05x21 - Frien'ds Forever

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Bunk'd". Aired July 2015 - current.
"Bunk'd" is a "Jessie" spin-off revolving around Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross at a rustic summer camp in Maine, where their parents met as teens. Along with their new friends, the trio tries their best to settle into their exciting new lives at Camp Kikiwaka.
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05x21 - Frien'ds Forever

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Wow, Matteo. This looks good as new.


I'm known for returning sports
equipment in pristine condition.


Why does yours smell like bologna?

It's where I keep my bologna.

Where's your bologna glove?

Wow, last day at camp.

You know, Lou, when my family sent me here,

I never imagined how much I'd love it.

Oh, that's so nice.

I mean, the food's inedible,

the plumbing is terrifying,

and don't even get me started on_ -I said,

"Aw, that's so nice."

So, where're you headed when camp's over?

I'll probably just park my RV in town,

hang out there for a while.

I've got school and
deputy mayor stuff to do,

so I'll be stickin' around camp.

If you wanna stay,

I can show you all the nooks
and crannies of Moose Rump.


Yeah. I heard it.

No, that sounds like a great plan.

I think so, too.

Hey, doofus.


Parker, who's this awful stranger?

That's no awful stranger.

That's my awful sister.

Get over here, shame of the family.

♪ Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka ♪

♪ Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka ♪

♪ Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka ♪

Ava, I need some advice,

and you seem to be the least busy.

So flattering. Please come in.

Remember that movie
Melody Chapman cast me in?

Well, I found out it sh**t next summer.

That means I can't be at camp.

Oh, that's rough.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I know.

So, how do I break it to Finn and Matteo?

My grizzlies are going to be crushed.

Right, they will be.

Wow, I'd hate to be you.

But do you have any advice?

Stop playing with puppets.

No, about this.

Oh. No. I got nothin'.

But seriously,

think about the puppet thing.

Priscilla, I didn't expect this.

I know. A two-hour
flight and not one wrinkle.

How do I do it?

What are you doing here?

Please don't take my RV.

That and my dignity are all I have left.

Actually, just the RV.

Uh, that RV is not yours.

Mom and Dad got it for
me for my th birthday.

-No, they didn't.
-Yes, they did.

Nah-uh. It was a gift from the tooth fairy.

Cost me all my bicuspids.

No, it's not. You know you're lying.

That's enough!

Congratulations, you're
both equally spoiled.

Well, I'm here because Mom and Dad heard

Parker's been doing a great job

helping you run this camp.

Really? How'd they know that?

Our family has child spies everywhere.

Snake cabin. Should've known.

Frankly, you're doing a little too well,

and it's making me look bad.

And that's not easy considering I
was born with these cheekbones.

But not that nose.


Mom and Dad want you to come
back home and work for them again.


I can come home?

I'm supposed to bring you
back on the plane right now.

I'm goin' home!

Is that the best you've got?

And that was in business casual.

Wait. So...

You're really leaving?

Yes, he is.

But the Preston's still
own % of this camp,

so he will not be leaving you empty-handed.


-Whoa! That's a lot.
-How much money is it for?

"A lot."

It comes with a stipulation.

The Preston family wants you to
start a new camp somewhere else.

Start a new camp?

Yes. So you can reach even
more little Parkers out there

and turn them into functional human beings.

I don't know, Priscilla,

starting a new camp would
mean I'd have to leave this one,

and I already have a lot
of responsibilities as it is.

I'm deputy mayor, I'm still in school.

And that septic t*nk is
not gonna last the winter.

You ever have a soda
explode in the freezer?

Multiply that by poop.

Thank you for that.

And thank you for this

but, I'm not gonna take your money.

I think it's better

if things just stay the way they are.

Cash this check or don't.

Some people wanna dream big,

and some people wanna die at
a camp in Deer Butt or whatever.

Parker, come on.


I'm goin' home. Isn't that great?

Yeah, it's what you've always wanted.

It is.

So, I guess this is goodbye.

We'll miss you.

I'll miss you.

I'll miss you, too.

There's a few more people I
gotta say goodbye to before we go.

Mm, okay, but the pilot isn't
gonna wait around all day.

Aren't you the pilot?

Oh, that's right. I can fly a plane.

And you can barely drive an RV.

It's harder than flying a plane.

Especially since I moved the
steering wheel to the sauna.

-That room has no window.
-That's what makes it hard.


When I'm back in the city,
I'm really gonna miss this place.

I can't believe there are so
many new things that I've tried here

that I love now.

Like singing in public and...

Marble racing?

Nope. Not there yet.

I'm also not gonna miss
the bugs, the plumbing...

Or Lou's crawlspace ghost.

Hey, I've been thinking
about next summer...

You should be a counselor.


Yeah. You get your own
cabin, your own campers,

your own unique mold problems.

I... I don't think I'm ready.

Of course you're ready.

You've changed so much
these past two summers.

When I met you, you were a pageant girl.

Now, you're fighting for the environment.

You cleaned up the lake.

You're annoyingly inspiring.

I haven't changed that much.

You're ready.

I'm talkin' to Lou.

No, don't!

You always take her side.

Hey, guys.

I got some bad news.

Oh, no. Did they already
f*re you from the movie?

They heard you collect
puppets, didn't they?

That's a career k*ller.

Uh, talk to the hand...

is what we say in the
sock puppet community.

No, I'm still doing the movie.

But the thing I need to tell you is...

-Well_ -Big news!

-My family's taking me back.

-That's great.

I'm going home to work for
the family company again.

Like, now.

Wait. But you're still comin'
back to camp next year, right?

Sorry, I don't think I can.

My parents might have a problem,

me taking three months off every year.

But my sister, Priscilla,

can go to her space
station whenever she wants.

Daddy's little astronaut princess.

You'll be missed, man.

It won't be the same without you.

I never got to try the claw machine.

I'll never forget you guys.

Bye, dudes.

This is just awful.

It's so unexpected.

Why do people have to leave?

Ravi, Parker.

I'm beginning to take it personally.

Anyway now, what was your bad news again?

My bad news is...

Lunch is gopher hash.


Our male role models are
really goin' through some stuff.


Giant check.

Can I talk to you?

Can it wait? I've got
a city council meeting.

You didn't hear?

Our sloth mayor got thrown out of office.

Fuzzy Belly? Why?

She was embezzling
fruit from City Hall. Look.

Dang it, Fuzzy. You're supposed
to be in this for the people

not the mangoes.

But, wait.

If she's not mayor then that means...

I'm not deputy mayor anymore.

Well, it frees you up
to do other things, right?

-Do you hear that?
-Hear what?

Definitely not a giant check pulsing
with the heartbeat of my greatest fear.

Anyhoo, what do you wanna talk about?

I was wondering what you'd think of

Destiny being a counselor next year?

After all,

people can't stay in
the same place forever.

You don't see anything
weird with that check?

I mean, it's a little tacky

but what did you expect from
the three-story RV people?

I think I need to go lie down.

I guess the fruit-stealing
sloth was the normal one.

Oh, there's the bait shop popcorn emporium.

A drive-thru taxidermist.

Abandoned saw mill.

Oh, hey! I thought I was
trapped in there once.

But then I just opened the door.

Okay, I need to get home
so let's wrap this tour up.

I'm hosting a gala tonight
for future chemists of Canada.

They're renaming barium after me.

Once and for all crushing
my nemesis, Lindsay Barium.

I wonder what Mom and
Dad have planned for me?

I have so many ideas for them.

They already have a job for you.

You're gonna be running their
Doctors Without Border Collies program.

Medical professionals
need snoots to boop, too.

Oh! I was hoping we could brainstorm.

Hey, when we get home, how
'bout I make us a round of smores?

They're so good.

Ew, no! We're a poutine family.

-That just earned you a noog.

Eyes on the sky! Eyes on the sky!

Hey, Matteo, shouldn't
you be prepping for class?

You wouldn't want your
favorite student to b*at you there.

Uh, Lou, the class is over.

That test last week was the final.

It was?

I knew it was the final. But I
didn't know it was the "final" final.

Well, I guess it "was" was.

And you're ready to graduate.

A time to move forward and think
what you want to do with that degree.

Maybe I don't want to move forward.

Then maybe you should've
gotten a liberal arts degree.

Matty, you did it again.

You know, shouldn't you
guys be hanging out with Noah

since this is your last
time you're gonna see him

since he won't be here next summer

because he's sh**ting his movie?


I am now realizing that
you guys didn't know that.

And I am sorry that you
had to find out this way.

But that's what you get
for making me graduate.

Noah's not coming back next summer?

He must have kept this from us

because he was afraid we'd be upset.

Like when I didn't tell you I
dropped your phone in the septic t*nk.

You dropped my phone in the septic t*nk?

This isn't about you. This is about Noah.

You're right.

We can't let him know
how much we'll miss him.

He might be so upset,
and won't do the movie.

So, we have to make him feel

like we're not going to miss him.

But, won't that hurt his feelings?

It might.

But it's for his own good.

Besides, if anyone knows what
to do with feelings, it's Noah.

He has a puppet for every emotion.

Except for sad.

I dropped that one in the septic t*nk.

Destiny, I talked to Lou, and you're...

You're doing aerial silks.

And wearing a sparkly unitard.

And why?

Oh, I just thought it was time to
get back into the pageant game.

So, I wanted to work on new talents.

After this, I'm doing knife juggling.

So, stick around,

things might get...


Nailed it.

But I thought you grew out of pageants.

Maybe I haven't grown
as much as you thought.


I guess that means you're not into
environmentalism, anymore, either?

Correct. In fact...

I was about to use some
of this aerosol hairspray.

You are just making that
noise with your mouth.

No, I'm not.

Then you wouldn't mind if I throw
this aluminum can in the trash,

-and not the recycle bin.

wouldn't care a bit. Go for it!

You left the water running.

Ha! I guess I did.

But that doesn't bother
unchanged Destiny, right?

Doesn't bother me at all.

So what if wasting water

limits supply for less
fortunate communities.

And can cause disease
and starvation, and...

You monster!


Just admit it. You have changed,

and you would make a great counselor.

Okay, yes. I would be an amazing counselor.

But I don't wanna do it, okay?

After I fix my camper,
I'm totally trying you.

Hey, guys.

Noah Lambert, as I live and breathe.

We didn't know you'd be stopping by.

So, uh, what can we do for you, old chap?


The bad news I wanted
to tell you earlier is...

My movie sh**t all next summer so...

I won't be your counselor next year.

Okay, let the tears flow.

Papa Grizzly is here.

Yeah. Lou told us,

and we're totally good with it.

You are?

Yep. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Uh, come on in, everyone.


Who are these guys of similar
age and body type to me?

We thought we'd start auditioning
counselors for next summer.

So, you don't care that I won't
be coming back next year?

Wow! My bunk's not even cold yet.

We'll be fine. Don't worry about us.

Ooh! It says here Logan plays the cornet.

Isn't that like the trombone, but better?

Bite your tongue!

Okay, boys. Let's do this.

Whoever can unclog
the toilet, gets the job.

It's like the sword and the stone,

but much, much smellier.

I need to work out these feelings.

I'm taking my rage puppet.

Okay. Uh, Noah won't be
our counselor next summer,

and he thinks we're not sad about it.

Our plan was a success.

Yeah. But now I feel even sadder.

Me, too.

I just wasn't prepared for this.

I'm not tough enough.

Not now, Logan!

Hey. I was lookin' for ya.

Here I am doing my job.
Where else would I be?

It was a rhetorical question, check!


Well, when I was in your cabin,

I found this note from Parker.

Dear Lou, I've loved
working with you this summer.

It's been the best time of my
life, and I've learned so much.

Oh, that's sweet.

And look he dots his i's with mayonnaise.

So Canadian.

To thank you,

I sold my RV to raise the
money for a new septic t*nk.

So, when you have a
safe poo, think of me fondly.

Sincerely, Parker.

Wow. That t*nk's been broken forever.

-Truly is the end of a t*nk...

Here we go again.

This is all your fault.

The second you got here,
everything started changing.

Oh, what do they make these things out of?

Am I the last sane person here?

Noah, come back!

You are the King Arthur of toilets!

Yep. It's me.

So, you're ready for your
first day at work tomorrow?

-Meeting your team?

Oh, we can bond by making
friendship bracelets for each other.

I don't wanna brag, but I
learned some pretty sick tricks

with embroidery floss.

Uh, that'll probably send the wrong message

since your first duty is
f*ring % of the staff.

But if I f*re everybody, then
who will I be friends with?

Aw, Parker.

You're my brother.

-We can be friends.

Ha! Of course not! Psych!

Priscilla, I'm serious.

If there's no one for
me to be friends with,

and I can't come up with new ideas,

then where's the fun?

Parker, what do you want?
You're back in the family.

If you wanted friends and fun,

you should've just stayed at camp.

But if you want a cushy
life and lots of money,

well, you're on your way.

That's what you wanted, right?


Destiny, what are you doing here?

This is my secret thinking spot.

No. This is my secret thinking spot.

I guess you guys usually
have your existential crises

at different times.

What is this place?

This is the ruins of
Jedediah's old homestead.

It's here where he tended
the land and raised children.

And trained beavers to bathe him in milk

and essential oils.

I can't believe that guy

has a steakhouse named after him.

This is where I come when
I have problems to work out.

But Lou, you just got a giant check.

What problems do you have?

That check is my problem.

Everything around me is changing.

I'm not deputy mayor
anymore, I'm not a student.

Parker's gone, Noah's leaving,

and now I have all of this
money to start a new camp.

Well, if that's not what
you want, then don't.

Yeah, but I think I do want it!

That means that more kids
get the Kikiwaka experience,

and I'm running out
of excuses not to do it.

But the thing is

if I'm gone, all of this changes.

And what if whatever happens next

isn't as good as what I have right now?

It's just all really scary.


That's why things
should just stay the same!


Is that why you went
back to being your old self?

Because you're afraid of things changing?


if I'm a counselor,

it means you and I won't get to
be Woodchucks together, anymore.

Oh, Destiny...

And, if we're not bunkmates,

what if we're not good friends anymore?


Of course we'll be good friends.

We'll be better friends!

Instead of sharing a cabin,

we'll get to share the
counselor experience.



We'll get to lead classes together,

and do counselors' night out,

and complain about the campers.

That part is the best.

Wait. Did you complain about me?

No. I'm talking about my other campers.

But I'm your only_

Don't think about it too much.

The point is,

our friendship is strong enough

that it doesn't need a
cabin to hold it together.

You're right. It doesn't.


What do you say?

Okay. I'll do it. I'll be a counselor!



What are you all doing
in my secret thinking spot?

Well, I'm starting to feel really basic.

Why are you here?

No reason.

Just came to think about how my grizzlies

don't care I won't be here next summer.

That's not true!

Of course we care!

We only pretended we didn't!

We just didn't want you to feel guilty

and change your mind about doing the movie.

We know you love us with the
f*re of a thousand rage puppets.


so you guys are gonna be
devastated next summer without me?

We're going to be miserable.

Our lives will be empty voids of
nothingness with no hope for salvation!


You guys always know just
what to say to make me smile.

You know, maybe change isn't something

to run away from after all.

I mean, it is scary, but...

maybe it'll make room for something
better like it has for Destiny and Noah.

And, Ava, like you said,

we don't need a place to
hold our friendship together.


It doesn't matter where we are.

This camp will always be with us.


Because it's given us so much.

It's been the place where I've
been able to figure out who I am

and what I wanted to do after pageants.

For me,

Kikiwaka gave me the
courage to chase my dreams

even when it was hard.


Here, I've been able to
understand my identity

and be proud of who I am.


because of you all,

I've gotten much more
confident than I used to be.

I also learned that there's
free gum stuck to tables.

And that I should not be eating it.

Kikiwaka has given me a
place outside of my big family

to make my own mark and feel special.

And thanks to you guys,
I'll always feel that way.

I love you all so much.

And the only thing that
would make this moment better

is if Parker were here.


he is here.

I know, buddy.

He'll always be here, in our hearts.


I mean, he's here!

Parachuting in!

I'm back! Ow!

Okay, but you've gotta admit,

I looked pretty cool
up until that last part.

Hey, what are you all
doing in my thinking spot?

This is ridiculous!

I'm just gonna think on the
toilet like the rest of America.

Bring it in!

I'm so happy you changed
your mind and decided to stay.

Well, Priscilla said going
back home to my family

was getting what I wanted.

But as I was flying
away, I realized it wasn't.

I wanna see what else I
can do on my own two feet.

And then, with those two feet,

you crashed through the trees,

like the big goob you are.

I still can't believe you
sold your RV for us.

Ah, it was nothing.

I should have taken my
stuff out of it first, though.

By the way, do you have
any clothes I could borrow?


I have a very special announcement.

I would like to introduce you

to Camp Kikiwaka's newest counselor.

You know her, you
love her, don't cross her.

Destiny Baker!

Thank you so much!

I'm so excited for next summer!

I'm going to be the best counselor ever!

No, seriously!

I'm going to be the best.

You've been warned.

Great news, guys!

I just talked to the producer of the movie,

and I found out it sh**t in Australia.


-the Lone Star State.

The movie sh**t next summer.

But in Australia, summer is in December!

So do you know what this means?

-I rarely do!

-Next American summer, I'll be free after all!

-Grizzly growl?

This summer has been amazing.

I don't know what lies
ahead for Camp Kikiwaka,

but I know it'll be big.

Well, well.

Finally taking my advice to level up.

Don't rub it in.

Ava? Hit it.

♪ Here we go ♪

♪ We're leaving the city Behind right now ♪

♪ Let's gather by The campfire light ♪

♪ And sing this song ♪

♪ Kikiwaka ♪

♪ Hanging out with someone new ♪

♪ Then falling out of A camp canoe ♪

♪ What's that smell? It's on your shoe ♪

♪ Kikiwaka ♪

♪ This is our home away From home
away from Home away from home ♪

♪ But watch your back A
bear just ate my phone ♪

♪ Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka ♪

♪ Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka ♪

♪ Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka ♪

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