01x03 - Never Have I Ever

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Girl from Plainville". Aired: March 29, 2022 –; present.*
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Based on the true story of Michelle Carter's "texting-su1c1de" case, exploring her relationship with Conrad Roy III and the events leading up to his death, and, later, her conviction of involuntary manslaughter.
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01x03 - Never Have I Ever

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Previously on "The
Girl from Plainville"...

You have to say the first
thing that pops into your head.

It's a word game.

- Disney.
- Princess.


At 6:25 p. M., he
tells her, "Almost there."

She says, "Okay," then
three hours later,

"Please answer me. I'm scared.

I thought you actually did it."

So what do you want?

A warrant for her phone.

Bring me something
that can prove intent,

contradiction, even a cover-up.

Then we'll talk.

When he went missing, she
was, like, freaking out.


Yeah, he was missing
for, like, three days.

She was texting
us the whole time.

That's cold.

Not anymore.


Rayburn, Sutter wants you.

Morning, sir. Gordon.

Katie, what's your
thoughts on this?

Gordon, fill her in.

Okay, Michelle
Carter, 17-year-old girl,

texts her friends for
three days telling them

her boyfriend's
missing, maybe d*ad.

Nobody can find
him. She's panicked.

- Only thing is, he's not.
- Not what?

- Not missing.
Well, where is he?

At home for three more days.

What happens after three days?

He k*lled himself.

But this girl knew he
wasn't missing or d*ad.

She was in contact with
him the whole time.

You think she knew he
was gonna k*ll himself?

They were texting about it for
months, weeks, days, hours,

right up until the point
that he actually did it.

She was telling him to do it.

Encouraging him.

You talk to her?

Talked to her friends.

Look, her story
seems inconsistent.

I think we've got a
manslaughter charge here.

This kid has a
history of depression.

Years on SSRIs, hospital stays,

swallowed a bottle of
Tylenol two years ago.

- Seriously, Gordon...
- Once you read the texts

between these two,
you're gonna get it.

Also, I got his phone records

from the boy's mom, and
there are two phone calls

between the two of
them from that night.

Yeah, well, even if
I get you a warrant,

they're not gonna give you

a transcript of
their phone call.

Yes, but there's gotta be

more communication between them,

and the only way I can get it

is by getting my
hands on her phone.

What motive could
she possibly have

for wanting him to k*ll himself?

That's what I want to find out.


Okay, I'll get you a warrant,

but do not push me

if you find out
there's no there-there.

You're welcome.

Thank you.



Oh, I'm meeting a

- Uh, Nat, I'll text you later.
- Okay, bye.

Bye, Cassie. CASSIE: Bye.

- So are you...
So how have you...

Oh, sorry, sorry. You go.

Yeah, no, I was just gonna, um,

ask how you're doing.

You know, I'm... I'm okay.

It's hard to sleep.

Nighttime was kind of
our time, me and Conrad.

It's really sweet of you to ask.

Now that the fundraiser's
over, you know,

I'm just trying to figure out
what to do next, you know,

for Conrad.

Like, I'm trying to be
there for his family,

you know, for his mom.

Um... so you know
that text you sent me?

Which text?

About that night?

Oh, yeah.

I don't know why I said that.


Everything with Conrad
was really complicated,

you know, obviously.

Um, he was just so sad,

and he didn't really feel
like he could talk to anyone,

except me, of course.

Yeah, I mean, it
was a lot for you...

Which was okay, you know?

Obviously, 'cause
I loved him, and,

but I just wish
that his family knew

that I was there for them too,

that they can open up to me.

But also wish that
somebody would

care about how I'm feeling.

- You know, if anyone...
- Well, I care...

Wants to ask how I'm doing...

- Michelle.
- Or how I'm feeling.

- Michelle, stop.

I'm asking if you're okay.


Of course. I know. I'm...

I'm sorry. So sorry.

No, you don't have to be sorry.

- I just...
- Yeah.

- I know.
- Okay.

You're right. I'm sorry.


You're such a good
friend, Natalie.

Thank you for being here for me.

What? I haven't.

- You did!
- Oh, my God, come on, Nat.

That is not true.

The night at Danny's
graduation party?

Okay, yes. Okay.

- Yeah!
Okay, okay, I forgot.

Okay, okay, me next.

Um, never have I ever...

Had sex on the beach.

- Um, excuse me, what?
- What?

Well, it wasn't sex, so
actually, never mind.

- No, no, no, no, no.
- You put a finger down.

You have to tell
the story. Come on.

We're waiting.

It was just
this guy I met in Florida

a few months ago.

We, you know, fooled around.

Details, b*tch.

Did you just, like, make out,
or did you go down on him?

Did he go down on

- Yeah, he did that.

Oh, my God.

How come you never
told? NATALIE: Michelle.

Maybe 'cause she knew you'd
start third-degreeing her.

Oh, it's officially
getting hot in here.

Natalia, shall we take
a loop? NATALIE: Sure.

You coming?

- I'm good.
- I'll let the boys come to me.

Never have I ever wanted
to be part of that clique.

You know, they're just...

Oh, trust me, I know.

I have friends like
that back at my school.

Everyone's always so worried

about the dudes
being mean to us.

Meanwhile, we're over here
tearing each other's hair out.

Girls are the worst.

Some girls are.

I almost didn't
come on this trip.

And miss the Canada Cup.

Softball Championship?

You're glad you came
now, though, right?


Yeah, I am.

Me too.

So tell me more about this
scandalous beach affair.

Oh, my God, it wasn't.

Sure, sure.

We texted a few times, but
he kind of disappeared.

Never have I ever taken you
for a one-night stand girl.

Babe, I'm full of surprises.

You done?

No, sir.

The last run for you,
for a while, anyway, yeah?

You feel good?

Being out here this year?
Did you have a good time?

Yeah. CO: Good.

You know, going back to school,

back to your mom's

after the long runs, it...

It might be... might be
tricky for a little bit.

But you'll get used to it.


- All right, back at it.
- Yes, sir.

There he is!

There's the son of Mattapoisett.

- Did you enjoy your last run?
- Eh.

- All right, you guys, come on.

Party's over. You're
still on the clock.

I don't want to have
to call your wives

and explain why you're
f*cking passed out on my dock.

You, put down the beer. Come on.

Look at the slack here.

Coil it up, now.

All right, back at it, boys.

Oh, Christ.


God damn it, drop it!

Drop it!


But David did not wallow

and fast and weep.

He stood, washed,

and fed because he
trusted the Lord.

And David says...

"I shall go to him,

but he will not return to me."

Because he knew they would
one day meet again...

In heaven.

Put away the g*dd*mn phones.

We announce our faith
as we say, "I believe..."

What are you
thinking? CONRAD: Huh?


Uh, yes.

Here you go.

You guys want a couple of rolls?

Don't know why I even look.



You guys speak in full
sentences on that boat?

Not if we don't have to.

Oh, cut it out.


- I'm glad you're back.
- I missed you.

It was just a three-week run.

Yeah, well, three weeks can
feel like forever sometimes.

Now you're back-back and
you're home, for good.

For now, I guess.

How was it? Was it fun?

It's not really fun.

It was... you know, it was work.

- And how was it with your dad?
- Everything okay?


Here we go.

Here we go.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

All right, enjoy.

Listen, I'm
not mad or anything,

but we need to talk
about something.


I found some dope in your room.

We talked about this. I
don't want it in the house.

Especially around your sisters.

If I find it again, we're
gonna have a problem.

You're their big brother.

It's your responsibility
to set a good example.


- Nothing.
- You're right. I get it.

No more dope.

Pinkie swear?


Not even a grunt this time?


I'm Detective Gordon.

Uh, just need to ask you
a couple of questions.

You're, uh...
you're 18, correct?


So, uh, you can talk
to me on your own.

Come on.

So the reason why I
came out here is because

I'm looking into Conrad
Roy's unfortunate passing.

That, um... that fundraiser
you threw for him,

that was... that was nice.

We learned you did
a lot of nice things

to help Conrad and
to help his family.

- Yeah.

We determined that
you probably had

a lot of contact with him.


Maybe even right up until
pretty close to the time

in which maybe he stopped
having contact with anybody?



Did you have contact
with him that day,

right up until he passed?

I don't think so.

Did he tell you he
was gonna do that

or anything like that?

He'd been talking
about it for a while.

He told me that nobody would
be able to help him, and

we were talking that night,

and, like, the phone cut off,

but I didn't think
anything of it.


Is... is that your phone?


All right, so, um,

I've got a warrant
for this phone.

Wait, you're taking my phone?


I'm gonna accompany
you to your home,

and I'm gonna
collect your computer

and any other device

that might connect
to the internet.

Do you understand?


- Okay.
- You're gonna come with me.

I think I have the
right to know why our daughter

just got escorted home
in a police cruiser!

Lower your voice.
- Dad, please.

I'm Conrad's girlfriend.

Of course they're
reaching out to me.

They're looking for answers.

What answers could you
possibly give the police?

They had a warrant, Michelle.

He didn't talk to anybody else.

I'm the only one who knows
why he really did it.

Well, why did he do it?

He was too bright
for this world.

He was my star, and
he left too soon.

Is that from Glee?

Mind your own f*cking
business, Hayden.

Hey, watch your
language! GAIL: Michelle.

I can't believe you guys
are attacking me like this,

after everything
I've been through.

Leave me alone!


You are such a dork.

I is what I is.

I can't believe you've
never seen this.

Ah, just never got into it.

So that's the main couple.

Rachel and Finn. SUSIE: Mm.

They just put off their
engagement in real life.

Mm, the will they, won't they?

Television necessity.

Are those two together?

Yeah... or not yet.

They start off as
friends, best friends,

and then they
eventually get together.

That's rad.

I'm surprised the
show goes there.

They're an amazing couple.

So in love.

They have their moments, but

they always end
up back together.

Completely loyal.

Your friends are dicks.

They don't deserve you.

Yeah, I know. Just...

I'd just like one day

of not worrying
about who's fighting,

who's not talking,
all that sh*t.

I can't ever just...
be with them.

You know?

You can just be with me.

You know that, right?


I'm done.

- You like?

Love. Can you put it on me?

How's that?

Too tight?


Susie, it's dinnertime.

Is Michelle's mom almost here?

Mm, yeah, she's coming, right?

I'll check.

[Keenan the First, Aleks James,

Yo, what's up, son?


f*cking f*ck.

Yo, you hear about
that Kimye sh*t?

Yo, what's up, son?

Pop culture. Pop culture.

Current events.

Knowledge. Knowledge.

Robby boy!

- Yo, yo, Coco in the house.
- Welcome back, man.

What's up, son?

Hey, did you hear about Kimye?

Hey, Mahoney.
- What's up?

Sorry, what?
- Kimye?

Hey, Robby.
- Hey, Carla.

- Bye, Robby.
- Bye, Carla.

that chick is crazy.

Oh, yeah?

- Be afraid.
- Be very, very afraid.

What's up, Mahoney?
- What's up, O'Connor?

Trucks later?
- Trucks. For sure. Trucks.

Sorry, what?

No, it's cool. CARLA: Robby.

I thought she was crazy.

Exactly. See you later?

Claire finally quit.

Oh, you scared her off.

Well, it only
took three years.

- My boy's back.
- Oh, there's the one.

- Look at how handsome he is.

Mm, someone smells like booze.

I think that might be
the chardonnay talking.

- Huh? Coming for me.

Can I tell him the, um...

All right.

So I'm on my shift.

ER rounds this week,

so, you know, it's
a f*cking nightmare.

And this skinny,
nervous-looking guy comes in.

Says he's got a stomachache
but doesn't want to say why,

but I can tell he's... you know,
he's walking kind of funny.

So we get him under the X-ray.

The doc puts up the images,

and... there it is.

A toilet brush.


His ass.

No way.

I just have so many questions.

Like a f*cking
chimney sweep.

Stop it.

There she is.

Hi, Conrad.

Finally, she speaks.

Me? I've been right here.

What are you doing now?

Playing basketball.

What are you doing?

What do you think?

How are you? CONRAD: Meh.

Headed back to school.

In a completely
different class now

'cause of my year off.

Back at my mom's.

It's weird. I don't know.

Tell me.

It feels like my brain
works differently now.

The boat is all
guys my dad's age,

and I figured out
how to talk to them,

but now I don't know
how to be a kid anymore.

That's because you're
an old soul, Conrad.

On the boat,
everything made sense.

Every day, I knew
what I was doing.

You never felt like...

You didn't know what was coming.

Like a checklist.

- Exactly.
- That sounds amazing.

I wish I had that

but for, like, school
and friends and whatever.


What if you had a
checklist for life?

Like, you just did the thing,

move on to the next
thing, everything easy.

Check, check, check.

That's what I'm saying.

On the water, there's order.


'Cause you know what's coming,

even if it's, like,
a storm or something.

Boats are simple,

but complicated.

They built them
with their hands,

and we have to work
them with our hands.

It's tactile.


Yeah, like, physical.

I get it.

Like something to hold on to.

Move your body. Get
out of your head.

Yeah, exactly.

Hey, do you remember the pier?





Why now?


You never came to
say goodbye that day.

You just disappeared.

I know.

I'm sorry.

I f*cked up. It's my fault.

It's always my fault.

So why now?

I miss talking to
you at 3:00 a. m.

Did you miss me?

Are we doing the
"no sleeping" thing again?

Pretty predictable, huh?

I wouldn't say that.

Kind of worried about you.

The not sleeping.

Don't be.

It just gets weird at night.

Kind of hard to describe.


It's like


Or, like, a spinning feeling.

It gets worse when
I close my eyes,

when everything's quiet.

It's like my thoughts keep
happening all at once,

but I can't focus
on any one of them.

So it just turns into
this massive spiral.

So I just stay awake.

Have you thought about
talking to someone?

I started taking meds.


Is it helping?

I don't know.

I get scared sometimes.

Never told anyone that before.

You can literally
tell me anything.

I love you.

You okay? LYNN:

Can't turn my g*dd*mn brain off.

You know, he promised me,

after the first time.

He promised he wouldn't do
anything like that ever again.

And I must've asked
him a thousand times,

"Are you okay?"

And a thousand times,
he said, "Yeah."

There was a minute today

when I forgot.

Just a minute.

And then I remembered,
and it was like he

he d*ed all over again.

And I feel guilty
all over again.

Five minutes.


I was five minutes away
from that parking lot.

I mean, why didn't he call me?

The hell is all this?

Oh, uh, early birthday present

from our friendly neighborhood
detective, Gordon.

The Roy case?

Phone records from
the Roy kid's phone

and every text Carter sent
in the last two years.

"Hey, it's Michelle. LOL.

You're gonna think I'm
weird. Ha-ha, don't be mad."

How long have you been here?

Oh, like

three years, 14 hours.

Buy you a drink?

- No, no, I should stay.
- Thank you.

Katie, only bad work
happens after 10:00.

Come on.

We all said shitty
things in high school.

I don't envy these kids.
Every word recorded.

Why, why did she
lie to her friends

about not knowing
where Conrad was?


- You know who lies?
- Guilty people.

You know who lies? Teenagers.

Six ball, corner.

It's not like I don't
see what's at stake here.

I mean, if we tried this, it
would be precedent-setting.

Look, I get it. You're hungry.

Every case for you is
another rung on the ladder,

so every case has to be
solid enough to stand on.

Your future's just
dangling there,

waiting to be snatched up.

Eight ball, side.

Wait, how long have
I been drinking?

Your break.


I'm more of a solo,

noncontact, figure skating girl.

Here, it's all about

seeing the whole game.

What do you see?

A bunch of
different-colored b*lls.

Okay, what happens if I
h*t the nine in the corner?

It bounces off the wall.

Yeah, and when it lands, I
better be setting myself up

for the 14 to h*t the left side

and then 10 after
that and so on.

Every choice I make has
to be about the end goal.

Doesn't look, you
know, so pretty

when it's all out
there on the table,

but when you put it together...


- Thank you.
- Okay.

It's like you said,
seeing the whole table.

I... I was only
looking at the texts

that she sent to the kid.

I didn't think that
her friends were...

To Natalie something.

A few weeks after the funeral.

She told him to get
back in the truck.

It is practically a
g*dd*mn confession.

It's something.

You know, I'm gonna need
a second chair on this.


I just want to make
sure we do this

because there's a case,

not because it's
one of those rungs.


it is, and it is.

How are you gonna
get around the fact

that assisted su1c1de
is not illegal?

I'll take that as a yes.

The DA opened an
official investigation

into your connection with
the death of Conrad Roy.

But I didn't do anything wrong.

You think she'll go to jail?

I will do everything in my
power to make that happen.

We need motive.

An assisted
su1c1de is not illegal

in the state of Massachusetts.

Right, but she isn't assisting.

She's masterminding.

I just wanted to help him.

Maybe I should call your mom.

If you ever tell
anyone about me,

I will never talk to you again!

Carter has waived her
right to a jury trial,

which means the judge alone

will decide whether
or not she is guilty.

Her behavior was
wanton and reckless.

There are text
messages, thousands of them.

She told him to drink bleach.

The night of his death,

did you tell him to
get back in the truck?

I loved him.

She knew him.

She knew he was depressed.

Tried to help you
the best I could.

I could never talk
you out of it.

She knew what it was
like to feel lonely.

There's no one left.

Your Honor, this
is not a homicide case.

She put him in that
car that night.

She was 30 miles away.

I should have
been there for you.
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