that you borrow

To spend when you get to tomorrow

Here comes the saddest part

[CHORUS] ♪ Comes the saddest part

The seasons are passing one by one

So gather moments while you may

Collect the dreams you dream today

- ♪ Remember

Will you remember
The times of your life?



Let's burn this place to the ground.



- Hey.
- Hey.

My phone.

Right, yeah. Come on in.

How are you?

- I-I'm good. How are you?
- That's great.

[SLURRING] Come on in.
You know, make yourself at home.

You know, I found it
between the wall and the bed. [CHUCKLES]

Uh, you know, I would've dropped it off,

but I don't know where you live.

So, this is, uh... This is great.


Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.
Um, you know, a little tired.

Okay. I'm gonna go.

No, no, no, no. Come on.

Hey, look. I just don't
think you're ready for this.

- No, I think I'm really ready for this.
- No.

I don't think you're ready for anything.

I think you're a mess right now.

- Well, I'm... I'm really sorry.
- Okay.

And... And I'm sorry
for talking about her.


No, it was too much. It was... Ugh.

You know what? You can talk about her.
You can not talk about her.

- Whatever you want.
- Okay. H-Hold on.

Watch this.

See? That's her.



Uh, okay. Wow. Um...

Alexa, you know, we could...
We'll talk all about Gemma.

She was great. She wa...

Goodbye, Mark.



[CHUCKLES] Oh, my... Oh.


She was great.

[WHISPERS] She was extraordinary.



[BILLIE HOLIDAY] ♪ I'll be seeing you

In all the old familiar places

That this heart of mine embraces

All day through

In that small café

The park across the way

The children's carousel

The chestnut tree

[MARK] My wife was extraordinary.

[HOLIDAY] ♪ I'll be seeing you

[MARK] My wife was allergic to nutmeg.

[HOLIDAY] ♪ In every
lovely summer's day

[MARK] And when she sneezed,
she always sneezed twice.

In everything that's light and gay

[MARK] My wife liked
other people's dogs.

I'll always think of you that way

[MARK] My wife thought
cardigans looked ridiculous.

[HOLIDAY] ♪ I'll find you...

[MARK] I loved all
these things about her...


[HOLIDAY] ♪ And when the night is new

I'll be looking at the moon

But I'll be seeing you

I'll be seeing you

In every lovely summer's day

In everything that's light and gay

I'll always think of you that way

I'll find you

In the morning sun

And when the night is new

I'll be looking at the moon

But I'll be seeing you
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