01x02 - Voices Carry

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The First Lady". Aired: April 17, 2022 - present.
The woman of the white house retell the story of the American leadership.
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01x02 - Voices Carry

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In all the decisions I have made
in my public life,

I have always tried to do
what was best for the nation.

In the past few days, however,
it has become evident to me

that I no longer have
a strong enough political base

in the Congress to justify
continuing that effort.

Therefore, I shall resign the presidency

effective at noon tomorrow.

Vice President Ford
will be sworn in as president

at that hour in this office.

As I recall the high hopes for America

with which we began this second term,

I feel a great sadness

that I will not be here
in this office working on...


[COMMENTATOR] Mr. and Mrs. Ford
have joined the Nixons

as they make the last walk out
to Army One, the helicopter.


- Congratulations or condolences?

[RICHARD] She's all yours. Be safe.

[COMMENTATOR] There is the
President waving goodbye.

Can you hear the applause?

President Nixon's helicopter
going over the fountains

of the White House south lawn.

[GERALD] I am acutely aware
that you have not elected me

as your president by your ballots,

so I ask you to confirm me as
your president

with your prayers.

I have not campaigned either
for the presidency

or the vice presidency.

I am indebted to no man
and only to one woman,

my dear wife...


...as I begin this very difficult job.

I have not sought
this enormous responsibility,

but I will not shirk it.

♪ This land is your land ♪

♪ This land is my land ♪

♪ From California ♪

♪ Well to the New York Island ♪

♪ From the Redwood Forest ♪

♪ To the Gulf Stream Waters ♪

♪ I tell you this land ♪

♪ Was made for you and me ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ One bright sunny morning ♪

♪ Well, in the shadow of a steeple ♪

♪ Down by the welfare office ♪

♪ I saw my people ♪

♪ I was wondering if this land ♪

♪ Was made for you and me ♪

- [TRAINER] Yes, push!

One, two. One, two. One, two.

Come on! One, two. Push!


Come on. Push through. Five more.

Hard as you can. You got this.

Don't stop. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Four! Five!


Senator Hillary Clinton
has opened up a huge lead

over her democratic challengers

according to a new
Washington Post ABC News poll.

Senator Hillary Clinton
is still the Democrat to b*at.

The poll shows support for both
Barack Obama and John Edwards

is dropping off.

[SIGHS] Can't say I've taken that route.

[BODYGUARD] Safest way, ma'am.


[BARACK] I know. Packed.

Mmm. And you're finally on time.

Well, you know, I didn't wanna miss out

on some one-on-one time with you.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, we can't miss
our date night tradition,

even if we have to shut
the whole place down.

- Oh, yeah. Thank you.
- Thank you.

You may not have to worry
about it much longer.

I... I'm still trailing Hillary
by double digits.

Yeah, well, she seems to really want it.

Yeah, she's whopping my ass
in every debate.


You know, my... my team thinks
that I have

- a relatability issue.
- Mm-hmm.

But they've got this idea
on how to ameliorate that.

Is it to stop you
from casually using words

like relatability and ameliorate?

Actually, it's you.

- All right. Look,

you're stunning.

- No, you are, and you're...
- Ugh.

You're brilliant and relatable...

I don't know, it's the best word for it.

You are relatable and certainly
more relatable than...

I don't know, some half-Kenyan brother

from f*cking Hawaii, you know?

Okay, then what does all of this entail?


- a few speaking engagements...

- No, no, listen. But we'll...
- Barack...

We'll work the schedule around
the kids. It'll be family first.

I don't know, you know?

And you know I don't love
public speaking.

I get it, but you're an amazing speaker.

And it'd be a chance

for us to work together as a team.

And I miss you.

There you go with that sweet talking.

So you'll think about it?

I'll think about it.

All right.


- I'll take that as a win.
- Thank you.

After you give me dessert,
I'll think about it.

- Oh, you're gonna get dessert.
- Yeah.

No one knows more about
the character, the heart

or the intention of Barack Obama

than the woman who agreed
to take this journey with him.

She's gonna make some kind of tremendous

- First Lady of this nation.

Ladies and gentlemen, Michelle Obama!

The next First Lady of the
United States, Michelle Obama.

♪ We got to make
this land a better land ♪

♪ Than the world in which we live ♪

♪ And we got to help each man
Be a better man ♪

♪ With the kindness that we give ♪

I feel privileged to be a part
of even witnessing this.

Traveling around states

and being reminded that there's more

that unites us than divides us.

- ♪ I know we can make it ♪
- ♪ I know we can ♪

♪ I know darn well,
that we can work it out ♪

♪ Yes we can, I know we can can
Yes we can can, why can't we? ♪

♪ If you wanna yes we can can ♪

♪ I know we can make it work ♪

♪ I know we can make it if we try ♪

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

[SUPPORTER] We love you, Michelle!

Thank you.

I am honored and excited to be here.

This has been an amazing year for us.

Just think where we were one year ago.

Barack was standing in front
of the State Capitol in Illinois

to announce that he was running
for president.

What we have learned over this year

is that hope is making a comeback.

And let me tell you something,

for the first time in my adult lifetime,

I am really proud of my country.

- ♪ I know we can make it ♪
- ♪ I know that we can ♪

♪ I know darn well that we can
Work it out, work it out... ♪

Thank you! Thank you!

♪ I know darn well that we can
Work it out, work it out ♪


- ♪ I know we can make it ♪
- ♪ I know that we can ♪

♪ I know darn well that we can
Work it out, work it out ♪

♪ There's so many needy so many poor ♪

But love and understanding
Is the key to the door


We better get going.


- Mel?
- f*cking r*cist f*ck.

- What's going on?
- Sorry.

They... They twisted your words.

- [MICHELLE] What? What?
- [MEL] They twisted your words.

"I'm proud of my country
for the first time."

Shit. "I never loved my country."


- Okay.
- Come on. Let's keep moving.

[COMMENTATOR] Now that her husband

is the Democrats' presumptive nominee,

Michelle Obama is expected to come under

ever greater scrutiny from the media.

She's always angry every time
she gets on television.

I think the American people
deserve a thorough examination

of everything about her.

The angry Black woman First Lady?


Ma'am, we believe it's best
you take the car.

I wanna walk my girls to school today.

It's a beautiful morning,
and we need the fresh air

and a break from all of this.
Right, girls?


- [REPORTER ] Michelle!
- [REPORTER ] Michelle!

[REPORTER ] Michelle, do you
have any t*rror1st affiliations?

Do you hate America or Americans?

[REPORTER ] Why are you not
proud to be an American?


What do you think about your
father running for office?

How is the campaign
impacting your children's lives?

[REPORTER ] Just one more
question. Did any...


I will not respond to these lies,

nor will I stand for you
bringing my girls into all this.

That's what we're not gonna do.

But I will say this.

I am genuinely proud
of all the excitement

building around Barack's campaign.

It makes me hopeful.

People of all shades and... And ages

and... and creeds all working together.

Now, if you don't mind,

I'm gonna walk my daughters to school.

Come on, girls.


[ELEANOR] Why, thank you.

- [DOORMAN] Ma'am.
- [EARL] Mrs. Roosevelt.


I'll be escorting you
to the White House.

Yes, I think I'm going to take
the long way.

Clear the cobwebs.

[MALVINA] Don't ask.

Mrs. Roosevelt, ma'am,

I must insist you get in the
car. It's for your own safety.

No one wants to hurt me.
I'm not important enough.

[MALVINA] Oh, I don't know, Mrs. R.

I might hurt you
if you keep it up like this.

Oh. Oh, that's wonderful.

Hello. What's your name?

- I'm Eleanor.
- Oh, no.

You're, uh...

Eleanor. Eleanor Roosevelt.

So nice to meet you. What's your name?


- Hello, John.
- Mrs. R., we should really...

[ELEANOR] That is one hardy
handshake. What work do you do?

I don't do any work. I'm busted.

Of course.

I'm... I'm so sorry.
What work did you do?

[JOHN] I forged steel.
Built skyscrapers in New York.

[ELEANOR] Oh, what a wonderful skill.

You must be so proud.

Well, you're a part of history, John.

Such a pleasure to meet you.

And you, all of you.

- Thank you so much. Thank you.
- Thank you, ma'am.

[ELEANOR] Oh, I do like your hat.

- Oh, that's very nice.
- [MAN] Thank you though!


- [LOU] There you are.
- [ELEANOR] So sorry.

I feared you weren't coming.

Well, it's a pleasure
to see you, Eleanor.

And you too, Lou. Shall we make a start?

I thought we'd have tea
and a light breakfast

before I give you the tour.

Of course. That would be lovely.

I'm sure you're excited
to begin the decorating process.

Oh, yes. Mrs. Roosevelt certainly is.

You can't go wrong
with an oriental silk.

No, you most certainly cannot.


And this is the master bedroom.

That door over there
is your dressing room.

I used it as my study,

but they always called it
the dressing room regardless.

The Wilsons used it
as a private dining room.

What on Earth?

Nine presidents
brought their slaves here.

I never knew...

It wasn't recorded how many
of them required their slaves

to have access to their bedrooms.

[ELEANOR] Well, I hope you're
making me sound

interesting and intelligent.

- And possibly even fascinating.
- Oh!

I'll do what I can.

Can I ask you something

- Of course. Always.
- Off the record?

How do you really feel
about being First Lady?



I'm not thrilled about the fact

that my title refers to my sex
rather than my skills.

- Yeah.
- Mmm.

Does sound like a crude term
a man might use for his ex-wife.


And it's recently been made
very clear to me

that I'm to smile, nod,
and gaze adoringly at Franklin

every time we happen to be
in the same room together.


Well, what does that look like?

Oh. Well...

[LAUGHS] That's awful.

Oh, that's my daughter Anna.

She's just gone through a divorce.

Off the record.

It was the right thing to do,

but her grandmother is apoplectic.

So, she's a Progressive like you?

Yes, I suppose she is.

Good for her.

Well, thank you, Hick.

[SIGHS] Always. Now get to it.

[ANNA] Hello!

- Hello, darling. How are you?
- I'm good.

Sis, come say hello.

Little Anna. [bl*ws RASPBERRY]

Oh, Louis. [bl*ws RASPBERRY]

Look who's growing.

How is the speech coming along?

The President would like your thoughts.

Well, Sis and I are going to
grab sundaes at the restaurant.

We were wondering if you could
come but seems like a busy one.

Oh, it's a busy one.

Well, you'll have to get a scoop on me.

All right, more for us.
Let's go, chickadee.

- Have fun.
- Bye. Bye.

He asked for me himself?


All right.



Hello, Missus.

Have you been calling?
I was out for meetings.

No, no. I've been wrapped up.

What do you have so far?

A slippery fish.

Mm-mmm. May I?

No, it's not ready yet.

Is it true that I am not to have

a proper job in your administration?

Will you stop listening to Louis?

Well, give me something else to hear.


I am not entirely comfortable.

Nobody else is getting two appointments.

I'm not asking for two appointments.

I'll think about it.

Don't push me off, Franklin.

I am your wife,
not one of your girlfriends.

And I need to work.

- You know that.

You have made yourself abundantly clear.

- You will work.

[FRANKLIN] What is it?

Sir, if you're not busy, we'd
better get back to the speech.

Not busy at all, boys.
Come on. Let's get back to it.

Let's start with this wording
right here.

"Attempts by the previous administration

were lost on tired and old tradition,

"leaving you fearful."

Now, I like the idea of that,
the sentiment,

but it's lacking punch.

It... It feels passive this way.


Could someone please
come collect something

and take it to the president-elect?

"Nothing is so much to be feared..."

as fear".


[FRANKLIN] I am certain
that my fellow Americans expect

that on my induction,

this is preeminently the time
to speak the truth.

The whole truth, frankly and boldly.

Nor need we shrink

from honestly facing conditions
in our country today.

This great nation will endure
as it has endured.

We'll revive and we'll prosper.


So, first of all,

let me assert my firm belief

that the only thing we have
to fear is fear itself.

- Oh, yes.

May God protect each
and every one of you

and guide me in the coming days.

Thank you.

- Come.

Oh, that was a very
powerful speech, wasn't it?

Mmm, yes, it was brilliant.

Yes, Franklin always knows
just the right thing to say.

It's one of his many gifts.

One of the great pleasures of marriage

is savoring your husband's
finest moments.

Second only to savoring that
of your sons.

[FRANKLIN] Thank you!


[ELEANOR] I don't believe I've
ever smiled

for so many hours in a row.



I do think they should issue warnings.

Inauguration festivities
may cause frozen face.


Is it stuck? Am I doomed
to be a grinning fool?

You are the farthest thing
from a fool I have ever known.

I think your speech went over
very well, Franklin.

- Thanks to you.
- Oh, don't be silly.

You really are so good
at conveying hope, you know.

You think you've always been that way?

My mother says even as a child
I had a soothing presence.

Oh, soothing is one thing.

It's quite another to lead a
country out of its darkest hour.

Well, you were instrumental
in helping crafting my message.

So I'm grateful for you.

We make a good team.

Yes, we do.

Should we go to bed?

Oh, I cannot think of anything
I'd like to do more.

- Good night, Franklin.

[CHUCKLES] Sweet dreams.

Congratulations! You so
deserve it. [GIGGLES]

Here we are!

Yes. Here we are indeed.

[ELEANOR] Oh! Hello. What's your name?

- Charles.
- Charles, I'm Eleanor.

I'll be seeing quite a lot
of you I think.


[CHARLES] More champagne, sir?

I think we should move over
to the whiskey. Don't you?

Very well, sir.



Bob, a lot has been written
about the fact

that president-elect Obama is looking

into ways to reverse various
Bush administration policies.

Is there danger
in doing that too quickly?

- They're asleep.

Oh. I don't wanna keep missing bedtime.

- ...these are things the, uh,

President has, uh, done
by executive order,

and they can be, uh, easily undone.

I think that's some of the first...


In four years, I don't want
to look back and think,

"What did I become
living in that house?"

Well, you know,
in... in eight years, uh,

I think you are still gonna be
that bougie lawyer

with that Audi [LAUGHS]

and that f*cking attitude
that I fell in love with.


- South Side forever! [CHUCKLES]
- That's right. Mm-hmm.

Mmm. We need a road map, Barack.

I will not miss the girls growing up.

Mmm, no. Me neither.
We won't let that happen.

- Mm-hmm.
- All right? I promise you.


You are gonna be a dope First Lady.

Michelle Obama née Robinson

has never failed a test. [LAUGHS]

- You're right.
- That's right.

- I got this. [HUMS]
- Yeah, you do. Shake it girl!

What I don't got is all those
clothes you got on the floor,

Barack Obama,
President of the United Sta...

- Pick up your clothes!
- I got it. I got it. I got you.



[BARACK] I got this.

- [MICHELLE] Clothes all over.

I should really have somebody to help me

- tidy this thing up, right?

I got nuclear codes to think about.


You okay?

- How do we feel about Gwen?

- Morning, Gwen. Hi.
- Hi, Gwen.

- Madam First Lady.


We're already behind schedule.

I had to drop the girls off
for their first day at school.

[GWEN] Oh! I thought Mrs. Robinson

and Secret Service were handling that.

My daughters are not a matter
to be handled.

I had to ensure that they settled in.

Of course.

So, we want to h*t the ground running.

And with Rahm's approval,

my team and I have come up
with several ideas for you.

Rahm has approved...

Okay. Let me hear 'em.

He feels, and we all feel, that
a White House garden project

could be a great opportunity

for people to see a new side of you.

The First Lady tending the garden,

growing fruits and vegetables
with local kids.

Great photo ops.

Good news, team.

The men in the West Wing have given us

the green light to plant some carrots.


Uh, that's not...
That's not what I meant.

Um, all right.
This, uh, this is for you.

Mrs. Ford won't be able
to attend the inauguration.

She's almost ,
but she wanted to write to you.

Betty Ford wrote me a letter.



[GWEN] We have a fitting
for your inauguration gown.

And this is great,
Vogue has offered a feature

with Annie Leibovitz to sh**t the cover.

Amazing, right?

Sure. Excellent opportunity
to talk about rutabagas.


What's a rutabaga?

- A turnip, I believe.
- [MICHELLE] Come on, Gwen.

I spoke throughout the campaign

about civic duty, unemployment and...

And you were incredible. And
now we're in the White House.

And the team
in the West Wing wanna shape

and help you grow into your new role.

I'm a lawyer
and an expert in health care.

They wanna turn me
into a Black Martha Stewart?

I meant no disrespect,
but Rahm feels that...

You know, I'm looking forward

to hearing all about Rahm's feelings,

so why don't you let him know

that I would like some time with him.

- [GWEN CHUCKLES] I'll do that.
- Okay. Okay.

We have a very important meeting
coming up next Tuesday that is...

[BETTY NARRATES] Dear Mrs. Obama,

you probably feel so overwhelmed today.

You can't imagine how unprepared I felt.

But the job will find you.

It has a way of doing that.

You are forever a part of history now

but will always be one of a kind.

Today, you'll probably feel
like you have nothing in common

with all of the women who
were First Ladies before you.

Trust me when I say
we all felt that way.

[GERALD] Gonna miss this place.

We'll have fun in our new house.


Sleeping in our separate bedrooms,

like a proper presidential
husband and his wife.

[GERALD] That's not happening.

Better not be.

Though, after this week,
I might change my mind.

Don't you dare.

You're gonna make a terrific First Lady.


Ford residence. This is Betty.

[WOMAN] Madam First Lady?

No, uh... Y-Yes, yes. I mean,
that's me. [CHUCKLES]

My name is Debbie Winthrop.

I was Mrs. Nixon's social secretary.

Of course. Yes, I remember you.

We were wondering what you wanted to do

for the upcoming State Dinner.

The what?

Uh, King Hussein of Jordan
is coming in four days, ma'am.

I see. I see.

And the idea is he'll want
something to eat

after that long trip. [CHUCKLES]

And the queen, ma'am.

Of course.

Uh, well...

I wish someone would've told me
about this.

We told Pat Nixon, ma'am.
The former First Lady.

Yes, I know who Pat Nixon is.

Of course.

Let me give it some thought,

and I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.

Okay. Thank you very much, ma'am.

Okay. Thank you for calling.

[DEBBIE] Goodbye.


I'll move into the White House.

I'll do the best I can.

And if they don't like it,
then they can kick me out,

but they can't make me somebody I'm not.


She's totally unsuited for the role.

Well, she seems very confident to me.

That's the problem.

I don't wanna get into details, but, um,

she's had her fair share
of personal struggles.

We all know the lights in here,

they tend to flush that sort of
thing right out into the open,

so that's where you come in.

We want you to stay on. Keep the
East Wing running smoothly.

Of course. That's my job.

[DONALD] But we're counting on
you to guide the First Lady into

taking a more reserved Pat-
Nixon-type approach to things.

Oh, show her the art of facade.

Encourage discretion.

Have you met the First Lady? [CHUCKLES]

You can start by limiting,
preferably canceling,

any upcoming events and gatherings,

starting with the State Dinner.

Well, I already told her
that was happening.

We have a meeting about it, uh, shortly.

I know you can steer her
towards canceling.

And if I can't?

We're confident. You can
convince her woman-to-woman.

You know, Mrs. Ford's
good nature and candor

might be just the thing
the White House needs right now.

She really seems quite capable.

Debbie. I know that you understand

how vitally important it is

that this party hold the reigns
of this country.

In less than two years, the president's

gonna have to run for his office.

And so, the smaller
that Mrs. Ford's role is

and the less that we hear
about her thoughts, opinions...

The less noise she makes.

Thank you.

- [PERSON] Madam First Lady.
- Good morning.

Welcome to the White House, ma'am.

- Madam First Lady.
- Welcome Madam First Lady.

Good morning, Donald. I'm so,
so sorry I'm late, Debbie.

- I tend to run a little behind.
- Let me show you to your office.

Donald, so nice of you
to greet me on my first day.

- [REPORTER ] Betty Ford.
- Good morning.

You don't have to speak with them.

What's your first day been like?

Well, I don't know yet. I just got here.

But it's all very exciting, isn't it?

Just keep walking, ma'am.

What's your opinion on whether
your husband

will pardon President Nixon?

"No comment." "No comment" is fine.

I know my husband, or the president,

is eager to move forward

with his new administration,

and which I'm sure will be very
different from the last.

Right this way, ma'am.

Your office is through these doors.

[REPORTER ] Mrs. Ford...

[REPORTER ] One last question.

Do you'll know
if he'll pardon or convict?

I'm confident the president
will do the right thing.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

- Thanks, ladies and gentlemen.
- [REPORTER ] One more question.

[REPORTERS] Thank you,
Mr. Rumsfeld. Thank you.

- [DEBBIE] Here we are.

I do apologize
for the state of the room.

Uh, we had to turn things around
rather quickly.


I suppose I have some
decorating to do. [CHUCKLES]

Mm-hmm. Uh, this is your
schedule, ma'am.


I'll see you shortly
for the staff meeting.

Oh, Debbie.

Um, could you tell me
where my husband's office is?

I'd love to stop in and say hello.

The president has a full schedule today.

- Oh, I see. Well...
- Is there anything else?

No. Thank you.






[BETTY] Oh! Oh, dear, I... [CHUCKLES]

Oh, I hope I didn't keep
you waiting too long. I...

I'm still getting my bearing...
I'm so sorry. I...

As I was telling Debbie earlier, I'm...

- Anyway, hello.
- [STAFF] Hello.

Everyone, the First Lady
of the United States.

- [STAFF] Welcome.

[STAFF MEMBER] So wonderful.


[DEBBIE] I was just informing
the staff that, uh,

because of the unusual
and last-minute nature

of you becoming First Lady,

we'd probably be canceling
the upcoming State Dinner.

Oh. I don't think that's necessary.

Everyone completely understands.

Well, on the contrary, I love
a good dinner party. [CHUCKLES]

The bigger the better. [CHUCKLES]

And if you'd like to do what you've done

for the Nixon's State Dinners,
that would be fine with me.

We don't really have time

to do what we've always done.

Not with three days.

I see.

[DEBBIE] Ma'am.

If I may be so bold,

surely the president, surely everyone,

would understand if you had to postpone.

Everyone knows how this whole situation

has been sprung on you,
even King Hussein.

Are you sure? It...

It seems awfully last minute to cancel.

Not at all.
It's completely understandable.

Well then,
I suppose that's what we'll do.




- Oh, my gosh!
- Oh!

Betty? I'm sorry.
Excuse me, Madam First Lady.


- Yeah. Nancy Howe.
- Nancy Howe!

The last time I saw you was
at that dreadful PTA meeting.

And that woman was talking about...

- The history of education...

- ...in pre-colonial Virginia.
- I thought it would never end.

Three hours seared into my brain.


It's so nice to know you're here.

An actual person that I know and like.

[NANCY] Yeah.


Take it. It's on the house.

Thank you.

Hey, how's it going? Are the
aides overwhelming you yet?

Not yet.


And thanks for this.

Don't tell anyone.


Uh, do you by chance know
how I get back to my office?

I do.

[BETTY] Mm-hmm, yeah.

It's hard to believe that just last week

this was Pat's office,

and now she's...

Helping her husband pack for prison.

It does seem likely, doesn't it?

He said he wasn't a crook,
turns out he is a crook.

Crooks go to jail.

So what's the first First Lady
thing they have you doing?

Well, there was a State Dinner,
but I'm canceling it.

What? No, you're not.

It was supposed to be three days
from now

and, well, my secretary said it
was fine.

No, no, no, no, no.
You can't do that, Betty.

No, it was actually
my secretary's idea, so...

Well, I don't care whose idea it was.

This is your house. You get to decide.

You really think
one State Dinner matters?

Let's see, did the Roosevelts
showing support

for every exiled European government

after the n*zi took over
their homeland matter?

How about the Eisenhowers breaking bread

with the Khrushchevs?

The Nixons and the Brezhnevs
may be the only cordial moment

of this whole Cold w*r we're in.

And maybe I'm biased

because I spout out White House trivia

in that gift shop all day long,

but it seems to me like
these are the moments

that really, truly mattered.

And they were State Dinners
that First Ladies made happen.

You just... You... You can't
cancel your first State Dinner.

This is your chance
to start making history.

- You wanted to see me, ma'am?
- [BETTY] Oh! Yes, thank you.

Please come in.

How do you like
what I've done with the place?


It's a joke, Debbie.

- About the State Dinner,

you'll be happy to know that
I've decided not to cancel.

- What?
- I've come up with a plan

I think you'll agree is very doable.

Marrying some of Mrs. Nixon's traditions

with my less formal,
but no less festive, ideas.

Oh... barbecue.

[CHUCKLING] Doesn't that sound fun?

Be sure to let everyone know

the president is counting on this.

He's even more excited than I am.

Thank you, Debbie.

Thank you, ma'am.

[JOHN ROBERTS] Good morning.
Thanks for being with us.

Monday, the th of January.

Just eight days until the inauguration,

the new administration, new president.

Everybody's trying to get an angle here.

Absolutely. A lot going on this morning.

- Can I get you anything else?
- No.

- We're fine, thank you.
- Okay.

- Too bridal?
- No.

No. I see "hope" and "glory."

- I see "elegance..."

..."timeless" and "victorious."

[CHUCKLES] Oh, Jason is a genius,

and you look exquisite.

- I love you, Mel.

I love you too. Come in.


- Valerie, you're here.

Girl, that dress...

- [STYLIST] Careful, Mrs. Obama.
- Okay.


- Hmm? Hmm?
- Wow.

Can we talk for a minute?

Could you all give us a few minutes?

- [MEL] Yeah, sure.
- I promise I'll be careful.

Thanks, ladies. [SIGHS]


- So beautiful.
- Oh.

But that's not why you're here.

Rahm thought we should talk.

Rahm wants. Rahm feels. Rahm thought.

He just simply suggested

that I be the liaison between
the East Wing and the West.

Great. So how do I get Rahm
to understand

that I'm not here
to be a glorified hostess?

Michelle, we want to ease you
into complex areas.

Val? Hello?

- Hello?

You sound just like them right now.

- Michelle...
- Fashion sh**t? Gardening?

You want me to be roasted alive

as being elitist and out of touch?

Valerie. You're my friend.

You know what I can do.

It's complicated right now.

We, of all people,
we can't rock the boat too much.

Yeah. I know.



- [MICHELLE] Morning, Mom.
- Mm-hmm.

I was talking garden all morning.

Nothing like a curly kale master class.


I'm gonna need help.

Can you stay here?

The girls are gonna need
some stability and continuity.

They're gonna need their grandma

to keep their feet on the ground.

The girls need me?

You need me. Hmm.

Then I am here.

- [WHIMPERS] Mommy.

Mom. Mama.



Madam First Lady.

How's it all going?

I have pages to go through
in the next hour.

Why are you sidelining me?

[SCOFFS] Can you guys give us
a minute, please?

- Give us a few minutes. Thanks.
- [MEL] Of course.

- Ma'am.
- First Lady.

I'm trying to ensure that the East Wing

compliments our agenda in the West Wing.

So you turned me into a fluffy,
inconsequential hostess.

- No one's gonna buy it.
- Well, that's the job.

It doesn't have to be.

Do you really think...
Be honest with me, all right?

You really think working on the
board of a Chicago hospital

has anything at all to do with creating

a countrywide health care system
for million-plus people?

I'm saying that I can contribute.

And I'm saying, with all due respect,

- that you're not qualified.
- Excuse me?

I don't want you to become a liability

to your husband is all.

But you were more than happy to
pimp me out during the campaign.

The campaign is over. This is politics

and the business of government.

- You're a real...
- What?

What am I "real"? An assh*le?
A pit bull? A jerk-off?

A condescending, patronizing monster?

I was gonna say a "charmer."

You know what? You wanna make
an omelet, you gotta break some eggs.

And I don't care about any of that

other peripheral bullshit.

- You should.
- Caring isn't my job.

Absolute loyalty to your husband is.

Being the bad guy so he doesn't
have to be, that's my focus.

I will body check anyone
who gets in the way of that.

- Even me?
- If you become an obstacle.

- You're a smart woman.
- Oh, thank you, Rahm.

So, I'm not gonna patronize you,

but the fact that you're not

a qualified career politician is a fact.

It's not sexist or r*cist.

So, please, I'm begging you,
don't turn me into

some kind of cliché villain here.

All right? We've known
each other a long time now.

Amy and I have been to your house.

So I'm pretty certain,
Michelle... Mrs. Obama,

that we can find a process that works.

If I'm willing to roll over
and become a Stepford FLOTUS.

Not happening. Also, Gwen's out.

Oh, my God.
We already went through this.

Letting you foist a chief of staff
on me was my first mistake.

[SIGHS] You're opening
a can of worms here.

No. I'm accepting your position
and stepping into mine.

Gwen will be replaced.

I'll pick my team, choose my
causes. You leave me alone.


Madam First Lady.



Honey, I'm home. [CHUCKLES]

A nutritious meal

from the future White House garden.

Prepared by the horticulturist
to the stars.

Oh, boy. [GRUNTS]

♪ You've been misused talk to me... ♪

You seem nervous.

Huh? Me? No. Not at all.

I mean, y-you managed to make
romaine lettuce

seem threatening, but... [CHUCKLES]

♪ What you need... ♪

Look, uh...

♪ What you want... ♪

Rahm told me that you and he spoke.

We did. It was real illuminating.

Hmm. Mm-hmm. He said the same thing.


♪ All the time that you spent ♪

♪ She had other men throw you outdoors ♪

Uh, look.

- R-Rahm thinks...
- Stop right there.

You tell your work wife
that your actual wife

said to stay out of our family business.

Got it. Now I have two wives

and neither of them are happy.

♪ I'll make everything all right ♪

You are my number one.


- My main wife.
- Mm-hmm.

And he's a distant second.

For a start, he can't kiss
as well as you can.

He... He's working on it.

But he's, uh... [CHUCKLES]

- He hasn't got it quite yet.

Can I eat now?


Can I get a little meat in here,
or I haven't earned my meat...

There's no meat
in the White House garden.

- I'm going to try it out.

Oh, don't let them say I didn't
try it. All right. Here we go.


Mm-hmm! Mmm! Organic!

- Mmm.
- I approve!


This is... This has got the
presidential seal of approval!




[MICHELLE] I let Rahm
pick my chief of staff.

That was my mistake.

That's why I asked you here.

I want you to be my chief of staff.

Gwen didn't work out.

I need someone who knows me.

Someone who understands my priorities.

You've been in the trenches
with me. I trust you.


Michelle, I'm flattered.

But I was only supposed to be
here for a few months to work

- on the inauguration committee.
- I know.

And Neil already
doesn't love me being away.

I know.

But husbands can relocate.

And remember what you told me

when Barack was still in the primaries?

That you should start embracing the fact

that your life might change
in a huge way.

And I remember what else you told me.

About being open to exciting,
unexpected new horizons.

I can be so inspirational
when I want to be, can't I?

Susan, let's kick some f*cking ass

the way we did back in Chicago.

You know what this means, right?
You to be my boss.

I really hope Neil likes Washington DC.

Yes, yes!

- Yes, yes!

- Aw!


Yeah. Okay.

- Okay!
- Mm-hmm. You promised.

- Hmm.
- [WHISPERS] Okay.

Where do we start?



That would be lovely. I would love that.

We have, uh, the d*ad Sea,

- and you don't sink, you float.
- Excuse me.

- So, it is very beautiful.

Ladies and gentlemen,
it has been our great pleasure

spending a wonderful evening

with our new friends,
King Hussein and Queen Alia,

here at the White House
for our first State Dinner.


And it is my great pleasure

to ask the most beautiful woman
in the world...

if she'll dance our first State
Dinner dance with me.

- [GUESTS] Oh.


I miss dancing with you.

I'll dance with you anytime,
Mr. President.

- I like the sound of that.
- Mmm. I'm sure you do.


[GERALD] I'm so impressed with you.

Pulling this all together
on such short notice.

I'm impressed with you, Jerry.

You have a lot
on your shoulders right now.

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