Rumpelstiltskin’s Revenge

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Rumpelstiltskin’s Revenge

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Submitted by: Adrianne N

Chapter 1

Rumpel is no fool

That evil witch thought she had the upper hand the night that she guessed my full name correctly.

I have been dreaming about this day since then, and now finally it has arrived.

Today I will finally start getting my revenge on this woman and her family.

It took years of planning, watching and waiting.

They have no idea.

I am about to turn their happy lives into a endless living nightmare!

If my heart wasn’t filled with years of hate towards this family I would’ve advise them not to turn of the lights.

“RUMPEL,RUMPEL where are you?”

That’s Bell, my beautiful wife.

“Yes my love, I am in my office.”

Bell: “There you are, dinner’s ready. I feel like watching a scary movie tonight, Red recommend quite a few on Netflix, will you watch one with me please?”

Rumpel: “Of course my love, but are you sure you want to watch a scary movie, you know how freaked out you get from the horror movies?”

Bell: “That’s why you are there, in your arms I always feel safe.”

Rumpel: “Well in that case, you go pick the one you would like to watch, and I’ll go dish up for us, then we can have dinner and a movie at the same time.”

He said as he kissed her on her forehead and made his way to the kitchen.

Their house was old and at this stage way to big for just the two of them, but when they bought it the plan was to one day fill it with a lot of children. A dream Bell still has not given up on, Rumpel however is starting to get really impatient with this dream that just wont happen.

That is why he has decided that tonight he would put his revenge plan into action, and so he would fill his house with as many children as Bell wanted.

But for now he was going to enjoy his movie night with his wife.

The movie was not at all what Bell had expected, therefore Rumpel was not surprised to find his beautiful wife asleep about thirty minutes into the movie, he decided that he would watch till the end, then he would carry her to their bed and let her sleep peacefully while he put his plan into action.

He had worked out that he would be away from the house for at least the whole night, he would just make it back by sunrise, he planned to wake Bell up with breakfast in bed.

At this point Rumpel had lost all interest in the movie, so he let his mind wonder back to that night, the night he was fooled by the Millers daughter. He still felt the exact same rage today as he had felt that night, and so he vowed that he would have his revenge, and have been carefully planning every step of it ever since. This time he would not be fooled, and he would be the one that walks away laughing happily, he was sure of it.

The journey to the castle was mundane for Rumpel knew it like the back of his hand. He kept himself well hidden in the shadows of the forest as he watched for movement around the grounds bordering the castle. As usual the guards where doing their rounds, but it is what Rumpel had expected. So he waited for them to pass his hiding spot so that he could make a dash for his final destination. He knew exactly where the nursery was located in the castle, and that is where he needed to be.

When he saw his gap he ran and soon found himself in front of the trap door that would give him passage to the castle so that he could get into the nursery.

Finally inside the nursery, he put the backpack he had on his shoulders down on the floor next to the baby's cot, and took a moment to admire the sleeping baby in it.

Gently so as not to wake the child, he ran his hand over his soft sleeping cheek and took hir tiny hand in his huge hands and admired the contrast that he witnessed. He almost felt guilty of the t*rture that he was about to put him through, but he had no choice. If he planned on making the Queen suffer this innocent little baby was his first target.

Rumpel picked up his backpack and moved away from the cot so that he could plant his secret cam. The camera was hidden in a soft toy identical to the one that sat on the shelf just above the changing table. He simple switched the two soft toys making sure to place his in exactly the same position as the original, he did not want any one to know that he had been there. He then made his way back to the cot and once again replaced the mobile hanging above the cot with an identical one from his back pack. He had suspected that the mobile was no longer working and as he put it in his back pack his suspicion's was confirmed. His mobile was unbreakable, of that he had made sure the two years it had taken him to create it, and as he stood back to admire his handy work he was once again extremely proud of himself for he had made his mobile a exact replica of the one that they had bought in the store, no one would ever know that it was completely hand made by him.

In the musical mobile he had planted a magical dust, the dust would fall into babies eyes when ever it was in motion. He had purchased the dust from the dark fairies when he had traveled to their island some years back. The dust was his main w*apon of destruction on the Queen and everything and anyone that she loved. The dust had mind controlling powers, and with the witches spell that was put on it he was the only one that would be able to control the mind that the dust infected.

Chapter 2

Bell's Escape Plan

Rumpel made it back just before sunrise, and had purchased fresh rolls on his way home from the local baker that had become a dear friend of Bell's, of course when he heard what Rumpel had in mind the baker handed the rolls over to Rumpel the minute the oven timer went off indicating that they where done, the rest of the ingrediants that he need for the breakfeast was already in the fridge, Rumpel simply needed to fry the eggs, sausages and bacon.

In the fridge Rumple also found fresh orange juice, he pored a glass and set it on the tray that he had set for Bell's breakfast in bed. He just had one last touch to add to the tray, the red rose that he saw blooming in the garden this morning. Now he was satisfied with the breakfast tray, it had all of Bell's favorite things. Rumpel picked up the tray and made his way to their bedroom. When he got there Bell was not in bed anymore, and he heard the shower running in their on suite bathroom, Rumpel did not want to disturbed her showering so he set the tray on the bed, and went back down stairs to clean the kitchen. As he made his way to the kitchen a flickering on his laptop attracted his attention, Rumpel garbed the laptop and quickly moved towards his office, he had a suspicion what that flickering light meant, and need to look at it privately because Bell had no idea what he had done last night, and that is the way he wanted to keep it. So when he reached his office, he was sure to lock the door behind him. He then went to his desk, set the laptop down on it and took his seat in the chair, when Rumpel opened the laptop he saw that the flickering light was the indicator that the hidden camera that he had planted in the nursery had been triggered and was busy recording the motion in the baby's room. When Rumpel clicked to opened the folder the picture appeared and Rumpel took in a sharp breath, because what he saw upset him so much.

There in front of him on his computer screen was the witch that had betrayed him that fateful night. The hate Rumpel felt for this woman actually made him sick to his stomach. Then he saw into the cot and baby was wide awake looking directly into the moving musical mobile above him.

Rumpel almost jumped up and danced around his desk with delight, although he could not see the dust he knew that it had already infected the babies mind, this meant that he could now connect with the baby, and then control its every move. The only problem Rumpel had at the moment was Bell. He needed to make sure that she was out of the house before he started his mind controlling game.

When Rumpel reached their bedroom and looked in, he saw Bell standing in sexy underware at the breakfeast tray, drink from the orange juice glass. The sight of her immediately had Rumpel's body demanding the feel of her skin under his hands. So he quietly sneaked up behind Bell and brought his hands to her front just above the v between her legs and kissed her on her neck just behind her ear, he knew that this always made her weak in her knees.

Bell: "Mmmmmmmm,morning sir. Thank you for the breakfeast surprise tray."

Rumpel: "You look sexy and I want to eat you right now."

Bell turned around so that she could face him, and put her arms around his neck running her fingers trough the hair at the back of his head as she guided his lips to hers so that she could kiss him. Rumpel immediately returned her kiss, and pulled her body closer to his, but his clothes was blocking him. And when Bell felt him pocking her, she gently pushed him away and said.

Bell: "Rumpel you will have to wait till tonight, I have a very important meeting at the library that I can not be late for, please?"

Rumpel: "But can't you feel the "horn" in my pants, you need to help me with that otherwise I will not be able to concentrate on anything else for the whole day, and just like you I also have important things that need to be attended to today, and can not afford any distractions."

Bell slipped her hand down the inside of the front side of Rumpel's pants as they kissed again, and ran her and up and down his hard "horn". She did this till she felt Rumpel take her lower lip between his teeth and gently bite on it, and she knew that he would be losing control soon, so again she pushed him away.

Rumpel: "Woman what are you doing? Are you seriously planning on leaving me like this?"

Rumpel sounded as if he was growling as he said this to her.

Bell laughed, and leaned in to whispered in his ear,

Bell: "We are going to play a game for the rest of the week, the game is called you have to do as I wish. Because I am the Queen of this house, and this is my game, I get to go first. This is my first wish."

Rumpel knew he was in trouble, he loved Bell's naughty little games. After all a good game had always been his thing and his main w*apon of bargaining. There was no way he was not going to play along, but that would mean that he would be totally distracted today, because as he knew Bell he was sure she had some dirty sweet little plan up her sleeve to make sure that she gets her wish.

Rumpel: "You make me crazy woman, you thought up this little game this morning in the shower didn't you?"

Bell: "No, actually I read an article in a magazine about different ways to spice up things in the bedroom. And out of all the suggestions they had, this one sounded more like us!"

Rumpel: "So tell me the rules of the game, so that I can figure out how I am going to win it!"

Again Bell laughed, by know she had plied herself out of Rumpel's arms, against his will, and he was sitting on the bed watching her getting dressed to go to her important meeting at the library.

Bell: "That's the beauty of this game, and one of the main reasons why I picked it, because I know from previous experience that you are a very sour loser, in this game there is no winner, if we play it correctly we will both be winners! Your turn to have your first wish is tomorrow, we each get three wishes and each wish has to be played out from sunrise to sunset. Meaning the game will be a week long game."

By know the two of them had moved out of their bedroom and Bell was chatting to him as she made sure that she had everything she needed for the day in her handbag, took one last glance in the big mirror they had hanging in the hall way by the front door, turned around to Rumpel, and air kissed him goodbye because she did not want to mess up her freshly applied lip stick, and said in a sweet voice:

Bell: "Good Bye Sir, I hope you have a wonderful day and don't forget to think about how it felt when I was running my hand up and down your "horn" this morning."

With that she winked at him and was out the door before he could clear his head of the image she had just planted back into his head of this whole morning.

Smirking to her self as she shut the front door behind her, Bell ran down the front steps towards the bus stop on her way to the library.

Chapter 3

Rumpel's is the voice inside baby's head

Rumpel stood for a couple of seconds rooted to the spot as Bell walked out the front door, the image of almost naked Bell consuming his every thought, and again he felt the ache of his "horn" in his pants, and decided that he better go take a cold shower before he once again locked him self in his office for the rest of the day till Bell came back from work the evening. As Rumpel was standing in the showers cold water he could finally feel his mind clear of the fog that was his sexy wife, he felt the darkness rising in his heart, turning his thoughts into the evil that he was about to unleash on the Queen's life.

Rumpel was now behind his desk staring at the screen in front of him watching as the nanny that was changing the baby on the changing table, he closed his eyes and imagined that he was inside the baby's mind. Suddenly it sounded as if he was in a hollow room with a voice coming through in a faint echo in his ears, and he realized that it was the nanny sing a lullaby to the baby as she was changing, Rumpel spoke.

Rumpel: "When this nanny picks you up I want you to bite her ear right off!"

Rumpel opened his eyes and focused his attention back on the screen in front of him and waited to see what would happen the moment the baby was in the arms of the nanny. Finally the nanny was done changing him and lifted him up into her arms to cuddle him to her chest, as Rumpel watched he saw the baby turn his mouth towards the nannies ear, next moment he heard a loud scream from her and watched as blood started running down her ear, he saw her dropping the baby as she bought both her hands to the now gapping hole in the side of her head where her ear had been.

The baby h*t the floor with a thud and spat out the ear that was in his mouth, and then he to started screaming and crying.

Rumpel continued watching as the Queen & King came running into the nursery shocked at the sight that met them.

Again Rumpel closed his eyes and was back inside the baby's brain, he commanded:

Rumpel: "If your mother picks you up, I want you to stick both your fingers into her each of her eyes and scratch out the eyeballs till they come out of their sockets."

Again Rumpel opened his eyes and focused his attention on the computer screen to watch the horror that he knew was about to happen.

As the Queen bent down to pick up the baby, he saw the child do exactly as he commanded, he saw the Queens eye sockets start squirting blood and heard her screaming in agony, the King turned his attention away from the bleeding nanny and watched in shock at what his son was doing to his wife. He garbed the baby away from her and when he looked into his son's eyes all he saw was evilness.

Again Rumpel closed his eyes, and was back inside the baby's head.

"I want you to bite your farther on his mouth, and make sure to rip off his lips."

Rumpel watched the screen again as the baby was in the King’s arms, suddenly the baby grabbed the King by both his ears yanking the King’s head towards its mouth, and Rumpel watched as the baby bit down on the King’s bottom lip, when the King screamed in agony the guard that was attending to the Queen looked up at the King and saw what was happening and immediately jumped up to rip the baby out of the Kings arms as the guard ripped the child from the King’s arms the King’s bottom lip tore from his face as if it was a piece of lose skin, and what was left of the King’s face was horrifying. By this time chaos had erupted in the nursery, all the castle staff where gathered in the room trying desperately to stop the bleeding on all the victims, while the guards were contemplating on what to do with the evil baby.

Rumpel leaned back in his chair with his eyes fixed on the screen, and then he started laughing uncontrollably, his laughter quickly grew into roaring, and then he was dancing around his desk singing the same song he had sung the night before that fateful night when the Queen had unwittingly signed her own death certificate, because after all that was the plan all along, when Rumpel was done with her she would have nothing left, and would pray for her own death to come quicker.

Rumpel was so pleased with the chaos he had caused in the castle, to him it felt like he was walking on clouds.

So, when he heard his phone chime with the special song indicating that he had received a message from Bell, he decided that he would switch of the computer, he was done for today and as he was shutting down the computer he said to the screen.

Rumpel: “Good night Miller’s daughter. You better rest well tonight because you will need all your strength for what’s to come tomorrow, and trust me I plan on making it so much worse than today.”

Chapter 4

Beauty meets her Beast

Bell had met Beast late one evening, very briefly for the first time.

She was locking up the Library for the night when suddenly she felt his presence behind her, when she turned around there he was, he was the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on, and immediately she felt an overwhelming attraction to this man. He was different, a huge man with the softest soul, she sensed that about him.

Best: “Excuse me Mam’ I know that I am late, I promise I will not waste a lot of your time, I was just wondering if you could possibly tell me if you happen to know weather you might still have the old city plans in you archives, more specifically the old underground sewer plans?”

Bell: Uhm, I am not sure, I would have to go check on the digital archive system on the computer. Give me a minute to unlock again then we can go have a look?”

Beast: “No please, rather give me a time that I can be here tomorrow, preferably when you are alone in the library, normally people freak out at the sight of me, you are the first person that looked at me and did not run away screaming.

Then we can do the research on the computer and once you find the hard copies, I will pay you cash for them and I will be on my way.”

Bell: “Okay, meet me here at 5pm, I will close the library as usual, and you can then come around the back, knock on the door 3 times, so that I know it is you.”

Beast: “Thank you so much Beauty, you have no idea how much this means to me. I will see you tomorrow at 5.”

Bell: “What did you just call me, how do you know that name, who are you?”

Bell quickly realized that she was asking her questions to the wind, because the beautiful man had vanished into thin air.

Bell had become so consumed in her thoughts about the beautiful man, that she had not taken notice of how quickly the time had passed, she almost jumped out the open window to her right when the old grandfather clock in the library started chiming ten bells.

Time for her to win Rumpel’s trust in her sweet sexy game. She had to buy herself time, for her escape plan, she knew that her heart belong to Beast, she wanted to be a family only with him. She loved him.

Rumpel no longer mattered to her, she had always hated the evil she sensed in him, and she knew that she did not want him to be the farther of her children. She knew this from the moment he had tricked her in to becoming Mrs. Rumpelstiltskin and had forced her to make a promise to him. She was going to find a way to break that promise, Rumpel loved games, she was sure that if she told Beast about her escape plan, together they would find a way to trick Rumpel out of the promise of giving him their child and out of this ridiculous marriage.

She so wished that there would be some Devine intervention, and Rumpel would call her and let her know that he would not be home tonight.

She went off in search of her phone, once she found it, she quickly typed up a short sexy message to remind Rumpel of their game, and that he should think about what she was planning for tonight. She had not told Rumpel the whole truth behind her little game that morning before she left the house, and she was 100% sure that Rumpel’s idea of her little game, and the actual intention of her game where not the same.

He had no idea that she knew about the sick game he was playing.

Chapter 5

The Beast

The moment Beast read Bell’s reaction to him; he knew that he had found his mate.

Finally, after all these years of searching, he had found her, but that evil little vengeful man had stolen her.

Beast knew exactly who Bell was, he had heard so many tales about the Beauty and her Beast as a child growing up.

Before his great grandfather had d*ed, he had always told the story around the village f*re to all the young male beast’s in the clan, and had warned us of the evil queen’s curse on our clan.

Legend stated that a male beast like us only ever had one true mate in his life time.

Never would a male beast be able to be with any other female.

If a male beast did not find his mate in his life time, he would die a virgin.

It also stated that when you met your female mate, she would not run away from you because the force of the connection would keep her firmly routed to the spot, her eyes will be blinded to your beastliness and she will only ever be able to see the man beneath the beast, but your souls will never truly be bonded unless your female mate dose an heroic act to save all of the existence. She must survive a battel against an evil villain in order to qualify for you to be able to wed her.

So far Beast was the only one in his clan that has not yet found their true mate, the rest of the males in his clan had all gone off with their true mates to build clans of their own.

He was all alone in his village.

He heard her asking him how he knew her name, and who he was, but he chose not to answer her just yet. He wanted to make her feel it for herself, that with him was where her heart belonged. Instead he hid away in the shadows of the night to follow her.

Beast watched as Bell turned around to make sure that the library doors where properly locked and then skip down the front steps towards the bus stop, Beast ran in time with the bus through the forest till he saw Bell get off it at her stop, and watched her walk to her house.

Beast was already at the kitchen window of the house looking in when he saw Bell enter the house through the front door. She hung her coat on the clothing rack by the door next to the huge mirror, and Beast heard her call into the house for Rumpel.

She moved through the house calling for him, Beast followed her every move from outside watching through each window as she passed. Then she moved up the stairs, and Beast climbed up the wall on the outside of the house to her bedroom window and watched as Bell found Rumpel in the bedroom with nothing but a towel around his waist. Beast watched as Rumpel turned around and grabbed Bell around the waist and with a forceful tug he crashed their bodies against each other. Beast felt the rage boiling up in side him at the sight, and knew that if he did not leave immediately his rage would quickly become uncontrollable and he would k*ll that evil little man with his bare hands.

As Beast ran back to his underground hide out, his mind whirled with the sight he had just witnessed and the pressing thought of what Bell saw in that man, did she not sense his evilness? How can she willing give her body to such a monster? What was this man’s hold on her?

He decided that he needed to get back home as soon as possible, he needed to dig up all the information he could find on this Mr. Rumpelstiltskin. He knew only on his fully functional PI computer system he had set up for himself in his underground lair would he be able to find all the information he needed.

Beast typed the name Rumpelstiltskin into the search engine and waited as the computer started searching for a match, when he heard the familiar chime indicating that a match has been found, he clicked on the file to open it but was shocked to see that it had been password encrypted meaning that someone in the government did not want this file to be seen by the public eye.

Luckily Beast had a brother in the government that could quickly unencrypt this file for him, and all it took was one quick phone call. Finally, he was able to open the file and spent the rest of the night and the rest of the morning and afternoon reading the life story of Mr. Rumpelstiltskin and all the evil things he had done, he was a wanted man not just in the mortal worlds, but in all the folklore realms as well. The bounty on Mr. Rumpelstiltskin's head was very high indeed. It seemed like this man’s evil had no end. Everywhere he went, he caused chaos, and always with brutally violent crimes. Rumpel was described in one folklore realm as the most heated villain in the world, and in one mortal world they had described him as a ruthlessly cunning cold-blooded k*ller. In all the realms and world’s, he was still at large.

As Beast was still reading about some of Rumpel’s crimes, a breaking news feed rolled into the bottom of his computer screen. It read:

Breaking News from the folklore realm of Happily Ever After!!!!

The King, Queen and their Royal nanny have been brutally att*cked in the castle.

When authorities reached the scene of the crime they were met with a blood-spattered baby room in which all three adults had been injured and their faces d*sfigured almost beyond recognition. Witness say that the brutal attacker was non other than the Queen & King’s very own 9-month-old son, and direct heir to the throne!!!!

For a detailed report on the incident be sure to watch the news bulletin at 8:00PM on the All World’s News Chanel tonight.

Instinct told Beast that this was the handy work of Mr. Rumpelstiltskin! So, he wrote down the link to the news feed, grabbed his coat and started to make his way to the Library for his meeting with Beauty, aka Bell. He had exactly an hour to get there.

Chapter 6

When souls are bound

At exactly 5:00PM Beast knocked three times on the back entrance to the library and waited for Bell to open the door.

The moment their eyes met the force of their attraction was so strong that their bodies involuntarily connected with one another, like two magnets that where helpless to the force of attraction. Beast lost all the control of his limbs and felt like he was a puppet on strings. No matter how hard he tried to keep his hands away from Bell, he was not able to fight the force that had taken over control. He found himself with his hands on her waist gently pushing Bell back into the library, shutting the back door with his foot, he pushed Bell up against the wall lifting her feet a few inches of the ground, bring her whole body along with her beautiful face towards his lips. When their lips connected the feeling that over took his body was so impactful that he started shaking as if he had suddenly fallen into a frozen lake. Bell pulled herself up against his body and hooked her legs around his waist, not once did they break their kiss.

Bell’s whole weight was resting in his hands has he held her in position against the wall. Both of them were breathing harder as the kiss intensified and deepened, not one of them willing or able to resist the intense sensations that had claimed control over their bodies.

When Beast felt Bell gently tapping against his chest, he pried his lips of hers, and took a step back making sure to set her gently back on her feet as he did this, and they both stood there staring at each other as they waited for their breathing to return to normal.

Bell: “I……I…….I……………o my god, I…… so………sor, sorr, sorrryy, please forgive me I do…….I………o my…..I….”

Then she fell to the ground on her knees sobbing. In an instant Beast was on the ground next to her, took her in his arms and sat her firmly on his lap, cradling her to his chest as he stroked her hair gently shushing her while rocking back and forth with her.

Beast: “Please do not cry Beauty, we have done nothing wrong, because you belong to me, you always have, you just didn’t know it until know.”

Bell: “I am a married woman, who are you? If Rumpel was to find out about my betrayal he will surely k*ll us both. I don’t know what happened, it was as if I lost all control over my body the minute, I saw you standing in that door way, it was never meant to go that far, I am so sorry.”

Beast: “My name is Beast. You cannot fight it, I can not fight it, our souls where bound to one another the day we were both conceived, it’s been written in the stars of our love. We were always meant for one another; you are my true mate. It is a bond that can not be broken, and once we seal our fate, we will forever levitate towards each other no matter how far apart from one another we find ourselves. The force our hearts have on the other’s will make it impossible for either of us to breath, feel or live properly until we are once again in each other’s arms.”

Bell: “How do we seal our fate?”

Beast: “By you allowing me to make love to you.”

Bell: “I don’t know what you mean with that?”

Beast: “Will you then allow me to show you?”

Bell: “Yes.”

Beast: “Then come with me to my lair. Please?”

Bell: “Okay, let me just go get my coat.”

Beast: “I will wait for you here.”

Bell: “That’s a good idea, although I have only managed to find one so far, I know that Rumpel has hidden camera’s all over this place, this is the only room that there are none, because he believes that I never come back here, and if I do it’s always just to collect the cleaning supplies that I need.”

Beast: “Why would you willingly marry a man like that? If that is the case, surely he will notice the minute you are no longer here?”

Bell: “It was never willingly, trust me. And this is not the first time I have snuck away from him; how do you think I found out about the camera? Red is my best friend, she helped me get hold of this.”

In Bell’s hand was a small round case, it looked like it was her make up powdering holder, and Beast imagined that if she opened it, he would see the little brush and tiny mirror she could use to powder her nose with.

Beast: “Okay so what am I looking at?”

Bell: “Shhhhhh, watch.”

Beast watched as Bell turned around back into the library to get her coat of the cloths rack by the main entrance to the library. As she was making her way through the library, she was powdering her face with the tiny brush she had retrieved from the round casing in her hand. She grabbed her coat off the rack and put it on then she turned towards the front door, her hand was on the door knob when her phone rang, Bell turned to face back into the library to hear where it was ringing and ran to go answer it, Beast heard her saying:

Bell: “Good evening Sheriff, how can I help you? Okay, yes, I do believe that I know what you are talking about. I understand, I will immediately start gathering the information, I will let you know once I have it all together. Good Bye.”

Beast watched as she texted some one on her phone, and then she put her phone back on the counter, and walk towards the book shelfs to the back of the library, she re-appeared a couple of minutes later with a hand full of heavy books, she dumped them on a table in the middle of the library, and sat down at the chair to open one after the other going through the pages as if she was frantically searching for something. Suddenly the library was in total darkness, it was pitch black. And when the lights turned back on, Bell was still sitting at the table searching through the books.

But she was also right beside Beast, slipping her small hand into his.

Once she was back by his side, he helped her into her coat, grabbed her hand again and lead her out the back door into the cold December winter night.

They kept to the shadows moving quickly, Beast wanted to get to the safety of the underground as quickly as possible, and once they had entered the underground tunnel that would lead them straight to his lair he let go of Bell’s hand and they slowed their steps to a more comfortable walking pace for her.

Beast: “So that make-up holder was actually magical illusion dust? How did you meet him?”

Bell: “Yes, Red gave it to me. Rumpel and I met the night I decided to run away from home, I was trying to escape my evil farther. Rumpel promised me that I could hide out at his place and that I would be safe there. I was naïve and believed his every word. After a couple of days at Rumpel’s, I was getting ready to leave when he stopped me, he snuck up behind me and slipped a collar around my throat, I was now on a leash, every time I touched the collar to try and take it off it would send an electric pulse shocking my hands and throat, he told me that he would not allow me to leave without repaying the debt that I owed him. I had no gold to offer him, I only had the cloths on my back. So, he made me a deal, if I were to guess correctly what the name of his birth mother was, he would let me leave, and our paths would never cross again. If I guessed the name incorrectly, I would have to give him my hand in marriage till we had our first-born child. He gave me two hours to come to him with my answer as to whether I would take his deal or not, and then I would have exactly 24hours to figure out the correct answer of his mother’s birth name. If I decided not to take his deal, he would keep me at his place on his leash and use me as his personal servant until I had paid off my debt to him in full. He then tied me to the bed in the guestroom I had used as my bedroom for the previous two nights, and left me there for two hours. How do you know me by that name, Beauty?”

Beast: “I really need to meet this Red girl. He has always been evil, every where he goes, and every one he meets, he is sure to ruin their lives with the chaos that he ensues on them. We need to get you out of there. Have you never heard of the legend that speaks of Beauty & the Beast?”

Beast planed on showing Beauty all the files he had read last night, once they get back to his lair, it was time that the real Rumpelstiltskin and his evil revenge plan be revealed, to the only person in all the realms and worlds that could stop him, and finally destroy him for good.

His Beauty was the only one that could save them all.

Bell: “I will first have to take a picture of you to her, to make sure she does not freak out when she meets you in person. I have already started with an escape plan, my plan is to one up him in his own game, although I don’t have all the details yet as to exactly how I am going to do that, I agree with you, he is evil, I have sensed that in him from the very first day, and always pretending to be happy is taking its toll on my state of mind.

I am so unhappy Beast, I didn’t realize exactly how unhappy I really was until our kiss, the punch to my stomach was so gut ranching that my knees buckled and my heart started pouring to the ground. I am sorry you had to witness that. Yes I remember the legend.”

Beast: “So how did you end up being the Mrs. Rumpelstiltskin? And the phone call from the sheriff, was that real or fake? Then you know that you are my Beauty, and I know your real name from my dreams.”

Bell: “Well when Rumpel returned to the room, I made him a deal. I told him that if I where to marry him he was not aloud to make me give up my love, the library and all it books, and that if he allowed me to go there daily, and I was not to be tied up like a animal and kept in a cage all day, then I would pretend to become his happy wife. And the phone call was so totally fake, I texted Rumpel and told him that I got the call from the sheriff and would be working late to gather information about the back ground of the castle in Happily Ever After.”

And suddenly Bell’s blood turned ice cold, she had forgotten her phone on the counter in the library. If she was not there to answer it when Rumpel called her, all hell would break lose.

When she mentioned this to Beast he immediately took her by her wrists and threw her onto his back and told her to hold on tight. Bell locked her hands in front of Beasts chest and closed her eyes as he grabbed onto her locked wrists with one hand, and held the other hand underneath her bottoms, the swooshing of the wind in her ears grew louder, and then suddenly it stopped and she opened her eyes to see that they where once again standing at the back door to the library. She jumped of Beast’s back, and ran towards the door to yank it open, just as her phone started ringing.

As soon as Bell finished her conversation with Rumpel, she looked up to see Beast still standing in the darkness of the back door, she got up and ran straight into his arms.

Chapter 7

Rumpel fights for his revenge

Bell had texted Rumpel about urgent documents she had to search for in her Library’s archives for the sheriff, he had requested urgent back round on the castle and all its history in Happily Ever After, and that this would be the cause of her having to stay later at the library that evening.

As Rumpel read the text from his wife, he clicked on a folder in his computer to open the camera’s he had hidden in the library once he was satisfied that Bell was in fact doing as she said she would be doing, he closed the file and clicked on the file that would bring him the images captured on the hidden camera in the castle’s nursery, then he suddenly grabbed his phone and carefully he read his wife’s text message again. The sheriff was searching for the castle’s back ground, could this mean that he thought that the castle might have a curse and that this is what caused the child to act out the way it did?

As Rumpel sat back in his chair basking in glee at this new revelation, he noticed the camera on the screen was no longer looking on the cot has he had set it up the night before, and when he moved the joy stick on his computer to rotate the eyes of the soft toy, it revealed an empty baby room. Every thing had been moved out of the room, except for the stupid soft toy, that now lay on the ground facing the door.

Rumpel was livid, and h*t his fists onto the desk in anger. Where the hell, did they move the child to? If he could not see the child, he would not be able to control it. The magic dust in the musical mobile was useless if he could witness all the destruction, he was causing. He would have to sneak back into the castle find out where the child is and plant a new hidden camera, he had no other choice.

Rumpel looked up at the clock on the wall just above the door to his office to see the time was only 07:30, if he left immediately he would once again be able to make it back in time before Bell had to leave for work the next morning, only he would not have time to go to the library and tell her in person about the fake family emergency he had to attend to in the next city. Instead he called her on her cell as he once again clicked on one of the hidden cameras in her library. She answered at the first ring, he was impressed. The image of her sitting in the chair behind her desk came into the screen and he could see her lips moving as she answered the phone.

Bell: “Rumpel, I am so sorry, these books seem to be written…”

Before she could finish her sentence Rumpel cut her off and said:

Rumpel: “Bell I don’t have much time; I am calling to tell you that I have an urgent family matter that I need to attend to in the next city. I am already on the highway heading that way, I promise you I will be back in time to make you breakfast in bed again before you go to work, and maybe then we could start over with the game we did n’t get to finish today? I’m sorry baby. See you in the morning.”

As Rumpel clicked of the phone he watched the screen to see Bell’s reaction to his phone call, she just sat their staring into space, with an utter shocked look on her face.

And as Rumpel walked out of his office he couldn’t help smirking to himself. He had still managed to win her little game she started this morning, tomorrow would be his turn for a wish.

Chapter 8

Bell’ s Secret

Bell couldn’t help feeling giddy as she ran down the steps for their front porch towards the bus stop. Her plan to distract Rumpel looked like it was going to work.

When Bell got to her library, her important client was already waiting for her in front of the doors still seated in his car.

Hook was watching Bell in the rear-view mirror of his car as she stepped of the bus and made her way directly to his car, he opened the car door and got out to meet her.

Bell: “Mr. Hook I presume?”

Hook: “Bell, it is so nice to finally meet you in person.”

Bell: “Give me a minute to unlock the doors please, and then you are more than welcome to come on in and have a look around.”

Hook: “No thank you Bell, I do not have time for a tour, or exploring your magnificent library. I am unfortunately extremely pressed for time and would simply like to collect and pay you for the manuscripts that I have request purchase of from your libraries archives.”

Bell: “Of course Mr. Hook. Please follow me.”

As Bell said this, she suddenly had the same feeling in her stomach she had experienced, that morning. Bell grabbed on to the reception counter’s front side to try and steady herself as she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. Hook noticed her swaying and was by her side in an instant to steady her. He said as her caught her just before she was about to topple to the ground.

Hook: “Woow easy there Bell, my wife Emma had the exact same thing happen to her yesterday in our kitchen early the morning, we took her to the hospital, the results came through this morning, we are expecting our first little replica, there is no doubt in my mind that you are expecting a little replica of your own, would you like me to accompany you to the hospital, or should I call the farther? ”

Bell: “No, no, no please Mr. Hook, just give me minute, I’ll be fine, just feeling a bit dizzy, that’s all, I did not get time to have a coffee before I left my house this morning, as soon as we have finished our business I will run across the street to grandma’s deli and get myself a strong cup of coffee, I promise.

Here you go Mr. Hook, I put all your requested manuscripts in this box yesterday when I received your proof of payment per email, thank you so much.”

Hook lifted an eye brow as she said this, and by the guilty look on her face, he instinctively knew that Bell was hiding a very big secret. Hook shrug his shoulders picked up the box and left.

Bell need to get Hook out of her library as soon as possible, the minute he had told her about the symptoms of his wife and the test results, Bell knew she was finally expecting her first child, she knew Rumpel would be over the moon about the news, it has been his lifelong dream to have a child, in fact his obsession with having a child of his own had once almost destroyed their relationship. It was this revelation, and Rumpel’s devious trickery that had resulted in her becoming the Mrs. Rumpelstiltskin and the promise that she would give him her fist child.

But Bell’s gut screamed at her, and all she could hear, as if a song on repeat, was that the child she was expecting belonged to the Beast.

Instinctively she knew that if Rumpel happened to find out the true DNA of her unborn child he was going to k*ll all of them. She had to make sure that he did not find out. Not yet anyway.

Chapter 9

The secret's out

This had been the third night in a row that Rumpel had left her alone at home, apparently he was still having trouble with the family matter in the other town.

Bell texted Beast: "Please meet me at the back door of my house (Use the three knock trick, so that I know it's you), I know that Rumpel has no camera's here, we will be safe, and I have something very important to tell you."

She knew Beast would not text her back, and that he would call he in about 5 minutes, when her phone rang she answered it immediately.

Bell: "Beast please come?"

Beast: "How long will Rumpel be gone?"

Bell: "Till sunrise."

Beast: "Then I will be there in an hour, I first have something else that I first need to finish, okay?"

Bell: "Okay, see you then."

As Bell ended her phone call with Beast she notice that Rumpel's office door was ajar, and the hair's on the back of her neck stood upright, was Rumpel there, did he hear her phone conversation?

She pushed open the door only to find the office empty, she noticed that Rumpel's computer was flickering, and something inside her screamed that she should go look at the screen. She made her way around the desk and saw that Rumpel had not only left the computer on, but on of the folders where open, she knew she would never get a opportunity like this again, she had to gather all the information she could, so she clicked on the file and saw an unfamiliar room, and the picture was all skew, as if the camera had fallen over. She minimized the window, and clicked on the previous videos that had already been recorded on the camera, she sat back and watched in shock and discussed as the att*ck on the castle started playing from start to finish.

As Bell was still watching the play back's, she notice that the door of the room where the camera had fallen over, suddenly opened and in walked Rumpel. Bell's eyes widen as she watched him walk to the camera, look straight into it as he picked it up, then she saw how the pictured changed to show his feet, and then it went blank meaning he must have switched it off. Bell now knew for a fact that Rumpel had something to do with the att*ck on the castle, she searched around in Rumpel's desk drawer till she found a stick and copied all the playback's including the one that she had watched live. She then found Bostick also in Rumpel's desk , and pressed a copy of the office key into it, she would have herself a copy made, but for know she eagerly awaited Beast's arrival she had a lot to show him.

As if on que she heard his knocking on the back door, she ran to open it, and when she had the door open she grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, and firmly shut and locked the door. Then she turned to face him, and fell into his arms sobbing.

Beast: "hey, hey, Beaty, what happened? Are you okay? Did he hurt you? Why are you crying?"

Bell stopped her sobbing, wiped her tears, and looked up at Beast and said:

Bell: "You....we...are going to be parents, I have not had any official test done, but I know it's true."

When Bell said this, Beast lifted her up and started twirling her around, and around laughing with joy.

Beast: "Bell you have just made me the happiest Beast roaming this earth, you know belong to me."

Bell: "I have something horrible to show you. That's why I was crying, follow me."

Bell lead Beast all the way to Rumpel's office behind his desk to the computer, once there she took a seat, while Beast remained standing behind her to watch the screen, and see what had upset her so much. When he watched the playbacks including the very last one with Rumpel walking to pick up the fallen camera, he looked at Bell and said:

Beast: "We need to take this to the right people, will you be able to please save it on a memory stick for me to take with?"

Bell handed him the stick, and asked him:

Bell: "What happens now?"

Beast: "Now we need to plan our every move, and be really, really careful. He should not suspect a thing, you need to make sure that you leave everything just the way you found it here. I will go to my friend with this stick right away, and I want you to start packing your things, as soon as I have been by my friends, I am coming right back here to collect you, take your time to say good bye to this place, I will never let you return to it."

He kissed her on her forehead gabbed the stick and ran out the back door.

Bell ran up the stairs to her bedroom, grabbed a bag and started to dump all her essentials in it, she was so excited about getting away from this house, finally being free of Rumpel and his evilness, she was almost done when she heard Rumpel calling up to her from downstairs, quickly she took the bag from the bed and threw it into the closet, and shut the doors. She then ran into the bathroom, stripped her clothes and put on the shower, and jumped in, almost screaming out loud as came under the cold water. She had left the bathroom door slightly a-jar, and at the angle it was she could see in the mirror when Rumpel entered their bedroom.

The only thought that went through her mind was, how she could warn Beast.

Rumpel: "There you are, don't tell me that you have only just returned home from the library?"

Bell: "Yes, I have really been struggling with the background information on the castle in Happily Ever After. There is almost no information on it, and the sheriff is having a really hard time believing me."

Rumpel: "I will go have a word with him tomorrow, I don't like him expecting you to stay this late looking for information that dose not exists."

Bell: "Are you going to join me?"

Rumpel: "Not yet, love. I need to go look up something very urgently in my office, when I am done with that I will come have a shower and join you in bed."

Bell: "Is every thing okay with your family, why have you not told me about this family? And why have you not yet introduced me to them?"

Rumpel: "I will tell you all about them when I come to bed, I promise."

He kissed her on her forehead, turned and made his way to his office.

Bell ran to her discarded clothes to retrieve her phone, when she looked at it's screen she saw that she had a couple of text messages from Beast.

Beast: "I am coming to get you."

Beast: "I see his car in the drive, way. You need to sneak out of there when he is asleep."

Beast: "I will be waiting for you at the back door, be careful he should not suspect a thing, and I am watching you, if he dares to touch you, I will bust through that window and k*ll him with my bear hands."

Bell: "No please, he must not see you. If he lays his eyes on you, and I disappear he will find us and k*ll us both. Please Beast, be patient, I will meet you as soon as he is asleep."

Beast: "He is in his office, watching the camera footage of the castle, I want you to take your bag, and come meet me outside right now. My friend just called to let me know that he is making his way to the house right now with some of the most ruthless bounty hunters in folklore realms and mortal worlds guards, they have searched many years for him and they have no plan on letting Rumpel live longer than what he already has, you need to get out now, they are heavily armored, and I don't want you to get caught in the cross-f*ring."

Bell read the message from Beast, and she felt a lump rise in her thought, she hated Rumpel and all his evilness, but she could not help feeling sad at the thought of him being k*lled. After she had made him the deal, he had been really good to her, but he had k*lled and harmed so many people for decades, she knew that he had to pay for his crimes, but was death the only way to make him pay?

Why can't they just arrest him and lock him in jail?

Bell: "Why are they going to k*ll him? Why can't they just arrest him and lock him up in jail?"

Beast: "Bell are you serious, did you not see the chaos he caused at the castle? He is a wanted man in all the folklore realms, and all mortal worlds as well, the bounty on his head is very high. Please, please, please come to meet me at the back door, they are really close to the house now."

Beast looked into the bedroom window and saw Bell reading his message, then she suddenly got up and ran out of the room without her bag, he followed her every movement from outside, and watched her burst into Rumpel's office.
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