02x08 - The World is Saved

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Kid Cosmic". Aired: February 2, 2021 –; February 3, 2022.
After finding five cosmic rings, an imaginative boy acquires superpowers.
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02x08 - The World is Saved

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[Kid] Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

[ominous music playing]




Hello, it is I, Fantos the Amassor,

Herald of Erodious.

And I demand that you cower in fear!

[Flo] No, I will not… [grunts]

…stand by… [grunts]

…while some pathetic man-boy… [grunts]

…destroys my home!

That's not cowering!




[Fantos laughing]




Cut it out!

Stay away from my family, you giant jerk!


Stop it!



[Tuna] What's our next move?

We making this our last stand
or we gonna vamoose?

We can't leave.

There's a whole civilization
in room seven that needs our protection.

We need to stay!

[Xhan] No,

you do not.


I've… regained…

just enough of my power
to protect the refugees.

Go. Jo needs her team.

But we don't have our powers!

Leave that to me.

What do we do?

[Jo] This!

Pain absorption!


Nothing will stop us!

[Xhan] Fantos!


Whoa, Queen Xhan?

The sole survivor of Erodious? [gasps]
It is a huge honor to meet you.

Oh no, the honor is all mine.




The Stones of Power.

Thank you! I could really use these…

and them right now.

[adventurous music playing]


Go, Local Heroes!

Go, go and destroy Erodious.

Let go of me!



[engine revving]

My stones!

[Jo] Sorry, Ring of Power.
Sorry, Ring of Power.

Sorry, Ring of Power.
Great, everybody got powers and apologies?


Jo! Jo! Jo! Jo! Jo!

I love you too.

And I love you, tikititexas.

It's "telekinesis."

And it belongs to me.

-They all belong to me!

I scoured the galaxy…

won an online auction…

and outwitted you dolts to get them.

And if I have to use deadly force
to get them back,

I will not hesitate to do so.

-That won't be necessary.
-Oh, cool, you're giving up?

No. You're getting out.







No, no, no. Wait, hold on.

I lost all the stones again, okay.

I can't move out!



All air units,

keep up the att*ck but watch out
for friendlies on the ground.

[upbeat music playing]


The Local Heroes are back in action!

Got a plan?

-That sucks.

-What do we do?

Our best.

Kid Cosmic!


Ugh, goo again? Are you kidding me?

Whoever has got my stone,

give it back!

[action music playing]


I… can't…


Don't! Whatever you're doing,
keep doing it!

Build the castle, build the castle,
smash it into dust, dust, dust!

Rosa! Playtime!

That works!


[Jo] Carlos! Ramona!
Take care of your niña!

Dig it!

Thank you, kindly.

Uh, yeah, good job, guys.


[Carl] Sorry, Jo.

Not much I can do.

It's okay, Carl. I understand.

Who's got my stone?

Come on! Fess up!

[Carla] Whoo!

[Kid] Tuna Sandwich,
can you see who's using my stone?

My third eye ain't a lost and found, Kid.

Agh! I want my stone!

It's not fair!

There, there. Chuck take the pain away.


Kid… Ahh… I've got… Ahh…

your stone!


How do you control this thing? Ah!


Jo, your mom's got my ring!
Portal her back so I can get it!

Kinda busy right now, Kid!

-Do what you can do with goo!
-I hate goo!

[Jo] I'm sorry.
Those are the only stones we…



[Kid] Whoa!


Are those more Stones of Power?


Wait. How did you… Where did you… Hold on…

-You mean--


-…is made of destroyed planets!

-Planets that give you powers!

-That means…

Erodious is made of Cosmic Stones?


Local Heroes, new plan!
There's Cosmic Stones everywhere!

Find one, any one, or more,

and power up however you like
and just do whatever!

You be you!

[Local Heroes cheer]

[action music playing]


Far out, man!

Danger! Danger!

What, what is it now?

Oh, not for us.



Whoa! What was that?

Way to go,

giant invisible f*re-ice-breath Carl!



Erodious, the Planet k*ller.


try to fight!

They didn't survive.

[tiny aliens screaming]


It's over!

All the monumental progress
we have made as a people,

and the huge effort it took…


In the end, we were nothing more than
tiny, insignificant, meaningless specks.


It's the little people that mean the most.


Put those stones back. They're not yours.
They belong to Erodious!


Green, green, green.


Come on, telekines…



I want my stone!

You'll never find it, Kid Cosmic.
That one is the most rare.


Ahh! Stop it!

Look at what you've done!

[Kid] My stone.

[gasps] Don't you dare!

[action music playing]


[Kid] Yes!

Kid Cosm…

Whaa! Ah! Ahh!




[ominous music playing]

[Fantos] What did I tell you?

That power belongs to Erodious!


I am so sorry
for what they have done to you, Master,

but don't you worry.

I'll… send… them… some… place…

where… they… will… never…

bother… you… again!

And you thought you could lead
a bunch of losers to defeat us?


You're living in a fantasy world, girl.



[siren wailing]

[glass shatters]


Whoo! Erodious! Whoo-hoo!

Shame, that place had good burgers.

But still, whoo-hoo!

Ahh! [grunts]



No, no, no, no, no!



[Kid] What is it?

Where are we?


No. [sniffles]

We're just back on Earth.

Home is…

[gasps, cries]

Right here.

Home is right here.

And together we can rebuild.

-[all speaking indistinctly]

We'll do it together.

Danger! Danger!

Tuna, you still have your powers!

No, I got my eyes. Look!

Oh, dang it, no! That ain't right!

T'ain't natural. No!

[ominous music playing]

Ah! Ugh!

Ugh! I can't believe this!

Ugh! After all we've done!

-What's the point?

-Kid, look!
-None of it matters!

-[Papa G] Are those Stones of…
-Power. Yeah.

[Kid] Quick!


Thank you!

There's a whole bunch of Growth Stones!
Everybody, grab one!

[speaking indistinctly]

Yes! Portals!

Whoa, wait! Look at this one!




Ah! Ah!




I got an idea. Do you trust me?


Okay, team, like always,

let's do our best
and work with what we got.

Jo, portal us to key places
on the Planet k*ller,

strategically chosen to do
the most damage.

It's a big job,
but I believe we can do it.

And when the moment is right,
and I say go…


[adventurous music playing]

[dramatic music playing]

That's what goo can do! Ahh!



-That's mine!
-Give it back!

-That's yours…
-That's mine!

Here's your arm!

[all speaking indistinctly]

-[Jo] Wait.

We did it! We're back together!

Not yet.

Ha, got your nose.


No, we did it!

We're back together.

Hero team hug!

[soft music playing]

[helicopter blades whirring]

Great. The Biker in Black is back.

"The Biker in Black"?
No, he was a total rogue agent.

None of his actions were authorized by us.

"Earthforce Enforcement Force"?
What does that even mean?

We're with the PPG.

[PPG woman ] Planet Protection Group.

And we'd like to say…

thank you all for saving the world.

Though you succeeded in saving Earth
from ultimate destruction…

You also accidentally spread Cosmic
Stones of Power across the planet, so…

You kinda messed up.

[speaking indistinctly]

[gasps] My stone!




Hey, that's right!

The Planet Protection Group
searches for stones

and monitors evil activity
around the globe.

Will you help us?


[PPG woman ]
By using your ultra superpowers…

And dedicating your lives
to finding the stones…

And keeping them safe from…

The forces of evil!

-[woman ] Welcome to the team…
-[woman ] Kid Cosmic…

-[woman ] And the…
-[PPG women] Global Heroes!

[Kid] We're gonna be real heroes!

[closing theme music playing]

[Tuna] Hot damn!
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