01x10 - Where To?

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Bel-air". Aired: February 13, 2022 –; present.
Re-imagination of the beloved sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" set in modern-day America.
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01x10 - Where To?

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Previously on "Bel-Air"...

Mrs. Banks. We want to
offer you the fellowship.

You'll be great, Vivian.

Audiences will be throwing
roses at your feet.

And her roses are long overdue.


I haven't told my parents yet,

but I told Kylo to f*ck
off and I quit the house.

- Mm.
- I'm staying at this bungalow

at this five-star hotel.

Maybe we could go there
and order room service.

[LAUGHS] Yeah.

Will is almost a man.

I might tell him about his father.

He might hate us.

- Yo, what up, G?
- A comprehensive report on your father.

- Is he alive?
- Very much so.

I don't want to know
him, because the truth is

you've been more of a father
to me than any man ever has.

Sadly, I can't trust you anymore.

You're fired.

So let's just say...

- You had a family emergency.
- Right.

Tell me this isn't you, Will.


Why would you lie?

Fred Wilkes knows about Will's arrest

and the strings you pulled
to get him out of trouble.

When I launched my campaign,

I did so with my family by my side.

Today, I'm withdrawing from the race

to be the next district attorney.


♪ ♪



♪ I can feel the love in here ♪

♪ ♪

♪ My inner space got constellations ♪

♪ ♪

♪ And all those inner conversations ♪

♪ ♪

♪ They help me to shine ♪

♪ Shine ♪

♪ ♪

Hey, I know him.

Yeah. Yeah, your aunt really captured

some of your best qualities here.

Courage. Resilience.

And your ability to adapt and shine.

You see all of that in this painting?

I do.

Most importantly, I see all that in you.

♪ ♪

Well, I mean, that's all thanks to you.

And Aunt Viv.


You know, growing up
without a dad was hard.

But you stepped up and
gave me a second chance.

You saved my life.

I never talked to you about
everything that happened

since, you know, you stepped back.

But I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

- You know, if I...
- Hey. Hey.

It's all right, Will.

What was meant to be was meant to be.

You mean I didn't ruin everything?



Helping you is a decision
I'll never regret.

♪ ♪

Thanks, Uncle Phil.

Hey. Come on, now.




Look at her.

It's crazy what us
West Philly kids can do

when you give us an opportunity, huh?

So beautiful.

- Excuse me.
- Hi.

Oh, my goodness! Hi, Denise!

Isn't this just like old times?

Oh, this is better. [LAUGHS]

You know, even back then,

we all knew that you were
destined for something great.

It's just that, I don't know,

I just feel a little guilty.

I mean, usually this fellowship goes

to young, emerging artists of color,

not someone living in a mansion.

You are reemerging,
Vivian. You deserve this.

I know.

I just want to use my platform
to discover new talent.

So, um, is that fine man

with the light eyes
gonna be helping out?

- Reid?
- Mm-hmm.

And where is he at?

Yeah, well, he swung through earlier,

but he didn't stay long.

He thought it was best for the focus

to be on me and Phil tonight.

Makes a lot of sense,

after all the drama in San Diego.


Well, Reid finds new
artists, doesn't he?

- Excuse me.
- Oh!


I wanted to come give
you congratulations.

So good to see you again.

Denise, this is my
friend Hebru Brantley.

- Such an honor.
- It's nice to meet you too.

I gotta say, I am so proud, Viv.

Amen. Can we get a cheers for Viv?

To Vivian.


Girl, this party, or whatever
you want to call it, is f*re.

I mean, I knew you had money,

but I didn't realize you ran
with such a b*mb-ass crowd.

- Oh, so it's giving.
- Oh, sis. It's giving.

- Okay.

So much of what I do pulls
inspo from this crowd, yo.

And if you think about
it, what we do is art.

And you should embrace that shit.

Especially if you want to,

you know, break free from
that whole Kylo entanglement.

Girl, ain't nobody entangled
with that white boy.

I'm trapped, okay?

But look, let's not talk
about that situation too much.

I haven't told anybody about it.

Ooh, haven't told anybody about what?

My love life, Mom. Boundaries, please.


Evening, ladies.

Oh, hey, Jazz. How you doing?

How you doing? Good. How are you?

Excuse me. Mrs. Banks?

Can we grab you for
some photographs, please?

Oh. I'll talk to y'all later. Bye.


So what's up?

Y'all enjoying this little
soiree thing going on?

Not soiree. What, you think you fancy?

Hey, do not underestimate a brother

- from Compton, all right?
- Okay.

Oh, sorry, this is my
cousin's friend Jazz.

Jazz, Ivy. Ivy, Jazz.

Ivy. Nice to meet you.

You're not gonna poison me, are you?

[CHUCKLES] I don't know, maybe.

♪ ♪



What? Oh. Nah.

Nah. Absolutely not.

You know, I don't really
get the crown, though.

What do you think it means?

That someone should have watched
the throne a little closer.

Maybe a little.

- Phil?
- Mm.

Hey. Reverend Lamonte. Henry.

- Yamacraw.
- Yo.

You know, I thought I felt

some alpha energy step into the event.

You know we wouldn't miss it, frat.

Been going to art exhibits
for a few years now.

Wife says I'm becoming "cultured."

- Cultured, huh?
- Speaking of,

now that you're out of the DA race,

what's next for you, Yamacraw?

Back to private practice?

You know, I don't know yet.

But right now, the plan is to
spend more time with my family.

May the Lord answer your prayers.

Oh, he already has, Reverend.


- Good to see you, gentlemen.
- All right.

- Enjoy the night.
- All right, brother.

All right. Aw, give me some.

- Oh. There it is.
- Aw, yeah.


♪ ♪

Hey. Want me to ask them

if they can make you a Philly
cheesesteak or something?

No, thanks.

I'm here for your
aunt and not you, okay?

Look, Lisa, can we... just start over?

There's nothing to restart, Will.

You lied to me.

And I gave you a chance

to tell me everything
without any judgment.

And you looked me in my
eyes, and you lied to me.

And then we slept together.

Lisa, I had no other choice.

Look, what my uncle did for me

could have got him in a lot of trouble.

And it still can.

What was I supposed to do?

You just don't get it.

Lisa. Lisa.

♪ ♪

She still mad, huh?

Look, I'm trying to apologize
to her, man, but it's just...

Maybe "sorry" ain't the magic word.

Ever just try to tell her how you feel?


Bro, then just tell her anyway.

If you get curved, you get curved.

I get curved all the time.

But at least you know
you gave it a sh*t.

Oh, they got scallops? I
ain't never had a scallop.

♪ ♪


Listen, I gotta say my piece,

and then I won't bother you anymore.

Why can't you just accept
the fact that this is over?

Because I love you.

I love you.

That's why.

And I can't let you walk
away without knowing that.

You're just saying that
to try and get me back.

I'm not. I promise.

Lisa, you have my heart.

I have never felt this way
before about anyone in my life.

And if you can't forgive me,

then I just gotta live with that.

But I had to let you know
how much you mean to me.

We can't do this now. We're here.


you should know that I...

- We'll talk tomorrow.
- Lisa.


♪ ♪

ALL: ♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ Want you to come hold me ♪

♪ I know the fever that's
inside me's there to stay ♪

- Hey, real talk?
- Hmm?

I'm really glad you left
the influencer house.

Yeah, but don't get
used to this hotel, okay?

When my parents see
this credit card bill,

I'm gonna have some explaining to do.

But this is nice.

I'm trying to keep
whatever this is going

for as long as possible.


♪ Want you to come hold me ♪

♪ Feelin' like a fiend ♪

♪ And don't want anyone to know ♪

Yes! I am a genius. I'm a genius.

Okay, so Ivy's post at my mom's gala

got her followed by Edward Enninful

- and Aurora James.
- Oh, that's... that's great!


am I supposed to know who
the f*ck those people are?

Basically, the level
of clout they are on,

Ivy hasn't even tapped into that yet.

This is big.

Hey, and you got her there.

Just like you got my record
store up to , followers.


I love how proud you are
of such a small number.

Okay, you can keep the jokes,
but I mean, the truth is,

you know how to strategize, Hil,

and I just feel like
that's worth way more than

just posing for some pics, you know?

But I look good in
those pictures, though.


Oh, I know you look
good in those pictures.

But I'm just saying, I want
you to just stop thinking of Ivy

as some lifeline and start
thinking about her as a partner.


Oh, my God, it's Will.

Sorry, cuz.



Oh, shit. Hey, this is Will too.


Yo. Will, what up?

Yo, Jazz, can you put
Hilary on the phone?

Uh, I don't know what you talking about.

Why would I be with Hilary?

- What?
- Bro, come on. I seen y'all at the reception.

You ain't fooling me.
Come on, put her on.

Well, he knows, so...

- Will, I swear to you, if you say anything...
- Listen, Hil, I won't.

Listen, okay, I really,
really need your help, okay?

Lisa said that she'd give me one
last chance to talk to her today,

and I just need your advice
on how not to miss my sh*t.

Okay. Yes. Of course.

What's going on, cuz?


♪ I know I should have ♪

♪ Been more upfront, girl ♪

♪ Don't hold no grudge ♪


Come in.

Morning, son.

I just wanted to see
what you had planned

for the rest of the day.

I was just gonna go work out

and then maybe go
sneaker shopping after.

Why, what's up?

Well, I know it's been
a while since we spent

some quality time together,

and, well, I heard a couple F teams

are in town training
for Grand Prix West.

Wait, like, we're gonna
go watch time trials?

Better. I called in a couple favors

and arranged for each of us
to get some time on the track.

[LAUGHS] Holy shit!

Dad, wait, that's... that's amazing!

Wow! Does Will know about it yet?

Well, I thought it could
be just me and you, Carlton.

You know? I mean, unless
you want him there.

No. I mean, yeah.

But he doesn't really like
racing that much anyway.

Then it's settled.

We can leave when you
get back from the gym.

- Great.
- All right.

It'll be fun.

- Yo, C.
- Yo.

Let me fix you up some cheese eggs, man.

No, thanks. I am all good.

Trying to eat healthy.

Which is impossible, because
we have no food in the house.

Yo, what gives?

Just another side effect of
not having Geoffrey around.

All right. Well, good
thing he's coming back soon.

- Doubt it.
- What are you talking about?

I thought he went on vacation.


No... no, Uncle Phil told
me he had a family emergency.

See? This is why I checked his room.

And guess what. All
of his stuff is gone.

But Geoffrey wouldn't leave
without saying anything.

I'm not so sure about that.

Do you know something?

You remember when I told
you that I had an opportunity

to find out about my
father, but I chose not to?

- Yeah.
- Right.

Well, Geoffrey found out that info,

and Uncle Phil was not happy about it.

So you think Dad fired Geoffrey?

Okay, no. Stop. No.

What could Geoffrey possibly have found

that would cause him to leave?

I don't know. I don't know.

I didn't read the info before
I gave it to Uncle Phil, so...


♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪


I wasn't expecting to see you today.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

Well, for obvious reasons,

we haven't spoken much since San Diego.

And you're a big part of why
I was awarded the fellowship,

and I just wanted to let you
know how much I appreciate it.

♪ Baby, you light up my world like... ♪

Helping artists such as
yourself share their gift

with the world is
what makes me happiest.

Which is why I would like

to work with you to help
other artists of color

to get the same opportunity I have.

I mean, you have an amazing
network, great expertise.

I mean, clearly you
have an eye for talent.

♪ I just wanna show
you off, I do, girl ♪

♪ ♪

I'm honored, Vivian. Truly.

But how does your
husband feel about that?

Phil and I have moved past
all of his initial objections

to me working with you.

♪ Baby, put your back into it ♪

♪ It's electric, oh ♪

So anyway, what do you think?

♪ ♪

♪ It's electric ♪



Hey, it's Lisa. Leave a message,

and I'll get right back to you.

- Lisa, um, it's me.

I was calling because I was hoping

that we could continue
last night's conversation.

You know, I'm on my way
to basketball practice,

but, uh, call me back.








Let's go, son. The racetrack awaits.

Be right down.




♪ ♪

How you been, Phil?

What the hell are you doing here?

I heard my son asked for me.

After the British guy filled me in on...

How bad my son wanted to see me,

I hopped on the next plane.

Figured I might be able
to do some good, you know?

We both know you could have
done that three years ago,

when you got out of prison.


No ex-con wants to look
his boy in the eyes,

especially when my room
at the halfway house

was worse than my prison cell.

And I couldn't find
a job for months, so...

I don't doubt your
life's been hard, Lou.

But you put your selfish
pride ahead of your own son.


Now, why am I not surprised

that you would see it that way, Phil?

Rich folk always say the
rest of us are being prideful

whenever us common folk insist
on holding on to our dignity.


There he is. That's the Lou I remember.

Can't believe it took you this long

to throw my money in my face.

Oh, come on.

Don't act like money don't matter, Phil.

I've been out for three years,
and I'm still scraping by.

You know I had to ask my pastor
to pay for my plane ticket?

And I've been working hard, Phil.

Too damn hard.

And I ain't got nothing to show for it.

- And then your man Jeremy...
- Geoffrey.

Whatever his damn name is,

he shows up, and he
tells me my son needs me.

And he says you're against it.

What, you're surprised?


I ain't the same man
you used to know, Phil.

I wouldn't be here if I was.

♪ ♪

Well, Will lives in my
house, under my care,

so I'll talk to Vivian about
it, and I'll let you know.

What the hell am I
supposed to do till then?

Well, you've waited years.

I think you can wait a little longer.

I'll be in touch.

All right.

I mean, why would he
just show up like this?

'Cause he wants something from us, Viv.

It's all a game.

I mean, did he ask for anything,

other than to see Will?

No. But think about it.

I mean, he could have
reached out to Will

over the past three years,
but instead he decides

to finally show up

when Will's staying
in a Bel-Air mansion.

I don't know, Phil.

Well, you remember why he went
to prison in the first place.

People change.

Isn't that the reason
why you ran for DA,

to give people a second
chance who made a mistake?

And, I mean, he's always
maintained his innocence.

Yeah, well, I was his lawyer,
and trust me, he wasn't.


♪ ♪

♪ Woah, I'm Gipetto with the rap ♪

♪ Watch me pedal to the metal ♪

♪ Put the metal to his back ♪

♪ Why you meddle with a mental ♪

♪ Mani-Animaniac ♪

♪ Like, I don't settle ♪

♪ Watch it, set, go, ready, set, go ♪

♪ Take his head off his back ♪

♪ Die die die die ♪

♪ Die side by side ♪

♪ Fry fry fry fry ♪

♪ Hi hi hi hi ♪

♪ Yeah, buddy, black mass ♪

♪ Black skully, black mat ♪

♪ Black rat, rat throwin' it ♪

♪ Run forward, run for it ♪

♪ Stop runnin', start somethin' ♪

♪ I'm coming, duck, n*gga ♪

♪ Good riddance, duck huntin' ♪

Hey, Will.

Hey, Mighty Mouse.
Aren't you supposed to be

zipping around a track
at like miles an hour?

Yeah, um, we had to
postpone. Something came up.

Look, I have to tell you something.

I'm gonna need you to sit down
so I can tell you what it is.

I'm not even sure if I should tell you.

Bro, whatever it is,
just lay it on me, a'ight?

While you were away,

your dad came by the house.


What? What are you talking about?

My dad was here? Today?

Yeah. And he talked to
my dad for, like, a while,

and then he just left.

What... what... what did he want?

- What did he say?
- I don't know.

But my dad doesn't
even know that I know.

In fact, he lied about why we
had to postpone the racetrack.

He said it was a business emergency.

So how do you know it's my pops?

♪ ♪

Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up.

No, I told Uncle Phil I
didn't want to read that.

Bro, I don't want to read that, a'ight?

I just want to... [SIGHS]

I want to close the door on
this whole situation, so just...

I know.

That wish isn't gonna come true.

Your dad's here, and mine
isn't giving straight answers,

and this folder has all
the answers you need.

♪ ♪


Look, I think the best thing
that we can do is offer Lou

a chance to come back out here,

only after we've had the chance

to make sure that Will
can handle meeting him.

How do we decide if
he's even ready, Phil?

And who's to say it's
even our right to decide?

It's our right because
he's under our roof,

and he's part of our family now.

Okay, I get that, but we should call Vy

and see what she thinks, right?


I figured you two were talking about me.

And my pops?

Don't bother trying to cover up.

I know he was here.

So you all really weren't gonna tell me.

- We were just discussing...
- Yeah.

What the next steps should be.

And now that you know, I mean,

do you want to meet with your father?

Well, that depends. What
does he want with me?

What? What is with you two?

Why can't y'all just answer
a simple-ass question?

It's complicated. Okay?


To be blunt, your father's
saying all the right things,

but Lou's not trustworthy.

- Now, listen... listen.
- Not trustworthy.

He's a con man who was convicted

of robbing an old man
he said owed him money.

And you were his lawyer.


Yeah. I read the report.


I asked Geoffrey to look into my father,

and Uncle Phil wasn't too
happy about it, were you, Unc?

Is that why Geoffrey left?

The decision to part ways was mutual.

Not on my part.

Listen, we'll pick this up later, okay?

What else did you learn
from this Geoffrey report?

That my pops had it rough from the jump.

His daddy was a gangster
who got k*lled in jail.

His mom died when he was .
He dropped out of school at .

He got arrested for stealing a car,

so he already had a prior

when he was facing the as*ault charges.

He didn't have a second
chance like I did.

That's a sympathetic
view of your father, Will.

And he doesn't deserve sympathy?

Is that what you're saying?

You know, reading that report...

I realized that I've been
wrong about him my whole life,

because everyone told
me he walked out on me.

Like he had a choice.

But the truth is he got arrested,

and my mom just cut him off.

You see...

That's where it gets complicated, Will.

Your father is volatile
and unpredictable,

and we didn't want you
in contact with someone

who would manipulate
you or disrupt your life.

I'm sorry, Will.

That's why we were
determined to keep you

from reaching out to him.

And that's why I didn't want
you to track down somebody

who could have reached
out to you all these years

when he was in prison, but didn't.


And I didn't want him to hurt you

any more than he already had.

♪ ♪

And he showed up here today.


The decision to see him or
not is still yours to make.

What do you want to do?

♪ ♪



Hey, baby. What's up?

My dad is here.

What? How?

I... I mean, it's my
fault, actually, I...

I didn't know he would come,
but I'm the reason he's here.

Oh, God. Oh, my God.

Okay, what... what did he say, Will?

Nothing. I haven't talked to him yet.

I wanted to talk to you first.

Why didn't you tell me he was in prison?


Because we... we thought it was

what was best at the time, Will.

You were four years old.

Baby, how do you think

you would have handled hearing that?


But I'm not four anymore.

Why did you all think it was okay

to lie to me these past years?

[SIGHS] Mom...

I'm sorry if you feel like
we made the wrong decision,

but you need to know

that we made that terrible
choice out of love.

I love you so much, baby.

I'm sorry you had to find out this way.


♪ ♪

I want to talk to him.


There it is.

♪ I'll buy, I'll spend ♪

♪ My nights, my friends ♪

♪ I'm going out just to get over ♪

Good? Okay.

♪ The days I spent caught up... ♪

What do you think?

Girl, you look amazing.
I mean, you look gorgeous.


But if I wanted my ass kissed,
I would have asked one of them.


What's up?

Nothing's up.

It's just, the picture relies a lot

on your dress and your body,
but where's the reference?

Where's the story? Where's the drama?

How are you more than just
some thot playing dress-up?

I mean, I only say
this because it's hard

to get your audience to see
you in a different light.

Trust me. I learned the hard way.

Okay, well, don't stop now.


Well, the dress is hiding
your shoes, which are k*ller.

So give me some
movement. Give me a twirl.

Give me Michelle Obama
"Elle" cover .

♪ No stress, no you in my head ♪

- I like that idea. We'll give it a try.
- Cool.

I wish someone on my
team had ideas like that.

Well, you know, I could
be the person on your team.

I thought you had
your own thing, though.

Oh, no, I do. I do.

But when I saw the boost

that you and I both got from one event,

I realized we can do a lot
more together than alone.

I don't know, Hilary.

After a while,

just going to upscale events
is gonna get played out.

Which is why I think

you should buy Kylo out
of my influencer house.

- Uh-huh.
- Just think about it.

We clear out Kylo,

and we rebrand as this
female-forward space.

You, me, Fanta, Monica.

Right, because if I buy the house,

then I buy your contract,

and then you no longer owe Kylo.

Consider it an investment in
the brand and the partnership.

I mean, we could do
books, jewelry, podcasts.

I like it. I do.

Okay. Great.


Let me chop it up with my accountant.

But I think we need to start planning

to take over that house.

- Okay.
- Yep.

And I'm gonna work on
my Michelle Obama twirl.

Okay. You work on that. Go get it.

Okay, what's next?


♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

Uh, Phil will bring
Will down in a moment.

Can I get you anything to drink?

Yeah, some water. Thanks.

Lou, I know we haven't
always seen eye-to-eye, but...

Yeah, you always thought
your sister could do better.

Let's not go there.

I just want to talk
about Will right now.

Okay. I'm listening.

Thank you.

Look, I don't know if you
changed for the better or not.

But while you're with Will,

I need you to act like
you are Father of the Year.

I need you to tell him
that you thought about him

every single day, and
bringing him into the world

was the best thing you
ever did in your life.

And if you fail to make that boy happy,

I swear I'll kick your Black ass

out of my house myself, you feel me?

That's cute.

Yeah. I got you.

I see you still got
that West Philly in you.

Don't you forget it.

Sup, Will?

Yo, Uncle Phil, Aunt Viv, can you...

can you let me and
him talk for a second?

Will, I don't think that's a good idea.

Well, that's how I want it, Uncle Phil.

- Let them have their privacy.
- All right. All right.

We'll be in your uncle's office, okay?

years since I've
seen or heard from you.

What you got to say for yourself?


How come you never reached
out to me from prison?

'Cause I didn't want you

to see me locked up
in a damn cage, okay?

That would have been bad for us both.

And I didn't want that.

f*ck what you wanted.

What about what I needed?

Man, you don't know how bad
that shit f*cked up my head.

Sometimes imagining you with
another family and happy.

Other times imagining you d*ad.

Shit, you probably would
have been better off that way.

I know you're angry.

I know you're angry.

But you can't tell me
I didn't think about you

every moment I was
locked up in that cell...

Come on, come on. That's bullshit.

You know, my daddy was locked
up when I was a little boy.

Seeing him all them
years behind that glass,

it changed me.

Seeing the man I
idolized become so broken.

So cold.

Like a shell of himself.

Every time I went to
visit, it got worse.

For us both.

When it was my turn to do my time...

I made the choice I made

'cause I didn't want that for you.

You deserved better.

Still do.

♪ She's on my mind ♪


♪ She's on my mind ♪

♪ Won't you come down, oh, Starchild ♪


♪ ♪

Man, this might sound
crazy, but I think I remember

you taking me to a Sixers game
when I was like three or four.

- Ha!
- Did that happen?

Yeah! [LAUGHS]

- Yeah, that happened.

Yo, I had scalped floor seats.

One of my partners, he worked security,

so he got us in the
locker room for a second.

Yo, that's right, 'cause
we had snuck in that joint.

Yeah, and then your little
ass started wandering off

while I was trying to
get Iverson's autograph.


Man, I was like, "Yo,
your mom is gonna k*ll me."

Oh, yeah, she'd have been on your ass.

Yeah, it didn't matter.

Still jumped on my back
as soon as we got home,

'cause we came in late.

- Mm.
- Yeah.

I never could win with that woman.

So, um, what happened between you two?

I mean, we was good for a while,

and then, um...

and then Viv and Phil
started getting rich.

Well, Phil started getting rich.

And then all the sudden,

I wasn't bringing in enough money.

Mm, Mom said you was always

trying to find an
angle, scheming and shit.

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Yeah, she would put it all on me.

Right? You know, 'cause
she never does no wrong.

Truth is, she's the one

that put the pressure on me to hustle.

Mm. So it was her idea to rob

and b*at that old man half to death.

n*gga. She pushed me.

On my back, / , on my back, bro.

And then her ungrateful ass
never appreciated anything...

Yo, watch your mouth
talking about my mom.

You want to know the truth, boy?

- What's up?
- Being with your mama

was the worst mistake
I ever made in my life.

You better chill the f*ck out
talking about my mom like that.

Boy, you better back up.

Take that bass out your voice.

What's up, man? I ain't
scared of your bum ass.

Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

You don't know me! You don't know me!

- You don't know me, bitch!
- Hey, back up.

Don't you touch him, Lou!

I didn't come here to be disrespected.

You ain't earn no respect!

n*gga, you the one that came
looking for me, remember?

And if I hadn't, would
you have showed up?

That's right. I didn't think so.

I was trying to get on my feet.

[SCOFFS] Here he go, still lying.

You being unfair now, son.

Don't you ever f*cking
call me "son" in your life!

You ain't earn that shit!

You think you can walk up in here

and make all those
years of lies disappear?

You crazy?

That's why I'm trying to start over

and rebuild what we had, you know?

By trying to place the blame
on my mom for what you did?

Nah, I got a better idea.

How about you take your f*cking bum ass

and get the f*ck up out of here?

I don't ever want to see you again.

You go find a ditch and
you f*cking lay in it.

'Cause I don't need you.

Bitch-ass n*gga.

Lou, he's just a boy.

Listen, if you care about him
and you want to fix things,

you just... I don't know,

you just gotta give him a little time.

I came here to make
things right for that boy!

But he made his choice.

Now he's gonna be the
one that has to live

with the consequences, not me.


Uh, Lou's gone.


Hey, do you want to talk about this?

Talking ain't done no good today, man.

Will? Yo, Will.

Will, stop! Where are you going?

Stop. Will!

Hey. Listen, man. Just hold up a second.

Don't leave, man.

- I'm not staying here another night.
- Will. Will, please.

maybe you should just sleep on it

before you make a rash decision.

You sleep on it before you put
all this bullshit in motion?

Listen, I know you're hurt and confused,

but I promise you we
can fix this as a family.

- We are not a family!
- Will.

You abandoned me and my
moms, just like my pops.

Ten years, ain't had one visit.

And you call that family?

And you stood right there,
right there, and you told me

you would give me every opportunity

to create the future I want.

- And I meant that.
- No, you didn't.

You lied, and you clipped
my wings from the start.

You let me think my dad abandoned me.

And now I can't trust none of y'all.

Hey. Hey. Will. Will.
Please, man, don't go.

Carlton. Carlton.

- Please, wait.
- Carlton. Carlton.

You don't... you don't have to leave.

Look, Carlton, man,

Ashley, Hilary...

I love you all.

But I gotta do what's right for me.

- Will.
- Will.


Yeah, I understand, but if
you could make this happen

as soon as possible, we'd appreciate it.

What do they say?

They say that if Geoffrey's the only one

who set up the car GPS,

then he's the only one who can track it.

- It's our car.
- I know.

Okay, have you been able to
get in touch with Geoffrey?

It's been three hours.

Unless we report Will as missing,

we're stuck at the moment.

- Dad.
- Hmm?

How come Geoffrey isn't
returning our calls?

I have no idea.

Hopefully, we'll hear back soon.

Where are you going?

I'm going to find Will.


- It's Vy.
- You should answer it.

Maybe she's heard something.

Dad. We know about Geoffrey.

Hey, Vy.

What happened with
Lou? Is he still there?

No. He left.

Okay, then what happened?
I heard from Will.

I keep calling and
texting. He won't answer.

That's because it didn't go
so well between Lou and Will.

- How bad?
- Very bad.

That boy ran out of here
with tears in his eyes.

We're trying to find him now.

Find him now?

What you mean, he left, and
you just... you just let him go?

I should have known
this was gonna happen.

I should have told that
boy the truth myself.

Because I'm the one who made that choice

to keep Lou out of Will's life.

And I could have been there for him.

If I had been there for him,

this never would have happened.

We're going to find him, Vy.

What have I done, Viv?

[SOBS] What have I done?


♪ ♪




What are you doing here, Carlton?

Hey. I need you to help me find Will.

He's gone missing.

- Missing.
- Yeah.

He left a few hours ago,
and no one knows where he is.

He stood me up today, Carlton.

After he told me he
loved me, he stood me up.

His dad showed up at the house today.

Oh, my God.


And it was bad, Lisa. It was so bad.

It's like everything
that he was afraid of

about his father is true.

But it's somehow worse,

'cause my parents have been
lying to him this whole time.

I think it was all too
much for him to take,

and so he ran away,

and... and I don't know
if he's gonna come back,

so you have to help me find him, Lis.

He never turned his back on me.

And I needed that.

And I need that now.

So please, Lis, help them find him.



♪ ♪


Your whole family is
worried about you, Will.

Even Carlton.

What the f*ck are you
doing up here, man?

They lied.


Man, I spent my whole life wondering

why I ain't have a dad.

Just 'cause they lied.

They thought they was looking out...

That's bullshit!

My dad said he was looking out
for me by not being in my life.

My mom said she was looking out
for me by sending me out here.


It's like nobody wants me.


There is a house full of people

in Bel-Air that want you around, man.

All you gotta do is get
in your car and go back.

I promise, everything
will work itself out.

No. It's done.

It's over.

You told me that the city
would try to make me forget

who I am and where I come from.

And you were right.


Remembering where you come from

doesn't mean you can't change
your life for the better, Will.

The key to happiness is staying true

to who you are no matter where you are.

And I ain't saying it's gonna be easy.

But it's possible.

Now, this whole moment right now, man,

it's all you, Will.


♪ ♪

You got all these
possibilities and choices

right in front of you.

But your mom ain't here.

Your aunt not here. Your uncle not here.

♪ ♪

So you gotta make a choice.

Where do you want to go?

♪ Ain't this what they've
been waiting for? ♪

♪ ♪

♪ You ready? ♪

♪ Uh, uh ♪

♪ I used to pray for times like this ♪

♪ To rhyme like this ♪

♪ So I had to grind like that ♪

♪ To shine like this ♪

♪ In a matter of time I spent ♪

♪ On some locked up shit ♪

♪ In the back of the paddy wagon ♪

♪ Cuffs locked on wrists ♪

♪ See my dreams unfold,
nightmares come true ♪

♪ It was time to marry the game ♪

♪ And I said "Yeah, I do" ♪

♪ If you want it, you gotta see it ♪

♪ With a clear-eyed view ♪

♪ Got shorty, she trying to bless me ♪

♪ Like I said "Achoo" ♪

♪ Like a n*gga sneezed, n*gga please ♪

♪ Before them triggers squeeze ♪

♪ I'm getting cream ♪

♪ Never let them hoes get in between ♪

♪ Of what we started ♪

♪ Lil' n*gga but I'm lionhearted ♪

♪ They love me when I was stuck ♪

♪ And they hated when I departed ♪

♪ I go and get it regardless ♪

♪ Draw it like I'm an artist ♪

♪ No crawling, went
straight to walking ♪

♪ With foreigns in my garage ♪

♪ Got foreign bitches menagin' ♪

♪ f*ck', suckin', and swallowin' ♪

♪ Anything for a dollar ♪

♪ They tell me get 'em, I got 'em ♪

♪ I did it without an album ♪

♪ I did shit with Mariah ♪

♪ Lil' n*gga I'm on f*re ♪

♪ Icy as a hockey rink ♪

♪ Philly n*gga, I'm Flyer ♪

♪ When I bought the Rolls Royce ♪

♪ They thought it was leased ♪

♪ Then I bought that new Ferrari ♪

♪ Hater rest in peace ♪

♪ Hater rest in peace ♪

♪ Rest in peace to the parking lot ♪

♪ Phantom so big, can't even ♪

♪ Fit in the parking spot ♪

♪ You ain't talkin 'bout my n*gga ♪

♪ Then what you talkin' about? ♪

♪ Gangsters move in silence... ♪
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