03x10 - The Original Sinners

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Snowpiercer". Aired: May 2020 to present.
Post-apocalyptic series of a group of people who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe.
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03x10 - The Original Sinners

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I guess someone has to be the monster.

The one who favors reason
and shatters dreams.

I've died and sacrificed
my bond with Alex

so many times for this train.

To surrender now would
render that meaningless.

So maybe it was inevitable
that the monster would be me.


All right, we hold here! Stay ready!

If there's any trouble today,

our job is to keep the factions apart.

Look, Melanie dropped a b*mb.

Whether the Tail will
fight for New Eden now...

Whether they'll fight for me.

Well, we'll see.

Back in the fatigues, I see.

I wish that weren't
a good name for them.

Hey, you ready for this?

Being the bad guys?

If the passengers feel anything
like I do about being lied to,

we're not the bad guys.

Layton, Ben, the New
Eden team, those guys are.

And Wilford?

Still missing.

Well, that's a problem.


- What are you doing?


Well, if you're here,
the dam is breaking.

What dam?

Melanie and Layton?

No. Wilford.

Whatever you're up to with him,

I don't want any part of it.

John, I'm not on that side anymore.

John! Stop.

It's not like that. You can trust me.

- "John" now, is it?
- Clear! Just these two.

All right, move in!

He's here.

Go! Go! Go!


We're gonna set up right here!


Get up. Get up. Let's go.


The original sinners,

me and Melanie.

I should've known it
would come down to this.

How else would we choose
humanity's fate but by w*r...

BOTH: On Snowpiercer, cars long?




It's time, darling. I'm making my move.

I would ravish you here and now,

but you understand.


We're fighting from the bottom.

I've got to be smart!

We'll set up shop right
here between the two camps.

A fine vantage.

Dr. Headwood! Where's our boy?

Right here, sir.

There he is! Yes!

Hello, lad.

Our new Coldman,

rescued from the aquarium expl*si*n,

resurrected by the good doctor.

What do you think?


Icy Boki!

- Yeah!
- Whoo!


Boki! Boki! Boki! Boki!

Obviously, I would love

to have your support with Hospitality.


And I'm hoping you can tell me

where Alex is right now.

She's probably with Mr. Layton.

You've shattered her dreams too.

We were going to New Eden in your honor,

- completing your mission.
- No.

My mission is to ensure
our survival on this train

until we know it's safe to get off.

Will you help me complete that mission?

Help me serve the passengers
like you always have.


Any more on Wilford?

Escaped and unaccounted for.
Javi's still not picking up,

so I haven't been able
to yell at him yet.

That's not gonna help.

She's probably right.
How long till the turn?


I don't wanna drop anchor yet,

but I can slow us down.

Hey. I need you.

- Any news on where Alex is?
- No word.

Hey, slow down just
enough to piss them off.

Make Javi call us.

- On it.
- How bad is it?

New Eden still has support,

but anyone who was on the
fence is backing Melanie.

Ag-Sec voted.

They want the train.

- Ag-Sec. Jesus Christ.
- Yeah.

Well, maybe if the messaging
off the top wasn't a lie.

Hey. The science still merits the risk.

- Yeah, I know.
- See?

Let's go.




I don't know.

You better hear them out.



Thank you for coming.

Yo, Lay, the Tail came for answers, man.

Hey, New Eden was a
lie, mate! We know it!

Liar! I don't wanna hear anything...

The lie is on me. It is.

I used dirty politics to try
and bring the train together.

But... hey, but! Don't
let that overshadow

what the Engineers have
showed us is possible.

How possible are we
really talking this time?


Can you get us off this train or not?


With you, I can get us there.

I can't promise you

that New Eden can
support life long-term.

Hey, but the Tail knows

neither can this train.

We've suffered under
Melanie's rule before.

We can't go back to that.


I don't know. Can we
can trust him again?

Let's get it done then.

- To New Eden!

ALL: New Eden!

You've got a visitor.

Mr. Roche.

Good to see you.

Our relationship is so
stimulating now it's personal.

Yeah, I do take m*rder personally, sir.

Just added three of my
brakemen to the list.


I'm sorry about that.

They'll be the last bodies
of this affair from me.

Some deterrence.


Breachman Boscovic. Looking good.

Yes. We don't want anyone
coming in here unannounced.

Do we, Boki? Apart from that,

I'm just here to help you
keep the two sides apart.

All right, everyone, listen up.

If anybody is here against their will,

anybody who wants to leave,
they can, with me, right now.



- I'm out.
- Oz, where are you going?

I'm not going with him.

Good. Good.

Boki, why don't you
show Mr. Osweiller out?



Come on. Get up. Get up. Get up.

- Let's go. Come on!

Go, Boki.


Yeah, Bokes!



Just go easy on her, all right?

I heard stories about you,

about how ruthless you could be.

- Can we sit?
- Congratulations, Mom.

Who knew you would make your move

literally right after we saved you?

We have to look at it objectively.

If you can't do that,

you've lost your way as an Engineer.

Melanie, don't.

All I need you to do is speak to Layton

before this goes any further.



Thank you for meeting with me.

I appreciate the
opportunity to discuss facts.

The fact is, most of us accept the risk.

You never disclosed the risks.

You're putting all
our eggs in one basket.

The track is not tested.

Melanie, take the turn,

or the Tail army will do it for you.


We both know it's a
long march to the Engine.

You don't have the forces to defend.

I can hold you off long enough.

And then what?

Endless seesaw battles for control?

No. We wait!

We just wait until we know we're right.

Don't do that, Mom. Change course.

The young people wanna get off.

How can I let you if it's not safe?

I want you with me.

Then you'll have to take the turn.

Oh, come on! For pity's
sake, both of you!

In or out, Ruth?

Well, I'm not letting
you go on your own, am I?

Hey, this isn't over.

Figure something out.

Now we gotta make a move.


Here we go! Here we go!

How far are we going?

Keep going till we control Ag-Sec.

It's the food supply.
We need the seed bank.

Get out of the way!

- Keep it rolling.
- Move! Move! Move!

Coming through!


Ben, why are we slowing?

I'm not braking, Javi.

You lie like a rug. I can see it.

That's just a little resistance.

Here, have some more.

Hey, Ben?

Do you mind looking
after Liana for a minute?

I won't be long.

Uh, well...


Come on, move!

Out of the way!

Y'all trying to face down
a army with a garden hose?

Out of the way!

- Go, go, go!
- Go, run!

This is the last greenhouse, Layton!

Tailies! Set up the front line here!

- Go! Go! Go!
- Out of the way!

Out of the way!

- Hey, we could keep on going.
- No! No, no, no.

If we trigger the first
clash, it's all on us.

Agreed. Have we heard
from our forces uptrain?

Yeah, yeah.

They're hiding and
ready if we need them.

We'll need them.


Back off! I got information!

Bess! Bess!

Let him through! Move!

Wilford took the Nightcar.

He's in there with about
a dozen guys and Boki.

Boki's alive?

Yeah, well, if you can call it that.

He's his new Coldman.

- What?
- Audrey's in there too.

- What? Against her will?
- I don't know.

She didn't leave when
she had the chance.

Of course she didn't.
Together again, right?

No. No, she's not on Wilford's side.

Something you're not telling me?

She's not going back to him. She can't.


My whistle is wanting,
and so is the help.

You think this is your room?

I am the Nightcar.

Have you missed court, Audrey?

Sir, Zarah is waiting
for you in the back room.

- All right.
- No one is safe.


Hmm, vipers' nest out there.

Just how you like it, Joseph.
You'll be fanning the flames

until you're the last one standing.

How can I help?

I wanna make sure that our
arrangement still stands.

That my daughter will be safe

no matter how this all plays out.

Of course.

I intend to honor our
agreement, as do you.

Layton took Ag-Sec
without f*ring a sh*t.

His people stuck with him.

He holds all the cards now, Melanie.

Can the Brakemen hold him?

Roche won't fight your w*r.

He serves the people.

You don't have the pull
you once did, you know.



I need an ally.

Not Wilford.

I can control him.

That's not the point.

No, the point...

the point is this, it's everything.

Every last soul on Earth.

If I have to sell
mine to protect theirs,

so be it, right?

Well, I'm sorry, but I've spent

too long redeeming
myself to go back now.



- Ow!
- That had to hurt!

The widow Headwood
upgraded a side effect.

"Loss of sensation" is
now "impervious to pain."

Our finest Breachman
yet. Ready for the field.

No suit required.

Well, that's good.
Someone from Layton's side

seems to have stolen
all the breach suits.

The problem is, Melanie,

you're a legend.

So you do have support...

former Firsties, some
Guilds, et cetera...

but you're both militarily outmatched

and down in the polls.

So you need me.

Two legends are better than one.

I believe if we were seen as united,

then the majority of passengers
would choose the train, yes.

Well, of course.

But it still comes down to fear,

fear of Layton's colony,

or fear of the train
that got them this far.

There's only one way that this works.

Here it comes.

I'm Head Engineer.

And you retire from
Engineering altogether.

It's my train.

Assuming generous comforts,
meaningful consultation,

and if I maintained control
of certain interests of mine...

cold treatment for example...

Assuming all of that and all of my shame

of cutting a deal with
you, if that helps.









You all on your own here?

Yeah. What are you doing here?

I thought Layton would
hide a team up here.

Right, well, I guess it's just us then.

I stole all the breach suits.

I'm waiting for more
orders. What's up out there?

I'll fill you in later.

How are you communicating with Layton?

Old-fashion way.

Oh, is that my little rat friend?

Hey. [KISSES] Hey.

Hiya. Hiya.

What a pair.

Together, we tip the scales.

The hope being that
Layton won't go to w*r

over New Eden without a majority.

And you really think this
guy's gonna take a back seat?

You're out to pasture,
aren't you, Joseph?

More of a trusted advisor.

Oh, this is gonna be great.

So right now, all I want is for you

to take your men down
there and stand in his way.

Excellent first step.
Exactly my counsel.

The goal is to prevent v*olence.

Let's show Layton the
power has swung our way.

All right, folks, we're
on the move! Shields up!

We are marching downtrain to
form up and prevent an advance.

- Let's go!
- Move! Move out! Let's go!


Brakemen! Brakemen coming!

Roche picked a side.


Layton, Melanie and Wilford
have joined forces against you.

Look, I'm sorry, it's just numbers, man.

You don't have the mandate now.

Who's taking that poll?

They're voting with their feet up here.

You can't force them
to the promised land.

So you came to force
us back to the Tail?

Listen! Discuss it amongst yourselves.

You got two hours to stand down.

No. We don't need two hours.

Just ask your Brakemen if they
are really ready to do this!

ALL: Yeah!


All right, eyes front! Eyes front!

If you got a better
idea, hurry up with it!

Prepare to brace!

We may not want blood,
but we're ready for it!

We learned every inch of
this track the hard way!

And each one of us has earned
our passage off of this ark!

ALL: Yeah!



I made my choice like you demanded.

I left my friends to be
here in the Engine with you.

Are you happy now?

No. I'm sorry.

I'm pretty sure some of my friends

are going to die tonight.

I don't want that.
Alex, I'm trying... Alex.

Got a message.

Ruth's uptrain with
Lights. They're ready.

We can punch through the Brakemen.

And then what?

Half the people up there will
fight with Wilford and Melanie.

And the other half are
there against their will.

Like Audrey.

I'm not leaving her over there, Layton.

The turn's coming up.

We all know there's gonna be a cost.

We have put these lives
on the line so many times.

There has to be a better way.


Getting close to the bell, huh?

Yeah, it tolls for you too.

Look, this isn't to
surrender or to bargain.

It's just to acknowledge.

All right.

Thanks for letting Alex cross over.

It was her choice.

And I knew she'd be
a double-edged sword.


I'll probably lose her
by trying to save her.

Yeah, we've both got
enough ego to believe

we can save everyone.

We set ourselves up
in an impossible role.

Once you got the job,
it's so hard to let it go.

You really wanna let
Wilford be a part of that?

You're falling right back
into using fear to keep order.

You picked up the sword.

Right back to shedding blood.

Fear or blood?

And either way...

he wins.

And we both lose.

What do you say, Icy Boki?


Ready to go to downtrain
and have some fun?

Come on, Audrey, how about a
song for the amassing troops?

Come on.

I can't.

I won't do it anymore.

Put your lovely fingers
back upon those keys.

Visitor, sir!

Can't wait to get back to this.

Ah! What's wrong, Melanie?

Everything's going our way.

It's Layton. He won't back down.

Well, he had his chance.

I'm not ordering an att*ck.

For God's sake, rip off the band-aid!

It's my call.

So if you want to remain relevant,

help me come up with another solution.

Well, I might have
something up my sleeve.


Less bloody, but
requiring dark maneuvers

on a more personal scale.

I may have access to something

Layton will throw himself
into the volcano for.

His daughter.

Straight out of your playbook, huh?

The enemy's child.

Sorry. It's a proven remedy.

Just give me the word,
and I'll set it up.


Hurry, Zarah. The time is now.

One day, Melanie,
when I'm d*ad and gone,

and you're an old woman
watching Alex at the helm,

you'll thank me for this.

I sincerely hope so.

We're here, Joseph.

There she is. [LAUGHS]

Hello! How are you?

You're all safe and sound.

Everything you need
to force a surrender.


Yeah, that's not gonna happen.



Oh, come on then,
Iceman. What you got, hey?


Oh, shit.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Oh.



Oh, oh.

Come on, Boki.


Very crafty.

Are we all going to work
this out amicably then?

We are,

only you're not coming to the table.


This was you, wasn't it, Melanie?

Actually, Andre and I
came up with it together.

I made it six months in here.

There's suspension
fluid. Stimulant. Timer.

You can only stay under so long

before you have to wake yourself up

and figure out where you are.

You're too weak to simply
cut my throat, Layton.


All of you.

Goodbye, Joseph.

Everyone out.

Now, you old bastard,

I reach down and send you into hell.



Now we'll see who's the real survivor.

It's a good way forward.

The ones we love, that'll be the cost.


Citizens of Snowpiercer,

as the fork to New Eden approaches,

I am proud to say

that we have found a
way through our impasse.

We agree the only course is compromise,

and the answer is individual choice.

The train will be divided in Ag-Sec.

Every passenger will
be allowed to choose

between the train with me and
New Eden with Andre Layton.

Those who choose New
Eden need to understand

we don't know what we'll find there.

The journey will be dangerous.

And, yes, it will
require a leap of faith.

But more importantly, desire
to build a new society.

Those of you who remain,

we know that life will continue
to be hard on Snowpiercer.

Bit by bit, the train is breaking down.

But we will no longer add to
that hardship with oppression.

The train will run on science and truth.

And we will share the burden of
our limited resources together.


Thank you.

Whatever your choice,

find hope and respect

in your neighbor's fate.

Talk to your families.

Say goodbye to your friends.

The train will separate
in just under six hours.




What do you wanna do?

I was the best version of myself here.

You showed me that.

Yeah, what was I thinking?

I have something to give here,

with art and who I am

and how I can heal people in my own way.

I need to stay, Bess.


I've been dreaming to get
off this train for so long.

I know.

I can't see a life for me
on the Snowpiercer anymore.

Even if you loved me?

Even if I loved you.


Oh, well.

I'll see you before we break.


Ah, shit. Come here.

Come here.

- You want coffee?
- Yeah.

What are you gonna do?

We're going.

How about you?

I'm coming with you.

At least we'll be together.

Anyway, I gave Carly the choice.

I definitely want off.

So that's what we're doing.

Cheers, boss.

Cheers, Bess.

So how long do you
think she can keep going?

If you're lucky,

you hop from crisis to
crisis for another decade.

Maybe two.

I need you, Ben.

I needed you too.

I followed your science to
the decision of getting off.

- You nearly k*lled it.
- It's still alive.

It's just down the line.

And if we're together,
I know we can get there.

I will serve with you
till the end of the world,

but that's only half of it.

You want me to stay?
I need the rest of you.

I'm here.

I'm yours.

Well, then New Eden can wait.

Melanie and Ben are the best
Engineers there's ever been.

I need to keep learning with them.

I'll be fine.


Hey, one Tail.

- One Tail.
- One Tail.


Okay, no crying.

I'll meet you at the
breakpoint to say goodbye.

- Yeah.
- Come here.

I love you guys.

- That hurts.
- Yeah.

Everyone's got to choose their own path.


It's all these pieces left behind.

There are enough pieces left for us

to put ourselves back together.

Are you with me?

Yeah, I'm with you.


Downtrain to New Eden. Uptrain to stay.

Hello? Service?

This part of the train
isn't stopping, you know.

Well, he's a pilgrim now.

There's still time to come with me, LJ.

You're chickening out,

from me, from power, and for what?

To go plant potatoes in an igloo?

- You don't even know.
- Yeah.

I like that part.

Goodbye, Lilah Junior Folger-Osweiller.

Yeah, I'm gonna drop the Osweiller!

I'm gonna come out on top!

I'm a survivor!



I may or may not have put
a lot of socks in there.

There's a first aid kit and my jacket.

You probably don't want it,
but it's the one I survived in.

- I have to go.
- I know.

I don't remember what the
Earth is like, and I...

I wanna find out.

It's your choice.

I'm just so happy that you're here now.

- Mom.
- Yeah.

The Train is falling apart.

The track is deteriorating.

You know you don't have
to worry about me, huh?

I'm gonna be okay,

and you will too.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

I love you so much. I'm so proud of you.

Thank you.

I'm so proud of you.

I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry
for all the things that I did.

- It's okay.
- I'm so sorry for...

It's okay.

Okay. Okay.

Ease their journey...

And keep them safe.

And you don't need a protocol
manual for that, Tristan.


Citizens of Snowpiercer,

we are five minutes to separation.

Please make your final arrangements

and stay clear of the
disconnection point.

For those aboard Big Alice,
farewell and good luck.




- One Tail!
- One Tail, Layton!


I guess we're guardians of
each other's loved ones now.

Well, that gives me hope.

We'll take care of her.

I know you will.

Good luck, Andre.

Godspeed, Melanie.

Separation in , ,

- , ...
- No,

- I can't do it.
- ...

- ...
- Um...

I'm sorry, you're the
one I have to lose.

, , ...

- Yeah. Go get her.
- Okay.

, , ...

Take care of each other.

, , , , .

Separating now.

Goodbye, Javi.

Adios, amigo.





♪ Yes it's gonna be a
cold, lonely summer ♪


♪ But I will fill the emptiness ♪

♪ I'll send you all my love ♪

♪ Every day in a letter ♪

♪ Sealed with a kiss ♪

♪ Sealed with a kiss ♪

The track is so bad.

It's impossible to find a good speed.

Too slow, and the railbed's
collapsing under our weight.

Too fast, and we'll jump the washboard.

We're just gonna have to ride it out.


Shit! We're shaking the wheels off.

Oh, shit!


It's gonna be worth it.

We're gonna be outside in
the sunshine so soon, okay?

Solid numbers.

Energy distribution's improved.

It's the loss of weight.

- Can you still see them?
- No.

They've got weather.

♪ Fast train ♪

♪ Where do your passengers wait? ♪

Shouldn't we be at the warm spot?

- Should be.
- ♪ What's at the heart ♪

All right, here we go.

The front of the train's
hitting the old trestle bridge.

The what?

♪ Of your Engine's rage? ♪

You weren't gonna
tell nobody about that?

I didn't wanna worry you, man.


♪ To what smooth place
at the end of the line ♪

♪ With crackling fires
and quiet plains ♪

♪ Do the trees bend down ♪

♪ And fold their arms round you? ♪

♪ Welcome home, faithful one ♪

♪ We forgive you ♪

♪ Oh ♪

- That valley over there

should be the best
place for a microclimate.

♪ Ooh ♪

- Accelerate.
- ♪ Ooh ♪

Hit the bridge at full speed.


♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

- Let's go, Old Alice.
- ♪ Slow down, fast train ♪

♪ Slow down, fast train ♪

♪ Take me with you ♪


Brace for impact.

♪ Slow down, fast train ♪

♪ Slow down, fast train ♪

♪ Take me with you ♪

Prepare to brace.

She's coming off.

Full speed.

♪ Ooh ♪

- We're here.
- We okay?

- Yeah, she's good.

Aw, it's okay.

What's the temperature, Alex?

I'm reading.

Um, it's minus ten.


It's actually minus
five now. It's climbing.


Yeah, inversion.


Passengers, we're in a warm spot,

and temperatures are rapidly rising.


It's melting.


Yeah, let's get out of here.

Here you go.

Watch it.

- Okay.
- Watch out.


Welcome to the New World.


- ♪ I fall ♪

♪ To pieces ♪


♪ Each time I see you again ♪



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