02x10 - A Duel of Iron

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Iron Fist". Aired: March 17, 2017 – September 7, 2018.
Set in the Marvel Universe Randy was trained by warrior monks and returns home to New York, to reconnect with his past and take his rightful place at his family's company.
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02x10 - A Duel of Iron

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[wind gusting]

[Danny] Nothing ends
without a new beginning.

Just as any start is,
inevitably, a step towards an ending.

It's like two sides of the same coin;
there is a duality in everything.

Night and day, w*r and peace,
love and hate, rhythm and blues,

me and you.

But forces in opposition
don't have to stay that way.

It's like the yin-yang.
It isn't meant to be a static symbol.

Relationships are always in motion.

We chase each other, challenge each other,
inspire each other.

Sometimes working together.
Sometimes working against.

Complementary forces,
seeking a balance that may never come.

Like Davos and I were at the start.

It all comes down to a core question.


How do the most important people
come into your life?

Is it blind chance? Or is it fate?

Lei Kung told me
I was a child touched by f*re,

delivered from heaven,
destined for victory.

But here, now, today,

I have to consider...

was he wrong?

Or did I only ever know half the story?

[Colleen and Davos groaning]

- What's wrong?
- [gasping] I don't know.

Why would you even try
and give the Fist to her?

You can't stop the ceremony
halfway through.

The heart of the dragon
will k*ll you both.

You have to let Colleen
complete the transfer.

If he feels anything like I do,
we can take him.

The power of the Iron Fist is mine.

- And mine alone!
- Watch out!


[Colleen groaning]

[Danny] Davos! Wait!

You okay?

I can feel it. Like a snake in my gut.

I'll go after him. I'll bring him back.

There's no time. We go together.

[theme music playing]

[Misty] Walker!

[breathing heavily]

Walker, are you out there?

Come on.




All right.


Okay, Rand tech...

let's see what you got.


[Walker singing]
♪ Every other day, every other day ♪

♪ Every other day of the week
Is fine, yeah ♪

♪ But whenever Monday comes
Whenever Monday comes ♪

♪ You can find me cryin' all of the time ♪

♪ Monday, Monday
So good to me ♪

[Walker grunts]

♪ Monday mornin' ♪

♪ It was all I hoped it would be ♪

♪ Monday, Monday ♪

♪ So good to me ♪

♪ Monday mornin' ♪

♪ It was all I hoped it would be ♪

♪ Monday mornin'
It was all I hoped it would be ♪

[siren blaring]

Did that kid make it to Danny
with the bowl?

I'm not familiar with a kid or a bowl.

[sighs] Then it's only a matter of time
before Davos finishes what he started.

Which, for some reason,
doesn't seem all that worrisome.

How much morphine did you hit me with?

Fifty cc. Should tide you over
until we get you to the emergency room.

It's rocking my world. [chuckles]

I didn't ask for your help.

But I came anyway.

After everything I did to Danny.

Doesn't bother you anymore?
It's just water under the bridge?

Of course it bothers me, but...

I don't think anyone would deny
that you did a brave thing

by going back into Davos' place
to try and fix things.

I did it to save myself.

I would like to believe

that there's a little more to it
than self-preservation.

I'm sure you would.
Just stop making excuses for my behavior.

I know who I am.
I know why I did what I did.

"Admit to God, to ourselves,
and to another human being

the exact nature of our wrongs."

Don't try one of your steps on me.

I wasn't.


I did something to you
that was unforgivable.

And the cornerstone
of my existence since then

has been to hold on to the idea
that I had no other choice.

Which is my own problem.


whether you forgive me or not,

I will always be there for you
if you need me.

Do what you want. You always do.


Our family is a toxic mess.

I think that we are cursed to bring
darkness onto everything that we touch.


I hope to God that's not true.

I'm going to be a father, Joy.

I don't even know what to say to that.

This woman I was seeing...

we were in the early stages
of something good... till I screwed it up.


You disappointed someone.
What else is new?

[Ward] Thanks for that.


Don't be petulant. It's your worst color.

Maybe this is the way
that destiny works, Ward.

All that negative shit piled up

might very well be the thing

that gives you an outside chance
to do it right.

Chen Wu! [panting]

You wanted a chance to prove yourself.
Well, now is the time.

[spits, grunts]

Danny Rand and Colleen Wing
will be here soon.

We must prepare for their arrival.

Chen Wu?


[Colleen breathing heavily]

It's burning me up from the inside.

Only consolation is Davos
must feel the same, right?

The ceremony has linked you.

You need to reconnect to his ajna chakra
using the hand gesture I showed you.

Finish what we started.

[Colleen] Okay.

Okay, so we'll need to find
a way to grab ahold of him

without letting him return the favor.

Don't worry.
I'll be there to help with that.

Time to end this once and for all.

[Danny] I'm done protecting Davos
or trying to save him.

But if he dies, you'll die as well.

[Colleen sighing]

And I thought date night
was a painful idea.

[chuckles softly]

[Colleen] I'll need my hands free.

Right. Thanks.

Share and share alike.

[Misty grunting]


[g*n continue]


[Walker] Take your time coming out.

I got no other plans
and a shit-ton of b*ll*ts.

[breathing heavily] Walker.

[Walker] That's right, sweetheart.

I came to say hello...

and goodbye.

[Davos] Why don't we treat together?

Yeah, sure. Yeah.
How about you come out first?

No sign of Joy.

Did she put you up to this?

[Walker] That was three jobs ago.

I'm just here for shits and giggles.

And because I really,
really do not like you.


[cinder block explodes]


Ready or not...

here I come.

[Davos] You're d*ad, Walker. Then Joy.

I'll be sure to tell her that...

when I hand her your head on a stick.

- [exclaims]
- [Danny] Hey!

Oh. Danny. Colleen. Nice night for it.

How are you even on your feet?

- That's not important right now.
- We're here for Davos.

Where is he?

Okay, I'll tell you that when I find him.

You can't sh**t him.

[chuckles] We've been here before,
you and I.

This time it's different.
I know you're better than this.

Oh. That's sweet of you, Danny. Thank you.

Look, I don't know you,
but it seems like we have a common goal.

Stopping Davos.

And if we work together,
no one has to cross any lines.

[Davos and Colleen grunting]

[Danny and Walker grunting]


Let's dance. Two against one.
If you even know how to use that blade.

[scoffs] Try me.

[exhales sharply]

You need to give back
what you stole from me.

[both grunting]

[both grunting]

[Danny groans]

[both grunt]


This doesn't belong to you.
And it never did.

[panting] To who, then?

A disciple of the Hand?

Huh? Or her lover?

The weak-willed pretender
who fell from the sky.

I am the last son of K'un-Lun.

None of that matters.

[both exclaiming]


Use your phone as a strobe light!

- What?
- Just do it!

I've seen another side of you.
A better side of you.



[both grunt]

[Danny] Mary, it's Danny.

You're safe.

[breathing heavily]


You're safe, okay?

Stay here.

- Colleen.
- Let's go after her.

I can't. Look at my arm. It's done.

You go. I'll take Mary
and go and get backup.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- I'm Mary.
- I know. Let's go.


[Colleen] Please...



[Davos groans]

Davos! Stop!

[both grunting]



No! No!



[Davos] End it.

I want you to do what he couldn't do.

End it.

End it.

End it.

End it.

Then I'd be just like you.

[Davos exclaims]

End it!


[Colleen] Danny, move!

[Davos grunts]

And stay down.

[Danny] Heart of the dragon
has found a new home.

[Colleen] It was pretty close there
for a minute.

[Misty] But we did it.

[Danny] Where's Mary?

[Misty] I dropped her with the EMTs.
She needs help. She'll get it.

I'm gonna take Davos in,
book him at the nine-four.

So if you want to say anything,
now is the time.

- [Danny] Hey, can I have a moment?
- [EMT] Yeah, go ahead.

I didn't want it to end this way.

Did everything I could to avoid it.

After all I've done to you,
you still approach me with compassion.

My compassion is a choice.

It doesn't come easy.

Your choices in K'un-Lun
led to this moment.

No. I have my faults,

and I'm learning to wear my mistakes.

But you brought this on yourself.

I grasped at a glory
that you can't even begin to comprehend.

Of course I can.
But I know the cost is too high.

It took a lot of effort
to convince people to save you.

Give you another chance.

I hope you can honor that.

Do you think you've won, Danny?

I inspired so many people.

Sent a powerful message
out into the world.

And there is nothing you can do
to stop it spreading.

I'm not gonna give up on you.

I'm not gonna give up hope that one day
you will come back to yourself.

What did Lei Kung call you?

"Chosen of Heaven"? "Touched by f*re"?

But he never knew you like I did.

That you fought for the Fist
to fill a void in yourself.

Do you really think destiny is enough?

That it will lead you to a true purpose?

Because it won't.

At least I picked a path.

I walked it.

Because in the end, Danny,

you still have no idea who you are
or what you stand for.

Goodbye, Davos.

[Misty] I thought you said
you'd never get any ink?

[Colleen] Never say never.

[chuckles] Well, now you're the one
with the badass right hook.

On the bright side,
you can always get an upgrade.

- I got some ideas. Maybe bling it out.
- Hmm.

So, what's it like,
the heart of the dragon?

I don't know.

I'm not sure where I end and it begins.

But it feels right.

I'm proud of you, Colleen.

And I'm excited to see
what you do with that thing.

That's the hard part.
Using a w*apon to make peace.

I can't think of anybody
better suited to try.

What about you? Five-year plan.

You going to take the captain job?


[Colleen] No?

I don't know if sitting behind a desk

with a bunch of red tape and politics
is where I need to be right now.

All I know is that you have skills
most people can't comprehend.

And we could not have
done this without you.

Well, shucks. [chuckles]

It was a team effort.

- [Colleen] Mmm.
- [both laugh]

Besides... Knight... Wing...

It's got a little... little ring to it.

Little bit.

Let's hang out soon, okay?
Grab a beer, do something normal.

Ugh. It could be sooner than later.

Last time I saw Luke,
I did not like what I saw.

And now you've got one of the few w*apon
that might make a dent in that man.

[sighs] You got my number. Use it.

Same goes for you.

[Danny] Thanks for letting me say goodbye.
It means a lot.


- Thanks again. I'll see you soon.
- Yeah.

You and Davos.
I can't imagine how hard that must be.

I know. But he chose his path.

He was misguided, but maybe so was I.

You have to let it go.

So what about us?

[scoffs] I have not even g*n
to process this, let alone...

Yeah. You need to let it sink in, I guess.

We had a nice little life cooking.

You did what you thought was right,
and no one can fault you for that.

We just have to be honest
about the consequences.


You and I have been
through so much together.

Like it or not, we'll always be bonded.


Who would have thought that after meeting
a karate teacher at a public park

hanging ads for her dojo,
we'd be standing here?

Chance always looks like fate
in the taillights.


I should go. Check in with Bayard.

Yeah, I'm gonna go back to the dojo.
Start cleaning up.


I'll see you. I'll see you there.



[Sam] Wing?

I told you not to call me that name.

[Sam chuckles]

Thank you...

for the car and for everything else.


This? Yeah, you should see the other guy.

Won't be a problem anymore.

[sighs] Good news.

You know what happened to those kids?
Uh, BB's friends?

Yeah, the one that attacked him
is in custody,

the others got brought in for questioning.
Serves them right.

They were struggling.

A lot of people are.


I'm going to find a way to help 'em.

Do you think we can have
a service here for BB?

You know, anyone who knew him can come,
and anyone who didn't can learn about him.

Sure. And when we're open again,
you can organize it yourself.

- Cool. Thank you.
- Yeah.

[Colleen] What's she still doing here?

[Sam] Uh, she's been here all night.

Gave a statement to the cops
and everything.

Give me a second, will ya?

I take it you've held up
your side of our bargain.


What's gonna happen to the Triad alliance
now that Davos is no longer a thr*at?

The w*r is over.

And we will never forget
what you and Daniel Rand did for us.

For the lives lost to mean something,
you have to do more than just remember.

You have to change.
Move into legitimate business.

No more... No more protection rackets,
no more criminal activity.

I want what you want.

But neither of us are so naive
as to think that can happen overnight.

No, we aren't.

Which is why I will be watching,
should you backslide.

Watch all you want.

But I will brook no interference
from you or Daniel Rand.

A balance, Ms. Wing.

A delicate one, Mrs. Yang.

[Bethany] Thanks, everyone, for coming.

We'll be meeting here at the same time
on Wednesday and Friday.

Hey. I know the meeting is about to end,
but I'd really like to say something.

I have something to share.

We have one more,
if you all don't have somewhere to be.

[Ward] Thank you.

My name is Ward. I'm an addict.

[all] Hi, Ward.


I started coming here
because, uh, I wanted to change.

But it's been so slow.

It only comes in hard-won increments

as small as the metric side of a ruler.


[sighs] That's not what I wanted to say...

at all.


Shit. Sorry. This is just hard.


I'm not great with people.

I'm terrible at relationships.

I'm a son with no mother or father.

I'm a brother with no sister.

[sighs] And...

I'm very deeply alone.

I was in a bar a few days ago.

I found myself doing what you do
in a place like that.

And a friend of mine
that I care for deeply...

she came to me in that awful place
and she asked me, "Who do you want to be?"

I... I don't even know

how to begin

to consider that question.

I have lived my life
in relation to others.

And I have estimated my self-worth

based on that equation.

And the fact is

that now all those relationships are gone.

So I'm here to say to all of you
that I have no one.

And I don't know myself.

[sighs] So...

Hello, Ward. [chuckles]

Was your day as crap as mine?

- Yeah, in fact, I know it was.
- [all laugh]

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for sharing, Ward.

Hi, Bethany.

Who told you?

You did. I was here. And I heard you.

[takes deep breath] It is mine, right?

"It." Such a terrible pronoun.

Say something.

I planned on telling you.

I'm sure you did.

I just want you to know...

[sighs] if this is one of those moments

where life is telling me
what it wants from me,

then I want to be there for this child.
I want to be there for you.

No, Ward.

It isn't fate. It isn't...
It isn't destiny. It's just what happened.

Doesn't it mean something?

Someone trying to tell us something?

I believe in a higher power.

But not one
that is necessarily instructive.

I have to deal with the here and now.

I'm here.

I know that I've made terrible decisions.

But... I believe,

with help, moving forward,
I can make the right ones.

I hope you do.

And I hope you understand,

I have to do this on my own.

You don't believe
that I can be a better person.

It's not me that has to believe.

I have to take care of two people
from now on.

That's all I can handle, okay?


You just said it in there a minute ago.

You don't know yourself.

I don't even like myself.

Be well, Ward.

It's not just a higher power
I have faith in.

[alarm system beeping]

[beeping stops]

[Joy] Here's your money.



Nicely played.
How long were you sitting in the dark?

I figured either you'd be here
for the money

or Davos would be here for me.

He won't be bothering you anymore.

Well, there's a silver lining.

I was prepared to do
what we'd agreed, you know.

But then Rand and the girl
and the detective showed up.

And then Mary came out to play.

I mean, she didn't hang around long,
but, oh, she was afraid.

Her heart was all aflutter.

And, anyway, by the time I was back
in the saddle, they'd arrested him, so...

That's great. Stop.


So I'm the loose end now?

No. I'm just trying to be clear.

This is the end.
You take the cash. The job is over.

Like you once said,

"We never met. You were never here.
This never happened." Deal?

A deal is a deal...

until it changes.

You don't want to forget that I helped
your brother and came to save you, Joy.

I'm not forgetting. I appreciate it.
But I just want this to be over.

I need to get
back to some semblance of my life.

Yeah. Sure you do.
'Cause you think you can.

But the thing is, I can't.

Not since I found out
who saved me in Sokovia.

[clears throat] They kept me
in a concrete box, Joy.

And took me out to question me.

More often r*pe me. t*rture me.

Make me watch
while they k*lled the rest of my squad.

And then, after months, I was freed.

I always thought Mary
convinced someone to get her out.

And she thought I fought my way out.
Well, we were both wrong.

What, are you trying to scare me?

I almost died yesterday,
and I'm still standing, so...

You're not afraid of me, Joy?


Because I am.

"A bloody mess" is how the sergeant major
described the carnage at the camp.

And Mary Walker's fingerprints
were on the knives.

Poison doesn't know it's poison.

I don't know what the hell that means.

It means there's another alter.

And even I don't know what triggers her,
but I do have a pretty good idea

it might involve a g*n
pointed at my heart.

I just...

I just want you to leave, Walker.

And I like your taste in shoes.

I think I'm gonna leave that money here
and draw it out later.

You know, you're one of the few people
who knows both sides of me.

I could use that.

I could use your influence,
your connections... your reach.

It's not over between us, Joy.

Don't I get a say in that?

That's one of the things
I love most about you...

is your sense of humor.

[door opens and closes]


[Danny] Colleen,

Nothing ends without a new beginning.

Just as any start is,
inevitably, a step towards an ending.

But here, now, today,

I have to consider...

was he wrong?

Or did I only ever know half the story?

You have every right
to be angry with me, Colleen,

for not telling you all this face-to-face.

But I know that if I did, I'd never leave.

And that is what I have to do.

When I got home,

I found something that made me think
there was a larger destiny at work.

That silver medallion,

I saw the other side.

It was confirmation of something
that had been nagging me

ever since Frank Choi
told us your mother's story.

I've heard that story before, Colleen.
In K'un-Lun.

When I was just a boy, Davos told me.

A story about the first woman
to defeat the dragon.

Her name was Wu Ao-Shi.

You know her
as the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay.

A woman who may very well
be your ancestor.

Which means there may be a reason

why I met a young woman
in the park hanging fliers.

It may be that the destiny
that I believed was mine,

was always hers, always yours,
from the start.

We are the yin and yang, you and I.
In constant motion, but one and the same.

I love you, Colleen. Always.

[Ward] This plane is not leaving
this runway. You hear me?

And you tell Mr. Rand

he's not going anywhere
unless he talks to me first.

And don't give me any of this
" % of the company" bullshit.

I have the pull
to make your life a living hell.

[Danny] Ward!

What are you doing here?

Katie called and told me
that you requested a flight to Asia.

Where are you going, Danny?

It's complicated, okay?

Well, here's something simple.
I am standing between you and the plane.

[both laugh]

Don't try and kung fu me, man.
I can take a punch.

Look, I have to understand
the legacy of the Iron Fist.

And my place in it.

Hai-Qing Yang helped Davos get
his hands on the corpse of an Iron Fist.

Whoever supplied the body
may have the answers I need.

Call them on a telephone.

It's not that simple.
It's part of a larger journey.

I gotta find my true path in this world.

Not a bike path or a forest path...

- [chuckles]
- ...a true path.

A true path.

Listen, I want to be the brother
you and Joy need,

the man Colleen deserves,

the son who would have
made my parents proud.

I want to be worthy of the Iron Fist.

But until I truly know what I stand for...

I can't trust myself
with that responsibility.

I've gotta do this.


Sure, sure.

Go on then. Go on walkabout.

I'll be right here,
running the company with your name on it.

- Ward...
- Like I do.

What? I didn't crash in K'un-Lun,
get raised by monks and fight a dragon.

I got sent to an expensive boarding school
and learned how to play rugby.

A sport no one gives a shit about.

It could have just as easily been you
on that flight.

Come with me.

- What? Why would I do that?
- Why not?

You already know who you are.
Why don't you find out who you could be?

Uh, it's irresponsible.
You can't just up and leave.

You can't run away from yourself.

Maybe you'd be running towards yourself.

What does that even mean?

What does it mean to you?

- Now, stop it. Don't Zen koan me.
- [laughs]

Don't make light of it. It's a real thing.

I know it is.


That's why I'm telling you...

you're coming with me.

- [g*n]
- [woman screams]

[alarm ringing]

[thug ] Come on! Come on! Let's move!

[whistles] Hey there!

Uh... hey.

You know this doesn't
have to go this way, right?

[thug ] Get out of the way!

[car engine revving]

[indistinct chatter]

- [glass thuds]
- [man] More sake.

- [fist thuds]
- More water.

Look, I know your boss is selling
on the black market.

[man] Our employer
is a legitimate businessman.

Sure. Sure.

We're all legitimate

in a bar in Hokkaido at : a.m.


Hancock .

It's a shipping container.

There was a corpse in a box,

wearing a mask
with a dragon b*rned onto its chest.

I wanna talk to the man who sent it.

A guy named Orson Randall.

Never heard of him.

Look, you have no idea how hard
it's been to track down your boss.

From Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur.
That mess in Jakarta.

A shipment was stolen
from our employer's warehouse in Jakarta.

Yeah, things went sideways.


Look, you really don't want
to mess with me.

What if I disagree?

Then you'll have to deal with him.

I thought you said
you had this handled, Ward.

We can't know the future. Not completely.

Our employer wants his property back.

[Ward] Well, friend,
I'll let you field that one.

[Danny] You mean these?


Don't try that again.

[dramatic music playing]

[Daredevil] I once believed

that justice could be found
in a court of law...

[church bell ringing]

...and in the light of day.

But I was fooling myself.

[thunder rumbling]

Darkness only responds to darkness.

And the truth is...

I'd rather die as the Devil

than live as Matt Murdock.
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