08x13 - Homegoing

Episode transcripts for the TV show "blackish". Aired September 2014 - current.
A family man struggles to gain a sense of cultural identity while raising his kids in a predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighborhood.
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08x13 - Homegoing

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DRE: Okay.

So I'm just your standard,

regular, incredibly handsome,

unbelievably charismatic Black dude

who's found a way to actually
go from broke to the Oaks

without a jump sh*t, number-one hit,

or being Tyler Perry.

Against the odds, I
made a home for myself

with my beautiful and intelligent wife

where we've raised five great kids

and looked after my parents.

I may have grown up
just a kid from Compton,

but now I'm living the American Dream.

♪ With me, with me ♪

Hey, Johnsons!

I couldn't help but notice all
the hubbub happening over here,

so I thought I would
do my part and help out.

Wow, Janine, uh, that's a lot
of wine boxes you have there.

Well, I host a lot of
book clubs... on Zoom.

Anyway, where are you guys moving?

There's a little betting pool
going on in the neighborhood,

and I get extra points if it's Atlanta.

- Okay, uh, Janine...
- What?

I mean, the neighborhood's not
gonna be the same without you,

but there is something
about that dirty South!

Am I right?

Well, maybe I was living
the Black American Dream,

because stuff like this
still happens every day.

I'm gonna Superman that! Whoo!

These boxes are my
parents'. They're moving.

Oh, that's what's been happening.

Well, there has been a
lot of chatter on Nextdoor

about all the boxes coming
in, all the boxes coming out,

the meth camper just
sitting in the driveway.

We're not moving. Okay?

We've lived here for
years, and we are very happy.

- Yes, very happy.
- Oh. Oh.

We are not leaving.

As a matter of fact,
I think I might just

buy up the whole block. All right?

Diane gets a house, Jack gets a house,

Junior and Devante can split one.

Okay, there you have it.
Now it's Johnsonville.

- All right, well, I'm ...

I get it now. I'm sorry
about the misunderstanding.

Hold on one second. Oh. Hey, Debbie.

We... I mean, I'll... I'll ask.

So you would definitely
say no to an all-cash offer?

We're not leaving, Janine!


Come on, babe. Let's go.

You know, this crazy
white woman reminds me,

we need to get some more wine.

Oh, absolutely.

years on the same street,

and the whole neighborhood

was still whispering
about us behind our backs.

Ever since we moved in,

there's always been a sense
that we were oddities.

And if you look to your left,

you'll see the mythical
and majestic Black family.

Out of their natural habitat
and yet still thriving.

Well, we're not so easily shaken.

We'll show them.

I'm gonna paint my
house black. [BLEEP] it.

All right. Okay.

Not exactly the tagline that
I expected you to come up with

for an ice cream ad
featuring Simone Biles,

but, uh, why don't we
ask her what she thinks?

I think we should
keep workshopping that.

Yes! Excellent answer. You know what?

Why don't we just take a break, huh?


Knock, knock.

Oh, he... Oh, hey!

Uh, okay, come on in,

uh, Your Highness, Your
Excellence, uh, milady.

Oh! What do they call the
greatest gymnast of all time?


Okay. Got it.

You know, um, sorry about
what happened back there.

You know, I got a lot on my mind.

Uh, just got to let my neighbors know

they're not gonna run me out of
town like Serena in a catsuit.

I'm not gonna give them what they want.

O-kay. Can I ask you something?


What is it that you want?


Okay, I... I-I see what you did there.

You know, but it's
not about what I want.

You know, if I've learned anything,

I would say you have to
do what you want to do

and not what anybody
else wants you to do.

Do a gut check.

What's your heart telling you?


I think it's telling me that
I need to make some changes.

Well, so, are you gonna listen?

You've given me...

a lot to think about.


- No problem.
- Yeah.

Oh, hey! Simone, you
know what would be cool?

If, on your way out,
you could do a backflip.

I'm not gonna do that.

[CHUCKLES] I had to ask.

It's okay. President
Obama asked the same thing.


- I gotta talk to you.
- Okay.

All right, uh...

I got to tell you something.

I think I need to make
some sort of big change.

Oh, God, please not
the hand tattoos again.

Hey, babe, I'm serious.
Look at what's happening.


I'm about to buy up half the block

because Janine asked a dumb question.

- Yeah.
- I almost took our kids out of school

because Devante got one bad evaluation.

Babe, I'm... I'm in a place right now

where I'm questioning everything.

Me too, Dre.

I mean, between the
election and the pandemic,

it's just making me
reconsider... what's important.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Babe, life is too short to not
go after what you really want.

I agree.


I think we should listen to

four-time Olympic gold
medalist Simone Biles.

- Simone Biles?
- Mm-hmm.

She came up to my work today,

and she told me to blow up my life.

- No.
- Yes, she did.


what's your heart telling you to do?

I think we should blow this bitch up.

Boom! That's my girl.



I think we should sell this house...

and move to a Black neighborhood.

- Really?
- Really.

Can you imagine if
Devante got to grow up

around successful Black men and women

that were not in his family?

We've done Sherman Oaks.

Like, we did it, and it was good.

It was great.

But I just think it's time
for us to do something new.

Let's do it.

You have always had my back.



Mama was wrong.


- What?
- After years,

you finally figure out what to say

to turn me on, baby!

- Oh, oh!
- Say it again.

Mama was wrong.

[LAUGHING] Oh, my God.

- Come here.
- I'm comin'.

Mama was wrong.


Mama was wrong, baby!

Bow and I were excited
about our new future.

All we needed to do now
was tell our family.


we're moving to the hood.

- Not the hood.
- No.

You know, View Park, Ladera
Heights, Baldwin Hills,

or one of those other neighborhoods

- where they film "Insecure."
- Oh.

So, neighbor lady talking about Atlanta

got inside your head, huh?

My baby would never make it down there.

All that sweet tea and cobbler

would send his diabetes
through the roof.

Guys, we have always been talking about

how on guard we are.

If we move to a Black
neighborhood, we can relax.

Exactly. You know how I come home

and it looks like I've been
through a -round boxing match?

Eh. I mean, I do notice
the vein that looks like

it's always ready to jump out your face.

Oh, my God. There's just
so much upside, you guys.

If we have Black neighbors,

we're not obligated to be their friends.

We can just judge them by the
content of their character.

- Oh.
- I feel like that was a sh*t

at the Amukamoras.

You know, if I were to
leave Devante outside

before I drove to the park,

I wouldn't be known as a bad Black dad.

I'd just be known as a bad dad.

Where did this even come from?

Yeah, you said, and I quote,

"Our ancestors fought way
too hard for us to live

in the same zip code as
a check-cashing place."

Yeah, that's because I
was told my entire life

that I needed to move
out of our neighborhood

if I wanted to succeed.

But that was not true.

I know you're skeptical.

Wait until we start looking at places.

Then you'll know exactly
what I'm talking about.

I don't think I will.

And I would like to start
the process of emancipation.

So we had some convincing to do.

But we were listening to our hearts,

and we knew it would lead
us to someplace special.

If this is what following
your heart looks like,

then this is not bad, Dre.

Yeah. You know, this
house, it's a great place.


I also have another b*mb
to talk to you about.

Oh, God, Dre,

you cannot try every bathroom

in every house that we look at.

No, it's not that, babe.

I mean, just seeing Devante

in a place with such a bright future

makes me want to be a bigger part of it.


I want to leave Stevens & Lido.

For real this time?

Or is this like when you
wanted to run the L.A. Marathon?

- For real.
- Really?

I'm not gonna stop working.

You know, maybe do a little freelancing,

but definitely gonna take a step back.

Which means...

you'd be carrying the load.

The fact that you think I'm not
doing that right now is very cute.

- Ah.
- But I've got you.

Okay, okay. Guys, guys,
hey. So, what do you think?

Nighttime, chilling in the
pool, whole city behind me?

I can get used to that.

Finally, a house to match my lifestyle.

Well, then, this is the place.

This is our new home.

- Okay.
- What?

Oh! Guys, guys.

Guys, here comes the Realtor, all right?

Wipe that Black joy off your face. Okay?

We gotta play this close to the vest

so we can get a good deal.

- All right?
- Good point.

So, do you love it, or do you love it?

Uh [CHUCKLES] it's a'ight.

Yeah, I mean, you know, we
don't actually have to move.

You said that the countertops were new,

- but I'm not really sure they are.
- Oh.

Yeah. A-and we're
coming from Sherman Oaks,

so we're a little concerned
about the neighborhood.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I was making it all happen.

Fresh starts, new beginnings.

But this also meant leaving a job

that had become like a second home.


Well, well, I always knew
this day was coming, Dre.

I'm just, uh... I'm relieved

that it's not because
of something I said.

You know, I've thr*at
to quit so many times

that it, uh... it feels
weird to actually be leaving.

When I first came here, my
plan was to steal your identity.

But the only thing that
was stolen was my heart.

And a long-sleeve sweatshirt

that was in the back seat of your car

that I assumed you wasn't wearing

because it had shoulder pads in it.

Dre, you know you don't have to go.

I mean, there's still
time to change your mind.

I appreciate that, but taking this time

is what's most important
for me and my family.

Well, I've learned that
we are a better place,

a stronger place with
diverse voices here.

- Mm.
- And I've also learned

that I cannot say, "Looking
for an uppity n*gro"

in the ad to replace you,

even though that is
really what I do want.

Truth is, you've, uh...

you made me a better person,

and I'm really gonna
miss having you around.

You've become one of the
truest voices in my life.

That means a lot.

Come on, guys, bring it
in. Let's bring it in.

- Come on. One last time.
- Mm. Mm.

You know you're making
the right decision

when things start to fall into place.

And as we got the keys to our new home,

it felt like they would open
up more than just doors.


How do you like the new house?

Oh, it's... it's great.

The neighborhood is great.

I really like how all the coffee shops

are also art galleries.


Okay, okay. Come on.

I can already see Thanksgiving
in the dining room,

a Christmas tree in the window.

And I'm pretty sure we
won't be the only family

that's putting out Kwanzaa candles.

Yeah, I mean, the house is
amazing. It's just... it's weird.

You know, a part of me always felt like

the old house would be there for me

whenever I needed it.

But all this? It just...

means that that chapter
of my life is closed now.

Then I realized,

it's not just over for me this time.

It's over for all of us.




There are a lot of
memories in this house.

So many.

Do you remember when Jack
fell off the back of the couch?

- And he lost his tooth. [LAUGHS]

Yeah. And Diane stole
his tooth-fairy money?

'Course she did.


That's way back when.

When they were still sharing a room.

You know what? I'm, uh...

I'm just starting to
realize that this...

is no longer our home.

This won't be the place
that I come to every day

to see the people that I love.


It's crazy.

I mean, I know it's happening, but...

... it just doesn't feel real.

Yeah, I know.

I watched Junior not be able

to touch those countertops,
and now he's taller than me.

And, yes, I can admit it.


You know, at the end of the
day, I keep telling myself

these are just four
walls, babe, but it...

It feels so much bigger than that.

It's 'cause it was our home.

We made a family here.



We spent our lives here...
I mean, good and bad.




Births... a lot of births.



We did it together.

Right here.


You know...

that magic we felt

the first time we walked
in this house together,

- I still feel today.
- So do I.



And we keep telling each other

not to be afraid to fall

because we have each other's back.

I'm so proud to say I did this with you,

Dr. Rainbow Johnson.

I would take a leap with you
anywhere, anytime, anyplace...

... husband of Dr. Rainbow Johnson.


You're my favorite dance partner.

I love you.

I love you, too.


Should we get out of here?

- Yeah.

I guess.

This feels like so much
unfinished business.


You know, when you finish college,

- there's a graduation ceremony.
- Oh.

- You get married, there's a wedding.
- Mm-hmm.

When a loved one passes
away, there's a homegoing.


I got it.

- Okay.
- I got it.


DRE: It occurred to me that,

in order to move on to the future,

we must honor the past.

And that's why we're
here to celebrate our home

for all the joy and love
that it's brought us.

So, on our moving day,

I want everyone to take
a moment to think about...

what this house means
to you... to all of you.

$ , in free rent!

Oh, Pops!

Earl! Earl, stop it, Earl!



I got to watch my babies
grow up in this house...

and I want to thank you.


We lived in this house our entire lives.

[SIGHS] Except for vacations.

- And school and the movies.
- Shut up.

Oh, boy.


Well, if we can't
take the house with us,

we can still take the memories.


I really wouldn't be where I am

without the time I
spent in this house...

or snuck out of it.

And I lost my virginity in this house.

- Son.
- Junior!

Fine. I "became a man" in this house,

- but we all know what that means.


High-five. Come on, man.

Okay, guys, this house

meant a lot to everyone, but, uh...

I think it's time we move on.

Shall we?

- Let's do it.
- Let's go.










♪ Do do do-do-do ♪

♪ Mm ♪

♪ Do do do-do-do ♪

♪ As around the sun the
Earth knows she's revolving ♪

♪ And the rosebuds know
to bloom in early May ♪

♪ Just as hate knows love's the cure ♪

♪ You can rest your mind assure ♪

♪ That I'll be loving you always ♪

♪ As now can't reveal
the mystery of tomorrow ♪

♪ But in passing will
grow older every day ♪

So, like I said,

I'm just your standard,
regular, incredibly handsome,

unbelievably charismatic Black dude

who is living his version
of the American Dream.

- Thank God.

Your mother would've never forgiven me

if we lost her wedding
china in the move.

[SIGHS] Can you believe
all of this is ours?


Perfect house,

perfect neighborhood, perfect partner.

We are living the American Dream.

- Uh-huh.
- Oh, yeah.



Hola, nuevo neighbors.

I'm Janine. I live next door.

I thought I'd welcome
you to our little barrio

by bringing over my homemade taco salad.

No hablamos ingles.

- Adios.
- No, no, no, no!

I just wanna say... I just want to...

Did you pay above asking?!


Son Doritos.

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