01x10 - Oh, the Places We'll Go

Episode transcripts for the TV show "From". Aired: February 20, 2022 - present.
Residents from a small town search for a way out when unknown forces keep them from leaving.
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01x10 - Oh, the Places We'll Go

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- All I got was some static.

But it worked.

I think if we get it
up over the tree line

and we get it enough power, I
think we could get a signal out.

You went through a farway tree!

- Huh?
- Victor said you can go all sorts of places,

so maybe he went somewhere else.

- We have to find him!
- One step at a time.

- Hey, Julie.
- [JULIE] What's happening?

We're digging a big
hole in the basement.

We're gonna find out where
the electricity comes from.

Has anyone seen Victor?

We have a legitimate
chance here to go home.

You know what? Just go.

I'll stay here, and I'll
figure this out myself.

I know you've had a hard time lately

and that this tower
means a lot to everybody,

but I just need you to promise me, okay?

If it falls apart,

if you fall apart,

you'll talk to me, you'll let me help.

- [KENNY] It's okay.
- [FATIMA] This radio might actually work.

What's it gonna be like for us?

This is the only place
we've ever known together.

[JADE] There's no power source.

You need electric?


The problem is you
can't plug anything in.

God knows, whatever's coming up
through those wires is still...

Holy shit. I know how to do it.


What is it?

- [TABITHA] I think I hit the bottom.

- I can hear them! I can...

- No, no. Talk to me. Talk... talk to me.

It was different this time.

It was a woman. She said...

"Tell Mr. Fish and Loaves

that I was wrong.

There are things out here that
are worse than the monsters."

- We shouldn't have come here.
- Shh!

We're okay. We're okay.

I don't think we are.




"Let's go to the tower."

"Behold, the tower."

Hey, I know those guys.

You want me to tell you a story?

It's okay. I can tell
my own stories now.


Well, look at you. You're
all grown up now, huh?

What's your story about?

They're trying to find
their way back home.

- [JADE] Hello?

[JIM] I'm coming! Calm down!

- [JADE] Hello?

- What the hell?!
- Ha! I got it!

- You got what?
- Power problem.

- I figured it out.
- [JULIE] What?

- Where is...
- [JIM] It's okay.

... your least favorite
lamp? This one. This is ugly.

- [JIM] My what?
- Let's use this. Good morning!

- I didn't wake you, did I?
- What's going on?

No, no, no. Wait.

What are... what are
you doing? This is not...

What is the biggest problem we
have with powering the signal?

Huh? Can't plug anything in, right?

The outlets are f*cked! The... Sorry.

These wires aren't even wires,

so by all rights, this
lamp shouldn't even turn on.

But it does, right?

Which means that, no
matter what's going on

with the outlets or the wires,

what comes out here

is the electricity that lights the bulb.

You follow me so far?

- Yes.
- [JADE] Okay. All right.

Now, this,

this came here in the
back of someone's car,

which means that, by all accounts,

this item is completely useless

here in our lovely little hamlet.

Go ahead.

But if we take the ends of the wire,

all right, and affix it to the socket,

the very place to which actual,

bona fide electricity is
somehow being delivered,

and we screw our little
light bulb here back in,

and then...



- Whoa!
- [JADE] Huh? You see?

With enough lamps and enough wire...

We could turn Colony
House into a giant battery.

Yes! Gold star for Tea

I'm sure you would have
figured it out eventually.


Do you guys have any snacks?

I'm feeling peckish.

[SARA] Do you think
they know where they are?

- What?
- The bugs,

the cows, birds.

Do you think they know

the horrible things
they're surrounded by?

That they aren't where
they should be or...

Does Mr. Worm just think...

... "Here's some dirt,"
just like any other dirt?

You know, if you cut a worm in half,

it grows back into two worms?

What's your point?

My point is worms are f*cking creepy.

I'm sure it feels right at home here.

What do you think dragged the tent?

I don't know.

Where do you think we are?

I think it's time we find out.


What the f*ck?


♪ When I was just a little boy ♪

♪ I asked my father ♪

♪ "What will I be?" ♪

♪ "Will I be handsome?" ♪

♪ "Will I be rich?" ♪

♪ Here's what he said to me ♪

♪ "Que sera, sera" ♪

♪ "Whatever will be, will be" ♪

♪ "The future's not ours to see" ♪

♪ "Que sera, sera" ♪

♪ "What will be, will be" ♪

♪ Now I have children of my own ♪

♪ They ask their father ♪

♪ "What will I be? ♪

♪ "Will I be pretty?" ♪

♪ "Will I be rich?" ♪

♪ I tell them tenderly ♪

♪ "Que sera, sera" ♪

♪ "Whatever will be, will be" ♪

♪ "The future's not ours to see" ♪

♪ "Que sera, sera" ♪

♪ "What will be, will be" ♪

♪ "Que sera, sera" ♪

- [JADE] Now, listen. The trick to making this all work

is conducting wire.

Right? Just like the
wire we're gonna run

from the radio up to
the roof of Colony House,

we need enough wire
to run from the lamps

inside Colony House
out to the radio itself.

Tea Cup, tell them where we get it.

Well, basically anything with a cord

that came into town in
the back of someone's car:

appliances, electronics,

even the wiring harnesses
in the cars themselves.

Um, you know, that
ambulance outside the clinic?

Probably a gold mine.

Well, there's plenty of
stuff in storage here,

so my kids and I, we're
gonna start in there,

and anyone who wants to
join us is welcome to.

And the rest of you,
scour whatever you can.

If we can get enough
wire stripped and spliced,

we can be sending out a
transmission before nightfall.


All right, you heard
the man. Spread the word

and let's get to work.

Let's go, people. Chop, chop.

- Yep.

[MAN] All right, nice job, man.

[JADE] Sorry. Gotta go.

Hey! Hey!

His name is Jim!

- What?
- My father's name is Jim.

Uh, yeah. No, I actually,
uh... I knew that.

[SCOFFS] You're such an assh*le.

I'm sorry. Am I... ?

What am I supposed to do here?


It's fine. I'll be right there.

Oh, okay, all right.

This is like a...

It's like a father-daughter thing.

This is, uh... this is
a really nice moment.

You're standing up for your dad.

- Good for you.
- Just cut out the 'Tea Cup' shit.


But I'm calling you
'Spark Plug' from now on.

I like you. Good talk.

- I'll see you up there.


You missed Jade's big speech.

Yeah, probably for the best.

I thought you'd be up
at the house by now.

No, I'm gonna help Kristi gather

whatever wire she can
from the ambulance.

[DONNA] All those different places,

different roads,

yet everybody ended up here.

You really think sending out

some radio signal's
gonna make a difference?

I hope so.

Radio waves travel
in ways that we can't,

so who knows, right?


Well, best get at it, I guess.

Thank you.


So, how does Troy feel
about giving up the goods?

Well, I mean, he wasn't
thrilled about it,

but we had a little chat.

What's with the lamp?

Uh, I had this in the trunk of my car

when we drove in.

It, uh... it was my desk
lamp back in college.


It, uh, doesn't work here, and
I can't even plug it in, but, uh,

it was nice to have something from home

that was close by, you know?

The globe actually opens up.

My roommate in college
was a bit of a klepto,

so it was kinda like
my secret hiding spot.

- Really?
- Yeah.

What do you keep in there now?

Funny you should ask.


Back, uh...

back in school, I used to

sit at my desk sometimes,

staring at all the different countries,

thinking about all the
places I'd travel to someday.

When I got here, I actually started
writing some of those places down.

Everywhere I'd go,

everything I'd see...

... if we ever got to go home.

Let's see it.

[CHUCKLES] Hand it over.


Oh, man. I remember these.

The infamous drug store receipt.

This is quite a list.

I had a lot of time.

Costa Rica, Hawaii...

Iceland, nice.

Well, have you... have you been?

I hardly got past Grand Rapids.

Always wanted to, though.

Well, maybe...

if this radio thing works, maybe...

maybe we could go...



It doesn't have to be
Iceland. I mean, there's...

there's a lot of choices
on that list, you know?


Look, Kenny...

I like you...

a lot.


I'm engaged.

You know that.

No. Right. I-I do.


no, I get it. I shouldn't...

I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have,

I-I'm gonna...

I'm gonna take this first
batch of wires up to the house

because they're probably
itching to get started.

Um, I'll see you up there.

I'm sorry.



Ah, bit of a wreck, but

you should be able to find something
in there that'll do the trick.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Gimme a holler if you need anything.



how come you're not up
there at the Colony House

with everyone else?

You mean why aren't I
working on the magic tower

that's gonna bring everybody home?


You don't think it's gonna work?


Let's just say I've seen a
lot of people with clever ideas

about how they're gonna get out of here.

You wanna know what
they all had in common?

They always end up at the bar.

- Happy hunting.
- Yeah.

[MAN] She said she had some
stuff in the basement...


- Hi.
- Hey.

Can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah, of course.

Uh, not here. I need
you to come with me.

We have a lot to do here.

Yeah. I know. I know, but
it's... it's important.

Um, yeah. Let me just, um...

Yeah, just put that right
here. We'll be right back, okay?

- Come on.

- Ellis, where are we going?
- Just a little further.

All right, and we're here.

We're where?

Well, this is where I was standing

the very first moment that I saw you.

You were driving around in
your little Volkswagen Bug,

going around and around for hours.

You hadn't even had
your tires blown out yet,

but you pulled over right over there.

You stepped outta your
car and looked around.

I remember.

I asked Corey for directions.


What are we doing?

[EXHALES] Well...

I've been thinking a lot...

about what you said,

about going home,

about who we'd be,

and, you know, I realized something -

I don't even remember anymore

who I was before you
stepped out of that car.

And I don't want to find
out who I am without you.


You are the love of my life.

And we could be anywhere.

I mean, we could be
here, we could be there,

we could be anywhere in the world,

but it would not matter
because you are my home.

And I would really like to be yours.

I love you.

Okay, wait. Is there a "but" coming?

There's no "but."

Okay, um...


So, unfortunately, all of
the jewelry shops were closed,

but I got you this really
stylish piece of wire.

Is that from my pile?



Hey. What... what's wrong?

Your dad's gonna be really happy.

[SARA] Where are we going?

Well, the light came
from this direction.

So, we're just marching towards it?

Yeah, that's it.

Do you think that's a good idea?

You got a better one?

Did you even hear
what I said last night?

- Yeah, I heard you.
- Will you just stop, please?


Look, we got dragged out
into the middle of nowhere

by God knows what.

I-I don't even know which
direction is back to town.

All I do know is that
someone shined a light

from that direction.

And that wasn't a flashlight.

That was a floodlight,
maybe a searchlight,

which means that maybe
there's someone or something

out this way that can help us.

So we're going that way.

And what if whoever it
is doesn't want to help?

Then we got a different
kind of problem on our hands.

The voice I heard last
night, it was different.

- It wasn't like the others.
- Yeah, you said.

Who is Mr. Fish and Loaves?

It's me.

Mr. Fish and Loaves -

it's a nickname I had
back in the service.

Only two people who would've
known that name is Ellis...

And your wife.


- Do you think she... ?
- What?

What are you asking me?

Did my d*ad wife send you a message?

Is that what you wanna know?

You brought me out here because
you thought I could help.

Okay? Look where we are!

Whoever or whatever that voice
was, it told us to go back.

It told us what would
happen if we stayed out here.

- Well, unless it told you which direction to...

Boyd, what's wrong?

Someone please, help me!


[BOYD] Hello?

Where are you? Keep talking!

Boyd, who are you talking to?

[WOMAN IN DISTANCE] I'm over here. Help!

Where? I can't...

Boyd, stop! What are you doing?





Abby? Babe?

No, no! No!

No! No!

Ahh! Ayy!



Ugh! God!


Wait! Oh!


What the... ? Ow!

- Ahh! Get it...
- I got it! I got it!



What did you see?



Hey, guys.

How are you gonna get it up there?

Well, we're gonna hoist it.

Yeah, see, once we get the
antennae up on the roof,

they'll be tall enough to broadcast
a signal out over the treetops.

- Cool.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

I'm gonna go inside and
see if anybody needs help.

I'm here if you need me.


I wish Victor was here.

I bet he'd really like this.

Well, I'm sure, wherever
he is, he's okay.

Oh, I know.

He's got to do his part right now.

- His part?
- Of the quest.

He's probably doing something
pretty important right now.

That's his part.

Doing this is our part.

That's right.

- [SARA] Boyd, slow down.
- [BOYD] I'm fine. Just keep moving.

[SARA] We should look
at those spider bites.

- I said I'm fine.
- No, you're not.

What happened back there?

Don't worry about it.

You heard something, didn't you?

I need you to talk to me, please!


[STAMMERS] What do you wanna talk about?

You wanna talk about providence?

'Cause there's no way out. Is there?


This f*cking place!

This place...

f*cking makes you think that
you're doing the right thing.

It gives you hope, then it...

then it takes it away, like
it's feeding on your pain.

You want to feed on my
pain? You want my pain?

You want f*ck' pain?!

You want my f*ck'
pain?! Come on! Get it!

I... [GASPING] I'm waiting!


- Boyd...



- What's wrong?
- Ah!

I don't know! My head's...

I mean, I don't feel right, not...

g*dd*mn spider bites!



Hey, we have to keep moving.

Jeez, where? Huh?

- I don't know.
- Where? Tell me.

Towards the light. Remember?

- We have to get towards the light.
- Hey, f*ck the lights!

There's no way outta here.

The voice you heard
in your head is right:

we're gonna die out here.

Then, you're never
gonna see your son again.

Is that what you want?



Come on. What?

Let me help you.


- Come on.

Hold up.


A storm is coming.

Then we better move quick.

All right, we're good. Bring it up.


Where are you headed?

- What?
- Where are you going?

Uh, I'm just gonna help
bring up the rest of the wire.

No, they already brought
the last batch up.

Right. Um,

fine. I'm going to
get my rolling papers.

Sorry, rolling paper!

I've got one left and I've
been saving it. Okay, Dad?

Is that all right with you?

I know how offensive
you find my proclivities!


Oh, I didn't realize you'd be here.

I, uh... I left something in my bedroom.

So, uh...

we might be going home.


That's pretty exciting, right?

It's just you don't seem very excited.

You know,

I grew up in France with my grandma.

She died when I was .

I had to come back to the States,

live with my uncle.

I had to, uh... I had to
ride on the plane by myself

because there was, um...

there was no one to...

you know.

And I didn't want to go.

I mean, I didn't want to leave France



She didn't have any other
family who lived there.

I didn't want to leave her alone.


I mean, she was d*ad, but...

I was crying at the airport, and...

this nice lady bought me a soda.

I told her what was wrong.

And she, um...

She said to me...

She said to me,

they come with you

when you go.

So I guess...

I guess what I'm just
trying to say is...

don't be sad...

and don't feel guilty.

He'll come with you when you go.

You pray with me?


So, take the screwdriver,

and we touch it to the coil,

and that's what
determines the frequency.

Now, if I move it along the coil,

that's kinda like changing the channel.

And that would connect to this?


- Cool.
- Jim?

- They're ready for the top up there.
- Oh, uh,

yeah, let me just check the, uh...

[JADE] Hey people, we got snacks!

[CHUCKLES] How we doing?

- How are you doing?
- Uh, I'm fine. I got waylaid.

Are you happy?

Just get up on the roof.
We're about to start.

Oh, wait a second.

All right, ding-dongs,
it's almost go time.

Anybody f*ck this up, you
spend a night in the box.

No one is going in the box.

Whatever. Hey, pass
these out, would you?


Anybody wants it, help yourselves.

- Woo!

- Ha-ha!

- [DONNA] Hey! Stop! You!
Stop. Cucumbers are ready!

Jesus Christ.




Pretty exciting stuff out there.


You, uh...

You left your lamp thing.


Forgot it.


I'm, um...

I'm sorry if I made things
weird. I... [STAMMERS]

No. Just, hold on.

I actually came here to
talk you about something.


I don't know what to do.

And, uh, that really freaks me out

'cause, uh, part of me
really wants to go back

to Michigan one day

and find out the woman I fell
in love with waited for me,

that she's still there, that...

that she didn't move on,

and that we can pick
up where we left off

and get married and...

start our life together.

What does the other part want?

To go to Iceland with the most
amazing guy I met in the most

f*cked-up place imaginable.

Oh, those two sound
like pretty good options.


What are you gonna do?

I don't know.

All right, guys, you ready up there?

Yep. Uh, just hold on a second!

[TABITHA] I wanna see this. Wait!


- Hey!
- Hey.

You guys set?

All right, we're good!

[JIM] All right, you ready?

- Let 'er rip.
- Lift off!

- Lift off.
- All right. Liftoff, guys. Come on.

Here you go. Ready?

Come on! Come on.

That's it, nice and easy.

That's it, that's it!

[JADE] There we go.


Nice and easy. Slowly.

We're secure!



Come here. All right. Good job.

All right, now it's time to see
if this thing will actually work.

It's gonna work. It's gonna work.

Okay, everybody, that's
you! Go, go, go, go!

[ELLIS] All right.



On three.

One, two...

- Come on!
- ... three!

Come on. Let's go.

Oh, my God. Don't touch it.


[JIM] It's working.

We got power! We got a signal!

Yes! Ah! Come on!

- Yes!


- Come here, baby!

- Yes!
- Hey, listen!

If you guys are all done
stroking each other down there,

you might wanna start
transmitting sometime today!

Hey, I am so proud of you.

But I have to go now.

- What?
- Plan B!


- I love you.
- I love you, too.


[JIM] All right, come
here. You wanna do it?

[JULIE] No. You do it.
You do it. You do it.

[WOMAN] Hey!

You see those clouds out there?



We should find shelter.

Once we get up the hill, we...

Okay, I just...

You go ahead.

- I... I just need to sit a minute.

No sitting.

We keep moving. Come on.

We're almost over the hill.

- I can't...

- You hear that?

We're going in the right
direction. We just...


We just need to keep going.

Almost there.

Almost there.





Right here, on this one. On top, on top.

Remember? That's it.

Mayday. Mayday.

Can anyone out there hear
me? This is an SOS call.

We need help. Mayday.



Right, next one.


Mayday. Mayday. Can
anyone out there hear me?

This is an SOS call. We need help.


- Next one.


Mayday. Mayday. Can
anybody out there hear me?

This is an SOS call. Mayday.

That storm's coming in pretty quick.

You need to pack it in,
start again tomorrow.

Why don't we just give
it a few more minutes?

You have got about ten minutes

before the wind blows that
g*dd*mn tower off the roof.

You need to get your boy inside.


All right. Go in the house.

- I wanna stay.
- Listen to me. Go in the house.

I'll be in in a few minutes, okay?

Everything's fine. Hand it over.

Go on. It's gonna be okay.


Here, give me that.

- All right, what you gotta do...
- Yeah, I know.

Remember, we lose this radio,
and the whole thing's done.



Mayday. Mayday.

Is anybody out there?
Does anybody read me?

This is an SOS call. Mayday.


Oh, Jim, we need to stop!

f*ck! Ugh. All right, um...

- [MAN ON RADIO] Hello?

Hello? Is there someone there?

Uh, yes, yes, we're here!

Uh... Oh, my God, you
have no idea, um...

Oh, Jesus.

Uh, listen, we don't
have very much time.

Where are you?

Whoa, whoa, slow down. Is this Jim?

Sorry. What?

Jim Matthews?

Who is this?

Your wife shouldn't be
digging that hole, Jim.

Watch my kids.

Watch my kids!

- Where's he going?
- I don't know.

Move! Hey, what happened?

- Where's he going?
- He, um...

Donna, what happened?








[TABITHA] What the f*ck?

You're here.

He said that you would come.


The Boy in White.

He said that you would
come, that I should wait.


We have to go.

It's not safe here.

This is where they sleep.


You see?

They make drawings too.

Oh, my God.


We have to go.

We have to go now!


[JIM] Tabitha!





Boyd? Boyd!

- Go!
- No, I'm not leaving you here.



Hey. Hey, hey!

Listen to me!

If you don't go...

- we are both gonna die.
- No.

Listen! Listen to me.

One of us has gotta get outta here.

One of us has gotta go
back and tell the others.

We can both go back. We can.

We just need to find shelter.

- Sara...
- I'm not leaving you here!

[BOY] Sara, look up.

Nathan was right about this place.

It's angry now. You have to get inside.

Over there.

You'll be safe in there.

The tree. The tree! We'll be safe there.

- What are you...
- Just... just trust me!

Please! Oh, f*ck!

- Good!
- There.

- Good, good, good!
- [SARA] There.


- Get in.
- What?

- We have to get inside. We'll be safe in there.
- How do you...

I'll be right behind you.

I'll follow behind...

Sara, what...



Hey, hello?



Hey! Hello?!

Can anybody hear me?!

Help! Hey. Hey!

Hey! Hello?!




♪ I think I'd like to go back home ♪

♪ And take it easy ♪

♪ There's a woman that
I'd like to get to know ♪

♪ Living there ♪

♪ Everybody seems to wonder ♪

♪ What it's like down here ♪

♪ I gotta get away from this
day-to-day running around ♪

♪ Everybody knows this is nowhere ♪


♪ Everybody, everybody knows ♪

♪ Everybody knows ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ Every time I think about back home ♪

♪ It's cool and breezy ♪

♪ I wish that I could
be there right now ♪

♪ Just passing time ♪

♪ Everybody seems to wonder ♪

♪ What it's like down here ♪

♪ I gotta get away ♪

♪ From this day-to-day running around ♪

♪ Everybody knows this is nowhere ♪


♪ Everybody knows, everybody knows ♪



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