12x20 - Moving Day

Episode transcripts for the TV show "NYPD Blue". Aired: September 21, 1993 – March 1, 2005.
Ensemble cast revolving around New York's 15th Precinct.
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12x20 - Moving Day

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Previously on "nypd blue"...

I know people move around,
people retire.

There's just something about
this place and these people.

What are you gonna do?
Put in for a transfer.

Here's to you guys,

And here's to the guy
who invented this job.

Here's to you, greg.

Here's to you, buddy.

Commanding this squad,
teaching them,

Keeping them out of harm's
way‐‐ that's my last job.

I don't want to
go anywhere from there.

You want this job?
Yes, sir.

Don't make me regret this.

What do we got?

Name's pamela wyatt.
Banged up pretty bad.

Looks to be strangled,

Doesn't look like a robbery,
from what they left behind.

There's more in the dressing
room, furs in the closet.

You must know it all.

Just looking around.

How'd the job come in?

The doorman‐‐ james fitzgerald.
He's in there.

James? How'd it happen
you come in the apartment?

Miss wyatt was supposed to get
the windows washed.

Last time, they made a mess,
so I promised her

I would move the orchids
away from the windows

And put the birds
in a safe place.

That's what I came up to do.

What do you know
about her?

Nice, generous, considerate.
I liked her a lot.

You know what she did
for a living?

I guess it doesn't matter
who knows now, right?

She was a hooker.

How'd you know that?

Guys come up to see her,
go up to the apartment,

Come back down an hour later,
different guys every day.

Anything stand out
about any of them?

Other than that they were
high rollers, not really.

There was one
who was here a lot.

Probably 60. He'd get
driven up in a black mercedes.

The driver
would wait out front.

Can you describe him?

Gray hair, kind of big.

A banker or lawyer.
Never said two words to me.

This was a class lady,
being a hooker aside.

What do you got?

Looks to be
a high‐priced call girl.

Yeah, the doorman
called in the job.

Building manager's
on his way in.

What are you doing
out of uniform?

Talk to building management,
find out who's paying her rent?

They're not in yet.

I thought once we cleared
bale's sh**ting,

You were gonna go
back to patrol.

Tell them already.

Chief of detectives
gave me the squad.


Last night,
at medavoy's racket.

You didn't say anything?

Wanted to make sure
duffy didn't change his mind,

And I didn't want to take away
from medavoy's night.

A message came this morning
that it was a done deal.

You're actually
squad commander?


Thanks, gruden.

Not sure
I can work with you.

No, huh?

I'm not sure any of us can.

That'll work out good, then,
'cause I was planning on

Bringing in
my own people anyways.

[ Clears throat ]

I saw the message about
you being made squad commander.

I just want to tell you
how happy it makes me.

Does that mean
you'll be staying?

If you want me to.

I do.

Excuse me.

I'm ray quinn.
This is joe slovak.

We just got transferred here.
I come from anticrime.

I'm from brooklyn south,

Welcome to the 15th squad.

Hi, I'm laura murphy.

Ray quinn.


Ray quinn.

That's john clark.
This big guy is baldwin jones.

We've already
introduced ourselves.

We jumped on that phone dump
you requested.

What'd you come up with?

Over the last 24 hours, the only
calls that came to your d. O. A.

Came from a number belonging to
a patrick wyatt in wantagh...

Yeah, that's the father.

...a rosemary wyatt
on eldridge street,

And a toshiro nikada
on east 49th street.

He called three times.

There's a johnny nikada
in her appointment book.

On a chance we'll get lucky,
see if you can find him.

Murphy and ortiz, take a ride
and talk to the parents.

Who's the boss here?

How you doing, chief?

Can't believe
they gave you a squad.

Go figure, right?

This is
robert heilbrenner.

I'm his
director of security now.

And this is basil greenhouse,
his attorney.

I was andy's sergeant
back in the 25.

What can we do
for you guys?

Mr. Heilbrenner
would like to talk to you

About the homicide
from this morning.


John, why don't
you and baldwin come with us?

Oh, we'd like to
talk privately.

These guys
caught the case.

That's okay.

All right, quinn, slovak,
run down where that guy is.

See if you can talk to him.

Hey. How long you guys
been in the bureau?

First day for both of us.

First day?
I got my gold shield in 1974.

I can remember it
like it was yesterday.

What rank were you
when you retired?

2‐Star chief.

That's great.

You got to love
being a detective.

the most important thing.

I don't think we'll have
any problem there.

How you doing
with this case?

We got a possible.

What are we talking about?

Well, I don't think we're
supposed to discuss specifics.

What's your name?
Quinn‐‐ ray quinn.

Mind if I call you ray?

Not at all, sir.

Pamela had been my mistress.

We had been together,
I guess you would say,

Off and on
for about eight years.

I had feelings for her.
She had feelings for me.

And without defending
my behavior

Or my infidelities
towards my wife,

I'm here to tell you
that the relationship existed.

Obviously, this is said
in strictest confidence.

When was the last time
you saw her?

Last week, but my wife
doesn't know that,

And I would appreciate
her not finding out about it.

I had basically put an end
to the relationship.

Ahem. But...?

But it was her birthday,

And I bought her a small,
fairly insignificant gift.

Did you know if she was
seeing anybody else?

Well, not to put
too fine a point on it,

But pamela
was a prost*tute.

She was discriminating
to a degree.

She was expensive.

Notwithstanding her
periodically proclaiming

Her intention
to get out of that life,

That is what she was.

We have to ask you this
as a formality, sir.

Can you tell us
where you were last night,

To about 8:00 this morning?

Last night, my wife and I
had dinner at le bernardin

With my friend tom maxwell
and his wife.

Got home around 10:00,
watched a little television,

I went to sleep.

And this morning?

Car picked me up
a little after 7:00.

I got to the office
by 7:30.

Mr. Heilbrenner's name
will inevitably come up

During your investigation,
which is why we're here.

Appreciate you coming in.

Thank you.

It may sound funny,
given how different we were,

But her passing leaves
a real hole in my heart.

Whoever did this,
I hope like hell you catch him.

Thank you.

Thank you.

These are detectives
from the city, pat.

We're sorry about
your daughter, mr. Wyatt.

What can we help you with?

Anything you could tell us

About pamela's friends
or acquaintances would help.

We didn't know
that much about them.

No boyfriends you know of?

She was too busy.

Between the modeling
and the acting,

She said she didn't have time
to get involved with anyone.

I'll show you something.

Here, right over here.


This is her.

She's very beautiful.

She bought her father
a bunch of power tools

That he hasn't so much as
taken out of the box yet.

[ Chuckles ]
she bought me a tv.

She was doing very well.

When's the last time
you saw her?

Oh, uh, when was it, pat?

I couldn't tell you.

She was so busy‐‐

Enough, jeannie.

I'm just saying‐‐

You're just
saying nonsense.

You got a fairy‐tale story
you don't believe yourself

And a box of old pictures
from a hundred years ago.

Talk to her sister.
All we got is a box of old junk.

If you give us her sister's
number, we'll leave you guys.

I'll get it.

We'll wait with your wife
so she's not by herself.

Is there
a johnny nikada here?

Right over there.


Mr. Nikada?


Wonder if we could
talk to you.

Who are you?

We're the police.

What do you want
to talk to me about?

Maybe you could
step outside with us.

Hey, guy, I'm not stepping
anywhere with anybody.

[ Speaking japanese ]

[ Speaking japanese ]

Do you know someone
named pamela wyatt?

Doesn't ring a bell.

Your name was found
in her address book,

And your phone number
was found in her cell phone.

She lives on 5th avenue,
between 9th and 10th.

Don't know anybody
who lives over there.

You frequented any prost*tute
lately, mr. Nikada?

Gonna arrest me, guy?


That's too bad‐‐
I'd like to see your face

When they tell you
I have diplomatic immunity.

It gonna be your ass.

arresting anybody.

Then turn around, walk out
same way you come in, guy.

I don't like to be bothered
when I'm sitting down to eat.

Right now,
you're bothering me.

We're gonna verify
your diplomatic immunity.

Thanks for your help.

Come on in.
We can talk back here.

Your father said you might know
more than they did

About people
your sister hung around with.

That's not hard, considering
they didn't know anything.

Your sister
was a prost*tute?

And a pill junkie
and a crybaby

And a great softball pitcher
when she was in high school.

Did you ever meet
any of her clients?

Heilbrenner, but he wouldn't
want to be called a client.

What was your impression
of the relationship they had?


He was into beatings.
He made her do threesomes.

He wanted her to keep
being a prost*tute,

Then tell him the details.

I hated him.

Do you have any idea
who they had threesomes with?

Her name was anne marie.
I don't know her last name.

Any idea
where we can find her?

No. I know she's lying low
ever since she got busted.

What did she get busted for?

She propositioned a cop
outside the mercer hotel.

It's funny, you know‐‐

Pamela wanted to keep that part
of her life such a secret.

At the same time, she wanted me
to know all about it.

I think when I moved
back into the city,

She realized how‐‐

How much she wanted
to have a sister.

[ Sniffles ]

Um...excuse me.

All right, thanks.

That was ortiz.

The sister gave
the name of a pross

Who used to have threesomes with
the d. O. A. And heilbrenner.

He's a regular rock star,
this guy.

There's no last name,
but the first name's anne marie,

And she took a collar in the 5th
precinct sometime last month.

Why don't you and me
ride out there,

See if we can look
at the paperwork.

See you, guys.

Check that phone book...

My name's dale st. John.

I'm supposed to see either
a detective clark or jones.

They just left.

Maybe one of the other
detectives can help you?

I'm robert heilbrenner's

Why don't you come
back in here with us?

Right this way.

You drove mr. Heilbrenner
last night?


Where'd you drive him?

I picked up mrs. Heilbrenner
at around a quarter to 8:00,

Drove her to le bernardin
on west 51st street,

Waited outside the restaurant
till probably 9:30.

And when they came out,

I drove them to their apartment
on 5th avenue and 76th street.

What time did you pick up
mr. Heilbrenner this morning?

7:00, 7:15.

Let's talk
about pamela wyatt.

She and mr. Heilbrenner
get along?


No arguments?

None that I saw.

I'm not supposed to
pay attention

To what's going on
in the back seat,

But from what I could tell,
they were usually holding hands,

Whispering to each other‐‐
like a couple on a date.

Did you ever drive pamela
by yourself?

A few times.

She ever call you?

He would.

Why would he do that?

When mr. Heilbrenner
called me to pick her up,

It was because
she was messed up on dope,

And he just wanted to make sure
she got home safe.

Where would you
pick her up from?

Restaurants, bars.

Did she ever indicate,
when you'd pick her up,

Where she was getting the dope
or who she might have been with?

She'd just thank me,
curl up under her coat,

And go to sleep.

When did she die?

Last night sometime.

How good a friend
were you?

Talk on the phone, go to
the movies once in a while.

You don't seem upset.

You get guys off for money,
you take your chances.

Any idea who she might have been
taking chances with?

All of them. You remind them
of their mothers, daughters.

you got some naked rhino

With his legs
around your neck.

That ever happen
with robert heilbrenner?

What makes you think
I know him?

We have information that
you participated in threesomes

With him and pamela wyatt.

[ Scoffs ]

Yeah, well, uh,
your information's wrong.

You need to tell us what
you know about him, anne marie.

I need to keep myself alive,

And that means not pissing off
anyone who can hurt me.

You're out on bail. You make
your living as a prost*tute.

Think what it means
to piss us off.

He liked putting handcuffs
on girls

And whipping them
with his belt.

It started out fun and games,
but at a certain point,

You could see
something in him snap.

He got nastier
with the things he was saying,

And he started
whipping us harder‐‐

Hard enough
so we started bleeding.

Was that the only time
you participated?

Yeah. I didn't
want the money that bad.

How did pamela
feel about him?

There was a time when I think
she was in love with him.

Or...maybe just in love with
the things he could provide.

She told me he was gonna
leave his wife for her.

I said, "pamela, honey,

He's not the type of guy
that does that."

She said, "no, you're wrong.
He doesn't want to lose me."

And then he dumped her.

Why was that?

His wife
thr*at to divorce him.

How did she take it?
Pretty bad.

She was gonna get him
to make good on his promise,

No matter what.

I'm looking for
sergeant sipowicz.


I'm inspector dowdell
with intelligence.

This is agent holloway
with the fbi,

Christopher perkins
from the state department,

And lieutenant clifford,
also with intelligence.

Why don't we go
into your office?

The office is kind of a mess.
Why don't we go down here?

There's been a development
in the wyatt homicide.

Mr. Perkins
will fill you in.

The state department

Was contacted
by the japanese consulate

And informed
that a toshiro nikada

Has taken responsibility
for the death of pamela wyatt.

I have a signed affidavit
from mr. Nikada,

Confessing to the m*rder.

Where is he?

Because mr. Nikada
is a credentialed member

Of the japanese mission
to the united nations,

He enjoys
full diplomatic immunity.

As we speak, he's on his way
back to japan.

We'll leave this with you.

I'll meet you outside.

Boy, parking tickets
are one thing,

But for this guy
to get away with m*rder?

I know just how you feel.

One p. P. Still knows
it was the result

Of aggressive police work
by your squad.

I'll pass that along.

He was interviewed
earlier this morning, right?

Yeah, a couple of my guys went
down there and talked to him.

they're rookie detectives.

It's their first day
in the bureau.

You tell those guys
that their shaking the tree

Is what brought this about,

And they're gonna get a letter
of commendation from the p. C.

I will.

Not too shabby for your first
day as squad commander.

Thank you.


[ Clears throat ]

So, what do you guys think
about this confession?

Does it seem legit?

What did you think
when you talked to the guy?

Wouldn't give us
the time of day.

I was starting
to like heilbrenner for it.

You were?

He was a sadistic prick.

He's got this whole
bizarre thing going,

With the girls turning tricks,
then telling him about it.

And she's looking
to hold him on.

And the guy backing up
his alibi works for him.

Yeah. We probably need
to tell you guys this.

When we were talking
to angelotti before,

He was pumping us
for information.

What'd you give him?
Nikada's name.

Him being a retired chief
and asking us,

He made it seem like
it wasn't that big a deal.

Uh, andy,
you got a minute?

Andy, I know
we got this confession.

I'm sure everybody's happy
the case cleared.

But there's just a couple things
that make me feel like

Maybe we ought to continue
with the investigation.

Like what?

Heilbrenner is a hitter.

That don't make him
a k*ller.

He had a pretty twisted
relationship with this girl.

What else?

[ Sighs ]

For this japanese guy
to dummy up this morning

When the two new guys
went to talk to him,

Then three hours later,
he gives a full confession?

Doesn't seem right.

You saying
heilbrenner got to him?

I don't know.

I do know angelotti
was working those guys

When we were in the room
with heilbrenner and his lawyer.

They gave him
nikada's name?

[ Sighs ] andy, I wouldn't
go too hard on them.

They're new guys.
He's a retired chief.

Keep it open.
It's your case.

You want to continue
with the investigation,

with the investigation.

That might piss off
a few people.

Let me worry about that.

[ Door opens ]

Excuse me, miss.


You were having lunch
with johnny nikada today.

We'd like to talk
to you.

What do you need
to talk to me about?

About johnny.

Johnny's from the consulate.
He has full immunity.

Do you?


I think you should
get in the car.

Come on.

Right over here.

How long
have you known him?
Two years.

Were you dating?
What's the difference?

A girl was k*lled.

I don't know anything
about this girl.

Because we're investigating
her k*lling,

We need to know
about the people involved.

I wasn't involved.

Johnny was, though.

Yeah, okay.

Did you know
johnny went to prost*tute?

No. I didn't know that.

You think I would have been
with him if I knew that?

Was he ever violent?

Never. Not one time.

Must have come as a shock to
find out he strangled this girl.

You spend time together,
you sleep together,

Then you find this out‐‐
it was like he was a stranger.

You could say
that's a shock.

Was he a drug user,
a heavy drinker?


Was he a gambler?

I don't have anything bad
to say about him, okay?

You want to find out about him,
talk to his family.

He has family
in this country?

He has an uncle. Maybe he knows
something I don't know.

Can I offer you something‐‐
coffee, cup of tea?

Nothing for me,
mrs. Heilbrenner.
I'm good.

Thank you, maggie.

I'm not sure
I know why you're here.

Were you with your husband
last night?

I was. We had dinner together,
and then we came home.

What time was that?

I met him
at the restaurant at 8:00.

I'd say
we were home by 10:00.

He didn't go out
after that?

Not until this morning.

Does the name pamela wyatt
mean anything to you?

The pamela wyatt
that was my husband's mistress?


He told me she was found
m*rder this morning.

I assume these questions
are part of your investigation.

How did you find out about your
husband's relationship with her?

There was a chanel trunk show
at bergdorf's,

Which at first
I wasn't going to attend,

And at the last minute, I
changed my mind and decided to.

As I walked in, I saw
robert dropping her off.

She kissed him
and then proceeded to spend

About $20,000 of our money
on outfits for herself.

Did you confront him?

I did‐‐ I told him either
he broke off relations with her

Or I would divorce him.

What was his response?

At first,
he broke down and cried,

Told me how worthless he felt,
how much he was afraid of dying.

He was hoping I'd say,
"it's all right, robert.

You can have your pamela.
I'll be fine."

You didn't do that.

Would you?

No, ma'am.

I told him I'd lined up a lawyer
and a forensic accountant

And was prepared to start going
over the books at 9:00 a. M.

He promised to get rid of her?
Did he make good on that?

I believe he did.

Because he said so?

Because I watched the money.

A girl like this
doesn't hang around

To be thrown $1,000
now and then.

Kind of money she costs,

I'd know if he were
coming up with it.

Did he ever hit you?

Did he ever
get rough with you

As a means to
stimulate himself sexually?

My god, no.

I would never be party
to such behavior, number one.

Number two,
it's not something

That would serve
as stimulation for him.

That's not necessarily the
information we've been getting.

I suggest you check carefully
the sources of that information.

My husband
is a very wealthy man

Who a great many people
would like to take advantage of.

I promise you,

I will not stand idly by
while his name is sullied.


Yes, sir, chief.

In your office.

Why don't we
just go down here?

The office is still in the
process of getting moved into.


What the hell
are you doing?

What do you mean?

Why are your detectives
still working the case?

There were questions about the
legitimacy of the confession.

It's done. The perp
was a client of the d. O. A.

You were looking at him
before he confessed.

Now you got a statement
with details that he did it.

But because he's got
diplomatic immunity,

The consequences of a
false confession are a lot less.

That's not your business.

You had an inspector
from police intelligence

And an fbi agent
go over that confession.

They were satisfied
it was legitimate.

You're telling me,
'cause you got a hard‐on

To lock somebody up,
you got people out there

robert heilbrenner's wife?!

We want to be sure
we got the right guy.

We got the right guy.
You heard it from me.

Now this investigation is over.
Is that understood?



Well, we appreciate you
coming in, mr. Nikada.

We want to talk to you
about your nephew.

What is there
to talk about?

Were you close to him?

He was my family.

Were you aware of his
frequenting prost*tute?

Were you aware of his having
behaved violently towards women?


What about gambling?

My nephew was an outstanding
student in japan.

He received a graduate degree
from london school of economics.

He had a trusted position

With the japanese mission
to the united nations.

He's always been a considerate
and respectful nephew.

Did he gamble?

He has confessed to m*rder.

What does it matter
if he gambled?

It may have something to do
with why he confessed.

We're not convinced he did
what he confessed to doing.

Why would
he have confessed, then?

Why would he have brought
this shame on his family?

Mr. Nikada, did your nephew
have gambling debts?

That's not something
he would discuss with me‐‐

Not after the last time.

The last time for what?

He owed a man money
from having bet on horse races.

He was afraid if he did not
pay him that he would get hurt,

That the man would cause him
embarrassment at work.


I paid.

Who was the man?

I only knew him
as mr. Segal.

Howard segal? Takes book
in the back of a dry cleaner's?


I used to have the foot post
where that dry cleaner's is.

Does the name robert heilbrenner
mean anything to you?

My nephew introduced me to him
at a restaurant one time.

What'd he tell you?

That he was a powerful
and influential man,

That he might one day take
his diplomatic experience

And go to work for him.

Hey, stranger.

How you doing, john?

I was just showing an apartment
in the neighborhood.

I thought I'd stop by.

You didn't waste any time
getting started, did you?

No, I didn't.

Hey, medavoy,
how's it going?

Aren't you
going back downstairs?

Andy's the new
squad commander.

[ Chuckles ] that's great, andy.


Hey, look who's here.

Hey, buddy.

It turns out nikada has
a history of going in the hole

For betting the ponies.

Who was he betting with?

Howard segal's the bookie

His uncle bailed him out with
last time.

But he also told us
that nikada knew heilbrenner.

Go talk to
heilbrenner's driver again.

See how committed he is
to that alibi.

You guys
go talk to the bookie.

Find out
if that marker's been paid.

You guys
just transferred in?


Yeah, well,
stick with this guy.

He'll tell you
everything you need to know.

It's good to see you, buddy.
I'm sorry, I got to run.

All right?
I'll talk to you later.

Squad commander?


Guys, run heilbrenner
through dmv.

Get the plate numbers off
any cars registered to him

Or members of his family.

I got to run downstairs.

Yeah, go ahead, go ahead.

[ Sighs ]


When you're gone,
you're gone.

[ Telephone rings ]

15Th squad.

How's it going, howard?

Do I know you ladies?

We're detectives.

What can you tell us
about johnny nikada, howard?

What makes you think
I can tell you anything?

Did you take any action
from him?

I'm retired
from all that.

You know why we're here,

Trying to find
this johnny something.

We're investigating a homicide.
We don't care about bookmaking.

If you're gonna lie to us,
we'll be all over you.

There's a bunch of
young cops in vice

Get paid
for 40 hours a week.

They'll make your life miserable
for the next five years.

This stays between us?

As long as you had
nothing to do with the homicide.

What do you want to know?

Did he put down for a bet?

The japanese bet bicycle races.
They bet motorboat races.

Forget about it when they get
their noses open with horses.

This guy was crazy
even for them.

What was he into you for?


Six months ago,

He hit the trifecta
at arlington‐‐ paid 27‐1.

He walked away
with $40,000.

I was only too happy
to pay him.

'Cause then
he started to lose.

This after having to get
bailed out the first time.

How hard you lean on him?

What am I gonna do?
It's not a student loan.

I told him it's serious
and he has to make restitution.

Did he?

Just today.

He came in with $110,000 cash
just before noon.

[ Siren wails ]

Thanks, oscar.


Hey, where you going?

We want to talk to you.

Where are
the other guys?

They're tied up.

They already
talked to me.

We just got to straighten out
a couple details.

I'm working now, guys.

Is he coming down now?

No, I just got to get
the car washed, got to get gas.

Mr. Heilbrenner
needs me back here at 6:30.

He and his wife have
a formal affair to attend.

We'll have you back
by then.

I got a choice?

No, not really.

Want me to follow you?

How about
you let me chauffeur you?

Get in.

I like this.

Yeah, I bet you do.

Ever know heilbrenner
to go at girls a little hard‐‐

Smack them around?

I didn't double‐date
with the guy.

We know that he did.

Different strokes
for different folks, right?

He used to whip pamela
with his belt.

The two of them seemed to be
into each other.

Whatever he did, he couldn't
have been hurting her too bad.

Mrs. Heilbrenner
found out about pamela.

I don't know
anything about that.

She and her husband
never had it out in the car?

Like I told the other guys,
I try not to pay attention

To what's going on
in the back seat.

You see, dale,
here's the thing.

Heilbrenner pays you
a good salary,

Probably takes care
of your family.

You want to be
a loyal employee to him.

The problem is,
we think he k*lled this girl,

And you're
helping him cover it up.

That takes it way beyond
being a loyal employee.

That puts it under the heading
"accessory after the fact."

I don't know what you guys
are talking about.

You know what "accessory
after the fact" means, dale?

That means you go to prison
along with him.

The decision you have to make
is whether or not

You're gonna get taken down
with him.

I don't need this.

I mean, I got a wife,
I got a kid,

I got another one on the way,
and I don't need this.

Tell us what happened.

I get a phone call
around 4:00 in the morning.

He was at her apartment.

He told me to be downstairs
as fast as I could.

When he came out, I could see
right away something was wrong.

He was white and shaking.

He told me to take him
to his office

And go upstairs
to get him a change of clothes

While he waited in the car.

Why did he need a change?

I could see in the mirror
that he had blood on him.

And he told you what to say
when you were questioned?

He said he was gonna
take care of me for life‐‐

Me and my family.

I told him I didn't know
what happened in the apartment,

But it bothered me
to lie like that.

He said, "what happened in
the apartment was an accident."

Why didn't he say
it was an accident?

I asked him that.

He said
people wouldn't understand.

We're gonna need to
take a statement from you.

Yeah, well,
whatever you got to do.

I keep seeing that girl's face
every time I close my eyes.

I don't want to see it
no more.

What's going on?

Mr. Heilbrenner,
we're placing you under arrest

For the m*rder
of pamela wyatt.

You must be kidding.
We're not.

Someone down at the department
has a vendetta against me

That I don't
know anything about?!

If you cooperate,
we'll put the handcuffs in front

So you can cover them
with your coat.

You are not
cuffing me anywhere, dear.

Yeah, we are. This time,
the handcuffs are going on you.

I am going to have
my lawyer down here

In about 30 seconds flat.

Your lawyer can meet us
at the precinct.

What's going on?

These idiots, they think
they're going to arrest me!

For what?

Your husband
can tell you.

We're willing
to put them on the front.

Give us a hard time,
they're going on the back.

I don't understand
what's going on, robert.

You just call greenhouse.
Tell him to meet me‐‐

Where are we going?
15Th precinct.

I want to know what
you're arresting him for.

For the m*rder
of the girl, felicia.

I‐i thought someone
already confessed to that.

Someone did.

Hi, lieutenant.

How are you feeling?

Well enough
to gather up my things.

Can I help you?

It's all right.
I'd rather do it myself.

He's here.

Are you all right, bob?

I'm fine, basil.
Just take care of it.

I'd like to see
my client alone.

You gonna allow him
to give a statement?

You got to be kidding.

In that case,
you can meet him in court.

You're not gonna give them
five minutes?

Not now.

You want,
you can get it on record

With the desk officer
you were here.

[ Sighs ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

We'll start the fives.

All right.

You put him in handcuffs
in front of his wife?

We had no choice.

How about calling me?

What about letting me
bring him in?

What do I do
when he jumps on the plane

He keeps out at teterboro
and skips down to costa rica?

You could have had me
as a friend.

Instead, you have me
as an enemy.

And for what?

A d*ad pross.

Whatever it is
you're gonna do to me, chief,

Right now I got work to do.

[ Sighs ]

How you feeling,

Not bad.
How are you feeling?

[ Scoffs ]

In the office.

[ Sighs ]

Earlier today, what did I
tell you I wanted done?

There were some loose ends
that had to be run down.

Answer the question!
What did I tell you to do?

Close the case.

We were getting information
I thought was worth pursuing.

Did you let me know?
Did you call the borough?

Did you call anybody
in the off chance

I may find out
what's going on?!

Things were jumping off fast.
I hadn't gotten to it yet.

Letting me know
is the first thing you get to!

With all due respect, sir,
I told you

I thought
that there questions

About the legitimacy
of the confession.

Did you make your case about
what those questions were?!

I tried, and since I didn't
appear to be getting anywhere,

I decided to continue
the investigation on my own.

I'm sorry, but I think
my first obligation

Was to work the case

According to the evidence
we were coming up with.

Your first obligation
is to make sure I don't find out

What happens in my command
on the 6:00 news!

You get that, sergeant?!

Yes, sir.

Now, I put you in this job.
Already, I regret it.

You embarrass me again,
you'regonna regret it.

[ Sighs ] compstat files
are on the shelf.

When are we up for review?

A week from tomorrow.

[ Sighs ]

Thinking about
taking a foot post

In the midtown tunnel?

It's a shaky perch
you're on, sergeant.

You have to answer
to the people above you,

Look after
the people below you,

And you have to be able
to live with yourself.

What are my chances?

As far as the last two go,
I'd say they're decent.

Good luck
with the first one.


It's all yours.

We're leaving now,


We're sorry
if we loused anything up.

Don't worry about it.
Everything came out fine.

Not exactly
thanks to us.

You're gonna make
good detectives, guys.

Give yourselves time.


We're real glad
to be working for you, sarge.

[ Knock on door ]

Good night, sergeant.

Good night, john.


Feel like celebrating?

Not tonight.

Yeah, we figured.

we should celebrate, though.


We're proud of you.

[ Sighs ]

We're gonna take him now,
down to court.

Yeah, all right.

Hey, any doubts about
you running a squad, andy,

you put them all to rest.

[ Sighs ]

How's it feel?

Takes some
getting used to.

Not from
where I'm standing.

Good work today.

Good night.


[ Sighs ]
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